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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  August 22, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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president? >> you don't get to have it both ways. you don't get to say you're reversing every mistake of trump and picking this as the one you blame on trump because you say you didn't reverse it. the fact is the agreement with the taliban called for a peaceful negotiation with the existing elected government. it called for no taliban aggressive acts and no approaching, not just the capital but all of the regional capitals. and every time they went to do it, they got attacked by u.s.-backed troops. usually air force assets and then ground afghans. and the afghans were doing a reasonably good job because they had confidence in the air support they were receiving. having said that, we can blame all four presidents, if you want, but what we have right now is we have a -- an administration that's telling you that things are going according to the inevitable
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plan, but they weren't. a few weeks ago they called for 11,000 special visas to help people that helped us. 11,000. now the number appears to be 100,000 or maybe more. they had not begun identifying those people and getting them out when, in fact, in just a few days they were supposed to have completed it. so -- >> don't you want to help all of those vulnerable afghans and afghan allies and partners who were helping the u.s. over the last 20 years. don't you want to help them and get them all out? >> i'm currently doing everything i can to help the people that have been identified get out of the country. but the reality is there's 37 million afghans, half of them women, that are now going to have a very different future than they would have had if we had kept a stable government, enforce the agreement so the taliban couldn't come in by force and take over. look, this is no different than vietnam. >> the government was -- i hate to keep interrupting. i'm sorry. the afghan government was cut out of the peace talks by the
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trump administration. they were negotiating directly with the taliban. so they weren't -- and that sent a message to -- >> jim, jim, i appreciate that, but the fact is the agreement says they had to -- the taliban had to come to a peaceful agreement with that government as part of it. so the fact that they may not have been at the table doesn't change the fact that they didn't have the unilateral authority. this sis absolutely no differen than the fall of saigon. you had richard nixon who successfully achieved peace with honor with a promise to come back and protect the south vietnamese with the help of the politicians in washington of both parties when they were threatened by the wrongful acts of an aggressive north vietnam backed by the -- we didn't send troops in and they fell and the people of vietnam have suffered for half a century as a result. and the people, 37 million-plus people are going to suffer in
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afghanistan, as a result. >> but you supported the pullout of the u.s. from afghanistan, isn't that right, congressman? >> i supported -- i supported and would continue to support an ongoing military presence, the air base for strategic purposes, always -- >> that's not a complete withdrawal from the country, though. that is not a complete withdrawal from the country. >> we had -- we have peace in south korea and we have 28,000 troops and two major air bases. we have peace in europe. and we have tens of thousands of troops backed in a partnership with nato. all of that, more than half a century after those wars were clearly over. actually approaching a century at this point in some cases. the fact is that a military base -- we have never been at war in bahrain. we've never been at war in qatar. and yet we have important bases there that those countries help host for their mutual benefit.
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afghanistan had no requirement for us to pull out of bagram. we had strategic reasons. for the last weeks and months i've been talking about the absurdity of predator observation aircraft and others having to fly for five to eight hours just to get to an area to look at it where previously they could do it in a matter of minutes. this has been a failure to plan or a plan to fail, either way, it is a decision made by this administration, and you can't blame the last administration. the last administration was wrong, then, darn it, go ahead and reverse it. but if you're going to say the last administration was right, you could at least execute it properly. they clearly were not planning to take the people out that they're now taking out. they hadn't identified names. there's a long list of -- >> that process was decimated during the trump administration, as you know, congressman. some of the pro-immigration -- or anti-immigration hawks inside the trump administration, all
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but shut down much of that process for bringing those folks into the country. and so the biden administration by and large -- >> i appreciate your saying it, and i appreciate it's your opinion. the fact is, although the administration reduced the number of certain types of visas, those number of visas rise and fall regularly and they -- the system was not shut down. but that doesn't really say anything about -- >> the numbers plummeted. the numbers plummeted toward the end of the trump administration. i want to move to one final thing, congressman. and that is i want to ask about the recall election to replace gavin newsom. right now the republican front-runner san outspoken talk show host named larry elder. he's made disparaging remarks about women. listen to this. let me ask you about this on the other side. >> when you look at all these women that have marched, nearly 2 million women, donald trump had probably gotten more obese
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women off the couch and in the streets working out than michelle obama did in eight years. >> do you think larry elder should be the next governor of california? >> i think larry elder, with tens of thousands of hours on the air, entertaining and thought-provoking, if that's the -- >> that's not entertaining. that's disgusting what he said is disgusting. that's -- >> i appreciate, jim, your saying it's disgusting. that certainly was, by most people's standards a quip of a radio talk show person who, like plenty of the famous ones, including rush limbaugh, who used various statements, including some bombastic statements from time to time to make a point. in tens of thousands of hours, if that's the best you have, you don't really have anything on larry elder. >> oh, there's lots of other material, as you know, congressman. we don't have time to go through all of it. but it sounds as though you're
