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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  September 17, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. switch to xfinity mobile and save hundreds on your wireless bill. plus, save up to $400 when you purchase a new samsung phone or upgrade your existing phone. learn more at your local xfinity store today. welcome to "inside politics". thank you for sharing your day with us. one down, nine to go. that vengeful glee from donald trump. one of the ten house republicans that voted to impeach him is not running again. >> plus brand new cnn reporting on mike pence in 2024. we know and he knows trump is no longer a friend. yet, pence is making moves.
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and right now an fda committee is debating covid booster shots. the biden white house wants a green light. but is that guided by science or by politics? first this hour a capitol on high alert. the department of homeland security issuing an alert warning of possible violence in washington as early as today. members of congress and their staff on notice. stay away from the capitol this weekend. a big security fence is backed up. there's a secondary perimeter, a smaller fencing and concrete barriers beyond that. a planned saturday rally by supporters of donald trump and those who stormed the capitol on january 6th. that latest bulletin says authorities have identified no specific or credible threat of violence, but online chatter. other intelligence and, of course, the lessons of january 6th have law enforcement on edge and on duty in big numbers. whitney wild is on the scene for us on capitol hill. what's the latest? >> we've just learned that the department of defense has approved 100 members of the
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national guard to serve as somewhat of a quick reaction force. that's critical, john, because that was something that was desperately needed on january 6th. we know it didn't happen. we know the availability of a quick reaction force was something suggested in a sweeping review of the security failures that day. so certainly taking an early lesson learned and teurning it into a material action. in addition to the 100 members of the national guard, capitol police say that law enforcement partners in the area will also be available to assist. as you mentioned, we have this capitol fence up around this inner perimeter of the capitol. there's a physical presence here as well as there will be an immense law enforcement presence here in washington on saturday. the intelligence they're working with right now suggests there may be acts of violence today either from protesters or counterprotesters. excuse me -- i want to catch that, john. there's a possibility of violence that they're concerned about it. i don't want to say specifically
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there will be, because the reality is dhs believes there is no specific or credible plot but rather they're concerned about the ramping up of online chatter. in addition to the possibility of violence related to the rally, they're also concerned about targeted -- targeting of elected officials. targeting of liberal churches as they put it in this intelligence assessment. targeted attacks against democrats. it's a dynamic law enforcement situation here in washington as well as across the country, because the other intelligence they're working with is the possibility of other events around the country. so preparing here friday, preparing here saturday. we'll see what unfolds. the event organizer insists that this will be peaceful. back to you. >> whitney wild, live reporting from the scene. let's bring in our senior law enforcement analyst. the former deputy director of the fbi. grateful for your time on this day. we just saw from whitney wild what we can see.
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you see the capitol fence is back up. you see beyond that smaller fencing, concrete barriers. you see law enforcement officials already and hear the department of defense is ready. the metropolitan police are ready. the capitol police are ready. lessons learned, what don't we see in what's happening from an intelligence and surveillance perspective in advance of the rally? >> sure, john. what you're not seeing is the very close person to person coordination in command posts at the fbi's washington field office, at the capitol police department where you actually have intelligence professionals and investigators shoulder to shoulder, computer to computer, able to in realtime exchange the intelligence that they're getting on the ground. that's incredibly important. for the fbi side, they're probably also looking very closely at those individuals who are already under investigation, and thought to be potentially domestic violent extremists and adherence in several of the
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groups. those folks are probably under very close surveillance in the days leading up to the rally. some of them may be contacted to discourage them from traveling to the capitol if they have those plans. there's a lot going on which you don't see. all of it is important to keeping the capitol safe. >> dhs posting a warning. so you have the warning out there. where's the line? do you have to have -- for law enforcement officials to track somebody, let's say there was somebody online saying i'm going to washington and going to cause travel. there's a first amendment right to say that. where's the line for you to surveil that person and see if they leave their home in state x and make their way toward washington? >> so, john, the government is allowed to read and see all the
