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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  August 23, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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good morning everyone. it's monday, august 23rd. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thank you for getting "early start" with us. i'm laura jarret. >> i'm christine romans. we begin with the urgent evacuation effort in afghanistan. president biden now acknowledging u.s. troops may need to stay in the country beyond his august 31st deadline. depending on progress -- umm, progress evacuating the americans. so far nearly 28,000 people have been lifted out.
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about 20,000 people remain at the chaotic kabul airport. more people keep coming. >> the evacuations of thousands of people from kabul is going to be hard and painful no matter when it started, when we began. there's no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and heartbreaking images you see on television. it's just a fact. >> u.s. defense officials tell cnn the military is establishing alternative groups to kabul because of the threat posed by a self-proclaimed isis affiliate called isis-k. >> the threat is real. it's acute. it's persistence. it's something that we are focussed on with every tool in our arsenal. we're working hard with our intention community to try to isolate and determine where an attack might come from. we're placing pair month priority on stopping or disrupting and we'll do everything we can for as long as
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we're on the ground to keep that from happening. but we're taking it absolutely deadly seriously. >> our international security editor nick paton walsh joining us live from quatar. explain how urgent the task of getting people there is now. it feels like it's growing more urgent by the minute. >> reporter: yeah. we have the august 31st deadline looming in just over a week now. the taliban made clear notices they don't want to see u.s. troops staying after that. president joe biden hinting it's being discussed but they need to discuss it with the taliban, too. uk officials said the taliban, quote, have a vote in all of this. that makes the next week an exceptionally urgent time. now as i understand from a source familiar to the situation, there are about 20,000 people on the airport trying to leave. there will be 33 cargo flights
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landing in the next 24 hours. that could make a significant dent in the 22,000, provided there are not more who manage to get on to the base. there is some confusion, i understand, as to how the number remains so high. it might be some of the afghan security forces helping the americans there secure the base may be letting people in, too. there are two u.s. citizens being brought on in alternate routes, u.s. officials don't want to go into more detail about. i understand today, too, that the gates of the airport have been closed. they've been closed for 24 to 48 hours because of the chaos outside. it now appears to be more a sense of policy where by it's essentially the alternate routes will be bringing u.s. citizens, nato citizens, green cardholders on to the base, only. it appears to be a pause in the stage allowing siv applicants on. it will be pointing for the via
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applicants in kabul and the hundreds of local embassy staff employed directly by the state department who are eligible for the same program but left off the airport. what now, if they make a huge dent in the 20,000 today and doesn't fill up again, then possibly you'll see scenes of greater calm on the airport. the military operations to leave the 6,000 troops on the base is itself is going to take a few days. when, of course, people around and in the airport see americans start to pack up and leave, it may cause panic if they don't feel they're on a plane themselves as well. the taliban, at this stage, well, i understand they're assisting with document checking. to some degree, it takes some of the tension off around the edge of the airport between the u.s. forces and the insurgency they've been fighting. it means the taliban can stop more siv applicants trying to get close to the gate. it shows the challenges that the allied afghans that joe biden
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talked about wanting to help and physically getting them on to the airport, at some point in the next few days. the clock is definitely ticking. there's incident we heard of today one afghan soldier was shot dead by a sniper. in the confusion where his colleagues shot back and appears to have shot in the direction of u.s. marines who shot back at them enduring four afghans. no casualties. we don't know who the sniper was working for. it could be isis-k as the threat consistently gets loud speak by u.s. officials at this stage. at the taliban are in gray evidence around the airport. we have it see how sustainable the operation is in the next few days. it seems exceptionally tense and fraught as we speak. >> nick payton walsh, thank you. president biden said changes at the airport in kabul are making it possible air lift more stranded americans and allies out of afghanistan.
