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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 25, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. welcome to viewers here in the states and around the world. coming up on cnn, a surprising solution. a top chinese technology executive returning home as two canadians are released after two years in detention and results are in from controversial ballot order in arizona and what it found. a cdc head breaks recommending for covid boosters for those at risk looking for jobs.
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hear why in her own words. >> thanks for joining me this hour. two canadian men detained in china and only a few hours from being back on canadian soil. these two men on the left and businessmen michael were suddenly taken from their chinese prison cells and taken back to china. senior executive was flying out of china on a private jet. leaving her problems with the u.s. on hold and yet beijing continues to suggest they are not related.
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>> the sheer speed of everything that unfolded caught everything by surprise. causing relief not just for the families but with canadian officials. it was untenable that they could have orchestrated a deal with u.s. authorities by which she would return to china even though she was under detention. she had an ankle bracelet and living in a multimillion airport. that she would be released but the two michaels would be left in china at times including harsh conditions like solitary or harsh conditions. justin trudeau made the announcement. >> these two men have been through an unbelievable situation but it is inspiring and good news for all of us that there on their way home to their
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families. >> the two michaels are expected to arrive at some time on saturday. no doubt, there will be time to parse what happened here. china denied that it had anything to do with hostage diplomacy but how could anyone think anything different. this is a win as well for the biden administration. joe biden said the two michaels would be treated as if they were american citizens. this does harold some type of a new era between u.s. and china relations for this issue, that they can put it aside and continue a long list of continuing tensions. reporting for cnn, ottawa. and expecting to see her
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back on trial soon. we are hearing plans of a hero's reception, almost. >> we saw a post on the chinese social media as she crossed in with tears in her eyes with gushing praise for the mother land and the mother land's hard work to bring her back. it has been quite an effort to get her back. some would say they went as far as taking hostage two canadians and putting them through an ordeal kept in a cell with the lights on and denying them contact. and the chinese was under house arrest in her vancouver mansion
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with private security that she paid for. she'll have more restrictive conditions when she lands around 8:00 p.m. local time because she'll have to go through a quarantine. she'll be in a hotel room. those restrictions are more restrictive than what she had on house arrest. china continuing to insist this was not hostage situation. everybody believed then as they do now that this was clearly a case of retaliation. including the daughter of the huawei chinese darling companies. her rhetoric praising the
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country as she returns home. exactly on script for what she needs to say to remain in a successful position these days. >> let's just talk about the wider politics that this fits into. what does this mean in terms of the changing relationship between the u.s., canada and china. >> this is certainly easy if you could call what these canadians went through an easy or deal but this is an easy resolution to make this deal moves this off the table. there's a lot more contentious issues. hosting japan, idea and
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australia. the main topic of discussion was how to counter china's rising economic. they have been bullying whereat least three different situations in the zone. the newly announced aukus between the united kingdom and australia and u.s. where they'll be providing nuclear powered subs to australia. >> thank you for that live. former u.s. president donald trump's big lie is taking on a new life despite a set back in arizona. state republicans have backed an
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audit. the bogus procedure was based on trump's allegation the election was stolen from him. according to the final record showed that original result stands. the leader of the company hired said he even found more votes for president joe biden. >> we look at the presidential race. trump actually loses by 269 and these are all very small numbers when we are talking about millions of ballots. we can say the ballots provided to us to count in the colosseum very accurately with the official numbers that came through. >> election experts in both parties never had much faith in the so-called audit that it
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would be credit. >> the importance of our society having faith in the election process cannot be understated. >> a partisan review in florida confirms what we already new nearly a year ago, joe biden won. >> the ballots provided to count accurately correlate with the official campus numbers. >> the hand recount by cyber ninj a's showed trump with 261 fewer votes. >> the reason we know joe biden won is we had the right people counting the ballots in the first place, second and third place. people who knew what they were doing and were totally objective. none these people cyber ninjas.
