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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 21, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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make that little bit of a curve back towards the west which is why we're thinking landfall is going to happen over long island. timing wise, thinking right around lunchtime on sunday. it will continue to push farther inland before then going back out to the east over the open atlantic. one thing we did notice in the last advisory that started to tick up was the winds forecast with this. the red area here, about 74 to 110 mile per hour wind gusts. look at this purple area here, including montauk, we're talking 110 mile per hour wind gusts. the other areas, 40 to 60 mile per hour winds that's enough when you talk about the combination of winds and rain. along the east coast, from north carolina up to massachusetts, high surf and rip currents will be a concern but the heaviest rainfall is going to be limited in and around that landfall location but it spreads inland so new york, vermont, new hampshire still likely to see
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several inches of rain. which is why you have the flash flood threat for several states. it's important to note earlier this week they had a lot of rain from the remnants of fred now you have two systems bringing a tremendous amount of rain saturating the ground. we talked about the high wind gusts it's not going to take much to bring trees and power lines down, which is why we're anticipating power outages. storm surge also going to be a concern. this area here, hamptons, nantucket, providence, talking 3 to 5 feet. but even around boston and down towards the jersey coast, still 1 to 3 feet of storm surge there. this is a multi-state issue and concern from this particular storm. >> allison, thank you. let's go to derek now where much of new england is buckling down for this. what kind of preparations, if any, are taking place now? >> reporter: there are
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preparations taking place. people have been removing boats from the marinas upshore from here. there's also been beaches and some of the local parks here closed in preparation for henri's final approach by sunday morning into new england. of course, it's a glorious afternoon at the moment but looks can be deceiving because we know conditions are going to deteriorate overnight. the direct threats here, power outages and also widespread tree damage as well. but a lot of people have these benchmark storms they think about hurricane sandy, this will by no means be a hurricane sandy because it's a smaller storm, moving slightly faster than sandy but the storm surge is a threat. if you wonder how the coastal cities protect themselves from storm surge, get a load of this, acame across this last night. if you visited this location, you know about it. this is called the fox point hurricane barrier. this is run by the national army corps of engineers, they can
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drop the three gates behind me in a matter of 30 minutes that's going to protect the city from the surge of water from the atlantic ocean as approaching tropical systems move into this area. there's also a pumping station behind this that has the potential to take upstream river flooding, which is also a threat in rhode island and remove up to 3 million gallons per minute out of the providence river that is directly behind me. so these, working together, will keep providence safe. but, of course, with the strengthening storm and any wobble of any storms that is a matter of miles, a game of miles where henri makes land fall. >> that's an extraordinary system they have in place there, i've never seen anything like that. >> sure. >> thanks to both of you. new york governor, andrew cuomo is set to give a press conference on storm preparations in a few minutes we'll bring
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that to you. joining me right now steve balone -- did i get your last name right? >> yes. >> fantastic. how is your community getting ready? >> well, we're preparing right now, i'm expecting to issue an emergency declaration order this afternoon. and i just announced a voluntary evacuation order for fire island national seashore. right now one of the challenges is we're at the height of the summer season in the hamptons, on fire island. making sure that people are safe with the storm approaching and likely, in all likelihood, to strike us directly whether as a tropical storm or maybe a category 1 hurricane. we want to make sure people are safe. we haven't seen that since hurricane gloria back in 1985. where we've been hit directly by a storm like this. >> it's been a while. so there are a lot of people who
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have had no concept of what it was to go through a gloria. an entire generation. what are you hoping for the people who are going to stay put? what kind of preparations are you hoping they're making now to ensure their safety? >> well, we, of course, have been through this before. we experienced super storm sandy, which was devastating. and that storm did not strike us directly. this is a smaller storm but with each passing hour it becomes clear this is going to be a significant impact. even last year when we had a tropical storm, we saw 650,000 power outages. so for residents and visitors to fire island, our message to them, my message today was, evacuate that island today so you can be safe and we can allow the first responders to do their jobs. the last thing we want to do is put first responders at risk as they're trying to save others who made a choice to stay rather than evacuate. >> do you also pre-emptively
