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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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whiskey bottles. i have no idea. i assume it was never touched. it never got to me. if it had been a case of diet coke, i would have been all over it. i had no idea it was missing. sadly i wouldn't know the difference between a $58 bottle and a $5800 bottle. >> i'm with him on that but who the heck took it. no one drank it? we're assuming it's long gone. it's time now for a.c. 360. good evening. tonight one of the nation's top health officials said it bluntly. our surge could be over within a matter of weeks or we could soon be right back to the worst days of the entire pandemic. >> if we work together, vaccinate everyone who is interested in unvaccinated and put our masks on to prevent disease, we could control this
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in a matter of weeks. models show if we don't do so we could be up to several hundred thousand cases a day, similar to what it was in january. >> that's the kind of world she sees if more people don't get vaccinated and if we all don't start wearing masks indoors while in public, as annoying as that is. trying to get approval as quickly as possible and as we're learning, that sense of urgency apparently extend to booster shot. saying a national booster strategy is being worked on. we'll have more on that shortly. first, a place where is surging. florida, which is now seeing a 587% increase in patients today, old and young, compared to a month ago. >> i admitted a perfectly
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healthy 1-year-old woman, perfectly healthy 25-year-old. >> our average age is at is 15-year-old mark and we see patients infected with serious respiratory problems as young as in their 30s. >> florida leads the nation in children hospitalized with covid, which is why school districts decided this week to follow cdc guidelines and require students to mask up. >> we know that if we have masked children in our classrooms, we're going to have fewer quarantines. that mean our children will have direct instruction more often. >> that sounds reasonable enough, which brings us to ron desantis. he's standing by his executive order barring schools from impose ing any mask mandates and threatening their funding if they do. the state recorded just under,700 new cases. today six days later it's nearly
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13,000. more kids are hospitalized in florida than any other state. they say it lacks well grounded scientific justification. presumably the cdc about the delta variant. all he has to do is visit one of the overloaded icuings in the state or worse yet, a pediatric icu. a lot of politics. >> if joe biden has taken to himself to try to single out florida over covid. this is a guy who ran for president saying he was quote to, quote, shut down the virus, and what has he done? he's imported more investigators from around the world by having a wide open southern border. why don't you do your job. why don't you get this border secure and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> ron desantis is considered a
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leading contenter to run for president in 2024 in the place of donald trump. blaming democrats for undocumented immigrants. whatever you may think about border policy, the blame for the covid problem lies closer to home and so does the responsibility. it's not just florida. later in the program we hear from a tennessee doctor who lost her job as the state vaccine official, what turned out to be a political firestorm. phil mattingly joins us from the white house. what are you learning about discussions happening at the fda regarding booster shots? >> reporter: fda officials have centered around the idea of having a full layout of a proposal for all vaccinated individuals as it relates to booster shots at some point in early september. that would be for everyone. it's worth noting according to an official perhaps booster would come for those most at risk at an earlier point in time. i think what this underscores is
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as other countries are starting to move forward on the process of booster shots, the u.s. has not reached that point yet. there is an expectation and you get it when you start to examination officials across the government that at some point it's coming and likely coming soon. now we know that the plan in full for all vaccinated individuals is likely to come out next month. >> is the white house commenting about what desantis is saying? >> the president was asked about this and he responded with a equip "governor who"? and moved on. they're willing to have this fight. it's been a sharp turn just that they would be willing to have this fight. they've tried so hard not to exacerbate any political tensions over the last six months. but the rational is quite simple. they believe there are serious public health drawbacks to the policies that the governor is pursuing at this point in time.
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they look at the data in florida. 25% of hospitalizations are originating in florida. the case count is significantly high until florida and there's a recognition that schools are starting and the possibility of having kids without masks as the delta variant is raging throughout the state could create major problems not just on the house side but on the education side. that's why they plan to push back on desantis if the back and forth continues to be engaged. officials versus made this clear. just because they're going back and forth at the highest levels does not mean there are not resources available to the state. 16 states are tapping into an array of resources to deal with the surge of the delta variants. they make clier if they need help, the federal government is there to provide it. >> appreciate it. now dr. lina nyn.
