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tv   Inside Politics With Abby Phillip  CNN  August 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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crisis in kabul. >> my country is wounded. >> men, women and children scrambling to evacuate as the president insists the chaos was >> the buck stops with me. i made the decision.
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plus wearing masks in schools. >> if i get to see my friend, i'll just wear a mask. >> politics are standing in the way. >> we want to protect our children, keep them in school. >> parents understand what's best for their kids. >> and pfizer vaccine is poised for full approval. will that win over any skeptics? the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters, now. welcome to "inside politics sunday." i'm kaitlan collins in for abby philip. henri is expected to make landfall later today. sustained winds of 70 miles an hour just a little bit below from becoming a category 1 hurricane. hurricane-like conditions, dangerous storm surge and flooding are all expected before the day is out.
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we'll have more on that in a bit. we start with a desperate situation in afghanistan. the state department is warning americans not to travel to the airport unless they are individually told to do so after some were beaten by the taliban. threats of poe tngs isis attacks at the kabul airport are forcing the u.s. military to develop new ways to get people there, adding another complication to the already chaotic efforts to evacuate thousands of people. cnn has alreso learned there ar 18,000 people at the base waiting to leave. president biden will be briefed by his national security team in the situation room this morning on the latest and expected to provide a public update on those evacuations this afternoon. the economist is calling this biden's debacle. "new york times" headline says miscue after miscue, u.s. exit plan unravels. president biden promised to bring to office.
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>> we are going to do everything we can to bring safe evacuation for our afghan allies, partners, any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. to the best of our knowledge, the taliban checkpoints they are letting through people showing american passports. heather kegel of politico. >> given what we were hearing from the president there on friday when giving this latest update, time and time again what he was describing was at odds with what we are hearing on the ground. >> there's a serious disconnect from the messaging from the biden administration, which is essentially we've got this. we have a plan. we're getting this under control. if you want to get out of afghanistan, can you, and what we're seeing on the ground from
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brave reporters who are there from a lot of afghan civilians who are sharing pictures of images of the scene outside the airport where no, you cannot get out if you want to get out. it's very difficult to still get through the gates of the airport even if you have travel documents, even if you have an exit plan. it's very difficult to get through. we see again today there's violence, chaos outside the gates of the airport. and so i think the ownness is on the biden administration to do two things. one to actually get that situation under control and two to be upfront with the american people about what's going on. they can see it with their own eyes at this point. >> it's not typical critics who are saying this. david axelrod said the way it's been ending is problematic and cuts against biden's core perceived strengths, competent, master of foreign policy, supreme empathy. it's as if his eagerness to end the war overran his plan of execution. >> no one more than joe biden has wanted to end this war for
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more any dozen yearos or so. no one expected the government to fall so quickly. starting on capitol hill there will be questions about what was going on. right now, things are caught in a huge question, is the president insulated, isolated? on friday it was almost bizarre. what he was saying did not match the reality of what his other advisers were saying. you were in the room, kaitlan, when he was asked about allies, essentially suggesting allies are not upset at the u.s. or embittered by this. and that's just not the case. i think this will be a very defining moment in the biden presidency about what we learn of him as president, but it seems to me he's a bit insulated or isolated inside the white house. >> and as soon as he said that
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actually, the british defense secretary -- >> right, it was bizarre. >> -- said it was a mistake and would allow terrorist organizations to take advantage in afghanistan. >> one person who might have to testify about all of this is the secretary of state, antoni blinken. a dissent cable was sent out a month ago in the state department of people warning this could happen. you reported secretary blinken has received this cable, he did see it at the time. what do you think happened inside the state department? why was that warning not heeded by officials? >> officials told me that secretary blinken did immediate review the cable and welcomed the feedback that he got. the administration emphasizing one part of that cable, trying to push back on it, saying even these diplomats on the ground underestimated how quickly the taliban would move in on kabul. that was another element to this cable, these diplomats were trying to get the afghans who have helped our people on the ground, diplomats, news organi
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organizations, everyone else, to get them out starting august 1st in mass numbers, because they believed that whenever the taliban was going to come, even if it was going to be in september some time, the situation was growing dire by the day and they needed to move a lot faster, and the state department obviously did not do that. though they say they started to review those applications around that time. >> heather, you covered the hill. a lot of democratic lawmakers, typically allies of this president, have questioned about how this drawdown has been executed. we were saying some of them could be testifying this week. what are you hearing from democrats about what they want to know, republicans as well, of course, will have questions, too. >> i think there say lot of criticism coming from the dem democratic side, which is pretty rare, right? who criticizes the leader of their party in the white house? usually they try not to. this week, the house will be back. they have the first classified briefing on this. which is really important. they've had unclassified brief i ings. they're private but things leak. the secretary of defense said there that americans were beaten by the taliban.
