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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 28, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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pentagon correspondent r. leiberman has more on what to expect. >> reporter: the hearing at the senate armed services committee promises to be a highly scrutinized at times very
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contentious hearings as lawmakers grill top two officials and commander of u.s. central command in charge of afghanistan in what went right from the withdrawal of afghanistan and what went wrong. that includes not only the terror attack that includes the service members in the closing days of the withdrawal, but the planning that went into a drone strike the military defended as a righteous strike but turned out to kill ten afghanistans and seven children's. they are facing questions from lawmakers, but mark milley, joint chiefs of staff, who is expected to get the bulk of the questions, especially from republican lawmakers who made it clear they're go after milley. it's not just about afghanistan. it was milley who called it a righteous strike before u.s. central command and commander jen frank mackenzie came out and said it was a mistake in target that killed ten afghan civilians. republican lawmakers made it clear they'll go after him for
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topics that have nothing to do with afghanistan including conversations with milley and his chinese counterpart days after the january 6 insurrection and recent conversations between milley and his russian counterpart about central asia and any possibility of russian cooperation for counterterrorism operations going on in afghanistan. those conversations we learned were done at the request of the nfc. republicans made it clear they'll still go after him. it doesn't just end on tuesday after four or five hours of hearing. the senate hearing are up on tuesday followed by the house hearing on wednesday from the armed services committee there. those could be even more contentious. oren liebermann, cnn at the pentagon. >> so busy two days. for more about the questions we should expect to hear in afghan's withdrawal hearing, i want to bring in jumanna jomana afghanistan. that drone strike that killed
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ten civilians. >> reporter: well, look, isa, they've got a long list of questions for weeks now. the u.s. lawmakers have been trying to get answers about why it all played out the way it did, why did the u.s. end up in this situation. it got very chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. they've not been able to get any clarity or satisfactory answers really from the biden administration. they've heard the administration's arguments, its defense of its decisions, basically saying that they were handed an agreement that president trump cut with the taliban, that they had to abide by that deadline that they had then agreed to, or there was no other alternative. it was either that withdrawal or the u.s. is going to be drawn into a long and bloody conflict again in afghanistan. and we've heard the secretary of state anthony blinken also defending the administration's
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decisions in front of lawmakers. now we are going to get to see lawmakers publicly for the first time getting to ask these questions directly to the top military leadership, the top leadership that was in charge of planning and executing this chaotic withdrawal. and the questions are going to range from asking them about did it really have to be this way, isa. was there no sue alternative really. what did they advise president biden. what was their advice on keeping a residual force in the country. and as you mention, of course, we would likely expect them to ask tough questions also about the -- that drone strike that initially the u.s. insisted did not kill civilians, but then they admitted that it was civilians who were killed in that strike. and this is going to likely also raise questions about u.s. -- the u.s.'s intelligence gathering capabilities in the
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country following the withdrawal, about counterterrorism operations in the country and how they are going to ensure that afghanistan, once again, does not turn into a breeding ground for extremist groups and a threat to the u.s. homeland. so everyone is going to be keeping a close eye to hear their answers, get insights into the decision making that went into the planning and execution. but, of course, isa, this will not change the reality on the ground for the people of afghanistan who are now left facing an even more dire humanitarian situation. >> yeah, i'm sure we'll hear lots of tough questions, but what we really need to hear are some key answers. jomana karadsheh in istanbul. good to see you. senate republicans blocked a house bill to fund the government and suspend the debt government. the funding runs out on sunday. mitch mcconnell is ready to avert a shutdown as long as it
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is not tied to the debt limit. take a listen. >> we will not provide republican votes for raising the debt limit. there is no chance republicans will help lift democrats' credit limit so they can immediately steam roll through a socialist binge that will hurt families and help china. >> democrats could offer funding bill without the debt limit suspension, but they want republicans to share their responsibility of raising the limit. >> the republican party has now become the party of default, the party that says, america doesn't pay its debts. our country is staring down the barrel of two totally republican manufactured disasters. a government shutdown and a first-ever default on the national debt. the impacts of both would gravely harm every single american in this country.
