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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  August 4, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> danya, to you and your cast and crew, break a leg. >> thank you so much. >> i couldn't be happier this is happening. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> there was nothing for the theater community for the last 17 months. >> it's been horrible. cnn's coverage continues right now. good morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy harlow is off. this morning the race to vaccinate a nation could see a major boost. "the new york times" reporting that the fda is aiming to give full approval to the pfizer vaccine by early next month. with more than 90 million eligible americans here in the u.s. still unvaccinated dr. anthony fauci tells cnn he hopes it could come even sooner, which could play a big role in
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fighting vaccine hesitancy. >> i think there are certain proportions of people who are just waiting for the full approval, even though the data is overwhelming right now that these vaccines are highly effective and are safe. >> as the american academy of pediatrics warns of substantial increase in new cases among children, dr. fauci saying that full fda approval might speed up authorization of the vaccine for children under the age of 12. critical as we get closer to schools re-opening. with the delta variant tightening its grip on parts of the country with low vaccination rates, president biden made a plea to state governors who have blocked mask and vaccine mandates. >> i say to these governors, please help. if you're not going to help, at least get out of the way of the people that are trying to do the right thing. use your power to save lives.
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>> let's begin with cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. first about full fda approval, to this point we've had emergency approval which allowed hundreds of millions of people to be vaccinated. when might full approval come and what difference might that make? >> the hope is that if we move from emergency authorization to full approval it will make a subset of people say that makes me feel better, it has full approval. now i'll roll up my sleeve. "the new york times" says it's looking like it could happen by early next month. the fda is moving as fast as it can. let's listen to what dr. anthony fauci told erin burnett last
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night. >> it could be the end of the month. i hope it's sooner than that. >> another reason for this hope that it will happen sooner rather than later, maybe if there's full approval employers would feel better about mandating the vaccine. it gives everyone more confidence, even though as dr. fauci said, the authorization, the emergency authorization, that was done after a lot of scrutiny. it's not as if the authorization was nothing. it was incredibly important and incredibly diligent. >> no question. 347 million vaccines administered. that's good data to this point. we've heard anecdotal evidence from doctors about an increase in covid infections in children. what's the data showing? >> more and more children are getting infected and ending up in the hospital.
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let's look at what those numbers look like. just from july 22nd through the 29th we saw an increase of 84%. in one week those numbers went up 84%. that's five times as many cases as the end of june. the vast majority of children don't end up in the hospital, but they can get quite sick. i have heard friends describe their children getting covid. they're miserable. high temperatures. coughing up a storm. why would you want your child to go through that? if your child is 12 or older, get them vaccinated. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you. the delta variant now accounts for more than 93% of covid infections in the united states. that number even higher in certain parts of the country.
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we'll have more on that in a moment. first to louisiana where a statewide mask mandate for all indoor public spaces goes into effect today. that mandate comes as the state is seeing an all-time high in covid-19 hospitalizations. it's never been worse in this pandemic. some facilities completely out of icu beds. staff shortages growing more dire. nadia romero is in baton rouge. the state's largest hospital admitted a record number of covid-19 patients in the past 24 hours. tell us what they're seeing and how they're handling it. >> reporter: this is another bad sign for the state of louisiana, specifically here in baton rouge. at our lady of the lake, the largest hospital, you saw 32 new covid patients admitted to the hospital in a 24-hour period. that's a new record.