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saying larry elder would make a governor of california than gavin newsom? >> there's 41 people running or 44 people running, and i suspect the vast majority of them would go in the right direction better than our current governor. no question at all. the reason that decline to states support the recall that republicans support the recall and a vast amount of democrats. when you get a state two-thirds democrat and 50% plus or minus a percent believe that the governor should be recalled, you are talking about people who have lost faith in their governor. so if the fact is, it's not republican darrell issa saying it. it's the polls that consistently show that half of californians have lost faith in this governor because he does things like say you've got to wear a mask and can't be indoors and then goes to a $2,000 a plate dinner at the french laundry with no masks and laughs at everyone as they
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drink wine indoors. so we've put up with our governor. it is, in fact, a failed administration. one in which the lights are going off every time we have a hot day. we don't have enough water. and we have higher unemployment with great problems in a state that fundamentally has everything going for it, except the people in sacramento. so the voters will make a decision on it. i support the fact that larry elder has been a thoughtful spokesperson, but he's also been a commentator. he said a lot of things. but if in tens of thousands of hours, you find a few lines, that's not going to get people to forget that he is a thoughtful conservative who has a lot of great ideas. >> all right. congressman darrell issa, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. back to our breaking news. president biden addressing the nation moments ago on the urgent evacuation efforts in afghanistan. he vowed any american who wants to get home will get home and they're extending the safe zone
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around the kabul airport. the reports from the ground paint a dire picture. the increased pace of evacuations has done nothing to reduce the influx of desperate people surrounding the airport. it was some 20,000 people. others are stranded in the city including hundreds of afghans who, until just a week ago, were staffers at the u.s. embassy in kabul. a staffer says those workers now feel, quote, screwed over. let's bring in arlette saenz live at the white house. what else stood out to you in the president's remarks? >> well, jim, president biden was trying to provide an update on those efforts to evacuate americans and afghan allies. and he said getting americans out of the country is of top priority to his administration. now the president said that there are operations and steps being taken at this moment that he cannot discuss for trying to get americans to the airport as quick and safely as possible.
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-- around the kabul airport to try to get more people in safe passage as they make their journey there. take a listen to a bit of what the president said as he explained the efforts under way. >> we have made a number of changes, including extending access around the airport and safe zone. and we've done a number of things. again, i don't want to get into detail about, but the fact is that more and more of the groups we urgently want to get out of afghanistan, starting with american citizens, and the folks who worked in the embassies and personnel with our allies, as well as the afghans who helped them and worked in those embassies as well as those who helped them on the battlefield as well. we are working diligently to make sure we've increased the ability to get them out. >> now even as he is explaining
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some of those efforts under way, we've seen the scenes at the airport as thousands of people are trying -- swarming as they're trying to get to safety. one thing the president did concede. he said that there is still a long way to go and that a lot could still go wrong. which speaks to the dangerous aspects of the situation on the ground there in afghanistan. the president also indicated that there are discussions about whether troops will need to remain in the country past that august 31st deadline, which he had previously set. the president said that he hopes that will not be the case but that they will need to evaluate this situation and the evacuations, the progress they've made with those as the next week proceeds. now the president also tried to strike a bit of an empathetic tone as he talked about the heartbreaking images, but he argued this would have been hard and painful no matter when the drawdown took place. something his critics will be
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quick to note there could have been more planning that went into this. >> arlette saenz, thank you. cnn has been following the latest on the ground in cnn. nick paton walsh was in kabul and joins me live from doha. a lot can still go wrong with these evacuations. what have we learned about the situation at the airport? the president was just saying that they have extended this safe zone around the airport and that that is going to essentially break some of this logjam that we're seeing there. and improve the security situation. does that match what you're hearing from people on the ground or perhaps do we need to let this develop and see does all this pan out? >> to be honest, the numbers of those on the airport remain as high as they were this morning. despite the remarkable numbers we heard of 11,000 people being taken out in the last 36 hours. and that's extraordinary if indeed they've managed to pull that off. has the safe zone been extended? there are suggestions possibly
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there may be better control of some of the crowds around the base but in terms of a new perimeter being pushed out, i haven't heard reports of that. very critic in terms of working out how or explaining how americans or allied afghans are getting onto the base now. i know from a source close to the situation the gates have for the most part been closed throughout today. so we have this situation where despite the large numbers that appear to be leaving every day, we are still seeing the numbers staying at about 20,000 on the actual airport. now even at that extraordinary clip of 11,000 in 36 hours, that's still a good three days' worth of airports going in and out to reduce that particular number. of course, they still have more coming in. so it is, of course, things could still go wrong. that's an understatement. and i think i sense the reluctance in answering the question about whether they'd stay beyond august 31st.