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our white house reporter jasmine wright joining us from washington. did the president give any specifics, any details about what exactly is being done to increase these evacuations? >> reporter: yeah. the president said yesterday at the white house they were extending access around the airport as they try to get more and more people out of the country. nick is right, they're running close to that august 31st deadline, where troops are supposed to be out of afghanistan. yes, president biden said it there were discussions going ongoing in the military about potentially extending that. he wouldn't say if the discussions went forward toward the taliban. it comes -- he said they're extending access and changing gate operations around the airport as they come under major criticism about why they waited so long to evacuate so many people when -- coming about pessimistic warnings about the
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afghan forces' ability. now one note i want to say is our own reported yesterday she spoke to an administration official and they said u.s. military operations at the airport in kabul have not changed and instead the taliban are going to be setting up additional entry points along the outer perimeter as they try to control and thin out the crowds. one of the things we heard over the days is the number 20,000 speaks to it there are mass amounts of people outside the airport making it difficult and sometimes violent for folks to get to it. now that threat of isis-k we heard nick bring up, the president has been talking about it more frequently as has his aids over the last weekend. after they really tried to getting more people out. because he said it's a dangerous, dangerous mission. he said he remains convinced he made the right decision. as the government goes outside trying to get more people out.
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trying to get the commercial airports in. trying to get people out of the country as we've seen evidence that his poll numbers could be taking hit because of his withdrawal actions in afghanistan. >> and tell me about those poll numbers. i know going into, obviously, last week. you said the case most americans supported the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. is that changing now? >> well, that's the question. one thing that when you talk to officials specifically told me and they told other reporters privately is that throughout this, the american public was on president biden's side. they wanted him -- excuse me, they were with him with that decision to pull out. but with all the chaos that ensued and, frankly, the prospect of american citizens being under threat and the afghans who have helped americans really throughout the war the question is will the poll numbers tank? so we're starting to see some
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evidence of lower numbers than what he had last month. the question is will it continue? how will this withdrawal impact the president's legacy? laura? >> jasmine wright, thank you so much. to the american economy this monday morning, the speed of the economic recovery has been record breaking. now all eyes on the federal reserve and what it plans to do next. when the pandemic hit, the fed started buying $120 billion worth of bonds every month. fed officials are thinking about hitting the brakes on the purchases. investors hope the fed will provide clues this week. a news that the fed is considering pulling back the purchases rattled markets last week. stocks closed higher on friday. the dow up for context nearly 15% this year. the s&p 500 is up 18%. the federal reserve, launched two large-scale asset buying scales in the history. it makes it difficult to predict
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it pays off knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition from the moment you enroll to the day you graduate from your program. learn more about our tuition guarantee at fda's eye approval of pfizer is imminent. full approval could come today. the u.s. surgeon general said it made lead to a cascade of new vaccine mandates. >> for people who have been waiting for this, i think that's a small number of people, but i think still significant.
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i think it may tip them for getting vaccinated. for businesses and universities thinking about putting vaccine requirements in place in order to create safer spaces for people to work and learn, i think this move will help them move forward with the plans. >> let's bring in public health finish a fellow with the american college of preventive medicine. nice to see you this morning, doctor. >> thank you for joining us. if pfizer's vaccine is approved today, as we believe it will be. what are you looking for? do you think it will chip away at the lingering hesitancy? >> good morning. i think there's a strong possibility we'll see that. we have data from the keizer family foundation when it looked at those unvaccinated, approximately three in ten said if the vaccine had full or primary approval, they would go ahead and move out of the unvaccinated category. if you look at those who were just wait and sees versus a
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definitely no, that's a considerable portion of the wait and see. finally, this will give businesses, this will give education arena, it will give those corporations and companies credence in mandating the vaccine. >> doctor, the surgeon general said americans who received the j & j vaccine will likely need a booster, as well. what should people who had the j & j vaccine be thinking about this this morning? >> i'm not surprised at all. you know, i can ask this question a lot in the community. i got asked yesterday. what about those who had johnson & johnson, i think it's probably welcome news it those vaccinated. too often they felt left out of the conversation. and to see additional data from johnson & johnson for the fda to authorize any of the vaccines, we need to see the official
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data. >> there's been back and forth about masking in schools. in texas and florida and other places. as school districts in texas found a loophole around governor abbott's rule against having masks mandates by actually making the masks part of the school dress code. it shows you the lengths these schools have to go to be creative. if you're a parent in one of these districts where masks are essentially optional. what do you do? send your skid to school? keep them home and risk some sort of truancy evaluation? what is a parent to do? >> look, i really i feel for parents in this situation. i discussed this before with my family. we're in the situation with my niece is unvaccinated. i think parents should take the power in their own hands and protect their children. when politicians get in the way of science and get in the way of public health, we need people of good will. we need people who understand
2:18 am
that safety wise and rational behaviors and action to do what is necessary. send your child to school with a mask regardless of whether or not that school is mandating that mask. >> okay. so your position is even if your kid is the only one in class wearing that mask, it's better to have -- >> okay. >> all right. >> mask up. doctor, thank you so much. nice to see you this monday morning. tropical storm henri making landfall across the northeast leaving hundreds of thousands without power. more on the devastating storm next. we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid... ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote.
