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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  September 19, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i am jim acosta in washington. more support is needed to control the crisis at the u.s. border. cnn learning the department of homeland security will ask the pentagon for help as nearly 13,000 migrants are camped under a bridge in del rio, texas, waiting to be processed by border patrol. you're looking at brand-new drone footage just into cnn, the squalid conditions, sweltering heat and the coronavirus pandemic all triggering fears of a public health emergency. dhs is ramping up flights to send migrants back home. but for so many of them, that home is haiti, a country still suffering after a major earthquake and the assassination of their president. just last hour i asked alejandro mayorkas about those deportation
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flights. >> this is all part of an all-of-government effort. not only are we obtaining resources from the department of defense, but we brought in a person from the department of health and human services to address the medical needs of anyone who needs that type of attention. not only do we rely on the resources and capabilities of the department of homeland security, but we look across the federal government and in partnership with civil society to see what resources and capabilities we can bring to bear to meet the challenge, and that is indeed what we are doing here. and how can you be assured that when they go back they're not dealing with very difficult conditions? much more difficult than what they're dealing with right now? why not allow them to come into the country? >> so let me take both those
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questions, jim. we're working very closely with the government of haiti to ensure that the individuals' return is accomplished as safely and humanely as possible. we are working with the department of state to assist in that regard. and we're dedicating resources in haiti for the humane receipt of individuals, the humane return of individuals. is it time for the president to go down to the border and take a look himself? >> i have been personally in touch with members in the white house on a regular basis. as a matter of fact, multiple times every single day. and i will be traveling to the border myself. >> you heard him say that he is traveling down to the border to
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assess that situationunfolding in del rio, texas. let me bring in texas democratic congr congressman joaquin castro. this is the latest humanitarian crisis. there's been little movement on the policy side. how do you explain this inaction to the american people? these scenes seem to repeat themselves over from time to time. and congress has not been able to pass meaningful immigration reform and get it signed by a president of either party. >> we've seen this around el paso, mcallen, where you've had encampments along the border, not to this size, but we've seen it where there are thousands of people that are in squalid conditions and waiting to make their asylum claim. and the folks coming from haiti are coming from a country that
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even in the last few months dealt with natural disasters, a hurricane, an earthquake, their president was assassinated. these are people that are fleeing a very, very desperate situation. congress came close to comprehensive immigration reform, but the speaker of the house refused to put it on the floor. the next few months are going to be very important in washington to finally get immigration reform done through the budget process. and the stakes are very high for everyone. >> and, congressman, i know you criticized these haitian deportation flights, 50 democrats have signed a letter opposing them. we just heard secretary mayorkas defending those actions. i'm guessing you heard part of that interview where he did that. the secretary aseems to be saying that they're assessing
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the situation in haiti and they're confident that this deportation process can be handled humanely. what do you think? >> well, i know that the administration is working in earnest. they're working very hard. and they've made a decision that they think is best. and many of us just disagree. we come out on the other side of it. i think these are folks who could be -- who many of whom have relatives in the united states. they could be accepted and be allowed to be in the united states while their asylum claim is processed. some folks worry about covid. obviously that's why the title 42 expulsions were being done. but if it's a matter of protecting american citizens from anybody bringing in covid, you could easily vaccinate everybody that you're allowing to wait here and have their asylum claim processed. and so we believe that there are practical ways to handle it, and make sure we are following both u.s. and international law and that we're doing the most humane thing. >> and what is the explanation you're getting from the administration as to why they're
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not going in the direction that you and your colleagues would like to see it go? >> well, i believe that they still think that there is an issue with covid. i think that they also feel that the volume of people that would be, you know, that they would have to essentially accept because now there's been a backlog since the trump administration might be overwhelming. so there are real practical considerations there. but we also have the resource stohandle-- to handle that. these people are fleeing a situation where you had two natural disasters in the last few months, and their president got assassinated, destabilizing the country. and so if you're going to send folks back to that, that's a very, very dangerous and risky situation for them. >> and what about president biden in all of this? does he need to step it up on this issue of immigration?
