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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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top of the hour now. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm alisyn camerota. it's an historic day for the united states as congress continues to wrestle with the aftermath of the 2020 election and the january 6th insurrection. today in a swift voice vote, house republicans ousted congresswoman liz cheney as their conference chair because they stands by the truth. that donald trump was defeated legitimately and there was no vast election fraud. >> we cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the constitution. >> remember, the lies about the
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election drove trump supporters to riot and attack police officers and desecrate the u.s. capitol on january 6th while calling for the vice president then, mike pence, to be hanged. and the facts of the january 6th insurrection are being twisted and whitewashed. we saw it today. listen to some republicans at a heated hearing about the capitol attack. >> the fbi is fishing through homes of veterans and citizens with no criminal records and restricting the liberties of individuals that have never bern accused of a crime. zero firearms from suspects charged with breaching the capitol. >> it was trump supporters who lost their lives that day, not trump supporters who were taking the lives of others. >> wrong. the vote to oust liz cheney from republican leadership lasted just 16 minutes. there were reportedly boos when she spoke. and now some far-right house members are mocking cheney being ousted on social media. let's get to cnn's chief
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congressional correspondent manu raju. tell us where we are and what happens next. >> reporter: what happens next is the replacement vote, that will be elise stefanik, the number three, vying to replace liz cheney. she's had a more moderate voting record than liz cheney's. in fact, one of the most moderate of the entire republican caucus. she allied herself with donald trump when she was a chief defender during the impeachment trial and then in the aftermath of the november elections, she joined him in efforts to try to overturn the elections. behind the scene she has tried to shore up support among conservatives telling them privately she will side with them on key votes and won't stray from the party line. there are still possibilities she could face a challenge. one congressman, texas congressman chip roy is not ruling out a run to challenge her for that number three position. he actually just spoke to our
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colleague, and he said there shouldn't be a coronation. he said, i believe we should have a debate. i would remind people that congresswoman cheney has been out of her position for only five hours. and wants to slow things down. despite this, if he does run, it's unlikely to change the outcome here because stefanik has the support of donald trump, which is, of course, very important in the trump-supporting house republican conference as well as the top two republican leaders. and chip roy is unlikely to get all the support of the house freedom caucus members, a conservative faction that has offered some support to elise stefanik, including one prominent member, jim jordan. there still might be a debate behind closed doors on thursday up until the vote to determine whether stefanik will get the job on friday. questions about the way forward as this conference remains divided about its path, about donald trump's role. overall, the conference does not
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want to talk about donald trump, did not want to talk about cheney's fight with donald trump and is ready to move on. guys? >> big tent, kevin mccarthy says. manu raju, thanks. liz cheney was pushed out for continuing to speak the truth, that donald trump lost the election and incited the deadly capitol insurrection. let's talk about what today means. not just for the gob but for the country. linda chavez is the director of becoming america initiative. she has left the republican party. alice stewart is a cnn political commentator and republican strategist. great to have you both here. i look forward to getting your perspectives. alice, you just published an op-ed on and i just want to read a portion of it. you say congresswoman liz cheney is a profile in courage. she's an intelligence, fierce, staunch defender of the constitution and republican values. she knows what it means to be a true conservative. she is unafraid to stand up to former president donald trump and made a career-defining vote for his impeachment based on his
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false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. but, siand here comes the but, u say as a member of leadership, you have to sacrifice your autonomy for the good of the conference. alice, explain, why does she have to sacrifice her integrity and her values and the truth for the conspiracy theorists? >> look, alisyn, i think it's important to realize in a position of leadership you're representing the entire conference. this is not about a man-on-man defense. this is a zone defense going against the democratic party. and flooding the zone with the problems of the biden administration. look, it's not a binary choice, alisyn. i can believe and i can have the two thoughts at the same time that i applaud liz cheney for standing up to the big lie. i agree with her 100%. but i can also believe that she should no longer serve as caucus chairperson because she is understand looking out for the best interest of the unified party. i agree with what she says.