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also, andy schlavic, and arthur of "preventable." words from the cdc, how does this surge get turned around? what should people be doing tonight or tomorrow morning? >> i think there are two things that are equally important when it comes to turning around the surge. one, of course, the ultimate answer is vaccination. we know that what will stop the virus in its tracks and really is our only and best way out of the pandemic is to increase our vaccination rates. if we have a high enough level of immunity in the u.s. and we're able to stop the virus from wreaking the kind of havoc that it is, but the second thing is it's going to take a while for people to get vaccinated, even if everybody who is
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unvaccinated, we're talking about a month before they're able to be vaccinated. in the meantime we're going to have to look at the type of measures that we took in the past, including indoor masking i think is the single most important thing we can be doing. if there are public spaces in which situation vaccinated and unvaccinated mixed. >> they're warning that the u.s. could see several hundred thousand cases in the next few weeks. do you think the u.s. was going to see numbers like that again? there's no reason for it had we gotten more people vaccinated. >> i think the delta variant surprised everybody. having trouble in israel the same way as here. to some extent. these are new facts. anybody who's been thinking about covid in its 2020 form needs to step back and rethink. i think that's what the director is doing and beyond that, you're right. we are all a victim of the pockets in our country, the
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communities in our country below vaccination rates. those are the things that are causing so much havoc now. that's where the several hundred thousand cases will come from. it's avoidable. we have a solution. it's called a vaccine. >> we've talked about this before but some people may hear this about break-through cases and think why should i get the vaccine? what is your message to them tonight? and explain how better the cdc get an understanding of how many break-through cases there are. >> this is the way i would think about break-through infections. i think there's been some confused messaging around if you're vaccinated and get a break-through infection could you still infect other people. this is the way i would think about it. if i had to be in a room for all day in a small room with someone and i could choose is it a random vaccinated person or random unvaccinated person, i
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would choose the random vaccinated person every time because if you are vaccinated it reduces your chance of severe illness and reduces the chance of you contracting covid-19 in the first place. the vaccinated person is not going to be carrying covid because, yes, the vaccines don't protect you a hundred percent, break-through infections request happen but your chance of getting that break-through infection and therefore being able to expose someone else is much decreased. i think we need better data on break-through infections. if you are asymptomatic and you have a break-through infection, are you able to pass the virus to others? we have partial data from israel here. the israeli minister of health has said 80% of their break-through cases, the individuals who are vaccinated and have a break-through case transmit to no one else in a public setting. 10% limited to one other person. we need a lot more data like that in the u.s.
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i hope that the cdc is actively working to collect those data. >> the governor is standing by. parents should make decisions for his children. he's criticizing how the president's handling the pandemic. clearly there's politics going on. but what do you make of what he is actually doing? >> well, look, i think the president is actually -- doesn't think very much about the governor of florida. he thinks about -- a lot about the people of florida. the people of florida are being prevented from staying safe, prevented from keeping their children safe. it was easy enough for ron desantis to take a stand with c. fauci and say he's not going to vaccinate the country, where he thought cases were going down. but it didn't last more than a few weeks before the wisdom of that decision has made itself available to everybody to see. what he needs to do is the same
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thing governor hutchinson did in arkansas which is you know what, i made a mistake. this is before delta and i need to step back. otherwise, he just needs to get out of the way because his actions are causing real harm to people in the state and i think that's what the president is worried about. >> next action amy klobuchar. later more on the clash between politics and covid prevention ahead on 360. elp with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need.
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[ring] [ring ring] [ring] oh no... i thought i just ordered tacos. nope! sushi... ramen... burgers... tandoori chicken... some milk from the store, and... ...and, let me guess. cookies? wha, me hungry! yeah. here, i'll call some friends to help us eat. yeah, that good idea. yeah. get more from your neighborhood. doordash. hey yo, grover! you like ramen? when we left you last night we'd just found out how one official tried to help the president overturn the election. how other officials went to stop him. also as reported last night, this man acting as attorney general, jeffrey clark, who you probably don't recognize succeeded, quote, the course of
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history would have been changed if he had succeeded. today dick durbin said he wants his pam to question mr. clark. senator klobuchar, it's remarkable, the details we learned. we just mentioned your colleague wants to question jeffrey clark. what questions do you think he should answer? >> you know, i remember jeffrey clark's name in one very big way and that was the reports from "the new york times" that trump was trying to install him as the attorney general over the acting attorney general jeffrey rosen for the purposes of him maintaining the lie when it came to the election. so what we want to know about now is what his role was when it came to election suppression, when it came to questioning the results of the final results of the election, and there's a lot of information out there about what he could have been doing with georgia.
