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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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welcome to a busy news room. top of the hour. >> listen, the hope of landing on a universally accepted set of facts over what led to the deadly capitol insurrection was diminished earlier but today it's out the window. house minority leader kevin mccarthy has pulled all five and says republicans will conduct their own investigation into the attack. that came came moments after speaker pelosi rejected jim jordan and jim banks. >> speaker pelosi has denied the minority picks for the select committee on january 6th. this represents something that has not happened in the house before for a select committee. it's an egregious abuse of
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power. pelosi has broken this institution. >> as you said a busy day in news room. it all happened so quickly. walk us through how we got here. >> reporter: well, it really started in the aftermath of the refusal of the senate republicans to allow an outside bipartisan commission to move forward. they blocked that in the senate. there were not ten republicans because of concerns they viewed that that outside commission would have been evenly divided by ten people selected by both sides. not only members of congress to investigate what happened. they said that was too slanted. nancy pelosi took matters in her own hands and said we need to have an investigation into what happened here. she created the select me in the house. eight democrat apoin tees, five republican appointees. it allowed her the ability to veto any picks by the republican leader and what we saw today was her vetoing two of those picks.
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it was an unprecedented move. the statements of jordan and banks over the election and they made about this investigation going forward questioning legitimacy of an investigation right now. those two among the staunches trump defenders. i did ask the speaker about her concerns that republicans would pull out of this i vnvestigatio. she made clear they are moving ahead. >> we have a bipartisan quorum, we can proceed. >> ha was it about jordan and banks? >> that was not the criteria as i told you yesterday. >> what was the criteria? >> read my statement. >> reporter: this reason why she says there's a bipartisan quorum is the selection of liz cheney. that was one of her eight picks. the republican from wyoming
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because she challenged donald trump, criticized donald trump after voting to impeach him questioning his efforts to say the election was stolen. those fights with donald trump lost her that spot. one position on the select committee. in a matter of moments, chaney is expected to talk to us but she made clear to our colleague on the run up to this, she did not believe that republicans who questioned the legitimacy of the election should be allowed on this committee. i expect her to support what pelosi did. she will address reporters in matter of minutes and explain how she views this decision but regardless of the move, the investigation is moving ahead and republicans are already painting this as political. guys. >> dogged reporter with the patience of job. thank you very much for that. >> with us now cnn political director david and former
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republican congressman charlie dent. charlie, i want to start with you. i know that you do not think that speaker pelosi should have pulled these two jordan and banks from the committee. let me just push back on that a little bit. they had already this week on monday begun denigrating the work of the committee that they were supposed to be serving on. they already started saying things like make no mistake, nancy made this committee to justify the left agenda. they didn't take their mission seriously. why shouldn't she have pulled them? >> she's setting such a pres dent. i question the motivation of the two she pulled as well. they really weren't per -- it wasn't really for her to make those collections. she made it too easy for kevin to say this will be a partisan endevour and he pulled his other
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three. if i'm nancy pelosi, i'm calling adam kinsinger and other members who would take a very serious approach to this select committee. the country is so sadly divided ac and it's reflected in the political leadership. she should move forward with liz and if she can get some of these other republicans who will take this seriously, put them on and move forward. i don't think she should have pulled and i don't think kevin should have pulled either. >> david, as alison pointed out, the republicans have already been criticiziing the committee. we know this was something they were going to do. speaker pelosi ease move today made that case far easier to make to voters. >> yeah, i think what voters will see here is this is sort of the broken politics of washington. when the republicans prevented,
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in the senate, an independent, nonpartisan commission that would have been authorized by congress but would have been doing its work sort of above and beyond the political halls of congress, from that moment on, this thing was going to become very political. obviously, nancy pelosi appointing liz was trying to keep that sense of bipartisan that she would be able to sell this as an agreed upon set of facts at the end of the day. what became crystal clear is that kevin mccarthy made his appointees including some real bomb throwers that would add to the circus environment and now nancy pelosi taking this move and rejecting them is now also sort of confirming that this is broken down into complete partisan politics. the losers will be the american people because we're not going
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to get that agreed upon set of facts for the purpose. we have to remember this. this is all for the purpose of getting an authoritative accounting of what led up to that attack, what occurred on that day so that it can never happen again. the american people are going to lose out on that kind of opportunity now. >> with jordan and banks on there, were we going to get a set of facts when they will bring up black lives matter when is point is what happened on january 6th and what president trump's role in it. wasn't it going to devolve into a circus? >> yes. that's what i was saying. from the moment the nonpartisan commission was scuttled, this was going to sort of fit into the kabuki theater of
