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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  August 22, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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sexiest man alive. >> reporter: old lawsuits that he mistreated colleagues at "the price is right" and found his old podcast with a be funny and provocative were not acceptable and he pledged to be a role model. but the dnl damage was done. richards taped five episodes and thursday, but friday's shows were condanceled. ghost hosts take over again next week. he will remain executive producers. the smartest game show on tv made a rookie mistake. brian stelter, cnn, new york .
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welcome to your sunday, august 22nd. we are so grateful to have your company. i'm crust christ. >> good morning. i'm boris sanchez. we have been following hurricane henri as more than 50 million americans in the northeast are bracing for what could be the first hurricane to hit new england in more than 30 years. the outer bands of henri are already moving onshore. amtrak canceling train services between new york and boston. >> the storm has brought record-breaking rain to new york, central park, seeing nearly 4.5 inches last night, but the big concern this morning is the storm's strong winds which could cause major power outages across several states and dangerous storm surges on the coast. utility companies, in fact, from across the country have sent more than 12,000 crews to assist with pau power restorations there. listen to officials in connecticut.
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>> we have put out requests and they have been fulfilled for over 4,000 crews from around the country. i want to caution everybody to look out for their neighbor,. if they are elderly, senior citizens, check on them. prepare. batteries, water, enough food to get you through for a period of, say, three, four, five days. and we just ask all of our customers to be patient, that our workers are going to do everything they can to get the power on as fast as possible in the safest manner possible. >> cnn is covering the storm only the way that cnn can. our team of correspondents is fanned out across the northeast and new england tracking the impacts of hurricane henri. we are going to be checking in with them throughout the morning. the latest on the forecast nor you so we can get the trajectory on this. what is the latest you have heard? >> the latest is we are getting
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reports of tropical storm strength wind gusts over areas of block island, which is just to the east of long island for those that aren't familiar. again, very heavy rain has been coming in for areas like philadelphia, portions of new jersey, new york as well starting to see the bands begin to push farther north. look at this heavy rain. really for areas of new jersey and eastern pennsylvania, some other rain bands starting to push in across massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut, long island. this is going to be the case the rest of the day. several inches of have fallen in new jersey. the bands are not moving. this is the stuff we talked about where the areas are going to get inundated with very heavy rain band after rain band after rain band. some of the lighter bands are off to the north. this is newport, the hamptons and eventually towards providence as well as hartford. that's why you have flash flood watches in green and the flash flood warning across areas of
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new jersey in anticipation of additional rainfall coming in. now, some of these areas, they have already seen plenty of rain. even if it stops new, it isn't. brooklyn, new york, picked up 6 inches of rain, prospect park, new york, central park just about 4.5 inches of rain and those numbers are expected to rise as more of that rain continues to come in as the storm pushes inland. one thing to note, yes, obviously, you are going to get heavy rain on the coast, but inland areas, upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire likely to get several inches of rain out of this already. wind, we talked about the wind gusts reaching tropical storm strength around block island, but look at this as the forecast shows, again, other areas 50, 60, 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts not out of the question as we go through the day today. the concern there, boris and christi, again just a 40 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts is enough to bring down power lines. remember, a lot of the northeast
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got heavy rain last week from the remnants of fred. >> yeah, some of those areas are going to be saturated and that could lead to a lot of headaches for crews and especially rescue workers that may have to go out into the field. allison, thank you very much. our cnn reporters are out in the storm. brian todd is in groton, connecticut, and shimon is in new york on long island. brian, let's start with you. mandatory evacuations underway for several communities there in connecticut. what's the latest that you are seeing? >> reporter: that's right, boris. they issued a mandatory evacuation for the neighborhood in groton, connecticut. another neighborhood adjacent as well covering about 40 homes. not clear how many people took that call and heeded the call and got out. that covered about 40 homes. you are talking about maybe 100 people under mandatory evacuation. they cannot force people out of their homes, so they had police knocking on doors here and in another neighborhood and trying to get people to leave.
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part of the concern here, guys, is these are low-lying areas and some of these areas are surrounded on two or three sides by water. here in groton, you have the river into long island sound right there, low-lying areas, businesses, industries along this river. a pfizer plant, a submarine manufacturing facility and a u.s. naval submarine base, and then private boat owners battening down the hatches. >> we hunkered down for all of the stuff that could empblow aw. my main concern is the boat. we tied it up nice for the storm. >> reporter: so that storm surge is a real concern. 3 to 5 feet worth of storm surge is going to hit here, we think. plus, you have got two high tides that they will be dealing with, one at a little less than four hours from now at 9:50 p.m.