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kind of evacuate, provoke the evacuation of some people who don't have the means to get out on their own? is there an infrastructure in place to help people who might be among the most vulnerable ahead of the storm? >> yes. we have opened a number of shelters, actually working with the american red cross and local school districts. we'll have five different shelters opened up tonight so people can go in advance of the storm. we have a pet shelter open as well. so trying to address, you know, the issues that may be happening in the hamptons, on fire island and for those who may need a shelter and given that we may see flooding here, we have the vehicles in place like humvees, 500 ton high axle vehicles that can go in and help evacuate in the event that somebody can't
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get out because of flooding. >> suffolk county executive steve balone thank you for your time. all the best to you and your neighbors. appreciate it. >> thank you. we're seeing the early impact of the storm further south along the east coast. you're looking at an overhead view of the dangerous rip currents in north carolina. life guards say they made over 50 water rescues, that was yesterday picking up swimmers swept away by the surf. the currents are serious the way they pull you out and those currents can continue into the next week up and down the coast. so be careful out there. coming up, crises in afghanistan, americans targeted by the taliban. the pentagon with reports of people being harassed and beaten on the way to the kabul airport. hugs and tears. new information on the race to get out of afghanistan as some of the first refugees arrive in the united states. like mac.
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the u.s. is getting new details on what it calls a fluid and dynamic situation as the taliban takes over afghanistan. pentagon officials briefing reporters this morning say they have evacuated 17,000 people including 2,500 americans over the past week. sources familiar with the situation tell cnn there are approximately 14,000 people waiting at the kabul airport. >> we're fighting against both time and space. that's really what we're -- that's what we're that's the race that we're in right now. and we're trying to do this as quickly and safely as possible. i'm not going to speculate about whether windows are closing or opening. we're focused on accomplishing this mission as fast as we can. cnn's nick paton walsh is in doha, qatar where some of the refugees are arriving.
10:13 am
nick, kirby there saying they are fighting against time and space. what does that mean? >> reporter: it means they're starting to sound significantly more restrained than we've heard them in the past few days. yes, they've always recognized this was a huge challenge but to say that we are recognizing the limitations here, they don't have forever, they don't have the space they need, this is the point. they've got 14,000 people at least on this airport, that was the toll this morning and we haven't seen a massive number of planes take off. they're dealing with the huge challenge of simply clearing -- may have been americans beaten or harassed on their way to the airport. that's new to the pentagon it seems but not anybody who's been on the airport road or seen the environment around the aurpt. people have been given a terrible time on the way. the taliban don't seem to be
10:14 am
interested mostly in american citizens but might be afghan americans, you can be both. and the violence is at the main gates to the north. i have to say, listening to that, it sounds more down beat, john kirby, it is clear the situation at the airport itself is awful, absolutely awful. one u.s. marine said to one of our sources on the base, simply they were dealing with a trash filled dumpster. add to that 14,000 people, the fact you have to feed and give them all water in the heat and get them all out once you processed them. they have a three-day, i would say, challenge ahead just to get those 14,000 out judging by the dozen or so planes they've managed to do every day or so. so, yeah, a huge challenge. time and space were always going to be the problem. but this is the first time, perhaps we're beginning to hear from the pentagon that they don't have an indefinite schedule ahead of them. a source this morning, some
10:15 am
military figures on the base are talking about another week. i have to say hearing that, a week does sound like a long time in this kind of operation. >> so there are refugees landing where you are in qatar, we've seen tape of airplanes of people in perth, australia. we learned in the last few hours, at least three flights landed in dulles at washington airport. so how is it determined who goes where? tncht >> reporter: yeah, the pretty opaque and even people doing it don't understand, they're making it up as they go along. but do you have a reason to be part of the system, have you entered the siv visa program, priority one or two, two being a broader category of people who have assisted u.s. media or ngos in the time they've been there. is the answer yes, fine.