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in this classified briefing, they'll be in person. they really want to know, was this a failure of the intelligence or were we deceive ed by the administration? we've seen some of them publicly allude to that question, which is pretty remarkable, given they are in the same party. i think that is their line of questioning and they'll go from there. we have at least four committee hearings in september where these official also subly testify. this is an issue that obviously is not going away. >> jeff, beyond the messaging or logistics of the intelligence and what went wrong, the messaging has been confusing as well and surprising for president biden, someone known for his empathy. we saw this week he did kind of change his message on friday after he had been criticized for appearing to really dismiss some of the images we were seeing coming out of kabul. >> we've all seen the pictures, hundreds of people pack ed intoa c-17. we've seen afghans -- >> that was four days ago, five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw those pictures?
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>> my thought is, we have to gain control of this. we have to move this more quickly. we have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. and we did. >> the past week has been heartbreaking. we've seen gutwrenching images of panicked people acting out of sheer desperation. i don't think any one of us can see these pictures and not feel that pain on a human level. >> was this an intentional shift in the messaging? >> no question. on friday the white house and the president were trying to regain control and go on offense after really being on their heels all week. i think that's the best example. in that interview with george stephanopoulos, it was starting hearing president biden quarrelling with how many days ago it was. who cares? as the week went on, they were trying to get him back on offense, off his heels. that's what he was doing on friday, showing empathy. no one has question of his
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empathy. we know he's an empathetic person. it's the policy here at issue and the bureaucracy that he simply so far is unable to cut through. >> and i think the challenge for biden right now is that he firmly believes that he made the right decision in withdrawing. >> right. >> and a lot of people believe that is correct, the united states should not be in this war any longer, that there's no good to be gained by spending, three, five, ten more years in afghanistan, but he's so wrapped up in, i think, making that point right now that he is losing sight of the other piece of this, which is just the fact that as the u.s. withdraws, there is chaos on the ground and a lot of people trying to get out. he's struggling to focus on that piece of it right now. >> trump officials tried to rewrite history and say if he was still in office, everything would have been handled perfectly and all the refugees would have been out immediately. a former homeland security ad adviser to vice president pence at the time is disputing that, saying that actually, that is not how things went down and
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that steven miller and other officials tried to undermine the program to actually help these refugees or, excuse me, the interpreter, those who worked alongside the u.s. military, to be able to get these visas to be able to get out of there. olivia troy said trump had four years while putting this plan in place to start evacuating allies. do you think we'll see more of this from the former trump officials? >> i think we'll see finger pointing in all directions over the next weeks and months. some of this did start under the trump administration. he set us on this timeframe but biden also had an ability to change the timeframe. and he knew he was inheriting from trump a whole slue of policies that were not necessary ly the top policies. he should have gone through and made sure this is what he wanted the withdrawal to look like. >> under trump, 500 taliban fighters were released and some were commanders that took over
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these cities and led to onslaught. we have to remember there's a lot of blame to go around. >> secretary pompeo or nikki haley didn't mention that fact. in kabul, all u.s. troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of the month. it remains to be seen whether that is enough time to get all the americans out. ♪ ♪ and savings like that will have you jumping for joy. now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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k kabul, it is becoming more dire by the day. a former translator for the u.s. told "the new york times" her toddler was trampled to death while her family was in the mob outside the airport. president biden has offered this reassurance to the americans who are still there. >> we're going to do everything, everything we can, to provide safe evacuation for our afghan allies, partners and afghans who might be targeted because of their association with the united states. let me be clear. any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. >> lawmakers who served in iraq or afghanistan say that's not enough and the u.s. owes more to the nearly 300,000 afghans who helped the u.s. and served alongside them during the war. >> there certainly was never going to be a positive outcome, but we could have prevented it
