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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 20, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is monday, september 20th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. this morning a major development in the case of 22-year-old gabby petito missing for week. this was a post from her father overnight, she touched the world. human remains believed to be petito had been discovered in northern wyoming. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. the fbi says cause of death has not yet been determined. law enforcement agents found the body after searching camp sites on the border of grand teton national park >> they are now searching for petito's fiancee brian laundrie. the country left on a cross
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country road trip in june. but laundrie returned home without pa tee ta. petito. >> reporter: briannbrianna, thi where the couple lived with brian's family. north porbgt police are saying they will continue to work with the fbi in search of answers key to this investigation right now what exactly happened and where is brian laundrie. fbi investigators announcing a body was discovered in the grand teton national forest saying it could be missing 22-year-old gabby petito. >> human remains were discovered consistent with the description of gabrielle gabby petito. full forensic identification has not yet been completed to confirm 100% that we found gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery.
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>> reporter: pa tee ta, disappearing on a cross country drive with her fiancee last month. the couple documenting their journey on social media. >> good morning. it is really nice and sunny today. >> reporter: posting photos and videos of their trip, start anything july, with plans to end in oregon in october. but petito's family says they lost contact with her at the end of august. about two weeks after police in moab, utah, responded to a report of disorderly conduct between the couple. after the incident, police filing a report saying petito and laundrie engaged in some sort of altercation. he returned to florida without her september 1st. ten days later, she was reported missing. >> my gut tells me something bad
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happened. and i'm never, never going to be able to hold my baby girl again. >> reporter: now the search does on for laundrie, who has disappeared. they are looking for the 23-year-old at this nature reserve. they said friday they last saw him on tuesday. . >> his family says that this is a place that he frequents. they believe this is where he came. >> reporter: petito's family with their grief overnight. he wrote, she touched the world. the fbi is still looking for any leads about her disappearance >> this is an active and ongoing investigation. we ask everyone maintain distance from law enforcement personnel and equipment. vehicles and related activity, for their own safety, as well as to protect the integrity of our work and respect privacy for gabby's family.
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>> reporter: and, brianna, i can tell you last night quite a bit of law enforcement presence here. there is a sense of frustration among investigators, quite frankly, among the community, wanting more cooperation, more help from brian laundrie's family. just turning into this neighborhood you will find a sign that reads, brian, bring gabby home. >> lailaeyla santiago, thank yor that report. $3.5 trillion spending plan very much in jeopardy. axe kwroets reports west virginia senator joe manchin, who we knew wanted to slow down the process on this, wants to wait for 2022. for some democrats, that might mean forever, or never. it throws into flux the infrastructure bill as well since some democrats say they won't pass one without the other.
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the senator parliamentarian said overnight immigration reform, as written, cannot be included in the budget bill, which means for now no path to citizenship for 8 multiple or more immigrants as the crisis at the border is escalating this morning. homeland security is calling in the pentagon to help with the flux of migrants in del rio, texas. the crowds this morning expected to be around 12,000. as the president is heading to new york for the u.n. general assembly, tensions are high between the u.s. and its oldest ally. the white house says biden and french president macron will speak to try to move forward after australia canceled a defense deal with the french in favor of an agreement with the u.s. and the uk. this is a move that infeuriated the french. it is believed to be the first time in modern history. the move by the u.s. designed to
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bolster australian efforts to keep tabs on china's military in the pacific. now, the biden administration is also under scrutiny on the world stage over a botched drone strike in afghanistan that killed 10 civilians, including seven kids. >> i want to bring in david sanger, white house and national security correspondent for the "new york times". great to see you this morning. i think two things are at play. number one, what is the best way to confront china in the pacific and, number two, what is the best way for the u.s. to treat its allies? what is france so upset about? and when president biden speaks to emmanuel macron later this week, how is that conversation going to go? >> we would all like to be the fly on the ball for that. but i think it will be unpleasant. from a strategic viewpoint, these submarines are the right way to take on china.