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it doesn't seem like that's particularly likely because this could be an indefinite process to some degree. they don't know how many americans they are looking for. and the allied afghans could bring on, it's complicated and there could be an awful lot of them. so they could be doing this for weeks if they want to allow any afghan who feels they are eligible for the siv program to come forward. it's increasingly difficult for them. he mentioned specifically himself, the local afghans employed at the u.s. embassy. a source i spoke to said they feel those people have been, quote, screwed over because, remember, there were extraordinary scenes of u.s. diplomats being evacuated from the embassy by helicopter but those local afghans who they sit next to, work with, day in, day out, who were left behind. who a source said are almost certainly eligible for the siv program, if not already in fact candidates that have completed its processes. so they, hundreds of them, are concerned and sat out somewhere in kabul, perhaps waiting for a
2:15 pm
rescue. possibly concerned about their own safety. there is some frustration because a lot of the afghans have made it onto the base and not necessarily connected with the siv program. there was a period of time where there was more humanitarian filtration system that they let people on who looked desperate. they sometimes let people on who showed an american-style visa which was essentially passed aroundgetting more of a handle on it. a lot can still go wrong but the ultimate question of how long does this go on for, for something president biden was clearly reluctant to necessarily address. i'm sure there are allies who wanted to go on for weeks who don't want to see anybody, quote, left behind, but when they first announced this program, when the afghan government was still in place, it seemed exceptionally ambitious if not fool hearty to get tens of thousands of afghans to form an orderly queue in
2:16 pm
kabul and the chaos that hits there and slowly file into american visa processing. a very complicated situation in the best of times made harder now. no doubt the efforts are incredibly valiant but this is something that joe biden said was inevitable they'd see scenes like this. if that is really his assessment of how the departure from afghanistan would have been, i simply cannot imagine he would have gone through with it but still, startling to hear him make that assessment. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. desperation and fear continue. the u.s. is scrambling to get americans and afghans out. the former ambassador to afghanistan under president obama, ryan crocker, he joins me live, next. you're live in the cnn newsroom. that i should get used to people staring. so i did.
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moments ago the president wrapped up his latest remarks on the frantic effort to evacuate americans and avpfghan partners
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out. he extended the security perimeter around the kabul airport but admitted this operation is messy. there's a long way to go and a lot can still go wrong. i'm joined by the former ambassador under president obama, ryan crocker. ambassador, you've been very critical of this withdrawal process. what was your take of -- on what the president had to say just a few minutes ago? does it sound like they are trying to or starting to get on top of the situation there, do you think? >> in terms of the specific challenge at hand, jim, the evacuation of our citizens and others for whom we have responsibility, i think they are starting to get a handle on it. i would emphasize that that handle and the people getting it are not in washington. they are at kabul airport. the foreign service officers and the marines and soldiers out there are the ones doing this. and what we see is that they are -- they're dealing with the
2:22 pm
situation that they got pushed into after the fact and they are making adjustments as they go. these are competent professionals, foreign service is pretty familiar with evacuations. as are the marines. so i think they are adapting to circumstances and turning an utter disaster into a, touch wood, a workable proposition. but there are still going to be tremendous challenges, not least the taliban themselves. >> and this weekend you wrote in "the new york times," mr. biden's decision to withdraw all u.s. forces destroyed an affordable status quo that could have lasted indefinitely, at a minimum cost and blood and pressure, but what you call affordable did cost taxpayers $150 billion. we've seen a lot of loss of life on the afghan side. how long was this war supposed to go on? you know, you heard the president say there during his
2:23 pm
remarks, you know, was this supposed to continue for years? what's your response to that? >> well, how much did 9/11 cost us? that came to us out of afghanistan, and who arranged it all? well, it was al qaeda, sheltering under the taliban. the taliban are back. and al qaeda is going to be right back there with them. so this is not -- >> osama bin laden was behind 9/11. osama bin laden and al qaeda. he was killed ten years ago. i guess my question is, is the united states supposed to commit u.s. forces to afghanistan for years beyond where we are right now? is that your solution? >> well, look, osama bin laden had no operational control over the al qaeda by the time we finally caught and killed him. does that mean that al qaeda is not there? they certainly are there. we came to afghanistan for one reason, and we stayed in