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a wet weekend with tropical storm henri knocking out power to hundred of thousands of customers in the northeast. it drenched the region with heavy rain and sustained winds. our meteorologist is live in new port, rhode island for us. is significant flooding still a concern this morning? >> yeah, without a doubt. not necessarily where i'm standing in new port, rhode island but points to our west. in fact, at the initial onset of tropical storm henri, it dumped over 8 inches of rain in new jersey. that lead to some localized flash flooding. take a look at the video out of middleton. you can see cars stranded in the flood waters, as well, the floods reaching homes and businesses. fire personnel trying to assess the situation and make sure that everybody was safe. it's the same areas that are getting hit hard now. you can see the tropical storm once it's said and done, written in the history books, it wasn't the wind or the storm surge. it was the flooding that ended
2:24 am
up being the real concern. now the storm has slowed down. it has no steering current. it will take the time meandering out of the northeast. so wheeather prediction center determining the threats of flash flooding, they actually have a moderate risk of flash flooding for new jersey, portions of eastern pennsylvania, southern new york, including long island, parts of connecticut, even western massachusetts. a slight risk here where i'm standing in rhode island and new port. another 1 to 3 inches of rain on top of what has fallen. i checked some of the local river gauges across the area, there are 12 river gauges across the northeast, mainly in new jersey and southern new york that are reporting minor to moderate flooding. it will be the story going forward. we're trying to restore power here in rhode island. current tally 44,000 customers without power. the concern here, in fact, the rhode island governor mentioned it yesterday in his press conference that the temperatures are going to warm over the next coming days.
2:25 am
it will get warm. without air-conditioning, of course, it can mean problems for some people, especially vulnerable populations across the northeast. laura, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> july was a wet month for the mid atlantic and the northeast states. so it's still raining. >> yeah. >> all these old, you know, neighborhoods where the trees will come down. watch this space here in the northeast. mean time search and rescue efforts underway in tennessee. severe flooding there killed 21 people and at least 20 still missing. flash floods swept through humphreys county, about 60 miles west of nashville. on saturday more than 17 inches of rain drenched the area. unofficial state report for the most rainfall in a this 24-hour span. among those killed in the flooding was two toddlers.
2:26 am
>> houses moved off the foundation. cars and trees. it's almost biblical proportions here. >> it really came in five minutes. five minutes. it was in. it was flooded. it was so much more water than i've ever seen in my life. >> the floods damaged numerous roads and schools and homes. a local official says the community will need federal assistance to recover from the devastation. >> reporter: the governor of tennessee called this a devastating event. looking at the images, you can understand why. we tried to make our way safely to the hardest hit area but encountered washedout roads and bridges. at the worst, according to the national weather service, there was 17 inches of rain that fell in humphreys county. in a matter of 24 hours. eye witnesses, those who lived
2:27 am
through it said it was something like someone outside of their home standing outside with a fire hose. the rain and water was relentless and what has been left behind is utter catastrophe. we spoke to residents who said they know people among the missing and said there was a lower income housing project behind a dollar general store that has many people missing. still they try to make their way to the rooftops but were swept away by the fast-moving water. according to eye witnesses. as the week starts, the recovery will continue. there is certainly a lot left. laura and christine? >> thank you. >> just a short time ago, vice president kamala harris addressing the crisis in afghanistan. >> right now we're singularly focussed on evacuating american citizens, afghans who worked with us, and afghans who are vulnerable, including women and children.