5:18 am
beco becoming this nightmare scenario. >> now we're in a position where we're disgracefully begging the taliban for basically permission to save americans. >> this is a harrowing situation because in many ways we are relying on the taliban to not start massacring people today. >> our moral authority is at stake here. we have made promises over 20 years to these men and women. >> again, that's pretty scathing. i know that the white house says right now they are doing everything they can to get people out. they've just had the pentagon activate these 18 commercial flights to try to get people who -- they're not in kabul. they're going to be picking them up from other airports where they're temporarily being held. what more do you know about that program and how much the white house is now doing to get these people out there have? >> the biden administration has been trying, obviously, to get as many people out as they can. the airport has become increasingly inaccessible to commercial flights but just for people coming in and out. a lot of these bases where people are going are becoming
5:19 am
overcrowded and unable to take any more people. what the u.s. has been trying to do to speed up processing is, a, try to get countries to take a lot of these people temporarily until they can be processed and brought to the u.s. or sent to a third country and b, have these commercial airliners help ferry them back and forth because of the fact there's no way to get them around and they want to free up spaces in these places. lot of moving parts here. the airport is the focal point. just getting people to the airport has been tough. it's been closed twice it this weekend already. think about it. clusters of people gathering by the tens of thousands outside the airport. i've covered war zones for years. that is a key prime target for any terrorist who wants to go out there and blow themselves up. a british official telling me we're on watch for suicide bombers at this point. >> that's a big concern, coming up with alternative paths to get to the airport. getting to the airport is still the big issue.
5:20 am
one question people have for the white house is why the military -- we're not seeing them go out and get americans in kabul, throughout kabul and bringing them to the airport since the state department says we can't ensure safe passage. president biden told us about it, went over the wall to get americans. it was 169, and bring them back. do we think that that's going to happen again? the pentagon yesterday seemed to hint that could be under way. >> it certainly could be under way. this is one of the questions facing the biden administration. are they going to send more troops to bring this under control or are they going to expand the mission? the president, of course, is mindful of the safety and security of troops. suicide bombers, this is a massive, dangerous effort there. the target is huge. we will see to the extent -- obviously, the administration, the president does not want to expand things much more or go out of kabul. never mind the rest of the country. we were just talking about kabul. the afghan allies and partners all across the country. this is one of the things, the
5:21 am
failure of imagination would include this. it fell so quickly. what was eat vac situation plan? this is a failure of the government across multiple administrations. when you talk to some military members and they've been trying to get their interpreters out for years, almost a decade or more. and the blame certainly rests on members of congress, all administrations for not getting this going. now it's the biden administration's problem. we'll see how much they speed it up, if they can. >> one thing this president promised when he was taking office was that he wanted to restore the united states' image on the world stage because of what happened and how much it deteriorated when trump was in office. he even has said this. when he was overseas not that long ago. >> we're going to make it clear that the united states is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. >> he has another summit with
5:22 am
world leaders coming up in november. is that message going to resonate just as much then? >> i think this is the bigger picture backdrop to what we're seeing now. biden was very warmly welcomed on the world stage by european allies and in particular other traditional u.s. allies during the first couple of months of his administration. he was seen as somebody who was much more familiar to them, who would restore american leadership and competence. i do think now the rest of the world is looking at this and saying, wait a second. maybe this isn't going to be the type of administration that we thought it would. he does, of course, has an opportunity to pivot that back if they could get this situation under control. it's very clear that the world is watching right now. i think it's important to remember that the world, even though they were happy to have biden back on the world stage as the head of the united states, has still been a little skeptical, not sure which direction the country was going in. was trump an aberration or are we going back to that place?
