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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit i'm wolf blitzer. "erin burnett" s outfront" star right now. "outfront" next, biden versus desantis. the feud getting nasty and personal. the florida governor questioning the president's mental faculties as his state reports a record number of cases. stunning details about how far one trump ally in the justice department went in trying to overturn the election
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even embracing a baseless conspiracy theory china used thermometers to change election results and marjorie taylor greene suggests shooting people who encourage vaccines. let's go "outfront". good evening, everyone. i'm kate bolduan in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight a low blow from the florida governor. ron desantis getting personal in his war of words tonight questioning biden's mental faculties as he defied the covid guidelines. let me play for you first what biden said and desantis' response. >> governor who? >> desantis. [ laughter ] >> i guess i'm not surprised that biden doesn't remember me. i guess the question is what else has he forgotten? >> the white house clearly leaning into this fight, as well. today biden's press secretary went right at the florida governor and his campaign for among other things, selling
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t-shirts saying things like don't fauci my florida. >> not only is governor desantis not abiding by public health decisions, he's fundraising off of this. >> desantis has been trying to block biden and his administration over ruling the cdc even when it comes to their science based recommendations to beat back the virus. >> there has been talk about potentially people advocating at the federal level. >> you're trying to lock people down, i'm standing in your way why don't you do your job? i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> desantis might not want to hear a blip but that doesn't change the reality that his state is suffering. florida just reporting it had more than 134,500 cases of covid
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this week. that's the most cases in a week since the start of the pandemic. the state is also reporting 175 deaths over the past week. about 25% of new covid cases across the country have been reported in florida. a state with less than 7% of the u.s. population. and today, maryland's republican governor not missing an opportunity to not knock desantis to his response for the pandemic. >> well, the good news is here in maryland, because we're so vaccinated, the virus is not spreading like the rest of the country. you were talking about florida with 21,800 cases in a day and we had 500. they have 10,000 people in the hospital, we have 300. >> look, political fights are just that and they may benefit each of these politicians, larry hogan, ron desantis and joe biden but what they don't do is get us any closer to getting us out of this pandemic.
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arlet is traveling with the president "outfront" in wilmington, delaware. i know you've been talking to white house officials about this fight today. what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, kate, white house officials aren't exactly outlining the next steps in the strategy of the war of words between the white house and ron desantis. they demonstrated a willingness this week to call out those republican governors like desantis who they believe are making decisions that fly in the face of public health guidance. president biden really set the tone for that early in the week when he specifically responding to the desantis and texas governor greg abbott saying that governors who won't implement mask or vaccine requirements should just move out of the way and that is something that you really heard from white house officials, as well, this week as you heard in that sound from white house press secretary jen psaki. she accused desantis of playing politics instead of relying on public health guidance.
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one thing this white house understands when you talk to officials, many of these decisions regarding masks and vaccine requirements will be made at the state level. the federal government can do as much as they can but they're also going to highlight the republican governors they believe aren't going on the right course but we will see whether this war of words continues between the white house and desantis going forward. >> arlet, thank you so much. "outfront" with me co-anchor of state of the union and dr. jonathan reiner that advised the white house medical team under george w bush. dana, is there any doubt in your mind what desantis is doing by escalating this war of words? >> no. there really isn't and as you played in the intro, you know, all, the biggest tale for those of us that cover politics is whether or not a politician is trying to raise money off of the actions that they are engaging in. and the fact that ron desantis is doing just that is the
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biggest tell aside from so many other political data points that fly in the face of what seems to be the medical and the scientific data points that are going on in florida. the fact is that the hospitalization rates are skyrocketing and so on and so forth and, you know, it is a bit ironic that what the governor has done is issue a mandate that people can't on a more local level in florida issue mandates. i mean, there is a bit of rich irony in that, don't you think, kate? >> in the republican tradition of valuing local control, yes, there is quite a bit of rich irony in that. dr. reiner, dana is talking about the reality on the ground when it comes to forget the political talking points. i mean, florida reported more covid cases over the past week than any other seven-day period
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during the pandemic and desantis is trying to ban mask mandates. he's stopping vaccine requirements from going in place, and honestly, again, forget the war of words. as a doctor, what do you say to the governor? >> he needs to get his act together. look, i think the primary role for a governor is to protect the health and welfare of his citizens, of the constituents that elected him and all those people who live in his state and right now in florida, things are really bad. every day in florida, about another 1,000 people add to the already very high total of daily case rates. right now, in florida, there are almost twice the number of daily cases in florida as in the united states entirely on july 4th and again, it's increasing by about 1,000 people per day. the governor only has three sort of tools at his disposal.
