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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  August 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy harlow is off this morning. according to the latest data from the cdc, a staggering 99.99% of people who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case, as they're known, resulting in hospitalization or death. 99.99%. we're not rounding that number. bottom line, vaccines are working, they're still work ing and more americans are beginning to take notice. the nation seeing its fifth consecutive day with 700,000 vaccinations were administered. that's been ticking up a bit in the last couple of weeks. for the unvaccinated, frankly, it is a different story. almost a different world. the delta variant is wreaking
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havoc, spreading now like wildfire among the unvaccinated. new cases and hospitalizations fueled by the unvaccinated are spiking in states across the nation. and even though the country is well short of its goal, well over 58% of people 12 years and ol older are vaccinated, dr. anthony fauci says he does not think that the next few months will look like last year. >> i don't think we're going to see lockdowns. we have enough of a percentage of people in the country -- not enough to crush the outbreak, but i believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. but things are going to get wo worse. >> joining us now, elizabeth cohen. you always do a good job of balance ing the numbers.
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we're seeing the delta variant spread in unvaccinated areas. still good news how the vaccine is working. break it down for us. explain it to people at home who might not have seen all the news this weekend. >> jim, that is right. this is almost a case study in how well the vaccine works, because in areas where people are taking the vaccine in really significant numbers, the transmission numbers are lower. let's take a look at the map you called up a bit ago, jim. where is most of thred? most of the red is in the southeast. that is high transmission of covid-19. last week, we were saying that's because their vaccination rates are so low and continue to be low. let's take a look at these numbers. we are seeing some increased vaccination rates in some of the states with the highest amounts of transmission. louisiana was 47th in vaccinations, in new vaccinations previously.
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now, it's first. alabama was 46th in terms of new vaccinations. now it's third. mississippi was 50th. now it's 8th. does that mean that all of a sudden those states have a big manjority that are vaccinated? absolutely not. but now we're seeing enough people have heard the message andnd better what they need to do and are making it happen. we are hoping that that trend continues. now let's take a look at sort of how those numbers work when you look at them nationally. you'll see there's an uptick. jim, you and i have been sitting here for weeks, talking about how new vaccine doses administered has gone down. you can see it is starting to go up. that's just since late july. another graph that i'm happy to show this morning. jim? >> no question. it is good to see that going up again. the question has been looming for some time. the idea will we, the vaccinated, need boosters as the
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virus changes and mutates? that's what it does, right? try to find ways around the body's protection and the vaccine protection. in the uk it's already considered giving out booster shots as soon as next month. what more do we know about there and plans under way already for here. >> israel is lead ing the way o this, already giving out booster shots, which is just a third shot of the first two that you already got. they are already doing that for folks over the age of 60. for weeks they've been giving it to immune compromised people. in a way the united states is kind of behind on this. dr. fauci and others have been very clear. if a booster would be necessary at some point, it feels like, with the way that pfizer is releasing this data, what's happening in the uk and israel, that that point may be relatively soon. let's take a look at what that third dose of vaccine does. so, first of all, the two doses, the two that so many of us have already had, when you look a week, two months or so after
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that second dose, 96% effective. that's great. so within two months, you've got a 96% effective vaccine when you're looking at pfizer. when you look four to six months later it's only 83.7% effective. i feel silly saying only. because 83.7% is an incredible vaccine. we would have celebrated if that was the highest efficacy that we could get 83.7% is great. it does show that it wanes. now let's look at what a third dose can do. pfizer says a third dose people 18 to 55 increases their antibodies to covid-19 more than five times. when you look at it for older people who didn't -- probably didn't have as great a reaction as the first set, it increases their antibodies by more than 11 times. that's terrific. we should all welcome the fact that a third dose will soon be available. it will only help things get better and we won't have such a
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red map. >> you're right. flu vaccines that we take seasonally well below the efficacy rate we're see ing the covid-19 vaccine. >> right. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. >> thanks. back to school, it's happening in some places, about to happen in others. the delta variant sadly surging as the largest school districts head back to class. adults and students regardless of their vaccination status, should wear masks in school. a number of republican governors are pushing back against that guidance, imposing their own mandates to stop mask requirements at the local level, in some cases even denying funding of schools who don't apply. rosa flores is covering schools in the state of florida. let's begin, though, with natasha chen in texas. you have two different approaches to masks.