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>> they pointed to discrepancies saying there were inconsistencies when registrations were compared to a data company's record. noting they do not necessarily mean votes were improperly cast and said the arizona attorney general should follow up. the republican chair of the board of supervisors tweeted, i hope those holding on to their anger for the past 10 months will see the truth and put their energy into supporting the cattic process. this move started in the bring after the county already conducted two independent aud audienceates. >> insisting, this is not about trump or overturning the election. nothing other than election
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integrity. >> she wrote that she was repeatedly in touch with giuliani and trump. >> cyber ninjas have spread misinformation. their hand count involved changing methods workers using uv lights hunting for water marks and bamboo fibers. a different kind of carnival was set up outside. >> their draft report including a slew of situations. initially during this three-hour presentation, the people inside, trump supporters were hanging on to every word being said. election officials were live tweeting, fact checks explaining how election processes actually
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work. now the arizona senate president has sent a letter to the state attorney general, a republican also running for u.s. senate asking him to consider an investigation based on this final report. back to you. despite the loss in arizona, some republicans are taking trump's election lie to a whole new level and pushing to something similar to the so-called audit in other states including texas. asking them is that how republicans will handle every future election they lose? >> we have to recognize how profoundly this is a departure from the american political tradition. one of the rules of the game has been when the votes are counted, that's the end. you can have a recount which is an official process. if that is the end. that is the end.
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the idea that republicans are asserting that any election. any close election the democrats win is by definition, illegitimate and they will fight a way to discredit it. that is something new. >> this is to justify in their minds the elections to keep people voting specifically to keep democrats from voting. they are doing this in an effort to say, look, we can't really trust our elections so we have to create new laws to make elections functional. >> president biden will likely not stop records being seen by the committee investigating. the january 6 committee has sent information requests to a number of federal agencies asking for all documents from the day of the deadly riots and according
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to the white house, mr. biden does not expect to stand in the way. >> we take this matter incredibly seriously. they've already included that it would not be appropriate to certain executive privilege. >> just last month, donald trump presented his own privilege to obtain those. even if he tried, president biden would have the ultimate say over whether information can be shared. coming up, booster doses can now go into the arms of those who qualify in the u.s. the cdc director broke with her own advisors to allow millions of americans to get the shot. two talk show hosts find out that they tested positive. find out the details. that's next. n request took so long toto get approved,
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great to have you along. pharmacies around the u.s. are scheduling pfizer boosters for
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those who qualify. drugstores like walgreens and cvs are making those available. but the nation's top expert said americans shouldn't be tempted to rush out and get the extra shot before they are due. take a listen. >> there is a reason why it is important to wait. you know if you allow the immune response to mature over a period of a few months, you get more of a bang out of the shot if you were out of the enhancement of your antibodies. >> the cdc director broke with her own advisors recommending shot for those working in settings with high risk to exposure. explaining the running lind the
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decision. >> i have this exceptional group to advisors. there was real enthusiasm to recommend those at high risk. i listened intently to hours of deliberation. this last one was a close call. some people really voted for. the vote was 6-9 saying our health care workers, front line workers, people who were vaccinated early, people who work in congregation setting, grocery store workers really do merit the vaccine and some people gave reasons to wait. the question wasn't yes or no. it was wait or do now. if i had been in the room, i
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would have voted yes. i took the advise of my advisors, on this one, i recommended that we make vaccines available for this group of people. >> you are basically saying to me, this is what you get when you get transparency and the science changing. you put it behind closed doors and you could have come out as the voice of god. or we could see the sausage made and we get more transparency. >> there was a lot of confusion. there is a lot of scientific discussion around this. as you could see with some of these votes, not all of this was a slam dunk. the science was evolving in real
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time. >> united airlines employees, six employees attempt to block mandate. challenges haven't had much luck in federal courts except when it comes to religious exceptions. a talk show in the u.s. is under scrutiny after two hosts were abruptly pulled from the set for testing positive. you can see a lot of attention on the high-profile guests they were supposed to interview. we have the whole story. >> on the popular abc show, the view, an awkward moment after an exclusive interview with vice president kamala harris had been promoted. >> we are back. there seems to be something happening that i'm not 100% aware of. >> i need the two of you to pull
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off a second. we'll bring you back later. have to leave. more information later. >> they made their way off the set, more awkwardness. so shall i introduce the vice president? >> yes. >> no. >> another commercial break then the host returned with the news. >> so what happened is, sunny and anna apparently tested positive for covid. no matter how hard we try, they have a breakthrough case. they'll be okay they are both vaccinated. >> the vice president didn't appear until a half hour later. she was on less than eight minutes. >> sunny and anna are strong women. i know they are fine. the view's tests are usually tested twice a week.