5:18 pm
and i just step back from this. this isn't a campaign. this is the justice department. in america, the president isn't kingsessing. the law is kingsessing. that's the first thing. he has an obligation to the law of the united states, not to donald trump. that is the oath of office that he took. then the second fees of this is just exactly as you point out, what he did and we are by the way, trying to make sure this never happens again with a bill that i have just introduced with senator war knock of georgia to stepped some of the protections so that we can't have states diving in and taking elected officials out, local election officials out and putting themselves in power to be able to, whether it's counting the ballots or setting the rules of the election. this is scary stuff, anderson. >> also scary justify, if clark had gotten his way and the
5:19 pm
president -- the then-president had gotten his way despite the outside cry that would have occurred there were millions of americans willing to back up this big lie at the time, as we saw on the capitol insurrection. the idea that this could have resulted in the incredibly serious threat to our democracy, it's not far-fetched. >> yes. and i like how you connect all these dots, because the insurrection just didn't happen by itself. donald trump was leading up to that since the election day on and calling people to join him in this big lie and calling people that day, of course, to march down the mall to the capitol. what i'm most interested in is figuring out how this happened. we looked at what happened at the capitol, the select committee and the house is actually looking at it in a deeper way, and that's really important for that to go on.
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but i'm looking at what is the next step. the next step is the over 400 bills that have been introduced around the country to limit people's right to vote, including ones that have passed, like in the state of georgia which said you can't even vote on weekends during a runoff. you can't register people to a run off. you can't give water to people in line. you have to put your birthday in the inside envelope because they know people can mess that up. these are the kind of bills that are passing. this is all tied in to what was going on before the election. and it's important to lock back at what happened. it's just as important to stop what's happening now. >> it's interesting, because i get direct message on instagram from people saying why are you still talking about the forum president? just ignore him. what you just said is the reason that there's actually
5:21 pm
legislation happening now which is based on and relies on the big lie. >> completely. >> this isn't some guy in mar-a-lago hanging out in the lobby talking to anyone who will listen to about his stolen election allegations. they're making legislation based on it. >> exactly. and audits that aren't real in arizona and the like. so that's why you wonder why we are so focused on the for the people bill. that sets national federal standards saying, you know what? you should be able to vote early. you should be able to vote in whatever way you can that's safe. like mailing in your ballot. there should be drop-off boxes. there should be ways to vote early. that's why the bill is so popular at its core. it's fully grounded in the constitution that says that congress can make or altar the laws for federal election and also it's wildly popular with people because they don't want the mess of who's counting the
5:22 pm
ballot when and having some boisk federal standards really helps people and they like the idea. >> clark was drafting a letter in support of what the president's big lie, particularly about georgia. is there any possible justification for such a high level justice department official to draft such a letter? >> no, and look at what former attorney general barr said himself. he said that there wasn't fraud in this election. the highest ranking person in homeland security under trump who had oversight election said it was the safest election in american history. jeffrey rosen, the acting attorney general at the end who trump was allegedly trying to replace your guy -- not your guy, but the guy we're talking about replaced him with jeffrey clark. he also was trying to hold the line. so you saw all these people, and while i didn't agree with a lot of what they were doing, you saw attempts of them trying to hold
5:23 pm
up the rule of law over people like jeffrey clark, and that's why it is so dangerous. because you can't have a president putting in basically campaign style people in the justice department who aren't following the law. >> yeah. the white house -- this evening president biden signed a bill you co-sponsored. 21 house republicans opposed the bill. what do you say to some of your republican colleagues in both claims of congress who are still trying to rewrite history and deny what happened that day and make it seem it was a regular day with tourists coming to the happy. >> it's absurd that 27 of them in the house didn't support it and the fact that they said it was because of the word "insurrection." my friend senator blunt, republican, and the two of us actually got every senator to support the bill. the republicans and democrats in
5:24 pm
the u.s. senate, every one of them. when i got out of the chamber after we passed it unanimously, the cops noticed. they said to me, this means so much that every single senator, not only supporting us with a gold medal that will be forever displayed in the smithsonian so kids can ask their parents what is this about and they can explain what happened that day, but also that every single person agreed to the lauk that said that these were insurrectionists and that this was an insurrection. that was a big deal in the senate. and president biden did a beautiful job today with vice president harris as he called up the little kids, billy evans, an officer who was killed months later when someone rammed their car into a barricade and pinned him down and the little kids standing up there with the president, giving him the pens and the kids distributing them to the police and the police chiefs is something i'm never going to forget, anderson. >> i do want to ask about
5:25 pm
schumer. where do things stand right now? >> well, i'm smiling because i'm standing right here waiting. and i'm really proud of that bill. we've got strong bipartisan support. i worked a lot on the broadband piece. it's going to be a game changer for our country, and we're going to get this done. right now they have a package of amendments that we're trying to get approval on and that takes a while in the senate so we can begin the votes. there's every reason to believe this bill will get done. maybe it's going to be in the wee hours of the morning one of these days, but it will get done and we're not going home until it gets done. >> thank you for your time. >> ok. thank you. >> up next, michael lindell keeps pushing false claims about the 2020 election, including to our drew griffin. >> we couldn't find a single person that said that this is even possible.