10:16 am
there can be people who are there for humanitarian reasons or who had a friend who managed to get them onto the base. all those individuals are processed, the paperwork filtration seems to get tighter as time goes by. they are then essentially most part shifted out of country to wherever they can go. we initially had qatar, that filled up, now 5,000 dubai. germany, kuwait although kuwait apparently is keen on people being straight taken to the u.s. rumors of hungary as well. but that isn't the final destination. it appears people are now being moved from qatar to the united states. i think the siv applications are in holding patterns en route or on their way down to -- forgive the shot here, on their way down to the united states. so we have mentioned australia as well. so countries will do their role
10:17 am
certainly at some point but it is a mammoth operation. in a climate where migration is toxic in so many european countries, certainly in the united states too and here we have this extraordinary influx of quickly processed afghans, always top of the list if you look at the number of migrants trying to move around the world. here they are with a massive extraordinary air lift, limited in time, very confusing in how it seems to function but so utterly necessary for these brave souls who assisted in united states and nato allies during their war in afghanistan. >> nick paton walsh in doha, qatar, thank you so much. among the growing fears on the ground in afghanistan are the troubling images of taliban fighters seizing u.s. military weapons, guns, body armor and more were left behind as the u.s. quickly withdrew troops. here's cnn's brian todd.
10:18 am
>> reporter: row upon row of sophisticated assault rifles, boxes of pistols, ammunition, vision equipment. videos posted by the taliban online in recent days boast of what they say are their seizure of rifles in herat. and at the airport, humvees by the dozen. vehicles costing half a million dollars a piece. even a small drone. these are the potentially lethal spoils the taliban are believed to have captured in recent days from defeated afghan forces, weapons made in america supplied by the u.s. to the fallen afghan allies. >> this is so bad that we will now not be able to tell the difference between a terrorist formation convoy and a u.s. convoy in afghanistan. because they will look the same. >> reporter: this video shows taliban fighters parading through the city in white tunics
10:19 am
brannishing american made m-4 assault rifles and ballistic vests with al qaeda -- >> we're going to interrupt the story and take you live to new york, governor andrew cuomo with this update as new york and new england brace for hurricane henri. >> massachusetts, rhode island, et cetera. but when it hits new york, we're expecting a category 1 hurricane. what does that mean? well, it means steady winds of about 80 miles per hour. gusts up to 90 to 100 miles per hour. storm surge 3 to 6 feet. what does that mean? super storm sandy, which we all remember, was also a category 1 when it hit new york state. so just to put it in perspective how serious this is and how
10:20 am
dangerous it is. remember, super storm sandy, and i'm sure we all do. but this is right now projected to that level of a storm. so it is as serious as a heart attack. also with super storm sandy, we had days and days to prepare for super storm sandy. and people had heard about the coming storm for days with super storm sandy. this changed trajectory so we actually have less notice. and one of the things i'm concerned about is the people of the state have had less notice to really, fully actualize what might happen here. so i hope people take this very seriously. the hurricane is supposed to
10:21 am
hit, specifically, in -- on long island, closer to suffolk. central suffolk, towards eastern suffolk. that depends on what model you follow for the track of the storm. as you know, they have a number of models and the models change over time. we still have about 24 hours. so you could see the models change. it could move east somewhat, it could move west somewhat, which would obviously be more problematic for new york state. right now it is forecast to hit long island, go across the sound and travel into connecticut and along the new york state border. and again, there are different tracks and we'll update you if the tracks change. for the long island effects will be certainly serious. tidal areas, talking about 8 to
10:22 am
10 inches of rain, which will create significant flooding. those wind gusts in tidal areas and the surge, that will be a significant problem. we will also be expecting issues in the hudson valley. where you're talking about 8 to 10 inches of rain in the hudson valley, west chester, cat skills. we know what happens when we get that amount of rain, especially in a situation like this, where the ground is already saturated. creeks turn into raging rivers. during super storm sandy we saw entire towns carried away. so long island, hudson valley, capital district, as the storm moves north, even some effect in the southern tier. right now by this storm track,
10:23 am
new york city is largely spared. there will be heavy rainfall, some flooding. eastern queens may see a storm surge, especially in the jamaica bay area. timing. tonight, expect the heavy rain to start. tomorrow morning, you will see the winds pick up. you'll see the rain pick up. tomorrow noon we expect landfall of the hurricane on long island. and then, about a 26-hour event, and it should be over by monday, 2:00 p.m. again, that depends on the tracks and that depends on the weather reports and that depends
10:24 am