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obviously, it's not all of the china challenge, which is military, economic, techno logic. but the sub marines australia was going to buy from france simply do not have the range, do not have the ability to go deal with the china of, say, 2030 or 2035 when these come out. so there is no question that having nuclear-powered submarines that can pop up off the were china coast would throw the chinese back on their heels. that said, they could not have managed the alliance part of this worse. they relied on the australians who said, oh, don't worry about it, we will take care of the french. we are having that conversation. they never really told the french they were breaking up. and so when the announcement came, they really learned about it in detail only when news
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articles began to appear in australia and here in the united states. and that's when the french ambassador was called into the white house and they explained this to them. so here's an ally that was preparing on friday to celebrate their help to the united states. it goes back to the revolutionary war. and they ended up withdrawing their ambassador that day. >> have they ever withdrawn their ambassador before like this? >> not that i can find. >> it makes it seem like this is a huge deal for france. but really it's about losing a sale, right? at a point, it's about losing a sale. i guess, on the other hand, it's also about how important the united states feels its relationship with france is and where that relationship ranks in u.s. policy around the world. the u.s. seems to be saying right now we are more concerned about khaoeup than keeping our friends lowclose. >> a good part of international relations, you want to see each
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of your allies is vitally important. but some are more vitally important than others, john. that's what the french have just lived. the pivot to asia that barack obama talked about during his presidency is actually happening in the biden presidency. and that means when you pivot, you are turning your back on someone. and what they were learned here was that the british and the australians are more important in the biden view of the universe than the french are. and that's a hard thing to swallow. and in some ways, i think, rough as it is to lose a $60 billion plus contract, to discover you're not really in the inner circle of the alliance, that's another. and the french were sort of going that way with their talk of strategic autonomy, separation of the u.s., even before this. >> and i know a lot of european allies looked at the biden administration hoping that it would be different than the
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trump administration, that they would be closer to -- some of those relationships would be repaired. >> the spring was all about the trump era is over. we're back to rebuilding our alliances. we treasure our allies. we'll consult with you. then the british felt they didn't really get consulted with as we pulled out of afghanistan. as we pulled out of afghanistan, of course the taliban took over, which didn't do much for the concept that the biden administration was pressing for democracy over autocracy. a lot is coming back to afghanistan. and then this, which was an avoidable error. had they not expected the australians to work this through, sat down and talked through another project to show the alliance is vibrant. france is part of nato. there are many other things we
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do with the french, including in africa. but they just didn't do it. and, you know, this is not the kind of error you would expect them to make. >> david sanger, very interesting. this will be a fascinating week to watch at the united nations. >> it's going to be quite a week. >> thanks, david. the department of homeland security says it has thrown 300 haitian nationals to port-au-prince with more planned as authorities are struggling to deal with thousands upon thousands of migrants living under a bridge right now at the southern border. josh campbell is live in del rr rio, texas. this is very poor conditions, josh. . >> absolutely, brianna. there are thousands of migrants, families, pregnant women and children, living under the dell rhio bridge, squall i.d. conditions. being exposed to the elements.
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this is being described as a humanitarian crisis. not only because you have thousands of migrants living in these terrible decisions, but obviously still in a global pandemic. and officials are worried about the public health aspect here. we know the dhs is working with the red cross and other aid agencies to try to get food in this camp, to improve the sanitary conditions. as you can see behind me, the port is closed. authorities are redirecting traffic to other locations. this area has been flooded with state troopers, hundreds of federal agents and officers. dhs secretary was on scene yesterday speaking with our colleague jim acosta making it clear if there are migrants who don't have a lawful reason to be in the united states, they will be sent back. take a listen. >> we are increasing the frequency and size of the repatriation flights. we have sent a very clear
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message early on in light of the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic. that the border is not open and people should not take the perilous journey here. we are returning people to other countries. >> reporter: now, on the repatriation flights, we understand they have already taken off to places like haiti. we expect there will be more. now, as far as numbers, as of yesterday, there were still under 12,000 migrants still in the makeshift camp. officials have a goal of processing 3,000 per day. at that point we're still days away from seeing any noticeable initialment in the situation here under this bridge. obviously a serious situation for border officials as well as the migrants themselves who are living in these awful conditions and described as a humanitarian crisis. brianna. >> josh campbell, thank you so much, live from del rio, texas.