5:23 am
and biden has a lot of work with those allies. >> the president says he doesn't think that they've been shaken by this, that it hasn't undermined this relationship at all. do you think that's the case? >> a lot of concern right now and i'm hearing it from all sides, allies in europe, asia, you name it, about how this withdrawal took place. we had nato forces on the ground, too, and a lot of them scrambling to get their people out now. and they believe that the u.s. is largely responsible for the chaos right now and they're only leaving because the u.s. is leaving. they feel this was poorly executed and if biden was supposed to be the guy coming with extensive experience, kind of reversing the narrative post-trump, and this is where the u.s. is going, like julie said, a lot of people saying, wait a minute. there's a lot of skepticism. >> heather, republicans don't seem to know how they're going to be talking publicly about resettling so many of these r refugees and a lot of people have said we're looking at this from a humanitarian perspective, but there's also a pretty big split over how they're talking
5:24 am
about this publicly. >> either you can move people from one completely different country with a completely different culture, language and religion and history on the other side of the globe into our country in large numbers and everything will be just fine is insane. >> we need to uphold our end of the bargain that we made to them when they agreed to work with our men and women who were fighting on our behalf. >> what are you hearing from republicans on this? >> by and large on the hill, rank and file republicans actually do support bringing in the refugees and resettling them. mitch mcconnell has come out and publicly said that. back in july, the house voted on a bill to raise the refugee cap and get rid of some of these restrictions on processing the visas and only 16 republicans voted against it. so, there is definitely a split, but the far right flank, and the talking heads on some of the other shows are much louder right now than the rank and file. when the house gets back this week and the members are all
5:25 am
together and have had this classified briefing i think we'll hear some from the members who will say let's bring these refugees in, let's resettle them, and they will take more of the conversation over. >> jeff, this isn't a monolith. we've seen a difference in the range that republicans are approaching this. >> we absolutely have. it will be interest ing to see former president, exhibit a. he has shifted his tone on this. republican governors are supportive of bringing in these afghan -- we call them refugees, that's true but it diminishes a little bit what they are. they worked alongside our fors for so long. it will be an interesting thing to see if republicans completely shift on this. that would be unusual. i think, as you said, heather, most are still supportive. and this is our responsibility. it's clear. up next, we'll talk about why some florida school districts are risking funding and defying republican governor ron desantis. es and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new
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the rate of children with covid is surging across america in. and a record number are so sick they're being hospitalized. the situation in florida is probably more dire than almost anywhere in the united states. a record number of new cases overall and a record number of kids hospitalized, 203 as of friday. all of that is creating a new uncertainty as schools in the state have started to reopen and at least six counties are requiring all students to wear a mask, openly defying governor ron desantis' ban on those mandates. desantis is threatening to withhold state education funding
5:30 am
but president biden is pushing back and promising to make upfor any shortfall. >> unfortunately, as you've seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures as children wearing masks in school and political disputes for their own political gain. >> he is obsessed with having the government force kindergartners to wear masks all day in school. in florida, we believe that that's the parents' decision. joe biden thinks the federal government should come in and overrule the parents. >> florida has had more covid cases than any other state in the past six months, and the school issue has become so divisive, it is tearing communities apart. how is this working politically for ron desantis, given he is clearly seen as a very likely potential 2024 nominee? >> i think every other republican who wants to be a potential 2024 nominee is watching and seeing how this plays out. right now these school districts are defying him.