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messages that are publicly available on social media just like anybody else is. that's how they kind of keep a finger in the water to judge the temperature of kind of these communities and the rhetoric that's out there. but in order to start surveilling someone and using investigative techniques from the fbi side, you have to have an investigation or assessment open targeting that person. you need some information that indicates that this person is thinking about taking some sort of action, possibly, that would be a violation of federal law. there's got to be predication for that sort of investigation. but once predicated, then you have the full resources in front of you like surveillance, the use of undercover informants. things of that nature snachlt. >> one of the themes from january 6th, 610 charged. some adjudicating their cases. many believe they were called there by the president of the united states. that's what they say. maybe that's their lawyer's
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coming up with a clever legal argument. that's what they say. the former president issued a statement about this event. he says our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly related to the january 6th protest concerning the rigged presidential election in addition to everything else. we have a two-tier system of justice. justice will prevail. when donald trump speaks, you and i may hear it one way. what's important to study in terms of how somebody who plans to show up in d.c. again might hear it? >> look, we know the former president has a direct and incendiary effect on these people. so these are statements -- what the former president says and does often are two different things. never nevertheless, i am sure law enforcement is watching whether or not he's going to engage in fanning the flames of this crowd. it seems over the last few days that he's been a little more active in that respect. and let's be perfectly clear. the people who showed up on
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january 6th did have a right to come to the capitol, did have a right to go to that rally, did have a right to walk around with signs and slogans and have -- exercise the first amendment rights. what they did not have was the right to attack the capitol, to be present on the grounds and be beyond the security perimeter and enter the capitol buildings, break windows, destroy things. those are crimes. they're federal crimes. and those people are being prosecuted because there's evidence they did it. >> prosecuted, not persecuted. they have every right to make their case in court. joining us to share the insights in studio, our panel. the organizer of this event, they call it jus sis for january 6th. but as always, there are personal and political interests involved here, too. >> yeah. you know, the organizer of the
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event, it was a former low level staffer in the trump administration, but now he's a political consultant, and one of his clients is running for congress in georgia and is now one of the keynote speakers at tomorrow's rally. it goes to show you that even if many mainstream republicans aren't attending the rally, this line of thinking is engrained in the party. >> and the support of people like this is critical to the party which is the dangerous part. and again, trying to talk to andy mccabe about how does law enforcement impact law enforcement in a way others might not. he says hearts and minds. he's with them. he is with them. he today released another letter to the secretary of state in georgia saying the election was rigged and you should do something about it and overturn the election. donald trump is not being helpful. he would say he's not directly telling anyone to do anything wrong, but it's not helpful in this environment. >> he's using this moment to keep fanning the flames and repeating these false claims about a rigged election. you're going to keep hearing
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that from him. it is interesting he also did an interview where he talked about how the event could be a setup, that if there weren't enough people there, it would be viewed as not enough spirit. if there were too many, they'd be persecuted. he's trying to manage the outcome depending on what it looks like. but certainly, yes, he is continuing to make these claims and people are listening to him. and they take what he says very seriously. >> and from a security and defense posture, it does appear that they have learned some important lessons at least about preparations. we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow. >> that was one of the big take aways. why weren't they more prepared for that? now they've had the experience for january 6th, knowing they don't want to repeat that. this will be the unveiling of some of the changes made at the outset. >> and you hope it's not necessary, but you hope it doesn't become necessary, but it's certainly necessary to prepare. up next from rising republican star to early retirement, one of the ten house republicans who voted to impeach donald trump bows out. out our sn had autism, his future became my focus.