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republicans would let the country default for the first time in history. >> now, the chairman of the congressional committee investigating the january the 6th insurrection says more subpoenas could be sent out this week. ben thompson wouldn't specify who might be called to testify, but he said it would be a broad group associated with the trump white house, individuals who have been charged with crimes in connection with the riot may also be subpoenaed. now, the former commissioner of the u.s. food and drug administration tells cnn covid is likely to become a more persistent menace after the delta surge passes. just over 55% of the total u.s. population's fully vaccinated. 16 states have yet to vaccinate more than half of their residents. and then the daily pace since they started tracking in mid
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january, top health experts are trying to reach out to those who haven't received the shot. >> we have an extraordinary experience with this vaccine now. so let's present the safety date a data. what are the questions of people who are unvaccinated? what is it that they are worried about? and right now we have to do that from trusted messengers. we have to inform people and give them the information that they need and we have to meet people where they are. this is not about blame and shame. this is about help me understand what has made you reluctant. you personally reluctant. and let's get to a place where you feel less reluctant. >> well, critics of the biden administration say mixed messaging on booster shots has caused confusion, but america's toppin infectious disease expert says there is no need to worry. >> as we get more and more data, it will be clear that booster shots or the third shot when you get the mrna first and second
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dose, the third shot, may ultimately turnout to be the standard regimen we'll use. when the cdc director said, walk, don't run, it means that you are still pretty well protected, in fact, quite well protected in many, many categories. >> meanwhile, u.s. president joe biden is among the first americans you can see received his vaccine booster shot since he's over the age of 65, a condition for eligibility. he got his third shot of pfizer monday as you see there. the white house cameras were rolling. he urged others to get the jab if they were eligible, saying it will save lives. in new york, the mayor said there was an uptick in covid vaccinations received by public school employees over the weekend. staff must prove they have received at least one vaccine shot by friday to keep their jobs. so far the mandate has been upheld in the court system despite legal challenges. right now 87% of new york's public school staff has been vaccinated, and that includes
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91% of teachers as you can see there. 97% of school principals. officials said those numbers continue to rise every day. now, panic buying and pumps running dry, britain's fuel crisis has become so dire, the government is now putting the military on standby. that means army tanker drivers could be tasked with petrol deliveries if the situation doesn't improve. the problem is with the supply chain. the uk has plenty of fuels, but for drivers to get it to the service stations. live from the london petrol station, you know, i was coming in. i saw another line forming for fuel, but it's not just fuel because super markets have also been facing supply issues. i remember just last week at my local super market. we don't have this product, we are facing a supply issue. how much of this, nina, is this symptomatic of a bigger problem here in the uk? >> reporter: i think there is a
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realization and there was in the food and beverage industry even before the fuel prices this week that there is a supply chain blockage, particularly with delivery drivers for heavy goods vehicles, and that we're just going to continue to see the shortages. perhaps not outright shortages like we're seeing at fuel pumps like this one, but curtailed supply ranges and so on and so forth. now, in the meantime just going back to the fuel crisis, as you can see here, people are still continuing to key -- the ministers are going on the airwaves saying they are seeing some signs based on petrol station data that the situation is abating, that people now have full tanks and they're not panic buying to quite the extent they were before. they're hoping all of this will probably blow over by the end of the week. but as you pointed out earlier, they are still starting to train up military drivers so that they can deliver fuel to petrol stations as and when necessary. in the meantime there is also pressure on the government to start limiting fuel for people who might not need it to make
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sure that key workers and emergency services get access to the stocks they need. amid reports that people, doctors, dentists can't get to their places of work because they can't actually spend all the time they need to fill up in ques like this one behind me and find the pump is dry. the medical statement said everyone will have their own reasons for needing to fill up. but as pumps run dry, there is a real risk that nhs staff won't be able to do their jobs and provide the vital services and care to people who urgently need it. now, this comes amid a big backlog induced by the pandemic of operations needed in this country. they raised taxes, indeed, to pay for more nhs services so that's a really strongly felt point. and also remember, isa, there is a big labor crunch in this country. it's not just critical infrastructure like this that people are worried about.
