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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 21, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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intelligent, to find a way to reset and to comprehend that there is something even bigger than the viral pandemic, and that is our environmental pandemic and that we as a people try to globally reunite, and we have to -- it can't be a change in one quadrant or another. we have to look upon our world, all of us as individuals, and see that we are really in trouble. our world is in trouble. our environment. nature is in trouble and it takes -- going to take effort from every single one of us, and i -- you know, in some ways, i'm heartnd, i'm heartnd by our youth, but i'm disappointed in our lack of lack of ability to really sacrifice and step out. i mean, things are not going to
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go back to where they were. we have to -- we have to face the new world, and we have to face the new world with a certain amount of willingness to sacrifice and make change, but anyway, that's just -- that's what i think. >> yeah. well, what are you going to be performing tonight, can you say? >> we were going to be performing "people of the power," which my late husband and i wrote, which is a song that both celebrates the individual and the -- and the change that we as a -- as a human community to make together. and then we were going to do "land" which was really on h horses. it was -- it's a -- you know, an
7:02 pm
exploration into evolution and i was going to shift the lyrics in terms of focussing on our environment. and then we were to do -- because the nice with bruce springsteen, which i know would have made the people very happy. >> yeah. >> so it is quite a disappointment, but you know, we're -- you know, with all the things that are happening in the world and the things that people are struggling and all the strife in the world, it's a night, it's a night that would have been musically great or perhaps unifying or inspiring, but it's just -- it's just what it is. >> yeah. >> it's a night within a world that really needs for us to be fully attentive to. >> yeah. well, that's why -- one reason i was hoping that it does take place, and i'm still hoping
7:03 pm
that. all the indications that we have so far is that something will take place, whether there's an audience or not, but i do think it is sort of a night which was to support and celebrate the resilience or at least how far new york has come thus far. would be great if, you know, the night itself was able to be resilient and we were able to come back from this storm and, you know, finish off a night in some way, even if it's a different way, so i hope you're able to come -- >> well, we'll see. i mean, in a certain way, it's just as i was thinking. nature rules. >> that's true. >> we have abused nature to the point where she is chaotic. mother nature is chaotic and unpredictable,nd but whatever happens, it's only one night. we'll all continue to do our work and if i'm called upon
7:04 pm
again, i'll be here. clive called me -- clive davis called upon me and i was proud to serve him. he's been very good to me through decades, and again, what i was -- wanted to celebrate is not the new york spirit but the spirit of human beings, a global spirit, something that we all should contain even in the worst of times, so you know, i still feel that way. i'm going to, you know, be positive and it's a full moon and just salute the full moon and see what happens. bile here to serve, but if i can't, i'll be here if i'm called upon again. >> well, if -- >> so -- >> if you're not called upon and it doesn't continue and you feel like singing just to us, you would be more than welcome to at any point tonight.
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so we're here as well, and we love you and -- >> be careful what you wish for, i mean, really -- i can gather my fellows -- >> yeah. >> we can -- >> if you want. that would billion awesome. >> the killers -- >> sing for you in the park. >> the killers just did an acoustic for us and barry manilow did. if you were up for that, we would love,000 and our audience would love that. >> i'll talk to my people. i mean, what we're hear for a communication. >> oh, yeah. >> even if it's a bit rag-tag, if we can get anything to the people, i'll be happy. i'll talk to my people. ok. >> ok. >> see you soon. >> bye, thanks. >> that will be cool. >> i mean, that needs to happen. >> i was kind of beating around the bush. >> it should have just happened. >> i know, but -- i know, but -- >> so -- >> i know, but i sort of -- i didn't wane to be rude or i
7:06 pm
don't want to be presumptuous and say sing for us. >> is she there with bruce? >> i'm awkward around people and i want to be plight. >> i'm pushy. >> no, but she's -- she's an artist and -- >> patti is listening, face time us or get gayle kingsessing over there to do it. >> that would be awesome to have patti smith -- >> i wanted to tell the story of because the night with bruce springsteen. he had written that song and jimmy iobene, early on he was working with bruce springsteen on his album. he said i'm working with this woman, patti smith, would you give her because the night to write the lyrics to it. she wrote the lyrics to that. she said they were going to perform that. that would have been epic. let's make it happen in the bar. >> yeah. bruce, if you're there, cool.
