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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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after the secretary reviewed the footage of border patrol agents on horse back, dhs issuing this statement saying the department of homeland security does not tolerate the abuse of migrants in our custody. we take these allegation s very seriously. they're investigating the matter and has alerted the dhs office of inspector general. erin? >> thank you, rosa. continued amazing reporting there. thank you to you. anderson starts now. >> good evening, the anti-abortion law in texas that sends amateur enforcers and offers a bounty for doing it saw the first two amateurs emerge. one is in -- can't make this stuff up, a federal convict under home confinement. the other doesn't even live in texas. details shortly on that breaking story. one of many tonight. and in just a few moments, crime fighter and victims advocate john walsh on the hunt for
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answers and feet an see of gabby petito days after they found her remains. that fiancee brian laundrie is missing after he returned to florida after their extended western road trip. this evening the sheriff's office in utah released this 911 recording.
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>> randi kaye joins us now. she is now in moose, wyoming. not far from where the remains were found. what is the latest, sandy? >> well, anderson that, 911 call puts gabby petito and her fiance brian laundrie in moab, utah.
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they recorded the response on the body camera. of we know that gabby petito was visibly upset on that body cam video. we know she was crying. she was telling the officer that sometimes she does fight with her fiance. she suffers from ocd. but the police didn't think wautit was too serious. they told them to separate for the night and then they went on their way. once again, we know they were in moab, utah, on august 12th. where they went beyond that is a big question. we flew to utah. then we made our way here to wyoming to try and follow their steps along the way. and here's what we learned about what could turn out to be gabby petito's final weeks of her life. >> good morning. it is really nice and sunny today. >> reporter: gabby petito's social media post. a road map to where the
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22-year-old was headed. each stop a clue. authorities scoured miles ofter fran fran terrain. she was seen checking out of this inn and a staff member has confirmed to us that the fbi and the police were here recently asking questions as part of their investigation. and the same day gabby was reportedly seen checking out of the hotel, she she facetimed with her mom. she was heading to the grand teton national park. that means gabby and her fiance brian laundrie would have been heading north. she was driving gabby's 2012 ford transit van with florida plates. their planned final destination, reportedly was yellowstone, national park. on august 25th, the last post on gabby's unstinstagram put her ae
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monarch. >> we found the monarch and the same mural posted in her photo here in ogdon, utah. 40, utah. it was south of the tetons. the owner tells us that the photo gabby posted was taken at the monarch. he also said he shared security camera video with the fbi. on the monarch facebook page, they post these three pictures at shir venue. the post reads in part, has nun seen this beautiful woman. gabby petito since august. as the couple made their way from utah to the tetons, they could have taken tmain interstate, highway 15. if they were looking for a slower more scenic route. they could have driven west. winding their way throughal
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albine. she was and her family believes she was in tetons. on august 27th, the family's attorney says there were more texts. video bloggers. the spread creek dispersed camping area in the bridger teton border forest. jen and her husband kyle tell us they believe the car they saw was gabby's. >> what did you think when he saw this van in footage? >> they say they spot the the van around 6:30 p.m. on august 27th. but it was dark and they didn't see anyone near it. >> they posted the individual yeen fib and uploaded tit to th tip site. this they sent it to the find
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gabby facebook page prompting her mom to reach out. >> it was very beautiful. we had a great hike. and she just told me that she loves me. and she couldn't thank me enough for finding that footage for her. >> three days after that video was taken, on august 30th, family's got a final text. it read, no service in yosemite though her family is the one that wrote it. >> in recent days, the search for gabby was focused here at the spread creek dispersed camping area. law enforcement along with teams from the national park service and the u.s. forest service all conducting ground searches here in bridger teton national forest, a vast wilderness here in western wyoming. >> the fbi had asked anyone to come forward who might have seen gabby and her fiancee the final
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days of august. and they insist with a description of gabby. >> do they know when for sure the remains are found will be gabby? >> anderson, they're doing the autopsy tomorrow. so we hope to have some more answers then. but authorities have already offered their condolences to family. they want to be 100% sure. still tonight, anderson, so many questions about the idea of the remains and also the gender, also we want to know the exact spot in terms of where she were found in that campground. we also want to know exactly how she died. . if if it is her indeed. so a lot of questions still tonight. of course, her last instagram post was august 25th. so if investigators were tracking her, we want to know how they ended up in that exact spot. was it her social media? was it a great tip they got to
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lead them there? this is wyoming, a vast wilderness. will millions of acres. so what led them there? we certainly hope to find out. we're sure her family wants more answers as well. >> of course, randi, thank you. >> i want to go to florida outside of brian laundrie's family home where the fbi wrapped up a search. what have you been seeing? what are you learning? >> well, we were here as a kaur caravan of cars with law enforcement arrived. we watched as fbi agents yelled out search warrant, took the parents out of the home. we saw them take paper bags and they towed away a mustang. we obtained a search warrant from last week that was taken out for the van in which they were traveling. and investigators found a hard drive. and when you read that warrant,
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the state of probable cause talks about an interesting text from august 27th. her mother received a text that said can you help stan. she found that odd. stan is the grandfather. and she thought it was odd that she would call him stan. and that was a red flag for her. >> authorities were searching over the weekend. do we know where they are now looking? >> we don't know. we know that the fbi has said tonight that they are done searching the laundrie family's home. we were there over the weekend as they were in the reserve. the parents indicated he might be there. but ultimately, the local police, the north port police and the fbi are still searching for a lot of answers here.
