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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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p pulp fiction. they're going to walk the earth-like kung fue. meet people, get adventures. he's earned. if you're on a beautiful beat somewhere, admiring a vista and you meet an i am possibly handsome and overwhelmingly kind man, please say hi to bruce for us and tell him we miss him so much. you're the best, bruce. >> you are the best. clap cnn's coverage continues right now. good friday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm jim sciutto. this morning the u.s. capitol is on alert. a new warning of potential violence as early as today. this ahead of tomorrow's right-wing rally in support of
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those charged criminally with storming the capitol on january 6. attacking police officers as well. now, the department of homeland security brief warns that people involved in the rally and those opposed to it could pose a threat tomorrow. >> and now adding fuel to the fire, perhaps not surprisingly, former president trump who is expressing support for the insurrectionists echoing organizers saying the hundreds arrested in connection with the riot are being persecuted unfairly. this comes, too, as a house republican who voted to impeach the president, former president, over his role in the attack on the capitol says he's done with politics. ohio representative anthony gonzalez revealing he will not run for reelection, largely due to the toxic state of the gop. cnn's whitney wild is just outside the capitol fence perimeter this morning. so, whitney, law enforcement, as we know, saying they're prepared for whatever today or tomorrow brings. what is the anticipation of what that may be? >> reporter: well, right now
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what they are expecting is possibly hundreds of people coming into washington at least on saturday in support of this rally for people who were charged in the insurrection. justice for january 6 rally. they are also preparing for the possibility of counter protesters. in addition to all the people they expect to flood into washington over the weekend, they are also thinking that it's possible that people may seek to cause harm the day before. d.h.s. warning law enforcement there is an uptick in online chatter surrounding violence in furtherance of the big election lie. one of the key points of the intelligence assessment sent out for local law enforcement violence could possibly be influenced by these key influencers that these far-right people are listening to very, very closely. if one of these key influencers even suggests that violence should occur, it's possible d.h.s. says, that these people coming to washington might seek to follow that. so that's the warning here.
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they are taking no chances. this fence has been up since wednesday. law enforcement is also working closely together in the national capital region here. that's what metropolitan police department, the capitol police department, which is responsible for the capitol grounds, not just the hill itself, but also the supreme court and other capitol complex buildings. and the surrounding suburbs. so what they're expecting is people to come to washington. they are expecting the possibility of violence, and they are planning to have a significant police presence here. erica and jim, they are not going to let another january 6 incident take them by surprise. >> it appears they're not taking any chances, right, with all these measures. whitney wild, thanks very much. well, one of the ten house republicans who voted to impeach former president trump for his role in the january 6 insurrection has just announced he will not run for reelection next year. ohio congressman anthony gonzalez cited, quote, toxic dynamics inside the republican party, as a factor in his
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decision. >> in an interview with "the new york times," the former nfl star also called trump a cancer for the country. cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox is live on capital hill. lauren, that sends a message to republicans in terms of where the party stands. >> reporter: that's right, erica and jim. this is a very revealing and honest interview about why he is not running for reelection. he said that at the heart of his decision is really the fact that going back and forth between his district in washington, d.c. is really tough on his family. he said it's also worth noting the sacrifice you have to make in not getting to spend time with your family isn't worth it when you're coming back to a washington that is so grossly divided and also republican party that he said he just doesn't really recognize at this point. he said, while my desire to build a fuller family life is at the heart of my decision, it is also true the current state of our politics, especially many of the toxic dynamics inside our own party is a significant
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factor in my decision. and he tells this story about returning back to the airport in ohio with his family and being raided by two police officers who have to escort him through the airport because of security concerns after the way that he voted to impeach former president donald trump after that january 6th insurrection. and, look, it's really not just congressman gonzalez who has faced these kinds of concerns. he also has deep concerns about the fact that, you know, there is a republican party that is still following trump, and there are multiple republican members who voted to impeach the former president who are also facing primary challenges back home. look at liz cheney and what happened to her. she was removed from the republican party's leadership post in the house of representatives. you also have other republicans who are facing trump-endorsed primary challengers like adam kinzinger, jamie herrera butler in the seat of washington, and fred upton in michigan.
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there are republicans facing the era of trump after voting their conscience on that impeachment vote after january 6. jim and erica? >> lauren fox, thank you very much. joining me now to discuss particularly events this weekend, charles ramsey, former head of the metropolitan police department in washington and former philadelphia police commissioner. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> you have a new fence put up, information sharing alert that was a big issue in responding to january 6. also ramped up airport security looking at people who may be flying in to take part. are these changes sufficient, in your view, to prevent a repeat of what we saw on january 6th? >> i think so. i think they've done just about all they can do at this point in time. i think the fencing was a smart move. certainly they have additional resources, surrounding jurisdictions as well as national guard on stand by. but remember one thing.
