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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 20, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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not beating governor abbott. >> all the women swoon for sure. >> we'll watch. thank you for your time today on "inside politics." ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. have a good day. hello and thanks for being here. i'm ana cabrera in new york. authorities are questioning the parents of the parents of blaundry. we see the fbi escorting the family. the couple had documented their travels across several western states on social media, well,
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that stopped shortly before laundrie returned home alone on september 1st. cnn correspondent laila santiago is on the scene in florida. what's happening there, laila, right now. >> reporter: right now, ana, in the home behind me where the couple lived and where the parents of brian laundrie are at this hour we understand fbi agents are questioning the parents and this is now about the third hour that they have been doing that. we were here when a caravan of cars pulled in. they -- they surrounded the home, called out that they had a search warrant, went inside. the parents came outside. they executed the search warrant and then brought them back in for questioning. a lot of critical questions remain to get some big answers as to what happened here. the big one being where is brian laundrie? let's back up for a minute to talk about how we got here. remember, over the weekend there was quite a search in a 25,000-acre wildlife reserve
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because the parents of brian laundrie told police that they hadn't seen him since tuesday saying that the last time they saw him, they claim he had a hiking backpack on and he was heading over to that reserve for a hike. that claim was made to police on friday, so that's what set off that search for brian laundrie after days that his family claimed they haven't seen him and they were concerned about his well-being and his whereabouts. but another big thing happened over the weekend. you mentioned it, ana, sunday. we heard from fbi in wyoming saying that they had been searching up there for gabby petito, and then we learned from the coroner in the area that they found a body with characteristics that were consistent with gabby petito, the family also being notified and now asking for privacy. so quite a bit of developments
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almost daily here with this story, but the -- the big question remains where is brian laundrie? police are trying to find him rather hoping that that could give them answers as to what happened here. now, we expect tomorrow that we could get some more answers because we could see the results from the autopsy report from the body that was found on sunday in the grand teton national park, ana. >> that's right. they have not given us a cause of death at this point. again, still waiting on that 100% confirmation that that body is indeed gabby petito. laila santiago, thank you. please keep us updated. for more perspective on the investigation cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe is with us now. first, end, the fbi and florida police, they are executing the search warrant today at laundrie's home. what are they looking for? >> well, ana, there's all kinds of pieces of evidence that could be in that house, and let's
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remember that brian laundrie allegedly returned to the house on september 1st. his parents reported on friday the 17th that he had been missing since tuesday the 14th so he's in that house for two weeks before he goes missing. primarily what the investigators will be looking for is anything he may have written, any recordings of his -- of his thoughts, of his -- if he wrote any notes, if he kept a journal. certainly any activity that he might have performed on computer devices so those are cell phones, tablets, desktop computers, anything that could access the internet, that could show searches that he may have performed, things of that nature. i'm sure all of those devices are either being seized or mirrored on site where they take essentially a copy of everything that's on that machine and then they can go back and analyze that stuff in the lab later. they will be looking for forensic evidence. they will be looking for anything that he might have had
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with him on that trip that they might want to look at for hair hand fiber evidence, for potentially blood spatter or other, you know, other biological evidence. there's all kinds of things that might be in there. we don't know what's in there yet but we should find out at some point in the future. >> certainly more questions than answers on many fronts at this hour, but we do know laundrie returned to this house on september 1st without gabby petito, so that is now almost three weeks ago. why wait until now to take this step with this search warrant? >> well, that's a good question. you know, there are -- of course, laundrie is not a subject in a crime, right, we think he's likely one of the last people to have seen gabby petito alive so he's an important witness. he's someone that law
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enforcement wanted to talk to him and they were told by the family that laundrie didn't want to speak and referred them to an attorney. you're always going to make an effort to approach a witness and talk with them on a cooperative basis that. clearly was not happening here right away. didn't happen at all, and so we're at point now where the search warrant absolutely has to be executed. we still don't know if -- if brian laundrie had any sort of involvement in her death. we should learn more from the autopsy report, but there's a lot of investigation left to do here, ana. >> i just don't understand how this key person in this investigation could go missing missing now. how does that happen? >> well, as the family said over the weekend, is he missing or is he hiding? did he go for a hike or flee the area? all of that stuff starts to look much more suspicious at this point. it sounds like law enforcement did actually recover the vehicle earlier on in this saga, like maybe last week or the week