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he can get the public to mask up. he can mandate masks. he can get the public to increase their vaccination rate by essentially either mandating vaccines or empowering businesses to use vaccine passports, but he's refusing to do that, or he can shut down. the governor of florida refused to do all three of those. the state is on fire, and if you prevent the fire department from coming to the rescue of a house fire, that house is going to burn to the ground and that's what is happening in florida now. >> it's interesting because andy said to me this week that it's almost like these governors are getting caught being too caught by half because they can put these bans when the case counts were on the decline looking like we were moving out of the pandemic and now they're not dealing with the reality.
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we know desantis is not likely a presidential contender in '24. biden knows this, as well. why do you think joe biden is engaging in this public fight? doesn't it elevate ron desantis? >> it does. it absolutely does. but look, you know, the reality is what it is on the ground and this isn't necessarily a fight, this definitely isn't a fight about a run of the mill policy difference. this is a fight about life or death and about not just ron desantis' constituents but the president of the united states. he's in charge of everybody in this country and i understand the local versus federal and all of that but that is the reality here. if you look at one of the neighboring states, arkansas, governor hutchinson, he arguably
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is from a much more conservative, much redder state than florida, which is obviously trending much more red recently and he signed something saying -- signed legislation saying that there won't be a mask mandate and he now regrets it saying publicly one of the differences between them if you look at the raw politics, hutchinson is term limited. he's not running again in that state. so he's maybe more free to say what he thinks is best for the public good and for his constituents' health and welfare rather than ron desantis. whether or not he's looking at 2024, if that doesn't happen is looking at the next election in his state to remain governor. >> that's exactly right. honestly, it could be as simple as what you laid out and it's sad because hutchinson is term limited out and running for some term.
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doctor, he is fundraising on this in his state, out of the state, selling this merchandise. beyond what this does in a political sense, does this stuff have a real consequence right now? >> look, what's happening on the ground in florida right now is the consequences of the governor's actions is creating a situation where all the hospitals are filling with covid patients and pretty soon, all over florida elected procedures will seize. it will be harder to do emergency non-covid procedures or treat non-covid patients. people are going to start to feel the pain of this pandemic in florida and the governor, i think, painted himself into a corner. he's going to have to enact either mask mandates or start closing bars and restaurants down because hospitals are going to be over run. >> dr. reiner, thank you. dana, thanks. "out trfront" next a trump y
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pushing a wild conspiracy theories about chinese thermometers impacting election results. and marjorie taylor greene saying others that want people to get vaccines could be shot. >> we love our second amendment right and we're not real big on strangers showing up on our front door. >> and they made headlines after waving and pointing guns at protestors in st. louis. why did the governor pardon the mcel mcel mcclarwskys over evidence of a crime they may not have committed? one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need.
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savor your summer with lincoln. new tonight, the top justice department official who tried to help donald trump overturn the election believed china used special kinds of they rmometerso change the election results. jeffrey clark was so behind this theory he asked for a classified breathing and the director of national intelligence agreed at the request of former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen but even ratcliff who trump chose for that job admitted there was no everyday to back up any theory of foreign interference. yet, that did not stop clark's dedication to the big lie. evan perez is "outfront" and has this reporting. your reporting shows just how far it seems this justice official was willing to go for donald trump. >> yeah, that was jeffrey clark.