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now that the fencing's up, a lot of what's going to take place will occur in an area patrolled by the metropolitan police department, not the capitol police because it's been pushed out so far. mpd will be ready. i don't think there is a department in the country that handles these things better than mpd. their full activation, civil disturbance units and so forth. i would assume that there's some beefed up security around the white house as well. that would be under u.s. secret service, uniform division as well as u.s. park police. when you look at washington itself, you're going to have an overwhelming presence. >> one of the key lessons of january 6 is identified in a post-january 6 security review, what was communication and mobilization of the national guard, just didn't happen quickly enough, fast enough. they were there hours later and long after capitol police needed their help. we're told that the d.c. national guard is on stand by to provide assistance. from your vantage point, has
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that issue with the national guard been resolved? >> i think so. i mean, they know they need them on standby, on reserve just in case. i doubt if you'll actually see them because they're going to have sufficient resources. but if needed, they'll be able to respond very, very quickly. and that was missing on january 6. there's no question they underestimated january 6 and were not prepared. this time around is different. >> okay. trump in a statement on thursday, the former president said, the jailed january 6 rioters are, quote, being persecuted unfairly. which we might note is exactly the message in the driving force behind the rally tomorrow, claiming that these many hundreds of people who were criminally charged for assaulting the capitol, damaging it, by the way, assaulting police officers somehow being persecuted unfairly. by doing so, is the president fanning the flames of violence? >> sure he is. that's why january 6 occurred to begin with. it was trump and his cronies that really caused january 6 to
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happen. there's no question about that. i think representative gonzalez is absolutely right, only i would go a step further. trump is a stage 4 cancer on our democracy and is not going to go away any time soon. and so he's going to continue to sow the divisions within our country. it's going to continue. this isn't going to be over september 18th. and he's not the kind of guy that's going to get into retirement and go away quietly. he's going to continue this. and unfortunately keep things all stirred up. it's going to get worse, not better and it's going to go beyond washington, d.c. >> you, of course, commanded police officers here in washington. one thing we saw in the wake of january 6 was just the enormous weight on members of the force. you had many describing ptsd, including on cnn's air. you sadly had a number of suicides in the wake of this. and you also had many officers just straight-up leaving the force. where is morale today for the capitol police and the d.c. police? do they believe they got the
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backup that they need in the face of this sort of thing? >> i think morale has improved with the capitol police because they got a good leader now. they've got tom manger there. we've worked together over 20 years. i think that went a long way. and certainly this time they're prepared and they're sharing information. they're actually visiting roll calls. the officers know what's going on and they know what the department is doing. as far as the metropolitan police don't, they, too, have an excellent chief in bob contee who i've known the last 20 something years. i think people are concerned. morale is an issue. the trauma that the officers went through on january 6 coupled with the day to day trauma they go through just as police officers is something to be concerned about. >> and i know personally, too, folks who have signed up for the capitol police in the wake of this, inspired by what they saw. of course, we hope that's repeated. charles ramsey, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. right now the fda's vaccines advisers are meeting at this
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hour to determine whether americans need a booster dose of the covid vaccine. why one of the doctors on that panel thinks the decision is being rushed. plus, we're hearing straight from general mark milley for the first time about his calls to china in the waning days of the trump presidency. how he is now defending his actions. and we will be live in del rio, texas, where nearly 10,000 migrants are now huddled under a bridge. details on what led to this surge, that crowd there, what is being done to address it now. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways...
