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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  August 2, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello. welcome to inside politics. i'm john king in washington. confusion is a big part of our current covid moment. more americans are getting vaccinated again. but more americans are getting sick, too. there's nationwide debate over masks and boosters and what
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comes next. plus a high wire test for infrastructure. chuck schumer wants to pass the 2700 page bipartisan deal by the end of this week. and the trump war chest is huge. 102 million in the bank paid for by wig election lies. we begin with breaking news in new york city today. and the plan for the evolving covid challenge. the mayor wants more new yorkers to mask up when indoors. but he stopped short of a new mandate. our national correspondent jason carroll starts us off in manhattan. jason, walk us through what we know. >> look, as you know, john, new yorkers are already required to wear masks in places like subways and schools and hospitals. but given the up tick that the city has scene and transmittable cases, the mayor is urging new yorkers to wear masks inside all of public places regardless of their status. now, again, he's urging strongly
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recommending but he's not issuing a mask mandate. and the mayor says it's not just about trying to get more people to wear masks, but it's also about trying to get more people to get vaccinated. i mean, there are pockets of the city places like staten island and brooklyn seeing low vaccination rates. that's why he's saying going forward, anyone who wants to get hired by the city is going to have to prove that they are vaccinated. the city's health commissioner speaking out about this during a briefing and basically talking about the delta variant being the key indicator for why we're seeing the change from the administration. >> today i'm making a strong recommendation that everyone regardless of vaccination status wear a mask in public indoor settings. this is based on our review of the latest scientific evidence showing that the delta variant
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of the can spread more easily than thought. >> given what we've heard from the mayor and given that we've seen an up tick of cases here in the city, the question has been asked why then not just issue a mask mandate for indoor settings? and the mayor basically said he's following the data. he's following the science. and based on what they're learning so far, the push is really to get more people vaccinated. john? >> jason carroll live for us in new york city. the biden white house calls this a critical home in the pandemic and says there are some signs of modest progress in dealing with vaccine hesitancy. let's walk through the new numbers. if you look at the trend lines, this is not a good map. you have 49 states trending up. 35 of them reporting 50% or more new covid infections this week compared to last. think about that. 35 states reporting 50% or more jump in the covid cases this week compared to last week. two states holding steady. they have been states ticking up cases as well.
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the national map does not look well right now. you look at it from a case perspective. a month ago daily new infections were down 14,000. now we're averaging 80,000 new infections a day. that's up nearly 500% from a month ago. up nearly 500% from one month ago. when cases go up, sadly, hospitalizations go up. 170% increase in hospitalizations from one month ago, 16,000 people in the hospital. now 44,000 people in the hospital. so we'll look here. this is the vaccination map challenge. and these lighter states down here, those are the ones lagging the country right now. right? you see maine at 64 %. vermont at 6%. 35 and 34 in alabama and mississippi. this is the largest problem. this is as the president says, a pandemic largely of the unvaccinated. at that point let's bring in dr. mic mic michael osteholme. it's god to see you.
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i want to start with the confusion of the moment. i'm not saying it's intentional. some places are mandating masks indoors. the new york city mayor said i recommend masks indoors. you have some republican governors saying we will not allow mandates. where are we? >> first, we're in an unfortunate situation. we've really brought this country to a point of confusion which really misses the main point that we should be focusing on vaccine, vaccine, and vaccine. you know, i wish we could get rid of the term masking. in fact, it implies anything you put in front of your face works. and if i could just add a nuance to that, which hopefully doesn't add more confusion, we know today that many of the face cloth coverings people are not effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out. either you're breathing out or in. if you're in the upper midwest, anyone wearing a face cloth covering can tell you they're smelling the smoke. we need to talk about better
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masking. we need to talk about n-95 respirators which would do a lot for both people who are not yet vaccinated or not previously infected protecting them as well as keeping others who might become infected having been vaccinated from breathing out the virus. so i think one of the things right now is we've got to get a better handle on what does protect people and what doesn't. >> one thing the administration says, it sees some modest progress in vaccinations. they've been essentially trying everything th everything, influencers, we're averaging 663,000 vaccinations a day, new ones. there are 800,000 shots administered yesterday. three weeks ago, it was down to 515,000. we want to zoom in right here on the state of alabama. three weeks ago they were down to 4,200. up 200% from three weeks ago.