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that means they're at 100% capacity. 100% capacity. 175 covid patients hospitalized. they simply can't take anyone else. they've been turning people away who have nonurgent medical needs. they have this long wait list of people who want transferred into this hospital. when we talk about 175 patients, some are children. we just spoke with the president of the children's hospital here. he tells us there was a 3 week old baby in the icu fighting covid this week. luckily that baby has survived. able to fight off covid-19. he says seeing that day in and day out has taken a toll on him and his staff. they have a nursing shortage at this hospital as they do all across the state of louisiana. their number one goal is to keep kids safe. they can't do that without the community's help and getting vaccinated. he said kids don't have a
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choice. it's up to their parents to protect them. listen to his plea. >> we know now that covid is a preventable disease. it's hard for us as pediatricians to see kids affected by a preventible disease. children aren't like adults. they don't have the choice to get vaccinated. they're -- parents are responsible for those choices. yes, it makes a big difference when adults make decisions for kids and adults make decisions that, you know, could maybe prevent diseases. >> reporter: so there's another big concern. this is a pediatric trauma center as well. he says we don't have a lot of space. if there was a kid in a car crash, where would we put anymore children? maybe just a little bit of hope on the horizon here. he says for the first time they
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saw a line of children waiting outside the pharmacy at the hospital to get vaccinated. the first time they've seen that during this pandemic. jim? >> that's a change. nadia, thank you. the battle over mask mandates is heating up in the state of florida. one school district voting students must opt out to wearing a mask. another district is requiring students wearing masks for the first two weeks. that follows governor desantis issuing an order precluding school districts from mask mandates. la layla santiago joins us with more. some schools are pushing up against the governor's order. >> reporter: some schools trying
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to find a way to require masks while still being in line with the governor's executive order. here in duval county they're telling parents if they don't want to wear masks they have to take the opt-out option which require more paperwork. they'll reassess in mid august these decisions. these are districts in north florida, they're in the red with high transmission in those communities. as they see cases surging and more hospitalizations, especially among the unvaccinated and the younger population they are making these decisions. the governor tells us they will be reviewing their decisions.
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i got to tell you i have been talking to a lot of parents and every single one i talked to supported the idea of getting kids back into the classroom. the divide comes in the mask policy. listen. >> i care about your kid as much as i care about my kid. i don't want any kid to risk being hospitalized or getting long covid symptoms or just being a part of our community spread. >> the best and most fair thing to do is to give parents the option of whether they want their children to wear a mask or not. >> reporter: according to the american academy of pediatrics almost 72,000 cases of children and teens last week. that's a substantial rise according to the doctors. jim? >> layla, thanks so much. overseas in wuhan, china, the epicenter of covid-19,
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officials located a cluster linked to the delta variant. this as officials report more infections throughout china. david culver is in beijing. >> reporter: chinese state media is considering this to be the worst outbreak since wuhan. you have to put that in context. life within this bubble that is china has gone back to near normal and it's reverting back to lockdown measures including in beijing. this is considered the fortress. officials said they will protect beijing at all costs. we've seen confirmed cases within this capital city have led to lockdowns. tens of thousands living with the lockdown communities, unable to leave, sealed inside their homes. it's reminiscent of 2020. it's not just beijing. this has spread countrywide.
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in wuhan they're testing all 11 million residents. they've had several confirmed cases. you may look at those numbers and say altogether they've got since july 20th, several hundred cases. compare that to the rest of the world. doesn't even rank. however here in china they have this zero case goal. they're determined to meet that. even if it means reverting to these extreme measures which are playing out right now. the claim is this is all coming from an imported case from russia. they say it's linked to the delta variant. dates back to july 10th. a plane from moscow landed in china. an airport worker getting sick. that spread out from there. you have to remember the timing of all this. it's summer travel. you have people coming together. all of the tour sights for the most part are starting to shut down. they're taking this very seriously. the timing needs to be noted
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that we're six month ts to the start to the start of the 2022 olympics in beijing. jim? >> thanks to david culver in beijing. next, governor cuomo's accusers react to his define in the wake of a damning report that found he sexually harassed 11 women. i'll speak to a new york state senator. plus, a trump republican and moderate democrat wins two special elections in ohio. and simone biles speaking out what's next for her and if she's closing the door on competing in the 2024 olympics. we'll have that. ♪ usaa is made for the safe pilots.
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new york governor andrew cuomo is under mounting pressure to step down after the release of the report from the attorney general of new york saying he sexually harassed 11 women. the evidence includes 179 interviews, 74,000 documents showing the attorney general argues that cuomo's conduct violated multiple state laws. president biden, nancy pelosi and both new york senators are calling for the governor to resign. joining me now is erica hill. erica, the mayor of new york said there's nowhere for the governor to turn. the governor said he has no plans to resign. what happens next and how
6:19 am
quickly could we move on to impeachment? >> reporter: you talked about all those people calling for the governor to step down. two thirds of the new york state senate, the assembly speaker saying the governor can no longer remain in office. that same speaker saying this impeachment investigation will move expeditiously. it could wrap up within the month and move on from there. there are also a lot of questions about how long he can hold on here with this lack of support from both law makers and we're seeing from new yorkers. a survey taken just after the report was put out finds 59% of respondents said the golf for should resign. as you can see, that includes 52% of registered democrats.