2:24 pm
afghanistan for one reason to ensure there was not another 9/11. so i argued that with the relatively small force bubble and commitment of resources compared to what we had already put into it, that's not a bad insurance policy against another attack on the american homeowner. so i think the president made a major strategic mistake by ordering this full withdrawal. granted president trump set it up, but it was president biden who embraced the trump policy and executed it. i worry very much on how this is going to play out in the future. it's not just taliban and al qaeda that are emboldened. i think it is radical islamic forces throughout the region and beyond. this is a huge victory for the taliban, if you will. they get to say clad only in the armor of the one true face we vanquish the infidels. look for trouble in pakistan
2:25 pm
right next door. that's 220 million people with nuclear weapons. look for trouble around the region. the chinese are, in fact, not sitting dumb, fat and happy. they are worried about the effect this will have on their own muslim population. >> and what about the president's message -- you heard him answer some of these critiques. you probably listened to the president. you heard him answer some of these critiques during his remarks and he made the point at one juncture during his remarks where he said this emboldened china, russia, this is exactly what the russians and the chinese want for the united states to be committed to afghanistan for the foreseeable future. >> i failed to see how a minimal number of u.s. forces on the ground cut down to 2,500, which was considerably too low in my view. how that represented a great quogue meyer in the eyes of the
2:26 pm
chinese, russians or anyone else that was -- >> if i may jump in, 2,500 u.s. forces, you were saying that was perhaps, i guess, sufficient to hold afghanistan and keep it from descending into chaos. were 2,500 u.s. troops going to be sufficient to keep the taliban out of kabul indefinitely? probably not, right? you'd have to bring in more u.s. forces. >> listen, jim, come on. get real. >> what do you mean, get real? can you answer the question? would 2,500 u.s. troops be enough to keep the taliban out of kabul? long term? >> the only thing that changed from a taliban who held no provincial capitals to a taliban that held 34 of them was our decision to withdraw. it pulled the keystone right out of the arch and it all came down. our forces have not been engaged
2:27 pm
in direct combat for several years now. we were helping them with logistics, with air support, medevacs, things like that, that gave -- enhanced their capabilities. they are the ones, the afghan security forces were the ones taking casualties, not us. so back to -- for that kind of investment, that was a pretty cheap insurance policy against another 9/11. >> all right, former ambassador ron crocker. we understand your position. thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. up next, in one tennessee county, 21 people are dead and 45 missing after catastrophic flooding. details are next. you're live in the cnn newsroom. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises. but wherever you are on your journey.
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we're following breaking news out of tennessee where 21 people are dead and 45 others are missing, including children after catastrophic flooding in humpries county an hour from nashville. cars piled on top of one another. homes destroyed. the national weather service reports 17 inches of rainfall yesterday. possibly shattering a record dating back to 1982. and joining us now on the phone is steve smith, director -- program director and storm spotter for wzyp, a radio station in huntsville, alabama. steve, you captured some of these devastating images that we saw. what else are you seeing? this looks like just a very severely hard hit disaster area after these heavy rains came through. >> it really is, jim.
2:33 pm
thanks for having me on. i woke up yesterday morning seeing the flooding going on there. i drove up here. i like to document that information and relay it to the national weather service and show other people what's happening in these areas. i thought i'd see normal flash flooding. a little bit of water in businesses or covering a road. it was nothing like that at all. reminiscent of hurricane or tornado damage. you are seeing it on cnn right now. the water came through with such strength. cars flipped over. cars pushed into homes and businesses. asphalt removed from pavement and bridges and roads washed out. it's just an incredible scene. >> i have to think that to see cars tossed around like that and sheds and that sort of thing, i would have to imagine, steve, that much of this area was completely under water for all of that to move around in that fashion. just extraordinary. >> yeah, really was. and trace creek is the name of the creek that goes through this town waverly, which you're seeing footage of.