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and one at "ten lessons for a post-pandemic world" a.m. then. the added concern of a full moon cycle which hads to the kbraftation al pool and makes the tides higher. can the storm surge and high tides this water we are told by the mayor is definitely going to push up from the thames river here and hit some of these neighborhoods here. this is one of those areas where they ordered a mandatory evacuation. police going around knocksing on dpoors yesterday, imploring people to get out. several people said they are going to ride it out. we are expecting this street to be flooded in a few hours, guys. >> the tide an enormous concern there. brian todd, thank you. keep your crews safe. >> let's go to shimon who is in long island. long island, i understand, already has a hurricane warning, storm surge warning there. what are you seeing? you are feeling it now? >> reporter: oh, yeah. certainly feeling it.
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it's not as bad as it's probably going to get, as it could get, but certainly when you look at the waves, you understand why there is so much concern. in the last 20 minutes you can see the water, the waves pushing closer and closer to the dunes here closer inland which is, of course, the big concern. these waves just within the last 20 minutes or so we have seen them rise. of course, that the big concern that the storm surge anywhere from 3 to 5 feet is going to cause some severe flooding. the winds so far not so bad and we have seen some of the outer bands as they start coming in, the rain gets heavier at times. but right now i would say that the story out here in montauk where montauk is, the waves, and we are just about three hours way from high tide and we are already seeing the waves coming up here, getting closer and closer inland.
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they are coming up to the stairs here already. so that's really the story out here for now. and we can feel like the wind start to pick up. here is another wave come in. so it's going to get closer and closer to the edge. certainly that is something that has many emergency officials concerned. that's why there is already a state of emergency here on long island. the governor yesterday declaring that. and also key is that they have pro positioned many of the emergency personnel around town just in case they need to start doing rescues. of course? a beach community, so many people have left. keep this in mind, that during the pandemic many people stayed here throughout the year. many people have been living here. so even though mostly this is a beach community, but for the last year, year and a half, many people have been calling parts of long island, the hamptons and montauk home. some people have left. many have stayed. so we will see how this develops through the day.
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but, of course, the storm surge, the waves as they continue to come in, as the high tide approaches, that is going to be certainly the concern out here in montauk, guys. >> all right. listen, you and your crew stay safe as well. we appreciate it. president biden's approved an emergency declaration for rhode island. he did this before they ever saw any sign of hurricane henri, actually, coming towards them. >> yeah, residents there are already preparing for the storm, boarding up windows and making sure they have enough food and supplies to last. joining us now is the police chief of westerly, rhode island where a major storm surge is expected. chief, thanks for spending part of your morning with us. i wonder how your officers are assisting residents ahead of this storm. i know that you brought in additional resources in
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anticipation of henri. >> yeah, we're going to 12-hour shifts starting at 8:00 a.m. this morning. the entire department is coming in. we canceled vacation times, leave time, so forth. so we are monitoring the beaches as the rain and bands are starting to come in now. there are people starting to leave as we have a voluntary evacuation at 9:00 a.m. this morning >> i know that you had previously expected this storm to hit during low tide in the afternoon. since that has shifted did you -- did it prompt any modification to you in terms of your plans and what you have in place there to try to make sure everybody is safe? >> well, we basically increased our staffing. we have all the town equipment and all the beaches has all been removed, secured in different locations. obviously, it changes the whole dynamic sfards the surge goes, hitting at high tide as opposed to low tide. it looked like, like you had
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say, it was cllow. it's the next tide at 9:00 tonight which is the one we are anticipating the heaviest surge. >> chief, you have had some voluntary evacuations in westerly. has that changed at all? do you have any mandatory evacuations? are you urging folks to consider moving to higher ground? >> we are urging folks to consider moving to higher ground. we are going to have another briefing at 8:00 this morning and that will, in fact, we will decide if we are going to do any -- change the evacuation to a mandatory. then we are going to determine what parts of the beach areas we are going to shut down. usually if we get surging, it floods our streets which makes it impassable. so we will have to block off areas. if we start losing power, which we anticipate, we will have to man these different posts down the beach area to protect properties. >> yeah, we have gotten word this morning that the power
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company says the loss of power could last for days, possibly up to three weeks. i know that you are planning -- your planning is kind of one day at a time this moment, but what is your greatest concern regarding after the storm passes? >> after is just the amount of damage in the loss of utilities. obviously, there is businesses, there is hotels in the beach area, if some do not have backup generating power. you have food concerns. you have looting you are worried about, people coming in. shutting off the gas service to the entire beach area this morning at 9:00. so the gas service will be out until after the storm. they have in the past shut the power grid off down there, if the damage starts occurring. they have not decided if they are doing that yet.