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this just in. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff defending conversations he had with china in the final months of the trump presidency. general mark milley telling the associated press the calls which were intended to assure china the united states was not planning an attack were, quote, perfectly within the duties and responsibilities of his job. >> cnn senior national security correspondent alex marquart joins us now. alex, i've been speaking to the pentagon as well. they make the point there were regular conversation between u.s. military officials and their counterparts expressly for de-confliction, de-escalation. there was particular concern at this time. >> and not just with the chinese. they've been making the point these are not just routine calls with the chinese, but he does this with a number of different countries. but this is the first time we have heard from general milley directly since this firestorm erupted. of course, much of the focus or what we've heard from this new book from bob woodward and
6:17 am
robert costa has centered around milley and rather explosive comments that milley thought trump was in serious mental decline and he had these calls with his chinese counterpart in which he said there would be no kinetic action, no attack against china, and that if there were to be an attack, that he would give them a heads up. what we're hearing from milley now is what you mentioned that he believed these calls with general li were perfectly in line within the duties and responsibilities of the chairman of the joint chiefs. he went on to say and tell the associated press these calls are routine, that they are done to reassure both allies and adversaries, in this case in order to ensure strategic stability. that is what we have also heard from his own office earlier this week. they said that he was trying to convey reassurance in order to maintain that strategic stability. the pentagon itself, the press secretary john kirby, has not commented nor has the secretary
6:18 am
of defense on these specific parts of the book, but they have tried to cast these types of communication as standard practice. we have done some of our own reporting. we know from a senior former defense official that it was not just milley who was having these conversations. the former secretary of defense mark esper also reached out to the chinese through back channels to reassure them. and we have been told from a defense official that the calls that milley had weren't just him one on one with general li. he wasn't taking a cell phone into the corner and making these phone calls. these are calls that are done with other people around him. 15 people on these calls, we're told. and that the notes were shared with other agencies and departments. milley wouldn't go too much farther in this interview. he said that he was going to save his conversations on the record for when he speaks with lawmakers. that, erica and jim, is going to happen september 28th in front of a senate armed services committee. >> alex marquart at the
6:19 am
pentagon, thanks very much. also new this morning, the georgia criminal investigation into former president trump's attempts to overturn, that state's 2020 election results, is quietly moving forward. don't forget about this. >> cnn political correspondent sarah joining us now with her reporting. where does the probe stand at this moment? >> reporter: it started with a splash earlier this year. she has been working behind the scenes collecting documents from the secretary of state's office. remember it was the secretary of state trump called there and asked him to find some 11,000 votes so that trump could win the state of georgia. i've talked to a handful of staffers in that office. there are a few names you wouldn't recognize, one name you would, gabe sterling, someone who was out front and center defending the state's election results. we are also hearing she is working to build a line of communication with the congressional committees investigating the january 6 insurrection.
6:20 am
that is really important if she's able to pull it off. they could get a lot of documents related to white house communications with georgia officials, trump and his aids like rudy giuliani. that's what sources are telling us is happening. we are also able to catch up later this week with producer joyce morris earlier this week with fani willis. here's how she describes the state of her investigation now. >> what i can tell you is that the trump investigation is ongoing as a d.a., i do not have the right to look the other way on any crime that may have happened in my jurisdiction. and so we have a team of lawyers that is dedicate today that. >> do you think it's possible you could strike a formal information sharing agreement with the january 6 congressional committees? >> i hope so. >> reporter: you can see that smile on her face. authorities are telling us there is staff level contact between her office and the congressional committee. another source says there is no active participation right yet. again, that could be a big deal. it could save her a lot of time to be able to get that kind of
6:21 am
information, those documents through a congressional committee than fight this out in court. >> sarah, timing. here we are many months after the election. you're coming up on a year, right. when do we expect some sort of resolution to this? the politics are moving forward. >> reporter: she has said basically she doesn't feel a rush to do this. she has laid out a wide scope of her investigation. she isn't just looking into what the former president was up to. she's looking into what rudy giuliani was up to. she is facing pressure to move a little bit quicker. when you talk to other law enforcement officials, other former u.s. attorneys, in georgia they say maybe she should just narrow this and get something done. the longer you let this go on it gets dragged into politics, people's memories get worse as to what happened. >> by the way, it will be the next election, midterms. sara murray, thanks very much. decision day, the fdi -- fdi pardon me.