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there is also 1 million jobs that aren't being filled by british workers. so there is a sense of something broken here economically that could undercut the recovery. remember, the economy in this country is still 4.4% below pre-covid levels. >> nina dos santos. thank you,> launching another m the timing is quite interesting. >> icey is, isa. how much north korea's ambassador kim song no when he was getting ready to step up to the podium did he know north korea had launched yet another ballistic missile? their third this month. and what does it mean?
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have you thought about life insurance but put it off? don't regret what you didn't do yesterday. call now and feel great about saying yes today. (announcer) call now and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. welcome back, everyone. now, north korea has launched what is believed to be a short-range missile that is according to south korea's defense ministry. it landed in the waters east of the korean peninsula just before the north korean envoy spoke to the general assembly. and shortly before south korea was expected to debut a new submarine. cnn's will ripley is following this from taipei. will, this is the third projectile this month.
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what does this tell us, including the time, of course, of this happening about north korea's intentions here? >> reporter: it tells us, isa, they certainly know how to get attention when they want to. and even though we don't know for sure if the timing -- it seems quite a coincidence if at 6:40 a.m. they launch the missile, 20 minutes later song kim steps up to the podium at the united nations general assembly about a number of issues, but the one north korea is defending itself about is the weapons testing. the fact there was a missile in the air shortly before song kim, ambassador kim said this, certainly interesting. >> translator: given the u.s./south korea military alliance increased military threats against the dprk, nobody can deny the righteous right for north korea to develop, test,
1:20 am
manufacture and purchase the weapons systems equivalent to the ones which are possessed or developed by them. >> reporter: in terms of this launch itself, it was pretty routine, if you want to say that, for what is considered to be an illegal missile launch by north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. at least it is, if the japanese government described it as a ballistic missile, the north koreans have yet to actually officially confirm what they launched from the province, a mountainous region that straddles the chinese border. that is where in 2017 north korea launched an inter-continental ballistic missile which, of course, led to the further tightening of sanctions, further escalation of tensions and the korean detente where there were the face-to-face meetings between kim jong-un and donald trump. that led us back to where we were beforehand. albeit less tense, less nervous on the north korean peninsula. the last time they launched was
1:21 am
in the middle of the month and it was an interesting day because they launched a ballistic missile from a train on the same day south korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine. as you mentioned in your introduction, isa, that submarine is now being put into the water. so is that a factor in all of this? is it a factor that kim jong-un's sister has been hinting at a resumption of diplomacy with south korea which could pave the way to talks with the u.s.? or will north korea continue to launch things and will tensions continue to ratchet up in this part of the world? we have to wait and see. >> plenty of coincidences or not, we shall see. will ripley in taipei. good to see you, my friend. now, in his first speech before the u.n. general assembly, israel's new prime minister made headlines both for what he talked about and what he didn't. in his 25-minute speech, naftali bennett made no mention of the palestinians. take a listen.