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i agree we had free and fair elections. i agree that joe biden won. donald trump lost. >> i know you do but who's the voice that stands up for truth when she's gone? >> she can still do so as a member of congress. i hope she does. what she said today, that standing up to the lies and speaking out is the proper move, and doing what she can to keep donald trump away from the oval office. she can do so not as a leader. we need someone in that position that is speaking up every single day about the biden administration and the policies they have with regard to the unemployment rate, with regard to the crisis at the bored e outrageous spending and not working across the aisle. that needs to be the message. >> let me bring in linda. what do you think about the ousting of liz cheney and what that means? >> first of all, i think there will be no future of the republican party unless the liz cheneys of the world lead us in
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that direction. there's no possibility for republicans to win a national elections if they continue to hold the lie and to succumb to all of donald trump's deranged conspiracy theories. liz cheney is perfectly happy to talk about the biden agenda, to talk about what the biden administration is doing wrong. she's happy to go out and talk about that every day. the problem is, you have a president and his followers who continue to lecture america and to say that the election was stolen from them. it's not liz cheney who continues that narrative. it's donald trump and all of those accolites he apparently, you know, holds enthralled and who are apparently quite frightened of him. >> alice, what about that? you're basically saying liz cheney needed to get in line with the party. but that party line is that
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donald trump somehow was robbed of the election. stop the steal. all of that stuff that we've heard from elise stefanik who's going to replace her. what do you think is going to happen when three of the people who have pushed the big lie are in leadership? >> look, i think we can all agree, in my view, many common sense republicans believe that the big lie is a distraction. it is not true. joe biden won. donald trump lost. we had free and fair elections. the insurrection was an affront to our constitution and many republicans absolutely understand that. but the goal moving forward is to win back the house. and to fire nancy pelosi. the only way to do so is to look at the policies that impact everyday americans. when you go out across this country, and i talk to many republican congressmen in the last several weeks, when they're in their districts, people are not talking about the insurrection. what they are talking about are the outrageous spending that is on the table and the problems we're having with regard to
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immigration. and while the insurrection was atro atrocious, it was uncalled for. we do need an investigation, we do need to hold people accountable. one of them is donald trump. but for the head of the caucus to unite the party and not divide it, the sole focus needs to be on pushing back against democratic policy. >> so, linda, what about that argument? it's time for the country to move on. it's been four months. yeah, we're going to have an investigation of the insurrection but it's time to move on and put that in the rearview mirror? >> well, i think that's exactly right. just tell it to donald trump. he's the one that won't move on. i think what alice said about the 2022 elections is absolutely right. if republicans have any hope of controlling the house of representatives, they've got to win back districts they lost in 2018 and 2020. internal polling bit republican national committee shows that donald trump is deeply unpopular
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among republican voters and all voters in those swing districts. so, he had a 15-point deficit in his unfavorable rating over favorable rating in those swing districts. the only way you're going to win those seats back is by offering republican candidates, who don't hold to that lie. and as long as donald trump is controlling the party, he's going to insist that people keep up with that big lie. that's going to keep the democrats in control of the house for the foreseeable future. >> alice, if you want people to go -- if you want republicans to go in the right direction, they're going towards donald trump. they're not going away from donald trump. they're making choices in leadership and beyond that is towards donald trump. >> the goal, alisyn, is to keep those people on board and also to bring back on board the people that we lost in the last election. >> how? >> you cannot -- the goal is to keep the people on board that
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donald trump supports and that, in large part, includes letting donald trump have a voice within the party. we have to go back and win over the disaeffected republicans and the independents. >> alice, i hear you, but those are mutually exclusive. those are mutually exclusive. allowing donald trump and all the statements he keeps putting out, i won the election, stop the steal, the big fraud, the big lie. i mean, he continues to put out these statements. how do you think you're going to win back -- i should pose this to linda to get more of her in. linda, are they mutually exclusive or not? how do you win back independents? >> you can't win them back with the big lie. you have to broaden the party. one thing that's amazing is all of these state legislatures controlled by republicans that are passing these restrictive voting laws, it indicates to me that they are very pessimistic about the opportunity that the republicans have to win new voters. what they want to do is this rink the voting base, not to
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expand it, not to try to take a winning argument, not to try to take the things that liz cheney believes in, that i believe in, that alice stewart believes in, and promote those with voters. instead, they want to turn the republican party just into a cult that follows one man. >> alisyn, that's why we need to focus on policy and not personality. that's what got us into this mess. and returning back to policy is the right path to the future. >> if you listened today, alice, to that so-called investigation into the insurrection of what happened with lawmakers, it devolved, of course, into a shouting match, as one would expect, but it was all about personality. it was republicans who were whitewashing what happened that day and trying to absolve president trump. that's still where they are. they were trying to say, it wasn't pro-trump supporters who were doing this violence. it was agitators.