4:17 pm
he was the acting head of the civil division and he was known for being unremarkable at the justice department until those key crucial days in late december where he suddenly became the man at the justice department who was helping to front these false conspiracies that the president wanted people to believe that the election was stolen and that somehow tallies were changed. in the case of jeffrey clark, he said he had his own secret intelligence sources, former official that he said he was getting this information from and he insisted that he needed a classified briefing and that's why jeffrey rosen and other officials there, they thought, well, if we give him a briefing, he'll go away with this non-sense and in the end he sat down with change. he believed that some of the
4:18 pm
intelligence was being hidden from and still continued to push this idea there might have been fraud and a couple days clark was at the white house where the president was trying to decide to fire rosen and replace him with clark. >> evan, thank you so much for that reporting. really kind of remarkable even still. "outfront" now democratic congressman adam schiff on the house select committee investigating january 6th and the chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, thank you for coming on. i want your reaction to this reporting from evan perez how far jeffrey clark went to try to help donald trump push this massive election guy even going to the specialized chinese thermometers. >> it is really staggering to see how close they came to subverting our elections and democracy and clark in
4:19 pm
particular if what is reported is collect he's not only proposing that the right top justice officials including the acting attorney general to the georgia legislature and a special session to appoint an alter net set of electors and when you consider that he might have been appointed by trump as attorney general. he might have replaced rosen. those would have gone out and who knows what the state legislatures might have done as a result. >> add that together, does jeffrey clark need to come testify before your committee before the select committee? >> well, i think he's going to be a very important witness and i don't want to speak for the chairman. we'll make those decisions together as the committee but i think we need to view january 6th in the right context, which is there were efforts before the
4:20 pm
election to subvert the election by pushing out false claims of fraud and there were obviously efforts after the election to try to return the results with the president intervening with state sleiglegislatures, with l electors and board members to vote or certify their elections and then you have what was going on at the justice department again at the president's instigation. all of this is important in terms of what led us to january 6th and where we go forward as a nation. >> and in the immediate going forward, we're hearing more about a former trump campaign official who has been talking up another protest at the capitol, planned for next month. this one in support of the alleged rrioters, people charge with crimes still behind bars. i want to play for you some of what he told steve bannon.
4:21 pm
>> i think as we continue to raise the profile of these individuals, it makes it harder and harder for the left's phony narrative about an insurrection to stick. we have the next rally planned. it's in the middle of september, september 18th and going to be huge and what is going to define it is where it's going to take place. we're going back to the capitol where it started. we're going to continue to raise the volume and push become against this phony narrative and demand justice for the political prisoners. >> what is your reaction to hearing that? >> well, i have a few reactions. first of all, this is very much in character for steve bannon and people he associates with. b bannon said they need to take this out as and it was a love
4:22 pm
fest between these people that gathered on january 6th and it's important to realize that that is not acting on its own on the very day testifying in heartbreaking fashion about the trama they endured. that same day you have republican members of congress at the justice department out in front of the justice department making a similar argument these insurrectionists and domestic terrorists were somehow political prisoners and the justice department should go easy on them so it's the alternate world that the former president would like people to live in and when completely at odds of the reality that's a continuing danger to the country. >> dismissing it isn't going to make it go away. we know that from january 6th, of course. before you go, i'm seeing a report that the select committee added former repub connlican
4:23 pm
congressman denver wriggleman, can you confirm that? >> i can't confirm anything about the staff. you know, the committee will make its announcements in terms of any staffing that we bring on when the chairman decides so i can't comment on that one way or another. >> one thing we do know is that denver wriggleman has spoke n u strongly about misinformation and what it has done leading up to, before and after january 6th. his opinion would be interesting for the committee to have as advice. thank you for your time. >> thank you. "outfront" next new york governor andrew cuomo's lawyering slamming the state attorney general's report detailing sexual harassment allegations against him. >> the investigation was conducted to support a predetermined narrative. >> now the attorney general's office is responding. plus, a top arizona
4:24 pm
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tonight new york governor andrew cuomo on the attack in a fiery press conference today, attorneys for the governor directly and fiercely defending him trying to discredit his accusers. this as one woman who claims governor ocuomo groped her on multiple occasions file as criminal complaint with the albany sheriff's office. paula reid is "outfront". >> reporter: tonight, lawyers for andrew cuomo firing back against allegations of sexual harassment. for the first time, publicly addressing some claims line by line. >> the governor deserves to be treated fairly and he must be. that did not happen here. this was one sided, and he was ambushed. >> reporter: a new york state attorney general's report this week found the governor sexually
