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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> we interviewed a lot of folks and you learned a lot about that album, 50 years later, the number one album from rolling stone. thank you, michael, i watched the entire show and you did a great job. >> nice to see you. thank you. this is cnn tonight with don lemon. the gop lost the senate and the house, they don't matter? i want you to consider this and think about it. really you need to get your butt in gear and mind in gear because if this is a country you want, okay, fine, don't do anything about it. republicans lost the white house. when they lost the white house when the formal guy refused to concede and continued to push the big lie and it sponsored the
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resurrection at the capitol. whatever happens again? what if they get rid of them and take them out of position of authority and power. here is what you get. you get jewish space laser, qanon congresswoman, marjorie taylor greene. not to mention expressing approval violence against democrats. you get matt gaetz who loves the
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spotlight. never met a camera he did not like. now under a federal investigation for allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution. this is the clown card. it is the side show that's the gop tonight still pushing the big lie and the big liar. >> did anybody in here vote for joe biden? do you guys really think he won? >> this is our first stop but there will be many more. and america's greatest president in the undisputed leader, donald trump may join you. >> that's today's gop whether you like it or not. a party caught in the iron grip in a disgraced, twice impeached, one-term insurrection former president who lost the house,
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lost the senate and lost the white house. lindsey graham says there is no gop without him. i would say to my republican coll colleagues, can we move forward without president trump? the answer is no. i always liked liz cheney, she made a determination that the republican party can't grow with president trump. i have determined we can't grow without him. >> i am going the tell you what's going on here. what's going on is a calculation and it is all about power. lindsey graham decided a way to win is to galvanize the angry trump base. they know he'll do anything to get what he wants.
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why does that name sound familiar? oh, the former president. after years of questioning, yes, sir, whatever you say, loyalty. trump could not be bothered checking on him while they were storming the capitol chanting "hang mike pence." >> they want you to forget that day so badly but it happened and we have to continue to show it to you or else it would be scrubbed from history. all because pence did not try to overturn biden's victory which he never had the power to do it in the first place anyway. >> how ridiculous is that? he didn't have the power to do
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it. they're mad at him for doing something he could not do anyway. >> this is what liz cheney means when she urged the republicans. >> the big lie is the party's litmus test. >> if you don't go along with the big lie or the election was stolen then you basically need to go. >> the republicans who don't buy the big lie are getting drowned out by the clown show. listen to this warning from senator and defense secretary and obama administration, chuck hagle. >> you can't have a defeated president who by the way during his four years, the republicans lost both the house in the senate, he was defeated for reelection and had that cand candidate and that former president claims he's the leader
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of the party and the party must be loyal to him. the party is always bigger than the individual, i don't care who the president is. >> he's right. a party that says get on board or get out. congresswoman elise stefanik is trump's loudest defender but it was not always that way. >> cnn uncovered of what she says about candidate trump, this is 2015. >> i think he insults women and we'll see his numbers changed and decline over the coming weeks and months as the other candidates have the opportunity to share their vision for the future of this country. >> principles, right? >> elise stefanik also said this
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about trump's proposed muslim ban. this is not who we are as a country and not according to our principle. and i associate myself with speaker ryan's comment. stefanik blasted candidate disqualifying themselves by making untrue statements. >> there are some candidates over the long run started the process are some what disqualifying themselves with untruthful statements. i think you know who she was talking about there. she said this. donald trump's offensive comments are just wrong no matter when he said them or his context. i hope his apology is sincere.