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it sees modest progress in the states lagging. how important is that and to what do you attribute it? >> i think it's very important. every person we get vaccinated in this country is one less person that's likely to potentially die from this virus. so i think it's a key issue. i would add a note, though, of caution. that the people getting vaccinated today actually are not going to be protected for at least a few more weeks yet. that's why you can't delay. you need to get vaccinated today so that the vaccine can have an effect and actually build up your immunity. so please don't think that it's just i get vaccinated today and i'm protected from tonight on. and so this is all the more urgency about getting people vaccinated as soon as possible. >> and another conversation you see it's a global conversation on the question of boosters. the biden administration says the data does not tell it yet, that you need to recommend a third shot. that it does not say it. it says if it sees that in the data, it will say it's time for a third shot. but in israel, they're already doing a third shot.
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in germany, a third booster. from the uk, preparing to do a booster. listen to the head of the nih who says not yet, maybe later. >> right now there is not evidence that we need to go ahead with boosters in the united states, but that's an ongoing debate. >> what's the harm in moving forward? is it some concern that it's going to create vaccine hesitancy? >> i think we just want to do the thing that's going to help people the most, and recognize also that there's a worldwide shortage of vaccines and there are countries desperate to get access. >> is it that the science says you don't need it yet or is it that the science doesn't say you absolutely need it tomorrow and we're trying to boost global supply so let's wait a bit? >> well, again, part of the challenge we have right now is we are in what i call corrected science. meaning that every day we're learning new things we have to apply them to what we have said yesterday and some people are going to say that's different than yesterday. we now have data from countries
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like israel that actually were ahead of us in getting people vaccinated. in terms of time. meaning that they've vaccinated people six, seven and eight months ago. and now are beginning to see the results of what happens after a longer period of time of being vaccinated. the israeli data indicates if you get beyond six months, it's likely a booster will be needed. we don't have those data in the united states. we don't have enough people yet vaccinated that long to give us the information. we have to use global data. and i think that it will be a compelling story in the near-term that we are going to need boosters at least for those who are older, people who may have immune compromised conditions. that doesn't address the issue, though, which is a real one. there are 6.4 billion people in the low and middle countries of the world. less than 2% have had any access to vaccines at all. from a humanitarian standpoint q we have the luxury of three doses. they don't have the luxury of
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any doses. while you can say it's just humanitarian, it's also strategic. the variants i'm concerned about for our future vaccine success in this country are likely going to spin out of that uncontrolled transmission occurring in the low and middle income countries. we've got to try to do both. we need a manhattan project for p manufacturing. we need plans to get vaccines delivered throughout the world. >> i want to come back to the cases here in the united states right now. what you see coming in the weeks ahead as children start to go back to school and then a couple weeks after that, it will get cooler. if you look at a month ago, 14,000 new infections. now we're back up above averaging 80,000 new infections. a year ago we were at 62,000 starting to come down from the summer peak. and then we went back up into the horrific winter peak. 165 million americans have been vaccinated since this. so no one can imagine going that high again. but with children going back to school, what do you see over the next several weeks heading into
