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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 28, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday june 28th. i'm john berman in surfside, florida. along with erica hill in new york. the desperate search for survivors in the condo collapse has been going on 24/7. nine people dead and 159 unaccounted for and 152 families clinging to hope even though no one has been found in the collapse five days ago. they dug a deep trench to help in the search effort and special equipment was brought in to help detect signs of life through the concrete.
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a grim assessment of what they have found so far. >> it is horrific. that is one word i will say and, again, one of the most difficult collapses to deal with and the operation of what we're seeing is just a very difficult situation. >> the type of debris, unfortunately, that we're coming across, this is assuming it is a tough to describe. you know, we don't have the things we were looking for. that's what i mean by horrific. it is a very difficult, difficult situation. >> so, this morning we're learning that a 2018 report detailed significant damage to the shamplain towers building including cracks and breaks in the concrete. experts are trying to zero in on where the building might have failed. engineers tell the "new york times" a possible failure point
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near the bottom of the tower could have triggered a structural avalanche his wife frantically called him saying the building was shaking and she saw the deck of the swimming pool cave in shortly before the line went dead. the collapse has created high rise anxiety in florida and across the country over the safety of these buildings. the city of miami is urging immediate inspections for buildings more than six stories tall and older than 40 years. let's get to cnn's nick valencia at the family reunification center. six bus loads of family members came here to the site so families can see it for themselves. >> yeah, it was an emotional turning point, john, for some of those family members who arrived at the site. some feeling as though they have been misled or given a false sense of hope by these first responders as to exactly what
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they're doing to try to find their loved ones. the briefings have been sparse and two briefings a day from local officials and sometimes even the governor ron desantis has been there at these briefings but not enough for these family members who are looking for answers and looking for any glimmer of hope that their loved ones are still alive. adding to this outrage is this information over the course of the last five days specifically about this building and the structural integrity. the big question is whether or not those in power and those who could have made a difference of evacuating these residence misled them about the safety of the building and over the weekend we saw that anger boil over as a meeting between the local officials and some of the family and friends of those unaccounted were confrontational with those local officials. some, however, are holding on to hope. and they are not willing to accept that their loved ones have perished until they are given official confirmation. one of those family members spoke about the hope they still
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have as we enter day five. >> when i heard it, i was really hoping and i said, lord, please let her be alive because i want to spend more time with her. i promise to take care of her and spend more time with her. she was my mother and she took care of us. she played piano professionally and she painted and she drew and she was a member of feed the hungry and she was the matriarch that any family should really have. i think it would take a miracle for somebody to really survive that. but i still believe in miracles. >> emotions are high, not just among the family and friends, but also among those who are trying to recover. any sign of life. i have spoken to miami-dade fire and rescue who say it is demoralizing over the weekend and these last five days for them to continue to dig through these piles of debris without any signs of life coming up
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empty handed. we are still very much so in a rescue mode. fire and rescue telling us that they have not officially yet entered a recovery process. john. >> all right, nick valencia. meanwhile a clloud clap of thunr at the site. the conditions have pin very hard for the irk wiworkers to g through. developing overnight past warnings of possible structural damage to champlain towers south and the response from officials. in november of 2018 a surfside town inspector assured residents that the building was in, quote, very good shape, just one month after an engineering report said there was major structural damage to the property. one of the reporters who broke that story is joining me now, npr correspondent brian. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me, john.
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>> 2018 a structural report, structural damage underneath. yet, officials in the town told people who lived in the building what. >> there was this meeting that happened in november just a month after this report was created and according to minutes in that meeting that npr ac acq acquired, a town building inspector comes to that meeting and tells residents that the building is in good shape and we interviewed one of the residents at that meeting and she said she walked away feeling reassured. feeling that she was living in a safe building. they knew there were cosmetic problems and maintenance issues, but this builder inspector according to the minutes of that meeting assured people they were living in safe conditions. >> based on your reporting, the 2018 engineering report, should it have raised alarm bells? is it the type of thing at that time would have stuck out to people? >> it's important to say that this report was not a smoking gun. this does not tell us for sure why this building collapsed. these investigations are now under way.
