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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  August 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. >> you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in warcshington. hurricane henri is barreling toward the northeast right now with a possible landfall expected on either long island or southern new england. it's been 30 plus years since a hurricane made a direct hit on either location, so you can understand the urgency. more than 40 million people are under hurricane or tropical storm warnings right now. a state of emergency has been declared in new york and connecticut. cnn's allison chinchar is tracking this in the weather center. is it moving at all? >> let's take a look at where it is right now. just about 200 or so miles east of north carolina. sustained winds are 75 miles per
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hour gusting up to 90. that forward movement pushing it to the north-northeast at 17 miles per hour. now, the ewe did start to see some of the watches and warnings expand a bit. you can see the tropical storm warnings in blue. hurricane warnings are in red, including new haven, islip, and montauk. the track still expected to basically move north until just a few hours before landfall. we expect a slight shift off to the west. that's why we figure at this point the best landfall location still likely to be long island. timingwise we're looking at lunchtime on sunday. it will move farther inland before making a sharp turn to the east, going back out over open water. there you the evening hours tonight, really some of those outer bands will mostly impact areas of new york city and especially around portions of new jersey. then we start to see it fill in across connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts as we through much of the day sunday.
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now, even though the areas around the coast are expected to get heavy rainfall, so will interior locations, portions of upstate new york, vermont, even new hampshire still likely to get several inches of rain out of this system. keep in mind a lot of these locations got a ton of rain just this past week from the remnants of fred, so that ground is very saturated, which is why you have the flash flood risk. when you have a saturated ground like that, even a 40 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gust can bring down trees and power lines. we're anticipating winds stronger than that. some of these areas widespread, 60, 80, miles per hour. you could be looking at 75 to 110-mile-an-hour wind gusts. certainly looking if he potential for widespread power outages. along the coast, another big concern is going to be storm surge, east hampton, nantucket around 3 to 5 feet. even areas extending away from the landfall, boston, even
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atlantic city, new jersey, 1 to 3 feet of storm surge in those locations. one thing to note too is tomorrow. unfortunately, at least as it looks now, landfall time may line up with some of these loca locations' high tide for the day. tomorrow is an astronomical high tide because of the full moon, so you're dealing with exceptionally high high tides as well as the storm surge. flooding is certainly going to be a huge concern. >> absolutely. we know you'll stay on top of it, but people in those areas if they haven't been paying attention to the weather forecast, they really need to pay attention to this because this is a rare event for that part of the country. allison chinchar, thank you so much. you can stay up to date by signing up for email alerts from cnn's meteorologists and our reporters in the field by visiting now the breaking news from afghanistan, the danger to americans rising fast in kabul. president biden meeting with his
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national security team as we learn of a potential emerging threat from isis. let's go to the pentagon. oren, what are you learning? >> the pentagon is aware that the airport itself, the crowds and the surrounding environment have been a target not only for, is-k, but other groups. they are preparing for alternative routes according to two defense officials, different ways u.s. citizens, siv applicants and others to get to the airport safely. this a response to a credible threat from isis, though a senior diplomat says it doesn't appear imminent at this point. but there's enough of a concern that the military has begun planning the routes to get american citizens who can't right now get to the airport from their current location to the airport, which of course is the most important piece of real estate in the country right now. it is the evacuation, the exit point for not only those u.s. citizens, but also for the afghan evacuees. this in response to what the
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u.s. sees as a threat that isis might try to carry out attacks, explosive devices or suicide bombs at the large crowds that are gathered there. that's why there's this planning for alternative routes, routes that would give the u.s. more surveillance, more ability to see u.s. citizens and others approaching the airport and either try to stay away from or disperse these large crowds. for the most part the pentagon says american citizens are getting through, though they are aware there are limited cases where that's not the case and they're facing trouble from the taliban. this is pentagon secretary john kirby. >> we know of cases, a small number that we know of. we don't have perfect visibility, but we know a small number of cases where some americans and certainly as the secretary also said in that statement, afghans, afghans that we want to evacuate. it wasn't just americans that he talked about. have been harassed and, in some
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cases, beaten. we don't believe it is a very large number. >> there was a warning put out from the embassy that u.s. citizens should wait until they're instructed to go from their current locations to the airport. it's unclear if it was the isis k threat that prompted that or if it was a backlog as the carpentry and troops are trying to work through number of people there and try to start flying them out. we're looking for clarity on that as the numbers went down a bit for the a. people flown out. they're trying to get the numbers back up and get the planes out. and at the end of the day, jim, get the americans and the afghans out. >> are the taliban aware that the u.s. is developing these alternative routes to try to move u.s. citizens and others out of that area? >> yeah, jim. one of those officials said there is some level of coordination between u.s. troops on the ground and the contact, constant communication with rephrase the question for taliban commanders.
