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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  October 1, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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all right, good morning, it is friday, october 1st. happy friday, everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> you made it to friday. i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers around the united states and around the world. we begin with a desperate need of reconciliation in more ways than one. fierce pressure from house speaker nancy pelosi refusing to pass that $1 trillion infrastructure bill, leading pelosi to pull the plug on a planned vote at the last minute
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last night. progressive unity creating new leverage in their bid to pass this much larger, much vaster expansive working of the americans social safety net. that is a hope, but it's a risky move that leaves president biden's domestic agenda hanging in limbo. >> house progressives dug in after joe manchin expressed his view on the $3.5 trillion. moderates keeping hope alive on a separate vote for infrastructure, josh gottheimer tweeting, it ain't over yet. negotiations are still ongoing. we have team coverage this morning starting with cnn's daniela diaz on capitol hill. daniela, democratic leaders calling a recess, forging ahead. what is going to happen today? a crazy day yesterday. what's going to happen today? >> reporter: well, i cannot emphasize this enough, guys. it's not -- it's a totally unclear what's going to happen
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today. house speaker nancy pelosi governs with a heavy hand. she controls her caucus with a heavy hand. this is what we have known since these been a democratic leader. it's rare when she fails, but she failed yesterday. she exited the capitol after midnight, so only just a few hours ago, where she said there is still going to be a vote. today she implied on friday, because the house is technically still in session. they're not recessed. but it's unclear how she is going to navigate these relationships that she has in congress. on one hand, she has the moderates who wanted this vote on bipartisan -- on this bipartisan infrastructure bill yesterday. they had been pushing for this for weeks. they believe that this should pass because it's already passed the senate. there is republican support and they want to see these jobs created for their districts. that group, of course, is led by josh gottheimer, the cochair of the problem solvers caucus. on the other hand, you have the progressives led by
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congresswoman pramila jayapals the progressive caucus chair. and she wanted this vote to be paused until the senators can share their top line for this economic bill that they want to pass that would expand the nation's social safety net. things like combatting climate change. paid family and medical leave. expanding the child tax credit. these are priorities for the progressives. but house speaker nancy pelosi ultimately failed to please both sides of these groups yesterday. and as a result, there was no vote. and the deadline was yesterday because there is some funding for highway programs that expires today. that's all up in the air. but take a listen to what these two said yesterday, these two leaders of the different sides of the caucus, moderates and progressives, said yesterday on cnn where they shared where they stood on these issues. >> it doesn't make any sense to tank a key part of the president's agenda on infrastructure investment. that's why i just don't see
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while this other bill is going through the process and building legislation, it doesn't make sense why we would do that. >> there isn't a deal on the table. it has to be a deal that not only manchin and sinema will agree to, but all of us in the house will agree to and the rest of the senators. >> reporter: part of the problem here is that these progressives are saying they don't know where these two senators, moderate senators stand, joe manchin and kirsten sinema. however, we've known for a while joe manchin's top line number for the economic bill to pass reconciliation is $1.5 trillion. he's been sharing if for weeks. in fact, document yesterday that cnn obtained showed he actually sent a letter to senate majority leader chuck schumer where he stood, where he believed the top line number for this bill should be $1.5 trillion. so it's unclear how the house and senate democratic leaders will work on this because they need to decide where they stand on this economic bill so that
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progressives can get behind it and vote for the bipartisan infrastructure package. but the bottom line here is everything is up in the air right now. but we'll get a sense of what happens as these lawmakers arrive later today. >> all right, daniela diaz, thank you so much for that. so, what is the white house saying about all of this? let's bring in cnn's white house reporter jasmin wright. jasmin, good morning. so, help me out here. where does the white house come down on what the progressives have done here? in some respects you could say they're trying to get the president's agenda passed. right? this isn't their plan. this is the president's build back better plan they're trying to get through and that's why they're using these tactics. what is the white house's reaction? >> reporter: well, the white house is saying very clearly that the fight is not over yet, but it is despite the fact the president just did not pull this off yesterday, despite all of his efforts. remember, this is a man that ran as having the unique ability to bring together the different factions of the parties. the progressives, the moderates, even republicans to bring change
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to the american people. to bring legislation that impacts their lives. but when he was put to the test yesterday, he now faces this important and really large setback on his agenda as you said. it begs the question of where does the white house go? what does the president do? because, remember, this setback came after president biden put a lot of time, equity into trying to get this done. from white house, oval office meetings to going to congressional baseball game, to his own white house officials, you know, making hundreds of engagements, they said, with lawmakers over time to then camping out at house speaker nancy pelosi's office yesterday e. still, it came to the fact they were not able to get it done. so, yesterday after it was made clear that the vote would not be happening, white house press secretary jen psaki, she released a statement and she said that, you know, a great deal of progress has been made and we're closer to an agreement than ever, but we are not there yet.