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we're also hoping tomorrow we can get more information because the attorney for the laundrie familiar sli expected to brief the media and make a statement including the fbi questioning the parents. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> joining us now is the nation's best known citizen crime fighter john walsh. he is the host of "in pursuit with john walsh." it is on investigation discovery. it streams on discovery plus. john, thank you for being with us. so the 911 call that we heard, a domestic dispute between the two with the caller saying that the man was slapping the girl. when you hear that 911 call, what do you think? sfwh it made me feel really bad. how is it that that 911 operator and their hard pressed and that
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phone rings all the time. i've been in a ton of 911 centers, didn't get the information to the two deputies that stopped them. i read the deputies report and they said he was the victim. i looked at it with an fbi friend of mine. i was terrified when it didn't come out that wonderful people who made the call said that he was slapping her. and so the two deputy sheriffs say he was the victim. and she -- we looked at it, this fbi friend of mun. mine. this is classic domestic abuse. he terrorized her not to tell the cops he was at gthe aggress and slapper and puncher. that wasn't translated to the deputies. in the report it says she was the aggressor and terrified.
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it was just chilling to see that those cops didn't get the information that the person who called in was so concerned that he pulled over a tourist and called 911 because he saw this guy beating the heck out of gabby. >> and also how grave it is that, you know, we're at pint n point now where people know to take this kind of thing seriously. it was just a slap or whatever. # that person took it seriously. and that matters. >> you're absolutely right. i've been doing this and you and i have been talking about it since my son was murdered in the early 80s. the my son adam. it's the public that will solve this case. i believe the public will catch this guy. i'm going to put him on the new show. it's on wednesday night. i learned one thing. just what you said right there.
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i have 1400 fugitives uncatchable by cops. they are in 45 countries. it wasn't me that caught them. it was the people that called into my hotline. and lots of people don't want to call the fbi hotline. the u.s. attorney will drag them into court. they'll be revenge, rebuttal. but i think people will understand and i'm going to do this on wednesday night. can you call me. i don't care who you are, what your naum, is whether you're legal, illegal, whatever. just give me the name, the place, and we'll pick up the guy. so we're going to put the heat on, brian. the whole thing is so sad. anderson. you know, this family did not help at all. if this girl lived with him. brian's fiance lufd wiived with. he laid around the house for ten days, he could have scrubbed that van. this is the -- because the
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parents didn't file a missing parents report until ten days after he's been there. and his family has helped him. this lawyer here, i hope this stephen bertalino has enough of his johnnie cochran 15 minutes of fame and he starts to do the right thing. they called the cops last friday and said he left the house on tuesday distraught with a backpack and went out to this preserve so he could bedmeditat. then they went to see the car. they left a note for him in case he was sad and if he needed any help. and then they brought the car home on thursday. and then this lawyer this wonderful lawyer called the cops on friday and said we're doing the right thing. we're going to tell you that brian went to that reserve. you know what it was? it was a red herring. they bought brian four more days
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to get away. they bought him four more days to run. it's disgusting. some point this family, this mother and father have to realize that somebody's beautiful daughter was murdered by their horrible sociopathic son. and her fiance and the parents have been helping him. it's just sad. it's just really sad. >> what steps will investigators be using at this stage, do you think to try to track laundrie down? obviously, he would be aware of this as anybody. any kind of, you know, electronic devices. i guess there is some hope. there might be a ping list where they might have been in the past. they may be able to get more of a sense of it from various electronics. what are they doing? >> it seems to me that lawyer and his parents are giving him a lot of good advice. they got to find out where he went into a store and bought a phone with 100 minutes. and then they have to -- keep big close eyes on the mother and