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what all the experts i talked to do say is that it should have raised real red flags. it should have caused people to go in and do deep forensic digging on the concrete and steel that is holding this building up. their report did raise safety concerns. concerns for the safety of people in that building. this happened three years ago. and, again, it's clear that the town of surfside did not immediately say we need repairs done. we need more inspections done. speaking last night, the mayor of surfside said he has real questions about that and put more information out in the public in the days ahead about that process. >> the residents you talked to, the people at this meeting, did they feel pretty safe from 2018 going forward? did they think there was anything wrong with their building? >> they knew there was cosmetic issues. this building is an older building and decaying in some
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ways and they had no idea in any way they were unsafe and especially once this report came out, people had questions. but then they went to this meeting and came away saying we felt reassured. we knew we were going to spend some money and do things to shore up the building over time and the idea that they were living in a structure that could fail in this progressive way and progressing and pancaking the way this did furtherest thing from anyone's mind. >> no one has ever seen anything quite like this because buildings aren't supposed to fall down. nonetheless, we're searching for some kind of answers of some kind of thing that was missed. brian, thanks for the good work. >> obviously, the crews are working around the clock. it is still a such and rescue operation. we have heard from officials about how the search is going and what their concerns are with the structures that do remain in place in the area.
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>> we don't know why that building fell down and given that, we need to get in and understand what's going on with the sister building. we're going to make alternative housing available for any resident that really doesn't want to be in that building. i don't know if i would be comfortable staying in that building until i knew for sure that they had done a comprehensive top to bottom study on what's going on with the systems in that building. >> that is the mayor of surfside, florida, expressing concern about the buildings that are standing here. the buildings all along the coast of florida. one person described it as the necklace of these giant condos. half of the entire state. i'm joined now by the acting mayor of a community just north of here, right. thank you so much for being with us right now. i appreciate it. what are your concerns about, i should tell people. you're just north of here and you have all these buildings like the one we're looking at
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right now. you have dozens and dozens of these condo towers and what are the concerns for the towers in your city? >> the concerns are the safety of our residents and we're immediately putting in plans to check 59 buildings that are either at the 40-year mark or have just went through the 40-year recertification because we need to understand if there was anything missed or how we can help and how we can mitigate for something. starting this morning we are taking out teams going out through our city, which is small city but has over 20,000 condo units and start checking those buildings. the 20 going through recertification right now. >> based on what we are learning. and we still don't know much from this collapse. what are you looking for or what do you want engineers to look for these buildings? >> only the engineers know this. they already have a list of items that they look in to. so, they look both at the plans and then they're visually going out to see any of these things
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that might concern people. the spalding, the deterrieriation. >> the rebar that is in there and expanding because they're corroding and cracked cement and the like. the people who live in your community how safe they should feel this morning? >> they should feel incredibly safe because we're on it. we have brand-new on the beach side that go up to 50 stories that are state of the art engineered and just put in and we have westside buildings that are much older. we're obviously very scared. and we're going to be out there to make sure that they know they're going to be safe. >> what services are you providing? what do you want the people here in surfside to know? >> anything they need, we will provide for them. we've already been helping them. but for us right now the safety of our residents is number one. >> acting mayor, i appreciate you being with us this morning.
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>> thank you. >> thank you for your time. let us know what the inspectors find as they go through these buildings because an enormous amount of curiosity whether there might be something people have missed over the years. >> we want to show anyone interested what we are going to find because ultimately everything has to be transparent right now. everyone needs to know what is happening in every community especially on the coast of florida. >> acting mayor, appreciate your time. thanks for being with us. >> it is now raining here, which is something the search crews have had to deal with for five days now. the fires they had in the search area not so much of a problem now, but clearly the rain not a welcome sight here. not one bit. the search does continue. they've dug a trench through the site and having more success moving some of the pieces. we're going to speak to the fire marshal to get an exact sense of what is going on. lawyers from the trump organization will meet with prosecutors to try to convince them not to pursue charges. former trump attorney
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new this morning former attorney general william barr suspected former president donald trump's claims wide spread election fraud were all bs but launched an official inquiry to appease his boss. they were part of an excerpt of "betrayal." joining me now cnn political analyst maggie haverman and cnn senior legal analyst elie honig. good to see both of you in person. i want to start with one excerpt for people who did not read the piece. in his final day in the administration. barr told me he already
3:18 am