5:31 am
like you said, six counties. it's covering, i think, 1 million kids will be under a mask mandate now. it's huge. five of the largest school districts. most of them are in blue areas. one recently was a republican-leaning county that came out in the last few days. but the interesting thing is, these mask mandates go into effect and are successful, we'll have less kids in the hospital, less kids that are getting sick and on the other end of that, desantis would potentially be able to say being look, my restrictions or lack thereof worked. it's working out. when in reality it's the mask mandate that kept these kids from getting sick. it's interesting to see how the politics will work out right now. >> president biden is weighing in on this more than we've seen in the beginning, going after desantis, calling him out at white house events and trying to use the levers that he has to stop desantis from doing some of the measures he's imposing to
5:32 am
stop these mandates from happening. >> it's true. it's a oppose tension window into the future. a lot has to happen for ron desantis. he has to win re-election himself. he's pretty strong. so, i think that the -- one thing we've seen from the white house is initial ly they were trying to not politicize or make this political or weigh in there. that's over. the reality is that they're trying to use every lever and the president clearly sees it as his political benefit and they're really trying to, as a substantive matter, trying to call out these governors here. i'm not sure it's had any effect or not. >> it certainly hasn't had an effect on ron desantis. >> right. >> he is doubling down on his position. what you're seeing basically is a choice from a purely political standpoint, the choice before voters here, joe biden embracing mandates, putting mandates back in place as we've seen the cases pile up, particularly in unvaccinated americans and ron desantis, who is leaning in on where he was in the pandemic even as caseloads in his state
5:33 am
rise. he believes ultimately his voters support the idea of being able to make their own choices. even if that means that they get sick, even if that means we'll see schools closed over and over and over again throughout this school year as people have to quarantine, in part, because they're not wearing masks. >> the associated press has had some fascinating numbers on this. bpd has tied the success of his presidency as to how he handles the pandemic. top of mind for voters more than any other issue, getting it under control, obviously, has been a number one priority. in an associated press poll in july, out of all voters, it had 66% of people approved of the way he has handled it. a poll that conducted, that dropped to 54%. the big gest and most alarming drop was this number over independent, 72% in july, now it's 44%. >> those numbers were striking to us when we got this poll back. biden's approval rating on covid has been ahead of his overall
5:34 am
approval rating because independents had supported him. as that number falls we're seeing two things in that group of independents. some are disproving because they see caseloads going up, the vaccination rate being stalled but others in there disapprove of things like mask mandates being put back in place, cdc with further guidance. he's fighting on multiple fronts here. this is the point. more than afghanistan, almost anything else that they think the biden presidency will rise and fall on. >> president trump, criticism his way, declining to get his own shot publicly, all those things. he was at a rally in alabama last night, and this was the crowd's reaction when the president told people -- former president told people to get vaccinated. >> i believe totally in your freedoms, i do. you've got to do what you have to do. but i recommend, take the vaccines! i get it. it's good.
5:35 am
take the vaccines. that's okay. that's all right. you've got your freedoms, but i happened to take the vaccine. if it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, okay? >> well, you know, heather and i were talking before the show because we were both just in florida, saying president trump still looms large in florida. he's definitely a major force, but he's also kind of contradicting what ron desantis is saying. so, it is, to an extent, going to be interesting to see how that message plays out, whether or not this difference in president trump insisting that people, go get vaccinated. it's a good thing. versus ron desantis saying everyone is free to do what they want and pushing more for the freedoms of it. it will be interesting to see how that plays out and who comes out on top in this debate. >> one big question with the school debate being brought back into this, look at these headlines we're seeing. 20,000 mississippi students in
5:36 am
quarantine for covid-19 exposure. in hillsboro, over 10,000 now quar quarantined, the school district says. returns to online classes after the outbreak. fifth graders at a georgia school sent home due to covid-19. how does this all shake out given the debate between republicans who are trying to straddle this line and saying you can choose what you want to do but also social distance ing and a mask is good if you're indoors. he is or does the white house get the blame because he is the president and in charge of the federal government. >> the sense in confidence of how things are going, do you approve of the direction of the country or the direction of covid? everyone is experiencing some problem with this in their own life. it will be the white house's responsibility. if the fda makes its decision to give a full approval or authorization to the pfizer vac vaccine, that will be a big turning point. we'll see more mandates coming. that's something to watch for this week certainly. >> what do you think about how
5:37 am
republicans -- are they going to get blamed for this, given that they've put themselves squarely in this debate? >> i think it's unclear who ultimately gets blamed for where we are now. biden, as president, will get the bulk of the -- he will either get the credit or the blame. that's the responsibility of being president right now. i do think republicans have to watch these number. if you're ron desantis and the situation in your state spirals out of control, if you're a republican governor in another st state, how do you defend not taking proactive action to try to keep your people healthy and safe? that's your ultimate responsibility. >> watching for this fda approval will be fascinating. as we reported this week, the fda is poied to grant that full approval to the pfizer vaccine. now the question is, could that lead to new vaccine requirements? will it encourage any holdouts to finally get the shot?