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it's just not -- i hear what you're saying, alice. it's not going in that direction right now. alice, look, you've heard one of the things that republicans like linda believe are that it's basically beyond repair, the party. and that they are going to have to start their own party that does believe in integrity and truth and conservative values. your thoughts on that. >> it is not beyond repair. it's really important -- of course, when we're in an investigation on the insurrection, we're going to have conversations about what got us to that point but the goal of the republican party is to get past the partisan and political and personal differences and focus on the policies that unite us and not the personality that divides us. >> linda, do you think it's beyond repair? >> i believe that the republican party of donald trump is not a party that i and thousands upon thousands of other people who have left the party, as i have. i'm not unaffiliated, can support.
12:15 pm
if you want to make the republican party a national party again, you have got to move on and to focus on issues and policy. i agree with alice there. but you can't do it with donald trump as your standard bearer. >> linda chavez, alice stewart, thank you both for the conversation. >> thank you. coming up, states across the east coast are declaring emergencies after a cyber attack on a major pipeline. we'll have the latest on that. and breaking news. the cdc advisers have now made a decision to recommend the pfizer vaccine for children age 12 to 15. we'll talk more about what this means next. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. man 1: hey, i see you cancelled your order. what's up? professional show you how... man 2: don't blame me. it's those search results.
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cdc advisory committee within the last few minutes recommended the pfizer biontech vaccine for children 12 to 15. this already had emergency use authorization for ages 16 and up. the cdc director is expected to sign off on this, which means millions of kids can now be vaccinated. and today's decision has a major impact on the push to reopen schools for in-person learning in the fall. the panel's recommendation now goes to the cdc director, as we said, dr. walensky, who could give it the go ahead at any moment. >> we'll have much more on this and what it means for your family coming up. now to the latest on the cyber attack that shut down a major fuel pipeline.
12:21 pm
it has created long lines at gas stations across the southeast and the panic leading to shortages and higher prices. now five days after the hack, we're getting new information about the group behind it. let's bring in cnn security correspondent josh campbell. josh, what's the latest? >> yeah, well, we're learning more about this group. i'll show you some of the latest details we know. this is a group believed to have hacked this colonial pipeline. we're told this darkside ransomware, as it's called, is used by what's being described as affiliates. basically you have the developers of the ransomware that then contract essentially with people who actually deploy it to try to extort victims. the affiliate that hacked the colonial pipeline we're told is likely russia and impacted 15 countries. it's worth noting this outside security firm contracted by colonial pipeline came out with a new analytical report on this group yesterday saying most victims are primarily in the
12:22 pm
united states, which span across a number of sectors from manufacturing to retail and technology. guys, just to tell you about some of the sophistication of these ransomware attackers. we're also told by this cyber security firm that one of the techniques they use is as they're getting into someone's system they look for data as how much are these companies insured when it comes to cyber protection. they use that as leverage to actually demand the ransom knowing what the high figure might be. high level of sophistication there. that's the one line of effort, the second line of effort right now for the u.s. government, the u.s. department of energy continues to work with this company to try to get these pipelines back up online. yesterday secretary of energy said the company hopes to have things back up fully by the end of this week, but today, by the end of today, we'll know when that launch will actually take place to try to get these pipelines up and running. until then, you've seen consumers that are clearly
12:23 pm
rattled by what's taking place as depicted by some of these images we've seen at the gas pumps. >> we've heard from the transportation secretary pete buttigieg warning against hoarding, people rushing to fill their tanks up. apparently, you know, that's not working because we're seeing the shortages on cities coast to coast, from north to south. >> exactly. and this attack really getting into the psyche of the american people and just goes to show, part of this is human nature. if people feel there's going to be a run on supplies, that they're going to be less of a critical supply they might go out. official it is like secretary buttigieg are trying to implore people, don't go out and hoard. the processes are in place to try to get this pipeline back up and running. i think the largest issue for those that follow cyber security attacks is just how important it is that some of this regulation takes place about critical infrastructure that is maintained by the private sector. we've heard officials from government come out since this colonial pipeline hack saying, look, this is a private company.