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donald trump is celebrating today saying good riddance to a republican member of congress on the former president's revenge list. >> representative gonzalez insists he could have survived a trump-backed primary challenge, but he says trump is a cancer in the gop and he sees no point in serving when house republican leaders are so beholden to the former president. our panel is back with us. also including the person who broke the story. he believes he could have survived the primary challenge, but this once rising star in the
9:16 am
republican party says i don't want a piece of it anymore. it's too toxic. >> that was the most telling part of my conversation with him. he confessed that you know, i could have put together the money and run a pretty brutal campaign to survive the primary, but i didn't want to come back. i don't want to come back to a trump house gop caucus. i don't want to bust my behind for the next year to get renominated to come back in 2023 in the congress and serve with a bunch of trump sycophant s. it's not what i want to do. i think that recognition that that's where the party is going is perhaps one of the most important stories in this year's congress. >> there will be, and we'll get to this part of the conversation in a minute. some say sure, that's what he says. but trump is so powerful, maybe he would have lost the primary. we'll come to that part in a minute. and we won't know if he doesn't run in the ryeprimary. >> the environment is toxic, especially in our party right
9:17 am
now. this is a direction that we're going to go for the next two years and potentially four. it's going to make trump the center of our fundraising efforts and political outreach. that is not something i'm going to be a part of. what does it say to the republican party? this is a 37-year-old guy. had an nfl career. state of ohio, midwestern state. a couple years ago everybody was saying this is a future senator or governor or maybe future national figure for the republican party, and now he wants no part of it. >> that's the most fascinating thing here. this is someone who you think he'd be bending over backwards to get in, the kind of credentials he has, and it does, i think to jonathan's point, raise to questions about where the republican party is going and what it means if they try to take back the majority. one theory of the case is that the path to getting back power is through suburban areas, more moderate areas and what kind of candidates are you bringing in to try and win those types of se seats if the party is nooufing
9:18 am
in this direction and people like mr. gonzalez don't want to run anymore. >> yeah. i think it shows the big tent populist approach is not where the republican party is going right now. right now the republican party is being controlled by who is faithful to donald trump, and that's who they're looking for. and i think it's interesting that an incumbent looking to being in the majority is like no, if this is how we're going to govern, i don't want to be a part of that. >> good point. >> and you have a gleeful trump today. he's never subtle. again, one of the statements one down, nine to go in a statement before that, because he felt compelled to comment several times about this because he's happy. he says gonzalez has decided to quit after enduring a tremendous loss of pop ularity of which he had little. not subtle at all. the guy is leaving. you could at least be quiet. if you want to be. the challenge is this is a republican district, but the candidate that donald trump had already supported is a former aide max miller who is described
9:19 am
as a cocky bully with a quick trigger tempo. mr. miller concedes he has things in his younger days he's not proud of. in later days -- he denies this, he's been accused of striking a former girlfriend at one point. you have a 37-year-old cuban american football guy, ohio, stanford guy, great resume, versus is trumpy candidate with a. >> if it was a case on the merits, i think the neutral observer would say better candidate x to run in election x. but that's not the situation right now. i think it's important to note that the former president is celebrating. this is part of the problem. people who speak out against trump don't do so until they are on their way out the door by and large except for in a very, very small substantive cases like the liz cheneys and adam kinzingers.
9:20 am
it becomes too hard and they go. then there's nobody left except for the trumpy people. it's like a self-cleansing situation in a way. i don't mean to use that word lightly. >> this is the first of those. -- it's not the first republican who clashed with trump to exit. we saw a huge numb of republicans either retire or decide not to run for reelection. >> and so you see some up there. these are trump republicans who have been hurt by the impeachment vote. john catko. was rolled by the republican leadership because they were mad. they've all been hurt. they're standing and there are primary challenges against most of them. there are 17 republicans who voted in the house to impeach or the senate to convict. congressman gonzalez viewed by many as a future rising star in the republican party. this is about trump. the republican party has become about what does trump want. not about conservative
9:21 am
principals or anything else. >> it's totally detached from policy. that's one of the most fascinating parts. it's entirely a personality issue now. and it's not about policy x or y or z. that's totally separate from this. i think that's what troubles a lot of conservatives especially. this is not the old reagan versus ford '76. a moderate or conservative party. it's just are you for the big guy or against the big guy? and i think that is a whole different set of fish. >> it's just -- it's something that you see in a lot of other countries all the time. and we don't really think of american politics as being like that, but it's a pretty common to see around the world with the populism. >> it can happen here. >> people need to remember republicans are likely to be in the majority in the house after the 2022 election just based on redistricting only. and so if this is the way the republican party is going, that means this is the way the people who will control the u.s. house
9:22 am
of representatives will be governing from that standpoint. and that's something i think people at home should be thinking about. >> if you remember right after the impeachment vote, the ten especially said we will be fine. we will survive. you would have to say on this day, on this day anyway, trump is winning this argument. in republican politics. >> yeah. and look, i think this sets up a midterm showdown next year in 2022. it's going to be as significant in the republican party as any i can recall. think about 2010 and 2014. the so-cawed tea party versus the elephant primaries. that looks small compared to what next year is going to be. if those nine house members plus murkowski who is the only senator in the gop who voted to convict can survive, that will say a lot. >> but is there any -- >> is there any evidence that kevin mccarthy, insert laughter here, or mitch mcconnell, it's a more nuanced question, are willing to stand up to trump and say stop this?