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there's some awareness that the u.s. is planning these and perhaps pursuing these, but that official says they're not giving them all the information, but it does require a level of coordination against a common enemy, that being isis k. >> i'm joined by mazie hirono of hawaii, member of the senate armed services committee. insertion great to have you on. we appreciate it so much. have lawmakers been receiving -- good to be with you. let me just ask you off the top, have lawmakers been receiving regular briefings from the administration? what have you learned that is new since the president spoke yesterday? anything you can tell us? >> we are briefed pretty regularly. yesterday we had an all-senators briefing from secretaries blinken, austin, and of course the d.o.d. is doing regular briefings for the public. so we know that this is an
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ever-changing situation and we have to stay on top of it. the main mission is, of course, to get u.s. citizens and our afghan partners and their families out as soon as possible. >> and the pentagon confirmed some americans have been beaten by the taliban on their way to the airport in kabul. do you think the u.s. mission needs to extend beyond just keeping the airport secure? and what do you make of this latest news coming out of the pentagon that the u.s. military is looking at perhaps developing some alternative routes to get people to that airport and get them out of the country? >> clearly i support those kinds of plans. so whatever the tactical decisions are made, that needs to happen and i also think we should extend the deadline beyond august 31st so we can complete our mission as well as we can. >> you think the president
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should -- he did make it clear the other day if it needs to go past august 31st, it should go past august 31st. but how long are you willing to see that mission extended? obviously you don't want it to be done indefinitely or the u.s. is not going to complete this withdrawal. >> i don't think that we should be putting an end time frame. i think the focus should continue to be let's get our u.s. citizens out and let's get our afghan partners and their families out as well as other afghans who are at risk, journalists and others. stay focused completely on that mission. >> president biden on friday promised that nobody would be left behind, americans, afghan partners, that we're going to do the best we can to get those folks out. let's listen to that and talk about it on the other side. >> let me be clear. any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. >> will you commit to the same -- would you make the same
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commitment to bring out afghans who assisted in the war effort? >> yes, yes. we're making the same commitment. there's no one more important than bringing american citizens out, i acknowledge that, but equally important are all those sivs, we call them, who, in fact, helped us. they were translators that went into battle with us. >> insertion what is your view . >> senator, what is your view how we're handling pulling our afghan partners out of the country? the images we've been seeing over the last week, the harrowing scenes at the airport, people lifting children up to soldiers and so on. do we think we're doing enough? do you think the u.s. is doing enough to make sure that we're getting those afghan partners out of the country? >> i think we need to expand our ability to process the siv applicants and applications outside of afghanistan. my understanding is that's one
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of them because we need to keep the planes full. they're not going out full because there's road blocks along the way. i just want to mention, though, you know, president trump had four years to process these special immigrant visas to get our afghan friends and partners out and their families, and they totally slow-walked everything. they totally slow-walked these siv immigration visas. so, you know, we should just do everything we can to make that process go faster. if it means outside of afghan, as i think some of that is already happening, then we should expand that. >> let me follow up on that. as you know, congress will be questioning administration officials on the sifrpgs next w week. do you think it would be helpful to hear from former trump officials about what was going on behind the scenes. they, after all, cut the deal with the taliban. they after all, as you said,
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were not exactly rapidly moving towards a situation where afghan refugees would be brought out of the country. do you want those questions answered as well? >> first of all, i think we need to focus on what happened with our leaving. i support the president's decision. it's the execution that we would like to focus on. to also put it into context, this didn't happen overnight. i would like to hear from stephen miller, for example, as to his part in low-walking these siv processes. i'd like to hear from ms. troy telling us about how hard it was for her when she was working for vice president pence to facilitate the processing of these visas. it was very clear to her that the trump administration had absolutely no intention of really moving the process along.