5:38 am
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winter surge, the fda could grant full approval for pfizer vaccine as early as tomorrow. that could potentially pave the way for private and public organizations to require the vaccine as officials are also hoping it will encourage vaccine holdouts to get the shot. brown university school of public health in prove deps, rhode island. luckily, she still has power from the storm that is headed her way and joins us now. we are now reporting on this potential fda approval coming our way, full approval. that is something we've heard vaccine skeptics say they've not gotten the shot yet. what are you most looking forward to when this could actually happen as soon as tomorrow? >> for most of us, the safety and efficacy data on the vaccines is more than adequate. the pfizer vaccine, likely to get approval tomorrow, has given out 180 million doses across the
5:43 am
united states. there's no doubt these work and are safe. there's a portion of the american public that still doesn't trust that emergency use designation. the full approval, studies suggest about a third of those who have not yet gotten vaccinated will step up to get a shot in the arm when it turns from emergency use approval to full fda approval. the other thing is that it will open the door for a lot of folks to put mandates in place. the supreme court has held up some mandates like indiana university. other groups like the military have been holding off for full approval. and i can't overstate what a difference those mandates make for people who are just on the fence or haven't gotten around to getting a vaccine yet. it's really going to be quite impactful over the next four to six weeks as those mandates take place, as people show up for vaccines in arms and, of course, once those vaccines take effect. we're still looking at a tough couple of months ahead but longer term this full approval will make a big difference. >> while we're waiting on the
5:44 am
fda to weigh in on this, we're seeing numbers that the white house is certainly excited about. three days this week where over a million people -- cdc reported over a million doses had been administer ed. that is the highest numbers we've seen since the first week of july. what do you think is behind that, given this is before the booster shots, potentially, have been authorized by the fda, before this full approval has been granted. why are more people stepping up now and getting vaccinated? >> i think two things. the first is simple fear. humans are more likely to do something if they're afraid of the consequences of not doing it. and across the entire south and sout southeast, people are seeing their family and friends get sick. that's the first big driver. the second is more and more places are mandating the vaccine, even before full fda approval has been reached. i had a number of conversations with health care workers recently who had not yet gotten the vaccine who will now be
5:45 am
doing it, because their facilities have put a mandate in place. it's a combination of those two things. the caution, kaitlan, that is a first shot in arm. most of them will need a second shot. we're not going to see full effect for another four to six weeks. we still have a long period of rising cases ahead of us. >> they may even eventually need a third shot since we now know, we're waiting on the fda to weigh in on this and make it official. start getting booster shots eight months after their second shot of those two-dose vaccines. do you think that is soon enough? what do you think of the messaging on this, and what we're hearing from the administration? >> i really think the administration got a little ahead of their skis on this one. it's ridiculous for us to take up a booster shot before we have full fda approval of the va vaccines in general and not yet convi
5:46 am
convincing data on the necessity and safety of the boosters except for those immunocompromised and elderly folks that we've already been making movements toward giving boosters to. immunocompromised can show up to get a third shot. i don't think that we won't need boosters but i feel like it was too soon to announce it. there's too much of the world that hasn't been vaccinated. too much of the united states that hasn't been vaccinated and the current data suggests that the two doses still protect really well against hospitalization and death. >> that's an interesting comment. we did see yesterday reverend jesse jackson, who was vaccinated back in january, has now been hospitalized with covid-19. what do you make of that, given how long it's been since he got his vaccine? >> so that may be a reflection of the waning strength of the vaccine or mildly immunocompromised because of his age. i would put those people in line for a booster. no vaccine will be 100%
5:47 am
effective for everyone. and it's why right now with this horribly transmissible delta variant it's important for all of us to mask up in public and indoor locations. my heart goes out to him and his wife. i hope they get well soon. >> of course, we all do. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll be sure to bring you back once the fda does weigh in on that full approval. everyone has been waiting to see. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> up next, the latest on tropical storm henri set to make landfall in the northeast in just a few hours. state. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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before we go, let's get a quick update on tropical storm henri. these hurricane conditions as well as flooding and dangerous storm surge are expected later today and more than 50 million people are threatened by these conditions. we'll check in with cnn meteorologist, allison chinchar. allison, what can you tell us about what you're seeing about the storm's trajectory this morning and what should people in the path know about this? >> right. expect very heavy rainfall, very gusty winds and storm surge along the coast. sustained winds are 70 miles per h hour, gusting up to 90 miles per hour. that forward speed continues to slow down. that's not what we want to see.