on the ultimate power of mother nature. people should be prepared for the effect of storm surges in tidal areas, expect significant flooding in the hudson valley and in west chester. think back to super storm sandy and what areas got flooded during super storm sandy and what homes were damaged under super storm sandy and i would use that in these areas as a predictor of what could happen and could happen shortly. expect significant power outages and prepare for it. my advice is you stock up today. again we know what power outages have done and i would prepare for it on a personal level
10:25 am
starting now. the state is doing everything we can to be ready with our emergency resources. we're prepositioning heavy equipment all throughout long island, all throughout the hudson valley and the capital district region. we're preparing water rescue teams for long island. and swift water rescue teams for the hudson valley and in west chester. i'm deploying, as of today, 500 national guard we are calling out, with the necessary equipment that the national guard brings with them, high water vehicles, et cetera. the state police will have approximately 1,000 personnel who will be on duty in the affected areas. port authority expects flights to be cancelled. obviously i would check with your airline before you go to
10:26 am
the airport tomorrow into monday, maybe tuesday. the mta is preparing for the storm. they have their emergency equipment out there, flooding team out, their pumpers out, et cetera. they're going to cancel service in long island, starting midnight tonight. they're planning to cancel service at about midnight. they're also thinking of canceling the harlem line service and the new haven line service. that again would be about midnight tonight. but you should check with the mta on the website, obviously, before you proceed to any of those trains. we're working with the power companies. i have told them, clearly and convincingly, in my opinion, that this is what we pay the
10:27 am
power companies to do, to be ready for storms. we've seen this movie before. we don't pay power companies to be ready to prepare power for sunny days. we pay them to prepare power when it's hard and to recover quickly after a storm. they have all been communicated with. they are calling in all additional personnel. they're calling in all private contractors. and we have made it abundantly clear to them that we do expect significant damage and we want them to have the resources in place to deal with that damage quickly and professionally. i'm going to declare state of emergency declaration for long island, new york city, west chester, hudson valley, and the capital district region. again, the capital district
10:28 am
region, as the storm hits long island and moves north. and moves north right along the state line is the current track. and that's why you'll see it go right up north on the northern side on the eastern boundary. and that's west chester, hudson valley, capital district. and again, we're hoping that it misses new york city proper. but we're also keeping our eye on that. i spoke with the white house, the president is willing to sign what is called a pre-landfall emergency disaster declaration. to qualify for federal funding, there has to be a federally declared disaster. and you can actually request that a disaster be called pre-landfall. that's important because all
10:29 am
these preparation costs for the state for local government are then covered. and the president has said that he is prepared to sign that and that is good news. i spoke with the head of fema, they are pre-deploying fema teams, which is the federal emergency management, we coordinate with them, again in the same areas, long island, new york city where we expect some flooding, but then primarily capital district and the cat skills. our priority now is to protect life and safety. that's job one. job two will be once the storm is over, we assess the damage and we come up with a plan to rebuild. but focus now is on life and safety. we have probably the most experienced emergency management team this state has ever had in
10:30 am
place. mother nature has created more emergencies for us than at any time in the state's history. my father was governor before me as you know for 12 years. a snowstorm was a natural emergency. do we close the threw way or not was a question. this is a different situation. hurricanes, floods, they didn't happen in new york but they do now. and we've gone through it a few times and i feel confident saying to new yorkers that they could not be in better hands in terms of an experienced team. now, that doesn't mean that mother nature doesn't win. she wins. she won at super storm sandy, she wins every time. but we will be doing everything
10:31 am
that we can do to be prepared. we have briefed all the local governments, we briefed the assembly, we briefed the senate, we briefed the lieutenant governor on the situation, we briefed the white house, officials, we're speaking with county executives, steven balone, suffolk county executive has urged a voluntary evacuation of fire island, i second the call, i think he's exactly right. if you are on fire island and you do not evacuate fire island now, i think you are putting yourself in a position of danger. and you're doing that needlessly. so please heed the county executive's warning. last point is, we can do
10:32 am
everything we can do to get ready. but this is not our first rodeo. and at the end of the day, it is up to the people of the state to make the right decision. if you know you are in an area that tends to flood, if you know you are in a tidal area that tends to flood, if you know you are in an area that is subject to tidal surges, get out of that area now, please. and get to another and better place of safety. the main situation we have in these emergencies are trying to rescue people who stayed in place. and then they create a dangerous situation for everyone. i've been on the swift water rescue teams, i've been in the boats in the middle of storms trying to get to people as their