1:22 am
>> translator: iran's nuclear program has hit a watershed moment, and so has our tolerance. words do not stop centrifuges from spinning. there are those in the world who seem to view iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons as an inevitable reality, as a done deal. or they've just become tired of hearing about it. israel doesn't have that privilege. >> meanwhile, iran fired back saying israel loves playing the victim and pretending to be innocent. and they criticized israel for not saying anything about the plight of palestinians. in the final hours of u.n. general assembly were punctuated by a heated exchange between canada and china. two canadian nationals was in
1:23 am
retaliation for allegations. china's representative answered claiming ming's arrest was a way to hold back chinese advancement in technology. it comes days after the three detainees were released and headed home. now, we want to show you some images of haitian migrants tracking through honduras. their goal is to reach the united states which includes crossing through several countries and hundreds of treacherous miles. honduras says it has registered 11,000 foreign migrants, many of them haitians, many of them children as we see there. as we've seen, thousands of haitians who made it to the u.s. are being deported by the biden administration. cnn spoke exclusively to haiti's prime minister about the controversial situation. take a listen. >> translator: for us, all haitians who return to their
1:24 am
native soil are entitled to be welcomed, and we will welcome them as best we can. we will make room for them and we will try to reintegrate them as best as we can into society. regarding the deportation, we are not responsible for their deportation. what we are saying is that as long as there are countries that are better off than others, there will always be an appeal to those wealthier. >> haitian prime minister there. well, cnn's minister bell shows us what's forcing thousands of haitians to flee their country in the first place. >> reporter: another six flights of haitian depour tees due to land in haiti monday. haitians returning to the country they fled for the most part many years ago. it isn't simply the grinding poverty you can see on the streets of the haitian capital, but increasingly the violence that has become so difficult for haitians to deal with. we spoke to one human rights
1:25 am
watch dog who told us it was more than half of the haitian capital that is now essentially under the control of gangs. >> translator: now the gangs are able to kidnap people day and night in these middle class neighborhoods. they move around on motorcycles or cars with impunity. the police and the army are mostly passive and have remained very inactive in responding to the actions of these armed gangs which operate with much more intelligence. there is no response. the police did not respond to the insecurity. >> reporter: the kidnappings have become such a problem here in the haitian capital. one of the reasons those haitian depour tees are telling us they are only going to be tortured as they get back on the road. several reported this week already telling us they are back in the dominican republic and planning to get as far away from haiti as they possibly can. melissa bell, cnn, port-au-prince. now, it's been a decades long fall from grace. the jury's verdict in r. kelly's
1:26 am
sex trafficking trial. new light in what the police knew about gabby petito's relationship with her fiancee. the search to find him when we return. you are watching cnn newsroom. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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1:30 am
here are the details for you. >> reporter: 150 witnesses during the course of this trial, some of the women who say they were sexually abused by the singer when they were minors. they testified r. kelly knew their ages and had sex with them anyway and recorded sexual encounters. one victim we heard from multiple times was the late singer aliyah who married the singer when she was 15 years old. they showed a copy of the marriage license which shows her age at the time of the wedding as 18 years old. he bribed a local worker to make her appear older so she could marry kelly. the trial fell during the 20th anniversary of her death. we heard from former employees of the singer and former live-in girlfriends who testified about the strict rules he had in place at his home and studio for his female guests. some witnesses testified they
1:31 am
were not allowed to leave rooms without asking for permission from the singer, his associates first, even to get food or go to the bathroom. something prosecution said was a coerce i have tactic to control his victims. they said it was simply r. kelly keeping his home also a recording studio safe. the first witness who testified in the trial took to instagram to speak shortly after the verdict saying, quote, for years i was told for speaking out about the abuse about that predator. we were not allowed in the courtroom for this entire trial. cnn was one of the few outlets inside the courtroom when the verdict was read, and i watched r. kelly's face as that decision came down. he was emotional. he stared at one spot in front of him. did not move. his attorney telling us after the verdict was read he was not expecting this guilty verdict. now, he does have several more legal battles ahead of him. a state and a federal case in
1:32 am
illinois as well as a state case in minnesota. in brooklyn. >> now, gloria allred represented three victims. she put the crimes in historical perspective as a five decade attorney. >> i have been practicing law for 47 years. during this time i have pursued many sexual predators who have committed crimes against women and children. of all the predators that i have pursued, however, mr. kelly is the worst. he used the power of his celebrity to recruit vulnerable under age girls for the purpose of sexually abusing them. r. kelly thought that he could get away with all of this, but he didn't, because despite the fact that he thought he could control all of his victims, he was wrong. many of his victims had the courage to speak up and tell their truth under oath, in a court of law.