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do you think he needs to visit the border in this virk to get that kind of, i guess, eyeball on the situation down there, on this crisis down there? >> yeah. remember, with president biden, his first day in office this was the first issue he took on. it's obviously an issue, it's an issue that the administration takes very seriously. and so it wouldn't surprise me if at some point he does gvisit the border. the president is being apprised and briefed as to what's going on as well. g there were 1,000 border arrests per month since march. he ordered six points of entry to be closed. >> governor abbott, unfortunately, most of what he's
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done has been posturing, political posturing. he's facing two republican primary opponents including allen west in the republican primary. so he's trying to move as hard right as he can. and he is trying to use this age-old tactic of scaring people about black and brown immigrants coming to the united states. and the people of del rio, the area where we're talking about are great people. you talk about immigrant communities. that is an immigrant community mostly of mexican-american immigrants who have settled there over the years. so they're wonderful people, but they're having the governor try to pour gasoline all over a situation that's already tense. in any community if you had 12 or 13,000 people right outside of it or under a bridge, of course everybody would be tense about it and wondering what's going on and what are you going to do with folks. but the government is only making it worse. >> all right, congressman
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joaquin castro, thanks so much. as always, we appreciate your insights in joining us this afternoon. see you again soon. >> thank you. breaking news, we have just learned, this just into cnn, that a body has been found in the area where police were searching for missing 22-year-old gabby petito. we're trying to get the latest information on that trying to do as much digging as we can to get confirmation as to what the situation is. we'll get a live report on that, next. his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream ♪ ♪ on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws, one check, ♪ ♪ girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam ♪
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we do have breaking news in the search for gabby petito, the influencer who went missing during a cross-country trip with her fiancé. investigators searching for petito in wyoming have found a body. cnn's leyla santiago joins me now from northport, florida, where police are still searching for her fiancé. in just the last couple of minutes the fbi office in denver
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has tweeted that the fbi, the national park service, law enforcement partners will provide an update in the investigation into gabby petito's disappearance at 4:00 p.m. mountain time at the greg thomas discovery and visitors center in grand teton national park. that's going to be 6:00 our time. so in about 45 minutes from now. leyla, what do you know on your end? >> reporter: well, in the meantime while we're waiting for that, what has changed since the last time we spoke to you, cnn has now confirmed with the teton county coroner that they have found a body in a national forest in wyoming. that could be a huge development. but i want tobeclear that that is all we know. at this point the coroner cannot give us details on the identity of the body, on the age or the gender. so there are still a lot of questions to be able to get a better idea as to how big of a development this could really be. but, remember, gabby petito was
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reported missing on september 11th. and there has been quite the search in the grand teton national park not only by law enforcement, the fbi being involved but also her loved ones, her own family going to where they last heard reports of her whereabouts. so that is up in wyoming. about 2,000 miles further where we are right now here in north port, florida, the search continues, as you mentioned, jim, for her fiancé, brian laundrie. he is 23 years old. and we have been here all day watching as crews have gone in and out trying to find him in what is 25,000 acres of a wildlife reserve. why are they here? well, that development came on friday. and that is because the family of laundrie reached out to police saying that they were concerned of his whereabouts, and the last time they had seen him was tuesday, according to his family. and he said he was heading here.