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so there are a lot of questions to be asked and we'll get to that. but first and foremost we need to get the u.s. citizens out and our afghan allies and their families. >> absolutely. we hope to see that happen in the coming days, senator mazie hirono. anybody who wants to see what was said during that interview can check our website and twitter feed and so on to get to the bottom of that. mazie hirono, senator from hawaii, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> take case, jim. >> you too. aloha. coming up next, there's a blame game, as you can see in washington. who's responsible for the crisis in afghanistan? the president who oversaw the withdrawal? or the president who negotiated it? the hypocrisy, next. we're live in the "cnn newsroom." that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund
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exit from afghanistan. it's worth reminding everyone just who moved the ball to the goal line. some key trump officials have conveniently forgotten that. >> the taliban aren't looking for international recognition. i saw speaker pelosi say we'll have to see how they behave. this is not a regime. they don't care about a seat at the table of the united nations. >> by now you've seen the video of mike pompeo negotiating a peace deal with the taliban last november. it was trump who laid the foundation for the current u.s. withdrawal. it was trump who was going to meet with taliban leaders at camp david before cancellation at the last minute. he praised them time and again. >> i'll be meeting personally with taliban leaders in the not-too-distant future. and we'll be very much hoping that they will be doing what they say they're going to be doing. they will be killing terrorists. they will be killing some very
12:19 pm
bad people. they will keep that fight going. >> just last april, trump released a statement saying getting out of afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do, insisting his ohm time line of a may 1st pullout was the way to go. biden pushed it off until the end of august. but in june, trump was bragging he had all but tied biden's hands to the withdrawal. >> in afghanistan, where, by the way, i started the process. all the troops are coming back home. they couldn't stop the process. [ cheers and applause ] 21 years is enough, don't we think? 21 years. they couldn't stop the process. they wanted to, but it was very tough to stop the process. the only way they last is if we're there. what are we going to say? the whole thing is ridiculous. >> along the way, trump republicans criticized biden for not moving fast enough. >> i as opposed to the president
12:20 pm
trump in ending the forever wars. i supported president trump by putting a date certain for u.s. forces to leave afghanistan on may 1st. i supported that. i'm disappointed that the biden administration is kicking the can down the road till september. >> then there were the officials who helped craft the peace deal and were brushing off concerns of a speedy taliban takeover. >> i personally believe -- i personally believe that the statements that the forces will disintegrate and the taliban will take over in short order are mistaken. the real choices the afghans will face is between a long war and a negotiated settlement. and i hope the taliban and the other afghan leaders make the right choice. >> which is all why former trump national security adviser h.r.
12:21 pm
mcmaster says it was his former administration that surrendered to the taliban. >> our secretary of state signed a surrender agreement to the taliban. >> you're talking about mike pompeo? >> yes. this collapse goes back to the capitulation agreement of 2020. the taliban didn't defeat us, we defeated ourselves. what's worse is, we threw the afghans under the bus on our way out. >> the reality is, both parties own this fiasco. former president george w. bush turned from afghanistan to iraq for a war of choice over weapons of mass destruction that were never found. obama did not end the war. trump did not end the war. subsidized biden is trying to end the war. democrats warned against pulling out of the country this quickly. but if all of this is about
12:22 pm
competent, ex competence, do you want to leave that to trump? >> i could win that war in a week. i just don't want to kill 10 million people. does that make sense to you? i don't want to kill 10 million people. i have plans on afghanistan that if i wanted to win that war, afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth. it would be gone. it would be over in literally in ten days. and i don't want to do -- i don't want to go that route. >> if you thought infrastructure week was a blast, just wait for trump's afghanistan week. of course, there are some on the right who simply want to make hay out of the issue, or pillows. >> how would you like to be in kabul today as an american and you can't get to the airport? where do you think your life is headed? if you're one of those family members, i bet you're not sleeping. i don't think even my pillow can do it.