1:33 am
>> now, the man who tried to assassinate president ronald regan is free after 40 years. you may remember this moment when john hinckley, jr., was taken into custody. have a look. >> i, like you, i, too, am reflecting on what we've just seen and heard in its entirety. the suspect john hinckley, jr., was rushed as we saw in that videotape to district of police headquarters. the suspect will be charged with assault with intent to kill a police officer and will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president of the united states. >> the justice department reached a deal with hinckley on monday granting his own conditional release. he had been living under house arrest with his mother since 2016 when he was released from a mental hospital. now, we have new details on the case of gabby petito, the american woman whose remains were found in wyoming.
1:34 am
her family is expected to hold a press conference in the coming hours. and a new audio recording reveals what police knew about a fight between petito and her fiancee brian laundrie back in august. take a listen to this. >> but the female who got hit, they both, the male and the female, both got into the van and headed north. rp states a male hit a female domestic. he got into a white ford transit van. >> meantime, the fbi is scaling back their search for laundrie. cnn's randi kaye has the details for you from florida. >> reporter: i spoke with the survival specialist steve clater. he's been a survival instructor seven years. he does search and rescue for marian county here in florida. he said some of the tools they would be using to try and find brian laundrie would include infrared, which they can use to track heat at night.
1:35 am
also he said just your basic eyes on the ground, looking for something that people might have left behind. somebody who is out there, maybe a candy wrapper or some batteries or clothing. also look for spaces where brush might have been moved. and he said some potential problems for brian laundrie could include rain, heat, humidity, dehydration. he also said moving around at night is also risky for him because there are so many predatory animals here in florida. those would include bobcats, florida panthers,al gators, you name it. even though he thinks moving around at night is safe to have cover, it's risky in that sense. also, this expert told me in order for brian laundrie to survive, if he is out there, he said he would need to find some high ground to build a sleeping platform. he would need to find edible plants and likely have to trap some animals in order to have something to eat. randi kaye, cnn, north port, florida. the united steel workers
1:36 am
union says it is deeply concerned for the 39 miners trapped underground in ontario, canada, but it is cautiously optimistic they will be rescued as soon as possible. they represented miners who became stranded after the equipment used to mine malfunctioned. month reports of injuries so far. rescuers plan to use the ladder system to help the escape. now, the volcano in the canary islands keeps spewing, as you can see the ash and lava. and it's entered a dangerous new stage. residents on the east shore of la palma were ordered into locked as it neared the ocean. when it hits the atlantic, it could be explosive triggering enough force to shatter windows. on top of that, it can launch plumes of toxic smoke. in the united states, much of the country is experiencing a heat wave. so when will the relief come? pedram javaheri har i has our
1:37 am
focus on the cnn weather center. pedram. >> autumn, just a few weeks, about a week old, i should say. and the temperature is back to summer like in nature across parts of kansas, parts of the state of north dakota, on into nebraska. we're talking upper 90s in some cases these records have been standing since the 1800s. the upper 70s where we should be this time of year. some incredible departure from where we should be this time of year. record heat continues in the central plains and also the northern plains of the u.s. where over the next several days, would you believe it, another 30 record temperatures could be tied or set in this region of the united states. really speaks to the incredible heat that is built in this region, but off towards the north and west much cooler. off towards the north and east much cooler. if you're in minneapolis cooler. the next arrives several days here. among the warmest weather you would expect this time of year. minneapolis well known to be one of the ice boxes of the united
1:38 am
states. average temperature this time of year a mild 68. quickly transitions into winter across this region of the u.s., but will climb into the middle 80s at least the next three days. we have a major hurricane to tell you about, hurricane sam. forecast guidance does want to strengthen this to category 4 briefly, and make a close run at bermuda, but models have been pulling away from bermuda which is excellent news. that's not the only storm to talk about. we have a trio of other storms moderate to high probability of formation. yet again, the steering environment for the storms in the initial phase of the forecast does look to push them away from any threat to land. leave you with this. high temperatures 71 in albuquerque, 59 in seattle. new york city should be right around 75 degrees. isa? >> thank you very much, pedram. i can tell you, summer is officially over here in the uk. and still ahead right now on the show, germany's leaders are facing an uphill battle as they
1:39 am
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now, french president emanuel macron had to duck and cover at a food fair. why? because someone threw an egg at him. you see it flying through the air in this video before it bounces off his shoulder. security escorted a young man away. mr. macron was pelted with an egg four years ago when he was running for president. that one cracked on his head. now, the election might be over, but the tussle for germany's top job is getting underway. the most likely contender is prime minister scholz. he helped lead in sunday's vote. first they have to form a new government and that means cobbling together a government that doesn't see eye to eye.