12:24 pm
there's not a lot we can do here. that is raising a lot of questions. this isn't an ordinary company. this is a company that supplies critical infrastructure in the united states. we'll have to wait and see whether we see the federal government assert a greater role and try to regulate how these firms go about protecting themselves from threats. >> josh campbell, thank you. so, white supremacy extremists are one of the most lethal threats in the u.s. today. that's the warning that came during a senate hearing on domestic extremism from merrick garland. let's bring in cnn senior justice correspondent evan perez. esch evan, how did the senators react to what they heard? >> some of them, victor, appreciated the words from alejandro mayorkas and merrick garland which echoes what we heard from their predecessors in the trump administration. they talked about the fact that white supremacists are the most
12:25 pm
lethal threat, which is a remarkable thing for us who have been covering this issue. we've talked about a lot about isis and some of the foreign actors that were threats to the u.s., and 2340u we have this. a lot of this is coming on the same day that liz cheney was being punished for essentially standing up to the big lie about the election and the false narratives that you keep hearing mentioned from people in congress. mayorkas daddressed some of the false narratives and the dangers that come from that. take a listen. >> senator, false narratives, the spread of false narratives are used to fuel extremist ideologies and we're focused on the connection between extremist ideologies and the threat or intention to commit acts of violence. >> and the homeland security secretary, by the way, also mentioned that they're creating a new -- a new bureau inside their intelligence section,
12:26 pm
which is going to take a look and better track some of these domestic terrorism threats. there is some criticism of that because there's a previous iteration that targeted muslims. so, there's a lot of concern about what this new -- this new office inside the homeland security department will be focusing on. guys? >> all right. evan perez for us, thank you. there are also new developments in the george floyd murder case. derek chauvin, the former police officer convicted of murdering floyd, may soon be facing a longer prison sentence than initially thought. that's because of four aggravating factors in the killing of floyd. so, a judge can give chauvin a longer prison sentence. ga gating factors include chauvin treating floyd with particular cruelty. chauvin could face up to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, 25 years for third-degree murder and 10 years for manslaughter. president biden is expected to speak at any moment about his
12:27 pm
administration's response to the covid-19 pandemic, vaccine plans as well, and we have this just in. of course, the cdc, the vaccine advisory board has just voted to recommend the use of the pfizer vaccine in children 12 to 15. we'll discuss next. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building, and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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a cdc advisory committee has just recommended the pfizer vaccine for children ages 12 to 15. as vaccine hesitancy remains a concern, public health officials are working on a plan to tweak their messaging in hopes of convincing both patients and patients to get on board. >> dr. steven thomas is the chief of infectious disease at upstate university hospital. thanks for being with us. let's start with the breaking news. the significance of this recommendation from the cdc panel. >> yeah, thanks for having me. i do think it's very significant for a couple reasons. the first is that even though it doesn't occur as often as adults, kids still get sick and kids unfortunately die from covid. there's a direct benefit of vaccination to the kids. the second thing is they could still transmit to people at higher risk than themselves. and then the third, and i think it's very important, is the devastating secondary effects of covid as it relates to in-person
12:33 pm
learning and the impact it's had on kids academically and their total health and wellness, i think this is very good news that a vaccine can be made available to them. >> what do you say to parents who today say, you know, it's just come out. the cdc has just approved it. it's still emergency use authorization. i don't want to be first out of the gate. i'm feeling nervous. >> i mean, the first thing i would say is, i understand. the second thing i would say is, we're in the middle of a pandemic. no one feels like the life that we have now in terms of its normalcy is acceptable to anyone. and the most direct path back to normal and getting kids back in school and back on the -- in the gym and on the playing field and on the stage is through vaccination. as the pfizer vaccine, it's been globally administered to well over 2.5 million people and it's shown to be safe and highly, highly efficacious.
12:34 pm
in the 12 to 15-year-olds there were no cases of covid in the vaccine group compared to the placebo group. that's where i would start. >> i'm glad you brought up getting back to school because for most parents that's what this means. listen be to the secretary of education today on cnn. >> the call has been there since we know students can come to school safely. that's where they deserve to be. every day that passes is a wasted opportunity. our data is showing there are disproportionate access to school, which is further widening gaps in opportunity and achievement for our students. we have to act with urgency. even two to three weeks being with your classmates, being with your teacher helps students be prepared for not only summer learning experiences but the fall. there's no reason to wait any longer. >> short of mass vaccinations, we know there's some hesitancy, should students be going back into the classroom now?