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former president donald trump wrote a letter to an official in georgia. plus, new reporting about trump's alleged campaign to oust senate minority leader mitch mcconnell from power. will other republicans get on board? and the brazilian president will ignore united nations rules and give his speech this week in new york without being vaccinated. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. it helps keep you effortlessly comfortable by sensing your movements and automatically responding to both of you. and, it's temperature balancing to help you stay comfortable all night. it even tracks your circadian rhythm, so you know when you're at your best. in other words, it's the most energy-building, wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. don't miss our weekend special. save up to $900 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. to learn more, go to before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake.
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gillette proglide, five blades and a pivoting flexball to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. look good, game good. gillette. the former president of the united states just wrote it down. for anyone trying to suggest he's not actively, aggressive ily and openly trying to regain power now, he just wrote it down, pushing to decertify the 2020 election. trump sent a letter riddled with lies to secretary of state in georgia to ask him to decertify the results in georgia, with debunked claims. trump writes, i would respectly
3:19 am
respect your department check this and start the process of decertifying the election or whatever the correct legal remedy is, and announce the true winner if true. he tried to muscle officials to overturn the election there. joining us now cnn political analyst maggie haberman and john avlon. maggie, what's the most interesting thing about this letter to you? >> that it's on paper. that's the most interesting thing. seriously. this is something donald trump has been saying for a while. it has been a slow escalation. mike lindell said he would be rein stated in august. trump was murmuring that and trying to get others to say that out loud when that passed us by, august is over, he focused on decertification in a handful of states in which are not actually audits. they are investigations of some kind that don't have legal binding. now he's putting this down on
3:20 am
paper. i spoke to some of his folks over the weekend and the response is this is really, really about boosting his base and he's targeting ragtens burger. he wants the election to be undone. it is not the same as when he was in office and pressuring the secretary of state to do that. sit still jarring. there are people who believe it, his followers are not going to understand that he might not believe it. >> there are a couple big differences. first of all, he is under investigation for election interference. he is continuing to ask for the election to be decertified, i.e., posthumously, try ig to interfere with the election. is this a setup for insanity defense? he is no longer president of the united states. he is not shielded. not that he ever thinks about whether he is making his
3:21 am
lawyer's case more difficult, but he is making it doubly difficult. there is a real threat. i think it increases why there needs to be legal accountableability. it's clear he doesn't care. he does not believe he will ever be held accountable. and until someone shows him he's wrong, he will continue. >> maggie, what is it -- you know, republicans try to explain away what trump has done and is doing, yet it's on paper now. he's trying to throw out the election. >> it was pretty jarring to see it floating around over the weekend and saying i don't think a single republican talked about this. i didn't really see democrats talk about it either really. you are seeing this ongoing uncertainty both from democrats and republicans for whom he remains the leader of their
3:22 am
party until there is another nominee. but democrats are unsure how to go about dealing with this. when someone has no shame and is willing to do whatever they want, that gives them an edge in politics and democrats are still grappling with how do you deal with this without, you know, spreading this information and giving him negative attention, what he wants. he would probably be enjoying us talking about this right now because it is still a focus on him and he's been out of the limelight. at a certain point, everyone averting their gaze doesn't do much either. >> no. in the context of investigation, as long as people are kowed by him, he will continue to accumulate power. >> last week, anthony gonzalez got out of his race because he is being challenged by max miller, a former would you say aide, that is how he starts to a
3:23 am
mass power again, in these small increments. >> 78% in our recent poll said they don't think joe biden won the election. >> if they say bullies only respond to strength. full stop. >> stick around. don't go anywhere. we have much more for you. former president trump trying to oust mitch mcconnell. how are senate republicans acting this morning? a big night at the emmys for one of our favorite shows here on our show, and that is "ted lasso". we will break down all the winners and losers coming up.