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what are they doing? >> reporter: jim, there are very different rules depending where students go to school here. a few of the largest districts are starting class today in person. here in dekalb county, public schools, masks are required. in cobb county, they are optional. clayton county is starting class today with masks required but already from that district of more than 52,000 students we're hearing of some challenges on day one. just overnight, clayton county posted a statement on twitter saying that one of the middle schools will have to start class virtually for a few days because of the number of staff in quarantine. that district also announced a few days ago the same situation for one of their high schools. so this is a very challenging situation for all educators to navigate right now. we just heard from the superintendent here in dekalb county public schools surveying more than 90,000 students. she was talking about the decision to require masks for all students and staff here. here is what she said.
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>> we need to know that having our children in the building is the best decision for the majority of our scholars. we know that many of our families were nervous about sending the children back, just in conversations. if we could all ban together for something as small as just us all wearing our masks, to get as many children back into the school building as possible. >> she said something as small as putting on a mask. it may be, but it is not simple for some communities. we did see a protest among parents in nearby gwinnett county friday, not having that want to be a mandate for their students. this is still being debated here, even as students and staff are having to quarantine in some dist districts, jim. >> politics over science, sadly, often. let's turn to rosa flores in ft.
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lauderdale, flcorida. a consistent battle between local officials and the governor on mask mandates. how is that panning out? >> reporter: you know, jim, florida governor ron desantis signed an order on masks on friday. the executive order does not ban masks mandates. what it does do is directs the florida of department of education, florida department of health to issue emergency rules that give parents a choice. now here in robert county where i am, before the governor signed this order, the school district, the school board here had voted on and passed a mask mandate. they defied governor ron de desantis' staunch criticism of the cdc rules and he has been very clear from the get-go he does not want mask mandates in schools. now since governor desantis has signed this executive order, the district here telling us they're sifting through this executive order, trying to figure out if some of those requirements will force them to change their
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decision. now there is a lot of division on masks and whether masks should be worn in the classroom or not. i talked to two parents on the opposite ends of the spectrum. one family that wants masks to be worn in classrooms and another family who would rather have parents decide, parents decide for the children if those children wear masks or not in the classroom. i asked their take on this executive order which in essence allows the governor to big foot school boards. here is what they said. take a listen. >> party of small government, right? it's really disheartening. >> reporter: what was your reaction to that? >> relief. and simply for my children and their well-being. >> reporter: jim, one of the things i learned by spending several hours with these families is that sometimes we forget as americans just how many things we have in common. these two familyies, for exampl,
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that were in opposite ends, they love their children. they want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. jim? >> rosa flores, natasha chen, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss is randi weingarten, president of the american federation of teachers. thank you for joining me this morning. >> i'm holding my mask. >> good for you. it's a big political question, sadly, in this country. science is clear, masks keep you from spreading this disease. for folks at home who want their children to go back to school, regardless of where they stand on masks personally, from your perspective, does requiring masks for students make it more likely that schools open and stay open? >> so i would say this, jim. schools are going to be open. and, you know, last week i think we got thrown a curveball because of the delta variant and
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of the new data that shows in provincetown, massachusetts, that even if you're vaccinated, you can transmit. and i think a lot of people took a deep breath and said oh, my god, what does this mean? the news you show today from a axios and others is that breakthrough cases are still very rare. and if you get breakthrough cases when you're vaccinated, you're not going to get nearly as sick. you're not going to die. schools will be open. they need to be open. we need to make sure that they are safe and healthy. and i am on -- we've launched our $5 million campaign to do back-to-school for all. so let's just be really clear about that. >> that's encouraging. >> the second question -- yeah. >> the thing about masks, right -- >> the second question -- >> not to interrupt, but to your point, the data for the
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vaccinated, they're very safe from hospitalization and death. the reason for masks is that the vaccinated can still spread this, right? >> exactly. >> that's why i imagine you see the benefit of students masking going forward, as the school year opens. >> exactly, exactly. that's why the next question about will they stay open, that's where we worry, because when you have lots of kids, particularly every child under 12 has not been vaccinated. >> yeah. >> we see the delta variant be very transmissible. and so that's why what masks do is masks stop transmission. so universal masking is going to be very helpful to keep kids safe, to keep the unvaccinated safe and keep schools open because you saw it from some of your reporting already that you are already seeing some
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quarantining in places that thought they were going to open today. so school opening is really important. we need kids to be in school. we need everybody to be safe. we need to focus on accelerated learning and we need to focus on the emotional and social well-being of kids. so that's why i am down to where the apa and the cdc recommends, which is as much as i -- i'm as asthmatic. we need to have these to keep our kids in schools. >> our team was telling us 90% vaccination rate. >> yes. >> particularly in communities in places like florida where they're allowing choice in effect. they're allowing parents to decide as opposed to school districts. >> so, i was in florida saturday.