9:23 am
stop this. stay out of these primaries. we want these people to stay? you're laughing at me. it's fine. i asked for it. >> i do think you hear from a lot of members of leaders that they would like to move forward and talk about other things. you'll hear them talk about they like to talk about fiscal issues and biden and inflation. but that's a -- a different thing. >> it would take a move of courage by either the leader of the gop or by these rank and file members. nobody seems to want to do that really hard thing that it would take to execute the survival. it is possible, probably. but not palatable. >> the people seeking power say maybe get power, both the house and senate after the midterm elections continue to show feelty to a man who wrote a letter to the georgia secretary of promoting the big lie. that's where the republican party wants to place its bet. up next, pence and the growing political team. and can a man trump sees as a traitor succeed in today's gop?
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a brand new cnn reporting on mike pence and another slice of the trump effect on the republican party. michael warren has brand new details of a effort by pence to kick his fundraising into higher
9:29 am
levels. the angry trump cloud hovers over any pence political ambition. our panel is back. it's great reporting. you're the vice president. you're out of power. the election cycle is coming. you're hiring staff and expanding your operation. going to raise money and go to the early states, except donald trump has made quite clear mike pence is no longer his friend. let's get right to it. this is in the new book "peril". they're talking about pence is refusing, telling the president i cannot block the election results or block certifying the electoral college. no, you don't understand, mike. you can do this. i don't want to be your friend anymore if you don't do this. how does a not friend of trump run for president in donald trump's party? >> it's a difficult question looming over not just mike pence but all republicans who want to run in 2024. but of course, we know that pence and trump have this unique relationship. i'm told, john, that they don't
9:30 am
have much of a relationship at all right now. that quote kind of shows where things are right now. pence and trump have not spoken to each other i'm told by two republicans in five months. since april when pence had heart surgery. donald trump called his former vice president and said i wish you well. but what i'm also told is this expansion of his political team opening up a new office space last month here in washington d.c. for his nonprofit group all of this crisscrossing across the country, making plans to visit iowa, and south carolina all a part of this effort where mike pence is not trying to patch things up with the former president. he's going to be making his decision independent of all that. i spoke with somebody close to mike pence earlier this week. this is what this person told me. mike is going to look at this and say where am i being called to serve? that's not going to be thwarted by any man or woman. this person continued to say if he, mike pence, feels called to do this, it's not going to be because of who else is in the race. so a lot of republicans are
9:31 am
waiting back, waiting to see what happens with donald trump for that question. some are even saying if trump runs, i won't run. mike pence is taking a different attack. >> help me. what's the lane? what's the lane you're a washington white house reporter now with considerable experience in iowa. mike pence, if you take trump out of the equation, fiscal conservative, not a bad candidate for iowa except trump says you're a traitor because you wouldn't support the big lie. >> i think the big question is who is calling pence to do this right now? if you look at iowa and new hampshire and early states and think about lanes, the trump support rg republicans aren't interested. moderate republicans probably aren't interested and evangelicals have a lot of options right now. nikki haley, mike pompeo in iowa this summer. you've seen a lot of activity from other republicans. i think it's a struggle for
9:32 am
pence to have a natural constituency. >> donald trump yet again today promoting the big lie. wanted pence, the president of the senate to somehow throw himself in front of the train of the electoral college. pence decided he could not. this is pence a couple months ago explaining the break with the president. >> january 6th was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol. president trump and i have spoken many times since we left office. and i don't know if we'll ever see eye to eye on that day. but i will always be proud of what we accomplished for the american people over the last four years. >> they will never see eye oh eye on a day that trump says is defining. again, i guess preparing hoping the --
9:33 am
>> i think what he's hoping is he says the right things to get back in president trump's good graces. you know? he even doesn't say -- he's not critical of them being split on how to handle january 6th. he's saying, you know, yeah, we disagreed that day, but look at the other great stuff we did together. i think it's clear in his messaging, and that's other republican leaders doing the same. they don't want to make president trump mad at them. but they kind of can't avoid it, because president trump wants one thing, and that's to overturn the election. if he doesn't feel that fellow republicans are with him on that, he says i'm not your friend. >> again, here's what would have to change. i just can't see it. the cloud of trump over the ambitions of -- 63% of republicans say yes. 37% say no. the bulk of the republican party is with trump. again, things can change. but if -- but if you're mike pence today, i guess you make
9:34 am
all these preparations hoping that we live politically in a world 180 degrees from where we are today by the time he is going to iowa and new hampshire, south carolina with consequence. >> this is kind of like what we were talking about in the last block. the republican party cares about personalities and cares about who it is at the top of the party, not what it is the party is doing. pence's comments that he made about look at the good stuff we did, that's like look at the policy. nobody is looking at the policy right now. somebody could come along and be a come from out of nowhere, i don't know if the republicans can find the obama-type figure but that's what you have to do to take the tarnished trump glow. >> if the party wants trump, every indication is that trump will be available to the party. at least that's what he says. if the party doesn't want trump, it's hard to see them going for
9:35 am
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like sharpening your cooking skills with a top chef. join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. government experts are in a day-long meeting debating a giant covid question. does the science back
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authorizing of booster shots. today's advisory meeting is focussed on the pfizer vaccine. boosters already authorized for those imyou know compromised. pfizer says the studies show waning immunity and is asking the fda to approve boosters for all adults 16 and up six months after the second dose. the white house went on the record backing boosters weeks ago and one prominent member of that committee meeting today is among those who say that was getting ahead of the science and the process. this is a big decision and i don't understand why it had to be rushed, the doctor telling us this morning. i don't understand why we can't spend more time looking at data. here to share his insights is professor of medicine and surgery for george washington university. grateful to see you in person. >> my pleasure. >> from what you have seen, does the science support boosters for all adults now? >> no. i think eventually all adults will end up getting a booster.