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developing this morning, "the wall street journal" is reporting that former president trump wants mitch mcconnell gone and has spoken with senators and allies whether any republicans are interested in mounting a challenge to the senate minority leader. sources tell the journal so far there is little appetite among the senate gop for such a play. we are back with maggie haberman and john avlon. this is an interesting one because mitch mcconnell is someone they don't want to go up against and major trump allies are getting on board with this. >> i think this is trump trying to flex a muscle, trying to stay relevant, frankly, and his ongoing personal animas with mitch mcconnell. i don't think there is, a, hess not having any luck trying to recruit a challenger and, b, if you read "the wall street journal" story, the trumpiest candidates in there who would be
3:29 am
the likeliest to go with him still wouldn't say whether mcconnell should go. i think donald trump has to be careful. his power is not the same in the senate and isn't the same in terms of trying to overcome mcconnell. we have seen that on a number of occasions. so i don't know, you know, whether there's a long-term goal here. my sense is this is not been met serious around trump. it is something he is talking about. this will be potentially for him a test that points to less strength than he would like to show. . >> well, that's exactly the point, avlon. why is he doing something -- clearly he doesn't realize he is -- that is going to point to the pound list of his influence here? >> because he doesn't care. you know, the trump aides always talk about a honey badger. he's not president any more so he doesn't have institutional power. that unleashes him. because it may not be having any takers in the u.s. senate, among
3:30 am
the base you can be sure it does. this shows people in the senate, whether you're mitch mcconnell and lieutenants or the lowliest back benchers to the extent that exists, loyalty is a one-way street with donald trump. the steps that were taken not to put him out of the game through impeachment, through, you know, really taking the january 6th commission seriously, invoking the fourteenth amendment, all of that has a consequence. he is going to come and try to burn your house down one way or the other. >> so we learned, maggie, that the biden administration obviously overnight is having another issue that kind of contributes to the domestic agenda hits that he's been taking. senate democrats are not going to be able to include a pathway to legalization for millions of immigrants. they're huge. $3.5 trillion bill after new guidance from the senate parliamentarian. where does this put them? . >> they are going to attempt to
3:31 am
try to revisit this, brianna. there is i think four different efforts that advocates have been making in terms of the senate parliamentarian. the white house made clear they will come back at this on other pieces. certainly it is a hit. it's also just a reminder that the white house is playing this triangulation move of we're not going to push congress to pass legislation. we are going the try other maneuvers because the majority is so slant. it avoids putting pressure on them. at the end of the day, a key piece of immigration reform still doesn't get done. it's a blow any way you look at it, even for people who say they were expecting it. >> this is key, john, to president biden's agenda. he wants to move this thing along. and here you see the road blocks coming up against it. >> they absolutely are. it shows limits to what you can
3:32 am
pass in reconciliation. i don't think folks should get over themselves and say the biden agenda is doomed. but this dream has a deadline on it. the biden administration needs to be totally focused on pafg this. you can't make it perfectly good. they need to start acting that way. >> it is like where is the finish line in this race, right? maggie, thank you so much. john, thank you. canadian prime minister justin trudeau's political future is in jeopardy as voters are heading to the polls today. willing his election gamble backfire? plus, accusations of widespread election fraud in are you sure -- russia. a sweeping crackdown on his critics. we are live on the ground in montreal and moscow, next.
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election turmoil in both canada and russia today. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in the fight of his political life with aaron o'toole to call an election two years before necessary. we have reporters in montreal and moscow with the latest. we saturday with paula newton in montreal. what's the latest there? >> reporter: you know what, john, justin trudeau called this, as you said, two years early, in the middle of a pandemic. some called it smart. others called it completely cynical. he looked at the poll numbers and said this is my chance, i can get more seats in parliament, be able to govern the way i want. let me say, this is lightning speed here. only five weeks. imagine getting an election done in five weeks. in the beginning, his polls were down. that's what really crushed him at this point with voters saying, look, why are we even
3:38 am
having this election, considering we have a fourth wave that is crushing. the other is his rival, aaron o'toole. a former military captain, air navigator, corporate lawyer. here's what he did, john, he moved to the center. he is unapologetically pro-choice, has a climate plan. for a few weeks, canadians propelled his popularity to new levels. but right now, as this race has again focused squarely on the pandemic, the fact that that conservative party and aaron o'toole says, look, we are not for mask mandates. they are for masks. they are not for vaccine mask mandates. and they also are not disclosing how many of their candidates have been vaccinated. that hat certainly given trudeau an opening to end strong in this campaign. i have to say the ugliness is something canadians aren't used to. look at protesters actually throwing gravel at justin
3:39 am