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by the way, saturday, sunday, mopped, i don't remember exactly, they've had the highest level of cases of covid, i think, ever. and so teachers are very scared about this i was with two groups of teachers on saturday, one in vaksenville, one in polk county. again, we're very serious about reopening schools in a safe and open environment for all. all educators want that. but they're scare d that we're not going to be able to keep everybody safe. and they want us to have masking. >> randi weingarten, i know a lot of parents are happy to hear the words you say, that you and teachers are committed to school opening. let's hope that folks can take measures, right, like masking to keep them open. >> exactly. thank you. breaking overnight, simone biles says she will compete on balance beam.
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that's the final gymnastics event of these olympics. we'll be live in tokyo. plus a bipartisan group finalizes the text of that infrastructure bill. a vote could come in a matter of days. so is it finally infrastructure week, or are there still potential hurdles? we'll be on top of t signs look positive. millions of americans at risk of losing their homes after a moratorium on evictions expires. how is the white house responding to pleas from democrats to keep it in place? helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ [♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger d support muscle health. try boost today.
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diblasio is set to announce updated mask guidance for fully vaccinated people as concern grows over the delta variant. jason carroll is following this. tell us what this announcement will include. >> reporter: well, couple of things, jim. the mayor met with health officials over the past few days over the weekend and he has reviewed recommendations from the cdc. given the uptick in cases that the city has seen, the new york mayor expected to strongly encourage people to wear masks indoors but expected to stop short of issuing a mask mandate. that really begs the question, is that going to be enough to change people's behaviors and get more people wearing masks indoors? as you know, last week we saw that federal guidance that came out and advised people who live in high areas of transmission to wear masks. new york city falls into that particular area. in fact, when you look at places
6:22 am
like staten island and certain sections of brooklyn, you see some of the lowest vaccination rates. ag again, this new guidance coming from the mayor is expected to be announced at 10:00 a.m. this morning. the question then being, will it be enough to change minds and change behaviors? jim? >> notable in new york. a recommendation not a mandate. jason carroll, thank you very much. you can be forgiven for grinning when you hear the phrase infrastructure week. this may finally be infrastructure week for this country. last night a bipartisan group of senators finally unveiled the specific legislative text of an infrastructure bill. not just an agreement but the actual text. document more than 2,000 pages that includes major funding for president biden's economic agenda. while that is happening on capitol hill, nearly millions of everyday americans, though, are facing the possibility of eviction. this after a federal moratorium
6:23 am
on evictions was allowed to expire. the president is under pressure from some democrats to address the issue, possibly extend it. jeremy diamond and lauren fox join me now. let's begin with you, lauren, on infrastructure. we have final language for the bill. that makes this more real than just sort of a pending theater ic t hechlt oretical agreement. when, crucially, in the senate, will they get the 10 republicans they need? >> reporter: the senate keeping us on the edge of our seat over the weekend waiting for that legislative text. finally sunday night late it came. one of the markers of this negotiation has been that it has been slow and steady progress. but, like you said, there are obstacles ahead. now begins an amendment process that could take several days,
6:24 am
potentially another week. the goal from the majority leader, chuck schumer, is to finish this up thursday night. these deadlines have the tendance toy slip as we saw over the weekend. that is where the bipartisan group s they are hoping that they can fend off any poison pill amendments that would make this harder to pass. that's going to be the challenge over the next couple of days. but we may see final passage by the end of the week. i give a big caveat tomorrow because these deadlines haven't been consistent, jim. >> i'm sure a lot of pizza was ordered over the weekend, late nights for you as you cover this. the other pending issue, jeremy, is this eviction moratorium. it was imposed during the worst of the economic downturn from the pandemic but many americans still face danger here of possibly losing their homes. is there a path forward on this? >> reporter: yeah, there is truly a danger. it is remarkable, of course, to see this eviction moratorium expiring at a time when the delta variant is run ning rampat
6:25 am
