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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 17, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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♪ good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is friday, september 17th. major developments overnight as our friend, new york times reporter maggie haberman puts it, this is how trump wins.
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violence and the support of violence, giving the former president to an extent what he want. this is why. the u.s. capitol on high alert this morning. a rally is planned for tomorrow in support of the january 6th insurrectionists. an unclassified briefing from the department of homeland security warns of potential violence as early as today. >> overnight president trump endorsed those connected to january 6th. our hearts and minds are with the people arrested at the insurrection and also overnight we saw a vivid example of what that violence and the threat of violence accomplished. ohio congressman anthony gonzalez, one of ten republicans who voted to impeach trump the second time announced he will not run, citing toxic dynamics inside the gop. more than that, he said he was deluged with threats and that he feared for the safety of his wife and children. he needed extra security he told "the new york times," quote, is this really what i want for my
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family when they travel to have my wife and kids escorted through the airport? joining us now to talk about this, jonathan martin, who is a cnn political analyst and national political correspondent for the new york times who broke this story. you know, tell us a little bit about congressman gonzalez's decision but also what this means more broadly. >> sure. so, he was a fairly conservative house member. he was elected in 2018. didn't really stand out. two things happened, i think, here. he was really apalled that the house gop leadership moved to block president biden's win january 6th for him was a bright line. i think watching the last nine months and seeing the bulk of his party in congress drift back to president trump and trumpism, i think he just recognized that at least in the short to medium term the party was still enthralled with the trumpism and he couldn't abide that.
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what that tells us, brianna, is that there's just not a lot of space for people who are fairly openly uncomfortable with president trump. if you're willing to suppress your actual views of president trump and there's lots of folks who do that up in congress, you can hang in there and come back and serve in the house and senate. i think if you're like gonzalez, it's just tough to stay and to want to come back if you believe that your party is making a grievous error in linking itself to the former president. >> i'll also say, anthony gonzalez, by the way, former college football star, nfl first round draft pick, part of this is the threat of violence. >> yeah. >> the very real, jonathan, threat of violence here. >> yeah. i talked about that yesterday with him at some length. and he's a very matter of fact person. for someone who did play nfl football, he is not someone who is super overbearing. he's a pretty calm fellow. and he just rattles off matter
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of fact tones, john, the threats that he's faced online, people vowing to come to his house and get him. the fact that he had to have a security consultant come to his house in ohio and check out sort of layout of the house to make sure it was optimized for safety. and the fact that when he flies back and forth now to cleveland, you know, oftentimes there's extra security to ensure that he's safe when he gets to the airport. i think when you're a member of congress and you're not used to that especially and that becomes part of your daily life and you have a young family, especially, that just becomes untenable as well. >> the other thing to think of here is when you have people like congressman gonzalez saying, you know, i'm not going to do this again. i'm not going to run for re-election, who replaces them? because it's someone to the right of them. what is that going to mean about the potential makeup of congress? >> that's the pattern that we've seen, guys, that sent the president -- the former
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president was elected, the people who typically replaced republicans who are retiring, resign or are beaten in primaries are typically much trumpier. so i think that's what we're going to see. i challenged gonzalez about this. i said, i get what you're say, but by leaving aren't you just ensuring that your party stays trumpier or gets trumpier and he acknowledges that but he's not willing i think personally to keep sticking around for a party that is sort of clearly in president trump's thrall and is going to be. >> i quoted maggie haberman, this is how trump wins. >> right. it's a sort of long-term play where one by one the jeff flakes, the bob corkers, the anthony gonzalez's step down. and by the way, it's widely assumed in the capitol that he will not be the last of the 10 who voted to impeach president trump to step down. keep in mind, some of these folks will have very different
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looking seats next year because of reapportionment. >> so that's the question, who is next when it comes to someone besides anthony gonzalez and also considering there is this rally tomorrow and we're not seeing gop members taking part and they're not condoning it and you have a couple republican candidates who are going to attend the rally. >> yeah. >> what does that tell you that you could have members of congress sitting next to someone who celebrated the insurrectionists. what does that tell you about the makeup of congress coming up? >> yeah. look, especially in the house there is a wing that is sort of openly pro-january 6th. you've seen them obviously go to the d.c. lockup to offer their encouragement of people who were arrested and are facing charges january 6th. so that is a house gop caucus that people like anthony gonzalez do not want to bust their hide to come back to for two more years. that was one of the things he said to me.