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and now -- transformation. she's one of trump's biggest defe defenders. that's what it takes to make it in the gop today, you have to get on board with lies and bs or lies and bigotry. it was two years stefanik p praising -- >> we think you are a huge asset in that role. one of the things you and i have talked about is the importance not just supporting women candidates but reaching out to women voters with our message. >> how things have changed. that's the road to success in the new gop. just ask ted cruz, remember when
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ted cruz said this? >> i am going to tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. he does not know the difference between truth and lies, he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. >> sorry, taking a little sip of water there as i watch ted cruz. i don't mean as a bad actor in the stuff he does. i meant his performance. and also look at ted cruz, all buddy buddy with the former president this week with mar-a-lago. joe biden is doing the job of a president. the president is pushing the vaccines and acknowledging there is a lot of work to be done in
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the wake of the jobs report that fell way below expectations by the way. >> today's report is a rebuttal of the loose chart that americans just don't want to work. i know some employers are having trouble filling jobs. but, what this report shows is that there is a much bigger problem. it is that our economy still has 8 million fewer jobs than when this pandemic started. the data shows that more workers are looking for jobs and many can't find them. well, jobs are coming back and still millions of people are looking for work. >> new charges for the former minneapolis officer in george floyd's death. the officer violated floyd's constitutional rights according to court documents filed in minnesota. former first lady michelle obama
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talked about how she feels about the chauvin's trial. we know while we are breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there is still work to be done. and so we can't sort of say great, that happened and let's move on. i know people in the black community don't feel that way. >> she got personal about her fears as a black parent for her daughters. >> every time they get in a car by themselves, i worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who does not know everything about them, the fact that they are good students and black and white girls or maybe they're playing their music a little loud and somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption. i like so many parents of black kids that the internocent act o getting a license putting fear in our hearts. >> it does not matter if you lived in the white house or a
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shack. that's the kind of thing that black people faced and feared on a daily basis. the death of george floyd opened the eyes of many racist problems in this country. it is a problem for every american. down in florida tonight, tony sullivan is in the rally where matt gaetz and greene is holding their rallies tonight. >> i want to check something, i want to make sure i am in the right place. tell me who is your president? >> trump. >> that's my p president, too.
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>> we have never abandoned trump. we'll continue to fight for trump. >> is this what america's first rallies are all about? keeping trump's lies and keeping their profile high. >> reporter: yes, 100%. it is all about keeping the big lie alive and as you said earlier, this is good for fund raising. we have see how good fund raising greene have been over the last quarter and by pushing lies, you can make a lot of money. i met a couple walking into the event, listen to what they said. >> reporter: you both genuinely believed that the election is stolen. if you believe that's true -- >> is it horrible?
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is it horrible that we are in a situation to think that? >> reporter: it is false. >> no, it is not. why would they have all those ballots hidden tables and that man driving across state line. >> reporter: that's all proven to be false. >> it has not, i watched it on tv. >> reporter: the stuff you are hearing there, that's their conspiracy theory that's debunked for so many months. it is easy to look at what happened tonight and two very controversial members of the house and folks like those voters there saying this is all -- at the polling number is not fringed if the republican party right now. 70% of republicans believed the big lie according to a cnn poll last week.
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that's 7-0, almost all republicans believe some way that biden was not elected president. >> the irony of this -- is it horrible that we are in a place that people would believe that? >> yes. it is horrible. i wonder if they thought of why they are in that place? because maybe somebody and a bunch of people lied to them. not everybody in the bill is supportive. you caught up with probiden protesters, right? what did they have to say? >> reporter: look, this is a very red district but there are democrats here. there were a small group of biden supporters who demonstrated across the street and things got a bit tense earlier. this is supposed to be a sleepy retirement community. it was a very active friday night here. a lot of democrats i spoke to
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tonight with disgusted by gaetz and greene pushing her conspiracy theory to kickoff this tour and i am sure will continue throughout the next year's midterm. don. >> you do a great job. you have your work cut out for you though. have a good way. see you later, be safe. the gop's side show tonight, pushing the big lie and the big liar. that's the real end game of the gop surge and what does it mean for future elections? as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting.