7:07 pm
>> you should -- >> i didn't want to be sensitive. i don't like to be presumptuous. >> i'm about to here maluma is watching. >> who? >> maluma. >> he's incredible. we're going to take a short break. we have more ahead. we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston.
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looking at lye pictures from central park, a moment ago crowd was clapping, chanting. couldn't hear what they were saying, but i'm guessing something to the effect of let's keep going. it is a small crowd, but they are determined and we are still waiting -- in the rain. eric aip what's going on? >> it is raining perhaps the hardest it has yet, so there's that. but -- >> well, tim meyers did say it was going to get worse before it was going to get better. >> remember that part when they said it was going to be a break and it wasn't going to last for long. i want to go back to that. i guess i'm in storm coverage now. so there are people. i just spoke to someone who said
7:12 pm
they had actually stayed in the park when they were told to leave hoping that the concert might come back on. there are people straggling in. some people have taken the advice and perhaps got a bechl somewhere before they returned. they were chanting sounded like it was "nyc." earlier i thought i heard people chanting "bruce." they look like a likely a lot of the crew. we haven't seen anybody come out but everybody's waiting to find out what happens here, too. is it on, is it off? there's a lot of back and forth. not doing ago there was a little thunder and lightning. i'm hearing some booing. i don't know if someone just told these folks -- maybe bruce isn't coming out. i'm not sure what it is. i'm not as close to them. but again, the rain is getting harder, so they are not returning. >> we will check in with you.
7:13 pm
thank you for being there. i cannot imagine it being very pleasant with all the rain and i really appreciate it. >> you know you we've got a poncho. >> i hear ponchos are back, so we are waiting to hear -- by the way, for anyone -- any of the bands who are backstage, if you -- we were hoping patti smith, patti smith is thinking about a song to sing. and she's singing. if anybody else back there wants to sing, we'd love to. we've had the killers perform. that was incredible. barry manilow set the tone. he kicked all of this off for us, so we appreciate it, truly. and -- >> the killers. >> yeah, chad meyers. chad meyers. chad, ok, so it's raining worse now. >> yes. >> where is this band? >> you know, it's just been one storm that's built back -- as soon as you think one's gone, another one builds down towards the south shore, comes out jfk
7:14 pm
and right into where we're trying to get this concert in. i've been watching for two hours thinking please just go left or go right. it doesn't have to go right over midtown central park but it has been. we've had flash flood warnings in effect for brooklyn and queens. a little farther down to the south, a little more rainfall. that's the last band, i hope. we've been looking at this now for hours. there's not much back out here in the ocean. we've had a few lightning strikes. to put it into perspective, in kiss our just joining us, if we had a lightning strike within ten miles of the venue, it had to be shut down. well, we had three lightning strikes within the ten miles and a few more far away. but three lightning strikes has caused this chaos with this concert. and it's all part of henri. this is a normal outer band of a hurricane that is going to push rain in places. that band could have been here,
7:15 pm
its could have been here. it had to be over new york city, don't you know. the plane is flying through henri. it's still 76 miles an hour. we'll get an update in about 45 minutes. it's going to come south shore, long island, maybe rhode island if it sneaks on this side of the cone. can't look at the middle. le you have to look at the cone, even though we're less than 24 hours away from landfall here. out to the sea by tuesday and wednesday. hurricane warnings are here. there may be hurricane force gusts. the forecast with the cone says 70. what we do know. we know there's going to be three big things. there's going to be a surge three to five feet. there's going to be a full moon. a higher tide that normal. you put the surge on top of the tide, the storm tide and it can be higher than the numbers shown here. the ground is saturated. massachusetts, rhode island, vermont, parts of new york, they've received between 10 and
7:16 pm
16 inches of rain since july 1st. the ground is saturated. it's mud. these trees are sitting in mud and all of a sudden you're going to push wind 50, 60 miles an hour into trees that still have leaves. people saying it's no worse than a nor'easter. it is. because in a nor'easter, the ground is probably frozen and there's no leaves to block the wind or or to stop it, have more toppleability. there will be hundreds of thousands of people without power because of this storm, which is forecast to be a 70-mile-per-hour tropical storm. you can't say it's only a tropical storm. there is no such thing as only a tropical storm. the leaves still on the trees, the mud, the full moon and the surge, there will be significant damage even with the storm as it is right now. >> and chad -- >> by the way, if you talk to barry again, tell him that mr. meyers has manilow one, two,