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washington, d.c. in its current state of politics. yes, mccarthy when he appointed the likes of jim jordan was saying this is going to be a circus atmosphere. i'm going to have this full throated defender who will not be about trying to get authoritative set of facts but just defend president trump's position on things related to january 6th. now nancy pelosi by taking in move and saying, they have no business being on this. i have the authority to do this, but it is unprecedented and she's giving an opening politically to kevin mccarthy to make this point that it is solidified in these partisan. >> david, we need to interrupt you. congresswoman liz cheney is speaking. >> the worth attack on this capitol since 1814. it was an attack on our constitution. we supported what would have been the best option which was a
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bipartisan, independent commission. the minority leader opposed that. he lobbied against it in the senate and the senate blocked it. the american people deserve to know what happened. the people who did this must be held accountable. there must be an investigation that is nonpartisan, that is sober. that is serious that gets to facts where ever they may lead. at every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened to block this investigation. today the speaker objected to two republican members. she accepted three others. she rejected two. one who may be a material witness to events that lead to that day, that led to january 6th. the other who disqualified himself by his comments over the last 24 hours demonstrating he is not taking this seriously. he's not dealing with the fact
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offen of this investigation but viewed it as a political platform. this investigation must go forward. the idea that anybody would be playing politics with an attack on the united states capitol is despicable and disgraceful. i'm absolutely dedicated and committed to making sure this investigation holds those accountable who did this and ensures that it never happens again. the american people deserve that and that is what we're going to do. >> do you think you can get that nonpartisan investigation you want given no other republican but yourself will participate? >> i'm confident we will have a nonpartisan i vest gags. it will look at the fact and go where ever the facts may lead. there are three members that minority leader that proposed that the speaker did not object to. she's objected to two members and the rhetoric around this from the minority leader and from those two members has opinion disgraceful. this must be an investigation that is focused op facts.
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the idea any of this has become politicized is really unworthy of the office that we all hold and unworthy of our republic. >> do you personally urge the speaker to take this step? >> i agree with what the speaker has done. >> also, mccarthy wants to become speaker next year. do you think he deserves to be speaker in the aftermath of his actions here in. >> i think that any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the constitution and a commitment to the rule of law and minority leader mccarthy has not done that. >> are there other republicans that you or speaker pelosi should believe should be part of this investigation? the other three will not participate. are there other colleagues you have spoken to? >> there are many republicans. the vast majority of the republicans both in the house as well as across the country recognize and understand this was an assault on our democracy,
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assault on our constitution and must be a fact base d investigation so this never happens again. we cannot allow those voice who is are attempting to prevent the american people from getting the truth to per varevail and we wi not. >> the republican messages that this committee was going to be part san from the beginning? >> absolutely not. in committee has been focussed and i am focused on ensuring we get to facts. in fact, there were 35 republicans who supported an ins independent, bipartisan commission which would have been the far preferable way to go. minority leader mccarthy posed that actively and aggressively in the senate and the senate blocked it. this is our only option left. people must be willing to put their oath to the constitution above partisan politics and above party. i am committed to doing that. i'm committed to ensuring this investigation gets to the truth
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of what happened here on january 6th. >> thank, efb. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> all right. we just listened to the single republican member of this select committee to investigate 1/6. she's talking again. let's go back. all right. we thought we were going to hear a little bit more. >> she was walking, not talking. >> let's bring back david and congressman dent. david, to your point, you were saying this was going to be a circus after the commission was voted down in the senate. congresswoman says they will get to the nonpartisan, sober serious investigation. hearing that, does that give you anymore confidence that they will? s >> well, i know that's their goal, their mission. i have no doubt that
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congresswoman cheney has faith that will be able to do that. what i think today's moves have done is ensure it's going to -- kevin mccarthy will frame everything this committee is doing in a purely partisan way. we'll have to see where the american people land on this. can we take a moment and, again, sort of step back and see how extraordinary it is to see liz cheney, the former number three in the house leadership just take on kevin mccarthy. she took on the minority leader in ways that nancy pelosi doesn't always do. she was really out there defending the speaker's decision for what she did and calling into question mccarthy's commitment to the constitution and to democracy and said he's not qualified to be speaker. this was just a couple months ago her partner in leadership. it was just yet again an extraordinary moment to see liz cheney standing all by herself, obviously, in this moment in
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time as the only republican that is a part of this committee right now. >> how about that, congress that? >> yeah, she tore the bark off the minority leader. there's an opportunity here. there can be a serious sober investigation just as liz said. nancy pelosi should be calling adam kinsinger, fred upton, dan n newhouse who would offer a real bipartisan i vnvestigation. >> at least so strategic, speaker pelosi. don't you think she might have already done that before she rejected the two. >> i bet it is in the works. the challenge for the speaker is will any of these republicans serve on that committee. i suspect they will be under tremendous pressure from their leadership not to serve.