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look, i can probably survive this primary, but at the end of the day, do i want to come back here for two more years and serve with people like that? to your question, brianna, who is next? the top two on the roster that everybody is now watching are the two who were on the otherwise democratic dominated january 6th adam kinzinger and liz cheney. those are the other two. john? >> gonzalez comes out hard against donald trump. says he'll do everything he can to make sure trump doesn't get back into running for election and if he does he loses. how does gonzalez feel about kevin mccarthy and his fell fee about his republicans? >> that's the issue, john. it was watching what happened this year. watching the row back so to speak from the republican leadership as much as trump himself. that's what was so discouraging was seeing mccarthy, i think, go back to mar-a-lago earlier this year and then step by step,
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month by month realizing these guys are not going to cut ties. this didn't get a lot of attention but it was certainly noticed in the house that donald trump is going to keynote a major house gop reception to raise money for the party this year. i think that sent a final signal to gonzalez, okay, he is at the centered of our strategy. he is still the leader of the party in the house. i just can't abide this. >> yeah. there's no cover for people like congressman gonzalez. that is what is so clear. wonderful report. thank you so much for sharing your breaking news with us, j. martin. we appreciate it. >> a watershed moment in many ways. the morning the capitol resembles a fortress. fencing is up as the department of homeland security warns of potential violence as soon as today linked to the rally tomorrow in support of the insurrectionists charged in the deadly january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. let's go to cnn's whitney wildlife on capitol hill as the security measures really amp up,
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whitney. >> reporter: well, john, what we know now is that this fencing surrounds the capitol square that is a marked difference from what we saw on january 6th. the organizer of this rally, john, insists it will be peaceful. however, law enforcement is taking no chances because they are seeing this uptick in concerning online chatter. for example, the department of homeland security, this is new great reporting from my colleagues, this new dhs warning to local law enforcement that there are specific threats to members of congress, specific threats to the capitol, specific threats to democrats, to members of the jewish community, to liberal churches, that is the reality, john. the other reality is that this online chatter implies that people plan to come to either washington, d.c. or go elsewhere to commit acts of violence in furtherance of this stolen election lie. so again, law enforcement taking no chances even though they expect that it's possible around
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couple of hundred people, 500 to 700 people have rsvped to this event. again, the organizers saying it's going to be peaceful. ways that law enforcement is changing their approach to this rally, compared with january 6th, include much wider intelligence sharing between the capitol police, upper brass and their rank and file. for example, they've been sharing intelligence with their officers. that was something that didn't happen and that officers really complained about after january 6th because they felt like they were basically blind sided by the riot. further, u.s. capitol police is working very closely with the local law enforcement here. they plan to bring in their outside local law enforcement partners to help sure up their response. and finally, john, the metropolitan police department is cancelling days off. they plan to be fully activated for this rally, john. >> lessons learned. whitney wild, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. let's speak with our cnn
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counterterrorism analyst and former fbi senior intelligence adviser phil mudd. phil, serious concerns here on not just one data point, many. and one of them is that dhs is warning not only about possible violence at the rally tomorrow, they're also warning about violence today. how concerned are you? >> well, if i look at this as an intelligence problem you have to be concerned not only because of what you saw on january 6th, you have to be concerned because the threat is dispersed. if you look at a classic intelligence issue facing an extremist group around the world which is what i did for a living, you look at a group in one geographic space and go after their leadership, how they recruit people, how they train people and send people out for operations. in this case f you're looking at an intelligence target, extremism across the united states, find me one group, find me one region, it's across america in 50 states. it's small groups in basements. it's multiple groups. it's individuals. so you can sit there and say
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we're going to collect a lot of intelligence and prepare what we can at the capitol, but there's no way, brianna you can collect on independent actors in 50 states across america simultaneously. you can't do it. >> you talk about leadership, phil. it is interesting overnight that the former president put out a statement that said his -- the hearts and minds are with those arrested on january 6th. what is the impact of a statement like that from as you say leadership? >> it's not interesting. it's more than interesting. it's critical. i have never followed a major extremist movement that didn't have a leader who presented a vision. it's not only someone to organize, someone to fund raise, someone to train people. it's someone who tells a person in the fox hole, look, there's a bigger world out there. this is how i want you to think about the world. this is why the world is your enemy. all of these groups are looking out, including groups i followed overseas are looking out and the leadership of those groups will define an enemy in this case, for example, it's democrats who stole the election.