7:17 pm
three, and four on original vinyl. >> oh, nice. but just in terms of rain for new york for the concert sitting outside. >> yeah. >> is it still lightning? is there still a threat of that? >> there was a lightning strike two miles north of la guardia. that was six miles from the center of the concert venue and that was about 20 minutes ago. they like for it to go back 30 minutes before they think about doing anything. this is a nascar rule, a baseball rule. we have ten more minutes ahead, but if we continue to build more showers down here then we don't have a chance for this. >> ok. >> most of the rain has moved into zhuzh, maybe even a little bit of flooding around some of these areas in new jersey, could see some heavy rain and maybe flee flooding. >> ok. bruce springsteen should not go
7:18 pm
back to new jersey. he should stay in new york for this concert because there plieb some flooding. ok. good to know if he's watching. appreciate it, chad meyers. >> she's a dud, she's snuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps. >> chad meyers. i have love it. we're going to take a quick break. we'll have more from the concert. ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. washed your hands a lot today? probably like 40 times. hands feel dry? like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash.
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hey. welcome to our free form jazz odyssey podcast. we're waiting on word whether or not this concert is going to reconvene. it was called off because of lightning during barry manilow's performance, in fact, we should show -- i don't know if we're able to. jennifer hudson was incredible -- we're not able to. so, yanyway. people had left. they're coming back. we're hoping the concert will continue. let's check in with erica hill. we talked to patti smith. now she's talking about singing something just for us. the killers performed, barry manilow performed amazingly and was so funny on the phone with
7:23 pm
us as well. >> killers -- >> the killers. so erica, where do things stand? you're there. >> so we're just here, actually, just said -- they were asking people to move back from the stage. then they said very clearly we need you to move out. and they said all right, this is it. we're asking you to move back, the event is not happening. >> that was just announced in the last 15 seconds on the stage. did you see more people on the stage. i'm going to walk up to give you a better sense of what is happening to people in ponchos. >> please make your way back. please exit the park. >> they're announcing please exit the, pa. >> please exit the park. >> this is it is the an announcement. it looks like they are taking some of the instruments off stage. i don't know if some of the guitars, they had uncovered the keyboard was uncovered, the
7:24 pm
drums were uncovered as well as a grandstand, but i now see -- >> that's a bummer. >> walking off stage with a guitar. that was just the announcement made here on the stage. i'm not sure what you guys are hearing, but -- >> erica, this bums me out. in my mind, this was going to be one of those incredible -- >> you're getting a private concert, my friend. >> it's been epic thus far but this was going to be one of those moments like even if the rain continues, everyone comes out on the stage and it's barry manilow and patti smith and somebody's singing something and it morves into something else and it becomes this crazy night and a hundred people were there and i'm like i can't believe i was there. >> i'm one of the lucky ones who get to say i was here all night. what they've said is the event is canceled. they want everything to move. who knows if they end up playing
7:25 pm
without people in the park. you know, i guess things could happen. chloe's working her phone right now as i'm talking to you. >> yes, she is. >> again, i'm asking them -- they are moving instruments off the stage. there are cases that are moving. >> maybe it's just going to be acoustic jam. >> could be. or stephen cocolbert. >> the last guy to the party, no, no, it's a time change, it's an hour, it's an extra hour. i don't know if you remember that. i have. >> remind me to invite you to my next party. >> you go to a party and you realize it's a time change and oh, my god, there's an extra hour, this is awesome. >> what? >> just so we're clear, there's not a time change tonight. >> i can imagine if someone said that to me at a party, i would
7:26 pm
be so confused. right? >> don't think you are not really leaving. i mean, they're moving back from stage but they're not moving. >> i'm being told until my ear that it -- i really feel like i'm not ready to give this up. >> what about patti? >> what about patti. >> patti smith. >> it's not happening? oh, my god. >> the last i heard was that clive davis was talking with mayor bill de blasio and they were going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth some mor. they should move the concert to stephen colbert's house. >> what do you think they're all doing now? where are they going to go? >> they're at the bar with patti smith. >> i thought we were bonding with all these people and a fun time and a concert backstage. >> what would carlos santana do right now. >> there is no time or space for