1:43 am
the runner up in angela merkel's bid to succeed her is trying to do the same thing. she will remain in power until the new government is formed, after nearly 16 years with her in the top job, there are questions about what the departure will mean for germany in the future as well as abroad. fred, when you and i spoke, we spoke about the green and liberal democrats could emerge as the king makers here. how complex do you think these negotiations will be given the fact the point i was making, they may not see eye to eye on the key issues here? >> reporter: i think it's going to be extremely complex. you add in the other thing you were mentioning, isa, the conservative party is also trying to start some coalition of negotiations as well. that certainly is going to mean a lot of this is probably going to drag out for a very long time. in any case, there could be some serious in fighting about some of the details as well.
1:44 am
what is going on, however, is that apparently the greens and the liberals are already talking to one another to try and make sure that they would then be in a strong position when they talk to either the conservatives or social democrats to get as much out of the negotiations for themselves and, of course, for their constituencies if they go into any coalition with either of the two bigger parties after these election results. it looks to us as though this morning olaf scholz has solidified his poll position and go in with the greens, liberals and democrats he said he has invited both of those parties to start those negotiations, to see where there are things where they see eye to eye, where there are things they don't see eye to eye maybe they can workout. he says he wants to create an atmosphere of trust where everybody can bring things into these negotiations they say are key to them and try and push those issues through. so it certainly seems as though if olaf scholz forms a
1:45 am
coalition, each of the partners if he does get the liberals, they will have a pretty strong leg to stand on. also due to the election results which has both parties with some pretty strong results. on the other hand, armin laschet, the conservatives, the party of angela merkel, it seems for him, the air seems to be getting quite thin. there has been a lot of criticism and a poll showing a lot of germans do favor olaf scholz to become the next chancellor. isa? >> fred, keep us posted on those negotiation talks. appreciate it. thanks, fred. now let me get you a quick check of the global markets at this hour. we can bring out the board for us. as you can see there, red arrows right across the boards. ftse here in the uk, dax down 1%. the most so far in europe almost 4/10 of a percent. if i showuous us future ands what we can expect this tuesday, all three indices really down
1:46 am
within just hours until the markets open. nasdaq obviously biggest -- facing losses when it opens. the dow is off nearly a quarter of a percent. now, u.s. crude prices topped $75 on monday and they are still rising. it's high, a high that hasn't been seen in three years. goldman sachs predicts brent crude will hit $90 a gallon. it suggests americans might be paying more at the pump for a little bit longer unfortunately. and china is dealing with an energy crisis that's causing disruptions right across the country. businesses and residents are being asked to limit their use of electricity as the country faces shortages. and some factories, too, have been reportedly forced to cut production due to these new measures. the price of coal and surge in demand are leading to supply issues. we'll keep on top of that story for you. now, united airlines says an overwhelming majority of its
1:47 am
employees have been vaccinated ahead of a deadline. cnn's pete montana reports. >> reporter: isa, united airlines c.e.o. scott kirby spoke about this. he says 98.5% of employees have been vaccinated. back in august 6 was when they announced 67,000 employees in the united states would have to get vaccinated or face getting fired. kirby said these numbers are proof vaccine mandates by companies do work. united gave employees until the end of monday to get at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, and united says it will begin the separation process for employees who did not get the vaccine starting as early as tuesday, except for some employees who sought religious and medical exemptions. six of them filed suit in federal court. they have been given some extra time if they successfully applied for those exemptions until october 8th they could stay with the company. that is when the next court hearing on this is scheduled. isa? >> thanks very much, pete pete
1:48 am
muntean there. still to come on the show, for more than 15 years daniel craig had been bond, james bond. now with the final 007 film about to premiere, he reflects how his role has changed his life. that story in just a moment. i could've called yesterday. but... i should've called yesterday, but.t... would've, could've, should've. we hear that a lot. hi. i'm jonathan, an insurance professional and manager here at colonial penn life insurance company. sometimes, people put off calling about life insurance. before you know it, another year has passed. and when they do call, they say, "i wish i'd called sooner." call right now for free information on the $9.95 plan. are you between age 50 and 85? you can get whole life insurance with options starting at just $9.95 a month. do i have to answer health questions to get it?