2:34 pm
obviously the area around the creek was devastated but it went so much further. it went up the street into a grocery store and dollar general and numerous places got hit. homes, businesses. it's just everywhere. so widespread. so many neighborhoods. i kept driving through thinking, maybe it didn't go over here. but sure enough it did. it's everywhere in this small town. >> you talked to a woman on her roof as the floodwaters surrounded her home. what did she tell you, and what else are you hearing? >> her name is kasie. she was telling me the story of her house used to be where we were standing and talking but it was pushed down the creek over there. around 6:00 in the morning or so. floodwaters came in and then she lives across from a logging facility and one of the big trailers from over there floated down the creek. pushed her home into a tree. it was able to stop the home from floating. she climbed up on top until the water came down and her and her
2:35 pm
son and family are okay. obviously devastated. no home at this point but my radio station, we're collecting items this week to take up to kasie and all the folks in the waverly areas. >> we're learning that children are among the missing? what can you tell us about that. >> i don't have many details about that. i just heard you announce the death toll had gone up. it was 10 as of yesterday evening. every time i see a new update, it's gone up just a bit, but from being there and walking around the scene and these small towns in tennessee, i don't doubt it at all. just came at a horrible time, too. it was early saturday morning. i suspect most people were still asleep. it was still dark at that point. and that's how they woke up. just very sad. imagine what that was like. >> just a devastating situation there on the ground in waverly, tennessee. steve smith with wzyp. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it.
2:36 pm
thanks for all that great work. we'll talk to you again soon. up next for the first time since march, the united states is averaging a thousand deaths a day. what can be done to change this grim trajectory? you're live in the cnn newsroom. , my great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather was that kind of person. he looked after his community. she built an empire. he protected this nation. they lived their lives in extraordinary ways. with ancestry, i learned the story of peter vaughters... william lacy... madam c.j.walker. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours? ♪
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2:41 pm
in addition, cdc data shows roughly 30% of americans who were eligible to receive the vaccine still aren't vaccinated. i want to bring in cnn medical analyst and professor of medicine and surgery at george washington university, dr. jonathan reiner. a thousand deaths a day? how did we get back to this point, and did you think we'd be back here despite all of these vaccines being available? >> we got back to this point for two reasons. a more contagious, more aggressive variant came upon the united states. that's the delta variant. and we have inadequately vaccinated our population. you asked in the tease before the break, what could we do to get past that? and the answer is both hard and simple. the simple part of that answer is we need to vaccinate more americans. we have fully vaccinated 51% of this country. canada has fully vaccinated 67%.
2:42 pm
the canadians have a daily rate per capita of about 2 cases per 100,000 population. we have 27 per 100,000 population. the magic number appears to be somewhere between 65% and 70% fully vaccinated. that's where you really get a dramatic decrease in transmission. we have a long way to go. i'm hoping that anticipated fda approval will maybe boost this a bit. >> we got the news overnight that conservative radio host phil valentine had passed away from covid. he had downplayed the vaccine and then he changed his mind on all of this after he got seriously ill. his family said his hope was to get back on air and be more pro vaccine but never got that chance. it's just awful that he passed away. what is your reaction to that? it's just such a terrible price to pay. >> yeah, i was very sorry to see
2:43 pm
that. about six, seven months ago he said on his show that, first of all, he thought it was very un unlikely that he could get the coronavirus. that was sadly very wrong. he thought even if he got it he was healthy. he should have no problem beating it. but he was 61 years old. and he was in an at-risk group. and what i'm saying now is that if you are unvaccinated now, you will get the coronavirus. it's just a matter of time. and if you are in an older age group, the way mr. valentine was, you are at a substantial risk of dying. so i was very sorry to see him die, but it's it's terribly surprising. >> it's just so sad. there's a moment from trump's rally last night where he started talking about vaccines. seemed to, you know, indicate his support for people getting
2:44 pm
vaccinated and then this happened. let's watch. >> i believe totally in your freedoms. i do. you have to do what you have to do. but i recommend take the vaccines. i did it. it's good. take the vaccines. but you got -- no, that's okay. that's all right. you got your freedoms. but i happen to take the vaccine. if it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, okay? >> not exactly a profile in courage there from the former president. >> it's always the same with him. it's always the same. remember the famous, you know, we're recommending masks for everyone, but not for me. i just don't see it when i greet kings and queens and dictators. this is the -- when you look at his response when the crowd booed him. this is why he has never gone on full throttle in support of vaccinating his base because he knows they are reluctant. he doesn't want to alienate them. he'd rather they die than