7:27 pm
carlos santana. there's no rain or lightning. well, there is. >> turn this into a positive. >> it is. >> a lot of amazing -- >> we saw a lot of amazing performances. >> we saw a rot of amazing performances. >> jennifer hudson was fantastic. >> you had some private concerts for you and -- >> yes, apparently this is -- the concert is not happening. that is the word. is this official? it is official. it's not happening. ok. fine. ok. it's not happening. i'm being told over and over and over. it is sinking in finally. i am super bummed. but it was an amazing for -- it was an amazing concert and the fact that all these artists wanted to be there and were there and are still there because they wanted to perform, they wanted to go out on stage. >> i feel like there's going to
7:28 pm
be an epic after party somewhere. >> this was the -- for me, this was the party and i'm really glad that everybody at home got to experience, for me, what was an extraordinary night of just completely not what we anticipated. >> barry manilow set the bar high. >> as he has throughout his entire career. barry manilow said the bar. >> we can't thank the people. >> thanks for watching. i want to thank the artists and performers who called in. patti smith, if you're out there, we love you. i would love to hear you sing. anytime you want to come on my program, you're welcome to come on and sing. that's a promise. it was fun. >> anderson. >> jennifer walker takes over next. ♪
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7:33 pm
let's start with the story that is about to impact about 40 million people. hurricane henri is threatening with damaging winds, storm surges, flooding and power outages. the storm could crash into long island or southern new england sunday at or near hurricane strength. in kansas could lose electricity because of the storm and people are being told to prepare for the worst. let's go now and get the latest on where the storm is headed to tyler who's tracking henri from the cnn weather center. good evening, tyler, so what's the latest? >> hey. we're seeing showers and thunderstorms beginning to pop up on radar. you can see the outer bands moving north. companies are going to go downhill in the northeast and new england, as we get past midnight. right now henri is a
7:34 pm
75-mile-per-hour hurricane and it's roughly 250 miles to the south of mop talk. montauk is under a hurricane warning at the moment because as the system pushes to the north it's going to maintain that hurricane status and it would make landfall on long island as a low end category one hurricane, maybe a strong tropical storm, as you see. again, conditions are going to go downhill after midnight. long island will start to feel major impacts around daybreak tomorrow and then once we get to 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, we're watching this thing come ashore. then it really slows its notre dame motion and hangs out over new england. this isn't great news. that means a lot in the way of rainfall in this area. this area is saturated. we picked up four or five inches over the last seven days and we're going to see roughly six inches of rain fall in this area because of henri. hurricane warning in effect for
7:35 pm
long island as well as connecticut and actually, the entire state of rhode island and connecticut are under some sort of warping, whether tlits a there tropical storm warning or a hurricane warning. new york city is under a tropical storm warning as well. nantucket, you're under a tropical storm warping. we could see, in addition to the potentially hurricane force winds coming ashore tomorrow, we're also seeing the chance for some major storm surge. up to five feet in some areas, the storm is going to coincide with high tide and we also have a full moon. that's just going to exacerbate the tide situation here. in terms of the raifl, as i mention, we're going see this system slow down once it comes ashore. a lot of rain will fall as it slows down. we are looking at from new york city all the way through hartford, springfield, maybe on into manchester as well. even albany, four to six inches of rain. the national hurricane center
7:36 pm
warns we could see isolated areas of up to 10 inches. this will warrant the potential for flooding. it's definitely going to lead to some power outages. that ground is already saturated. you take the saturated ground, take a hurricane force wind, that could can lead to trees toppling down and trees and branchs are one of the leading causes of power outages. we have crews from 30 states, d.c. and canada coming to help. that's what kind of storm we're looking at. we are looking at the potential for that flash flooding, too. a multifaceted system is going to impact the northeast, new england over the next 12 to 24 hours, again, we're going to see tropical storm to hurricane force companies, storm surge up to five feet and, yes, the potential for in whiching as well that will lead to power outages.