and surging cases nationwide to levels they haven't seen before. the legislation has been the same it was at the end of last week, essentially to say they do not believe they have the legal authority to extend this eviction moratorium following a ruling from the supreme court in late june that said that the moratorium would need congress to actually extend it in order for it to continue. but the white house is saying that if congress goes ahead and passes a bill extending this eviction moratorium that the president would sign it. meantime they're focused on trying to get much of this $47 billion emergency housing assistance, only $3 billion of which has been spent. trying to get the states and localities that are responsible for dispersing that money to actually get it out to those who need the help with rental assistance. meantime, jim, it is very clear, there are pmillions of american who may very well be getting eviction notices today and
6:26 am
staring at that and waiting and seeing inaction from washington. it is remark raable that the wh house waited for that eviction moratorium to pass an extension of that. of course that hasn't happened and the house is on recess this week. >> the question is, how long. lauren, this is very much a hot button issue. i believe you have protests behind you here that have been taking place all weekend over this. >> reporter: that's right. and they're relatively small this morning, jim. but folks have been staying the night at the u.s. capitaol, trying to poe test and raise awareness that millions of americans are facing eviction because of the lapse of this moratorium. corey bush has been leading this effort and is someone who experienced homelessness herself in the past. here is what she told me about trying to get the voeb votes needed to pass this, at least in the house of representatives. >> we are working to make sure that the people know that the
6:27 am
house, that the democratic house is standing up for them. we cannot have the majority that impacts 7 to 11 million on the street. i'm laser focused with what's happening on the house side but having those conversations with senator warren. >> reporter: the house speaker tried to bring a bill to the floor on friday for unanimous consent, trying to get agreement. the bottom line is if she brought it to the floor for an up or down vote, the democratic vote count wasn't there. they're short between three and 15 votes representative bush told me. meanwhile in the senate, the votes aren't there either, jim. that's the obstacle here. congress is saying the administration needs to do something. the administration saying it's congress' job. >> lauren fox on the hill. jeremy diamond at the white house. thank you to both of you.
6:28 am
how much former president trump went am attempting to overturn the election. this, as his lies about the election are helping him raise money. we're moments away from the opening bell on wall street. u.s. futures global markets are higher. investors optimistic on what has been a strong earnings season and about finalizing the text for the infrastructure bill here in the u.s. still, they are cautious about the impact of the delta variant going forward. it's also a big week for jobs data, with the july jobs report scheduled for this friday. we're on top of all of it. thank you very much. sales are downwn from last quarter but we are hoping things will pickck up by q3. yeah...uh... doug? sorry about that. umm... u alright? [sh]
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follow the money, as they say. the big lie is leading to a big financial haul for former president trump. his organization has claimed an unprecedented $102 million political war chest. this, as new details emerge surrounding his push to flat-out overturn the election. according to the former acting deputy attorney general richard donahue, trump pressured the justice department to declare the election illegal and corrupt. pressured the justice department to do so. john avlon joins me now to talk about this. one famed lawyer said it was, quote, the worst crime any president has ever committed. i think that folks, john, are
6:34 am
overwhelmed about the efforts this former president made to overturn the election. when you look at the message he communicated to the justice department in those crucial days and weeks after the election, it's truly disturbing. >> reporter: it's beyond that. as you point out there's a tendency to normalize this amid the noise. are you really surprised that trump told the attorney general that he should try to say the election was corrupt? yeah, you should be surprised, because this is completely unprecedented in american history. the pattern is clear, but this example is particularly damning. the president of the united states trying to use the power of his office to pressure the justice department, to denounce the results of an election so he and the republican congress could presumably take steps to try to overturn it. that's a coup d'etat, right? that's an attempt to destroy our democracy and hold on to power for political gain. don't normalize it. stay focused on t the fact that
6:35 am