9:41 am
what the science supports now likely is a booster probably for americans all americans over the age of 60. and most of that data comes from israel, but there is emerging data in the united states. if you look at the fully vaccinated people in the united states who are hospitalized, 70 % of those are over the age of 60. if you look at the rare but still present deaths in fully vaccinated people, 87 % of those are over the age of 65. so there is a data set that strongly supports the notion that the risk for waning immunity and there's no question the vaccine's efficacy wanes is highest in the elderly, and my strong guess is that the committee that is looking at this today will approve boosters for people over the age of probably 60 who have been vaccinated more than six months ago. >> so there are a lot of people out there. we can put on the screen the vaccine doses administered in
9:42 am
the united states so far. 57% of them are from pfizer. so this effects if they do pfizer, we assume they'll do moderna and j&j. right now they're focusing on pfizer. they have a lot of people eligible saying we're going to have boosters and rolling them out next week, the white house said, and boosters will be available for everybody. people will say what's going on? did the biden white house get way out ahead of itself here, and can you make the case at a time they saw the cases rising from the delta variant that they did something they promised not to do, maybe put politics ahead of science. >> you can make that argument. the messaging, has been muddled. andy was a voice of reason and calm. and he clearly articulated administration policy. but what the administration has done is tell the public that delta is bad. it is bad. that our vaccine efficacy is waning, and that we're going to boost everyone. and what's happened, actually,
9:43 am
is that a lot of people have gone out and have done that. the administration was touting the fact that vaccines were rising over the last month. a lot of that, i think, are people getting boosted. maybe not all imyou know compromised folks. >> you tweeted this on thursday. every patient i saw in the clinic yesterday who was over the age of 60 had already received a booster. that's not authorized. >> it's not. >> is it a wild west out there? >> it is. look, i practice in d.c. a large part of my practice are people that really pay attention to science and the media. and they listened. and the message they heard was if they were vaccinated more than six months ago, it may not be as effective. they see people getting covid, and they don't want to get sick. they've gone to the pharmacy, and most pharmacies don't care. if you register for a third shot c they just give it to you. >> thinking they're helping you? >> right. >> they're talking today about booster shots. let's show the map of eligible
9:44 am
population fully vaccinated. at the white house briefing the white house coordinator said there are 70 million americans who are eligible to get a vaccine who have not even had one shot. so we're having a debate about boosters today. the biggest priority, the biggest urgency, if you want to tame delta and make the country safer is that 70 million people. right? >> it is. and the way to do that is to mandate them broadly. look at united airlines. the united airlines ceo this week on the air here basically said the number of employees who have quit rather than get vaccinated is in the single digits for that airline. we've seen the united states military show that their vaccine acceptance had gone to over 80 % since the military mandated. i think we can dramatically increase the number of americans who get vaccinated by basically forcing them to get vaccinated.