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and so we will need some additional time to finish the work starting tomorrow morning first thing. but make no mistake about this. after the setback, the president's agenda definitely hangs in the balance, as you just said, laura. and so the question is, what comes next? because, right, there is really kind of this inability to bridge the gap right now as the president said. they are saying he is going to go forward. the work is going to continue, but it is a real question of what comes next for the president, for the white house, as he tries to mitigate really the differences in the next week, trying to bring both of these parties -- both of these sides of the parties together. something he said he was uniquely able to do. laura? >> yeah. and we should mention there was no magic about yesterday's date, but there is a thing called momentum and the president wants to keep that up for sure. so they need to keep at this. jasmin, thank you for your reporting. all this back ask forth in d.c. means lobby palooza.
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the infrastructure vote gives time to lobby the president's agenda. no surprise the business round table opposes higher corporate taxes. spent over $160,000 in facebook ads saying so. it undermined the competitiveness of the u.s. economy, businesses and workers. if you pay for it with higher taxes, you don't have a dead -- general motors and apple supports climate investments. exxon-mobil is attacking the potential tax increase, spending $286,000 in facebook ads. climate advocacy groups are working on action for climate change. they have been urging lawmakers to support elements of the plan like electric vehicles. so, lawmakers can't agree on infrastructure, but one thing that unites congress, hating on
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this morning chilling new body cam footage shedding more light on the violence gabby petito says she faced at the hands of brian laundrie. while the couple was traveling in utah two weeks before she vanished. cnn's leyla santiago has more from outside the laundrie family home in florida. >> reporter: laura and christine, this body cam footage we just obtained shows gabby petito having a conversation with another officer when the couple was stopped august 12 in
2:14 am
moab, utah. she gives some insight into what led up to the fight, the altercation. remember, up until now, we've only seen body cam footage from one of the four officers involved that day. and in it she talks about how the bickering from earlier in the morning sort of escalated and led to that fight that led police to the couple. and there is a key question that you can now hear her response to. the officer specifically asks her, did he hit you? listen. >> so, what happened here and here? >> i'm not sure -- i was trying to get back in the car. >> so, the backpack got you? so there's two people that came to us and told us they saw him hit you. two people say they saw him punch you. it's okay to say if he hit you. we want to know the truth if he
2:15 am
actually hit you because, you know -- >> yeah, but i hit him first. >> where did he hit you? don't worry, be honest. >> i guess he didn't hit me in the face, he didn't punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face? >> he grabbed me. that's why -- i could feel it. >> reporter: in the meantime, here in north port, florida, we did see fbi return yesterday here. they went in with two bags, came out with one, and also spent some time at that camper on the driveway. christine, laura? >> all right, lela, thank you so much for that. now, this case, the petito case is bringing attention to other missing women. laurenne elcho was traveling in california. she was reported missing in late june. friends say they saw her leaving an airbnb walking into the desert with no water, food or
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cell phone. >> she is super caring, very loving, and just a really loyal and good friend. >> meantime, the fbi has joined the search for a missing 19-year-old florida woman. miya was last seen one week ago at her apartment complex in orlando. friends and supporters held a vigil last night in her honor. police had wanted to talk to a maintenance man who entered her apartment without permission. he was found dead of an apparent suicide earlier this week. all right. a colorado man has filed a federal civil rights suit claiming two officers tased him and slammed him to the ground after a 2019 traffic stop because the police officers failed to realize he is deaf. bradie mystic spent four months in jail charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest before charges were dropped eventually. the police chief at the time deemed the officer's actions appropriate. the authors are defended in a
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lawsuit separate from the spring. n.y.p.d. launching an investigation into two officers after their names appeared in leaked documents apparently belonging to the far-right oath keepers. the anti-government group was well represented among the capitol rioters on january 6. it's not clear from the data leak if the officers are current or former members of the group. officials say neither officer is being investigated for participation in the january 6 attack. all right. it is friday, 17 minutes past the hour. he is getting ready for one of the most anticipated games of his storied career. tom brady looks noticeably sick. what it means for sunday's game in new england. r has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last. but whatever work becomes... the servicenow platform will make it just, flow.