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they were tested an extra time this week because of the vice president's arrival. vice president harris who has received two doses of the moderna vaccine did not interact with the hosts before the show. this could have been a close call and speaks to the risks she and the president often face. >> any time you are surrounded by so many different people from so many parts of the country on a daily basis, you are exposed every single time. >> and the doctor is critical of how the show handled this. >> i think the ball was dropped somewhere. why did these anchors not know about the test before the show began, especially on the day you are interviewing vice president harris. >> we posted to the view, when were the tests done and why did they not learn about this before they went live.
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>> i did reach anna who is a cnn political commentator. she said she's shocked but feels great and is glad the vice president is safe. two sources told us both have subsequently tested negative for covid twice since friday morning. cnn, washington. norway is about to start moving on from the covid-19 pandemic. starting today, most restrictions will no longer be in effect and the government says people can start returning to a, quote, everyday life. officials believe there is little chance of the virus getting out of control now. people who do get infected have to go into isolation. sweden are advising all
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unnecessary travel to make it easier to travel abroad. issued in march 2020 but they say the situation has improved so the situation is improving. this applies only to those from sweden. an entry ban is in effect from both eu countries including the u.s. >> the brazilian son tested positive from new york. in the opening of the united nations general assembly. the second member to test positive after that trip. throughout the pandemic, he's publicly denounced many regulations. echoing and tweeting his positive result is, quote, another argument against health passports. coming up, the migrant camp that once held thousands at the u.s. border is now cleared. what a difference a week makes
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. no more migrants remain at the massive camp at the del rio border in texas and mexico. as you can see in these pictures, they will be removed
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to other facilities. the treatment they received has sparked an international outcry. president biden had strong words for those responsible for this horseback wrangling. >> it is outrageous. i promise those people will pay. there will be consequences. it is an embarrassment. beyond an embarrassment, it is dangerous and wrong. it sends the wrong message around the world and at home. it is simply not who we are. >> even though the encampment is gone, some are still camping out at the border and have no plans to return to haiti either. >> we know the encampment on the u.s. side of the border is now empty. there are no more haitian migrants there according to the
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government and reporting teams. but here on the mexican side, there still remains dozens of haitian migrants who made the choice to stay here in mexico who made the journey up through south america here. they've made the choice to stay here because they felt if they went to the united states after all these deportations, they have a better chance of not being deported here in mexico. mexican immigration officials came here saying if they moved to a shelter instead of just sleeping out in the open, that they'll be given the chance to go through the immigration process and not immediately deported. some in this camp have told us they don't believe immigration officials so they'll stay here. dozens of people remain here. the threat of deportation is
1:33 am
something they are deeply concerned about here. it really struck our team when we heard the secretary of the department of security who gave a press conference. he talked about all the deportations sending these people back to haiti. they believe haiti can absorb the thousands they are sending to that country. >> that struck us because we have spent nearly all of july and august reporting in haiti in porta prince and other rural areas. after the president was killed and after the devastating earthquake. our take away being there is that poverty remains an incredibly important issue there. the gang violence is add bad as
1:34 am
ever. the country does not have an elected head of state. the prime minister is not an elected leader. the political turmoil is high. when the u.s. government says haiti is in a position to accept thousands of haitians who have migrated and are now being sent back, that struck us as a claim that is incredibly difficult to accept. a thought on many haitian people here. we spoke to one man who is here in mexico. he's worried about being sent back. what he had to say is the time right for people to go back to haiti? >> translator: no, there is no conditions to return to haiti. if you watch the news, things are bad. there are a lot of criminals. how can a man live where there is so many guns and so much crime. now there are no conditions to return to. >> you heard it there.