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father. they've been helping him all along the way. i caught hundreds of fugitives whose relatives helped him. he was on the 15 most wanted. the his mother helped him stay out there for five years. he killed his ex-wife in a domestic dispute in front of the mother. when they caught the mother sending money, she's doing five years in a federal prison. these parents ought to do the right thing for gabby and her family who are broken hearted. i'm the father of a murdered son. they're the parents of a murdered girl. they have a chance, one chance in life to do the right thing. and the lawyer and the parents and tell them everything they know. i'll tell you what, if they want to see thuresson alive, he might get taun down in a bad capture. so if they're trying so hard to keep him alive, they ought to say look, son, you did something really horrible. we helped you. we're sorry. much it's a terrible thing. but you ought to come in. you ought to come n the lawyer didn't give him good advice. i said that lawyer should have
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told hum to come on his own where he could have made a deal. now there is no deal for brian. he'll get the books thrown at him and maybe the parents will get charged too. they're not to like this guy in prison. he is a girl that beat a 09 pound girl to death. they're going to -- we're going to catch him. i'm hoping the public will on wednesday night start my hot line or tonight, anderson. you and i did a show years ago that after i did the show, if you remember, you subed for regis. we caught a guy off that show. so i'm telling people tonight, if you don't want to call the cops, if you don't want to call the fbi, call my hotline and we'll pick this creep up. >> you mentioned adam, your son who is 6 years old, it's been 40 years since he was abducted. the agony that a parent goes through is something that you understand. for the petito family, the
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fiance and the daughter didn't help them at all, do you have a message for the petito family? >> yep. my prayers are with the petito family. i saddled up. i'm going to do everything i can to help you catch this guy to make sure he faces justice. and nobody knows that pain. the loss of a child, we don't have it in our genes to bury our children, anderson. you have kids. you can't imagine if somebody killed those kids and had to go to their funeral. so my ferreprayers are with the. we're both parents of murdered children. it's not closure, anderson. it's justice. we need to see this creep brought in and pay for this. and my heart is out to them. it just -- it just ended in a horrible, horrible way. this guy is a coward. this guy is a coward who beat and killed a 90 pound beautiful, wonderful sweet young lady. so he's going down.
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>> john walsh. next, breaking news in all the white flags near the mall in washington. the death toll from covid higher than the devastating 1918 flu p pandemic. extraordinary milestone. that and hopeful news on the pfizer vaccine and how well it seems to be working in younger children. how much long ker can the president and the example of how far he can carry a bruj. grudge.
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renae is not an influencer, she's more of a groundbreaker. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because out here, you can't fake a job well done. hear renae's story at tonight's breaking news. i 103 years in making. the death toll topped 675,000 people, matching an exceeding the number of lives lost in the 1918 flu pandemic. looking at the art inste lags off the washington mall, every grandparent, each child. a sea of sadness with the number of fatalities growing at a rate of nearly 2,000 human beings a day in this country. against that drum beat which is now almost completely due to
5:24 pm
people not willing to get vaccinated, there is no other reason for that many people to be dying every single day. there was also real hope today. pfizer announcing they will will ask the fda to authorize the vaccine for kids as young as 5. companies citing clinical data showing it is safe and generates a robust antibody response. i want to talk about that and the process between now and when the doses could start being given. our cnn medical analyst and former baltimore health commissioner dr. wen. she is author of "life lines: the fight for public health." also with us, dr. sanjay gupta. his new book out due october 5th is lessons from the pandemic and how to prepare for the next one. let's talk about the trials. what you are learning about pfizer's vaccine, effects in kids age 5 hs 5-11. >> they went through the process of trying different dosing for children this age leanedand lan
5:25 pm