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>> charlie, john has already said he would not serve. only adam is the only other republican who has said he will willing to serve on this committee. >> that was then. this is now. we're in a little different place. i agree. they all made statements. we're in a different place now. why not reach out to them. who says all of them will republican for re-election. politically, it's not in their best interest to serve on this committee for their primaries. it's not a good thing. who knows what their future plans are. i think she might be able to make some lemonade out of this if she's smart about it. >> we shall see. there's breaking news every minute on this fropnt. thanks so much. >> thank you. cnn exclusive presidential town hall airs tonight live at 8:00 p.m. with don lemon. the first test of a
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. researchers have found some evidence that people who got the johnson & johnson -- johnson & johnson may need to roll out a booster shot to protect against the new coronavirus variants. >> a former concern general says the cdc needs to make change in is for dr. jerome adams. given the rapid increase in covid cases, the cdc urgently needs to revise its guidance to vaccinate and mask in places where cases are rising yet vaccination rates remain low. cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with us now. let's start with this johnson & johnson study and what we need know. >> i want to start off by it's a live study and hardly defin titdefintive. the delta variant might evade the one dose of johnson that people are getting and people might benefit from getting an additional dose of pfizer or
12:24 pm
moderna. there's another study that contradicts this. the bottom line is if you got johnson & johnson and you're wondering about what to do, talk to your doctor. you can go out and get a third shot. i don't think anyone is going to stop you and to be clear, studies have found that pfizer and moderna that two doses clearly give a strong and broad immune response to the delta vari variant. this is a question really for people who got johnson & johnson. >> what about the former surgeon general talk about maybe having to revisit mask guidance. that is so disappointing for the doubly vaccinated. the unvaccinated are now ruining our freedom. >> that's right. people who aren't getting v vaccinated say this is my freedom and you're really killing other people. you might want to rethink this whole freedom bit. it's gotten to the point where they are saying that people, especially those who live in
12:25 pm
places where there's a lot of covid transmission going on, even if you're fully vaccinated might want to start wearing mask and the cdc says that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks and they are holding to that. let's take a look. you read a quote from his washington post piece. he said instead of vax it or mask it, the cdc should be advising to vax it and mask it in places with high positivity. this is a transmission map. the red areas are seeing high transmission. that's a lot. that's a big chunk of the country. it's about 24%. in early june, it was only about 2%. you can see how things have changed. that's a lot of areas with high transmission. the bottom line is we'll each have to make a decision for ourselves base tds on our particular situations and the situations of the people who we
12:26 pm
spend time with. wearing a mask is not a big deal and some people might choose to wear one even though they are vaccinated. >> elizabeth, thank you for all the information. senators are voting on the much discussed bipartisan infrastructure package. this procedural vote is almost certain to fail. majority leader schumer is pushing for the detail vils hav been announced. what does that mean for this vote? what is going to happen? >> reporter: we expect this vote will fail. it's that simple. what happens next is really the most important piece of this discussion because this bipartisan group has been working furiously behind the scenes for the last several days try to meet or get close to meeting that deadline that schumer set for them. there's a few things happening here. what you know is that schumer wanted to move this group along.