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and then they energize a movement of people who would not otherwise be energized. let me make this very clear, i do not think there would be any significant movement without a leader and that leader is the former president. stop done. >> you think it's dangerous what he's saying? >> yeah because if you look at the number of people involved in this, even if you have only 700 people coming to the capitol, think of how many people do they represent? 500,000? 5 million? a percentage of them will say democracy is under such threat because of the guidance they're receiving from leadership, democracy is under such threat i have to commit an act of violence. there's a sliver of people who are extremists who think they're being inspired to do something violent. it's mathematics, john. >> like you just said, this is a conundrum because you need intelligence in every state and that's just impossible to have, to really have a good sense of what the problem is. and the same organizer of tomorrow's rally has actually
3:14 am
planned similar rallies in 15 other states, phil, over the next month. what are your worries there? >> i tell you, you know, one of my biggest worries, it's not doing the counterterrorism piece and the intelligence piece it's the political piece. remember f you're looking at an extremist organization, going in for a congressional hearing and i did so many of those i can't count, congress will say, go get 'em son. don't let them get us before we get them. going ahead six months, a year, two years into 2023, you're asking the fbi and state and local to investigate individuals going to political rallies and politicians will say, let me get this straight, you have informants at my stop the steal rally? you have informants at a political event? that's a free speech violence. you're pitting law enforcement against politicians. i'm telling you, i don't know how you navigate that. it's going to get ugly, i think. >> law enforcement is bracing for this today. they're going to be bracing for
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this in states here in the coming days as well. phil, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thanks. this morning, the fda is expected to decide whether americans need booster shots. the answer, though, is not clear cut. plus, cuba takes the lead as the first country to start vaccinating toddlers against covid. we'll have a live report on how it's going there. plus, rare public comments from one of the most conservative members of the supreme court blaming the media for politicizing the supreme court. what happens when we welcome change? we can transform our workforce overnight out of convenience, or necessity. we can explore uncharted waters, and not only make new discoveries, but get there faster, with better outcomes. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change-- meeting them where they are, and getting them where they want to be. faster. vmware. welcome change.