a lower dose. so this is, you know, quite a butt butt lower dose. they've been trulying this in 2300 participants in the trials. they got two doses separated by 21 days just luike we heard for the fupfizer vaccine. they were looking for any safety signals. they said basically the side effects of this vaccine, similar to older people who may have received this vaccine. and then they look to see how much in the way of anti-bodies were being produced. so what they found was that the neutralizing anti-bodies, the term that people heard by now are similar to people who are older that receive this vaccine. that is a measure that they're sfag you're producing that level of neutralizing antibodies, there's a good chance it's going to prevent people from getting sick, just like we heard before. they still have to collect the rest of that data. but that is where things stand now. >> so, dr. wen, what are the
5:26 pm
next steps in this? it's a smaller dose than people 12 and older are receiving. some parents wonder what if they have a 11-year-old that is about to turn 12. how close is this that you have to decide? >> yeah. that's a really good question. there are two things to state about the dosage issue which many parents have a question about. one is that more is not better when it comes to vaccine dose. in fact, as sanjay is saying, different doses were tried. the lowest dose that produced a strong antibody response is typically what is selected. so as an next step, i hope we'll see the pfizer data. if we're seeing that 10, 11-year-olds are having the robust very strong immune response after having a lower dose that, would be very good news. the other thing to remember here, too, is that for vaccines, they are not weight based. so some parents may be wondering well my 11-year-old may be larger than my 13-year-old when it comes to weight or size. that's not the way that vaccines work. so there are some medicines that require for there to be a
5:27 pm
certain level in the bloodstream. that is not the case with vaccines. vaccines stimulate the immune system that then produces antibodies and b cells and t cells. that's the reason why if when you go get your flu vaccine, you don't get asked your weight. you don't get double if you're twice as heavy as somebody else. i think people that have kids that are 11 years old should not be wait willing until their kids turn 12 to etget the vaccine. >> covid-19 cases are up 240% since july in this kids. once kids under 11 are he will jubl for the vaccine, how big a difference do you think it will make especially with kids back in school now? >> this is a very important question. while kids are less likely to get infected and get ill, they can. so i think it will certainly make a difference in terms of reducing the likelihood of not just deaths, we always talk about things in terms of life and death. but reducing illness as well.
5:28 pm
also reduce the chance of spread. it makes a difference. one thing point out. it works if people get it obviously. we know for example that the flu vaccine, i don't know if you remember this. we had a conversation two years ago about the fact that less than half the adults get a flu vaccine every year. for kids that age, it's 65%. but when you look at recent polling, asking parents of children ages 5-11, how likely were they to get the vaccine? 40% said they would wait and see. 25% said they would absolutely not plan on getting it. 25% said they absolutely would get it. and 9% only if required. so how big a difference will it mach? it the mach a difference if they get the vaccine for the reasons you mentioned.
5:29 pm
>> it surprises me the flu pandemic. you recently compared being unvaccinated to drunk driving. why do you think we just become so numb to this death toll? irremember talking about this with you early on in the pandemic. and, you know, i remember people saying well you know, it's unlikely. we're not going to get -- that was an extreme thing. we're not going to get there. we're past there now. >> right. we just keep crossing terrible milestones. we pass the milestone last week of one in 500 americans who died from covid. and when it comes to comparing where we are to the flu pandemic back in 1918, the difference was that they did not have a vaccine that could stop the pandemic. also that our death numbers keep on escalating. we're still having more than 2,000 deaths right now. so we're going to surpass other horrible milestones that could be prevented. i hope people will keep in mind that the choice to remaun unvaccinated is not just about the unvaccinated.
5:30 pm
there is also a spill over um pact to those who are vulnerable. and there could be vaccinated people dying because of the unvaccinated and also, of course, our young children. we really need to stop this pandemic through vaccination. >> dr. wen, sanjay, thank you. first lawsuits tied to the texas abortion ban, a doctor violated the law by foremaning abortion after september 1st is being sued by multiple people. his attorney joins us next. i wonder how the firm's doing without its fearless leader. you sure you want to leave that all behind?