trudeau. those were, again, the anti-vaccination protesters. it shocking for many canadians. politicians not just hit with stones but the rhetoric was quite brutal. all of that combined to turn off many canadians. so many people dealing with covid. voter turnout will again be key. also, this whole issue of misinformation. we have the peoples party of canada. they are anti-vaxers first and foremost saying, look, we will be able to be here for a voice for canadians. they have tripled their support to 6%. and really the misinformation has been breathtaking from a certain assistandpoint. >> it doesn't look like canada nice right there. paula newton, thank you for that. developing, the united russia party that supports
3:40 am
vladimir putin is on track to keep its majority on parliament after this week's election. critics are accusing officials of blatant fraud where opposition was stifled. matthew chance is live in moscow with more. matthew. >> reporter: brianna, thank you very much. a big win for the party that supports vladimir putin. but that win has come amid widespread allegations of election rigging and the fact that the real opposition in this country have not been permitted to stand at all. russians have been casting their votes, but the critics this is democracy at its worst. accusing the kremlin of blatant election fraud, some actually caught on official cameras. watch the woman in black on the right. awkwardly trying to shield the ballot box as a hand appears from behind the russian flag. you can see it repeatedly stuffing papers inside. election officials say they have
3:41 am
a nulled these folks. but critics say thousands of violations, including ballot box stuffing and forced voting, are being ignored. in total, 12 cases of ballot stuffing in the whole country in just eight districts, the chief election commissioner brags on state media. this is not hype like some misinformation sources, she adds. from self-imposed covid-19 quarantine near moscow, the russian president is schoeneweising a controversial online voting system which lows even more opportunity to manipulate results. the system needs a mobile phone for verification. and there are questions how putin, who insists he never uses one, was able to cast his vote. the kremlin said he used assistance denying this whole scene was staged. but critics accuse the kremlin
3:42 am
of carefully ensuring a win despite flagging opinion pollsings not just for the infamous poisoning of alexei navalny next year, which officials deny, but the moves since then, branding his supporters extremists, banning them and other opposition figures from standing for office. one rights group estimates hundreds of thousands of activists have been affected. the ruling united russia party, the team have smart voting ewing apps and videos to show russians which candidates, mostly old kphopl tpheufts, stand the best chance of unseating incumbents. but even kremlin critics who have been allowed to stand say they face extraordinary pressure. like this candidate in st.
3:43 am
petersburg who found rivals have h adopted his name and appearance to confuse voters. russia's own election officials have called this a disgrace. we met one veteran anti kremlin activist barred from standing at a moscow polling station. he admits this may be lost but kremlin efforts to cling to power indefinitely, he says, will backfire. >> we have a situation in russia where there is an entire generation of people that has no other political power other than vladimir putin. he has been in power 20 years. sooner or later, people will change the government. >> another russian revolution. . >> unfortunately, yeah. it gives me no pleasure to say this. >> reporter: but for now revolution seems a long way off. even winning a single sit in this tightly controlled russian
3:44 am
election will be something of an opposition coup. in fact, the russian communist party responsible for the last russian revolution has done significantly better in this election. it's up to 20% of the vote. in the past few years, they have been compliant with the kremlin. nothing that has happened here has done anything to loosen the grip of power on vladimir putin. >> matthew chance live in moscow, thank you. massive breaking news in the pandemic. pfizer just reliesed new data about the effectiveness of its vaccine in younger children. we're going to bring the results to you next. a body has been found in the search for missing 22-year-old gabby petito. we have the developments coming up.
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this is cnn breaking news. we have breaking news and parents listen up to here. pfizer just released its first vaccine trial results for children 5 to 11 years old. and let's break all of this down now. i know there are a lot of questions with our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, you have good news for many parents this morning. tell us about this. >> yeah, brianna, you're going to want to hear this news. this is the first time we're seeing data now about these vaccines in people this young, ages 5 to 11. so it's early data. i'll preface by saying that. it is coming from the company itself. it has held up well the last couple of years when we have seen it this way. this is children ages 5 to 11. what they did in this particular trial, they had about 2,300 participants and they got two doses of the covid vaccine but
3:50 am
in a much smaller dose. they landed on a much smaller dose. we get as adults 30 micro grams. this was 10 micro grams, separated by 21 days. what they did then was they measured the antibody response basically saying, are these children that age group developing the same antibody response that we saw in older people who received a higher dose. the answer was yes. and pore importantly the vaccine appeared to be safe. the profile was similar to what they saw with people who are older. again, this is the first data we're seeing from pfizer, really from anybody, on people this young, this much data. and now they're going to go ahead and be collecting, you know, more and more data. this is the beginning of it. but it's a good indicator. and this is something, you know, i think the fda and a lot of people have been waiting to see to determine how this should proceed. . >> so a strong antibody response, sanjay.