12:27 pm
they announced a deal last month. they needed to get things moving because the august recess is around the corner. schumer set this vote in motion. republicans have been arguing all along. if they didn't have final legislative text, how could they agree to vote to move forward on a bill they argue didn't exist. what we expect to happen is after this vote, senator mark warner who is a top democrat in the committee told me this bipartisan group will have a statement. we expect the statement will underscore the fact that the bipartisan group is still very committed to their work and they want to keep moving forward. the expectation and hope is they can get legislative text by this weekend or early next week and we also know that democratic leaders may be willing to bring this back up for another vote when their ready. the vote today was always about trying to get these lawmakers to move forward because it started to feel like things were dragging and that's a problem when you also consider the fact that democrats have that $3.5
12:28 pm
trillion budget package they need to try to pass before the august recess. >> thank you. the head of the world health organization officially showing his support for the olympic games today. some health officials are warning a covid free bubble to protect the athletes has already been popped. president joe biden will face questions from americans who voted for him and those who did not. we'll take a look at the most pressing issues president biden needs to address tonight at cnn's exclusive town hall.
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many people have expressed hope that the full authorization of the coronavirus vaccines by the fda could reduce people's hesi hesitancy. what's the hold up? when will that happen? 186 million americans have gotten a covid vaccination with very few cases of any issues. why isn't there full fda approval and is there a way to fast track it?
12:34 pm
>> based on the analysis the fda has done so far, there's three vak si neighs and they are very safe and very effective. that conclusion is not going to change as a result of the full approval of a vaccine. the full approval is for making this vaccine available not just in the public health emergency but for all time. hopefully one of these days we get to a point where we got covid under more control. it's in the background. it's something we need to make sure we have immunity against. the fda wants to be sure the vaccine is safe and effective for long times and requires a lot longer term data. studies how long the vaccine can last in storage on the shelf. it's a lot of long term issues.
12:35 pm
it's not going to effect the short term use of the vaccine but very important for making sure this is going to be there and something we can count on for the long term. i hear you. i have done panels for vaccine l he has tants people and they said they won't feel comfortable until there's approval. >> we do make sure people know when they get the vaccine they know it's an emergency use. that's not the same thing as an kp experimental use. the experiments have already been done. if fda rushes this, you will undermine the confidence that people say they want. fda accepted the information from the companies as quickly as the companies can produce it. they said they will review all
12:36 pm
of that data as fast as possible and i think this is going to happen over the next couple of months. we're not talk about months and months. we're talking about an fda that's working as quickly as possible without lowering the fuel approval standards. >> from your experience, you think that by september, somewhere in september we could have this? >> i think that would be really helpful. the fda is very cognizant of everything that's going on around them. they say this rise in cases. the remaining people uncertain about getting the vaccines. the companies that are thinking about moving more of a requirement for using the vaccine once it's fully app approved. they are working as fast as they can. i'd say it's probably an every day, every night effort. >> in march, you wrote a letter with five other former fda commissioners to urge president biden to name an fda commissioner instead of just an acting commissioner, which we
12:37 pm
have right now. what's the hold up on that and do you think that would help fast track it in. >> i'm not sure it could speed up the process more but it's important for fda to have a confirmed commissioner. i think she's doing a really good job and the leaders working very hard. what a confirmed commissioner gets you is somebody who has been able to work more with congress. able to work on the long term steps. the strategic steps if r thing a si -- for the agency and we need to do that. so many new drugs and new types of technologies that fda has to work with, food safety, tobacco. we really need a confirmed commissioner as soon as possible. i hope the administration will nominate one soon. >> commissioner, while i have
12:38 pm