this came out months later shows how much we still don't know about the president's actions and how chose our democracy was to being destroyed by this ex-president. >> he went on to say, base d on these notes, leave the rest to me. do we know what he meant by that? >> so we don't know it precisely, what he meant. he did invoke the r's in congress. that would suggest he would try to take that statement to gin up public outrage with a particular focus on republicans in congress to see if perhaps he could delay the certification or increase that vote total not only in the house but paerhaps in the senat. clearly he was going to take that declaration, quote, un unquote, to the court of public opinion to try to pressure republicans to overturn the election results. >> this is why in the select committee in the house, those republicans who spoke to the president in those hours and days, their testimony could be key. the question, will those
6:36 am
subpoenas hold up? >> yes. >> the president and frankly other republican candidates are raising money on the big lie. they use the big lie and people open up their checkbooks. a lot of them are small donors. do we know what the president plans to do with this money? >> we know what he hasn't done, which is to try to use that money to -- allegedly what it was raised to do in many cases, which is push these recounts. the president is not putting his money where his mouth s perhaps that's not surprising. it does indicate the extent to which this is all agr riagrift. the ex-president is taking people's money and hoarding. tpcally a pac supports other candidates. there's no evidence that the president is doing that with these cash infusions, endorse a special candidate in a special election in texas was
6:37 am
unsuccessful. he has raise all the money from these people who have been duped. let's see how he uses it. it freezes the republican field for 2024. you have to wonder when one republican is going to realize the smart way to differentiate yourself is to condemn the part to overturn an election. it might be a smart move in the long run. >> we'll see, right? a lot of politicians who have done exactly that have paid a political price for it. john avlon, thank you very much. >> thanks, jim. as new covid infections rise, many parents are understandably wondering how unvaccinated children can safely head back to class. what is the level of risk here? we'll speak to an expert on what you as parents need to know as some schools are reopening today. welcome e back to milkshake mustaches,
6:38 am
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this morning, it is back to school for children across georgia and alabama where, unfortunately, covid rates are on the rise particularly in the unvaccinated. florida and will will welcome students next week amid growing concern over the delta variant, national director of the institutes of health says the best way to protect our children is to get vaccinated. >> if you're really worried about the kids, let's get the people who can be vaccinated at a higher rate. we've got a long way to go in
6:43 am
some of those communities to get to the point where people are protected. >> yeah. the unvaccinated infect folks and then infect kids. at st. banrbarnbabas medical ce. folks are constantly inundated with good and bad news on the pandemic. based on what we know about the delta variant so far and the risk to children particularly, how does it compare to something like seasonal flu? >> good morning. thank you for having me. thanks for taking up this important topic. what we know is that children account for about 14% of the total cases of covid, 4.1 million cases of covid so far. and a total of 17,000
6:44 am
hospitalizations, 349 deaths. the delta variant is highly transmissible. its trance admissibility is about two-fold what we saw with the wuhan original strain and about 40 to 60% more than the alpha variant. and we know that children less than 12 years of age are not protected by the vaccine. what we must do everything to protect children around us. and we know that children who have underlying medical conditions are vulnerable to significant illness. >> no question. just for comparison, though, even as it rises, the risk to children relative to the original variant of covid-19, is it markedly more dangerous, more deadly, sadly, for children than something like seasonal flu? >> correct. so what we know is that the rates of hospitalization just from the period between october
6:45 am
2020 to april 2021 related to covid are about greater, three-fold greater than the last three flu seasons and that gives you the idea of the severity. >> relevant as schools open today in some areas, next week. of course as we get into september elsewhere around the country with mitigation, and i'm speaking specifically of masks and other measures like ventilation, is it safe, in your v view, for children who are largely unvaccinated? of course under the age of 12, is it safe for them to return to school? >> i think there's a lot of factors that we need to weigh in on that, jim. the last year, children have lost about 50% of their reading skills, 70% of their mathematical skills. we've seen a rise in mental health illnesses in children. we know children thrive in a classroom setting. i think with all of these mitigation measures in place, we can get them safely back to
6:46 am