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lawsuits have been filed against a san antonio doctor as the law allows two private citizens with no direct connection to the doctor or patient fueiled the suits. the subject of the suit says he performed an abortion after the law took effect on september 1st. went public in "washington post" opinion column this weekend writing, i fully understood that there could be legal
5:33 pm
consequences but i wanted to make sure that texas didn't get away with the bid to sprent this unconstitutional law from being tested. the center for reproductive rights is representing the doctor. the president and ceo joins us now along with jeffrey toobin. nancy, i appreciate you being with us. why did your client think it was an important step to stand up to this law by violating it? the doctor is used to being able to give his patients options. and with the texas law in place, he is having to turn most of his patients away. the option that's he has for them are untenable. needing to travel out of state which many cannot do even if there are means for them to be able to leave the state financially. and so he feels as a doctor who is providing care for years that it's important to challenge this blatant will you
5:34 pm
unconstitutional law that is creating havoc on health care in texas. >> he could lose his medical license? >> well, you know, today operation rescue is an anti-abortion rights group filed a complaint against him with the texas medical board. so he's putting many things on the line. that should not prevail. texas took the position in the supreme court. they can't enforce this law by any government agencies including the medical board. so that should not stand. the lcreates harassment and intimidation for doctors and it creates unable to constitutionally guaranteed right to abortion access. >> so, jeff, it seems now one of first legal challenges has come from someone on house arrest, another from a lawyer who has been disbarred. i mean any under this law, anybody can just make a complaint? >> well, this law in many
5:35 pm
respects is the worst night mature of the anti-abortion forces, the people who behind this law. it just underline how ridiculous it is. i mean you have this disbarred lawyer in arkansas under house arrest filing one lawsuit. some random person in chicago filing the other lawsuit. i mean how and why they should be automobile to sue a doctor in san antonio for doing something that is at least at this moment protective under the united states constitution is just crazy. but it is what this law allows. and what the advantage that nonsy nons nancy and the other people are defending the doctor, finally a judge will be able to say this law is unconstitutional because of the strange structure of the law so far the supreme court have thrown up hands saying there is not really a challenge
5:36 pm
here. it's premature. and they haven't ruled on the constitutionality and this law is now depriving women of the rights that they're guaranteed into its third week. this -- these lawsuits should finally get the question of whether the law is constitutional before a judge. >> nancy, what would that sneen a judge would rule on the constitutionality of it and would then there be a stay on the law? >> well, yeah. we are fighting hard to get an injunction against this law in texas, as is the department of justice which fueled suit recently as well against the state of texas. and, you know, we need -- it is just been way too long. it's been three weeks that this law has been in effect. there is no question, i didn't like the fact that jeffrey said momentarily the law is obviously been the law for 48 years. and, you know, it's just past time for the courts to step in.
5:37 pm
and, in fact, congress needs to step in as well. and the shouse house is taking this week. >> jeff, does it surprise you that the courts are not acting more quickly? p the department of justice tried to get a ruling much earlier and a judge said, no. >> well, the real fault here as far as i'm concerned is with five justices of the united states supreme court who refused to address the demand for a stau in this law. there is no question that this law is contrary to the constitution as it has been interpreted as nancy said for the past 48 years. abortion is illegal in texas. women are being deprived of their rights and the supreme court. we get to it when we get to it.
5:38 pm
the other judges in it the lower court have not ruled on the merits either. and these two lawsuits will at least get the constitutionality of the law squarely but again, weeks are going by. and women are being deprived of their rights. >> jeffrey toobin, i appreciate it. coming up, the former president sent a letter -- a new letter to georgia's secretary of state asking him to decertify the results of the 2020 election. he is still yammering on about that. that's not all the letter said. the secretary spoke about this for the first time. hear his reaction next.