6:20 am
they were asked in this survey about what the governor did. did he do something illegal, unethical? 7% said he did nothing wrong. 44% said something illegal. 29% say it was unethical. these details have made a lot of people uncomfortable and started a lot of important conversations. one of his accusers spoke with erin burnett. she said he almost never takes responsibility for his actions. here is her reaction. >> he's not treating women with respect. he's not treating them as professionals. that's all these 11 women want, is respect, to be treated like a professional and to not have -- be allowed to be consensual
6:21 am
sexual overtures. the book on the cuomo era is coming to a close. he needs to accept that. >> reporter: charlotte bennett got a lot of attention, she called that taped statement a propaganda video. >> it works similarly in new york state as it does in congress where is state assembly indicts and the senate votes to convict and remove. >> reporter: they need two thirds for that to pass. we know that two thirds of new york state senators are calling on him to resign. >> erica hill, thank you. cnn concerned 61 members of the new york state assembly want impeachment articles. 43 are prepared to vote in favor
6:22 am
to impeach. joining me now is shelly mayor. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> you called this report yesterday a damning indictment of the conduct and culture of the governor and his executive team. based on what you saw in the report, does this look like criminal behavior by the governor? >> i think the attorney general was right and she said that the review of the criminal behavior will be by district attorneys and the district attorney of the county has requested the documents and will do a review. i will defer to the district attorneys. my view as a legislature is the time for him to resign is right now. this is absolutely unacceptable and we need the business of new york state to move on from this absolute distraction and unacceptable behavior.
6:23 am
i continue my call for resignation right now. >> the governor has said he will not resign. if he does not resign and he's impeached in the assembly, will you cast a vote to convict and remove him? >> well, i have an obligation under the state constitution to examine the evidence presented during the impeachment trial. i will do that in a fair and impartial way. my call for resignation is based on what we know and the distraction and the fact he's lost the confidence of those who have to work with him. we have covid running rampant in new york. we need leadership and this is a distraction. i'll do my job. i'm sworn to do that. we can avoid that. he can step down right now. >> is he fit to be governor of new york? >> fitness is a quality that will be reviewed during the
6:24 am
impeachment. i think the short term point is, you have to work with your colleagues, from the president and majority leader and speaker of the house to the leaders of the assembly and senate, both of whom indicated they do not support his continued governorship. >> one of his accusers charlotte bennett, she reacted to his denial yesterday. i want to play that for you and get your reaction. have a listen. >> it wasn't an apology. he didn't take accountability for his actions. he can't once apologize and then say he didn't do anything wrong. he blamed me and said that i simply misinterpreted what he said, but his line of questioning was not appropriate. he was coming on to me. he insinuated that survivors of trauma and sexual assault can't tell the difference between mentorship and leadership and
6:25 am
sexual harassment. >> that was charlotte bennett. do you agree with her that the governor was denigrating his acc accusers? >> he's done that from the onset. he minimized their voices and then he retaliated against those who had the courage to step forward. this is tnot a person who is eay to take on. anyone in new york politics knows that. i've known governor cuomo for 40 years. he's a challenging person to say you did something wrong. these women did that and then he did denigrate and humiliate and try to intimidate them from telling their stories. that's not acceptable. >> you worked with him for 40 years. you've known him for decades. have you witnessed or experienced behavior like this with the governor?