7:37 pm
if you're not ready yet, make sure you begin final iegz those plans because henri will be here in a hurry. >> it's extraordinary that we're talking about the new england area where hurricane henri is about to bear down. >> it's there. it's only happened -- last time it happened was three decades ago. >> i was reading that. i was wondering if it's ever happened before. so in the meantime, hurricane grace hit mexico this morning. what's the latest there? >> yeah. so grace has now dissipated but grace made landfall in mexico and what it's done is it's basically rained itself off over an area of mexico that is very mountainous and when you take nearly 10 inches of rain, which is what we're seeing in mexico, where grace made landfall, well, when that happens you're going to see a lot in the way of flash flooding and we have gotten some reports of that, and that could lead to the potential for
7:38 pm
mudslides, too, so that's something we have to be mindful of as well. the system has dissipated over mexico, but get this. as it pushes west, what's left of it could reemerge into the east pacific and get this. it could actually form into a tropical storm, maybe a hurricane in the east pacific. those remnants. everything is connected here in the world of weather. >> oh, wow. all right. tyler, thank you so much for that. and right now, severe weather is taking its toll on tennessee. officials in wsmv says at least ten people are dead after flash flooding there and tragically, at least two of the bodies that they've recovered are teens. 31 people are said to be missing right now. the tennessee national guard said they sent a black hawk helicopter to the scene to assist with water rescues. these pictures are devastating.
7:39 pm
tactical vehicles and humvees are being used in the rescue operation. for the latest on that and other weather, sign up on alerts. we learned that president biden will address the nation tomorrow. his third time in a week. with a focus on two developing crises, the hurricane bearing down on the northeast, and the chaos in afghanistan. meanwhile, it has been a day of sad nls and anxiety at the kabul airport. seven afghan civilians have died todayed in the crushing crowds desperately trying to get on flights leaving afghanistan. this as an alarming new threat emerges from isis. cnn's article et sainz is at the white house. >> president biden canceled a trip to wilmington on saturday and instead will stay at the white house monitoring the situation in afghanistan. the president con convenience
7:40 pm
his national security for a meeting saturday morning. they discussed the on going security situation at the kabul airport as well as efforts to evacuate americans and afghan allies from the country. another issue that was discuss sds was counterterrorism operations against isis k, a u.s. official told our team that they may try to carry out some kind of attack at the kabul airport, and that has prompted the u.s. military to try to establish alternative routes for prpg americans and possibly afghan allies to the kabul airport as the situation there is constantly evolving. in addition to afghanistan, president biden also was monitoring hurricane henri, which is currently barreling towards northeastern states. the president was briefed on it throughout the day and also held a call with governors from
7:41 pm
northeastern states to try to explain the federal government's preparations for this oncoming storm. the president trying to keep his focus both on afghanistan and this storm, which could impact the u.s. >> thank you for that update. also, overnight, the first flights carrying afghanistan evacuees touched down in germany. roughly 1600 people have been processed at the u.s. military base. cnn senior international correspondent ateka schubert is there. >> reporter: plane after plane carrying men, women and children, evacuees who are part of the chaotic scramble to air lift people out of afghanistan following the taliban's takeover. now safe at the air base in germany, one of the biggest outside of the united states, soon capable of taking up top 7,500 people in this unprecedented air lift.
