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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  June 4, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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maybe it is from some where else. >> no, chris, i woke up like this. i woke up just like this. what are you talking about? >> what are you talking about? do i have enough concealer on? >> whatever. >> have a great night, my friend. >> you too. >> this is "don lemon tonight," i am laura coates in for don. there is the threat from increasing cyber warfare that this country is frankly not prepared for. new urgency tonight from the biden administration over this country's vulnerabilities to attacks from criminal syndicates based from russia. attacks of everything to one of the world's top meat producers,
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director wray says it is like dealing with terrorism after 9/11. the white house saying president biden views the attack as a rising national security concern. >> on this ransomware attack, does the president views those as a national security threat? >> i think the president views those as a rising national security concern and an area where we need to continue to keep our focus and keep our assets focused on energy and brain power on what we can do to address this. this is a priority to him and areas where we'll be spending a significant amount of time in the comiing months. >> our democracy is imperial
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with threats from the outside and the inside. america is becoming disinformation nation as social media being used to spread lies from qanon conspiracy theories to the big lie of non-existing election fraud. facebook announcing today the former president whose lies incited the insurrection will remained suspended from their platform until january 7, 2023. the day after the second anniversary of the capitol attack. that could mean he could be back on facebook just in time to campaign for 2024. the white house says social media has the responsibility to crack down on disinformation. >> any platform that's disseminating millions of information to americans, has the responsibility to crack down false information whether it is
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about the election or the vaccine. >> disinformation about the election. that's what fuelled one of the darkest days in this country's entire history. that's what almost got then, vice president killed. mike pence, well, he says this. >> president trump and i spoke many times since we left office, i don't know if we'll see eye to eye that day. but i will be proud of what we accomplished for the american people the last four years. >> i know he that had to look down on his script when he said that last part. mike pence's boss incited the insurrection with his lies. who slams his own vice president for failing to stop the certification of the vote. did nothing to help him.
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all pence can muster is they don't see eye to eye on that day. i bet they don't. >> i want to go right now to the urgency over cyber attacks. joining me now is phil mattingly and former fbi director andrew mccabe, thank you both for being here tonight. it is nice to see both of you but not for this, of course. let me start with you, phil, fbi is director wray is comparing the threat of the attack to 9/11. how is the biden administration responding to this? whether it is trying to harden defenses as it relates to private companies that are in large part in control of these infrastructure pieces but also trying to figure out what the u.s. can do.
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the biden administration ordered a rapid strategic review where the president is expecting a series of options in terms of what they can do to push back on these attacks. they are expected to be retaliatory measures he's presented with and disable some of these networks and counter but also working with allies and lining up alliances to push back as well. you will see a large meeting with russian president vladimir putin and while the u.s. is not blaming the russian government for these ransomware attacks that occurred. they know these criminal syndicates are located in the country, they want to hold those countries accountable on some levels. you got a series of things going on right now. the current federal laws simply do not allow the type of interaction and communications between those private firms from the government to do a better job to defend than the course of
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the last several years. it is likely going to ramp up. >> week after week we hear about this. it is hard to imagine what greater incentives not to happen to you. ransomware is a serious thing and they are paying a pretty penny to get back online. these attacks are hitting so many critical aspects over society. we are talking hospitals and food and ferries and gas are all impacted. where is our country the most vulnerable? is it something on the horizon that we can't imagine yet? >> we are vulnerable everywhere to this threat. if the private sector has not gotten that message yet, it is long overdue. the director's word were
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pressing in one way, it is similar to the after math of 9/11. we need to think this as a whole society approach. after 9/11, i know from my own experience from the fbi, we didn't just do one thing to try to deter terrorist threats. we did everything we could think of and that's the way the government and the partnership they have at the private sector needs to think about this threat today. we needed to build partnerships and intelligence better and forge deeper relationships with our foreign partners to confront it globally and most of all, we need to impose consequences on those road nations like russia that are responsible for many of these attacks and at least responsible forgiving safe harbor to the criminals who are attacking us now. >> to be fair he talked about the challenges imposed by 9/11, he compared the challenges now of the whole government approach you are speaking about. andrew, you raised this and you
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did as well, phil, vladimir putin is dismissing that that russia was not involved and he called it nonsense. could putin put a stop to this if he wanted to? that's a wink and a nod? >> slopabsolutely , he could. >> they don't respond to tough talks, they respond to power. if we put them in a position where they are paying a price for this that's taken place from russia, and if they fuel the consequences from that activity then they'll put a stop to it. until that happens, he's going to continue to laugh it off and deny it and look the other way. >> of course, andrew, you are talking about the idea of using some level of persuasion and
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etcetera, phil, i got to ask you, how do you think the president intends to handle this when he meets with putin face-to-face next month. will it be similar to what andrew is talking about and trying to ensure they know they mean business or it will be this sort of conversations about what one should not do. >> based on the conversations the president has had, it will be much more formal. president biden when he talks about his relationship with putin, they known each other for a number of decades and met in person before and they spoken several times on the phone. the president makes clear that he goes out and says what he thinks need to happen. does not mean president putin is going to respond and do exactly what he wants. they don't feel there is any reason to bed delicate or ginge
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to get the question across. we want to know how important this issue is. there is aggression in yu ukraine and the wind solar. that's how important it is for american officials. the question is what comes out of this meeting? does the biden administration feels like they will get immediate results from this face-to-face meeting or more repercussions need to be imposed for them to start seeing results. most officials i talk to thinks there is going to be a ladder. they want to ensure the u.s. position is a firm position when they bring this up with president putin even though they are going to deny russia's government had anything to do with it. >> just 11 days. thank you, genetlemen, i appreciate it. facebook announced today
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keeping former president trump off their platform until january 2023. at that point, facebook will reassess the risk to public safety. let's discuss now with julia and donio sullivan. potentially, he'll miss the midterm election but he could be back in time for the 2024 election. is that right? >> if inciting an insurrection does not get you banned from facebook than what does? >> this is what they are saying. i want to show you this.