concluded it was highly unlikely that evidence existed that would tip the scales in the election. he expected trump to lose and therefore wasn't surprised by the outcome. he also knew at some point trump was going to confront him about the allegations and he wanted to be able to say that he had looked into them and that they were unfounded. that he says another point, we realized from the beginning it was all bs, maggie. i mean, certainly an interesting take, interesting to go inside those final days. but it seems a little bit different from what we had learned prior to this. >> i have a slightly different take on this. jonathan swann reported on this meeting that jon karl reports about. we know there was this exchange. people arguing that barr is doing cleanup and i think you may hear from some momentarily but i think hearing the former attorney general on the record saying this is important, especially at a moment when former president trump is still pushing these false claims of election fraud. i do think having voices like
3:19 am
bill barr saying this is not true. this is bs, however he put it, does actually matter and i think for the historical record him describing the isis important and legitimate to raise questions about what he was saying publicly before that. but i still think that having him on the record in this interview is significant. >> go ahead. i see you right next to maggie. >> i going to start by agreeing with bill barr that the election fraud story is is ot other bs. i don't give credit to a person who fanned the flames who started to light this fire and then months later, you know, poured a lukewarm cup of water on it. it's too late. he helped to do the damage because the reality is and this is not in the article. bill barr lied to the public over and over about the threat of election fraud in the crucial months when the big lie was
3:20 am
taking hold and he said it to cnn and congress and it was simply not true. so, he bears responsibility for starting the big lie. >> so, i do want to play one of those moments when he did and speaking with our own wolf blitzer in september talking about that. let's just play that moment. >> elections that have been held have found substantial fraud and coercion. >> as far as widespread fraud, we haven't seen that since -- >> we haven't had the kind of widespread use of mail-in ballotsing a bees proposed. >> you were worried that a foreign country could send thousands of fake ballots. thousands of fake ballots to people and it could be impossible to detect. what are you basing that on? >> as i said before, i'm basing that on logic. >> pardon. >> logic. >> the issue at the time this was being based on logic which didn't seem to mean a whole heck of a lot and not based on facts and evidence. >> an interesting clip in part because of the use of foreign ballots which became the basis
3:21 am
for this theory that mark meadows, the white house chief of staff was pushing doj after barr had left to look at. so, i think this goes to his point about what he said previously. i still think it's important to have this out there. that he is pushing back on what trump is doing now. but, again, legitimate reasons to go back and look at what barr said and look at whether there is any kind of responsibility that he had in terms of pushing this idea that voters couldn't trust the election which is what led up for months up to november 3rd. >> it's a perfect example because that interview was in september. two months before the election. in another point that i interview we doj indicted a case involving 1,700 fraudulent ballots in texas. you know what doj had to do the next day, issue a correction because it was not 1,700 fraudulent ballots it was one. >> we are also learning about
3:22 am
his interactions with mitch mcconnell, right, and what was happening behind the scenes. as you said, maggie, we're really looking at especially in the months since, since the election, it's the public versus the private in terms of all of these comments. so in terms of the exchanges with mitch mcconnell and karl writes, barr was pushed to tell -- no, pardon me, i'm misquoting that one. that was the former president weighing in. what this gets at is mitch mcconnell begging bill barr at one point to push back on trump's fraud and to do it because they're concerned about what's happening in georgia, right. with the senate race in georgia. that is fascinating because bill barr says when it's appropriate at the appropriate time, then i'll come out and say something. >> i have similar reporting. mcconnell and barr were working in tandem for a while.
3:23 am
mcconnell was very worried about the two georgia runups for good reason and he was worried about the impact trump was saying would have on those seats. critics would point to the fact that mcconnell could have spoken out and also said something before december 14th and made the case that the former president was pushing at the time was just simply not true. mcconnell saw that as potentially dangerous to his own caucus and i think you saw him make decisions that way accordingly. i think that's typically how mitch mcconnell led his caucus and it's not surprise but it is interesting to look at what alliance government officials were going on and what strategic decisions they were making about who could be effective being forward leaning with the former president. remember, mcconnell and trump were barely speaking at that point. >> also fascinating, too, and real quickly because we have another topic, elie. he had told jonathan karl one reason he was doing this interview is he felt he was painted as politicizing the doj.
3:24 am
if you say you're going to speak out when it's convenient and appropriate for one party, i mean -- >> how does bill barr think this is good for him. that's the opposite of what any attorney general should do. you don't make decisions and base your timing on what's going to help the republicans or either party win a senate race in georgia. that's polit osizing doj. >> lawyers for the trump organization are expected to meet today with prosecutors and the goal here is to try to convince them not to pursue charges. how is this landing? i mean, have you had any reaction to that from folks in the trump camp at this point? >> not landing well, to put it mildly. i mean, look, there's a lot of concern in and around the trump organization about this indictment. about whether there could be future indictments. i do think, i have no idea what is going to be in this indictment. none of us does. i think it's really important to see what is actually there.