4:29 pm
harassed 11 women. a report the governor's lawyers say was done to support a predetermined narrative. >> i asked why did this report ignore documentary evidence and why did they not want to tell you? >> reporter: a woman named in the a.g.'s report as executive assistant one filed a complaint thursday with the albany sheriff's office. it's the first known criminal complaint of sexual misconduct against the governor. >> in the executive mansion, the governor reached under her blouse to grab her breast. this was the culmination of a pattern of inappropriate sexual misconduct. >> lawyers said that's not what happened. >> she was at the mansion that day for several hours. she wasn't just working with the governor. she was working with other staffers, emails that she sent while she was at the mansion reflect that she was joking
4:30 pm
while she was there, she was eating snacks and she even offered to stay longer at the mansion when her work was done. >> reporter: the governor's office says it notified albany police of the sexual misconduct allegations several months ago in accordance with state policies. the governor's lawyers also taking issue with another accusation that the governor inappropriately touched a state trooper assigned to his security detail. the lawyer saying cuomo sought her out at an event to recruit her and increase diversity. >> he liked how she maintained eye contact. she liked she was assertive with him in the conversation and then he asked one of the troopers he knows about her and they said yeah, she's excellent. and he's like i don't understand this. why do i not have women on me detail? the governor will address the tr troop's allegations soon. another accuser lindsey left the
4:31 pm
governor's office after being harassed. the governor's lawyers say that's also not true. >> she was leading the public to believe a false story, that she left because of sexual harassment and a bad work environment when in fact, she left after being confronted with a number of complaints and then really wanted her job back and they wouldn't give it back. >> reporter: cuomo's lawyers who suffered technical issues during the presentation. >> my apologiapologies. >> reporter: say they are preparing an official response and will submit it to the state impeachment committee by the august 13th deadline. the new york attorney general's office said there are 11 women whose accounts have been corroborated by a mountain of evidence. any suggestion that attempts to undermine the credibility of these women or investigation is unfortunate. the office also says it will be making redacted transcripts from witness interviews available to the state assembly. kate? >> paula, thank you very much. "outfront" with me now is
4:32 pm
jennifer rogers. jennifer, what is your reaction to how the governor's legal team tried to discredit, begin to discredit his accusers today? what do you make of their defense? >> they are trying to do two things, they argued about the merit and process. i thought the merit was a weak defense. they only addressed two of the 11 accusers and even then tiki tack in the way they try to pick at certain as sppects of the stories. i thought all of that was pretty unimpressive. the process carried weight with me. on one hand, they don't really deserve process. there is no legal right to process in this part of the procep proce proceedings, the a.g. report but under cuts the ability to defend him if they don't have access to the interviews. i think the process argument is important going forward .
4:33 pm
if we're headed towards impeachment, which i think we are, i hope they look closely to due process and makes sure he's able to participate in the proceedings in a meaningful way because if he's not, i'm afraid if he's removed from office he may have a claim for due process violation and may end up in months of litigation over that. i do hope they give him some of what he is asking for and allow him to participate so that doesn't happen. >> one of his ace ccusers filed criminal complaint. this is the accuser who says, who is accused him of groping her on multiple occasions, reaching under her blouse and on another occasion grabbing her butt. cuomo's attorneys said they're not worried about this complaint. should they be? >> yes, and i believe they are no matter what they're saying. this is still far away from an actual criminal charge being
4:34 pm
filed. it's a big step the complain is willing to proceed. there is still a big difference in the burden of proof here. there has been findings in the report that credited executive assistant one's allegations against the governor but the district attorney in albany county david suarez has to think about beyond a reasonable doubt proof. so he has to be sure that they can meet that standard at trial before he charges and also, you know, the report considered all of this evidence as a whole, the other accusations, the hostile work environment, so david suarez again has to consider only the evidence that would be admissible in a criminal trial, which is going to be a lot less than what the investigators had. he still has a big job ahead of him to figure out where this should be headed but still is bad news for tlovernor for sure. he's been told to watch his
4:35 pm
back and received a orange prison jump suit in the mail. fighting the state's sham audit is next and marjorie taylor greene cheering on one state for not getting vaccinated. >> i hear alabama might be one of the most unvaccinated states in the nation. [ cheers ] does your deodorant keep you fresh all day? we put dove men deodorant to the test with nelson, a volunteer that puts care into everything he does. it really protects my skin. it's comfortable and lasts a long time.