school. obviously, we want all the adults around them vaccinated to give them the extra level of protection until the vaccinations for kids less than 12 years of age are approved. >> so you, as a doctor, see children suffer ing through thee infections. as you know, the question of masking, sadly, has become a pol political issue, not a medical issue and you're seeing states, such as florida, outright threatening to withdraw money from school districts who don't g give parents a choice. what's your message to parents who are reluctant to have their children wear masks go ing back to school? what would you say to them? >> i would say please listen to the guidance given by the leading authorities in pediatrics and infectious disease. what we have seen is that in the last early july, there was a cluster of cases reported out of provincetown, massachusetts. and this was mostly because of relaxing of masking measures
6:47 am
post-vaccination. about 75% of these individuals were vaccinated. however, they had much milder disease. what we do know is that in children who cannot be protected from vaccination to possibly afford the extra level of protection of vaccination. at least masking until then. >> consistent message from do doctors. dr. uzma hasan, thank you so much. >> thank you. good news from the olympics. biles is back in action. the gymnast is scheduled to compete in the olympics again. her last chance there to win a medal. we'll tell you when that is so you don't miss it. that's come ing right up. including resume building, interview prep, personal branding and more, for your entire career. so if you commit to earning a degree with us, we commit to standing by you
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and it is good news from the olympics. simone biles is back. u.s. gymnastics announcing that she will participate in tomorrow's balance beam final. coy wire is in tokyo with more. >> reporter: greatest of all time. this is like tom brady pulling himself from the first quarter of the super bowl because his mentals are not right but then game on for the fourth quarter and everybody is wondering what will happen. usa gymnastics tweeting we are so excited to confirm that you will see two u.s. athletes tomorrow, suni lee and simone biles, can't wait to watch you both, unquote. biles revealed a post that she couldn't tell up from down in a practice session here in tokyo
6:53 am
on friday. the 24-year-old said that when she has the twisties as she called them, it has taken two or more weeks for them to go away. well earlier today she was on hand to see her teammate jade carey winning gold. the 21-year-old from arizona is the third to win the event following ali raisman and biles in 2016. spl of the best moments of the olympics are stories of the will of these athletes and we're seeing plenty of that here in tokyo. a shining example, dutch runner early on in the final lap of the 1500 meter qualifier, she bumped into another runner and falls to the track but hassan gets back up to her feet and finishes the heat in first place. pulling off one of the most impressive comebacks of these games to keep her medal chance as live. hasson showing why she was the fav favorite in that event and moments ago she won the meters
6:54 am
final gold in a women's long distance event. incredible stuff here in tokyo. >> it was great to see that comeback, coy wire, thank you so much. christine timman skia from belarus is seeking asylum in poland after refusing to get on a polite leaving tokyo for home. she said that she feared being arrested in her home country. cnn's selina wang is in tokyo with the latest and belarus is a country that has been horrible, imprisoned many dissidents. how is this playing out there. >> reporter: well right now i'm outside of the polish embassy in tokyo where she had entered. we learned that she has received a humanitarian visa from poland. the foreign minister said she will travel to poland in the next couple of days. on sunday representatives from the belarus national team went to the olympic village and told
6:55 am
her to pack up her bags and go back to belarus. now she went to the airport, she approached a japanese police officer and wants to seek asylum and was fearful of being jailed, fearful for her own safety. now this comes after she had spoken out against national sporting authorities complaining on instagram that she was entered in a four by four heat without her consent. jim. >> selina wang in tokyo for us. the leader of opposition group in belarus who is fearing for her safety, she was on this program, a couple of weeks ago. and she just shared this exclusive comment with me about the sprinter's situation saying in part, we're quoting here, no doubt christina is our hero. she found the courage to speak out and faced repressions for her bravery. we should express solidarity and stand with her. she will be asking for international protection for her
6:56 am
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very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. this morning there is good news for the vaccinated. according to the latest data from the cdc, a staggering, not just 99.9%, but 99.99% of those who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 have not had a break thru infection resulting in hospitiz


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