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lindell is not backing down. lindell's company is counter suing. drew griffin went to mvp to talk to him. here's the report. >> the my pillow guy. >> reporter: mike lindell, yes, china hacked the election, donald trump really won and lindell has the absolute proof. >> they did it in all the states. >> and they changed the votes. >> every single state and you have the proof. >> yes. >> that your show. >> i have the whole -- >> the actual exchange of votes. >> yep, yes, ma'am. hundred percent. 100%. >> it is of course complete nonsense. despite every piece of so-called evidence lindell has presented so far, screen shots he sent to cnn, there's no proof that the election was hacked and that's according to two dozen cyber experts and election officials
5:31 pm
contacted by cnn. >> a hundred percent evidence. >> when he released his evidence in videos like this, fact checkers quickly found out it was evidence of nothing. these images are just publicly available voter data scrolling across the string, not proof of election hacking, so lindell changed his story, saying now the real evidence will be revealed at a cyber symposium streamed live with my pillow discounts available throughout and as further proof he sent a preview, six different screen shots. >> you sent this on friday. >> yeah. >> what is this? >> that's just one piece of 1.2 billion lines. in there there will be time stamps. >> we sent this to our experts. he said that it doesn't show any specific actions of any kind election related or not and it's proof of nothing.
5:32 pm
>> ok. he said that's nothing, huh? then you didn't hire a cyber expert. >> kwae didn't consult just one expert, we consulted nine top election security experts who told us the screen shots were extremely rudimentary metadata and completely ridiculous. we also reached all 15 officials from the 15 counties where lindell says without any proof votes were hacked and switched. he mentions some of the counties in his videos and lists them out in his counterlawsuit against dominion voting. they are coups that use paper ballots counted by systems not connected to the internet. every one of them told cnn there is no evidence they were hacked by anyone. >> you identify 15 counties where the votes were switched. we contacted all 15 pouns counties, red and blue. and we couldn't find a single person that said this is even possible. they say are you mistaken? >> right.
5:33 pm
>> i think you're long. >> right. >> they have paper ballot backups. >> good. so you guys -- they let you audit -- they let you do a full audit on 15 counties, huh? >> we did what lindell did not do. we went to delta county, michigan. trump won here nearly two to one. >> the state michigan entry port delta county. >> in his video and his lawsuit he claims someone in china hacked the election system here and stole away precisely 3,215 trump votes and turned them into biden votes. the chairman finds it laughable for one main reason -- >> it has never connected to the internet. >> nevada? >> never connected to the internet, at all. >> the votes are cast by hand on paper. voters scan the ballot into a
5:34 pm
scanning machine. the paper ballot goes under lock and sealed. and just to check that everything went ok they conduct audits comparing the paper ballots to the results on the computer and in 2020 it was an exact match. >> we audited three different precincts and they matched exactly, so -- >> what would you say to somebody who made a documentary that among many counties accused your county of being the victim of a chinese hack that changed the vote counts? >> i would say that didn't happen in delta county. >> a republican-led michigan state senate investigation found out it didn't happen anywhere. no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud. >> i don't think you really understand how votes are cast collected and tabulated in this country. >> hey, you know what? i do. but what you don't understand is
5:35 pm
they can get -- after they're tabulated, they can get hacked after the fact, which they were, because donald trump is going to win -- >> paper ballots -- >> donald trump is going to win, anyway. you didn't do an audit to match them up. >> they were audited against the machine. >> no they weren't, no they weren't. who told you that? >> the county officials told -- >> they told you that? they're going to have some answering to do. >> no matter who says it, whether it's local election officials, secretaries of state, judges or even donald trump's own attorney general, mike lindell's conclusion is the same. they are all wrong. >> all these county officials are lying? wrote no know. we'll say misconstrued because they don't realize what happened. >> he says the information comes from multiple sources. he claims he spent millions on the project and also claims he will give $5 million to anyone who proves him wrong. >> mike, you can make up
5:36 pm
anything. >> who can -- no, you can't. no. no. no. this is where you're wrong. we're giving it to the cyber people that show up. we're going to give them a state. georgia, they can take it apart. >> you could possibly be the victim of a scam here. >> why don't you come to the symposium and make $5 million. maybe we should give a hug. oh, god bless you. >> here's what we're worried about. we're worried that what you are doing is mistakenly or deliberately destroying the confidence in the legitimate elected president of the united states and fostering what could be -- >> you know what -- >> dam to this country. >> about biden or the democrats ever never wrong. >> you through this investigation -- >> no you're not. you're lying. >> no. >> i said what the press warped us. no. you're lying. >> no. you're saying that -- biden was