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january '23, we'll look to experts to evaluate external factors and instances of violence and peaceful assembly. if we determine there is still a serious risk to public safety, we'll extend the restrictions. it is quite remarkable. they are acknowledging that trump used their platform to incite violence. it is incredible to read that. >> by the way, donie, even without trump, facebook are expelling the same sorts of lies and conspiracconspiracies. what is facebook going to do about that? >> yeah, nothing. the reality is trump has plenty
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of proxies on facebook. facebook is not changing its policies in terms of fact-checking politicians. you know people like marjorie taylor greene, the president's son, donald trump, jr., they can post whatever she wants about the big lie. that's not going to get taken down. the big lie is going to perpetuate whether trump is on the platform or not. >> donie, you made a good point this evening. the reason he was sus pended wa not about the lies or comments but it was about the insurrection. we'll have to wait and see. juliet, you are looking at this from a different angle and an anti-incitement and recruitment
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effort. this is now going to be 2023, is it isn't the. >> we don't know where trump is going to be in 2023 or what his physical and mental state is going to be. i think facebook bought us time and i could not be more thrilled. i have to be honest at this stage. trump as i have often said is the leader - call him what you want of a terrorist or an organization, he incites in ways that are subtle to fight. it is something that we recognize and it took us a long time to recognize. you look at it from the count terr terr terrorism. there is no one quite like trump. he's the leader and they do follow him. facebook is not fixed yet.
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but in terms of what the alternative could have been, in other words, he gets back on the platform, given where we are right now in terms of the continuing lie and the violence behind the lie and the threat of violence that seems to be permeating our institutions right now. this is a tremendously important move and one that we can address again two years from january 6th. i think things will be very different. i guess i should say he's an imminent threat right now and this was an imminent response. that's the way you approach the leader of someone inspires terrorism and essentially undermining our democratic institutions. >> it is shocking to keep people reminded but this was a former president we are talking ability. there was an alternative to ban him. that was one of the criticisms he's gotten about this issue.
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the idea that he could have had an opportunity to let twitter who has already banned him. they could have done the same thing. >> twitter says he's never coming back, could twitter change their mind? >> yes. >> look, facebook, you could potentially say facebook is kicking the can down the road here, they're dealing with an extremely difficult situation. it is powerful for a private company to be able to kickoff a sitting president from its platform given the role that the public has from the discourse. they are trying to create a rule book because they did not have one up until this point. they did not expect a world leader to behave in the way that trump did. they are trying to create a set of rules and standards that could be applied to leaders elsewhere in the world but for
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the next 18 months and two years as we go into 2023, facebook is going to have this lingering over their head and they'll have to make that decision. >> juliet and donie, thank you for your time. it is like you are talking about the idea you are building a plane and trying to figure out where you are going to land at the same time. its november wild, wild west territory but we have seen a lot of this the last four years. thank you for your time. why are so many people so uncomfortable with conversations about race in america's schools? we'll explain the truth about what critical race theory really is and why they want to ban it? with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting.