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the fall? >> well, one of the sobering facts is that right now if louisiana was a country, it would have the highest rate of infections in the world. florida would be number four if it were a country. so it gives you an idea of what's happening in the southern states. and if you take about eight of the states, they account for a large segment of the cases in the country. is this going to be a replay of what we saw last summer where, in fact, it was a southern sun belt states with some additional states in the west adding to all the cases? and much of the rest of the country some seeing modest increases in cases? or is this going to be a variant that's going to spread to all 50 states and actually play out as much as we're seeing in the southern states right now? i don't think the latter one we have evidence to say that. this could be the hot spot, the southern sun belt, and within six weeks we could see the surge come down. the last piece is if you look at the history of this pandemic, these surges come up quickly and they drop quickly in countries
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all around the world. including the united states. and in many instances, it has nothing to do with anything we did. this is the nature of the virus. so i think this is possible we could see it happen in this country by early to mid september, case numbers drop out. and it's basically even in a vaccinated population as we've seen. no note, florida is the average state for number of people vaccinated and yet, look, they've set a new record for number of hospitalizations for any time in the pandemic. >> one in five new infections in the country coming out of florida at the moment. grateful for your insights. thank you. >> up next for us, this is a defining week for the biden agenda. the $1 trillion bipartisan bill is on paper now with the goal of senate passage this week. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the infrastructure deal we've been talking about a couple of weeks is the infrastructure bill. and it begins on the legislative fast track. the infrastructure investment and jobs act is 27 00 pages long and represents weeks of work and several near collapses in the negotiations. the senate majority leader chuck schumer wants a final vote by thursday or friday. senate passage gets us to the next stage of a complicated puzzle. progressives say any action must coincide with action on a bigger democratic spending plan. this first stage we should be careful isn't done quite yet. amendments will be debated for the next few days and a good number of senate republicans are trying to derail the bipartisan plan. >> there are a number of americans who see all is not well with the way we spend money. the people's money within the federal government. the fact that infrastructure is a good thing and that we need it
9:18 am
is a different question from whether we can afford the infrastructure plan in this particular case. >> with us to share the reporting and their insights, our panel. all right. the senate is back in session today. this is amendment week. chuck schumer wants to get this done by thursday or friday. everything appears as if it will happen. is there a but? >> definitely. thursday or friday is lightning speed for the u.s. senate. you saw over the weekend where they had to write the bill 2702 pages is the final tally. that took from wednesday when they announced the bill until last night around 7:30, 8:00. that's how long it took to write the bill. they have to go through amendments. it's going to be a while. there are parliamentary things. they can stretch this out into saturday or sunday if he wants to do so. but i think they're on target to
9:19 am
get this done by the weekend at some point. >> there are a number of complicated pieces. i want to put out on the screen, you say what's in this for me or my community? it's roads, bridges, money for airports and high speed rail, whatever subway. there's water money. electric vehicle transformation. there's a lot of money for creating jobs and to help states which have states and localities with dilapidated infrastructure. the president in the sense, a report at camp david calling democrats and republicans. it's different in the sense that he's different from his predecessor. he's a creature of the senate but working to keep this together. >> he's working to keep it together. i won't be the first to say this, i'm sure, but he's doing the art of the deal. right? like, there was all this talk during the last administration about -- >> that's going to sting in some quarters. >> it's going to sting.