you, i want to get your take on what's happened in the past 48 hours. we've heard from a bunch of conservatives, some in congress, some in conservative media who had expressed vaccine skepticism who now seem to have had change of heart. they are publicly. i'm talking about congressman steve scalise, sean hannity, senator mitch mcconnell coming out and endorsing getting the vaccine. what do you think that's about? >> i think they are seeing some of the same trends that you've just been talking about where especially in areas of the country where vaccination rates are low and there are pockets of low vak siccination rates everywhere. los angeles. not just red states. people are seeing that the vaccines can make a difference. this is now an epidemic of people who have not been vaccinated. if you've been vaccinated, you
12:39 pm
may have a chance of small chance of an infection if there's a big spread going on but you're very unlikely to have serious consequences from that. it's becoming very clear just how safe and effective the vaccines are when we need them. i hope we'll see more public officials making those kinds of statements. >> i want to be clear. i don't know if senator mitch mcconnell expressed skepticism but just this week he's saying if anybody is willing to listen, get vaccinated. that's a much bigger push than we heard before. mark, thank you very much. really appreciate getting your take on all of this. we'll hope by september there's that full authorization. >> good to be with you. >> you too. the olympic games have begun. more athletes are being forced to drop out after testing positive for covid. we'll talk about their safety, next. machine plap
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. the tokyo olympics are happening as japan sees its highest cases since january. at least 79 olympic athletes have tested four including four americans. the latest u.s. case is an american beach volleyball p player. you say what the ioc is doing, testing and temperature checking and masking, the attempt of the bubble is not enough. what should be part of this plan that is not? >> unfortunately, the ioc
12:45 pm
approach banked on vaccines. it failed part of the science that would mitigate or stop the spread. what it means is very important but not the be all and end all. they're not full proof. not every one can be vaccinated. there's a lot of teenager and child athletes who can't be. further more, what the ioc did was ignore the rest of the science and it failed to invest in measures like state of the art ventilation and air cleaning that would actual ly control an stop spread. you have to anticipate that covid might be there, which it is. instead of taking that approach, they invest in hygiene.
12:46 pm
hand washing is great. it's no protection against covid. >> what would happen now? >> exactly. that's a good question. a number of athletes are disqualifiied despite taking recautions. the athletes have to bear if mind since the more thanes the ioc advised aren't protecting them, what can they do. we still know the safest place is outdoors. stay outdoors where ever possible. make sure you have a mask that is effective as possible. n-95 masks are more effective. wear it in high risk places. >> let me ask you something about there's an element you're
12:47 pm
concerned about that i've not really considered but after hearing your concern or reading about it, i'm now concerned about it too. it's not so much about the spread of the virus and the variants that exist. it's that when you bring thousands of people together from hundreds of countries, more than 200 countries represented, there could be now the birth of new variants. explain that. what would happen here? >> that's a very real risk. we have seen it with the other variants. they are smart. when they get together, they can reproduce and mutate. they select from each other that confer the advantage. they all shared the same mutations that would make them more transmissable. now we have delta and india says we have delta plus. every likelihood that variants
12:48 pm
will mix and match. then they will be taken home to unvaccinated and unprotected populations. >> i want you to listen to what the director general of the world health organization says in is just, to give the context, the person who is overseeing the global conversation of how to mitt dpat this virus. this is what he says about the o l olympic games. >> the world needs now more than ever a celebration of hope. the celebrations may be more muted this year but the message of hope is all the more important. >> he says we need this as a message of hope. what do you think about those comments? >> i agree. we do need it as a message of hope. we want to see it going forward safely. the ioc is more concerned with its pockets and profits. the athletes are being treated as collateral.
12:49 pm
we are seeing them pay the price as they are disqualified and the games move forward, we're likely to see more and more athletes disqualified with their own personal tragedies despite which could have been prevented to large extent had the ioc done the right thing. we all get olympics is so important as a movable spirit. it's a marketable one. the ioc has based the strategy on marking and trying to do it on the cheap. that harms the rest of us. >> all right. thank you so much. i'm following your statements and your reactions to what's happening there on twitter. some really fascinating perspectives. thank so much for being with us. >> pleasure. he's six months sinto his presidency. joe biden joins cnn for an exclusive town hall. covid, inflation, police reform, voting rights and more. these are all questions we expect him to get. more on that, next.