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>> chief, sean lacey, thank you for the time. we know it's going to be a challenge moving forward. keep us updated on any new information you want goat to the public and if there is anything we can do to assist with the operation. >> thank you. have a great day. >> stay safe. so reverend jesse jackson and his wife are hospitalized because of the coronavirus. what we know about their condition. plus, hospitals across the country overwhelmed as covid cases surge. now fda approval of the pfizer vaccine could be just one day away. what kind of difference will that make? will it convince people to get vaccinated? we'll discuss after a quick break. ♪
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well, we should point out. >> cnn's team of correspondents is ready to bring you the very latest. derek van dam is in newport, rhode island. an emergency declaration already approved for that state. what duds it look like right now as the sun is rising where you are? >> yeah, you know, we have got the all too familiar sounds unfolding behind us as the winds bows and bends around some of the masts of the sailboats here. this is a very different newport harbor than 24 hours ago. look, this was supposed to be a few days ago a storm that stayed out into the atlantic. fish food, as meteorologists often refer to it as. that has changed. now the storm is approaching our shoreline and conditions are deteriorating. the first outsider bands impacting the southern new england coastline. i walked around newport yesterday. remember, this is high tourist season. there are a lot of people here. they walked about as if no
3:20 am
hurricane was approaching. seems the only people taking it sear seriously were the captains of these ships behind me. >> if those projectiles start coming at me, there is really not a lot i can do. you got all these boats moored in the harbor. i mean, i don't think they are all leaving. so if any of those come loose, wherever they end up, they end up. some things are just out of your control. you can just take as many precautions as possible and hope for the best. >> reporter: coastal roads in and around rhode island are reserved for residents. so getting out and about is virtually impossible. it's not recommended today as well. this will be a long duration event with widespread power outages being one of the main concerns. remember, the foliage with the trees around the area allows for trees to get knocked over easily. downed trees means downed power lines. crews are ready to react power once henri moves through the new
3:21 am
england coastline. storm surge a concern. we are moving through a high tide cycle right now. low tide about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. authorities are more concerned about this evening's high tide at 8:00 p.m. that could coincide with the strongest push of water from the atlantic ocean. flooding rain inland and not only on the coastline. that is going to be a concern as we watch the exact landfall location. we are on the eastern side of the official track. that puts us on the dirty side of the hurricane, meaning spin-up tornados are also a possibility. we will watch all these hazards and threats from newport, rhode island. back to you in the studio. >> take good care there. >> let's get to allison in long beach, new york. allison, you are on the coast there. this is in an area that frequently gets these kinds of storms. it hasn't been hit by a hurricane in more than 30 years. so how are you seeing preparations? how are folks getting ready?
3:22 am
>> reporter: boris, good morning. this is a country that was devastated by superstorm sandy in 2012. so this is a community that although is cautiously watching this storm, we are not seeing any preparations happening. they are still watching to see where henri will hit the hardest. obviously, this is area, long beach on the south shore of long island, not getting a direct hit, but we are beginning to feel some of the effects from hepari henri who is tapping at the door of long beach. the ocean is getting bigger, moving closer to the inland areas. the water definitely getting closer, especially from last night. i was here last night. it was much further back. high tide expected here around 8:43. the big concern here on long beach is flooding. right behind here photographer rick hall, you see this apartment building just beyond those apartments are homes and the concern is just like what happened during superstorm sandy, flooding could be an issue, rain coming, obviously,
3:23 am
not just from the storm but the water coming from a passable storm surge. tens of millions of dollars in devastation happened to this community. so they are a little bit on edge. once again, i am not seeing many preps. boris. >> alison kosik, thank you for the reporting. >> sources tell cnn full approval for the coronavirus vaccine could come as soon as tomorrow. is that what it's going to take to convince skeptics to get vaccinated? we will talk about it. t reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people.