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before and executed some sort of a search in that vehicle looking for evidence, so it's clear that they have been kind of narrowing their focus on laundrie as they have been going along, but he somehow managed to slip out of their vision. must not have been under surveillance or anything of that nature, and now that is the prime question in this question. where is mr. laundrie and when can we get in front of him? >> so gabby petito, she was a travel influencer. she was documenting their travel on youtube. that's part of the reason that this case caught so much attention nationwide. investigators have received hundreds if not thousand of tips from the public about this. do you think social media has helped or hindered this investigation? >> well, i think it's probably helped bring attention to this case. i mean, let's remember thousands and thousands of people go missing every -- every year in this country and very few of them get kind of attention from the public and from law
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enforcement quite frankly that miss petito has managed to generate. i'm sure some that have is because so many people were following her story on social media. it's probably also more likely now that individuals will recognize having interacted with mr. laundrie as we've had one report today of a couple who allegedly picked him up and gave him a ride as a hitch-hiker somewhere out west in the days that he likely left the grand teton so expect more stories like that to arise and those things are probably likely due to the attention that social media has created around this -- around this possible crime. >> andrew mccabe, lots of questions. we're going to stay on it. thank you so much for joining us. thanks, ana. let's talk about the pandemic now, a game-changing in that fight could be imminent. today pfizer announced its low-dose vaccine is safe for children ages 5 to 11 based on trial data and that it generated a robust anti-body response so just how soon could young kids
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be getting the shot? here's former fda chief dr. scott gotlieb now on the pfizer board. >> depending on how long the fda takes to review the application whether it's a four-week or six-week review, could you have a vaccine available to children as early as probably by the end of october, perhaps it slips had a little bit into november. >> if this vaccine is authorized for kids 5 to 11, that would make another 28 million people eligible. that's another 9% of the population, a chunk that could get the country much closer to that herd immunity goal. this news comes as the cdc's vaccine experts weigh authorization for a booster dose. they will meet this week to make an official decision. let's go to cnn's kristen holmes. tell us more about this major announcement from pfizer for vaccines on younger kids. >> ana, we can't stress enough what a big deal. this is these are the first vaccine results that we've seen for this age group, and they are
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positive. they show not only is the vaccine safe but that it builds that robust immunity and on top of that they say there were no heart links to mia carditis. to be clear, it's not been peer-reviewed or pub yet, but this is the first step in getting shots into the arms of children and pfizer plans to submit that data to the fda for emergency use authorization soon. of course, that leads to the big question of what exactly does this mean time-wise? you heard from scott gotlieb saying maybe early october. we've heard four to six-week mark from several experts, but i want to show you something for context here. this is what it took when we -- when the fda issued that emergency use authorization for 12 to 15-year-olds. you saw march 31st pfizer announced the top line results. a week and a half later on april 9th they actually submitted that data to the fda. then it took about another month on may 10th for that eua to be
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amended to include that age group. ana, this couldn't come at a more critical time. we know kids are going back to school, parents are deeply concerned. there are schools not allowing masks. there's also playing into what exactly is going on with the economy. adults aren't sure if they can go back to work. are they going to need to keep their kids at home and for those parents out here learning what went into a study, i want to show you one quick thing here participant-wise. more than 2,000 participants, all 5 to 11-year-olds, it's a two-dose regimen like adults and robust antibodies produces. >> let's bring in our own doctor from emery school university of medicine. dr. shane, this is big news and we just heard from dr. scott gotlieb saying this could be rolled out for kids 5 to 11 by
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the end of okay. how much could this change the current situation in the u.s.? >> thanks, ana. great question and we are as pediatricians and everyone is very excited about this news and the ability to vaccinate 5 to 11-year-olds in addition to 12-year-olds and above is something that is extremely important, and as mentioned previously, especially children who will be returning to school and are returning to school. >> the pfizer dose being used for these children are one-third the size for people 12 and up. is that typical? >> with children one size doesn't fit all and so these vaccines were looked at very closely, looking at the different age groups and it was a two-step process. first determining the dose that would be the appropriate one that would not result in a lot