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tonight, check your six. that's the message from one republican arizona state senator threatening members of her own party to watch their backs for refusing to push the big lie and support the baseless arizona election audit. state senator rogers sending out a fundraising email saying quote, personally i think they should be in jail. let me put it this way, i'm air force and sunny beralli is a marine. we're coming for you. you better check your six. one of those members of the board of supervisors they are talking about, bill gates actually also received this orange prison jump suit in the mail today after she sent out that email calling for them to
4:40 pm
be put in jail. "outfront" now bill gates the republican vice chairman of maricopa county's board of supper visos supervisors. thanks for coming in, bill. >> thanks for having me. >> you've been dealing with this sham audit, can you talk to me about the level of threats you have been receiving especially now? >> yeah, unfortunately, the threats continue and they're not simply organic. they're being driven unfortunately by members to the arizona state senate and other republicans across the country. we have received phone calls into our offices at the board of v supervisors, staff saying our families will be slaughtered and threatening us to stop standing up for the election workers of maricopa county. >> i want to offer context.
4:41 pm
you're being targeted because you're standing up against the sham audit all together, but specifically, because you're refusing now to handle the routers used by the county's election division which the state senate is trying to subpoena, same thing former president trump and supporters are also calling for, let me play this for folks. >> they don't want to give up the routers. they don't want to give them. they are fighting like hell. why are these commissioners fighting not to give the router? >> we'll pull the captures out of the routers and have a cyber guy read it and say this is what happened. computer id. here is who did it. here is the attacker and at atta attacking. >> this is a wild baseless theory. voting machines were connected and somehow italian satellites were utilized to change votes from trump to biden. can you layout once and for all
4:42 pm
what you know about these routers? it sounds even crazy when i ask it but i want to ask what you even know about the routers and why you will not turn them over. >> yeah, so here is the issue this all comes down to the question of whether the machines used in november 2020 election were connected to the internet and they were not. we had two independent auditors come in, the board of supervisors voted for this and established these were not connected to the internet. further more, we provided logs from the arizona state senate that if the cyber ninjas knew what they were looking at, they would see these logs establish these machines were never connected to the internet. but they continue to push forward asking for the routers. just so your viewers understand, the reason we're not turning over the routers is because they basically would provide a blueprint if they got into the
4:43 pm
wrong hands of the information systems at maricopa county. now why is that an issue? we have a lot of personal information of our citizens on that information -- on those routers but more than that, actually, if this got into the wrong hands, it would provide information on sensitive law enforcement activities, law enforcement personnel that could put these operations at risk and it's not just maricopa county because we share these databases with law enforcement across the state so this could literally threaten sensitive law enforcement activities across the state of arizona if we were to turn these routers over. >> but still, the threats come in. these elected officials know this or could know this very easily but do not and you and your family now remain in danger. bill gates, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. "outfront" for us next,
4:44 pm
marjo marjorie taylor greene toting second amendment rights for those getting vaccinated. pointing peaceful guns at protesters while two black men are still behind bars for crimes likely others committed. why? whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lisa here, has had many jobs. and all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today. ♪
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at carvana, we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms, with care and respect. to us, the little things are the big things. which is why we do everything in our power to make buying a car an unforgettable experience. happy birthday. thank you. we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms. because that's what they deserve. new tonight, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene suggesting people who are encouraging vaccinations could be shot. listen to this.
4:48 pm
>> you lucky people here in alabama might get a knock on your door because i hear alabama might be one of the most unvaccinated states in the nation. [ cheers ] >> well, joe biden wants to come talk to you guys. >> don't do that. >> he's going to be sending one of his police state friends to your front door to knock on the door, take down your name, your address, your family members' names, your phone numbers, your cell phone numbers, probably ask for your social security number and whether you've taken the vaccine or not. yeah, what they don't know is in the south, we all love our second amendment rights. [ cheers ] >> and we're not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? they might not like the welcome they get. >> yeah, she's clearly riling up a crowd in support of pulling a gun on someone trying to save lives and it is simply not true that joe biden is sending people
4:49 pm
to get your information like your social security number and it's just flatout sad people cheered about alabama's poor vaccinate rate. yet, this rant comes amid a disturbing warning from local health officials being threatened for urging people to wears masks or get vaccinated. "outfront" now the chief executive officer that represents about 3,000 local health departments across the country. thank you for being here. it's your members the ones being threatened and sounding the alarm here and now you hear thi congresswoman. bh what's your edisheartening and heart of the public's messaging about solid public health measures based in science. our local health officials working on the ground are not political. they are completely apolitical. they have one mission in mind and that is to keep their
4:50 pm
communities safe and healthy by enacting measures that do that very thing and they've had a hard time during this pandemic with the poll iticalization of their work. >> officials trying to protect people can face these threats but that is what is happening. >> they showed up lighter flulds burning it in pan and chanting teachers are child abu abusers. teachers are murderers. it escalated into more banter and disagreements and so forth. >> gett ting death threats and harassing my daughters to the point where i have to get security is just, it's amazing.