12:23 pm
my >> i think the better question is how does sean sleep at night? but i digress. the pictures of afghans clinging to military planes are not what riles up the fox audience. it's these images. of afghans loaded onto those planes. >> is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of potentially unvetted refugees from afghanistan? all day we've heard phrases like we promised them, well, who did? did you? >> you think trump was going to bring all these afghan partners back to the u.s.? let's ask one of the architects of trump's immigration policy. >> the united states of america never ever made a promise, written or unwritten to the people of afghanistan that if after 20 years they were unable to secure their own country that we would take them to ours. that is nonsense.
12:24 pm
that has never been u.s. government policy. >> and leave it to tucker carlson, fox's ayatollah of paranoia to take it one step zbloofr if history is any guide, and it's always a guide, we will see many refugees from afghanistan resettle in our country in the coming months, probably in your neighborhood. over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. so first we invade and then we're invaded. >> or as another pro-trump propagandist put it, raise your hand if you want this plane landing in your town. i can think of somebody raising her hand. anybody ever heard the line give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free? america has long and proud history of welcoming refugees from war-torn countries. the statue of liberty has always symbolized that beacon of hope
12:25 pm
to the world. that has always been the american way. yes, there are afghans who did come to our aid in afghanistan. they did help us fight the war against osama bin laden. yes, some, in fact, did fight for their country and died for their country. we can't leave them behind. the images out of afghanistan are hard to look at. there's no question about it. perhaps that's to be expected when you try to end what's been called the forever war. but if we want to end that forever war, if we really want to get home from afghanistan, i know one light showing us the way. and we'll be right back.
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we've learned president biden is holding a call with new england governors as hurricane henri barrels toward their states. henri is expected to make landfall tomorrow on or near long island. right now more than 40 million people are under either a hurricane or tropical storm warning. any minute the governor of massachusetts is expected to give an update. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it begins. today the first flights carrying evacuees out of kabul touched down earlier in germany. more than 2,000 people have been processed at the u.s. military base. cnn senior international correspondent ateis there.
12:31 pm
>>. >> reporter: it's a huge logistical effort. people coming off were visibly tired, but also relieved. we saw one little girl with a huge smile on her face, even as she was getting her temperature checked. but what we saw is just such a massive effort. in the last 24 hours, 17 flights have landed at the ram stein air base. they can carry between 70 to low people. so it's huge. now they're prepared to take in up to 5,000 people, possibly up to 7,500 if they can build those extra facilities tomorrow. but that is the top end of the capacity and they're filling up very quickly. so the next question is going to be what happens then? where will evacuees go? at the moment they're just focused on getting those people safely here, medical checks, and giving them some place to rest, at least for the next few days, jim. >> all right, thank you so much for that update. one of the first people to
12:32 pm
flee afghanistan was the now-former president ashraf ghani. we're learning details about the days leading up to the end of his government and why he was forced to flee with just the clothes on his back. cnn's nick payton walsh joins us from qatar. what have you learned about the final hours before kabul fell? >> reporter: jim, it was an extraordinary moment, frankly, because it was the departure suddenly of ghani that left a vacuum into which the taliban stepped. now, the thing that stuck in my mind from the conversations i've had is that the final demand for surrender to the ghani government, which is part of the administration backed for 20 years by the united states, was in a conversation between a man called ha legal hakani and the national security adviser of afghanistan. he's a man linked to al qaeda telling it was time for the
12:33 pm
u.s.-backed government to leave. so this is essentially al qaeda telling the u.s. to get out of town. that really struck me deeply and i think also from the conversations i've had it was interesting to hear that the administration massively underestimated quite how bad the impact was of the u.s. withdrawal on morale of afghan troops, but also how the taliban appeared to have sort of outnegotiated with tribes and officials over a lengthy period of time, essentially meaning the collapse in kabul was so much faster. why did ghani leave? lots of debates will continue around that, but the former official i spoke to told me essentially he would be presented with the idea of departure, heard gunfire, and realized if he didn't go, there would be a lengthy battle for a city potentially of 6 million people. i should point out this official was adjusting the situation they
12:34 pm