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of side effects but that also resulted in and i mun response so there was a lot of balancing and calculation that was done to find this dose for this particular age group. >> and given that, if you have, you know, a big 10 or 11-year-old, is a third of a dose compared to what a 12-year-old is getting, is that going to be enough? >> so that's one of the things that was looked at in the study and with over 2,300 children there were children not only of different angst but also of different weights and so some of those factors around concerns are being taken into consideration with the dosing requirements. >> for parents of kids who are under 12, a recent kaiser family foundation poll found 4 in 10 plan to wait and see before getting the child the shot and another quarter say they will definitely not get their child vaccinated. what is your message to those hesitant parents? >> so i think it's really
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important, ana, to real understand why people are hesitant and it's not a one-size-fits-all concern. different people have different concerns about different aspects of the vaccine and as pediatricians and clinicians we can help parents understand what the concerns are and help address them with data. i think it's very important that parents do their research and get information from reliable sources and understand exactly what the information shows in terms of vaccination. we have -- we're playing had a little bit of a race here because the more people that get vaccinated means that there's less opportunities for variants of concern to emerge and less opportunities for resistance to tell to the vaccine and so i would really encourage parents to talk to their chirp and their pediatricians and understand exactly what the doses are and
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do the research and really advise people to really be vaccinated now as children return to school and mix in the community. >> dr. andi shane, real appreciate your time. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. a potentially make-or-break week for the president's economic agenda. the latest from the hill. plus a devastating scene on the u.s.-mexico border. the pressure building on the administration to take action as thousands and thousands of migrants shelter under a texas bridge. homeland security-maker jazz there right now so what's the plan. and he won't let it go. former president trump writing to georgia's secretary of state just in the last couple of days asking him to consider decertifying the 2020 election result.
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the president's ambitious agenda is enting a make-or-break period. house speaker nancy pelosi is facing a party at odds with itself and a looming deadline to move the president's agenda forward. can she strike a balance between progressives and moderates in the party, and what's at stake for the president and his sweeping proposals? let's bring in cnn's senior white house correspondent phil mattingly and congressional correspondent jessica dean. jessica, the deadline set by speaker pelosi for a vote on this $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure explain week from today. what's the holdup you right now, and what does it mean for the president's other $3.5 trillion budget plan? is it in jeopardy? >> well, ana, the best way to explain it is a very complicated rue bics cube for democratic leadership here on the him they are trying to figure out how to make everyone in their party happy and move all of these
10:21 am
packages forward together so just to recap for everyone. we have the bipartisan infrastructure package which, of course, has already passed the senate, and nancy pelosi has -- has pledged to hold a vote on that by september 27. . you mentioned that's a week from today. in the meantime, democrats also working to craft this sweeping economic package that would really expand the social safety net here in the united states and that takes time. it's highly unlikely that they will be able to get that all done by next week and in the middle of all of this you have progressives saying, hey, if we haven't voted on this economic package yet we're going to tank your infrastructure bill and we have moderates saying if we don't get this infrastructure bill we're not voting for this massive economic package so you can see the push and the pull that they are trying to deal with right now as they navigate through this. in the meantime, president biden's agenda hangs in the balance and one more thing to consider. if you look at the calendar right now, you have those deadlines that i just outlined
10:22 am
on those two bills, but you also have the debt ceiling which we're coming up against. that's going to be -- they are going to need to raise the debt ceiling by the middle of october and government funding runs out at the end of this month so democrats also right now trying to figure out how to get both of those things done. do they tie those together? republicans have been veried a president, aprila, that they do not want to increase the debt ceiling. it's just a lot of questions about how to strategically move this forward. >> a lot of this comes down to messaging, phil, the white house trying to focus on how the president's plans will help middle class americans. fill us in on their strategy. >> reporter: i think it's a big component of it. the policy is exceedingly important as jess and our capitol hill colleagues can tell us and white house officials are real engaged in a feverish back and forth between democrats on the house side and senate side on everything, whether it's prescription drugs, the tax policies, health care policy, all trying to thread the needle here but what you're hearing from the white house side of things hand what you've seen from president biden in his
10:23 am