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this week promoting covid booster shots as a key fda advisory panel is meeting today to consider whether they are needed. joining us now is sara jane tribl senior correspondent for kaiser health news. you have been reporting this out. this has been a bit of confusing time for people as they look at different information coming out whether boosters are needed and we're seeing this meeting today. tell us why dr. fauci, why you have learned that dr. fauci and the nih are behind boosters. >> so the big head lien here is that the nih has been talking about boosters since january. think about that for a minute. january was before most of us got our shots. we were struggling to understand when we were going to get our shots. logging into vaccine hunters and trying to make sure we got our first shots. while we were doing that, the chief scientists and principle investigators at the nih were already talking about doing boosters. not only did they talk about it, they helped coordinate a group of 60 to 70 experts from around the world to talk about and
3:21 am
track the variants and to see what -- how the vaccines would hold up against those variants. >> two vaccine experts in the u.s. government who are leaving in part as we understand it because of some of the decision making around boosters wrote in the lansit about their concerns about whether boosters were needed. how are you putting that into context after reporting this story? >> right. so part of that article was about the idea that not everybody has a shot in the first place, right? if you want to talk about equity around the world, to give a third shot to americans and not have whole countries getting the majority of their population vaccinated in the first place plst there's a lot of inequity there and it's not fair. but on the other hand, you think of what the u.s. has done in may, dr. david kesler told congress that we were ready to
3:22 am
buy more shots and have them free to americans and they wanted to be prepared for that. dr. fauci said that the timeline to get boosters out they couldn't do it any sooner than september. so the scientists here, they want to make sure that we're protected and safe. >> it seems a little clear that dr. fauci and the nih are siding with a philosophy we have seen from the biden administration. saying we can do both things at once, protecting the world and protecting the u.s. but kclearl there's a priority of protecting americans. this network he has created and been a part of to look at data around the world, what have the lessons been for dr. fauci and the nih? >> i want to give credit to dr. fauci but i also talked to several expert top scientists at the nih working on vaccines for their lifetime. they talked to me about some of the research they were doing on monkeys, for example. and injecting the vaccine into those and some of the fantastic results they were seeing with the booster shots. so dr. fauci is taking that
3:23 am
information, is getting information from elsewhere, one of the things he said to us is that there's a new pre-print release every 15 minutes he can't keep track of all the data and actually all the experts said that, there's so much data coming out and the big question is it good data and how much do you take into account when you make these decisions. >> yeah. we will see in part today as this fda advisory panel meets. thank you so much, sarah, for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. join us this weekend as dr. sanjay gupta talks with scientists about the origins of covid-19. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. so cuban children are the youngest to get vaccinated for coronavirus anywhere in the world. cases have been rising there this summer. the government is using its own home-grown vaccines for children as young as 2 now, trying to get kids back in school and kick start the tourist industry. patrick oppmann is live in
3:24 am
havana with the latest on this. as young as 2, patrick. >> reporter: absolutely, john. we saw it taking place yesterday and of course in the u.s. and arnold the world they're studying how to safely vaccinate children. there are parents debating whether they should do it. here in cuba, one of the few countries that has begun to vaccinate young children. first comes the jab and then the tears. in this one clinic in havana the day we visited over 230 children between the ages of 2 and 5 were vaccinated. hospital administrators tell us. several countries around the world have begun to vaccinate children. but cuba is believed to be the first to vaccinate toddlers on a large scale. even though covid vaccinations aren't mandatory here, laura tells me she didn't hesitate to bring her 4-year-old daughter to get the shot. >> i'm relieved, she says, because a lot of people are still getting sick. and with the vaccine, we are
3:25 am
more protected. >> reporter: rather than rely on imported vaccines from abroad, cuba produced its own home grown anti-covid drugs. studies show they are safe, even in children and have begun sending data to the world health organization for its approval. with a delta variant, cases in children are soaring in cuba. in just since august, 10 children have died according to government statistics. something doctors here tell us they didn't expect would happen. it's more gratifying to vaccinate a child, she says. you put the vaccine and know they're going to be immunized and would have serious complications or even die from covid. the pandemic has hit cuba hard with food and medicine shortages and in-person schooling cancelled indefinitely. cuban officials had said they would reopen schools in early september, but with the surge of new cases and deaths, those plans are on hold.