9:20 am
there's all the talk in the last administration about whether you would get big deals. they never materialized. in this case, you can say that biden is someone who wants to try to make a deal. and that's a big deal for this congress, because at this point, it's like can't congress solve the problems that face the country and often the answer is no. but in this case, they're trying to make a difference. >> for now. i'm going to call this -- there's a risk that the senate infrastructure bill could become a participation trophy in the sense that the senate could pass it. if the democrats don't figure out in their family everything else, a reconciliation bill, a sweeping spending plan, a moderate in the senate and a progressive in the house not on the same page, maybe democrats are saying where's the rest of it? >> you can't guarantee anybody, and i have not guaranteed anybody on any of the pieces of legislation. would you like to do more? yeah. you should do what you can pay for. no quid pro quo. >> if there's not a
9:21 am
reconciliation in the bill in the house and in the senate does not pass the reconciliation bill, we will uphold our part of the bargain until we get the investments. >> the two polls of the democratic congress in today's caucus right there on cnn. look, i think that they can find the votes to get 50 for the second bill which is all they need under the reconciliation rules. after they trim it some. i don't think mamplgen and cinema are going to vote for a $3.5 trillion bill. it will have to come down and take a haircut. the bigger question is with the house. that's going to be pelosi's perhaps biggest task of her career and the speakership. can she find the votes to move both of these bills? keep in mind, given the special election that took place in texas, she has a three vote majority in the house. there are a few members who are going to be uneasy about spending this much money, including those who voted against the stimulus bill back in march. so not a lot of room to play with. >> but she has issues on both
9:22 am
sides. there are moderates, sench riss who say maybe you use the term give it a haircut. a lot of progressives say it's too small. can the democrats, senator schumer's challenge this week. then it moves over to speaker pelosi. schumer has the reconciliation part. biden is the leader of the party. can they figure this out? >> i wouldn't typically vote against pelosi. we know she's good at getting her caucus in line. but it is going to be tricky. she is going to have moderates that want her to call them back from recess when this senate bill passes. they want to vote on it first. they don't -- they also like manchin don't want to see it tethered to the reckon stilluation bill. but pelosi has said that she is committed to not passing it before reconciliation. how she maneuvers or uses the august recess to her advantage is something that we're going to have to keep an eye on. >> a key point, one of the ways you make the progressives happy is show them you're trying on priorities.
9:23 am
you're not getting as much as you want, but we're trying. there's a debate about the evictions moratorium. it's expiring. the white house says the president can't sign anything, it's tested and can't sign a piece of paper. cori bush camped out on the capitol steps to make a point. people need help. >> it's hurtful. it's hurtful, because that's me. you're saying that my life didn't matter. you're saying that people in your own communities, that their lives don't matter. if people went on vacation. went on vacation. we don't go on vacation. we need president biden to stroke the pen, get this executive order done. >> is there an answer here? the administration says there's a lot of money in the pipeline. call your mayor or governor. they can use existing money that the president has no power to add more. >> the supreme court has pretty much weighed in on this. it was the cdc that was essentially enforcing this, the moratorium ban, and the supreme
9:24 am
court said no, it has to be done through legislative action. the administration is saying if you want to come back in session and actually vote on something, pass legislation, then we can do it. they're stuck. and the big worry here is whether the progressive anger on this issue, that they had weeks to deal with, but didn't, does it bleed into the other issues that we've been talking about? >> that stuff, the whole piece. >> and all the finger pointing, though, i mean c that does not help the 7 million families and people who may be in the streets now. if this is something that matters, then you do the legislation or you signed it, sign to extend it. but trying to point the finger just leaves people out in the cold. that's what cori bush is saying. >> to your point, this is inner locking. pelosi knows if she spends capital one place, it depletes it from somewhere else. she's going to have a move a paired down reconciliation bill and a bipartisan bill written by cinema and portman. she may have to try to modify progressives by bringing folks back in session on this eviction
9:25 am
issue. >> it will be fascinating to watch. there are complicated pieces. you have to be careful to make sure the other pieces. it's going to be interesting. up next, live to florida. the covid epicenter. florida seeing a record breaking surge of new infections, but the governor is forbidding schools from mandating masks. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. [♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. shaq? remember when you were telling us to check out the general for car insurance, and we all thought you were losing it, so we left you deep in the woods? turns out you were right about the general. i just misjudged them based on their commercials.