left behind into which a taliban capably and swiftly stepped. but one thing that's important to remember is this extraordinary visual of a man linked to the al qaeda group going to the government here and saying you have to surrender. given how the u.s. came into afghanistan to fight al qaeda, the mere fact that someone linked to al qaeda told them to leave or the government they were backing to leave is an extraordinary moment of sort of slightly absurd, maybe sickening poetry. jim? >> just a herring moment for the former afghan president fleeing with only the clothes on his back. that is very interesting stuff. all right, nick. keep us posted on that. we'll be coming to massachusetts in just a few moments. the governor there, charlie baker, is giving people in that state an update on the situation
12:35 pm
with hurricane henri as it continues to barrel towards southern new england ahead of an anticipated sunday landfall. let's go to that now. >> for eastern massachusetts and for most of cape cod and the islands. eastern massachusetts shouldn't see the widespread hazardous driving conditions we were worried about yesterday, but this is new england and it's hurricane season. so please continue to pay attention to your local weather alerts as the forecasts do tend to change. there's still the possibility of widespread power outages in just about every part of the commonwealth due to high winds and the heavy rain. across massachusetts we will likely see tropical-storm-force winds, which will be somewhere in the vicinity of 40 miles an hour on a sustained basis throughout tomorrow. regardless of wherever you live, even if you don't normally lose power in a storm, you should be prepared to deal with the possibility that you could lose power in some areas for possibly
12:36 pm
an extended period of time. deputy mima director pat cali will have more to say on that. they could see 3 to 5 foot storm surges depending on the timing of the high tides, so everyone be on the lookout for minor flooding along the coast. the same goes for some parts of cape cod and parts of the south coast, especially around west port. the new forecast also calls for significant rainfall sunday into monday, especially in berkshire county, the connecticut river valley, and worcester county. the likelihood of flash flooding and washed-out roads are a distinct possibility in these areas especially given all the rain we've seen in july and recently this week. that means everybody there needs to use their heads as this storm moves through. roads what imay be flooded, whi means you shouldn't drive
12:37 pm
through them. you should still prepare for the possibility of power outages here as well. we're in touch with our partners throughout out of western and central matches and we'll be ready to assist with washed-out roads, debris cleanup, and power outages as they become necessary. given the new storm track, we won't be calling up any additional national guard or personnel. the assets we currently have are moving closer to western mass to assist there -- or central mass if they're needed there. state police will be rededeploy their teams as well. looks like we're avoiding the worst for most of the state, but everyone should pay attention. it's been a long time since massachusetts has had to think about a hurricane making landfall here. the last one was 30 years ago. while it looks like we'll avoid a direct hit, it's always a good idea to be prepared because
12:38 pm
predicting exactly where these go go and how they play out and how long they stay is always an imperfect science. i want to thank everybody from fema and the coast guard and the government to help state government to help us work through this. we plan and prepare for the worst and hope we never have to use those plans, and maybe that in this particular time, that'll be the case. but again, depending on the trajectory and the impact of the storm and how long it sticks around, we may still need to be able to assist some of our neighbors in rhode island, connecticut, and new york. with that, i'll turn it over to d.o.t. secretary jamie tess ler. >> thank you, governor. good afternoon. this remains a storm system to be taken seriously in massachusetts. the national weather service says henri is now tracking to
12:39 pm
hit -- to make landfall on long island or near connecticut. sunday afternoon before moving into central massachusetts and berkshire county. while long island and connecticut will likely see the worst of this system, massachusetts will still see significant impacts with heavy rainfall and gusty winds across mainly western and central regions of the state. residents and counties west of worcester to the new york border late sunday into monday may find roads that are impassable due to fallen power lines, tree debris, and flooding. drivers should be especially mindful and avoid driving into flood waters. waters can be deeper than they appear, have strong currents, and may have hidden hazard like washouts, downed electrical wires and tree branches. just 6 inches of water can stall passenger cars and create a hazard for drivers and first responders. communities in coastal areas,
12:40 pm
especially buzzards by a communities, cape cod, as well as martha's vineyard and nantucket may experience flooding. a flood gate will be closed sunday at 11:00 a.m. this will mean winthrop parkway is closed between broad sound avenue and endicott avenue from sunday at 11:00 a.m. through monday morning. the high line and steam ship authority from the islands may be interrupted. those customers should check schedules ahead of time on sunday and monday as the situation is changing -- >> and you were just listening to the officials from massachusetts updating on hurricane henri. of course it's heading to that region, and so people there are getting prepared. i want to bring in chad myers, who's covered so many of these storms over the years.