6:26 am
>> my experience with him is about fighting about policy. he and i have fought hard and long and disagreed robustly about new york state policy. as the chair of the education committee, i'm fighting for our public schools. he hasn't always been on my side. that's my fight with an elected official, policy. right now we can't fight about policy while this person is totally disgraced by these accusations and this report. that's why resignation now will put us back on path to the critical issues of new york. >> new york state senator shelly mayor thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jim. some senates expect a final series of votes for the bipartisan infrastructure bill this weekend. will this finally get through? we're moments away from the
6:27 am
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breaking news into cnn,
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lawyers for former president trump have entered the legal battle to prevent the release of his tax returns to congress days after the justice department ordered the irs to give the returns to members of congress. cara joins me now in new york. this has been a years' long battle by the former president. what happens now? >> reporter: this is the trump playbook here to continue to litigate a lot of these subpoenas and requests for docu documents, particularly about the tax returns. today's filing is trump fighting the house ways and means committee to obtain his tax returns. this comes after the justice department said the treasury department must turnover the tax returns. they're asking the judge to say the judge should prevent
6:33 am
treasury from turning over trump's tax returns. most of the documentation has quotes from democrats, including nancy pelosi, that it's an effort to harass the former president. the judge will likely set up a briefing schedule and we can expect the litigation to continue. there are other fights for the president's tax returns and, you know, he went to the supreme court two times to block the new york district attorney from obtaining his tax returns. >> every president and candidate since nixon have done it voluntarily, except for trump. the senate will vote on amendments as law makers work to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. it includes $550 billion in new spending with funding for roads, bridges, modernizing public
6:34 am
transportation, improving the nation's broadband. joining me now is senator chris van holland. senator, thank you for taking the time this morning. >> jim, great to be with you. >> will the senate get through this amendment process without jeopardizing the final passage of the legislation? >> yes, i'm confident we will. i'll work through the weekend likely and i think at the end of the day we'll have the votes to pass this bipartisan bill, which is a very important investment in modernizing our infrastructure, putting more americans to work, repairing bridges and roads, but also building out the infrastructure of the 21st century. universal access to broadband, dealing with clean energy, dealing with transit. a lot of work still ahead, but i'm confident. >> we saw that digital divide play out during remote learning
6:35 am
last year during the pandemic. there are progressive democrats in the house, among them alexandria ocasio-cortez, who believe they need to see changes in the legislation before passing. also demands to tie it to the broader legislation to follow. are you concerned democrats in the house could sink this? >> i'm not concerned this will sink in the end. it's a two-process. senator schumer has been clear about that. we'll pass this bipartisan infrastructure bill. president biden has laid out his build back better agenda and that includes not only modernizing infrastructure, but also what he calls the american family plan. extending those child tax credits, the monthly payments to help families coverall sorts of costs. that expires at the end of the year if we don't continue it. we want to lower the cost of prescription drugs. we want to include coverage for
6:36 am
dental and hearing within medicare. that will also happen and, jim, we'll pass the budget resolution in the senate before the august break as well to set up that process. it's a two-track process. >> you mention elements of the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill as it's sometimes called. the overall price tag of $3.5 trillion has push back from democrats. kyrsten sinema expressed concern about the size of that. are all democrats on board for that expansive legislation as it stands? >> all 50 senate democrats are on board for setting up the process to move forward on it. i will just point out that the president has put forward lots of ways to pay for this, including reforming the corporate tax code. right now u.s. corporations can
6:37 am
put lots of their profits overseas and big ones pay no corporate income tax at all. some of the wealthiest people in the country didn't pay any income taxes. we should be reforming our income tax code. i will also point out, when you give medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices, you're going to lower the price of medicare. >> policing reform has been a difficult issue. it's been on the back burner and sometimes the front burner going back to the wake of george floyd's killing. are you optimistic the senate will reach an agreement there? >> we're working very hard to do that. i'm in regular communication with senator cory booker and tim scott. they're our lead negotiators.
6:38 am
congresswoman karen bass, in regular communication with her. they're working nonstop to get this done. it's very important we pass this bill to provide reform, to provide accountability, to send a signal to the family of george floyd and so many others that their pleas for help were heard and congress is acting. we're trying very hard to get it done. >> has the rise in crime in many cities around the country fundamentally changed the politics of this negotiation here? i heard some republicans say this may not be the time to pass something like that given the rise in crime. have you heard that from your republican colleagues and could that stand in the way? >> i've not heard that and president biden has been very clear, and i agree, there's nothing inconsistent between ensuring public safety and making sure we have accountability from law
6:39 am
enforcement, that we have constitutional policing and, in fact, that should improve public safety overall because it's very important that communities have confidence in the law enforcement officers in their neighborhoods. it works best when there's that trust. so everybody, if you have accountability, along with making sure that officers have the resources to do their job. i would also point out one of the things i've been working on and karen bass has been is to create alternatives to 911 emergency calls. when someone calls with a mental health issue or somebody is homeless, it doesn't make sense to deploy and dispatch the police. in fact, we've seen too many of those situations escalate. we should want our police focusing their resources ongoing
6:40 am
after violent crime. >> i was out with new york police officers and saw them responding to mental health issues, many of their calls frankly in that category. senator, good to have you back on the program. >> jim, thanks. two congressional primaries in ohio could be sending a big signal of what to expect in the midterms. we'll discuss what we learned from those races. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, son of a poppyseed! ah, there's no place like panera.