5:37 pm
illegitimately limited? >> i'm saying that china did p a i tack on our country -- >> and that the wrong person won. >> that's right. >> the people who watched your video believe what you say. >> a hundred percent. >> if you're wrong, isn't that very dangerous? >> yes, but i'm not wrong. i checked it out. i spent millions. you need to trust me and come there. >> yeah, trust him. drew joins us now. do you have any reason to believe that after months of this, i mean, he has never offered proof of anything and there is no proof and it's been debunked. it's like his support for sham remedies. he has a history. >> and it just -- the conversation, as you can tell, anderson, goes round and round in circles. i'm telling you after our discussion, i'm not winced mike lindell understands how voting works, period, let alone that he has proof of a massive voting conspiracy. he claims to have all these super secret sources but he
5:38 pm
never shows the sources, nevada shows their proof. there's very good reason to believe all of this is linked to recycled conspiracy theories from the past, all completely discredited. lindell said no, this is new. he's paid millions to check it out. but as we've seen so far, it just does not hold up, periods. >> drew griffin, i appreciate it. thank you. coming up, inside the battle between politics and science, i'll get a doctor's take on real-life impli indications.
5:39 pm
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more on the battle between science and politics. tonight there are fears things could turn vice president. around the country where there have been bitter battles over mask wearing, some say they've received threats. an executive from the national association of city and county health say communications are turning nasty and out of control. one more instance of science clashing with politics. earlier we heard fas for health care officials who try to do their job in the face of political opposition, look no further than tennessee. their doctor was fired last month from her position as director of the immunization program for the state. she says it was after she sent a memo to medical providers
5:43 pm
informing them about a decades old law that says teenagers can get the vaccine without parents' permission in some cases. the former team board member joins me tonight. doctor, cnn analysis published says tennessee is one of the fewest at 17%. in your experience, what's behind that and what can be done to improve that? >> i think there's probably a few different things at work. one is that the state actually stopped doing any kind of outside reach to adolescents in tennessee about three weeks ago, specifically to covid-19 vaccine, but also to other vaccines as well over the legislature being upset about the law in tennessee that would allow add lessents to consent for their own health care, including vaccination. the other is that we have a very vaccine hesitant state,
5:44 pm
unfortunately, whether that is because of mistrust of the government or mistrust of vaccines or what we've seen across tennessee, this idealogical objection to vaccines where it's really felt that getting the vaccine is somehow play indicating the left part of the political spectrum. >> brad, your williamson county board of education member in your district you start tomorrow. you've been getting a lot of pressure from the community. i understand that you're not speaking for the board at all tomorrow, just in your own personal capacity, permanent opinion. what do you think should happen and what have those conversations been like? >> yeah. they've been very difficult and they go back to even at the gepg of the start of this pandemic, when we closed schools down in 2020, 2019, it seems that this conversation has been going on since then and at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year to
5:45 pm
have a mask mandate. i believe we were in campus in class rooms much more than any other districts across the state were, because we had that mask mandate. and so as we start this school year tomorrow, i'm fearful, quite honestly. we're dealing with a different virus now than what we've dealt with at the beginning of the pandemic and at the beginning of the 2021 school year. >> i know in some states like florida where the decision to mask your children is up to the parents? >> unfortunately it's not. i believe in parents choice. i believe that parents have the right to choose what's best for their children. houf, by them making a choice to come to school without a mask if that's their choice, they're making choices for other families as well, so in a school that's set up for free and public education for all, we have to make decisions as bored
5:46 pm
members that sometimes not every's going to agree with and our job first and foremost is obviously to provide access to quality public education, but we can't do that if we're providing an environment that is not safe. >> doctor, do public schools in tennessee require a certain number of vaccinations for other potential illnesses before kids can go to school? >> they do, yeah. tennessee has a very robust immunization program and immunization requirements for kindergarten and for 7th grade and in the state of tennessee, there is no philosophical exemption to vaccinations for schools. so parents need to get their children vaccinated unless they have a medical reason or a religious exemption or religious objection to doing sew. >> so the state could in this case for adolescents, children above the age of 12 at this point, could mandate vaccinations if they wanted to?