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one in five new coronavirus
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cases happening nationally are happening in florida. it's a new epicenter of the pandemic. average look more than 15,000 new cases a day. that's nearly 20 % of the national total from just one state. and once again, the republican governor ron desantis is charting his own covid course with an executive order short of banning mask mandates. it gives parents a choice, masks or no masks. rosa is with us this morning. we've had this conversation too many times. florida leading the nation in new cases. >> it feels like deja vu. we talked about this last july. every single metric is going up when you look at the numbers. i talked to the mayor of broward county yesterday. he described it as terrifying as they're looking at the numbers. the number of hospitalizations are shooting up. the only number that isn't shooting up just yet here is the number of vaccinations. we're expecting that to jump because that's what we're seeing
9:31 am
across the country. the new case positivity rate here in the state of florida, 18 %, and this next metric is important, because school districts across this state and across the country are going to be starting soon here in the state of florida the positivity rate for children between 12 and 19 is 22%. and yet, earlier last week the florida governor making light of the new cdc guidelines at a conservative conference. joking about the fact that these new guidelines are out there, saying that he was not for mask mandates. which, of course, we have known since the beginning of the pandemic. now, on friday the florida governor signing an executive order, and i should mention that it does not ban mask mandates. if you read it, it's actually very confusing, but the bottom line is that he directs the florida governor, the florida department of education and the florida department of health to issue emergency guidelines that give parents choices.
9:32 am
now, john, i got to share with you, i spent time here in broward county with families on both ends of the spectrum. families that are for machks and families that want choice, and all politics aside, i think that americans have a lot of things in common. these parents, especially, the love for their children, and they all want the best when it comes to education for them as well. >> it's just going to be a fascinating and i think somewhat confusing few weeks ahead. grateful for the live report from florida. in washington breaking news. the biden administration says is a sign of some vaccination progress. the white house tweeting out 70% of american adults have gotten at least one shot. that is nearly one month behind the president's initial goal of by july 4th. joining our conversation, health policy reporter for the washington post and also the author of a fantastic best seller "nightmare scenario, inside the trump administration response ♪ . >> you have a challenge right
9:33 am
now for the biden white house. they're trying to ramp up vaccinations and know kids are going back to school. one of the challenges you have, the governor and others who the cdc says you should probably mask up indoors. governor desantis says i don't think so. >> it's a tricky time for them. it was a little bit easier a couple months ago when cases were going down and they could say vaccinated people could take masks off. now they walk the line of saying the vaccines work. that's your best protection. you should get it, especially with the rise of the delta variant. but also you still need to be careful. it's not the bullet proof protection that we might have thought it was a couple months ago, not with this variant. it's very protective, and like you said, they have to battle these mostly republican politicians who are saying that people shouldn't have to get vaccinated. that people shouldn't have to get their -- put their masks back on that are accusing them of flip-flopping. the picture on the ground changed. we didn't have the delta variant taking hold a couple months ago. >> you use the word change.
9:34 am
listen to the surgeon general who says yes, we have to change from time to time. and we know that might confuse you, but he uses the baseball term, curveballs. >> we've seen time and time again with the covid-19, it's going to throw curve balls. delta is the latest curveball. it throws curveballs. we've got to respond and change our behavior, our guidance as the science changes. >> something else that's changing appears to be the president's focus on this in the sense they seem to get at the white house that he needs to be seen as more on top of this. the president's schedule today meeting with coronavirus team. tomorrow speech on increasing vaccinations. wednesday, meeting with pandemic preparedness adviser. your book is a fascinating look at the trump administration's largely mishandling of the coronavirus. inside the biden white house, especially knowing the lessons of the trump team. they have a giant policy challenge but also the political collisions. >> one thing that i learned both in doing the book and covering this pandemic for the last year
9:35 am
and a half is that messaging is just as important part of a response as the actual policies and the response itself. and that's one thing that the biden white house like any white house probably would is struggling with this. the science is constantly changing and a different message to people, and there's so much distrust in the country right now that like the surgeon general said in the clip, things will change. it's an evolving virus. people view it as flip floming aren't been honest. they talked about how effective the vaccinations were, and that they basically prevented against infection, and that's not the case right now. they do protect against serious illness and hospitalization. not necessarily against infection. it's not serious. so it's still doing what it's supposed to do. they need to level with people and make it clear. and how you do it is a challenge. >> the president is going to put more time into it. come back and help us walk through it. when we come back, mind blowing fundraising numbers tell us the
9:36 am
former president won't lack resources as he plots a comeback.