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scary. that's why i use keeps. keeps offers clinically proven treatment, and the sooner you start the more hair you can keep. get started for $1 a day at the georgia state board of education passing a resolution that blocks the teaching of critical race theory in k through 12 classrooms. georgia's governor supports the ban and gop lawmakers across the country are taking similar action, calling critical race th theor
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theory divisive and anti-american. cnn's adam phillips explains what the theory is and why conservatives want to ban it. >> reporter: schools are caught in the crossed hair of how race is thought in schools. >> why would you include people to talk about race. that baffles my mind. >> reporter: conservatives began waging their own battle over american history and an academic theory calls critical race theory. >> it is an academic concept developed by legal scholars in 1970s and '80s. it states that race and racism is a big part of american
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history. it still affects the outcomes of black americans and other people of color. >> reporter: gop political figures have seized on i. >> critical race theory teaches that america is an evil country and you are apart of the suppression from the moment you are born. i will not allow federal taxpayer dollars to be used to spread anti-american propaganda. >> reporter: that claim is false. >> they use the umbrella term of critical race theory to describe everything that challenges conservative viewpoints of race and racism of american history and they could be talking about anything of the 1619 project to k through 12 schools, teaching students justifiably that some
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of our founding fathers own slaves. >> reporter: a slew of red states have picked up the torch that former president trump put down. >> let me be clear that there are no rooms in our classrooms for critical race theory. >> reporter: the issue has taken hold in oklahoma which just days ago marked 100 years since one of the deadliest massacre in history occurred in oklahoma. >> i will not stand for publicly funded k through 12 schools to define themselves by their sex or race. >> reporter: at a time when republicans are raging against
7:26 pm
cancelled culture on social media. there has been no such outrage against bans on teaching history that they believe is un-american. >> cancel culture in reverse. >> reporter: if a teacher is acknowledging oh america does in some ways have a racist past. conservatives are so threatened by this that they are the ones melting down. >> abby phillips, washington. >> i want to talk about all of this with w. kamau bell. it is good to see you. you are not uncomfortable of having these discussions. why is it that you think that so many folks are uncomfortable of talking about race in schools. you heard governor desantis says there is no room in these schools in the education system for this? why so uncomfortable? >> because they don't want to know the truth. i think a lot of people not in
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my household or brought up in households where they are taught america was created by god and a perfect nation in every way. that's not the truth. also, let's be clear the right is doing this as a distraction. this is no different than the war in christmas or halal meet in new york street carts. >> the georgia state board of education just banned critical race theory from school. they banned it. i see you're shaking your head but governor brian kemp applauded them and saying this. i mean we just heard what critical theory race was. why are so many people casting it as being anti-american? >> because it sounds like something. it is not about what it is. it is about what it sounds like.
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we all know, no child in elementary school was learning about critical race theory before this all went down. more kids are going to be learning about critical race theory because you won't stop talking about it. it is no accident that the governor of georgia does not want to teach it but it is restricting voting rights among brown and black folks. >> maybe we'll call it history and everyone can have a party about that. let's talk about your show, "un "united shade of america." this is week you are looking ahead to 2045 when census expert says the u.s. will become a majority/minority country. you actually visited the people
7:29 pm
of color already outnumbered people. >> we had the first black democratic mayor of philadelphia. you go the black people in the seats but the white power structure still exists. i think the future of philly is one that full of conflict between the people and the state i believe. i think that's the reality. it is going to getaway worse before it gets better. >> worse before it gets better. why are people so afraid of a mixed country racially and ethi ethically. >> let's be clear about that. that was ant smith, he said that before january 6th, we had that conversation before things got worse. he knew what he was talking about. i think we are talking about the fact that some people, maybe on the left think that that majority/minority means that things will get better.
7:30 pm
if the power structure don't change, a black police officer does not mean a better police officer, if we don't change the power structures then the country will go on the aimsame path. >> you talk about the concept of race itself, what is important to know of the idea of race. is it tied to power in your mind? >> yes. >> in this country, we have really a system struck on race. and you start of believe that race is a real thing but it is not science, it is social structure. we have a lot of things tied into that social structure that are real. it does not mean the effects of our system is based on race are not real. we live in a white supremacy system that uses race as a way to allocate power. >> be sure to tune in everyone. thank you so much of an all new episode of "united shades of
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extraordinary moment. now some of the most suppression moments rest squarely on her shoulders. >> vice president is tasked with the most difficult challenges. immigration crisis at the southern border, who are you going to call? call kamala. state's effort to restrict voting rights without any abuse or fraud? call kamala. answering that call is an incredibly tall order and even with someone of the undeniable credential of vice president harris. if it were that easy to solve, we would not be we are today. it should not be the responsibility of one person.
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the overwhelming reliance on her speaks volume about the state of our democracy. it shows the dysfunction of washington, d.c. where at times bipartisanship is a pipe drain, other time a punch line. we watch with counting defectors on the party line on one issue waiting to see how just one and two senators will vote on another. the needle does not move. it hovers around dysfunction. who are you going to call to move it? kamala harris. the senate's decisive tie-breaking vote. if this is not aillien, wha is it? someone who may know.