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take a look at a lot of soggy whether in sag harbor, new york. there is a truck. people are, hopefully, getting
3:28 am
hunkered down as we watch henri coming up. we know that the storm surge is of utmost concern, particularly tonight. some areas have declared states of number. local officials are urging people to stay off the path and prepare for the worst. we will bring you live pictures and reports throughout the day as we watch henri make its way closer to the east coast there. also following some important stories this morning, including civil rights leader jesse jackson and his wife jacqueline having to be hospitalized after testing positive for covid-19. reverend jackson's group the rainbow push coalition says doctors have been monitoring their conditions but not not released further information. reverend jackson received at least one dose of the pfizer vaccine in january. >> we could be a day away from the fda fully approving the
3:29 am
pfizer vaccine. a source tells cnn full approval could happen as soon as tomorrow. we are live in miami. nadya, good morning to you. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, good morning. well, this is one of the states, florida, one of 24 states that has fully vaccinated at least half of its eligible population, and we are seeing about 1 million covid-19 vaccination doses happening for a summer day for the third day in a row according to the cdc. now, we are hearing from a former cdc director who says that getting this fda approval could put more people over the hump who are hesitant, finally having fda approval could get more people vaccinated. a federal official telling cnn full fully vaccinated approval of the pfizer/biontech vaccine could happen as soon as monday. >> this will open up the ability for businesses, colleges, universities to really require the vaccine.
3:30 am
>> reporter: but the virus continues to take a toll on first responders. at least five south florida law enforcement officers died from covid-19 in a week's time according to the respective departments. ♪ >> reporter: and with covid hospitalizations and deaths decreasing, some funeral homes and morgues are reporting a spike. >> it is no joke that we have seen the most deaths reported to us in one day, right? it is happening. it is as bad as it has been. >> reporter: a strong warning from mississippi health officials after the state reports an increasing number of calls from poison control for people trying to treat themselves with a livestock dewormer. >> as we have seen cases grow, it's just become overwhelming for the health department to manage the number of cases, especially in our schools.
3:31 am
>> reporter: after a fury debate, florida's largest school district set to begin class on monday with a mask mandate in place for miami-dade county public schools despite the governor's threats. the parent needs to be the one making the decision and i think that that's the better way to do it. >> reporter: louisiana governor john bel edwards supporting the science. >> you cannot keep schools open and children safe today without masks. >> reporter: all right. so tomorrow morning miami-dade county public schools back in the classroom with a mask mandate despite the threats that we heard from governor ron desantis saying he will pull funding or salaries away from the superintendents even if we have full fda approval that could come as soon as tomorrow, there are still those 12 and younger who are ineligible to get the vaccine. boris, christi. >> nadya romero, thank you. can epidem yoliest and formr
3:32 am
city health director for detroit. i want to ask you about the full fda approval for the pfizer vaccine. as we said, it could happen as early as tomorrow. talk to us about the significance of that. >> yeah, good morning. first and foremost, when it comes to the fda there are two ways that the fda approval i think could make headway. the first is that you do have a group of people who are truly vaccine hesitant. i think we lump a lot of people in that term, but there are people who are truly hesitant. there are also folks for idealogical reasons that i can't understand are resistant to the vaccine. for those hesitant people one in gold star, fda approval beyond the emergency use authorization that it has right now could make a difference. the second piece is mechanical through policies from employers. a lot of legal experts will tell you that full fda approval opens the door for vaccine mandates in workplaces and even for customers. and so in that respect when
3:33 am
people see they are going to have to be vaccinated to get access to a workplace or place that they enjoy partaking in, they make a choice to finally get vaccinated and move on. you saw that in france when they had a large vaccine mandate, 1.7 million people the next day signed up to get vaccinated and that could happen here. >> okay. so what is the impact if you could prognosticate this, the impact of this potential full approval to the potential of some sort of vaccine for kids 12 and under? >> i don't think they are connected, right? right now the science is still out when it comes to children 12 and under. we have to study this just like we studied it in adults. and when it comes to kids in particular, right, we want to be parti particularly careful because we don't want anything that slipped through the studies to be figured out after kids are vaccinated en masse. the science works for a reason.