3:25 am
a lot of reactions that are getting ahead of the actual facts. that includes on the trump side. they are extremely, extremely concerned about this. donald trump has spent decades trying to avoid prosecution in one form or another and he could still. this could be very harmful to his company depending on what comes forward. >> that's what we're watching for. you get 15 seconds. >> if they indict the trump organization, it is a big deal. as maggie said, could spell the end of the trump org. nobody goes to jail on a corporate indictment. >> elie, maggie, good to see you both. president biden ordering a new round of air strikes. we'll bring you all those breaking details. coming up, we are live on the ground near the scene of that florida building collapse. we'll speak with a local fire marshal about the desperate effort to find survivors.
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i'm john berman live in surfside, florida. the sun has just broken through after a vicious downpour we just had here. which is just one of the challenges facing the search and rescue crews who have been working around the clock for five days since the collapse of the champlain towers south. the hope for finding survivors fades with each passing hour. nine people are confirmed dead. 152 people still unaccounted for. joining me now is the florida state fire marshal jimmy patronis. thanks for being with us. one of the developments over the last 24 hours is this trench that has been able to be dug through the work site. what does that provide the crews
3:31 am
there? >> it does like a fire break. it will break, since the trench is in place, the fires have been really nullified, but it gives the men and women an ability to work and to get underneath some of the rubble through a different perspective. the trench is essentially in between the collapse between the two buildings that failed. >> and you were just telling me, they're pulling out enormous pieces of concrete. >> one of the pieces they were able to pull out because of the trench weighed about 12,000 pounds. once they pulled it out the back side, this 12,000 pound piece was all scorched, that is where the fire was underneath. as they have been able to remove some of these they were able to get some of the fuel out the system and with the fuel going away, the fires are minimized and the work is more efficient. >> the mayor here said we don't have a resource problem, we have a luck problem. on the issues of resources, i have been down here covering hurricanes and disasters. i have never seen so many peep
3:32 am
on a scene before. >> this is the largest, the largest effort we ever had in the history of state of florida that has not been a hurricane. i was sitting over here. they're camped out, there's an encampment in this park and i was sitting with task force four yesterday and some of this is new to me. i asked them, what do you think about, this is something i was thinking. can you imagine how therapeutic it would be for everybody here to pull somebody out. you see the look over everybody's face. that's what motivates these guys because the one is all it takes. >> their job is to save lives. that's what they do. that's their food and nourishment. >> it really is. >> that's why they're there working so hard. it is still a search and rescue operation not a recovery operation. what would that change mean? i'm not asking you when they will make it or what they're basing on it, but what does it mean once it's a recovery
3:33 am
effort? >> they're continuing to do the rescue effort, recovery is not part of their dialogue. it's not part of their mission. and, you know, yesterday i spent about an hour just studying, watching them work and there's pockets and as they, what they'll do is bore holes from holes they'll put cameras and bring dogs, if the dogs find something that makes sense, then it comes to dig out a bigger hole and put the dog in and then the dog's reaction triggers where they go next. >> let me ask you one thing that we learned over the last day there was this 2018 engineering report. and the people in the condo building, you know, to an extent knew there were cracks and repairs that need to be made. how concerned are you that maybe warning signs weren't heeded and how concerned are you about the safety of the other buildings in this area? >> so, it will be unfortunate once everything is all said and done if there were those warning signs that could have prevented this.
3:34 am
but all i know is debating the engineering report right now is not going to save lives as much as me putting 100% of my energy and effort to support these men and women. it will be a great tragedy if they find this could have all been avoided and those families, what they're experiencing right now is so raw. it's not supposed to go through life feeling these types of pain. >> i get your focus very much on the present. but there is a present for the people in buildings nearby. what are you doing to reassure the people who live, again, you know, condo buildings for hundreds of miles around the florida coast. >> i do appreciate cava raled out an immediate inspection of all buildings over that 40-ye4 40-year-old threshold. how many times do you get to do an understanding or a survey of a failed building versus its twin when you have one that had failure and one that doesn't. some of that is taking place right now as we speak.