6:22 am
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6:27 am
criticizing the decision. >> they want to hit a target date to offer a third shot to the general public. joining us to talk about this is ali con, the college of public health. always good to see you this morning. is dr. offitt right? >> good morning. you know, i think we need to agree that this was a self-inflicted distraction by the white house when they announced a date certain, an out come certain before the full fda and cdc process. and it's easy to understand, right. we have 100 -- we have 2,000 people dying a day currently, still about 100,000 people hospitalized. so the focus should be on the 67 million people who have not been vaccinated. they are the ones driving this pandemic, not those who have already been fully vaccinated. >> that's my question, because is the issue here -- let's set aside the policy question of if and when you order this. is the issue here a dispute over
6:28 am
the data, or is it a dispute over finite resources, right, and that other words, you have to focus your attention on getting that quarter or so of the population that is truly vaccine resistant before you start adding extra immunity to those who have already been vaccinated. i mean, is that the key question here? >> so, i don't think they're mutually exclusive. we have sufficient vaccine in the united states thanks to the great work by many people. but it's the issue of what are you focusing on? we need laser-like focus on 67 million people. that's what's driving this pandemic. you look at the deaths, you look at the hospitalizations. these are the unvaccinated. and, yes, there are a handful of breakthrough infections, but it's the unvaccinated that are driving this pandemic. we need to think about what are different incentives to get the up vaccinated vaccinated. >> to your point, we're looking
6:29 am
at a quarter of the population. there is a chunk of those people, right, who may never get the vaccine. and so to your point on messaging almost, dr. kahn, does it seem like there is this focus and push on the booster, oh, my goodness, the white house saying, everybody can get it on september 20th because that's a positive that they can focus on, versus these millions of people who have decided they're never going to get the shot. we've seen every incentive under the book now some disincentives, there are a lot of people who just aren't going to get it. that's the reality and that headline isn't as pretty. >> right. but i don't think we've sort of maxed out the incentives and disincentives that can be put in place to get people vaccinated. for example, we can do a tax credit for people unvaccinated that decreases every month until december. i mean, we know the economists are really good at this. we know incentives work and we know there's other disincentives that do work. for example, mandatory vaccine policy. so if we want this outbreak to get better and our lives to go
6:30 am
back to some resemblance of norn normal, it would be nice for elderly to get their additional dose. what we really need is the first dose in the quarter of the population that has not gotten a dose. that's what we need to get these numbers down. >> so, one big chunk of the population that has not been vaccinated are children under 12, right, because it has not gotten that emergency use authorization. does it appear that's the direction we are moving, perhaps as soon as the end of next month? how important a step is that, and how much of a positive might that be, right, in terms of getting the broader pandemic under control? >> so, it's an important step, especially if you talk to parents which i do all the time, because they're concerned about protecting the 5 to 12 age group. the only reason we need to protect our kids is because the adults in the room aren't protecting our kids. and if the adults in the room would protect our kids, we wouldn't need to be vaccinating
6:31 am
our kids, we wouldn't need to be masking them in school. it's the adults we need to get vaccinated. >> adults failing the children which is a shame to see. dr. ali khan, thanks for coming on this morning. >> always a pleasure. remember, get vaccinated and mask on. >> my favorite part with d dr. khan, i have to say. >> he also has some good masks. >> very good masks. there's a new surge at the southern border. cnn has news of thousands of migrants camped under a bridge. we're told that border agents simply overwhelmed there. we're going to take you to the scene live next. let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing]
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more than 9500 migrants are now living under a bridge along the u.s./mexico border in del rio, texas. that crowd continues to grow. people waiting to be processed as border patrol agents are struggling to handle the influx. texas governor greg abbott says he is sending additional resources to the border to help deter crossings after a federal official said they would shut down six ports of entry would be illegal. cnn's michael joining us now from del rio, texas. michael, what is happening? why is it taking to long to get people processed? is it simply the sheer number? >> reporter: yes, erica, it's simple. there are too many people and not enough manpower from the immigration authorities to process these migrants that are sheltering under the bridge. the mayor of the rio city
6:37 am
tweeted last night saying there is more than 10,000 migrants that have crossed over the rio grande during the last 72 hours. they crossed through a path where there is not too deep. one of those migrants spoke yesterday with our affiliate univision, he said they got a number, a ticket, a number in line waiting to be processed. the problem, erica, is there is no space at the shelters at the immigration facilities in the area. they are at full capacity, so that's why they have been able to take out those migrants from the area. also the cdp have said that those migrants, the vast majority of them, will be removal under title 42 that allow immigration authorities to expel these people because of the pandemic, and also they will be expelled under, you know, express immigration procedures that are new implemented by the
6:38 am
government. another problem in the area, erica, is that temperature, the weather today is expected to rise over 100 degrees. that makes the situation more complicated for these people that are receiving water, towels from the authorities here in the area. it's a very complex situation right now. >> it certainly is. michael, appreciate it. thank you. well, the influx of migrants there comes as a source tells cnn the homeland security department has been, quote, operating in crisis mode since day one of this administration. and the agency is now losing two senior leaders as it confronts additional challenges. cnn's priscilla alvarez joins me now with her new reporting. so, what's the source of this division internally? >> reporter: look, it all boils down to too many cooks in the kitchen. you have moderates and progressives and the disagreement over how to handle the situation and manage the situation at the u.s./mexico border, and that can sometimes leave little room for solutions or decisions.