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now, football superstarer lionel messi faces his former coach and dak prescott is a shining star. don riddell has our minute in sports view. >> isa, we should expect messi to be the center of attention this tuesday when his new team takes on manchester city. it would have been a block buster even without him. they are hoping his arrival can help them win this elusive trophy. he will be up against his former coach. meanwhile, a dramatic night in the league helped brighton. monday night football in the nfl was all about the dallas cowboys
1:53 am
quarterback dak prescott playing in his home stadium for the first time since breaking his ankle here last october. it was a triumphant return. he threw for three touchdowns against the eagles. and with the nba season just around the corner, there are questions around the brooklyn nets star kyrie irving. local laws mandate that players who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus will not be allowed to play in home games. he has refused to say whether he is vaccinated or not. isa, he said, quote, i like to keep that stuff private, when reporters asked him on monday. back to you. >> thanks very much, don. now, a major announcement from k-pop stars bts is giving fans reason to celebrate. take a look. ♪ i can hear you screaming, i know
1:54 am
you're excited. the group announced in-person performances scheduled for los angeles in permission to dance l.a. 28 mark the first time the group has performed for an in-person audience since 2019. last year's map of the soul tour was canceled, of course, because of the pandemic. now, in just a matter of hours, london's royal albert hall will host the premiere of the latest james bond film "no time to die." it will be the first time it is played by daniel craig. after 15 years, there will be no martin is be shaken or stirred for craig. for more, max foster. >> reporter: it may be no time to die, but the actor daniel craig, it's a good time to move on. from the block buster movie franchise that made him an international star. craig's last bow was the smoothest operator in british
1:55 am
intelligence, long overdue in theaters. pushed back several times from its initial release date in april 2020 because of the pandemic. and there were reports the star was reluctant to reprize the role after injuring himself on the movie spectre six years ago. but in the spirit of never saying never again, craig is back as james bond for a fifth and final time. >> i'm so happy that i got the chance to come and do this one. we tied up lots of loose ends. we tried to tell one story with all my bond movies so they're all connected in some way. this one sort of is, you know, capped it off. >> reporter: craig made a dramatic entrance as james bond in 2005. riding up the thames in a speed boat in a stunt with speculation over who would take the role from pearce brothers nan.
1:56 am
brosnan. >> apart from that, it was something else. i can't tell you really. i'm a bit speechless. >> reporter: but craig quickly found his voice as 007, and the movies were a huge success. sky fall release in 2012 was the most lucrative of all the bond films, earning more than a billion dollars at the global box office. and the character under craig became a more modern take on the poker-playing gadget-loving spy of the past. this one was fitter, grittier. and could even fall in love. >> it's changed my life. my life will never be the same again. it's just amazing, a wonderful, wonderful thing. >> reporter: many actors have been rumored in the running to take over from craig. many fans saying it's time for a black actor or woman to step into the iconic role. producers say they won't discuss a replacement until next year. max foster, cnn. >> i'm looking forward to seeing
1:57 am
that. thanks very much for joining us. i'm isa soares. early start is next up. stay right here with cnn.
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