2:16 pm
a lot of frustration from police and investigators wanting to know why the family waited so long to report this. and i should also mention that police say there was no talk of any information that could lead to the whereabouts of gabby petito either. so, what we've been working with all day is a law enforcement community in two different states looking for two different people who went on a road trip together but only brian laundrie came back. and there is reason to believe according to police that he could be in danger here in this reserve where it is very lush, it is very swampy, as we have seen atvs come out. one of the things we took note of was that they're very muddy and there's grass hanging off them. so that tells you they are searching in? pretty remote areas of this reserve. i have spoken with someone inside who tells me that search
2:17 pm
still very much continues at this hour, but it has been two very long days here, hoping to find brian laundrie and hoping that that also could lead to gabby petito. but, again, the latest development since the last time i spoke with you, jim, we understand that a body has been found in wyoming, and there is an entire community and family members looking to get more answers, wondering if this could be part of the answer. jim? >> absolutely, leyla santiago. and just to go over what leyla was just talking about a few moments ago, this is according to the teton county coroner telling cnn over the phone, quote, a body has been found in a national forest in teton county. and in addition to that we're just mentioning a few moments ago the fbi announcing that they will be holding a press conference at 6:00 eastern time on gabby petito's disappearance,
2:18 pm
saying that the fbi along with the national park service, their law enforcement partners will happy birthday providing an update in the investigation into petito. there is the tweet on screen. and that's going to be done in the visitor center at the grand teton national park. that is where investigators have been searching for some sign of gabby petito. and it appears they are moving in that direction, providing more information to the public. obviously it's early. we don't have any firm conclusions yet as to what exactly the fbi is going to tell us. but obviously when they schedule a press conference 45 minutes from now in that situation, and you have the coroner's office in that area also talking about the discovery of a body in that area, it does appear that we are going to get some sort of update, perhaps a dramatic update in the search for gabby petito. we'll keep you posted on all of that. in the meantime, to talk further about this, i want to bring in cnn criminal defense attorney and cnn legal analyst joey
2:19 pm
jackson. joey, if this body is confirmed to be gabby petito's, does this give police probable cause to question or even arrest her fiancé, brian laundrie? it is strange that we have two different searches for two different people at the same time. >> the answer to your question is most directly absolutely. there has not yet been confirmation. but to your question in the event it that it is her, we certainly pray not, but when there is a dead body we pray in any event. probable cause means that the police don't have to be assured of your guilt in order to arrest you. there just has to be a reason to believe that a crime was committed and you indeed are the one accused of committing it. remember, jim, in the event that it is her body, there will be all types of forensic examinations done not only as it relates to dna but as it relates to cause of death and other
2:20 pm
issues. there will be a search of that general area that could be the preservation of other events. so it's not only that a body would be found that it would be hers, but i think the additional probable cause would come from investigations around the body and around and really dealing with the body itself. it would be a major game changer. he would go from a person of interest to a defendant in a criminal case. >> and what do you make of the fact that he's missing? >> it's interesting in that regard because as the family noted, ms. petito, there's a distinction between someone being missing and someone hiding. so i think it's important to note, number one, is he indeed missing or is he in hiding perhaps thinking about, and again i'm speculating, but perhaps knowing that the body could be found and in the event that the body was found. we do know that the police wanted to speak to him. we know that a person in his particular position has a right not to speak to the police.
2:21 pm
he chose not to do that. and as a result of that the police could not question him to gain any specific information as to her whereabouts. we have of course, you know, jim, the fbi -- i mean, the world's greatest law enforcement entity with all the resources they brought to bear, they said a body's found. and in the event that it is hers, i think he should expect and anticipate that the police will be after him in grand fashion. and, joey, up until this moment the reporting had been that laundrie was refusing to cooperate, refusing to talk with police. obviously that is going to lead some in the public to have conclusions about what's going on here. but to have a discovery of a body, and, again, we don't know for a fact that this is gabby petito, but if it is, the fact that in this kind of area of wyoming, a massive wilderness area for a body to have been found, suggests unless there was some amazing stroke of luck on
2:22 pm
the part of law enforcement and part of the searchers that perhaps some information came in to direct investigators, direct searchers to this discovery. >> so, it certainly could be suggestive of that, jim. that's on the one hand that perhaps they got a tip, perhaps they put together the digital imprint. perhaps they did some cell phone triangulation to know that this was the last place it was used. however, if you look and examine that, it not only could be a tip, when you're searching an area and you have the resources of the federal government, you have a number of law enforcement agencies that are involved with a tip or without a tip you could be assured that they're going to look at every single thing. and that is that there is something called direct evidence, and then there's circumstantial evidence, to the earlier issue about probable cause and will he be arrested. there may not be any direct evidence because it's a secluded area, because there may or may not have been any surveillance.