9:37 am
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9:40 am
donald trump is using the big lie to build a massive campaign war chest. the former president has more than 10 $0 million in his campaign bank account. this as we're learning more about how far he was willing to go to try to overturn the last election including new details about pressuring the then acting
9:41 am
attorney general in december to declare it corrupt so he could fight congress. the panel is back with me now from a campaign perspective, $100 million in the bank is a big deal. the question with trump is how does he spend it? does he spend it on the 2022 elections or does he save it for 2024 comeback? >> he's never been known to spend a lot of money or time, frankly, on other politicians. i think he will give some of it away to the midterms. but i think his focus in the midterms is going to be chiefly trying to support allies and get a level of -- a measure of vengeance on his adversaries within the party and across the aisle. i think that will include rallies, certainly travel. i don't think the money element of it is going to be that significant, though. >> if you're trying to figure out what is the ultimate goal, maybe you don't believe donald trump when he says i'm coming back in 2024, listen to mark
9:42 am
meadows on friday. listen closely. >> wanted to join you to talk about really a president that is fully engaged, highly focussed, and remaining on task. >> well, we met with some of our cabinet members and had a followup member meeting with some of our cabinet members. >> it is august, 2021. this is day 195 of joe biden's presidency. day 195 of joe biden's presidency. mark meadows. talk to you about a president that is fully engaged. we had a meeting with our cabinet. >> well, meadows knows what he's doing right there. >> he does. >> we laugh because it's also stunning and it's also dangerous, because there are so many voters -- so many republican-base voters that think trump won the election and biden is an illegitimate president. meadows is furthering the conspiracy as if there's a
9:43 am
shadow government as though trump is still president or going to return to the presidency in a matter of weeks or months which is inaccinaccur. meadows is doing it because he knows that's what the base wants. >> will something else keep donald trump from running? we don't know. he wants the option open. he wants the republican party to think i'm sheriff. don't think about it. the question is what happens in the meantime? should he invest to prove i still have the juice or should he pull back because we've seen a couple examples where his candidate has lost in primaries. i don't want to overblow the meanings, but a long time donor says to me the $64,000 is how much money he's spending in the primarys? is he going to save it for hirms. how does trump frame 2022 to increase the viability for 20241234. >> -- 2024. >> i think he looks at the midterms as vengeance.
9:44 am
he would rather spend more money trying to defeat liz cheney for a seat that doesn't have an impact on the minority. he's going to try to knock out a liz cheney or others, adam ken zinger in illinois than trying to sway people in illinois, cleveland and other piece. the biden people, on the other hand, will be devoting a huge amount of resources. they're spending his outside superpac group announced they're spending $100 million this month on trying to build support for his agenda. that's where they're going to be headed. >> and it's interesting. i should have followed this up when you said it. i laughed at it. and sometimes you do. it makes you laugh. then you realize the stakes, it's not funny in the sense that when you hear mark meadows say we have a president that is fully engaged, highly focussed and remaining on task, we had a meeting to the cabinet. the term cabinet itself wouldn't
9:45 am
have thrown me as much, but we have a president who is -- >> again, speaking on news max. where you have a group of people who believe he could be reinstated or that joe biden is not a legitimate president. the recklessness of that and the danger of that months after the insurrection where people who were told the big lie stormed the capitol building is stunning to me. >> it is dangerous. and that stood out to me, too. yes, you might call former presidents president. but he is not a president right now. like, he's not president of anything. he is a former president. and so to use that type of language, people will believe this, and we saw on january 6th that when people feel like they don't have any other options, they can turn to violence. when they believe something has been taken from them, they can turn to violence, because they feel like we have been robbed. we have no other recourse. that's what this sort of thing sets up. >> special election tomorrow in ohio for a safe seat.