6:39 am
sources tell me it's paralysis and exhaustion for a department that has been in crisis mode since day one. now, a homeland security spokesperson told me, quote, we enco encourage full some debate. two senior officials announcing their resignation each for differing reasons, it's unclear if these tensions played a role, but a shake up at a difficult moment. >> my producer and i have been down to the border and our photo journalist. we've seen the challenges they're under and this has been for a number of months now. really for a number of years frankly. the del rio situation, is there any understanding of why this particular surge in that spot right now and in those numbers? >> reporter: so, we have to understand who is coming in del rio. and the majority are haitians. now, these are not haitians who are fleeing the recent earthquake or the assassination. rather, haitians who were living in south america and the toll of the pandemic and decimating those economies drove them
6:40 am
north. now, some speculate that because of the deportation pause of haitian flights that that could have contributed to people coming over. as you snow, smugglers take advantage of every moment, and so right now they have to deal with what to do with these haitians, a homeland security official does tell me flights to haiti have continued. >> by the way, smugglers lie. they lie because they charge a lot of money, thousands of dollars, right, to help try to get these people across. priscilla alvarez, thanks very much. we are hearing for the first time from the family of a man who has refused to talk to police about the disappearance of his fiancee. just ahead we'll speak to the police department investigating gabby petito's case. that's next. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible. it's the multi-flex tailgate. it can be a step, it can even become a workspace.
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alarming story. police say they believe the fee s fiancee of a missing florida woman has critical information about her disappearance, but he's refusing to talk to them. 20-year-old gabby petito disappeared while traveling cross-country with her fiancee brian laundrie. >> they believe he was the last person to see her. her sister is breaking her silence even though she hasn't spoken to her brother yet either. >> obviously me and my family want gabby to be found safe. she is my sister, my children love her. all i want is for her to come home safe and sound and -- the misunderstanding. >> cnn national correspondent athena joins joining us in new
6:46 am
york. what more do we know this morning? >> reporter: erica, there's a lot we don't know. we know there are a lot more questions than there are answers. we know that gabby petito's fiancee arrived back at the home they shared with his family in her white van on september 1st. her parents reported her missing september 11th. we also know that both the petito family, parents, step parents, their lawyer, they are all pleading for the laundrie family and for brian laundrie in particular to be more forthcoming. they're calling brian laundrie's silence reprehensible. so, we heard from brian laundrie's sister kathy laundrie saying she didn't have any information. gabby petito's father joseph petito responded to the initial clip abc put out yesterday. he was pretty emotional. here's what he had to say. >> well, if you love gabby as a
6:47 am
sister and you knew your brother was home on the 10th and no gabby to be found, who lives in that house and told no one, okay, she is a mother and she's got kids. so i'm hoping that the pleas and the begging and the community and the, you know, entire planet knock some sense into her where she's like, i got to speak. i can't live with this on my conscience. >> reporter: and so just to clear one thing up, he said something about september 10th. as far as we know, the fiancee, brian laundrie returned to the home on the first of september. we have heard from joseph petito all week, day after day, trying to make sure that this story stays in the spotlight and encouraging the laundrie family
6:48 am
to step forward. a lawyer for petito's parents wrote out a letter imploring the laundrie family saying, put your self in our shoes. our daughter lived in your house over a year. she was engaged to be married to your son. if you have any decency left, tell us where gabby is located. we believe that brian knows where he last saw gabby, where he left gabby. so, there is a lot of frustration on the part of gabby's family as to why brian laundrie and his family have not been forthcoming. they have been advised by their lawyer to not comment here. so that's the problem. he, of course, has the fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself, but the search for gabby petito is being carried out in wyoming where her family last believed she was in the grand teton yellowstone area. that search continues. her stepfather has gone out to join the search and do what he can to help out there. we also know that the police in
6:49 am
moab city, utah, released footage of an altercation that gabby petito and brian laundrie had on august 12. so several, a couple weeks before her family last heard from her. so, police in florida aren't sure, of course, they are looking at that. they say, we look at everything that comes in. but they are not yet sure whether and how that has anything to do with gabby petito's disappearance. but the bottom line here and the overarching theme here is a great deal of frustration on the part of those looking for gabby. one, to get some answers from her boyfriend -- her fiancee. >> absolutely. athena jones, appreciate it. thank you. joining us now to discuss, josh taylor, he's the public information officer for the north port florida police department. good to have you with us this morning. you know, as we have heard from the laundrie family's attorney, we do not expect to hear from ryan laundrie as athena pointed out there. it's his fifth amendment right not to talk. but in a recent statement, the family was staying in the