2:23 pm
but i think they will piece this together by situ of common sense. the circumstances dictate that you may indeed be responsible. and that of course doesn't demonstrate he's guilty at all, presumption of innocence in the event this is her body. but it certainly would give a clear indication from a common person's point of view, boy, does it look suspicious, and, boy might you have information. and you may indeed be responsible. so we'll see as it develops and we'll see what they say in the press conference, jim, in that regard. >> we appreciate this expertise. and if you can, stand by, as we like to say, just in case we need to come back to you. we are awaiting a press conference from the fbi. you can see the tweet up on screen right now. they would not be putting out a tweet like this if they did not have some kind of significant development to pass onto the public in the investigation of the disappearance of gabby petito. we're going to take that press conference to you live as soon as it starts. stay with us. we'll be right back in just a
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breaking news into cnn. a body has been found in the search area where investigators were looking for gabby petito in wyoming, the 22-year-old went missing during a cross-country trip with her fiancé. her fiancé has been named a person of interest in the case. but right now he is missing as well. police are currently looking for him in florida. i want to bring in former washington, d.c. police chief charles ramsey. and joey jackson is back with us as well. chief, if this is petito's body, of course we don't know for a fact that it is, but the coroner
2:29 pm
out there in that part of the country has said they've discovered a body. the fbi has promised a press conference at the top of the hour. press conference being about the disappearance of gabby petito. it sounds as though this case has just changed significantly. >> well, i mean, it sounds like it if in fact that's her body. obviously they wouldn't be holding a press conference on a sunday if they didn't think they had something regarding this particular case. but we'll see once that happens. and depending on whether or not they've been able to positively identify the remains, you'll know for certain whether or not it's her. the question is how she died. and the medical examiner will have to do an autopsy to determine manner, cause, and so forth. it could be homicide, could be suicide, could be accidental. you just don't know until they've had a chance to really examine the body. i hate to say it, but if she's been out in the open for a length of time, animals could've
2:30 pm
gotten to her. you don't know the state that she's in right now and all those factor in. but in the meantime they'll thoroughly process that scene. no question about it. i imagine the fbi will be the lead in terms of processing the scene, collecting evidence, and if and when they find laundrie, obviously they will be wanting to talk to him, they will be executing search warrants, vehicle, home, all those kinds of things that you typically do in a homicide investigation. >> and, chief, does this change the search for laundrie? this is somebody who, i guess, is a missing person investigation, i suppose. they're trying to find him. they're conducting a search right now in the carlton reserve near north port, florida, where leyla santiago is at. but he's also been reported as being uncooperative, not willing to speak with law enforcement and so on. i wonder, chief, when you have a body discovered and if it turns
2:31 pm
out to be the body of gabby petito, if, you know, folks in law enforcement are just going to be losing patience at this point with this refusal to cooperate if that is still the case at this point. and at that point do you try to, i guess, bring more pressure to bear on the situation? >> well, i mean, you have to have evidence. all those kinds of things. i'm sure that they are doing everything they can to find him even before they found the body. this is one of those missing person cases that actually behind the scenes you're treating it as if it's a homicide, which means you're covering every base that you can possibly cover just in case, because the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are very suspicious. that tape that was shown from the state troopers of police officers that actually showed her in a state of mind that was not consistent with what you saw on social media, obviously, he
2:32 pm
comes back alone. obviously, there's a lot that has to be gone into here. but once they get their hands on him depending on what kind of evidence they have and what they can put together, but, again, you're innocent until proven guilty. >> right. >> you have to always protect his rights. >> certainly. and here's some of that video now from the police department where things don't look to be going so well with this couple. we're not exactly 100% sure what went on during this encounter, but our chief media correspondent brian stelter is with us as well. brian, as you know, this case has gripped the country, in part, because of the social media influencer aspect of this. what can you tell us for folks who are just getting caught up on this case? >> over the summer this young couple was living a fairytale traveling throughout the western united states, taking many
2:33 pm
photos and tiktoks along the way. and once gabby petito was reported missing, that trove, that archive of documentation, of social media status updates became evidence in this case. and i think one of the things that is so striking tonight, jim, as we wait for word from the local authorities and from the fbi is that so many digital detectives, social media sleuths tried to join this case. they helped raise attention and draw national press to this story, and they tried to figure out if there were clues out there, which, in some cases, may be very helpful if the fbi's able to follow up on tips, in other cases it can be quite harmful or troubling when you've got police in florida trying to calm people down as they search for the fiancé. so we have this new environment, i think, in this social media age, the popularity of true crime podcasts when there is a very real life mystery going on, thousands, tens of thousands of people want to be a part of it. and that's a new kind of
2:34 pm
sociological phenomenon that we all have to grapple with that has been a factor in this case. we know on tiktok videos and posts about gabby have been seen hundreds of millions of times. whether that's mostly positive or whether that's a negative i think remains to be seen. but i think all of that social media did put more pressure on investigators in this case. >> and joey jackson is still with us. joey, up until this point, laundrie has not cooperated with police. he's now been missing since tuesday. this is very puzzling. i hate to think the worst in all of this, but we saw that video of the couple with the moab police department. it doesn't look like things are going well there. and you contrast that with all of these other social media posts, something doesn't add up here. >> yeah, it really doesn't. so a couple of things. the distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence.