3:26 am
now officials say that before they can safely reopen schools, they have to complete an island-wide vaccination campaign that includes children. i meet this woman and her daughter right before the 3-year-old gets her vaccine. >> i'm very happy she says more than when i got vaccinated. vaccinating her is the biggest comfort yet. cuba's vaccines require three doses. so there are more jabs to come for these kids. but parents say if it means that life can begin to return to normal for their children, then all the tears will have been worth it. and john, the hope here is that they can vaccinate 90% of the population, including children by mid november. they're about half the way there and that would allow them to open international borders and schools. i can tell you as a father of four it can't happen soon enough. >> as a father myself, i can tell you the joy of getting your
3:27 am
kids vaccinated the relief, patrick, there's nothing like it. thanks so much for your report this morning. so, the former president conservative media, hype this as the biggest, greatest, most important investigation ever, but now it seems to be coming to a close after an indictment. details next. and tom brady already has seven super bowl rings to his name. what he's saying about the next stage of his career. ♪
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♪ this special counsel appointed by former attorney general bill barr to investigate the investigators of the russia investigation issued a new indictment. now, a reminder, that this investigation has actually been going on longer than the mueller
3:32 am
investigation itself. now, cyber security lawyer michael susman whose firm represented hillary clinton's campaign is being charged with lying to the fbi. joining me now cnn anchor early start also who covered the justice department and accomplished lawyer, laura jarrett is here. and jeffrey toobin here as well. laura, first, in a second we're going to talk about what this indictment kind of isn't but first just explain what it is and what is alleged to have happened here. >> so, i think it's fair to cat gore rise this as a speaking indictment. it has a story to tell. durham has a story to tell but it's very, very different from the narrow false statement charge that michael susman is being charged with here. as you mentioned he's a lawyer at perkins. he goes to the former counsel of the fbi, jim baker, has some information about a potential connection between a russian-backed bank alpha bank and a trump email server. never mind that that whole thing turns out to pan to nothing. but he goes to baker with this
3:33 am
information. baker's recollection is that susman did not represent he was coming there on behalf of any client. problem for susman, his being entries have clinton foundation or general political advice. so that's a problem for him because he's now been charged with lying to the fbi. that's a crime. you can go to jail for that. people have gone to jail for that. big picture, though, this falls short of the promise of the investigation. all along we has been told that this was going to be some massive, explosive, deep state conspiracy. that is not this. it is still an indictment. it is still serious for susman. he had to resign from his firm because of this, but it is a far cry from what the former president and the former attorney general cooked up for this investigation. >> just to show people what you're talking about here and i don't want to diminish lying to the fbi if he is convicted of that as we said all along, that's not just a process crime, it's a crime. >> yes. >> but this was supposed to be, according to many including the
3:34 am
former president and people on conservative media, the biggest thing ever. listen. >> john durham is now very strongly hinting the origins of the russia probe weren't just rot with inaccuracies and errors but instead down right unlawful. >> this is a preview of coming attractions. >> bottom line is that the forthcoming durham report, which the attorney general has been assisting him on is far more comprehensive in scope. we're going to learn, i think, a lot more in the coming months. >> so it's a much broader investigation. also, he's not just looking at the pfizer aspect of it, he is looking at all the conduct both before and after the election. >> the john durham investigation is a very important -- i feel one of the most important investigations in the history of our country. >> so jeffrey toobin, no indictments no, charges for the launching of the investigation itself which is why this even happened.