3:34 am
those who oppose the science don't trust that process, but i do. so we got to let it play out. the second piece is that i think clearing the way through the full fda approval, i think will give a lot of parents some repost when it comes to thinking about vaccinating their kids 12 and up, right, because there is a group of kids 12 to 18 who have a low vaccination raight now. for those kids, yes, it will bump up vaccines. we will have to see. >> talk to me about boosters. there is some confusion about exactly what that shot is going to be and when it's going to be needed. >> well, from what we understand i going to be a third dose of what you got after eight months. this is based on a set of studies that have shown waning protection against infection. not hospitalization and symptomatic illness but waning
3:35 am
protection. people can get their third dose of the same vaccine they got it they got pfizer or moderna, that is. we are waiting for more studies with johnson & johnson. it should happen eight months after the second shot. >> and quickly, you recently wrote a piece about the covid-19 booster. you said the science is there. so is the opportunity for big pharma to make billions. so your concerns go behind, it seems, the health arena. what is your biggest concern in that regard? >> there is very much of the health arena recognizing this is a global pandemic. and when we think about where we are right now in the pandemic, it's because of delta. delta was a variant that emerged in india during a very strong outbreak in the context where very few people were vaccinated. when we think about the fact right now we don't have all the vaccine we need to vaccinate everybody on the globe, when we are asking about 100 to 200 million vaccines that will be
3:36 am
repurposed for boosters it makes sense to make sure that people around the world are getting vaccinated so that they are protected, first and foremost, but also so that they are no longer a place where the virus can continue to evolve and potentially whip around the globe again, one more variant that is more transmissable and puts us all back, you know, a couple of steps in the fight against the pandemic. and so it's not that i don't believe boosters are right. i know that right now pfizer and moderna would remeather sell th vaccine into the u.s. market to make more money and i don't think that's the right thing. >> thank you, sir. >> >> b.c.back. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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among the agencies mobilized to help respond to hurricane henri the coast guard is helping with preparations as the storm approaches. joining us now is coast guard captain eve a van camp. she is the commander of the sector long island sound. she is with us from new haven, connecticut. captain, thank you so much for spending part of your weekend with us. you grew up in the new england area and your area of command includes areas of connecticut and long island that are in the path of the storm right now. so i'm wondering how the coast guard helps to prepare for these types of storms. >> good morning. thank you very much for having me this morning. the coast guard prepares to respond at all times. we have boats and aircraft that
3:42 am
are ready to respond. however, rescue assistance may not be available at all times, especially at the height of the storm, which is why boaters and mariners should heed the hurricane warnings and take early action to stay safe. >> and, captain, you know, this is an area, part of the country where boating is a huge industry, not just for, you know, commercial fishing, but personal purposes. are you aware of people taking their boats out as the storm hits? is that something that frequently happens? >> yes, its. we encourage mariners and boatatories stay off the water. we want boaters to take their vessels out of the water if they are able to be trailered. we want the larger vessels to move inland and to add additional lines to their boats to ensure that they are secure for the weather coming in. and also boaters to take off their life jackets, life rings
3:43 am
and other loose items that may become objects that float out in the water and the coast guard would have to respond to these types of items. >> and captain, one of the big concerns with experts that we have been talking to and officials throughout the morning is the storm surge. they are more worried about that than even the 75 plus-mile-an-hour winds. i am wondering how that storm surge affects areas along the coastline, especially close to marinas. >> so storm surge is definitely a serious piece that we have to take into account and when we look at storm surge along marinas this can cause some boats to rise higher than the piers and they can be brought on to shore when they are not secured properly. also, along the shore when we have swimmers or others going out to the water, we have serious rip currents. these rip currents can reach speeds up to 1 to 2 feet per second. that makes the rip currents especially dangerous for
3:44 am
swimmers or other people on the beach. even the strongest swimmers out there can often be swept out to sea. >> captain, i should tell you, i'm from florida, and people often don't blink unless it's a category 4 for 5 hurricane in that area. i hope it's different in the northeast. but have you had any experiences with folks that are in low-llow-lying areas that are hesitant to evacuate? what is your message to them? >> so i also responded to a couple of major hurricanes in new orleans when i was chief of waterways there at sector new orleans, and it's the same thing down there. people know and understand hurricanes, but up here in new england it's been about 30 years since a major hurricane has hit this area. so we have seen some people still going into the water as late as last night. we had some marine events going on. however, most people are listening to the coast guard and are taking their boats in and staying off the water. >> we are glad to hear that.