2:35 pm
there may not indeed be because of that location and because of the area. and i know, jim, we're speculating to some degree we have to get confirmation as to whether it is indeed her body, a body was found, we don't know it to be her at this point. but to the extent that we could conclude perhaps that it is, we have to look at a number of things. and will they have direct evidence as to how specifically this occurred how she died? there will of course be all types of forensic examinations to indicate and conclude that. but all this other stuff is circumstantial evidence. you go to the video we're seeing there. it shows that something was amiss with the couple. was this an isolated event or was it simply something that occurred repeatedly? and this one involved police intervention. how many other instances did occur? so there are a lot in terms of cases. when they go on, people sometimes think, okay, you have three eyewitnesses that say he did it. often times you don't have the luxury of that. people don't commit crimes in the light of day, generally.
2:36 pm
and so police have to put things together. investigators have to put things together. expert witnesses, dna, forensics, investigators. and i think that'll be done here particularly, as you were talking to brian before with respect to the social media imprint. that's huge. and why? because in social media people catalog what they do, where they are, who they're with. and if you're doing that all along and then all of a sudden it stops, it leads you to believe why did it stop. did something nefarious happen? well, potentially and we're going to find out exactly what that was. not exactly but we'll have a greater indication during the press conference. >> yeah, i suppose in some cases these days these are like digital bread crumbs for investigators. our randi kaye is part of this team coverage. she is on her way to the scene of what law enforcement are preparing to bring to the public here in just a few moments. randi kaye, i understand you're on the phone with us in wyoming.
2:37 pm
what can you tell us about what appears to be a significant development in the search for gabby petito? >> yeah, it certainly does, jim. we are actually in salt lake. we're actually right outside the fairfield inn where she was seen reportedly checking out in salt lake city on august 24th. so we're making our way towards teton and the grand teton. we know that a body was found in teton county. no gender yet, no identification, as you mentioned the 6:00 eastern time presser coming up with the fbi. so we will learn more. over the weekend here the fbi in denver was announcing that they were searching this camping area, the national park service was involved, the u.s. forest service, the teton county sheriff, the jackson, wyoming, police. they were all involved in conducting these ground searches at an area called the spread creek dispersed camping area. we don't know if that's where this body was found. we just know it was in teton county. but that is the area they were
2:38 pm
searching. they were asking for anyone to come forward who might've seen gabby petito or her fiancé brian laundrie between the dates august 27th and august 30th. so, as i mentioned, we are making our way there. but they had begun their trek, they set out west on july 2nd from new york in that van which some people have said they've seen along the way and their plan was to get all the way to yellowstone, which we know they never made it. she did have some contact with her family. the same day that she was reportedly seen checking out of this fairfield inn, she facetimed with her mom, according to the family attorney. she said she was leaving utah and heading to the grand teton. so our plan is to follow her steps along the way as we get closer now to where this body may have been found, this body was found as we get more detail. but we know that she texted her mom multiple times on august 25th. and by that time her mom believed they were in the grand
2:39 pm
tetons. and then on august 30th she got a final text, apparently, from gabby's cell phone, but the family doubts that she actually wrote that. so, hopefully we will learn some more as to what they have found exactly in teton county coming up here shortly. >> and, when i look at these images that we were showing of gabby petito and her fiancé, they just look like any other young couple. and we've seen so many people do this during the pandemic, head out to the wilderness, see the beautiful spaces in our country, places like the arches in utah and all of these national parks like the grand tetons. and some of these images look like they're just having a wonderful time. and now it appears that law enforcement has discovered a body that is very essential to this investigation into the disappearance of gabby petito. i wonder what you make of some of the digital footprints left
2:40 pm