public remarks over the course of the last couple weeks is trying to retrain the focus on the bigger picture, and i think that's something fa-you're hearing a lot from white house officials is look at what this plan, even if it's not to the scale that you want, progressives or if it's larger than you would want, moderates, look what it would do to health care costs and in terms of prescription drugs. look what it would do in terms of shifting or reshaping the tax code. those are all democratic priorities, and i think that that's the biggest thing that you hear right now from white house officials is two-fold. don't miss the forest through the trees. there's an opportunity that democrats even with the barest of majorities in the house and senate can do something that many of them have been pressing for on a policy basis for years if not decade, and this is kind of an implicit thing that you hear from white house officials. if you don't get this done, there won't be much else that you can bring to the table during the mid-term elections and that includes the infrastructure bill and also the bigger picture proposal. there's a push. you want something and need something to show for these
10:24 am
majorities. this is t.figure out a way to unify but they are not there yet. >> phil, jessica, thank you both. >> how will the white house respond to another problem, a growing crisis at the border. dhs secretary mayorkas is in del rio, texas, where more than 10,000 migrants are sheltering under a bridge. we go there next. out its fearle. you sure you want to leave that all behind? yeah. stay restless with the rx. crafted by lexus. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. [slow electronic notes fade in] [fast upbeat music begins] [music stops] and release. [deep exhale] [fast upbeat music resumes]
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the biden administration is facing mounting pressure and a humanitarian crisis that's glowing at southern border. nearly 12,000 haitian migrants are gathered under and around this bridge in del rio, texas living in squalid conditions and hoping to find refuge in the u.s. texas governor greg abbott sent a letter to president biden just this morning requesting a federal emergency declaration. he says this surge is draining critical resources from the community. dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas is on the ground now in texas and told reporters just moments ago that deportation efforts will continue. at least up to three flights per day to haiti as well as mexico and other countries in central america, and he says the
10:30 am
pentagon is helping to move migrants to border patrol processing facilities now. cnn's michael roa is joining us from mexico. you're there on the other side of the border. michael, what are you seeing today? >> hi, ana. i'm here in acuna, mexico here at the rio grande. i'm a few miles south where we saw the thousand and thousands of migrants crossing the river. mexican officials have closed that part of the river but the migrants have made here. they are trying to cross to the united states. you see them on the back. the problem is that this section of the river is deeper. they are taking a risk of drowning. we see women, children on the back. they are trying to cross to mexico during the day to purchase some groceries, water, supplies, and they are explaining that they are not
10:31 am
getting enough from the united states authorities. we just saw a boat crossing by. that boat is patrolling the area trying to rescue migrants that are drowning. that's what they told us. they are from mexican authorities immigration institute. they are hearing that most of the people that are under the bridge have been deported so many of them are thinking to come back to mexico and rethink about their situations because it's really complex what is going on under the river. the united states immigration authorities have said that in a period of about seven days they hope to evacuate all these migrants, more than 12,000 that are under the bridge, under this difficult situation. the weather is too hot right here, ana, and the problem as you see in the back, the people taking the risk of drowning because they want to come back to mexico during the day to purchase groceries, to purchase
10:32 am
water, and there's still more people coming to the area. we're seeing more people coming through the area, so the problem is going to be hard to solve because they are evacuating people from the bridge but there is more people coming and trying to cross to the united states, ana. >> michael, what do we know about the repatriation flights and if that is having any impact? >> i'm sorry? >> the repatriation flights that we know have been established and over the weekend there were some 300-plus haitians that were flown back to haiti and the administration obviously trying to send a message that if you come, you're going to be sent back, so don't come to begin with. has that had any impact. what are you hearing from some of the migrants? are they getting the message that they will be turned around? >> absolutely. they are aware. they are hearing the word that the migrants have been deported, that they are transported to immigration facilities, but many
10:33 am
of them under title 42 are going to be deported to haiti and some other countries from latin america. that's why some of them are thinking to come back to the mexican side and stay here. the problem is there is nothing here. there's an empty park, no earth with a, no rest rooms so they are in limbo with nowhere to go. if they go back to the bridge they will be deported and if they come back here to mexico they don't have food or money and they are too far away from their countries. it's really complex the situation right now. >> michael from the southern border, thank you. breaking news just in on wall street. the dow plunging nearly 800 points. mate eagan is here. what's going on, matt? >> well, ana, this has been a very ugly day, the dow down almost 800 points, more than 2% and the s&p 500 is on track for its worst day since february.