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let's go back to capitol hill now. our lauren fox is watching this
12:55 pm
vote on the infrastructure bill. what's happening? >> reporter: this vote has just failed. so democrats failing to get those 60 votes needed to advance it. and at the end of this vote if you were watching closely, chuck schumer, the majority leader, changed his vote from a yes to a no. that is just a tactic so that it allows him to bring this up at a later date without going to go ahead and go through the procedural hurdles that he would normally have to go to, to bring a bill to the floor. and what that indicates here, and democratic leadership has made it hoo clear that this is their plan, is that schumer can bring this up again. and the reason he might want to do that is because the bipartisan group is getting a lot closer to a final deal, or at least that's what the bipartisan group of members is telling cnn. they feel like in a couple of days they might actually be ready to go forward with the vote, and that the 11 republicans who have been working on this might be willing to actually advance an infrastructure bipartisan proposal. so schumer wants to give himself
12:56 pm
a little wiggle room here to make sure he can bring this back up. we expect that in just a few minutes, that bipartisan group is it going to have a statement reaffirming their commitment it continuing this work on this bipartisan bill. >> lauren, thank goodness you understand the arcane maneuverings of capitol hill so we don't have to. we appreciate you bringing us the update on that vote. all right. so, tonight, president biden will face tough questions from voters at a cnn town hall in cincinnati. this is six months into his term. and the president, as you know, is juggling several crises. he faces major headwinds for his top legislative priorities. >> some of the issues at hand in upswing in covid cases, fears of inflation, withdrawal from the border withdrawal from afghanistan. senator, let me start with you.
12:57 pm
democrats have every lever of power. we just saw the infrastructure bill, that vote fail, hitting a wall on voting rights, gun safety, policing reform. as a democrat, progressive democrat, are you underwhelmed? >> i think there are some bright lights having $600 billion bipartisan bill being debated in the senate right now is a bright light. now we got to get those things passed. when it comes to voting rights, we must pass the john lewis voting rights act and for the people act. but the president is certainly moving in the right direction. the congress is working very hard. i do see bright lights on the bipartisan bill 600 billion. but we need those investments in our state in ohio and also in the nation. >> governor, how do you think president biden's doing six months in? and what do you think that voters in your state of ohio
12:58 pm
most want to ask him about tonight? >> well, i think first of all, i think it's important that we recognize that the mood and the tone coming from the white house has dramatically improved from where we were. people weren't waking up in the morning saying what the heck did the president tweet out or what did he do or say yesterday. and that's good. and i would with nina on the infrastructure bill. i don't know why they tried to have a vote today. maybe schumer thought he needed to bring it up for some reason. but if we can get an infrastructure bill through. and i've always felt through the beginning of this administration they could get one through because politicians love to cut ribbons and the issue of infrastructure is very important. i hope we're going to get a police reform bill. i know that senator scott's working with a group of democrats. that should be one that could happen. and that one is critically important. senator turner and i worked
12:59 pm
together on community and police reform with some really significant people including john borne who ran public safety in the state of ohio. what i'm concerned about, frankly, is the tax and spend. we spend a lot of money. and inflation, we're now seeing it. they say it's transitory. i'm not so sure. and so the question is can you take a package that costs like 3.5 trillion, the committee for responsible budget now put it at 5 trillion. and can you break it up and can you work with republicans to pass something. if they try to shove it through on reconciliation, i don't think that's smart but we'll have to wait and see. >> senator, with the few seconds we have left, what's the case that the president has to make now as we see the covid numbers going in the wrong direction in ohio and across the country? >> we've got to continue to encourage people to continue to get vaccinated. we are not at herd immunity yet. and we have to get there. so there are countless
1:00 pm
organizations working very hard. and i hope that the president continues to push that. we must get there. quality of life is on the line. >> all right. >> john kasich, nina turner, great to talk to you before this big town hall. cnn exclusive presidential town hall airs tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern with don lemon. "the lead" starts right now with pamela brown in for jake tapper. looks like some capitol riot apologists aren't done rebelling. "the lead" starts right now. i quit. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says he is done with the january 6th committee after speaker pelosi rejects two picks who back the big lie. why some republicans are seeing her move as a gift. we had a shot to end this thing. but now people who didn't get their shots are feeling a major covid comeback, and it's beginning to look a little like 2020 again. and a doctor in the deep


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