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establishment wing of the democratic party. shontel brown defeated nina turner in a special primary election in ohio's 11th congressional district. former president trump flexed his own muscle. mike carey beat a crowded republican field for the 15th district there. geoff zeleny joins me now. geoff, what does this tell us about what might happen in the midterms? >> reporter: it tells us president trump has big power with his base. that was a crowded field, some 11 candidates. he candidate won by about 20 points. on the democratic side we've
6:46 am
seen a string of moderate democrats, the joe biden wing of the party, winning primary races. that happened in the cleveland race. why are we having these elections now? they're both to fill the vacant seats in cleveland. in central ohio steve syburn left. shontel brown, not a progressive like nina turner, a bernie sanders' backed candidate. brown said i'll come to washington to help president biden's agenda. she talked why that is key for everyone in the party. let's listen to her speech from last night. >> this was a collaborative partnership of a community of people that i worked hard to bring together. i as potentially the next member
6:47 am
of congress, i can walk in the door with good relationships. i have earned the support of people on the hill. >> the reason that is important is that over the weekend i was in cleveland covering this race. the entire leadership of the congressional black caucus campaigned for her. bernie sanders was campaigning for nina turner. again, president biden's agenda, they want to send an ally to him, not an antagonist. >> it's not unlike what we saw in the new york mayor's race. where does that leave the sanders' wing of the party? >> it leaves them frustrated. they're influential on policy as we saw on the evictions. there may not be as many primary races in the midterms next year. they were hoping for some wins here. this is joe biden's wing of the
6:48 am
party. never mind -- i mean it's been asked and answered. progressives play a role, but this is a trend we're seeing. this doesn't mean democrats will be successful in the midterms. in the primaries both party's bases are finding their lane. >> might be more electable. we'll see. the hackers behind the colonial pipeline cyberattack are back with a different name. up next what this means for the potential threat of future ransomware attacks. i want... ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the same gang of cyber criminals that attacked the colonial pipeline in may leading to shutdowns, gas shortages across the southeast is now reemerging under a different name. researchers say the group formerly known as dark side has creatively rebranded itself as black matter. more importantly, it seems to be carrying out attacks, already targeting multiple victims demanding ransom payments of $3 million to $4 million. alex marquardt joins me with details. is the expectation that they're going to start carrying out more attacks? >> absolutely. this is what we've seen before. when these groups feel pressure, they come back under a different name. when dark side attacked colonial back in may, that led to gas shortages up and down the east coast. dark side was paid over $4 million in ransom by colonial. they then went away. they said they were feeling pressure from the united states, that their infrastructure was under pressurely law enforcement
6:54 am
and they went away. right after that, the fbi was able to get back more than $2 million of that ransom that colonial pipeline had paid. now there's this new group called black matter. there are significant ties between the two. a cybersecurity group called coin analysis has established financial ties between dark side and black matter. experts who have delved into the code that black matter is using says they're using almost virtually identical encryption coding. this is not 100%. these are very, very strong indications. black matter, for its part, has denied it's dark side reincarnated. they say they're simply taking the best parts of darkside. and the other group we've been talking about lately, revil. there are signs that this is the reincarnation of darkside.
6:55 am
ransomware actors are a bunch of liars. he used a har esher word than that. >> they represent a real threat. alex marquardt, thank you very much. the delta variant now accounts for more than 93% of new coronavirus infections here in the u.s. this, as we learn there's been an increase in new cases among children. we'll much more on that coming right up. ♪ ♪
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good wednesday morning to
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you. i'm jim sciutto. the cdc publishing new figures showing how dominant the highly contagious covid-19 delta variant has become in this country. delta now accounts for more than 93% of all covid-19 infections across the nation. to put that in perspective, the delta variant accounted for just 3% of cases as recently as mid may. it comes as dr. anthony fauci tells cnn he believes the fda could give full, not just emergency approval, full approval to pfizer's vaccine as soon as the next couple weeks. with more than 90 million people still eligible but unvaccinated, fauci says final approval could help combat vaccine hesitancy. might also speed up authorization for children under 12. let's begin with cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. tell us what more we know about the timing of when full fda approval may come. dr. fauci brought it u


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