12:41 pm
chad, give us the latest on this forecast and what are your thoughts in terms of are we going to see this make landfall as a hurricane or might it potentially weaken as they move toward the northeast colder waters? >> sometimes they can weaken because the gulfstream can come out like this. by the time the storm gets into this colder water, temperatures are about 5 degrees colder there. so the storm probably won't get stronger. i'm not convinced it's going to get weaker. i'm just convinced it's not going to get stronger from there. there's a couple things going on with this storm that we don't always have to talk about, but this time we do. there's going to be significant storm surge in long island sound. there's going to surge along the south shore of long island and maybe hundreds of thousands, if not millions of trees toppled or at least losing branches because of this storm. people say, oh, this isn't worst than a nor'easter. yes, it is, because the leaves are still on the trees. you had about 10 to 15 inches of rain in the past two months, the
12:42 pm
ground is saturated. and these trees with the leaves on are going to be more wind resistant and these leaves and trees are going to fall down. that's going to bring down so many power lines, it may take days if not longer than that. it may take weeks to get all the power back up because there are so many power lines down. obviously we're watching for the big celebration in new york. not seeing anything significant when it comes to lightning. that's our real threat today. but that may be late, late late tonight. also hurricane warnings are in effect. but storm surge warnings are also still in effect. this is going to bring a bubble of water probably five feet deeper than high tide. what else is going on? it's full moon. the full moon is going to make a higher high tide. you talk about a 5-foot surge on top of the high tide, some of these communities will be inundated with water that typically don't get anything like that. eventually it moves out to the ocean, not after, though, at least 6 to 10 inches of rainfall
12:43 pm
that will come into these areas that had too much already. >> people who live in those arbitrations please get ready for this. it could be the unforeseen consequences of all of this that happen, trees falling over, you may not think about that. chad myers, thank you so much. chad mentioned what's happening coming up. we're minutes away from cnn's exclusive coverage of new york city's big homecoming concert. some of music's biggest stars, bruce string seen the, jennifer hudson, will soon take the stage to celebrate the big apple's big comeback. we'll be bringing it to you live right here on cnn. but first, let's check in with athena jones. she joins me live from new york's central park. the weather looks pretty good there. what's the mood? what are you seeing? >> reporter: hi, jim. a lot of excitement here. people have been lining up since 4:00 a.m. when we arrived several hours ago, the block at this west side
12:44 pm
entrance was several blocks long. this concert is ticketed for 60,000 people. every single one of them who is an adult is going to have to show proof of vaccination. everyone of eligible vaccination age is going to have to show proof of vaccination, whether it's a cdc vaccination card, it can be the new york state excelsior app on your phone, a new york city covid safe app on the phone, and you have to show your vaccine card and your i.d. the last check here. there will also be a check down the way. if you are under 12, children under 12 have to present a negative covid test from the last 72 hours and wear a mask since they are too young to be vaccinated. other guys of this concert wand to do something for the people of new york. mayor bill de blasio calling this homecoming concert a celebration of the city. he called it a historic monumental moment for this city in celebration of working families who went through so much during the pandemic. they know that they cannot make the concert absolutely risk free, but they are mitigating the risk by having it outdoors,
12:45 pm
by demanding everyone show they had at least one shot of vaccination and prove it several times in order to attend this concert. and so they're hoping this is going to be exactly that, a celebration that's a healthy one. jim? >> athena, i love that we are having the connection here between getting vaccinated and getting to go to fun stuff like this concert that's coming up this evening. athena jones, thank you so much. great to see you. appreciate it. be sure to tune in. we love new york city, the homecoming concert gets started at 5:00 p.m. right here on cnn. we'll be right back. introducing the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards dan where his spending is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... dan: okay, i don't know where the hole for this is. or fourth time streaming that period drama dan...