4:51 pm
>> it's been happening throughout the pandemic but it's really started to ratchet up again with the new mask guidance out from the cdc. the type of threats can come from social media where people can hide behind their screens and identity a bit more safely. those threats can be even more serious than some other threats that we see happening. we see protests happening at school board meetings council meetings in some states there are individuals coming to the meetings with guns on them. they are carrying weapons.
4:52 pm
very intimidating but also calls. you name it. they are getting threats in all kinds of ways. >> how worried are you this ongoing, these ongoing threats are just going to force these people to just give up and leave their job? >> unfortunately, we have already seen a lot of that happen. we're well over 250 state and local health officials who have resigned, been fired or taken early retirement during the pandemic. i anticipate that we'll continue to see our local health officers and the staff their serve their departments continuing to depart. we recently did a survey on the mental health of our local health officers and their staffs and it was really distressing to see that 53% are suffering from mental health affects from really ardi addressing this pan.
4:53 pm
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. okay, that's because you all have xfinity mobile. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. playing politics with pardons. missouri republican governor pardons mark and patricia, the white couple charged last year after pointing guns at peaceful protesters who were mostly black. kevin strictland and lamar jackson who have been behind bars for decades for murders that other people have since admitted to are still in prison. omar is out front. >> reporter: as protesters marched by, mark and patricia brandished their weapons outside their st. louis area home in the summer of 20. it led to charges. mark was hit with fourth degree
4:57 pm
assault while patricia got second-degree harassment. in a decision by missouri governor, they were pardoned. after pleading guilty to the charges. >> for him to get pardoned, in that scenario is unbelievable. while we're trying to do other political reform and make our politicians equitiable and ethical, this is a glaring line on that. >> reporter: it frustrates advocates for others in state pleading innocence like lamar johnson who told pbs. >> my concern is simply getting caught up for god knows how long over procedural matters. >> reporter: he was sentenced the life without the possibility of parole in 1995 for murder. since his conviction, two others came forward admitting in sworn affidavits to the killing and said johnson wasn't involved. the lone eyewitness said he
4:58 pm
agreed to testify after police and prosecutesers offered to help him financially according to a report for current circuit attorney. >> it's our duty under the constitution, under the ethics of a presosecutor, a duty we swr to to make sure we right the wrongs. >> reporter: the original district attorney denied the claim and called the report a one sided hatchet job. the missouri supreme court denied appeal for johnson. there was kevin strickland convicted of triple murder over 40 years ago and now they say he's innocent citing a sole witness was mistaken in her identification and informed multiple parties and corroborated by three of the known culprits who each have stated consistently over four decades that strickland was not present. two of those three have pleaded guilty and served less than ten
4:59 pm
years. strickland has been behind bars for over 40. >> this man must be freed. i am profoundly sorry -- i am profoundly sorry for the harm that has come to you. >> reporter: still no movement from the governor who declined to comment as he pardoned 12 people, including the mcclouskey's earlier in the week. >> protesters outside their house was there for black lives matter and the injustices that have happened to african-americans. >> reporter: strickland and johnson are still trying to find ways to breakthrough the system which up to this point has been a tangled web of appeals and denials mark is running for u.s. senate. a picture of his crime featured prominently on his website and as part of their plea agreement, he and his wife had to turn over
5:00 pm
their handgun and semiautomatic rifle. they are now suing to get those back. >> thank you for shining a liegts on this. great report. thank you so much. thank you all so much for joining us this evening. ac 360 starts right now. good friday evening to you. anderson is off tonight. we begin with major and positive milestone for the country. as of tonight, more than 50% of the population is vaccinated against covid. that is good but it may not be keeping up with the pace of the delta variant. >> we're returning out of time. you're absolutely running out of time. sgla >> that is a governor of a state whose population remains resistant to vaccine. west virginia amping up the urgency, the same urgency is apparent on the federal level. we have seen the administration scrambling to speed up full fda