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allstate click or call to switch today. the gaetz and greene show on tour. they're playing to an audience of one. liz cheney is expected to be stripped of her leadership. that should help next wednesday for calling out the big lie. man, did you name that show the correct name title you must be a
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sage or got chp or something. and our ana navarro is here. she looks great, beautiful flowers behind you as well. let's talk about what's happening. greene with her cqanon believes. these are the new faces of gop while liz cheney are getting pushed out? what's up? >> i was going to ask ana in 2012 we did the autopsy of the election, that's a smart thing to do when you lose the election, take a look at what did not go right and check it for the next time around. i can't imagine the conversation right now. okay, folks, we just lost a presidential election and our guy was an incumbent president
7:22 pm
who only to lost the elect and twice impeached and lost the senate and the house. let's make our party, marjorie taylor lasered in and matt gaetz. let's kick out anybody with a spinal cord like liz cheney. >> i mean ana, i was sitting there watching it and when i go to the pta meeting because i am note a parent or i would go with my friend, or en a town meeting, there is always someone who's never happy at anything. the people are coming into change our communities. these are the worst parents who show up at the pta meeting, oh
7:23 pm
my gosh, these two again. am i wrong? >> what can i tell isn'tyou? the misfit tours. mark will remember john mccain going to villagers and somebody told them it had one of the highest std rates in the country and he could not stop chuckling about that the entire campaign. matt gaetz may want to be careful. even though i do think the average age span is about 60 years past his type. >> do you remember that, mark? >> senate eor lindsey graham isw saying the republican party can't go without trump.
7:24 pm
congressman adam kinsinger tonight. i want you to listen. >> that action is the thing that rehabilitated donald trump and the party. we had a real party to leave him behind but we basically put the paddles on him and he's back to life. do you agree? >> yes, we put the paddles back on trump and terrorizing the entire village and created an insurrection. >> i am struck, you talked about elise stefanik earlier. i remember her earlier and she was a bush person and compassionate. i have a lot of republican for l lindsey graham and stefanik. they told the truth.
7:25 pm
you quoted them tonight that they said they talked about what an awful character he was and how he lies all the time. as soon as they needed his power to be reflected in his glory, that hypocrisy is what makes me say this republican party is in a demographic caller sack. >> if you look back at what happened in 2016 as well, kellyanne conway did something similar and all the men did the same way, talked crap about donald trump and -- >> mark brought up stefanik, she
7:26 pm
came to congress, she's a romney/ryan conservative and she saw donald trump is the way to go and being a political wind stock she happens to be, she attacks herself like a barnacle to a whale to all things trump. really just really even see and watch and observe is that one of her missions was to boost the republican women. when i see her participating and behaving and circling over liz cheney waiting to attack her political carcass, stefanik is not qualified as boosting republican women. that's not girl code. it is everything but the opposite. i find that part particularly
7:27 pm
disgusting for her to have change her stripes and gone from supposedly boosting republican women to then doing this kind of betrayal and witch hunt to liz cheney, it is in explicable in a short period of time. >> mark and ana, i appreciate both of you. have a great weekend. >> what's going on sunday night, i will be there? >> 8:00. >> republicans pushing restrictions across the country. restriction experts say targeting minorities and people of color but could end up hurting everyone. i am going to speak to two key speakers in voting states where the fight for voting rights is going down. that's next. ther) that's a cat. wait, just hold madi's headpiece. (sister) no. seriously? (brother) his name is whiskers. (bride) what happened to you? whose cat is that?