3:35 am
again, this has been going on than the mueller investigation itself and it's about to wrap up, we understand. >> i think counselor jarrett gave a very accurate description of the charges here. but, if i can just add how weird this case is and how unusual even this case is. first of all, susman isn't charged with lying to an fbi agent. he's charged with voluntarily going to a lawyer at the fbi, the top lawyer jim baker, and describing what might be a crime and saying you should look into this. in that conversation, he says, i'm not representing a client generally. specifically i'm just sort of reporting this. that's what's alleged. there are no notes of this conversation. there is -- this is a five-year-old conversation. and in baker's report to his
3:36 am
colleague, the colleague writes down, as everyone knows that susman's firm represents the clinton campaign. so there was no mystery about who susman was or where susman was coming from. so the idea that this was some lie that changed the fbi and changed their investigation just seems deeply bizarre to me, if this statement was ever said at all because there are no notes. there's no one present there other than the two lawyers and it was almost exactly five years ago because the statute of limitations is going to run out in a couple days. that's why this case was brought today. so, not only did the durham investigation labor mightily and brought forth a mouse, this isn't much of a mouse. i don't know what this case is. >> just to add to your point, jeffrey, what strikes me so much is that trump and his allies have been talking about james baker being part of this alleged
3:37 am
cobal at the fbi, which is not founded in any fact at all, but that was their theory. now durham's entire case rests on jim baker being truthful. right? if jim baker's recollection actually falls apart on this or wasn't as sound as durham points it to be, then the whole case, to me, falls apart. >> 100%. >> jeffrey, on the bigger picture, address the bigger picture which is again you heard the people on fox talking about this blowing up everything. i mean, what were the deliverables here compared to what was alleged or promised? >> right. it's important to remember that's right. that's right, berman. the idea that the former president and his allies have been pushing is that there was something corrupt about the russian investigation from the beginning that there never was legitimate investigation about whether the former president and
3:38 am
his campaign were in cahoots with russia during the 2016 campaign. what robert mueller found as people may recall was that there were extensive contacts between russia and the trump campaign, just nothing that rose to the level of a criminal offense he could charge. but, certainly there is nothing that durham has found so far that suggests there was anything improper about this fbi investigation at all. that was what was supposed to be at the heart of this investigation. and so far at least, and this has been years as laura pointed out, nothing has been shown to be improper that the fbi did. >> and it's not for lack of looking, as i said, longer than the mueller investigation itself at this point. jeffrey toobin, laura jarrett, thank you both very much. new cnn reporting on the georgia probe into donald trump's effort to steal the election. plus, the race for virginia governor could be a race between
3:39 am
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you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ after gavin newsom batted down efforts to oust him from the governor's office in california, the political spotlight is now on virginia where democrat terry mccough live is running for his second stint is debating republican glenn duncan. it's clear that vaccine mandates are very much on the ballot here and we have more. it's interesting because covid, dan, was a big factor in california and here we seeing it playing out in virginia. >> the most salient issue in
3:44 am
this debate was covid and it was the first question and returned to over and over and over again. it really did show a very vast difference between terry advocating for vaccine mandates and duncan said it's a personal choice. take a listen to how they both frame their positions. >> so i am for requiring mandate vaccinations. he's not. he likes to do psas. they aren't going to get you anything. i want everybody to be vaccinated here in the commonwealth of virginia. >> here we go again. my opponent wants to mandate. i respect your ability to make decisions because that's what leaders do. >> at one point he told youngkin, half of virginia wouldn't know who he was if he did a psa for a vaccine. democrats have taken that as a lesson, a lesson learned that not only can you put in place strong covid measures but also
3:45 am
it's good politics and helps frame a debate against republicans who are fighting a vaccine mandate and saying it's a personal choice. we'll see them debate again. and polling backs up with mcoff live's position is as well. americans are far more open now than they were previously to vaccine mandates, brianna. >> he doesn't have the democratic registration advantage that gavin newsom had. >> he does not. >> he clearly thinks this is the way to go. >> the huge voter base in virginia is in northern virginia. while there are vast differences between northern virginia and places in california, you can see a similarity between democrats -- wanting someone who is strong and aggressive on vaccines and feeling that someone who isn't is a liability for the state. >> yeah. all right, we'll be tracking this. it's going to be an interesting race, dan. great to see you this morning. still ahead, new details on what former republican house speaker paul ryan really thought of president trump after the
3:46 am
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new fallout from the book "peril" which detailed how joints chief chairman general mark milley made calls to his chinese counterpart fearful that trump's actions could lead to a war with china. the white house is defending mil milley are calling for him to resign. we're joined by josh rogen who writes -- when proper con tx is added to the milley calls, it's
3:51 am
more mundane but all too common washington story of powerful men with big egos who can't get along causing government dysfunction and diplomatic confusion. milley's offense was not treason, it was hubris. josh rogen joins us now. can i back up for a second. you say a lot in this new column in the washington post. you do note is you say milley wasn't freelancing here. this was a coordinated effort. what do you mean? >> right. well, every washington story has three versions the leak, the rebuttal and then the truth, right? we're now with a lot of reporting from a lot of different outlets finding out what was really going on with these phone calls between mark milley and his chinese counterpart. it wasn't his idea in the first place. it was a decision by his boss defense secretary mark esper who saw u.s./china relations getting really tense and decided he
3:52 am
needed to send a signal to the chinese to cool down tensions. milley was following his lead. this spoke to what milley said whether we warned the chinese we were going to attack. milley will have to address. this was not mark milley. what happened was the pentagon and the white house weren't talking to each other. and that the head of the pentagon mark esper decided to do something on china by himself and mark milley was following that. that's a less sexy story but it has the added benefit of being the truth. >> you say milley wasn't freelancie ing but you make it clear dod was freelancing here. you talk about a breakdown in communications following the lafayette square situation, breakdown between dod and the white house and furthermore that it wasn't even clear, as your reporting shows, that china was actually really concerned the u.s. would take military action. >> right, right.