10:33 am
homes are getting washed away. trying to take children out of windows before the house gets washed away. if if you don't take the right actions, not only do you put your life in danger, you then put the life in danger of the emergency workers who have to come to help you. and that is an unnecessary risk. i understand we didn't have the build up we had with super storm sandy. i understand that this is my first briefing on this. super storm sandy we did a number of briefings and people were acclimated. don't be deceived by that. it's because the trajectory of the storm changed. and we have short notice. we're talking about tomorrow. so if you have to move, if you have to stock up, if you have to
10:34 am
get to higher ground, it has to be today. please. now i know new yorkers and i know new yorkers are tough and i know their first instinct is we don't have to go anywhere, we're going to batten down the hatches and be fine. i understand that instinct. but -- and i understand the questioning of the weather reports. i got into a lot of trouble once with all the weather forecasters across the nation when i suggested that a weather forecast turned out to be incorrect. i understand that also. but we're talking about tomorrow and we're talking about the day after tomorrow. so this is not a long term projection. normally when you get this close to the event, the forecasts tend to be accurate.
10:35 am
the track can move plus or minus. but the basic track doesn't change. so please take this seriously. yes, new york tough, we'll stay in place, we'll beat the storm. new york tough also means new york smart. and new york smart today means get out of harm's way, please. and with that, i'll turn it over to questions on this topic, please. >> thank you, governor. you'd like to ask a question please use the raised hand funs at the bottom of your window. we're going to take a second to compile the q&a roster. >> while we're doing that, the most recent update, 7:00 a.m.
10:36 am
landfall tomorrow. eye of the storm over long island, 11:00 a.m. and again, this is a large storm. just because you're not on long island, don't say, well, then we're fine. it's long island, flooding in new york city, storm moves north, affecting west chester, hudson valley, capital district, right up the line. >> governor your first question comes from john campbell, john, just please make sure your microphone is unmuted. >> hi, governor. my question is, you know, the state's in a position where there's going to be a change in leadership within days, that could happen right smack in the middle of this storm recovery
10:37 am
effort and a big reason for that is because you decided on a two-week transition. so i want to know why was that two-week transition appropriate and why are you the appropriate person to lead the storm effort right now rather than kathy hochul. >> the two weeks was to have an orderly transition. there's a lot to transitioning a government. i'm the longest serving governor in the country right now. you don't just flip a switch and turn over a government. you don't want a mass exodus of people. you don't want a situation where you don't brief the incoming administration on the important projects, et cetera. normally you have after an election, you have two months, november and december, to transition governments. and transition, i was a transition director for my father's administration, i also worked in the transition of
10:38 am
federal governments. normally in two months it's a hurry-up schedule. briefing papers, policy papers, where are we on the massive construction projects we're doing. where are we on federal relations, what do we need to get done from washington. so there's a lot. we said two weeks, which is a very short period of time. and i am governor today and i am in charge. this is also something i've done a few times, john. so that's why. >> thanks, governor. your next question comes from bill mahoney. your line is now open, bill. just unmute your microphone, please. >> thank you, governor. my question was going to be somewhat along those same lines
10:39 am
but what can we expect from you the next 48 hours, are you going to be able to focus on this? do you have transition stuff to deal with? are you going to be moving? what's your focus going to be? >> i'll be 100% available to the people of the state of new york, which i have been for my entire tenure as governor and i've been working on this already for the past 24 hours. and we will continue right through the storm and then we'll assess the damage. >> let's take one more question, guys. >> governor your next question is from ryan tiranelli. ryan your mic is open. >> great. can you hear me? >> yes, sir. >> yes, thank you. so yesterday your personal attorney suggested that she had information that would call into
10:40 am
question charlotte bennett's credibility, she did not specify what that was or provide evidence. ms. bennett's attorney said that might raise the level of post employment retaliation, what do you make of that and why is it appropriate for your attorney to make those remarks without evidence to back up the claim? >> i don't want to get into albany politics, which is what has been going on for the past few months. this is about a storm briefing to save lives of new yorkers. but you're the law journal. if you think justice is to accept a complaint from a person without investigation and without credibility determinations and without looking at past actions of that person, then you don't know what the justice system is.