behind by this couple, how it may have aided law enforcement in their search, in this potential discovery that we're reporting on this afternoon, and also my understanding is that there are some members of petito's family, or at least a member of the petito family in wyoming, in that utah, wyoming, area to try to help, try to find her. >> well, her stepfather has been out here in wyoming not necessarily searching but serving really more as a liaison with the police. they wanted to have a family member out here. her mother and her father have remained in florida. they've been at some of those press conferences. but you speak of that digital footprint. certainly that is key. i've been paying attention to it so we can learn where she was, where she apparently was and try and track her steps. so we know even just from a picture that was posted that
2:41 pm
this art and entertainment venue in ogsden, utah, which is our next step, she posted a picture or a picture was posted on her instagram on august 25th of her in front of this artwork. and we've spoken with the owner of this venue, and they've also posted on facebook that they have pictures of her, they've given their security camera footage to the fbi. i believe the fbi has been getting these little bits and pieces from people and places where she has stopped or people who came into contact with her, they have security footage or they have pictures of her, and then you combine that with postings that she's put on her social media, this one arts and entertainment venue was the last post on her instagram on august 25th. but no doubt they are looking at that, jim, to try and figure out where she might've been, where the two might've separated, how he ended up driving back in her van to north port, florida,
2:42 pm
without her, and no word of her since. >> such a strange and bizarre case. randi kaye, we know you're hustling to get out there to whatever is going to take place there in wyoming. appreciate your time very much, and also to chief ramsey, joey jackson and brian stelter. we're going to take a quick break for a few moments. we are waiting this press conference from the fbi that is going to be taking place in the grand teton national park. you can see the tweet up on screen that's taking place in about 18 minutes from now, so that's 4:00 p.m. mountain time, 6:00 our time. coming up very shortly. so we'll take that live as soon as it starts. we'll pause here, reset, and we'll be back in a few moments and we'll have the latest on this investigation in just a few moments. be right back.
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2:48 pm
it appears only people over the age of 65lxv or those with high risk factors will be eligible after a proposal was rejected calling for a third shot for anyone over the age of 16. public health experts say getting initial shots to still unvaccinated people is the highest priority right now. the country is averaging -- this is just unbelievable. nearly 2,000 covid deaths every single day. it sounds like the prevaccine pandemic, those kinds of numbers and the overwhelming majority of those fatalities never got even one shot. i want to bring in our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, those numbers are just flat-out depressing. but in the meantime, should people who probably won't be eligible for a booster shot be concerned that the protection that they have right now may start to wane? is there a reason to get, i guess, all revved up over this
2:49 pm
fda decision if you're not in that age group or in that category where you might need that booster? >> well, i don't think so, jim. when you look at the data, the vaccines work really well. there is some waning of the ability to protect the most vulnerable against severe illness. but for most people under the age of 65 who are healthy, while they can still get covid, they could even have some symptoms, mild or even moderate symptoms, the likelihood of them developing anything significant enough to be qualified as severe illness is really, really low. and i think that that's what really drove the fda's decision, jim. it's because we focus on israel a lot, so let me show you what's happening in israel. we focus on them because they've been a little ahead of us in terms of vaccinations, 65% or so are fully vaccinated. they're the highest they've been
2:50 pm
since this pandemic. luckily, proportionately, the hospitalizations and deaths are lower. they're not having the same pos proportions of deaths and hospitalizations. who are the breakthrough that end up in the hospital? we know 95% of covid patients are unvaccinated, but of those 5% or so who are in the hospital, they're mostly over age 65. 87% of deaths and 70% hospitalized in that group. thl this is the most vulnerable group. those people are getting severely ill, so a booster makes sense for them, jim. i will say high risk for severe covid they recommend also. that's a lot of people. hypertension, high cholesterol,
2:51 pm
diabetes. we'll hear from the cdc how they specifically define that, but that's probably 100 million people in addition to the people over age 65. this will faeaffect a lot of people, jim. >> and i assumed the fda would say everybody over 16 can get a booster shot. if we were back where we were to get to a walgreen's or cvs or whatever, and maybe we slowly give everybody a booster shop getting down to 16, maybe we won't have that chaos at the pharmacies. >> i think that was part of the reason the biden white house sort of came out and said, hey, we're planning on this. we're going to make sure we have the vaccines available, so there isn't some of that chaos. now, to be fair, many have suggested, including senior members at the fda, the white house got out ahead of this, because you want to hear from your scientific agencies first. if the white house had said,