5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
on friday, he sent a new lore to the attorney demanding he decertify the results in that state. they said that brian kemp adamantly refused to acknowledge the now proven facts and fight so hard that election truth not be told. secretary reacted to the letter for first time a short time ago on cnn. >> i'm a life long republican. at the end of the day, i have to always put, you know, my duty to the constitution and to our country above all. and tend of the day we have done audits. we've done investigations. some of those are still on going. i can't comment on those. but vice president biden did carry the state of georgia. >> join us now to talk about it,
5:42 pm
wall street senior white house reporter, author of "frankly, we did win this election." and cnn chief correspondent dana bash. there is no evident to back up the president's bogus letter to the secretary which we already knew. the fact that he is still clinging to these old lies and sort of dressing it up as if it's somehow new evidence, did it surprise you that he chose to write this letter? what was the point of writing a letter and publishing it? >> i think it is part of his message that he did not lose the 2020 election and he's sticking to that. i mean, it is striking that he's -- that he is sticking to this message in the runup to, you know, the riots and the capitol in january. there were a lot of people in jump that
5:43 pm
j trump for a concession but to say that he left office gracefully. he was promising something different for fuf years. the folk around him have largely said the same thing. not that trump is looking to -- for vict vict victories, anything he can call vac a victory or a small piece that was mishandled or got wrong and can claim victory on it and hope he can move on from that. but, you know, we see from this letter that that is just not the case. he's going to stick to his guns on this. >> dana, there is no moving on for the former president. this is the only thing he has to try to continue the relevance to try to have his litmus test and the republican party for who to support and who not to support. you either buy into the lie or you're going to be on his
5:44 pm
enemies list. >> that's right. we're seeing that bear out time and time again with how he is conducting himself. and, you know, like michael, i have heard from people who were around the now former president who and have been around him for a long time who say that he just cannot stand the idea of being called a loser. so every move he makes, and this letter is an example of that, is to prove that he wasn't actually a loser. i think it's important to look at where we go from here. since what happened in 2020, the state of georgia, just like other states that are run by republican legislatures, have changed the law. and it's real open question when whether or not if never mind 2022, the mid terms, but in
5:45 pm
2024, if thing happened if the secretary would be able to hold the fort. it probably wouldn't be the case. he has a lot more power. that is what looking ahead is most disturbing to a lot of people. >> and michael, obviously another person feeling the former president's wrath in the latest retribution campaign is the minority leader mitch mcconnell. you have new reporting that the former president wants him to challenge mcconnell's leadership position. >> these two stories tie close together. the dispute goes back really to mitch mcconnell's refusal to under undermun the election with donald trump. now donald trump is trying to oust him, trying to get him out of a leadership position that he held longer than any other republican in the party. the striking thing to me is that, you know, dana had a very good point about trump holding
5:46 pm
on to this idea that he won the 2020 election because he doesn't want to be called a loser. but he's also -- there's no reason to give it up at this point. he is convinced, you know, 65%, 70% of the republican party that he did win. while he is able to convince the republicans he won in 2020, what he can't convince anyone or he hasn't yet is to attack mitch mcconnell. one ally after the next. one trump ally after the next in the senate came to mcconnell's defense and said this is, you know, donkeys will fly before they vote mcconnell out. trump's endorsed candidates in the contested primaries in pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia. her shall walker wouldn't be running without trump. refused to weigh in and say whether or not he would vote for mcconnell for another term as leader. the party should be figuring out
5:47 pm
how to take advantage of the numbers. >> dana, mcconnell will hold on to his power, do you i >> no question about it. no question. even those as michael reported, who are as loig as yal as they donald trump, they will be more loyal to mitch mcconnell. and they want him as their leader. >> more breaking news next. what we're learning about another u.s. official falling victim to that mysterious and possibly deliberately inflicted so-called havana syndrome. without my medication, my small tremors would be extreme. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. aarp is fighting for americans like larry, and we won't stop. that's why we're calling on congress to let medicare negotiate lower prescription drug prices.
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most common side effects include sleepiness and dry mouth. high cholesterol and weight gain may occur, as can high blood sugar which may be fatal. in clinical trials, weight, cholesterol and blood sugar changes were similar to placebo. if you're affected by schizophrenia, ask your doctor about caplyta from intra-cellular therapies. it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute.
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get started today. more breaking news. a in you case of that mysterious illness dubbed havana syndrome whether sickened hundreds of officials over the past few years causing sensory experiences and physical symptoms. cnn's reporter has more. what is the latest you're learning about this latest
5:51 pm
incident? >> yeah. cia director bill burns traveled to india earlier this month and someone who was part of his team on that visit reported symptoms similar to havana syndrome. now i'm told that this set off alarm bells within the u.s. government. of course, there could be an incident this close to the director of the cia. and the director himself i'm told is fuming with anger over this situation. now a cia spokesperson said they don't comment on specific incidents or on specific personnel at the agency. but they did say that there is protocol in place. when they're recorded. >> was his trip known about in advance? often he travels in secret to a lot of places. it seems -- what more do we know? >> yeah. anderson, that's the point here. it's really key. the cia director's schedule is never widely publicized.