2:28 am
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good monday morning. in is "early start." it's about 32 minutes past the hour in new york. happening now, vice president kamala harris is in singapore. the first stop on her trip to southeast asia. any moment now, the vice president will speak to troops
2:33 am
on board the "u.s.s. tulsa." cnn's ivan watson joining us live. what are you watching for today, ivan? >> reporter: well, you know, it was how the vice president would respond to the questions from journalists about the humiliating collapse of the u.s.-backed government in afghanistan. she refused to go off script. she basically said that the u.s. is single-mindedly focussed on the difficult mission of evacuation right now. take a listen. >> there will be and should be a robust analysis of what has happened. right now there's no question that our focus has to be on evacuating american citizens, afghans who worked with us, and vulnerable afghans, including women and children.
2:34 am
>> reporter: and this trip by the vice president to southeast asia, to singapore, she said the latest in a number of top officials from the biden administration to travel to these countries. part of a bigger strategy that the biden administration had, which was to try to get out of the decades of kind of war on terror wars in iraq and afghanistan and focus on great power competition with countries like china, the world's second biggest economy kind of shoring up alliances with countries like singapore with whom the u.s. enjoys strong trade and actually warships like the "u.s.s. tulsa" through the naval base there. the events in afghanistan have kind of overwhelmed that narrative and that strategy that the u.s. was trying to promote here. one of the big questions is how do allies like singapore react
2:35 am
to the collapse of the u.s. plan in afghanistan and the singapore began prime minister provided the biden administration some cover pointing out that singapore has sent troops to afghanistan in the past. offering up singapore air force plane to help with the evacuation effort, and saying that the jury is still out on u.s. credibility. it will depend on how the biden administration pivots in this critical region in the months and years ahead. back to you guys. >> ivan watson, thank you so much for that. i appreciate it. this morning more than 6,000 air lifted out of the country have arrived in germany. the air base, once of the largest outside the u.s. is a temporary transit point for the evacuees. cnn is live there this morning. tell us about the process there. how long will the evacuees stay at the base? >> reporter: yeah, they're supposed to be here only for about two or three days.
2:36 am
in fact, the agreement with germany they'll be here for no more than ten days. we've seen one flight going out this morning. it took about 60 people to the united states. keep in mind this base is a capacity of about 7,500. as of this morning, we found out there are 7,100 evacuees here. now the key is whether or not they can mobilize a lot of people to get to their permanent destinations. we saw, for example, united airlines plane on the tarmac. civilian and commercial airlines are part of the plan. >> about the afghan woman who delivered a baby on a u.s. evacuation flight. >> it's an incredible story. what happened is a c-17 globe master, the huge planes that carry hundreds of people radioed in to say that a mother had
2:37 am
delivered a baby and the medical team rushed on board to find out she had not delivered that baby yet. take a listen to the interview we did with the captain and the labor delivery nurse that helped deliver the baby safely. >> so when i evaluated the patient, we were past the point of no return. that baby was going to be delivered before we could properly transfer her to another facility. we were just opening our arms and the equipment. >> what was the moment you realized we were going to be okay. >> when the baby came out screaming and get her breastfeeding right away. i was like, okay, we're good here. >> such an incredible moment. she said it was chaotic at first. there was hundreds of people packed on the plane and the mother was shielded from privacy by a number of afghan women holding up shawls. she said it was stressful but a beautiful sight in the end and mother and baby are doing fine. >> she had the baby on the plane
2:38 am
on the tarmac after it landed essentially? >> reporter: exactly. >> unbelievable. gosh, you think of the humanity happening here. >> yeah. >> the people trying to get out of there. thank you so much for that. >> all right. in just a few hours, members of the house intelligence committee will receive what is believed to be the first in-person briefing for lawmakers on the situation in afghanistan. some of the committees pledged to investigate -- as the taliban swept to power in afghanistan leaving americans and afghan allies in grave danger. cnn's daniella diaz is live on capitol hill. good morning. what do you think they expect to hear? >> reporter: there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, laura. on what happened and what lead to the collapse of the country afghanistan and hands of the taliban. one of the major questions that lawmakers want to know is how the biden administration misjudged the withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan because
2:39 am
of the u.s. intelligence assessment of the afghan security forces. you know, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said he saw no assessment that the afghan military would give up the fight and the government would fall as quickly as it did. what went wrong with the u.s. intelligence assessment of afghanistan? what lead to this collapse? now, you know, lawmakers have been working behind the scenes with their offices to try to work to evacuate and work with the administration to evacuate afghan forces and americans from the country. of course, we've been talking about that for days and days. it's been an issue the white house has been dealing with. lawmakers will undoubtedly have the questions of when they get their briefing today. the house is back in session for a series of votes the next two days, it's why it's happening in person rather than virtual. and, you know, it's a series tomorrow the house all house members will get a briefing on the situation in afghanistan.