10:34 am
listen, this is all about china. specifically there's a real estate company galled evergrappled, and it's teetering on the brink of default, and that's raising all of these concerns about how much debt has built up in the system overall and in china specifically uncertain large company that's signature on $300 billion of debt, and so there's some worry that perhaps this could spread to elsewhere in china or are even outside of china. there's this worry that, you know, maybe this is a lehman brothers 2.0 because last week it was a 13-year anniversary since the collapse of lehman brothers and we learned how quickly one domino falling can send shock waves across really the whole entire financial system but we should caution people that each though the markets are down right now it doesn't really feel like panic. markets have been pretty ordinary and no kind of fears
10:35 am
like in 2020 when pandemic erupted and the s&p still has almost doubled its lows since march of 2020 so this is almost a drop in the bucket and i think the most important thing is most people will expect china to step in simply because it's not in their interest for this to turn into a broader financial crisis. >> the dow down 780 points. explains for explaining why. hold grudges and get even. former president trump sticking to his m.o. will his party sick by home.
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ch. this month we've been getting a stunning look at the chaotic final days of the trump administration thanks to an explosive new book "peril" and this morning the authors, "washington post" reporters bob woodward and robert costa spoke about it for the first time. >> president trump's conduct alarmed everyone, nearly everyone in his inner circle of his administration. he could very well run for president in 2024, rand this system, the american system tested all the way to the brink, contested again. >> you could argue the first test never ended. on friday nearly a year after
10:41 am
the 2020 election trump again pushed the georgia secretary of state to nullify president biden's win there and called biden an illegitimate president. we're joined now by cnn political commentators scott jennings and political analyst gloria borger. gloria, former president trump sent this letter to brad raffensperger, secretary of state in georgia, tell him to overturn the election results, while trump is under criminal investigation essentially in georgia for telling officials to overturn the election results. >> yeah, right. i mean, you'll recall he told raffensperger to find 11,000-plus votes for him and that's what is under investigation. it's pathological. it's -- it's hard to explain any other way. it certainly is embarrassing, particularly for those republicans who have not come out and said enough already. this is ridiculous. this is a president, a former president, who cannot admit that
10:42 am
he lost. that is what this is all about. he still cannot say that he lost the election, and, you know, you talk about the woodward book, and in the woodward book there's lots of stuff in there about republicans, you know, like lindsey graham looking at the evidence and saying this is ridiculous, and here you have the former president still writing a letter to raffensperger. there's just no way to explain it. >> well, i had t o actually do a double take. >> right. >> on the date of this letter because i saw it dated september 17th, scott. it still contains no evidence of what he claims. so is he continuing to wage this campaign to discredit the election and spread the big lie and rather than face consequences? it seems he's just consolidating more power within the gop? what does that say about the party and the country?
10:43 am
>> well, i mean, i think you're right that he is still the most powerful republican. i mean, i've believed all along real since right up until the election if he wants to run again he'll be the re can nominee. he would not have a meaningful challenger who would have a chance to unseat him and if he was the nominee republicans would likely loose. if you look at the polling with joe biden falling, i'm sure his advisers are putting polling in front of him, and he can read, and he's saying look at this, you know. there's no way i'll lose to this guy twice in a row so each if he's not saying he lost externally, so my suspicion is he's going to run again and the party is going to have to grapple with going back to the american people and saying entrust us with this high office again even though the last time we had it with the very same person we had a chaotic ending to the administration in which power was frankly abused, and so i think our unwillingness to put forward a candidate in that scenario who would say this is a
10:44 am
mistake, we won't let it happen again it going make it difficult to recapture the white house. i frankly think there's several other republicans who could defeat joe biden or kamala harris or anybody else. trump as it has been in the past is the least likely to win in that scenario. >> it's been said that before, the election in which he won back in 2016, right, but gloria, trump is testing his power in other ways right now as well. the former president is looking for someone to de-throne mitch mcconnell. >> good luck. >> mcconnell has been hugely effective as a gop leader. he's been in that position in the senate for decades now. what is this really about? >> well, first of all, he doesn't like mitch mcconnell. it's vindictive and it's petty, and he's not going to find republicans eager to get up and challenge mitch mcconnell as "the wall street journal" pointed out. people believe he's been a very good leader. scott jennings knows a lot about mitch mcconnell and has been close to him. look, i think he -- he says
10:45 am