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bill over democrats. many of america, largest corporations it is the latest to limit access all over the country and give teeth to trump's big lie of the widespread voting fraud of the 2020 election. that did not stop arizona republicans for forcing a controversial audit, and cheered on by the former president himself. joining me now to discuss this is arizona's secretary of state, katie hobbs from hidalgo, texas. katie, there is no proof of fraud or anything in your state, why is this audit happening? >> there were nine cases after the election brought to court and there was no evidence and any of them that proved any kind
7:33 pm
of fraud or irregularities in the election. we certified the ruesults. we are still rehashing this. this is an attempt to continue to undermine voters confidence in the process and i helps to justify this rash of voter suppression bill we are seeing across the country. >> lena, to you, again, no proof of anything went wrong. republicans in texas are pushing for a bill making the election more secure. does this really make aelection more secure? >> no, you only have to take one of those to make sure it does not. poll watchers, it allows poll
7:34 pm
watchers film voters as they are casting their votes. the biggest point is all of this is based on that lie so what these bills do as they pass various states is open the door to more legislation that restricts the vote and it weakens and tears away the democracy because that lie itself calls the strength of our democracy. incredibly, incredibly concerning and tragic but we are very much still in the middle of the fight here. >> katie, multiple states across the country are signing bills like this are signed into law. what kind of impact do you foresee in the upcoming election? >> well, i think combined with the efforts we are seeing with this so-called audit and working to undermine voters' confidence in the system that we have, we
7:35 pm
had store rig participation in the 2020 election. not just in arizona but across the country. we should be celebrating that. we should be working to institutionallize the things that help to ensure voters could turn out. and in a face of a global pandemic but instead we are going in the opposite direction. it has terrible impact on voters participation going forward. >> the restrictions republicans are pushing targets by making it harder to vote, it could end up disenfranchise all voters and even their own. am i wrong? >> you are correct. one of the innovations we implemented was drive-thru voting. we used it again last week. the busiest drive-thru location was in the heavily republican voting area.
7:36 pm
as secretary hobbs' effort of what's happening over there, this is a recount and over here you are against the group to which these folks are going to pass the bills doing it in the middle of the night or the next up for example, all happens behind closed doors. there is nothing elegant about tearing down democracy. it hurts both parties, absolutely. >> it hurts the country and everyone. katie, reason, when i read this, i could not believe it. there is ton of conspiracy, including one, conspiracy where thousands and thousands of ballots -- are all of these challenges coming from fringed political extremists? >> i mean it would seem so. there is literally nothing that we have seen in the conduct of
7:37 pm
this exercise that i don't want to call it an audit because it is not an audit. >> i am sorry, it is obvious after how many recounts had there been? two or three recounts. >> it is obvious. it is the fringes. >> yes, it is. there is no basis in actual election recounter, election audit p audit procedures that we are seeing happening in the co coliseum. it is just ludicrous and there is nothing legitimate that's going to come out of this. >> on a personal note, you are viaing as i understand protection from law enforcement because of death threats and hara harassment? you are not backing down, if you don't mind talking about it.
7:38 pm
>> i am absolutely not backing down. i am standing up for the election integrity in arizona and protect the voters. there is not anything that's going to stop me from doing that. it is the job that arizonans elected me to do. new charges against derek chauvin and three other officers accused in the death of george floyd. ben crump is next. spicy like them pajama pants. hey, the camera is staying up here. this is not the second date.
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a federal grand jury indicting derek chauvin and three other officers in the death of george floyd violating his constitutional rights. chauvin was convicted in a minnesota state court murdering
7:43 pm
george floyd. ben crump is joining us. thank you for joining us, i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me don. >> today the indictment of the three officers alleged they are deprived of the civil rights. how is the family reacting? >> the family of floyd's is very grateful when the attorney called them to tell they would bring in these civil rights criminal charges against officers that killed george floyd on may 25th, 2020. they understood the importance of the department of justice on the federal level bringing charges. how is this going to factor or will it factor into chauvin's sentencing for the state murder charges, ben? >> well, i think it is significant not only for chauvin in the state charges but also
7:44 pm
the other three officers because now they understand that they not only have to try to get an acquittal on the state level but they'll have to get an acquittal on the federal level to escape accountability. let's be honest, don, we all know and when we watch that video for if first time that they have violated george floyd's constitutional rights because we have a right and the foundation of the united states constitution to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. they deprived him of his life. we think it is so appropriate what the justice department did. it sent a strong message to other tragedies dealing for
7:45 pm
excessive krours again. this department of justice under joe biden is going to be zellus and people violating the constitutional rights. >> derek chauvin is indicted in a 2017 incident where he was accused of holding a 14-years-old boy by his throat and kneeling on his neck. h now it is part of a separate case, is that the right call, do you think? >> i believe it is the right call because as we alleged about civil lawsuits, we talk abtd that this was a practice of derek chauvin that had been condoned by the minneapolis
7:46 pm
police department. we felt he should have been on the force after he did this to this 14 years-old baby. if they were to do it, then george floyd would be alive today. i want to applaud may friar. as part of this settlement, it was significant but the policy reforms were significant. they're trying to set a precedent that this union arbitration with the police you know that kept derek chauvin employed needs to be abolished. when the police chief and t the -- patpattern, and behavior they need to get rid of them. everybody is admit to have a gun and a batch. >> we have this new, bipartisan group working on an over haul, it seems to be nearing to set no standards. placing limits on equipment.