1:35 am
that person does not think now is the time to send thousands of people back to that country. that is what is happening not only in the united states but deportation for all of these migrants here. still, there are people being sent back to haiti. a reality that is not going to change. reporting from mexico. is. we are one day away from germany's federal election that will determine who succeeds angela merkel in germany. the final days of campaigning have produced light hearted moments. colorful parrots sweeping around her as she got a bit shocked as some pecked at her fingers but she and the birds seem to have
1:36 am
taken it in stride. the chancellor is stepping down after 16 years in power. as she says farewell, she's giving a political boost. the party's candidate who is hoping to fill her shoes. her campaign is struggling to gain traction. >> one of the major rallies that happened. >> the campaign has been marred by difficulties. merkel stepped off the sidelines. this chancellor she said at the rally in germany's north, we will do everything to continue in the coming years. we ask for your trust this coming sunday. >> laschet has been trailing in
1:37 am
the polls in a struggle to carry the base. >> it is an uphill battle. what he's done is mobilized german chancellor angela merkel who is still vastly popular in this country to try to drum up extra support. >> the far left candidate is ahead of laschet in the polls. laschet is port traying himself as being serious like merkel. some felt laschet was punching above his weight. he made what many germans called unforced errors like being caught laughing on camera while visiting victims of the floods in germany. >> it is not easy for some to explain why they dislike him and
1:38 am
could become a fatal effect in his campaign. >> he's been trying to get his campaign on track saying only the conservatives can ensure the strong economy and promising strong foreign and defense policies. >> we saw in afghanistan, we can't even secure the kabul airport. he has managed to close the gap, most polls have a race too close to call giving hope to conservatives that they may yet retain the chance lori even after they step down. a troubling message from a man in kabul and why he said some should be targeted for revenge. that story next. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step.
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hundreds of afghans took to the streets demanding the united states release the nation's frozen assets. saying ordinary afghans should not pay a price for u.s. defeat. millions frozen days after the taliban took control of the capital city. meanwhile an imam had a shocking message calling for retributions for afghans that were spies and nonbelievers. it feels like a day of mixed messages. the principal prayer service friday at the main mosque. the message was clear. anyone who worked and assisted with u.s. and other governments
1:43 am
is a spy, the imam saying they were outside of islam and not muslims. the revenge should be through the religious education going on to say the united states and other countries were really just in afghanistan to exploit it for their own gain. on the other hand, that seems contrary to the message of turning on afghans who might be spies. the message from the defense minister saying clearly, there needs to be better discipline within the military forces and ranks. that anyone involved in thieving and killing will be investigated and will be held into account. making that clear that the taliban fighters must be more disciplined. these two conflicting messages to the afghan people, to the defense chief clearly to his
1:44 am
fighters but perhaps to the international community that they are going to double down to holding to their principals of not taking vengeance out on former government and former military members. reporting from kabul, afghanistan. leaders from the u.s. have solid tied the commitment to safe guarding a free and open indo-pacific. china was not mentioned by name, the australian prime minister emphasized how they must stand together to overcome the region's challenges. >> there is no part of the world more dynamic than the indo-pacific at this time. a region that has extraordinary opportunity, wide diversity. great wealth but many challenges
1:45 am
that must be overcome. we see the role of our nations. we see our home in the indo-pacific as a place we wish to focus on to ensure that our peoples can realize everything they would have for themselves. >> the group said they are making progress on progress on climate change and technology. tensions seem to be cooling between biden administration and france after the security deal lead to a week-long diplomatic spat. the two leaders have spoken but it will take time to repair the wounds. we are learning that biden was caught off guard and unprepared for the fury that erupted when france learned it lost the contract to provide diesel power
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several flights to the canary have been canceled. you can see why. a volcano erupts for the seventh straight day. the volcano activity has intensified. lava has destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and banana crops. so far, no deaths have been reported. the first day of competition is complete in the pro ryder cup. tens of thousands of fans cheering on the home steam in wisconsin. led by olympic gold medallist. team usa leads 6-2. the largest lead team usa has had after one day of competition in 46 years. sticking with sports news,
1:51 am
chelsea and manchester city go h head-to-head. we want to tell you how one of chelsea's biggest stars is taking on discrimination in football. ahead of the team's, say no to hate photography competition. ♪ ♪ >> the other day, i posted something about the perception of people. you cannot judge who you are as a person. i really feel like it is really like for the younger generation that i want to say, don't really go too deep into that.