10:41 am
you've never been in a situation where you just reiterate complaints. and you don't investigate them. and you don't say whether or not the law even applies to them. that's not justice. that's a bulletin board posting complaints. justice is, i hear the complaint, we welcome everyone to come forward and that takes courage and that takes bravery. but we need to know the facts. right. i can make a complaint about you today. maybe it's true, maybe it's not true. but that's why they do investigations. new yorkers, please take this storm seriously. i know it's short notice. think super storm sandy. that was a category 1. this is a category 1. hopefully we don't come anywhere
10:42 am
near the damage of super storm sandy. but we do not know, and as i sit here today, i cannot tell you, and none of the experts can tell you whether or not the damage is going to be less or more than super storm sandy. it depends on how fast the storm moves and where it goes. and we will be working around the clock and we'll do everything we need to do to be prepared. as i said, this team has done this numerous times. we have more equipment than ever before. we have more personnel than ever before. but, i can't -- i can't substitute for intelligent action by new yorkers. and i understand the instinct of we're going to shelter in place. maybe the weather forecast is wrong. i don't want to leave my home. i can't tell you how many people
10:43 am
i have, in the middle of a storm, helped out of a house carrying everything on their back through floodwaters, with their children, putting them into boats, in dangerous situations. and people saying to me, i should have left yesterday. i should have left yesterday. please, please, don't make that mistake. we'll update you constantly. and if there is a change and there's no rational causality to you leaving your house, i will tell you that. but we know what happened in the catskills we know what happened in the hudson valley, we know what happened in long island. we know what happened in the low-lying areas in queens and in
10:44 am
the rock a ways. we've seen this movie. we don't need to see it again. please act responsibly. thank you very much. all right. new york governor cuomo there, also asking a question about his definition of justice ahead of what will be his last day as governor of new york. on monday, and the governor there saying it's hearing the complaints and then carrying on with the fact-finding mission. as for the storm that is now expected to hit new york and the new england areas as early as tomorrow, the governor there urging people to take precaution, urging them to take this storm and its potential very seriously. we're going to take a short break for now. we'll be right back.
10:45 am
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in california, the high stakes gubernatorial recall election is just weeks away and the leading republican candidate to replace gavin newsom is larry elder, talk show host and trump supporter known for saying some provocative things including derogatory comments about women. let's bring in barbara boxer, the former senator from california. good to see you, senator. so, governor -- this campaign, is larry elder, in your view the biggest threat to the governor? >> well, that's what the polling shows. it's rather shocking when you think of it, this is a guy who
10:50 am
says there should be no minimum wage, none at all, zero. this is a guy who is so far to the right that in many ways he is trump reborn. so he thinks that climate change is a plot and, you know, the whole thing it just repeats itself what we've seen happy to the national republican party has happened to the california republican party and that's why they're about 24% of registered voters now, way down and as a matter of fact, people who have no party preference or about the same. so i think we're going to be okay, but people have to take it seriously. >> yeah, and remarkable, this isn't even an election year and the vice president, kamala harris, is going to campaign for the governor on friday. is her star power enough to fight that voter apathy that you just touched on? >> of course.