2:45 pm
alienate them. really, a shameful, pathetic, weak performance. >> yeah, there was an opportunity there to show real leadership and he just failed that test. i mean, there's just no other way around it. as you know, doctor, sources tell cnn that full approval of the pfizer vaccine could come tomorrow. how helpful would that be in getting the vaccine hesitant out there to get their shots? >> well, we have data to suggest it will be impactful. so the most recent kaiser family foundation survey of unvaccinated americans shows that about a third of folks in this country who are currently unvaccinated are willing now to get vaccinated if the -- if and when the vaccine receives full approval. so that will help. but we have a long way to go. we have to vaccinate millions and millions of people in this country who have shown a very
2:46 pm
strong resistance, despite well over 600,000 deaths in this country. they've shown a very tough resistance to accepting what others in this country have done and have been refusing to vaccinate. but about one-third of the hesitant, i think, can be swayed. the rest maybe can be prodded with vaccine mandates which i think full approval will open the gates. i think you'll see companies and businesses and restaurants, i hope, all over the united states now mandate vaccines once it appears there will be no legal impediment to doing that. so perhaps this is what we've been waiting for. >> that would certainly help. dr. jonathan reiner, appreciate the straight talk as always. >> my pleasure, jim. now here's christine romans with this week's before the bell. >> hi, jim. the speed of the u.s. economic recovery has been record breaking. now the federal reserve is
2:47 pm
debating what comes next. when the pandemic hit, the fed started buying $120 billion worth of bonds every month to prop up the economy. but it could soon begin dialing back those purchases. investors hope the fed will provide clues about the timeline this week at its annual retreat in jackson hole, wyoming. the economic picture has clouded recently as the delta variant spreads. august consumer sentiment crashed below early pandemic levels and retail sales fell more than expected in july. investors are watching closely. many analysts think the stock market is way past due for a pullback. last week the s&p 500 hit a milestone. it became the fastest bull market since world war ii to double. in new york, i'm christine romans. hey, dad! hey, son!
2:48 pm
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the images out of afghanistan show the utter desperation as thousands try to escape the taliban, but for one pregnant afghan woman, there was no time to wait. she went into labor on board a u.s. military evacuation flight. atika shubert has that story. >> reporter: we were on the air base yesterday. we saw some of those first few flights coming in, the arrivals. it's such a mix of emotions. people are exhausted but also relieved.
2:53 pm
for one particular family, there was some very good news. an image of hope amid the chaos, a baby girl born in the cargo bay. the 86th medical group rushed in to safely deliver her. the air base in germany has become the latest hub for evacuation flights out of afghanistan. cnn filmed as some of the first flights arrived. more than 6,000 have been evacuated here with 17 flights landing in 24 hours, air base officials say, and more to come. here there is safety, basic shelter, food and water, but it is only a temporary measure. many do not know where they will go next or how. for the moment, there is relief and reason to celebrate new life. >> the capacity at the air base is 7,500. even though flights are not coming in on sunday evening, they are expected to continue
2:54 pm
monday morning. so it is filling up fast. it's still not clear where evacuees will go to next. atika shubert,cnn, germany. >> that is an incredible story. those members of the military helped bring a new baby into the world, a baby who would have most definitely had a much different life if born in kabul today. if you want to criticize how this whole crisis in afghanistan was handled, fine. but the u.s. military is out there representing the best in humanity right now, offering kindness to people in the toughest of circumstances. in spite of the hateful red rick being spewed on the right, this story about the baby that was born brings to mind something i was talking about on this show yesterday. i mentioned a tweet from a trump propagandaist, who said raise your hand if you want this plane landing in your town. well, as we just heard, the men
2:55 pm
and women of the united states military are raising their hands. they brought a new baby into the world because of the kindness of their hearts. they're l 're heros because of . they'll do this countless more times over the next several days because they haven't forgotten the age old lessons of showing kindness to those in need as well as this nation's long and proud history, neatly captured in the words enshrined on the words on the statue of liberty, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. and we are all the better for it, including that little baby born in the care of u.s. military forces. i'm jim acosta. i'll see you back here next week. pamela brown takes over after a quick break.
2:56 pm
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. at the end of the day, if we didn't leave afghanistan now, when do we leave? >> there is order inside the airfield, but a great deal of nervousness indeed, because as the pentagon has been saying, they're insisting that the so-called islamic state, there is active intelligence they are posing a threat. >> the threat is real, it is acute. it i


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