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addictive and marketed to teens, they grilled the social media giant how it pushes a product they know is harmful to its youngest users. donie o'sullivan has more. >> reporter: facebook found itself on thursday trying to downplay and discredit some of its own research on how its platforms, including instagram, affect teenagers. have a listen. >> facebook is just like big tobacco, pushing a product that they know is harmful to the health of young people. >> i want to be clear that this research is not a bombshell. it's not causal research. it's, in fact, just -- >> i beg to differ with you. this research is a bombshell. it is powerful, gripping, riveting evidence that facebook
2:23 am
knows of the harmful effects of its site on children, and it has concealed those facts and findings. >> and senator blumenthal said they set up an account as a 13-year-old girl. his staff use that account to follow some extreme dieting pages that are on instagram, and within a day, instagram's own algorithms, its own engines were recommending to that account that it follow accounts that were promoting self-harm. so really an experiment there showing really just how dangerous this platform can be for teenagers and for young people. now, we know about all of this research that was leaked from facebook because of a whistleblower. that whistleblower is still anonymous at the moment. they provided documents both to congress, the sec and the wall street journal. but they are expected to testify
2:24 am
before the committee next tuesday. so that will certainly be a hearing to watch. >> donie, thank you for that. retailer neiman marcus alerting millions of its online customers their accounts may have been breached. the store says it security a security breach last year putting it at 4.6 million customers at risk, including credit card details. neiman marcus says it alerted law enforcement and is working with a cyber security firm to investigate the breach. the vote is on hold. the president struggling to mend intra-party wrists to get his agenda over the finish line.
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good morning, everyone. this is early start. i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. it's 29 minutes past the hour this friday morning, first of october. top stories to keep our eye on today, president biden's sweeping economic agenda in limbo. house speaker nancy pelosi postponed thursday's planned vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill after progressives dug in on passing the larger social safety net at the same time. we' we'll have more on that in a moment. schools asking the supreme court to block the mandate for masks this afternoon. lawyers say the school has placed a burden on them. 92% of teachers are vaccinated so far. the d.a. has made an arrest
2:30 am
in the fentanyl crackdown. they look like brand name p prescriptions. the pills trafficked from mexico have led to a surge in overdose deaths. in the past 40 years, they have been miss labelled or unreported according to new research in the lancet. also finding black machine are disproportionately killed by police and their deaths are misclassified at higher rates. this underscores a centralized data to track killers. an increase in monthly payments will be 27% above prepandemic levels. that's the largest increase in history of the federal food stamp program. conspiracy theorists and info wars founder alex jones losing two lawsuits brought by the parents of children killed in the sandy hook shooting. a judge issuing a rare default judgment against jones who failed to support his claims that the school shooting was a false flag pulled off by crisis
2:31 am
actors. scarlett johansson and walt disney studios settled their lawsuit after payout for black widow. she alleged breach of contract because it was released simultaneously in theaters and disney plus. terms of settlement were not disclosed. ♪ dr. dre, eminem and snoop dogg will be on halftime performance. super bowl lvi will be played in sofi stadium february 13th. all right, the good news in washington is the government is open this morning, and that's about it. house speaker nancy pelosi, after a full day of talks with the president and members of congress, unable to bridge the gap between moderates and progressives in her party. so she delayed the vote on eye
2:32 am