3:35 am
building inspectors are studying the structure of the good building to have a better understanding of why the other building failed. >> we appreciate all the work you've done. we appreciate all the communication you've given us. let your crews and let everyone know that we're behind them and that people appreciate the work you're doing. >> what you're doing right now is their wives and their kids are on tv and want to know what's up with their spouses and you're putting a reality that good is being done and i appreciate you, you know, keeping people's hope up. >> they're trying. they're trying so hard. thank you, sir, i appreciate it. the community here, as you can see, the entire community surfside and miami-dade and florida, the country rallying together as desperate families wait for answers. i'm going to speak with a local rabbi, coming up. new analysis shows all recent coronavirus death in the u.s. are among unvaccinated americans. the details are next.
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breaking overnight. president biden ordering air
3:40 am
strikes against facilities used by iran-backed militia groups on the iran/syria border. we are learning the strikes have already turned deadly. a a arwa, good morning. >> these militias being targeted are iraqi and targets were inside syria and iraq. now one of these iranian-backed militia groups put out a statement saying some of its own members were, in fact, killed in these strikes vowing revenge and that america would be seeing death itself. of course, it's hardly the first time that iraq has found itself as the proxy battlefields between iran and the united states. there have been repeated, various different types of attacks against u.s. military, u.s. personnel, u.s. installations inside iraq.
3:41 am
this has been going on for years now. but what we have been seeing as of late is that a number of these strikes are being carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles. in other words, drones. to that effect, there was actually in mid june a propaganda video that was put on one of the telegram channels that is linked to these iranian-backed militias that showed quite the display of the type of technology that these militias have at their disposal. now, the iranian spokesperson for the foreign ministry has called this u.s. strike destabilizing. iraq has called it a violation of its sovereignty. and iraq really is unable to at this stage extract itself from the ongoing tensions between the united states and iran. and many would actually argue until the u.s. and iran can sort
3:42 am
out their differences in a productive manner, iraq is always going to end up caught in between these two powers. and iraq's instability, that is not something that this region can afford. >> that's for sure. arwa, thank you. meantime here in the u.s., concern is growing for unvaccinated americans. the delta variant continues to spread. as of this morning, 46% of the population is fully vaccinated. dr. anthony fauci stressing all nearly coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations right now are among the unvaccinated. elizabeth cohen joining us now with the very latest. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning, erica. when we look at the deaths and we look at the hospitalizations in this country what we heard from dr. fauci and others is they are almost all in unvaccinated people. for example, if you look at los angeles county data. like 99% of hospitalizations and death have been among
3:43 am
unvaccinated people. the only conclusion you can draw from that, get yourself vaccinated. if you want to get your children vaccinated, ages 12 and up, we have been looking at a calendar andic l looking at data and itsr not the fourth of july weekend and you have to start now, really this week, in some parts of the country. that's because in some parts of the country they start school quite early, for example. in atlanta, georgia, august 5th. let's take a look at a calendar and this will sort of lay it all out there. so, july 1st is this week. august 5th is the first day of school for places like atlanta and other places across the country. so, that means you need to be getting your first shot on july 1st. your second shot on july 2nd in order for your child to be fully vaccinated by the start of school. we have a little more time if your school system doesn't start on august 5th. but really not much more.
3:44 am
if you want your 12 to 15-year-old vaccinated in time, you need to get going. erica, i want to show you what the vaccination rates look like and i have to say it's not a pretty picture. 12 to 15 started like gangbusters in may when the cdc gave the green light to do it and then reports about a link to myocar died myocarditis and the vaccinations and those numbered plummeted and never really recovered. what we know about myocarditing an inflammation of the heart. extraordinarily rare and sometimes it does happen to young people. but, again, very, very rare. usually very, very mild. and the kids recover quickly. the covid itself is way more of a risk to your adolescents than this vaccine. this vaccine could change your child's life. erica. >> your risk of not having the vaccine far greater as we learned. elizabeth, thank you. new details just in on the florida condo collapse.
3:45 am
engineers now saying where the possible breaking point was located. plus, new details about a so-called qanon who took part in the capital siege. why he's now preparing to take a competency exam.