10:51 am
look, this is a terrible diversion, a chaotic diversion from what's happening here in our state, which is happening all over the country. we have the governor newsom who is focused mightily on the virus and is doing quite well compared to many of the states. the last with the 15th best in terms of our mortality rate from this virus. so he's doing well there. we're getting our economy back on track, and then we have this $200 million plus recall brought to us by the republicans who could have waited until next year for the general election. they didn't have to do this. so for me, we have to send a strong message that this is a time when we should be pulling together, not a time that we should be having these, you know, debates over silly things and elder, really, he in my mind, represents this new republican party. they are so far to the right, they're going to fall off the
10:52 am
cliff, frankly. >> let me ask you about afghanistan. the white house is saying it had no choice but to carry out the withdrawal in this manner. do you agree? were mistakes made? did they get it right? >> well, let me speak as someone who voted to go into afghanistan to get osama bin laden and once we did that ten years ago, i've been a voice to get out and this is the first president with the courage to actually say, yes, we need to end this endless war. now, am i concerned about the way we're exiting? of course. but i want you to know something, i was on the foreign relations committee and i always had briefings from intel. what they always tell you is there's four scenarios and the consensus is scenario number three. so they presented to the president various scenarios and he probably picked the consensus
10:53 am
one he had a little more time and now he's doing everything in his power to get everyone out of that country, but, you know, i agree with the president. it was going to end badly because it's a civil war. i'm old enough -- horrific, it was horrific because it was a civil war. so it's a mess. it's not good. but i do think the president is right to say we need to end this endless war and do everything, everything we can. now and into the future to make sure that the human rights violations are confronted directly. >> you just said, it's a mess, it's not good. even if the u.s. pulled out ten years ago after the death of osama bin laden, is it your view that the outcome might have been
10:54 am
the same than what we're seeing today? >> if the afghan government, the president fled, you know, and the afghans just said, we can't fight the taliban after all that we did and i know many of them did, but the central government was corrupt, we don't have enough time to go into all the problems. but here's the deal, and i think it's important. i think people understand this. we went in there to get bin laden to stop terrorism. we did those things. that was a success. but we cannot force a free government on a people that essentially says, we really like it, but there's just so much we can do against the taliban and i just hope and i do believe this will happen with the president, that he will certainly keep his eye on afghanistan. we're not running away right now. he said, if we don't get everybody out, we're going to stay there until we do.
10:55 am
we have leverage. i believe we have leverage. >> a former u.s. senator barbara boxer, california, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thanks, fred. >> all right, we'll be right back. with schizophrenia, i see progress differently. it's in the small things i look forward to. with the people i want to share it with. it's doing my best to follow through. it's the little signs that make me feel like things could be better. signs that make it feel like real progress. caplyta effectively treats adults with schizophrenia. and it's just one pill, once a day, with no titration. caplyta can cause serious side effects. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles or confusion, which can mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. dizziness upon standing, falls, and impaired judgment may occur. most common side effects include sleepiness and dry mouth. high cholesterol and weight gain may occur, as can high blood sugar which may be fatal. in clinical trials, weight, cholesterol
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10:59 am
all right. we're just a few hours away from with the we love new york city, the concert, and athena jones, what about those crowds? what's it going to look like? >> reporter: hi, fred. thousands and thousands of people. the beginning of the line. this guy in line since 4:00 a.m. this line now stretches at least three blocks long, lining up for the gates to open before this concert starts. you've got on the screen there, maluma, patty smith, bruce springsteen, ll cool j, a long list of performers but here's the key. you have to have proof you received at least one vaccine shot. they'll be able to show the cdc vaccine card, prove they've had a vaccine shot using the excelsior app. you can't get in the concert unless you've had at least one shot. this is a celebration of the
11:00 am
city and they want to try to mitigate risk by making sure everyone who comes in has been vaccinated, at least partially. >> that's right. celebrate what it is to be vaccinated and then you can enjoy gatherings like that. athena jones, thank you so much and of course, you can watch the we love new york city homecoming concert tonight, 5:00 p.m. eastern, exclusively on cnn. the newsroom continues with jim acosta. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jim acosta in washington. today, the pentagon confirming reports that some americans have been beaten or harassed by the taliban as they desperately try to escape to the airport in kabul. the u.s. embassy warning americans, do not comespecifica instructed by the u.s. government because of the security risk potentially outside th


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