3:45 am
captain eva van camp, thank you for the time. we are hoping for the best. keep us updated if there is any information you want to get out to the public. >> great, thank you very much. much more ahead on "new day." first, here is a look at tonight's new episode of "jerusalem: city of faith and fury." >> my hope is that one day things will resolve themselves in palestine, israel, and we will be in a place where we live side by side and can visit jerusalem together and learn from each other. >> at the end of the day it's about real people living real lives and that's why the focus ought to be. it's not my god's better than your god. it's about how we treat each other on the ground. >> jerusalem was supposed to be the city of peace and of cooperation between all nations, all over the world. this was supposed to be the basic idea of jerusalem.
3:46 am
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when asthma symptoms strike, airways narrow. and there's less breathing room. primatene mist opens airways quickly. get the #1 fda approved over-the-counter asthma inhaler. u.s. officials say more than
3:51 am
26,000 people have been evacuated from afghanistan since the taliban take over one week ago. >> yeah, and for some of those evacuation flights the destination is now in germany. >> reporter: plane after plane carrying men, women, and children, evacuees part of the chaotic scramble to airlift people out of afghanistan following the taliban's takeover. now safe at the u.s. air base in germany, one of the biggest outside of the united states, soon capable of taking in up to 7,500 people from this unprecedented airlift explains 521st air operations commander. >> it's enormous because it is a huge humanitarian mission. on each one of those c-17s we have gone from 75 passengers onboard all the way up to 400. as you can see behind me there,
3:52 am
that's a c-17 globemaster and those are the flights that have about coming in and out of the air base bringing passengers. one just landed. what happens is passengers disembark, they are wrought by bus, and the first person they meet is a uso ema'am. they are giving a welcome to the air base and they proceed through medical checks as well as security checks. then they are brought to a holding area where their i.d.s are checked then then they get to temporary living quarters here on the base. this is an all hands on deck efforts between the u.s. air force, army as well as more than 1,500 civilian volunteers, including the red cross. but safety and security is the priority here. that includes rigorous i.d. checks, fingerprints and iris scans to screen for anyone flagged by federal databases says brigadier general joshua olson. >> first and foremost is the security. we focus heavily on the security and then from making sure we
3:53 am
take care of all of their health needs, covid checking, and so making sure they don't have symptoms and also we do a very good robust check of the department of state and you a also all of our federal agencies. >> reporter: this is their home for the next two or three days. hastily assembled cots for beds and 40 people to a tent. women and children are inside the cavernous airplane hangar. men sleep outside with a small area in between for fachls to meet. none are allowed to leave yet. these are the the temporary living facilities. the capacity here at the moment is 5,000. they are hoping to get that up to 7,500. but there is a flight arriving here almost every hour and a half and it's filling up fast. on our way out we immemeet a u. citizen from virginia and had flown to afghanistan to visit family and got married there last week. >> i rushed like everybody else
3:54 am
and the only people that i could get in was my dad and sister. u.s. forces were shooting fire, taliban, also like afghan forces, too, at the gate. so people were getting hurt left and right. and it was really a bad situation. >> reporter: that's incredibly traumatic. have you been able to speak to your family since you were separated from them at all? >> this morning for two minutes. that's it. >> reporter: what did they say? >> they are in shock. they were worried about us and we were worried about them and they said what's gonna happen to them and i was, like, i don't know. >> reporter: but this is only a temporary reprieve. there are still so many questions about where they will go and what will happen to families still trapped in afghanistan. many here looking to the u.s. for answers. >> there is tremendous capacity and capability at this air base,
3:55 am
and the first 24 hours, 17, more than 17 planes landed here, another 14 are scheduled today. there are now more than 5,000 evacuees who have landed here. and a really good example of how well prepared the air base is what happened yesterday. the 86th medical group was able to safely deliver a baby when a mother went into labor on one of these evacuation flights, a c-17. as soon as the plane landed that medical team got onboard and helped her safely deliver that baby. there is pictures of that. fortunately, both baby and mother are now safe at the hospital. >> incredible story. a noble and yet incredibly complicated situation. thank you some. so millions of people in the northeast could face days without power after hurricane henri moves through. we are tracking the path of this massive storm throughout the
3:56 am
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♪ good morning. it is sunday, august 22nd. thank you so much for joining us. i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christi paul. so good have you with us this morning. more than 50 million people are under hurricane and tropical warn


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