$1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill because progressives vowed to vote it down without a firm agreement on president biden's larger cradle to grave package. they are staring at a possible default in 2 1/2 weeks. let's bring in cnn correspondent john harwood. nice to see you on this first day of october. let's start with a quote late last night by moderate democrat cindy axney from iowa. when voters tell me they are sick of washington games, all at once, it is no way to governor. this bill will be invaluable in the future of our state and create thousands of jobs in its life-span. the passage should not be delayed. so, john, what needs to happen today to actually get a vote to the floor? >> reporter: well, look, i think, christine, you've got to look at it in two ways. short term in the immediate moment it's a mess, and they don't have the infrastructure bill. they might not pass the infrastructure bill today
2:33 am
either. in the longer term, the white house and democrats interest getting closer to president biden's goals. that is, yesterday the gears really started engaging on negotiations between the white house, the house and senate leadership, kirsten sinema and joe manchin, the hold-out senators. they thought they could -- had a possibility of getting a comprehensive deal last night that would permit the passionage of the infrastructure bill. they depth. b -- didn't. but they are closer to getting that than they were before. in terms of a vote today, the most urgent thing, if they don't get the infrastructure bill, is to temporarily extend the federal highway program which expires at the end of the fiscal year, and the end of the fiscal year was last night. so you may see another punt, another short-term passage, kind of like the continuing resolution that kept the government from shutting down. they'll keep the highway program from shutting down, and they'll continue negotiations which may stretch over a matter of days.
2:34 am
maybe even a couple of weeks. but they do think they're closer to the goal line. >> washington loves a punt. let's talk about joe manchin. all week we've been hearing from joe manchin. what's his top line number? turns out he has a top line number and far short of what progressives want. $1.5 trillion. he's actually been pretty clear about that number since at least july. politico scoops this yesterday, this agreement that he has with chuck schumer, the senate majority leader. he also hinted on it pretty clearly with dana on state of the union. we've known this number. progressives apparently didn't get the memo on it. why not? >> reporter: well, because it's one thing to say -- have a number and say, that's my top line number. it's another thing to actually begin to seriously negotiate. you also had another senator in kirsten sinema who was not quite
2:35 am
as forthcoming as joe manchin. yes, that whole $1.5 trillion number has been out there. we didn't know until yesterday, and it was made public in the scoop that you mentioned about politico, the amount of detail surrounding what joe manchin had laid out and chuck schumer had initialled that piece of paper. but now is when we really find out where that package is going to end up. i suspect it's not going to be 1.5. it will be higher than that. i think the expectation among leaders in the white house and congress it will be somewhere between 2 and $2.2 trillion. it will be a compromise. progressives will not be happy at that level, but they may be happy enough. the strategy of the house leadership in this situation and the white house is to negotiate to a point at which they, joe biden and nancy pelosi can say to those progressives, this is it. this is the best we can do. it's either going to be 2.2 or
2:36 am
2.4 or 2.1 or nothing, take it or leave it. and the progressives in their calculation are going to take it, and that will be the second part of biden's agenda. then they'll pass the infrastructure bill. >> the progressives feel like they've already compromised. they've come down from 6 or 7. they feel 1.5 is not beginning to negotiate. the progressives -- >> it's still a lot of money. >> a huge amount of money. they say this is about the president's agenda. listen. >> this is all part of the build back better agenda, which is the president's agenda. and so we've got the president's back here. >> we're eager to pass both of these bills. they represent the president's agenda. >> this is not a progressive agenda. we are fighting for the build back better agenda, which is the president's agenda. >> reporter: so they'll be looking for leverage. if nothing gets passed, leverage becomes blame. what does the president do to make sure his agenda isn't torpedoed here? >> reporter: well, i think
2:37 am