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new tonight, u.s. officials have found no evidence of the spacecraft. are there more questions of what's flying in our skies. here to discuss, the former director of pentagon, add i am glad you are here, lewis. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. the upcoming defense department report does not actually determine what these
7:43 pm
unidentified flying objects actually are. it does say they are not alien space. it does not rule it out. it is going to add fuel to the debate that's already brewing. >> the u.s. government has already stated for the record. this is not some sort of secret u.s. technologies. that argument now is finally for many decades is off the table. that really only leaves two options, does it? that's one some sort of foreign technology that has somehow managed to leapfrog us or something completely or totally different. i think it is important when we look at this, we look at the context of the u.s. government's involve ament in this topic historically. there is documentation that's coming forward and my team members have been able to uncover through the process and it is available for quite some
7:44 pm
time that dem stonstrates the u government have been dealing with this issue for 40 years. that's problematic. we know that the russians after the berlin wall came down had share a lot of their ufos files with us. we know they have the same problem with us. as we know that's a really hard secret to keep. furthermore these technologies have been deployed over controlled u.s. aerospace. there is a lot more questions that we have to ask ourselves. let's be clear that the report did not say this was some sort of alien-type or extraterrestrial technology, it says it could not rule it out and that's an important caveat. >> i want to go to the data you
7:45 pm
were talking about. you did share new declassified info. in our team. you got a cia report from 1953 that says swedish airline pilot encountered a silver or white lozenge traveling at high speed. it is like a butane tank. i mean what do you think of this pattern, similar characteristics overtime, what's your thought? >> thank you for doing your homework. i think a lot of media has been lazy about this topic. i want to thank you for your courage for reporting this topic. i do know there is still stigma and taboo associated with it. i think the fact that you have pilots separated by decades
7:46 pm
reporting the same type of on sani observations describing this white flying tank or white flying lozenge, they're describing the same thing. i think it is safe to resume that we are seeing the same object in the sky time and time again. that's a concern because if the argument is if there is some foreign technology somehow masters this and it is a thousand years ahead of the united states and demonstrating this technology for the last 70 years, i think we have gotten bigger problems on our hands. smoo >> because of the pattern and overtime you are talking about, if we don't have an answer soon, what these flying phenomenons are, is that is a failure for our national security? >> it certainly, would be a
7:47 pm
failure, intelligent failure that would eclipse 9/11 by order of magnitude. i think it is important that we have to keep all options on the table. there are a lot of information right now that suggests it is not. as hard as that may be to digest for some people. it is important that is we approach this topic objectively, we have to try to keep our emotions out of this. there are a lot of preconceived narratives about this topic. part of that is because of the socialization of this topic over the last 70 years. we have to keep an open mind and keep all options on the table. if it turns out this technology is not foreign adversary, we need to prepare to have the conversation as well. >> nasa says they are looking into ufo as well. especially if they could be intelligence gathering tools for
7:48 pm
other country. >> right. from a department defense perspective and intelligence perspective, our government should look at this as a national security perspective. there is a whole other facets of this issue. i think we need a whole government approach and we need to have the faa or nasa and our academic institutions and our scientific community, all involved in this. maybe we can start finding some answers. i don't think it is the purview of our national security apparatus on things that are not nationally security related. i don't want my government telling me i should think about something. ultimately, this is a topic that impacts everybody equally and yet differently depends on how we are raised and our logical views, maybe a whole of society
7:49 pm
conference about this. luis elizondo, i appreciate your time. >> my honor and privilege. a plea deal is imminent. the man accused of assaulting the officer at the capitol, they're in talks in strike of a deal. the officer tells us what is he thinks about it. that's next. it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things.
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smooth driving pays off. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. the justice department is preparing to offer a deal to the rioters assaulting the d.c. metropolitan more michael
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fanone. they are all accused of beating officer fanone on the capitol steps. he was pulled into the crowd, beaten with a flagpole and repeatedly tased. his body camera footage shows just how gruesome the attack was. every time i hear that, identifies, he's got a family. did you hear it when they said it? officer fanone has been spend to don since just a few days after the insurrection. don's team spoke to him about today's development. he said he is, quote, very confident in how the cases are being handled both from
7:55 pm
investigators and prosecutors. tomorrow marks 150 days since the capitol insurrection. and the justice department confirms approximately 465 defendants have been arrested from nearly all 50 states. more than 130 people have been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers. remember when republican senator ron johnson said this about january 6th? >> this didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me. >> well, according to the doj, more than 40 people have been charged with entering the capitol with a deadly or dangerous weapon, or causing serious bodily injury to an officer. those are the facts. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. pany who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car.
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good evening. 150 days of the worst violence since the civil war. before we get to that, there was a reminder today of why facebook said he is not welcome on the platform until at least january of 2023. the justice department came out with updated figures on cases connected to the insurrection. approximately 465 defendants now from all 50 states. more than 130 defendants charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees. more than 40 charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer. again, 40 people charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon. keep that in mind as you listen to senator ron johnson say this. >> this didn't seem like an armed insurrection to me


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