5:52 pm
he's the top american spy. his schedule kept very tightly held within the u.s. government. u.s. government officials are very concerned about that reality. there are questions about how the perpetrator would have known he was going to india in the first place. and how they would have been able to carry out this aggression. we should also note that this is the second time in less than a month that a senior biden administration official's international travel is impacted by reported incidents of the mysterious illnesses. >> i appreciate it. thank you. still to come, my champion for change. a lawyer whose organization make sure inmates get fair hearings. how he helps defend the defenseless next. this is our moment to do right by those who've helped feed us, care for us, and keep us safe during our toughest times. strengthen our economy and build back better with a pathway to citizenship for essential workers like farm workers, temporary protected status holders, and dreamers. over 70% of americans agree --
5:53 pm
republicans, democrats, and independents. congress must act now. keep america's promise. build back better with a pathway to citizenship. it's time. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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5:55 pm
all this week a special series called champions for change. we're spotlighting uninnovative thinkers. in kenya, thousands of prisoners languish behind bars, many don't know the legal rights. and have never had a faur hearing. never had an attorney. mcclean's justice defenders program brings legal training into prisons. it led to law degrees for some. parallel training for many and freedom for thousands of naem got a faur hearing. justice defenders hopes to expand their work into american prisons. here is my champion for change, a alexander mcclean. >> it's a graduation ceremony few thought possible. maximum security prison in kenya and guards were attending law
5:56 pm
school by mail but today getting law degrees from the university of london. it's happening thanks to the work of this man, alexander mcclean. a brit ish lawyer who provides legal training inside prison inside africa. >> good afternoon, brothers. how work is to help lourz to access justice. >> i met mcclean two years ago while reporting for 60 minutes. he is one of most xrextraordina people i know. how are you doing now? >> we uni innovated. >> few unmates in kenyan prisons know their rights and many had a lour to defend them. so far justice defenders traund them to become parra legals and lawyers who then help tens of thousands of other inmates understand the law and hopefully
5:57 pm
get a faur hearing. faring hearing. >> i can't think of anybody i know that is more about focused on changing the status quo. changing the way things have been done. and the injustice that so many people around the world find themselves facing when they're accused of a kcrime and have no access to an attorney or a fair hearing. >> i think that's incredibly important in court. everyone that has a crime has a chance to tell their side of the story. so we're proud to be helping to make that possible. so far in 2021, we helped more than 50,000 attendees at our legal awareness sessions where we're providing information about them and how it functions. >> and many people you have in those sessions, they've never seen an attorney before or they've never had an experience in a courtroom. they don't know even the simplest basic procedures of the law. >> yeah. because we work in prisons that
5:58 pm
are filled with poor people. pruzs filled with minorities and those that have not had the best education. that is the cause in the united states as much as it is in u grand or the kenya or the gambia. jodie is inspurd bha she is doing in african prisons. she serves seven years in a florida prison for theft and hom invasion. she studied the law in prison and helped other inmates with legal issues. she says learning the law behind bars transformed her life. >> when i saw that people were getting their law degrees while incarcerated, it was just like my dream times ten. >> just learning the law, knowing one's rights that, can change people. >> i'll never forget the acceptance that i received when i recognized that my sentence was justice. that my judge sentenced me to a justice sentence and that allowed me to really adopt the
5:59 pm
understanding that i was here to serve time for a crime that you committed. you know. and that allowed me to come home free. jodie continues to help others know their rights. and has begun meeting with alexander remotely to discuss what justice defenders mute be able to do in american prisons. >> it makes a difference. it's impossible. he believes that everyone he deserves a faur hearing. and an opportunity to serve others in need. >> you feel really privileged to be part of this. part of this community. you put it. and it's a beautiful thing to welcome others like you into it. and ask how do we work together to create communities where each much us has an opportunity. and how do we get transformed by each other.
6:00 pm
>> to learn more about mcclean's work they go to the website. jus he is a remarkable person. we'll continue to share the stories all this week. tune in saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern for the champion's for change one hour special. the news tunz. let's hand it over to chris for cuomo prime time. >> we have new information on the gabby petito investigation that people haven't heard yet. so welcome to prime time. now as you may have heard, new 911 audio surfaced that may shed light on this mystery. assuming the fbi is right about the body they found, the need to find her fiance has become paramount. that, of course, is brian laundrie. the fbi closed laundrie's home in florida earlier after executing a court authorized search warrant. they haule