2:40 am
we expect a series of committee hearings to happen in the next couple of weeks. including a committee hearing soon with the house foreign affairs committee. where secretary of state antony blinken and the secretary of defense lloyd austin are expected to testify. look lots of questions leading up to this. this is, of course, a developing situation. so the answers are also developing on this, as well, which is why we expect many briefings, many committee hearings as we learn what went wrong in afghanistan. >> yes. >> this is certainly just the beginning. all right, thank you. 40 minutes past the hour. the spread of the delta variant has corporate america's return to office plans on hold. apple delayed the return this time until january 2022. last month it changed from september to october and now pushing it to january. accounting for price waterhouse cooper won't reopen offices until november 1st.
2:41 am
ibm announced it's temporarily closing the new york city offices because conditions don't meet the health and safety protocols. they plan to reopen offices on september 7th, depending on health conditions in the city. what we're hearing from managers here is be patient and flexible and the delay has this added benefit. it's giving managers and companies more time to encourage or, in some cases, mandate their employees be vaccinated. so a little more time to get a safe working environment. >> that's a good thing, for sure. andrew cuomo expected to keep a low profile today. his final day of governor of new york after more than 10 years in office, cuomo is stepping down after a report by the state attorney general's office found he sexually harassed at least 11 women. moving vans were seen at the governor's mansion in albany on friday. lieutenant governor cathy hope l is expected to take the oath of office on tuesday. in chicago at least 41 people were shot and five people killed over the weekend. the city saw two mass shootings.
2:42 am
six people shot in the parking lot on the south side on saturday. four others were shot on the west side on sunday. two people were stabbed in chicago this weekend. one of those victims has died. a programming note for you, mass shootings, gun violence, and the nra's role in setting u.s. law. watch the cnn film "the price of freedom" sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. eless that gets better with friends. pay as low as $25 a month. or bring a friend and you both get a month for $5. so the more people you roll with, the more you save. visible. unlimited data as low as $25 a month. or bring a friend and you both get a month for $5. ♪ ♪ life is full of surprises when you least expect it. (woman laughs) and open. what happened to all your things? i know you needed a place to study, so... and other times, it pays off knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition
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all right. major league baseball was back in williamsport, pennsylvania for the little league classic. andy sholes has more this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it has become one of the coolest traditions in major league baseball. two teams each going to williamsport to play a big league game. this year the angels versus the indians. all the kids wanting to get up
2:47 am
close and look at otani. he got mobbed for photographs off the bus. a player from each little league team in to take the field to take part in the relay ceremonial first pitch before the game. that's a pretty cool tradition. otani didn't add to his home runs but the kids loving the chance to see him up close. miguel cabrera making history in toronto becoming the 28th player to join the 500 home run club! the 38-year-old the first to do it since david ortiz in 2015. it's the first venezuelan player ever to hit 500 homers. and cabrera got a curtain call from the toronto crowd and a fun celebration in the clubhouse. >> thank you for letting us be a part of this. we'll remember the day for the rest of our careers! [ cheers and applause ]
2:48 am
>> also nearing another exclusive club. he's 45 hits away from 3,000. we toured the nfl preseason wraps up tonight. trey lans continued to try to make his case to become the 49ers qb. san francisco had a 15-10 win over the chargers. the coach delining to say after the game whether jimmy garoppolo will start week one. finally, just chaotic scenes in a french soccer match yesterday. a water bottle was thrown at marseilles' player. he threw it back at the nice fan. that's when fans started charging out of the stands and on to the field. the scene lasted for several minutes. security did a decent job of keeping this from getting too out of hand. they got the fans off the field. the game was halted for about 90
2:49 am