3:51 am
this is not the efficacy data, as it were. this isn't 95% against preventing infection. do they need that before they apply for emergency use authorization? what's next here? >> yeah. that's a great point. so i think a couple things. one, as you know, the vaccine itself has been already approved. just as you said, in order to expedite this process, they will likely approve for emergency use authorization with the data that shows that it is safe and seems to generate these antibodantibo. they are continue to go collect the efficacy data, comparing these groups saying, look, how many people are likely to become infected, get sick versus the vaccinated group and see if it makes a difference. but given they have had this other data in older age groups, they have correlated the antibody effect with protecting against illness, they suspect that will happen here as well. but that data will be collected.
3:52 am
at the same time, they are going to petition for emergency use to the fda and regulatory agencies around the world so children all over the world could potentially have access to this vaccine as this data starts to come in. . >> how much of a game changer is this for this age group? you know, i'm thinking of unvaccinated kids right now who are in schools where maybe no mask mandates or immunocompromised kids who really need this extra boost. >> yeah. well, let me show you the numbers here. i can show you the trajectory of the pandemic has been for eudz can. also keep some mind as we hear about this data today, there's been a few times during the past couple of months when the fda has gone back to the companies and said we need to have more safety data. you need to check for various things. we could have been hearing today that the safety profile was of concern, that it was not generating the right antibody response or enough of an antibody response.
3:53 am
overall, we know the number of cases has grown significantly. 200 plus percent in children in the last couple of months. we know 5 to 11-year-olds make up 9 % of the population in the country. so i want to be careful. i don't think anyone is saying the vaccine will completely ill eliminate cases. we know people can still develop breakthrough cases even if they don't have symptoms. but the likelihood of getting sick tkraouplicily reduced. the likelihood of bringing down cases, if not perfect, will be impacted by this. it is the sort of thing they have been waiting for for some time and now saying, hey, look, we are going to even start presenting data for children as young as 6 months by the end of the year. so the timetable sort of is going as expected. you heard from dr. fauci some time ago saying probably later this fall we would hear about a
3:54 am
potential authorization in children this young. and everything we have seen so far today, and this is just breaking right now, suggests that that is the case. again, this has to be peer reviewed. obviously the tpd will review it itself. but it looks promising, guys. . >> just to reiterate again, this is huge. this is the first data we are seeing on children 5 to 11 years old. strong antibody response and safe. that's a big deal. you talk about the timing. i always am curious what later this fall means at this point. kids could be getting shots in october, november, december? >> you know, as yogi berra said, i hate making predictions, especially about the future. if you look at the timeline of previous authorizations, if the data submitted the next couple of weeks, i think we are thinking before halloween even. certainly before thanksgiving. >> that would be a treat.
3:55 am
not a trick but a real treat. this is a big deal. parents, people with young children, brianna keilar, waiting for this. >> good news for the 5-year-old. that about the 3-year-old? i'm still waiting. >> glass half full. coming up, much more about the breaking news on the vaccine and children. plus, the democratic mayor of san francisco is under fire for appearing to throughout her own mask rules. we'll roll the tape ahead. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate.
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4:00 am
in children as young as 5. the company says its coronavirus vaccine is safe for that age group and shows a robust antibody response. >> the trial included participants ages 5 to 11 in a two-dose regiment and used a third of the vaccine given to those 12 years and old. pfizer said the levels compared well with older people who received the larger dose. the company now plans to submit for emergency use authorization from the fda soon and that it is also expecting trial data for children as young as 6 months as soon as the fourth quarter of this year. >> and joining us is former assistant secretary of health and coronavirus testing czar in the trump administration admiral brett ingiraur. >> thanks for having me on. obviously, this is very good news. we only have the press release from pfizer. but i would expect, as the


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