5:47 pm
>> well, it could have, except in january very early on in our legislative session, our state legislature outside lawed the ability to mandate covid-19 vaccines, not just for this virus now but for any future covid-19 vaccines that might be developed for any government entity, which would include our public school system. >> doctor, based on where vaccinations are in the country and in your state and the track of the delta variant, do you think things are going to get worse before they get better? >> i do, unfortunately. we have projections that all our children's hospitals will be filled to capacity by sometime next week. this is a variant that is sickening children. there were two children in shelby county where memphis is that died from covid-19 over the week. there are children across the state who are on ventilators because of covid-19, and unfortunately, the speaker of
5:48 pm
the house for the state of tennessee expressed a few days ago that any school district that tried to put in a mask mandate would be penalized, that they would call a special session of the legislature to try to outside law the ability to do that, and that any school district that closes schools because of high covid-19 case rates would be penalized financially where they would take the money out of those schools and give vouchers to -- for those children to attend private schools. it's that kind of intimidation that's going to work against the health and well fare of our children. >> i appreciate both of you what you do. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> thanks. >> up next, more breaking news. the list of new york district attorneys asking about the investigation into if governor. tlt latest on that ahead. i was drowning in student loan debt. i was in the process of deferring them, paying them... then i discovered sofi. completely changed my life.
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5:53 pm
erie county offices looking into whether incidents occurred in their jurisdictions. meanwhile, the new york state assembly says it's nearly complete with its impeachment investigation on the governor. they are giving him until next friday to respond. all of this taking on new urgency after the new york attorney general released that damning report finding the governor sexually harassed 11 women. he denies those lotion allegations. erika hill joins us with more. >> what we do know is that letter gave, of course, the governor's attorney until next friday to submit any, additional evidence. the articles of impeachment won't be done, prior to that. but once they're ready, it could be a pretty quick process. we know a majority of the assembly members have told cnn that they would vote to impeach, and then from there, of course, it would move onto the senate. >> and what more do you know about the evidence the governor's team may submit? >> so, the reaction to this letter stating that they were nearing completion, in terms of the impeachment investigation
5:54 pm
and inviting the governor's attorneys to submit more evidence. they said they would cooperate but there were a couple of clues in there. we do know that from the governor's rebuttal, essentially, one of the events they take issue with is the one that involved allegations from executive assistant number one, who said the governor had cupped her breast on one occasion. they say that that was basically incomplete. and that also, an attorney for the executive chamber, we know, has taken issue with the way the retaliation against lindsey boylan was described. describing it as legally and factually wrong. we can tell you the new york attorney general's office said they stand by the report. >> and the governor obviously continues to lose support from longtime democratic ally, including former virginia governor, terry mcauliffe, who is running for his old job and says governor cuomo should step down. is there any reason to think the governor is considering that? >> based on everything that we have heard, no. and even some insight that we got from jay jacobs last night in terms of conversations he's
5:55 pm
the state democratic party chair. conversations he had with the governor trying to urge him to resign. his takeaway was that the governor was really focused on his defense, and he wants to tell, in jay jacob's words, his side of the story. >> erika hill, thanks, appreciate it. up next, what the texas governor greg abbott is calling for with one special session about to end, as democrats still a remain away from the state in effort to stall legislation they say that will restrict voting rights. that that's coming up. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ texas governor, greg abbott, says he will call another special session the state's legislature beginning this weekend, after democratic lawmakers fled the the state during the first one blocking bills they say will restrict voting rights. the new special session will begin just about 12 hours after the first one ends. those democrats effectively stalled any action on new voting bills by leaving as a group for wash washing. more than 50 as you know, democratic lawmakers have remained out of the state since mid-july. they spent time meeting national democratic leaders, pressing for national voting rights legislation. remains unclear whether the
6:00 pm
democrats will return to the state or if their stalling tactics will even, eventually, succeed. the news continues. want to hand things over to chris for "cuomo prime time." chris. all right. thank you. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." the covid-command center. the government is moving in the direction of getting us ready for booster shots. here's what we know. the fda says it could lay out a national strategy for vaccine-booster shots sometime early-next month. are they certain? no. are they certain we need it? no. why? data. and they have concerns, but the current data, which they haven't really adjusted for the delta variant, still, very promising. moderna vaccine. 93% effective, through six months after the secon