3:53 am
first of all, there's no evidence that donald trump was about to nuke china, right? there was crazy stuff going out the white house, mypillow guy and rudy were trying to convince him machines were hacked. that's different than saying donald trump was going to attack china. there's no evidence for that. milley and esper said it's getting hot in here, let's turn down the temperature. the white house guys the trump people were shocked because they didn't know. milley and esper didn't tell the white house. they weren't talking to each other because they hated each other because milley and esper and the white house guys were not on speaking terms. that's not to say one was right and one was wrong. they didn't talk to each other. that confusion spilled into our foreign poll smich what are the chinese supposed to think listen to esper and milley or robert o'brien. they could have been doing that to screw with us because that's how they act. maybe they were saying, hey, we
3:54 am
think trump is going to attack because we wanted to see how we would react and got two different reactions one from pompeo and o'brien and a different from esper and milley. >> so you say hubris not treason, why? >> yeah. so i think if you read, of course, this book "peril" by my "post" colleagues hasn't come out yet, but if you look at all of the books it's clear that mark milley was engaged in a series of interactions with foreign officials, with members of congress, members of the intelligence community, to warn all of them that he was going to save the republic from what he thought might be a military coup. now, you know, first of all, again it's not clear that i don't see any steps that trump actually took to perpetrate an attack on china or some sort of military coup. not to say there wasn't other shenanigans going on.
3:55 am
there was a distinct feeling that mark milley was taking it upon himself to be the guardrails of our republic when actually that's not his job in america we place our faith in institutions not individuals. and we -- those institutions did hold and there was no military coup. but now everyone is leaking to reporters writing a bunch of books because they want to shape their legacy. and the truth is different than one person's telling of their legacy. the truth is complicated and it's messy and nobody is 100% good or 100% bad but now mark milley is painting him as the hero of the republicans turned out to be a very controversial figure who is still in charge of the joint chiefs. that's a problem not just for the last administration but even for this one because when generals get too political and too powerful that's never a good thing. >> josh rogen, thank you for talking with us about your very interesting column today. security is ramping up in the nation's capitol. officials on alert for potential violence today ahead of tomorrow's justice for january 6th protest rally.
3:56 am
plus, one of the ten house republicans who voted to impeach donald trump says he's out. not running for re-election. one of the big reasons safety concerns for himself and his family. ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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it's not hard to tell she's the real deal. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor because out here you can't fake a job well done. nothing runs like a deere. hear renae's story at ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it's friday, september 17th. the nation's capitol on high alert this morning. bracing for the rally in support of the january 6th insurrectionists. a new memo from homeland security warns about the potential for violence as soon as today. we're seeing the impact of that violence and the threat of violence this morning. republican congressman anthony gonzalez of ohio, one of ten republicans who voted to impeach former president trump announced he will not seek anotherer


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