7:42 pm
explains the commander colonel adrian williams. >> it's enormous. it is such a huge humanitarian mission. we've gone from 75 passengers on board all the way up to 400. >> so as you can see behind me, that's a c-17 globe master. these are the flights that have been coming in and out of the air base. one just landed. what happens is passengers disembark. they're brought by bus and the first person they meet is a uso imam. they're welcomed to germany, to the base and then they proceed through medical checks and security checks. then they're brought to a holding area where their i.d.s are checked. then they'll be able to get to temporary living quarterbas.
7:43 pm
safety and security is the priority here. that includes rigorous id checks, fingerprints and iris scans to scan anybody on databases, said this commander. >> first and foremost it's security. we focus heavily on the security and then from making sure we take care of all their health needs, covid checking, making sure that they don't have any symptoms, and also we have -- we do a very robust check with the department of state and also all of our federal agencies. >> this is their home for the next two or three days. hastily assembled cots for beds and 40 people to a tent. women and children are inside the cavernous happening ar. men sleep outside with a small area for the families to meet. noun are allowed to leave yet. the capacity is 5,000.
7:44 pm
they're hoping to get that up to 7,500. there is a flight arriving almost every hour and a half and it's filling up fast. on our way out we meet this man who says he's a u.s. citizen from virginia who had flown to afghanistan to visit family and got married there last week. >> so i just rushed like everybody else and the only people that i could get in was my dad and my sister. they were shooting fires, taliban, and also like afghan forces at the gate, so people were getting hurt left and right, and it was really bad situation. >> yeah. i mean, that's incredibly traumatic. have you been able to speak to your family since you were separated from them at all? >> only this morning for two minutes. that's it. >> what did they say? >> they're in shock. they were worried about us and we were worried about them and they say what's going to happen to them, and i was like, i don't know. >> but this is only a temporary
7:45 pm
reprieve. there are still so many questions about where they will go and what will happen to families still trapped in afghanistan. many here looking to the u.s. for answers. ateka schubert, cnn, ramstein air base, germany. >> those are the lucky ones. coming up, thousands of people in australia fed up with strict covid restrictions take their anger to the streets. even as the country records its highest daily case count. also ahead. injured survivors of a huge earthquake continue to flood hospitals in haiti. our matt rivers has new reporting tonight from the disaster zone. nlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones.
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7:49 pm
tonight the delta variant fueling a surge of new coronavirus cases across the u.s. nearly 200,000 new cases reported on friday. the department of health and human services says one in five hospital icus now has at least 95% of beds occupied. this as we are seeing a sharp increase in the worst metric of them all, the u.s. once again approaching a covid death rate of nearly a thousand per day. but there is some hope. for the third day in a row the cdc says more than 1 million americans received a covid
7:50 pm
vaccine and a source tells cnn that full approval of the pfizer covid vaccine by the fda could come as soon as monday. meantime, thousands of unmasked protesters clashing with police in australia. the country just reported the worst single day jump in covid cases they have ever seen. but new restrictions to control the outbreak are being met with violence resistance. thousands of demonstrators are openly defying lockdown orders in multiple cities. cnn's angus watson is in sydney where dozens of protesters were arrested earlier today. anger us, walk us through what's happening right now. >> reporter: amara, scenes of violence in australia not seen for quite some time on saturday in australia's largest city of melbourne. 4,000 protester turning out in the center of the city, bent on violence, the police say. they came there to cause mayhem.