9:45 am
25% of adults over the age of 18 are still unvaccinated. there's a hard core group of maybe 10% to 15% who state they will never get vaccinated. the balance with the right set of incentive and prodding i think will end up getting vaccinated. it's crucial for public health to do that. we're not going to attain any sense of broad community immunity without getting probably 50 of those 70 million people vaccinated. >> let's hope that the message breaks through whether it's by persuasion of a friend or a mandate. grateful. thanks for coming in. join us, dr. sanjay talks with scientists about the origins of covid-19. up next for us, more than 12,000 migrants huddled under a bridge. we go live to del rio, texas, next. data, for as little as $25 a month. and the best part? it's powered by verizon.
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9:50 am
texas border town today dealing with an immigration crisis the mayor calls overwhelming. more than 1200 migrants camped out under a bridge in del rio. the crowd continues to grow as border patrol agents wait to process the mainly haitian migrants. the texas governor says he's
9:51 am
sending additional resources to the border to help deter illegal crossings. rosa is live for us. the pictures are wild. >> reporter: i just talked to one migrant family who says they spent two days under this bridge. they were sleeping on the dirt. this family says that they explained what was happening to their four-year-old son by saying that they were camping. that they were playing with toys just to make sure that their child was not traumatized after this experience. now, this humanitarian crisis is happening beyond these gates. if you take a close look, you'll see that there is law enforcement activity, but we were able to get an aerial view of this area by texas dps. from the sky i can tell you that the pictures are shocking. the humanitarian crisis here shows thousands of people living under a bridge. we also saw people crossing the
9:52 am
rio grande in the united states, then taking dirt paths toward that international bridge. officials say that most of these individuals are haitians. we've also talked to a person from africa. another person from venezuela. and officials say that it's going to take up to two weeks for these individuals to get processed. now, signs that people are starting to live under this bridge are very clear from the sky. you can see the tents are going up. people are drying their clothes on fences. now, this as the governor announced yesterday that he was planning to close seven points of entry. now, one of the things to point out is that these migrants are not coming in through the points of entry. i saw it from the sky. they're crossing across the rio grande river. the governor saying agents are overwhelmed and also going as far as saying that customs and border protection was asking texas to assist in closing these points of entry. dhs firing back yesterday saying
9:53 am
that that was not true, and that if texas closed a point of entry by itself, that that would be a violation of federal law. so what's happening here on the ground right now are local officials asking the federal government to step in and fix the problem. >> rosa flores on the scene for us. it's a stunning scene. and yes, the government has to figure out that there are human beings who need help at the moment. rosa, thank you for the live reporting. we know you'll stay on the story. coming, hearing from general milley about the calls he made to china during the end of the trump administration. his defense, next. what does it feel like to sell your car to carvana? it feels amazing. when you get a great offer in seconds... (all cheering) it feels too good to be true.
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i think i can. i think i can. i think i can. i think i can. i think... ...i can.
9:58 am
topping our political radar, the top military officer is defending the calls he made to his chinese counterpart. general milley saying his actions were routine and perfectly within the duties and responsibilities of his job. marco rubio is calling for milley to resign after a book revealed general milley called china to reassure officials the united states was not on the verge of launching a sudden attack. the calls are detailed by the authors in "peril". the candidates for virginia governor squaring off last night. a big issue, how to fight the coronavirus. a democrat wants mandates. the republican does not. >> i am for requiring mandate vacci
9:59 am
vaccinations. he's not. he likes to do psas. they aren't going to get you anything. i want everybody to be vaccinated here. >> and here we go again. my opponent wants to mandate. i respect your ability to make decisions because that's what leaders do. >> that race begins today. election day is november 2nd. zbljt an investigation into the origins of the trump/russia investigation is winding down. the latest case a lawyer was indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi's general counsel. the other case last year was against a former fbi lawyer accused of making false statements. that probe began in 2019 when bill barr appointed john durham to look into whether the fbi committed wrong doing during the mueller investigation. the investigation has lasted longer than the mueller probe and only turned up those two charges. justice thomas says stay in your lane. he says judges who veer into
10:00 am
legislative or executive lanes are have asking for trouble. >> i think the court was thought to be the least dangerous branch, and we may have become the most dangerous. >> that lecture as the supreme court is set to begin a new term. >> ana cabrera picks up right now. hello. thank you for being with us on this friday. i'm ana cabrera in new york. on the left side of your screen a critical meeting underway of vaccine advisers to the fda debating whether americans need covid booster shots. on the other side or coming up next, you'll see capitol hill police about to speak as they prepare for tomorrow's far right rally in support of those charged in the capitol riot.


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