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when asthma symptoms strike, airways narrow. and there's less breathing room. primatene mist opens airways quickly. get the #1 fda approved over-the-counter asthma inhaler. i'm john berman live in surfside, florida. behind me not far is the work site where rescue teams are still digging through the rubble looking for possible survivors, holding out hope even five days after the collapse at champlain towers south. you have snow birds, people from south america, a large jewish community here in this neighborhood. two people still unaccounted for in the surfside building collapse are congrugnts of
3:50 am
temple emmanuel. two cong rugent and that doesn't cover it because everybody knows someone or has a friend or relative who has been affected. i am joined by mark felipe. two unaccounted for but that just scratches the surface. do you have any news? >> we don't have any news, unfortunately. a great sense of hopelessness and people are still waiting and ho hoping. >> you said that services this weekend were extraordinary. why? >> well, there was a great heavy cloud in the sanctuary this weekend because everybody that came, like you mentioned, either knows someone that has a very close friend or a relative and is still waiting for news. so, when you have this sense of hopelessness, you need to, you need to feel that you are actually doing something. so, we had a special prayer
3:51 am
service, especially for that. so know spiritually they're participating also. >> so much of the jewish faith is about hope in the face of extraordinary adversity. but how do you hope? how do you talk about hope with the people in your congregation five days later when they have seen no signs of life? >> this is a very good question. you need to always instill the sense of hope in the people. the national anthem of the state of israel, the homeland, is actually the hope. you always have to hope. this is the basis of faith and the divine and the creator that there is, there is a purpose for everything even when you don't see it and as long as you don't know for real, for sure, there is always hope. >> what are your congregants
3:52 am
asking you? >> they are asking how to help. when you're in this situation, you need to feel you're doing something physically, not only spiritually, but physically. what can we do? the moment you find out what happened we set up a task force and people responded immediately with an outpouring of help of g goods, of financial help. we know, for example, the greater miami jewish federation is collecting funds and 100% of these funds go where the help is needed. >> any anger, any frustration? if so, at what or at whom? >> there is, there is despair, anguish, anger. these are all the feelings that you have when you experience such a situation. when you know when you think that your close friend or relative has passed, then you
3:53 am
have all these emotions coming to you and where the blame is, it depends on who the person is. either the management of the building or sometimes they blame god. sometimes they don't know who to blame. so, this is where the feeling of hopelessness is and this is where the congregation is there to be there. you need to listen with your soul. >> listen with your soul. i know you're going to go meet with people who have been working there, including maybe even the israeli team that is now there in this rubble. rabbi marc phillippe, thank you for joining us this morning. appreciate the work you're doing. coming up, i'll speak with a teenager who not only witnessed the collapse out her window, but is best friends with the teen who was pulled from the rubble alive. plus, a massive pileup at the tour de france and a fan is to blame. we have those details ahead in
3:54 am
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the bucks rallied. >> good morning, erica. things were looking great for the hawks early in game three last night. up by 15 in the first quarter but bad news struck for them in the third. trey young stepping on an official's foot injuring his right ankle. trey was able to stay in the game but just wasn't himself the rest of the way. finished with 35 points. middleton taking this game over in the fourth. middleton had 20 in the quarter outscoring the hawks by himself. bucks win game three, 113-102. french authorities, meanwhile, are searching for the woman who caused a massive crash in tour de france on saturday. the woman held out a giant sign for tv and one of the riders collided with it and crashing into and others crashed into
3:59 am
him. one rider injured in the crash withdrew from the race. serena williams will not be adding to her total this year. she said she's opting out of the tokyo games. he will look to win a record tying 24th major and eighth woimbledon title tomorrow. biles looking to add to the five medals she won in rio. in the meantime, sydney mclaughlin breaking the record in the 400 meter hurdles to qualify for her second olympic game. the first woman ever to break the 52-second barrier in the race. topping the previous record of 52.16. mohammad finished in second. both of those women will be the favorites to medal in tokyo. all right, "new day" continues right now.
4:00 am
welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, june 28th. i'm john berman in surfside, florida. erica hill with me in new york this morning. frustration, desperation growing by the hour as the painstaking search for survivors in the rubble of a condo building collapse stretches now into its fifth day. at least nine people are now known dead. 152 people still unaccounted for. 152. on sunday buses brought families of missing to the site where they could view the pile and see the rescuers at work. and we're now learning about the building's past and the concerns, concerns that existed for years about some major structural issues. an engineering report from 2018 details significant cracks and breaks in the concrete. new reporting focuses on the base of the 13-story condo tower. engineers have told "the n


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