7:51 pm
the result, dozens of people arrested and nine police officers hospitalized with injuries such as broken noses, head and spinal injuries, concussions. we hope that those police officers are okay. but they're still in hospital right now as their colleagues search for these people, these 4,000 people, to make more arrests, to try to clamp down on this sort of anger that police say was driven by young men protesting against lockdowns there. they said they're a very small minority of people there that were protesting peacefully but the majority causing mayhem just for the sake of it, amara. but melbourne has now been in lockdown for a cumulative total of 200 days since the pandemic began, that city going hard with lockdowns to try and achieve as few coronavirus cases as possible because the backdrop to this, amara, australia has a
7:52 pm
dangerously unvaccinated population. just over 20% of the population is vaccinated. that comes as delta cases mount. so authorities in melbourne, in canberra, and where i am in sydney, doing what they can with these lockdowns to try and stop the spread to an unvaccinated population, amara. >> it's concerning, you look at the video, large crowds, protesters, gathering, marching, and most not wearing masks from what i saw in the video. quite concerning. anger us watson, i appreciate your reporting from sydney, thank you. coming up, many areas in haiti have received little or no help. next, cnn takes you to the haitian islands where earthquake aid cannot reach.
7:53 pm
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one week after a massive earthquake devastated haiti, injured haitians from remote parts of the country continue to flood hospitals near the epicenter after days of travel. many parts of the country continue to wait for help. cnn's matt rivers went along with rescuers and filed this report.
7:57 pm
>> reporter: our chopper takes off with no clear destination in mind. flying with charity group world central kitchen or wck, we went to find remote villages in haiti that still need help a week after this earthquake. just finding out where the needs are remains a challenge. a tip led us to an island off haiti's coast. on the ground, we're told the damage is actually a bit further west. which it is, seen from above. dozens of structures were damaged and the contact in town told us no one has come to help them yet. but we can't either. so there was damage in that town, the people there clearly wanted us to land. the problem was there was no safe area for us to touch down. that gives you an idea of how difficult it is to access this place. just because you want to go somewhere, doesn't mean that you can, at least right away. another tip leads us back into haiti's mountains and a remote town. destruction greets us as we land
7:58 pm
and the charity starts to assess the damage. in terms of figuring out exactly what needs what, you really need to go to the ground. >> correct. a lot of these areas are remote or the cell service has been knocked out due to damage from the earthearthquake. there's no substitute for getting out there and on the ground. >> reporter: they fan out and so do we. the damage is as bad as anything we've seen. entire blocks destroyed. near some damage, the distinct smell of bodies lingers. amidst all the rubble, there is grieve. rose's mom died when her home collapsed. "my mom was everything to us," she says, "and now she's gone, we're just waiting for help." rose is now homeless, saying the government has yet to visit her town. they've had to make do with what they have, not easy in such a remote place. that's where charters like wck are trying to help fill the gap.
7:59 pm
people crowd around as the team drops off a few hundred sandwiches. now that they know where to go, aid workers say, thousands more meals will likely follow suit. and of course it is a good thing that organizations like the world central kitchen have identified this town as in dire need of assistance. they're starting to figure out exactly what those needs are. but those are just first steps, unfortunately. getting those substantive resources actually moved into that area is a different challenge altogether. and this is not the only town affected by this earthquake. they're scattered throughout the region affected by all of this. many of which haven't gotten any help so far. matt rivers, cnn, port-au-prince, haiti. >> and for ways to help haitians recover from this devastating earthquake, go to
8:00 pm
hi, everyone, i'm amara walker in atlanta. you are in "the cnn newsroom." breaking news, a new advisory just issued on hurricane henri. the storm has been building strength over the atlantic and has triggered watches, warnings, and states of emergency in the northeast. let's get right to meteorologist tyler malden who has been tracking all of this. >> the latest update is in on henri, hot off the presses, it's the first time i'm seeing it so let's annalyze it together. the first thing i notice is they keep the track a little to the east of long island. the sustained winds are still at 75 miles per hour. but the forward speed has sped up to 21 miles per hour. i'll go ahead and tell you, hurricanes don't like a forward motion that fast. so that could help weaken it a little bit as it comes ashore here along long island to connecticut on into rhode island. now, we still have a hurricane warning in effect for long island, connecticut. all of connecticut