mitch mcconnell said on the floor of the senate that i provoked the insurrection. mitch mcconnell didn't vote to decertify the election, right? he don't like him, and he wants to make trouble for him, and he's supporting candidates to run that mitch mcconnell doesn't run because he thinks that they would lose and that would endanger getting back a majority. the president is playing games here and i think given internal senate politics he's going to lose this one if he's real serious about it. >> scott, you worked with mitch mcconnell. what do you think he does with this? >> well, he's not engaged with trump since really december, and he won't talk about him publicly because mcconnell's only goal here is to retake republican control of the senate and to make sure that he is reflecting the will of his conference. fighting with donald trump publicly does not serve either of those goals, so you're never going to see mcdonnel take the bait on this, that's number up. number two, i would remind the
10:46 am
former president that virtually all good things that happened during his term of a domestic matter happened because mitch mcconnell happened and prioritized them and got them through for donald trump, tax cuts, judges, you name it. mcconnell has been an effective politician not because he's emotional or visceral and that's because he list enns, whether to his constituents in kentucky or in this case the republican members of his conference. he does more listening than he does talking and then he tries to drive as much party unity as he k.has the strategy worked, yes. mitch mcconnell has never lost an election in kentucky and never lost a leadership election inside the republican senate conference. they are not looking for somebody to be bombastic or tell them what to do or order them around. they are looking for someone to listen and drive party unity. that's what mcconnell has been effective at doing and along the way block the democratic agenda which he's been very effective this. makes mcconnell effective and though trump may not like it that's what he wants people in
10:47 am
the conference to do giving him high approval. >> mcconnell has a political action committee that's been very generous to republicans in the senate and his goal as scott points out is to regain control of the senate. that's not donald trump's goal. donald trump's goal is vindication for himself and vengeance for others. mcconnell wants to win for republicans. >> all right. we'll see where this fight goes. thank you, gloria borger and scott jennings. god to see you both. and making up with our allies to the list of foreign policy challenges that the white house is facing now. president biden preparing to talk to france's macron in the rift off a submarine deal that's intensifying. oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it.
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that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich. [beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. president biden set to speak by phone shortly with french president emmanuel macron amid a growing rift over a new deal involving submarines. french recalled their ambassador to the u.s. for the first time in modern history last week after australia ditched a
10:53 am
multi-billion dollar defense contract to enter into a new deal with the u.s. and the u.k. now the french say they were not given a heads up about this major diplomatic move. cnn national security correspondent kylie atwood, how is the biden administration trying to smooth things over with this key ally. >> i think that in part this came as a bit of a surprise to the biden administration, just how frustrated and angered french officials were when this announcement was made because i'm told they believe the australians were handling this conversation with the french. but the french is claiming publicly this was a total surprise is to them. the foreign minister calling this new agreement between australia and the u.k. and recalling their ambassador from the united states and now we're waiting for the call between president biden and macron, which is cording to the biden
10:54 am
administration is going to chart the path forward. it is clear that the biden administration wants to get past this challenge between these two traditional allies. but a few things to note, ana, heading into the u.n. general assembly this week where president biden is expected to deliver a speech that focuses on collective action, rallying alongside allies to take on global challenges, the fact that the united states is facing such intense tension with one of their traditional allies isn't a good look for the biden administration. so it is something that they want to try to handle. but the french have indicated that they aren't done here. they recalled their ambassador for consultations with french officials. it is clear they have more of a response and they're preparing what that response will look like. >> kylie atwood, appreciate that update. again we'll keep everybody posted on what we learn from that call. in the meantime, we're continued to follow the breaking news on gabby petito. the disappearance of this
10:55 am
youtube influencer and the hunt for her fiance who has also disappeared. brian laundry, we'll be on top of that right here on cnn. thanks for being with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 eastern. in the meantime, you could find me on twitter at ana cabrera. the news continues next with alisyn and victor. experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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hello, everyone, welcome to "newsroom," i'm alisyn camerota. >> and i'm victor blackwell. kids as young as 5 years old could be a few weeks away if getting a covid vaccine. pfizer announced results today and the company said the vaccine is safe and triggered a robust antibody response in children ages 5 to 11. and pediatricians say more than one in four cases are in children. and that is led to a rocky start to the school year in certain districts. >> according to a cnn analyst, if the fda approves the pfizer vaccine for kids another 28 million americans would become eligible. pfizer reaches the conclusions after studying its vaccine in more than 2200 children, but those were small doses. roughly a third of what an adult gets. so cnn's jason carroll is here with us covering the developments. so the big question, the parents


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