minutes. the players eventually came back on the field to try to continue the game but marseilles' players did not. the team president saying the players didn't feel safe and, laura, with good reason as you can see why. >> yeah. >> a mob of fans on the field. yeah. it's something you never want to see. >> yeah. they got out there fast. glad everyone is okay. andy, thank you so much. i appreciate it. sad news to report this morning. hall of fame hockey player rod gilbert died on sunday. fondly known as mr. ranger. he earned the nickname while playing his entire 18-season career with the new york rangers from 1960 to 1978. cause of his death hasn't been released. the eight-time all-star still ranks first on the ranger's all times goals and points list. he was 80 years old. vaccine hesitancy in kenya. kenya is battling the fourth
2:50 am
wave of the pandemic. less than 2% of the population is fully vaccinated. hospitals being forced to turn people away because they don't have enough beds. cnn's scott mcclain is live in nairobi, kenya. what is being done to a combat the lingering hesitancy out there? >> reporter: the government is trying to convince people to take the shot. what unfortunately seems to be changing minds is the fact that hospitals are filling up or full already. people are dying. last week we visited one hospital a few hours north of nairobi, which was full. it was turning people. even if you were lucky enough to get a spot inside the hospital, they had no ic wards. if you were one of the four patients that had the severe disease and in need of icu, your chances of survival were not good. every day for the past few weeks, that hospital has been sending at least one body away
2:51 am
to the morgue. most of the people there were unvaccinated. not because they didn't have access to the vaccine, but because they chose not to take it. people in kenya heard the conspiracy theories like people out in the west. a lot of people don't know enough about it. of course, here, on top of that, we you have some local traditional triable believes to contend with, as well. we also went to a local funeral services company, several of them, actually, that -- [ inaudible ] three times faster than normal. in some cases, the number of staff has doubled just to try to keep up with the demand. yet even still, even seeing firsthand the number of covid victims needing these, not interested in getting the vaccine. a lot of people didn't know much about the vaccine. most said their minds were open to taking it, if they had more information. that's good news for the government. at this stage, the government, like many african countries,
2:52 am
laura, its worried about getting enough supply. kenya got a brand new shipment of the moderna vaccine from the u.s. even with that brand new shipment, it only has enough doses on hand right now vaccinate about 3.5% of the population. >> tough to get people to take it when they don't have enough supplies. scott, thank you so much for staying on top of this. let's get a check on cnn business this monday morning. looking at markets around the world to start the new trading week. asian markets closed higher. bouncing back after last week's sell-off when china passed sweeping new rules about the collection on personal data. stock u.s. futures leaning higher. bitcoin's price surged above $50,000 for the first time since may. volatile there. bitcoin fell in june after china ramped up the crack down on digital currency. general motors recalling electric cars in the u.s. and canada. a battery manufacturing defect
2:53 am
could cause the cars to check fire. gm recalled about i7,000 volts in july for this. the recall covers electric cars from 2021 to 2022. they set it to charge to 90% until the batteries can be checked and replaced, if necessary. it recommends the cars be parked outside after charging. amazon changed the way people shopped. crushing traditional department store model. the wall street journal reports amazon has plans to open department stores in the u.s. starting in ohio and california. this would be amazon's first step into physical retail. of course, it opened amazon books in seattle and 2015 and bought whole foods in 2017. it would allow amazon to gain more customers who shop in person, don't shop online, and live in areas amazon doesn't service. this morning, "free guy" holding steady at the weekend box office. >> my name is guy. >> sunny. >> a scattering of drive byings.
2:54 am
>> i live in paradise. >> the ryan reynolds film adding another $18.8 million to last week's haul to score the top spot again in the second week of release. it's the first disney movie to have a theaters-only release in about a year. "paw patrol" was number two with a $13 million take. i can't remember the last time i was in the theater. >> we saw "black widow" in the theater because my brother and two of my sons are really intense marvel fans. they had to see it on the big screen. it was great! we streamed "space jam" and other movies. >> we do a lot at home. is your little guy in the paw patrol? >> not quite. still in sesame street land. >> thank you for joining us. >> "new day" is next. what happens when we welcome change? we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet.
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