2:52 pm
look, we're doing everything to plan for this. we're going to make sure the vaccines are ready, the infrastructure is ready, we'll let the fda do their job. the white house put out an announcement that they would start boosters on monday. they got the recommendation from the advisory committee, but the fda still has to officially authorize it, and the cdc has to decide who fits in these categories. they still have work to do, jim. >> there is a show on covid-19 airing tonight. let's play a clip on that. >> jan is one of 18 scientists who published a letter in "science "magazine in may of this year asking for an investigation into all origins. what would you like to see specifically? >> the first would be that database that's gone missing. >> the same missing pathogen
2:53 pm
database that was taken off line in 2019. >> this is the database that the mission was to collect all the viruses and use it to prevent pandemics. this is a pandemic. why didn't they share that database with other scientists so theby could figure out how dangerous this is, where it came from? >> have you, as a member of the w.h.o. team, asked in any capacity to look at that data? >> no. >> that sound concerning, peter. if it's that serious and we're trying to be as thorough as possible, maybe it amounts to nothing. but the fact you still haven't seen that database, it's going to raise a lot of eyebrows going forward. >> rightly so. i think china should be more open about the things they've not released. >> officially, sanjay, there has been no unanimous consensus on where this virus originated. are we ever going to find out
2:54 pm
about this? have you reached your open conclusions? >> well, i guess most of these emerging infectious diseases have come about through natural origins, a jump from animals to humans, 75% have. just statistically, i think you would sort of lean that way. what's puzzling, jim, and you're a political reporter, i'm a medical reporter, but you can disentangle politics in anything these days. if they said, it didn't leak from a lab, let's clear this up, they would have allowed an investigation to really take place. and yet they didn't. i think it just raises a lot of suspicions. so we still can't rule out the lab theory, and i get into some of the specifics as to why that is still very much on the table tonight. >> there's politics and medicine, medicine and politics these days. one of these days we'll separate the two, sanjay, hopefully very soon. dr. gupta, looking forward to
2:55 pm
this show tonight, "the origin of covid" airing at 8:00 p.m. tonight. a body has been pound in areas investigators were searching for the teenager. officials have not determined an identity or even a gender, but the fbi are going to be holding a news conference any minute where we hope to learn more about that investigation. we'll be taking that news conference live as soon as it begins. of course, we're going to have comprehensive coverage on all of this with our experts and analysts. our cnn reporter randi kaye is also heading to the scene right now, so she'll also have the latest in all of this, and that will be in the hours to come. as you likely know, petito went missing during a cross-country trip with her fiance, brian laundrie. they spent the summer visiting national parks and camping, as so many young people have done during this pandemic.
2:56 pm
laundrie, however, returned from that trip on september 1st alone. according to our reporting, he refused to cooperate with police in any way once petito was reported missing by her family. laundrie has gone missing himself. police have searched a nature reserve near his parents' home in florida. he is called a person of interest in this case. the press conference is expected to start any minute, and be sure to stand by for that. my colleague pamela brown will be coming in shortly to anchor that coverage. as soon as the fbi comes out to the podium, we'll be bringing that to you live. sad news, potentially, to end this program tonight on, but thanks for being with us all weekend. that's the news. reporting from washington, i'm jim acosta. pamela brown takes over "cnn newsroom live" after a quick break. have a good night.
2:57 pm
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i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday. we have major breaking news in the search for gabby petito, the 22-year-old who went missing during a cross-country trip with her fiance. investigators searching for her in wyoming said they have found a body. leyla santiago joins me now from northport, florida. that's where officers have wrapped up another day of searching for her fiance. leyla, what do we know? >> they are wrapping up when it comes to the search. police say they are ending their day wrapping up. you can see the northport command center coming out from where we have seen search teams going in and out all day today. we have seen the canine units, we


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