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12:50 pm
former president donald trump heads to alabama, the least vaccinated state. this is an opportunity for trump to promote the vaccine. i guess we should hope he does the right thing here? >> reporter: i wouldn't bet on it if i were you, jim. coleman, alabama is about the trumpiest congressional district in all of trump world and i can tell you this state has enormous problems with covid. alabama is the least vaccinated
12:51 pm
of all states in the united states and it is so bad that leaders of coleman, political leaders actually declared a local state of emergency to make it so that the emergency personnel here can handle anything that happens given the fact that hospitals are so tied up with covid patients. there are no icu beds basically in the whole state. now, this is certainly important because we see a huge number of people coming in here despite that a storm is looming overhead. i see thousands filing in to see donald trump later this evening. of course, the question that has been raised especially by some democrats is whether alabama is headed for an enormous super spreader event, jim. >> and tony, you were at theize
12:52 pm
state fair, talked to trump supporters there. what did they tell you? >> reporter: jim, speaking to trump supporters innize and here outside his rally today, the vast, vast, vast majority of them are not getting vaccinated. have a listen. >> i'm not vaccinated and i'm not going to get vaccinated. our days are numbered. doesn't matter, covid, go in the truck, get hit by a semi, t-boned and killed. life is how it is. >> you wear a seat belt, right? >> of course. >> 50/50 chance it will save you or won't. >> isn't that like taking a vaccine, you take the steps to protect yourself? >> no. i'm not taking the jab. >> there's parts of the country you can't go into restaurants and bars unless you're vaccinated. >> i don't need restaurants and bars. hell, i don't drink, i don't go to restaurant, i shoot my dinner. just saying. i mean, there's millions of guns here. it took 11 days for them to take
12:53 pm
over afghanistan. wonder how many days, ask your friends how many days it takes patriots to take over this country. >> you don't want that to happen here, do you? >> i don't want it to happen. if the country, government, biden don't get their heads out of their butt, it is going to happen. i assure you, it's coming. >> reporter: jim, a lot to unpack there obviously, but what i heard from that man and what we have been hearing this year, some folks looking at overthrows. few months ago was myanmar, now the situation with the taliban. folks are looking at that as a model, aspiration for what could happen in this country. it is really surreal and quite chilling to hear. >> i thought the fact he is not getting vaccinated was the most disturbing part of the interview until we got to the end there. donie o'sullivan with joe johns, doing great work out there. stay safe, guys.
12:54 pm
thanks so much. in afghanistan, cnn hero of the year is in kabul, working to evacuate nearly 200 dogs and cats by cargo plane. he spoke with cnn days before the taliban entered kabul. >> before withdrawal of troops from afghanistan, i was actually progressing extremely well. hey, guys, hello. we have over 140 dogs in our care, we have 50 cats. donkey sanctuary, first of its kind in afghanistan. we were really being recognized by the community and we just employed our third female afghan national as veterinarian. we are proud of that. young girls that work for us, young woman work for other organizations, they believed they had a future. and now suddenly in a matter of literally weeks that has just been ripped apart and i cannot believe that the west is
12:55 pm
allowing that to happen. you go to any country in the west, people talk about women's rights, women's equality, yet we almost had that here in afghanistan and we've just thrown it away. i would ask everybody, please, don't give up on afghanistan yet. >> has more. let's remember our heroes that are there now evacuating americans and evacuating afghan partners as we speak. we appreciate all their help to this country. appreciate their service. that's the news. jim acosta. see you here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. up next, anderson cooper is live counting down to a once in a lifetime concert event, we love new york city. have a good evening. (vo) when you are shopping for a new vehicle, how do you know which brand you can trust? with subaru, you get kelley blue book's most trusted brand winner, seven years in a row.
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