7:47 pm
the defensive department can send to states and local police departments. >> are you feeling optimistic that the gorge floyd policing act could become law? >> i really am, don. when george floyd's family and botham jean's family and senator tim scott and lindsey graham, it was very emotional. that was the issue. where the republicans join the democrats to pass a congression of black caucus. and they got very emotional during that meet and talking about those family's blood is going to be on that legislation. so it has to be meaningful. chuck schumer said, if the family does not believe it was meaningful, he'll not present it to the floor.
7:48 pm
so we are optimistic that hopefully they may 25th. the one year anniversary of the tragedy died and you know it will because you and i introducing to the floyd family to america that we'll pass this bill. i happen to be in houston, texas, where i have the floyd's family there at the commencement. we were inspiring young people that we can do better and have a more just america. >> ben, before you go, i want to ask you about the andrew brown case in elizabeth north carolina. the family will be allowed to view specific videos. that's going to happen on tuesday of next week. what is the brown family saying about that? well, you know, they want to let everybody understand that they are grateful they finally get to see the video.
7:49 pm
what they are choked by and we all are is this lack of transparency. they try to sweep it under the rug. that's what the justice department did with george floyd, killing and holding these officers responsibility. it gives hope for andrew brown and like breonna taylor and louisville and so many black families who's getting any kind of progress. the justice department is saying if you won't, we will. i think they are watching whether the department of justice is doing and what they are doing in minneapolis. they know they need to do the right thing. and give this family due process
7:50 pm
and transparency so we can see. >> ben crump, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> this is one epic zoom fail. . see that seat belt? we're going to explain. [ crowd cheering ] [ engine revving ] [ race light countdown ] ♪ ♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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7:55 pm
you will see it in a second. he's in a home office complete with a plant, cabinets, art work and a seat belt still strapped on. it's a dead give away. at some points in the meeting, you can see the state senator looking around for traffic, and who can blame him? it's always a good practice to look both ways before making a move on the road. he defended it saying he wasn't distracted. he said i have been on other calls, and video calls, i'm not paying attention to the video, and spokes person from the the ohio state senate said he was following the law and using hands free technology. the meeting happening the day say that ohio introduced a bill on distracted driving. he did keep his eyes forward and focused on the road for most of the meeting. the story, a good replinder for
7:56 pm
you drivers out there, keep your hands on the road, hands at 10 and 2. always wear your seat belt, and save the zoom calls for when you get home. up next, gop dysfunction and conspiracies and lies at the forefront. first, i want to you take a look at my new documentary, it comes out sunday here on cnn. ♪ ♪ there's too many of you crying ♪ ♪ brother brother brother there's far too many of you dying ♪ >> marvin gaye's first "what's going on". >> it's the first time i
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understood poetry. >> his melody was like a voice of crying. >> it created something to last. >> 50 years later. why is it an anthem for a new generation? >> there's prophesy, fan. >> what do you think marvin would think of what is going on? >> cnn special report, what's going on, marvin gaye's anthem for the ages. just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at at jackson hewitt, we offer safe and easy ways to file with a skilled tax pro. securely drop off your documents, have them picked up, or upload them, and work with a tax pro online from home. safe and easy ways to file that work around you.
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that's a very good question. will there be an ev for me? what about me? an ev for me? what about me? can i get one too? an ev for this princess? what's an ev? and there better be one for me. and what about michelle from michigan? me? what about me? us? will there be an ev for me? me? me? me? ♪
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