5:53 am
that means as it slows down it has more time to dump a tremendous amount of rain. it will eventually make land fall likely in the next couple of hours before we get to lunchtime. continue to push inland before making a sharp turn back out over open water. here is the look. you can see those heavy rain bands pushing in across connecticut, new york, and especially over new jersey. unfortunately for new jersey, they already had several inches of rain so far today. again, we're really kind of focusing in on those yellow and orange colors. that's where we'll see the heaviest bands of rain. that's why we have flash flood wat watches and flash flood warnings in effect. those are likely to last for the entire rest of the day today as more of those bands continue to push that rain inland. even areas of update new york, vermont, new hampshire likely to get several inches of rain, too. storm surge will be a big concern along the immediate coast. the concern is that the landfall time may end up lining up with some of these areas high tide. this isn't just a normal high tide either. today is the full moon.
5:54 am
you're dealing with as tro tromonical high tide. kaitlan. >> and the remnants of fred that came through in the northeast last week. now this tropical storm is makin ma makingl landfall. >> when you look at what the area has had in the last week, look at this yellow and orange here. earlier in the week we remnants of fred move through so many of these same states. now you're adding additional rain on top of that, several inches there. the problem is, when that ground is saturated like that, it's very easy to have trees and power lines come down with the winds. you're talking about an additional two, four, six inches of rain.
5:55 am
at that point, kaitlan, even a 40 to 60 -mile-an-hour wind gust will be enough to bring trees and power lines down. >> have there been power outages, flight delays? what are we seeing inland effects of what people are planning and what's happening now on ground? >> power outages, we have several thousand. the hardest hit area looks to be new jersey. they were the first to get some of those heavier rain bands in. delays will also be a concern. boston, new york, philadelphia. all those airports already collectively have hundreds of cancellations and delays especially out of laguardia, newark and boston. again, those numbers could start to tick up as we go through the day. >> allison chinchar, thank you for that update. we'll be sure to keep checking with you hourly to make sure what is happening with this tropical storm. that's it for "inside politics sunday." join us every sunday at 8:00 a.m. sunday time and weekday show as well at noon eastern. up next is "state of the union" with guest host brianna
5:56 am
keilar. she has jake sullivan and congressman adam kinzinger. before we go, we want to end on good news and give a big c congratulations to this show's anchor and my good friend, abby philip. she and her husband, marcus, welc welcomed their beautiful daughter naomi. she has been delighting her parents, grandparents and their dog, booker, for the last week. it won't be long before naomi will be here to share her insights with all of you. thank you again for sharing your sunday morning with us. ah, there's no place like panera. enjoy the cool, refreshing strawberry poppyseed salad. panera. order on the app today. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks.
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racing the clock. >> this is one of the largest, most difficult air lifts in history. >> will the president be able to keep his promise to evacuate tens of thousands of people from afghanistan? >> i made the decision. the buck stops with me. >> white house national security adviser jake sullivan and republican congressman and veteran adam kinzinger join me to discuss, next. astron astronomical rise. in covid infection. vivek murthy is ahead. congressman paul mitchell left his party over election lies. months later, as he bravely faced death from cancer, mitchell did one last interview with his final message. >> learn to understand


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