12:35 pm
>> you know, again, even without vaccination, i have always believed that school is not a source of frequent transmission. with the public health interventions specifically don't come to school if you're sick, wear a mask when you're in school, get tested, wash your hands, we know schools have been a safe place for people to learn. now, you add on top of that mass vaccination, then i think the kids need to get back to in-person learning. >> we've been hearing pushback from governors to our own doctors that we rely on, our experts that the cdc needs to be more clear about their guidelines and it's time to loosen some of their restrictions. just on a call with president biden, the utah governor said, states need helper sueding their populations to get vaccinated and the way that could work is if the cdc gave them some, you know, incentive to get
12:36 pm
vaccinated. you can all take off your masks outside, something like that. do you think it's time for the cdc to rethink their messaging? >> so, the cdc and any group that makes a public health policy, they need to follow the science and they need to follow the data. and when either the science or the data changes, that means policy can change. i actually think the cdc has been doing this and over the last couple of weeks they've been walking back some restrictions that had been previously in place when cases were on the increase and vaccination rates were not what we wanted them to be. i do feel it's time to relack at the vaccine story, which has basically said, regardless of the population that this is being put into, it is safe and highly effective. it reduces the risk of people getting covid and also reduces the risk if they do get infected of passing it onto someone else. i'll be honest, i do expect the
12:37 pm
cdc to be rolling back some of these recommendations in the near future. as it relates to -- we already know that when you're outside, your risk of getting covid is significantly less than if you're inside. again, you add on top of that vaccination, then i absolutely believe that in most outdoor environments, vaccinated people can remove their masks. >> that will certainly be music to the ear of many people. doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. so, you've probably noticed while checking out the supermarket that food prices are on the rise and experts warn they could be here to stay. we tell you why, next.
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if you've been to the supermarket recently, you know it's costing more to buy the basic items to feed your family. food prices are rising in a lot of the country. a new york grocery chain reporting prices in spikes in meat and chicken and produce and seafood. in april consumer prices rose at a rate not seen since 2008, according to the consumer price index. let's bring in cnn's vanessa. explain to everyone what's causing this price increase and what is seeing the biggest jumps? >> as you mentioned, just about every american consumer product is up in price, inc including f specifically produce. boxes of lettuce they used to buy for 20 a box now they're buying for about $30 a box. filet mignon they were buying for $11 a pound, now they're buying for $17 a pound.
12:43 pm
also strawberries they were buying for $5 to $6 a basket, right here, and this is about double what it was last year. and each of these prices are getting passed down to the consumer. you ask why this is happening? listen to what the meat and seafood director said here at morton williams. >> prices are even higher now than they were before the pandemic started. the reason why, because everything is starting to open up. now the restaurants are opening up, the airlines are opening up and the cruise lines are opening up. it's like a catch-up effect, a triple effect that goes across the whole industry. >> reporter: another reason is gas prices. that means that the trucks that are bringing the food into the stores are more expensive. also labor shortages and manufacturing that we've been hearing about. the big question everyone wants to know, how long will this go on? the folks here at morton williams say they don't expect these prices to remain high forever but they don't see them
12:44 pm
coming down any time soon because they are waiting for the supply to catch up with all of this demand that we're seeing. victor and alisyn? >> thank you. also right now we have breaking news. the dow, victor, is down by more than 600 points because of fears of rising inflation. cnn's alison kosik joins us live from new york with more. >> reporter: what you're seeing is sort of in the final 20 minutes of the trading day. that selling really picking up. we have seen the market kind of tank all day, essenpecially wit tech shares getting hit the hardest. why is this happening? it has to do with what vanessa was talking about, inflation. today we got a new inflation rating called cpi. it showed inflation actually higher prices moved at their fastest pace since 2008. we're talking about through the month of april. we've all known that prices are going up, but when data comes out, it kind of puts the
12:45 pm
exclamation point on what's happening. for investors, it's been this a-ha moment. that is why you're seeing this selling now. you're seeing the selling because if inflation continues for companies, the fear is that inflation can impact march begins, it can squeeze them and erode corporate profits so it could eat into, obviously, corporate profits and then into stock prices. if inflation continues as well, the concern is that the fed will go ahead and have to raise interest rates earlier than expected. that is making investors very nervous. alisyn? >> alison kosik, thank you for explaining that. i know you'll be keeping an eye on it for us. now to this crazy story. in houston, texas, officials are still searching for that bengal tiger that has been on the loose since sunday. we have the details ahead. where is that tiger? >> where is the cat?