1:52 am
at the end of the day, this stuff really can harm you. we see a lot of people harming themselves because of social media abuse. >> you said to my colleague not long ago, you feel racism in football is at an all-time high. >> definitely. >> why do you think it is so bad? >> i think personally because a lot of these companies, really, if you want to stop something you can do it but they don't because i think it is like, it is a vicious circle. a lot of stuff involved -- you can stop the super league in one day but you can't stop racism or track somebody who did the insult also in half an hour. you can't do that. there is no logic to me. that's why it is like, we as
1:53 am
players can say, we can bark on social media but those companies that have to come and talk to the teams or the government or players themselves and find a way to stop it. we believe they can. >> how important is it for you that a club like chelsea is launching this competition in the name of the no to hate campaign? >> i feel it is very important. very important that we as a club can make a statement and take a position as well. a lot of people look at us and i think us as a club, you have to take a very strong position against discrimination of all forms. >> in the past, hasn't necessarily had the best history in terms of issues of discrimination, of racism among the fans.
1:54 am
>> of course. >> how do you reflect on that? >> as a player, i was focused on what i had to do for the team. i was not looking at the stuff outside. i think by now, i think from the owner to us, the players, we as a club, we are really putting out a statement and saying stuff like that should not be tolerated. as a team, a lot of players represent the club from different nationalities, different skin colors and religion. the women's team is the same thing. we as a club should be an example for other teams. >> what does it feel like when you take a knee in the stadium and there are boos? >> to be honest, in the first few games i've been here, it didn't happen. i haven't been through it like
1:55 am
that. us as players, we are taking the statement but i think we can take a stronger statement than taking a knee. >> what would you like to see done? >> i think basically, the captains of every team and four or five players should have a meeting with the ceos of instagram, governments, fa, pfa. we should have a big meeting of how to attack it straight away. not only for the men's game but also for the women's game. all of us together to have a big meeting and conference and talk about stuff that needs to be addressed to protect the players also to protect the fans and young players that want to become professional football. >> do you ever get tired of the fight of the responsibility? >> no. no because i have to fight because i'm not fighting only
1:56 am
for myself. i'm fighting for my son, my future kids. for my brother. all the other players and their kids. at the end of the day, football should be an enjoyable game. you should not kill the game by discrimination. football is joy and happiness. that should be it. it shouldn't be a place you feel unsafe because of the opinion from some uneducated people. >> important interview. thank you for that. i'm robyn curnow, you can follow me on twitter and instagram @robyn curnow cnn. i will be back with more on cnn. join me for that. inside your bespoke post box you
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hi, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. thanks for joining me this hour. i'm robyn curnow. coming up on cnn, a diplomatic spat turned prisoner swap. two canadian prisoners are on their way home with a huawei executive back to china. and now forced out of the misery they tried to escape. and it's election eve in germany. we're live in berlin with the race to determine who replaces chancellor angela merkel


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