9:46 am
trump as he did in texas last week intervened in the primary for no apparent reason. he could win this one. if he loses, that's two in a row. if there's two in a row, you'll see a lot of folks on top of the hill on washington start to question how much juice he has in primaries. >> jonathan martin practicing the art of the segway. tomorrow one tests the trump factor. the other tests democratic liberals and the establishment. >> they are afraid of her that she's going to stand up and fight and take them on. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein.
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primary day is tomorrow and two special house elections in ohio. in columbus, the value of trump's endorsement is an issue in the primary. in cleveland in the 11th district, the democratic divide is the big story. progressive nina turner is backed by many house progressives. brown is backed by hillary clinton and the congressional black caucus. jeff zeleny joins us live from cleveland. a test of the democratic party's struggle at an interesting moment. >> john, there's no doubt. this is not a question of the democratic majority. whoever wins the primary tomorrow is almost certain to
9:52 am
win the general election. this is a democratic district. but there is a question about the direction of the democratic party. are progressives going to see a moment here that they really have not seen all yearlong in other primary races across the country. we spent the weekend in cleveland. and i can tell you there is a sense of a reviving some of the old divisions going back to the 2016 campaign, you mentioned hillary clinton endorsing shawn tell brown, a council member here. nina turner, a familiar face a long-time bernie sanders ally. bernie sanders was out in force endorsing her. establishment versus progressive. and we had a flavor here of what's at stake. let's take a listen. >> congress is a co-equal body. it has power, too. and that my job is not to just pair it with any administration, whether it's democratic or republican administration. my job is to represent the interest of the people who elect me. >> you get rhetoric or results. insults or results.
9:53 am
lip service or public service. the choice is very clear. >> so this has been a bitter expensive and quite frankly, a nasty race. a lot of outside money coming into this. and nina turner was really leading the pack. there are 13 candidates on the ballot tomorrow. she was leading the way until a couple months ago, and there was a rise from shontel brown, on the county council, a rising star here. a lot of outside money behind her. a lot of support for her. the congressional black caucus, leaders coming out here in full support of her. this district since 1999 has been representing by an african american woman. and it will be again, but which one, which direction that is the question. it's interesting to see bernie sanders, james clyburn also representing different wings. the white house is staying out of this, but we know wherever congressman clyburn is, he likely has president biden's
9:54 am
interest at heart. of course, he certainly made his presidential campaign. he was trying to do the same thing here for shontel brown. in an august tuesday special election primary race, no question low turnout. so the idea of is that sanders' machine here still something that can push nina turner over the edge or will the establishment win another one tomorrow? >> at the time the progressives are having a tug of war in washington over budget spending and other issues. that sends a message of who has the juice at the moment. grateful for the live report. it's an important race. when we come back, see here this photo of the washington d.c. mayor? it has her explaining. she's indoors. a mask mandate went into effect this weekend. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. ♪ ♪ oh, focaccia! ah, there's no place like panera.
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we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. topping our radar, some democrats want the house republican leader to apologize or even resign. that after he joked about hitting januarity pelosi with a gavel. he was given an oversized gavel. he told the audience, quote, it will be hard not to hit pelosi with it. if republicans take control of the house after the midterms. pelosi spokesman calling the comment irresponsible and disgusting. m the washington examiner cited a picture of the mayor without a mask on at an event saturday. her office said she officiated at a wedding and the only time she was unmasked indoors was when she was eating or drinking,
10:00 am
as allowed. and obama marking his 60th birthday at martha's vineyard. it will include hundreds of guests including steven spielberg and pearl jam. news of this raising some eyebrows because of the surge in covid cases and the delta variant. the source close to the former president says they will follow all cdc protocols. thank you. ana cabrera picks up right now. >> hello. thanks so much for being with us. let this number sink in. 99.99%. the cdc says more than 99.99% of fully vaccinated people have not had a breakthrough covid case that has led to hospitalization or death. vaccinations are working and


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