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>> it is. >> okay. in houston, police are still looking for the bengal tiger still on the loose. on sunday, the people in a west houston neighborhood called police to report seeing a tiger in someone's front yard, okay. and then the police arrived and then a man who happened to be a murder suspect out on bond loaded the tiger in his suv and made a run for it. >> the police caught him and arrested him the next day, but they can't find this tiger. cnn's rosa flores is watching this one. so many questions here, rosa. it has been three days. tell us about this search for the bengal tiger.
12:51 pm
>> you know, according to hpd which is the investigating organization here, they are searching for this tiger in a sense as an investigation. there is no one, and we have no reason to believe that there is an outright search street to street for this tiger, because like you said, the last time that this tiger was seen was in the back of an suv, and according to police it was 26-year-old victor cuevas who was driving the suv and he was fleeing from the police. now, that was sunday, and like you mentioned cuevas was arrested, but the tiger has not been located yet. so this is an ongoing investigation here in the city of houston, but i should add that this is not the only exotic animal that houston police department is investigating. according to the commander ron borza, they have been trying to locate some bear cubs since last
12:52 pm
year, and in 2019, they did find in an abandoned house in a cage, a pet tiger that is living in a sanctuary southeast of dallas and the name of the sanctuary is black beauty ranch, and so victor and alisyn, this is an investigation, but we have no investigation based on the reporting that this tiger is roaming anywhere in the streets of houston or in some of the neighborhoods, and so the police are investigating and following the leads and trying to find who is keeping this tiger at this point in time. >> rosa, what do we know about cuevas, the suspect? was this his tiger? >> you know, i talked to his attorney, and he is adamant that this tiger does not belong to cuevas. he does say that the name of the tiger is india, and it is a 9-month-old bengal tiger. but looking into the cuevas, and
12:53 pm
just by looking at some of the court documents, he is sitting in a county jail on bond, because evading police is a felony here in houston, and having a tiger is a misdemeanor, and he is in trouble because he evaded the police with a tiger and that is why he is in jail, and then looking in the past documents we found that he was out on bond on two cases, one in fort bend for murder and one in austin county for evading the police. so at this point, his attorney says that the problem right now is because he was found, because he was with the tiger, because he was seen with the tiger and evading the police, but again, the houston police department still investigating this, and trying to find this tiger, and victor and alisyn, as you said, not just national, but
12:54 pm
international attention is what we hear from the houston police department of just so many news organizations asking about this particular story. >> right. rosa flores, thank you very much for all of that reporting, because, victor, where's the tiger? >> i mean, the idea that he is, he has the tiger, and then his attorney says that he doesn't know that cat. that is not his tiger. i mean, it is so many layers to this. >> by the way, i also am reading that same suspect is also keeping two monkeys. so his tiger story is not washing with some people. >> it isn't. it isn't. and everybody knows that you can't have two monkeys and a tiger, because that would be crazy. all right. some members of the republican party are revising history of what happened january 6th on capitol hill, and some defending those rioters, and you are going to be hearing from them next.
12:55 pm
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at 2:07, a mob of trump supporters breached the steps. i don't know who did a poll that it is as trump supporters you had the media saying the same thing just like -- >> that is congressman ralph norman who said that they had trump hats and trump flags and shouting trump, trump, trump,
1:00 pm
but did they take a survey to say they were trump supporters. >> the head in the sand posture that we heard today in the hearing was truly stunning. they were festooned with trump regalia and trump flagpoles they that brought to beat up the capitol police officers and on that note, "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. starts right now, and minutes after republicans boot her from her leadership post for not pushing the big lie, congresswoman liz cheney warning that she is playing the long game, and she is going to do all she can to keep trump out of the white house. vaccines for the


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