6:50 am
background. his sister, though, as you heard on "good morning america," said she had spoken to police. is the family being cooperative at this point? she may have spoe but i would not consider the family being entirely cooperative. this starts saturday with us showing up at the door and we're essentially handed a piece of paper with their attorney's contact information. that is been the extent of our conversation with brian's parents. we have never spoken a word with brian. >> and in terms of his sister who spoke to police, did she come to the police or did you go to her? >> i'll been honest with you, ma'am, that is news to me. so i'll have to confirm that this morning on who actually spoke with her. i can't actually confirm with you that she has spoken to the police. the fbi is working on this case as well. certainly possible. >> so it is possible she spoke with north port police, is it
6:51 am
possible she spoke with another police department somewhere. >> i do not think so. >> go ahead. >> i have no information that she spoke with the north port police department. >> i know you said you'll follow up and that we'll stay in touch to see what comes out of that. and you mentioned the fbi, we know the van that they used was found in florida. it was processed and i understand it. and there were materials in there that warrant further investigation. but as i understand it at this point the police are saying there is no information right now that ties to a crime in north port. do you believe there could be evidence, material evidence though, perhaps more of it in the area, perhaps in or around the laundry home? >> no, i don't know that that is necessarily the case. i mean we certainly went through the van. it was back here in north port for ten days, that is a lot -- a long time and she was we believe
6:52 am
before that, so i could tell you that the fbi and their experts have gone through that van with our agency. we've been able to definitely get some material out of that van. we are certainly not at the point of -- >> the search right now as we know, there is a search ongoing in wyoming. is there a search potentially for, is there reason to believe that gabby petito could be in the north port area, somewhere in florida. >> i have -- there is no indication that gabby is here in north port. >> okay. we saw just a little bit, our correspondent athena jones shows a little bit of the body cam video from august 12th. i wan to play a moment of that. >> we were just fighting this morning. some personal issues. he wouldn't let me in the car. >> why wouldn't he let you in
6:53 am
the car. >> because he told me i needed to calm down. but i'm perfectly calm. [ inaudible ]. >> so she's talking through a little bit about what happened. according to the police report brian told the officer that she was afraid he would leave her behind in mow ab. when they would fight, you take a break and then come back and it is fine because that is a couple. you have uncovered any incidents between the two, any disagreements or any domestic issues? >> yeah, we have no previous incidents with the two of them here in north port. brian does not have a criminal record, from my understanding. >> so that incident was august 12th. gabby's family said their last communication from her was last week of august. as you said the van and brian as far as we know were back in florida on september 1st. do you feel that you have a reliable time line at this point, or are there some holes that you need plugged?
6:54 am
>> yeah, there are definitely holes that need to be plugged and i think that is why we're out here speaking with you and getting the information out, all of the tips that come in. i mean, that van drove thousands of miles across the country to get back here to north port. two people went on the trip and only one returned. and every tip that comes in as far as what gas station that vehicle stopped in or any other interaction that somebody may have had with brian or gabby, we certainly want to know about. and we are holding out hope that gabby is out there. so certainly if anybody has seen her recently, we have nothing de definitive to indicate that gabby is no longer with us. speaking with her father, joe, yesterday, he's holding out hope. obviously all of the details that we do know surrounding it do not paint a very positive
6:55 am
picture. but that flicker and flame of hope still lives. >> josh taylor, appreciate your time this morning and we'll continue to stay on this as well. thank you. well ahead, a new warning of potential violence saz early as today as capitol police brace for a right-wing rally supporting those criminally charged with storming the attack and attacking the police and building and others on january 6. our live team coverage is next. . so she'll get some help from fidelity, and she'll feel so good about her plan, she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity.
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very good friday morning to
7:00 am
all of you. i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm erica hill. u.s. capitol police gearing up for potential violence ahead of tomorrow's right-wing rally in washington in support of january 6 insurrectionists. but authorities now say that the threat could actually come even sooner. determined to prevent a repeat of january 6, security measures are in fplace ahead of saturdays event. homeland security suggested that violent acts people involved in for opposed to the justice is for j6 rally could begin today. >> that is a briefing that was was shared by local authorities. dan kildee was one of the lawmakers trapped in the gallery of the house chambers as rioters got inside, here is what he told cnn this morning. >> not only do we have this potential violence. we've experienced it and we know it is possible. but we have the former president


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