they're doing it. they're trying to get very serious negotiation. the white house aides were on the hill in intensive talks. joe biden is engaged during the week with sinema, manchin and others on the telephone. i think they're getting closer. this is an interesting, guys, transition in politics. they are standing up for what joe biden laid out and it's a little bit hard for people to get their minds around. you think, well, joe biden was the moderate democrat. he was more moderate than the rest of the democratic field in 2020. and he won the election. so people presume that his heart is closer to those moderates. however, he has laid down the agenda that the progressives are standing up for. >> right. >> reporter: which reflects the power of their influence within the democratic party. so you have to marry the moderate temperament and sensibility that joe biden brings to this with the actual policy proposals he's laid on the table. and that's where the compromise is going to come. >> which is why i think some
2:38 am
progressives feel a little frustrated he hasn't been more publicly aggressive about supporting their position. there's so much going on today. we actually get a bonus question for you, john. so, lost in all of this debate over infrastructure is the debt ceiling. frankly, much more time pressing than infrastructure, sort of self-imposed deadlines. white house press secretary jen psaki addressed this yesterday. listen to this. >> republicans are playing politics with an economic catastrophe and treating plan for working families like a d.c. game. there are huge impacts here. you touched on the fact, but let me give the public a little sense of that. an instant recession. 6 million jobs lost. 15 trillion in savings wiped out. social security checks and payments to our troops blocked. those are real impacts. republicans and congress are treating this like a game. >> reporter: leader schumer insists the gop will come to its senses, optimistic as this october 18th deadline reaches
2:39 am
closer. but one senior gop aide, john, tells cnn republicans can hold out, quote, longer than biden and the democrats. that's for sure. do you think that's true? >> reporter: probably. but, look, biden and the democrats are the governing party. they are in charge. this is a true game of chicken where if the two cars collide, the world economy blows up. and it is true that republicans are playing political games, trying to extract a political pound of flesh from democrats. but democrats do have the power to do it, to do it as part of this reconciliation process. it's difficult, it's time consuming, but if you're the president of the united states and you're trying to avoid what would be catastrophic for the economy on your watch and on everybody else's watch, the path of least resistance may be to go ahead and do it on your own through the mechanism of reconciliation. don't know that that's going to happen and we did get a little
2:40 am
blink from mitch mcconnell earlier in the week. he said, well, i'll make the reconciliation path easier. that was an accommodation that mcconnell was offering. will that be the last accommodation he offers? that's something that joe biden and chuck schumer are going to have to make a decision about, but i suspect that they will end up deciding to do it through reconciliation. and the debt limit will get raised. the question is how much of a white knuckle time for markets and political leaders is it going to be. >> there is a story about trillion dollar coins to get out of this. this is dangerous, silly season. how do we get out of this mess. by congress raising the debt limit. john harwood, thanks. the treasury secretary describes not raising it. should we be fine with getting rid of the debt ceiling altogether? >> i believe it's very destructive to put the president and myself, the treasury
2:41 am
secretary, in a situation where we might be unable to pay the bills. >> this step risks a financial crisis and crisis in confidence in the u.s. ability to pay its debts. it is a self-inflicted political wound as harwood said. the past 50 years congress has raised the debt limit 78 times. 49 under republican presidents, 29 under democrats. we'll be right back. helen knew exercise could help her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify.
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welcome back. after a rash of combative school board meetings over masks, a group representing school boards is now asking for federal help managing the threats from angry parents. >> what do you want? >> i'm going to come for everybody that comes at my kid
2:46 am
with this stupid ridiculous mandate. >> no more masks. >> you are allowing child abuse. you are allowing child abuse. you are allowing child abuse. you are allowing child abuse. you with your snotty little face you are allowing it as well. >> adults with their face on camera. a similar scene in alaska. an arrest made at an anchorage assembly room where a mask mandate was being discussed. they wore a badge that said, do not comply. the mayor is apologizing for defending the group. he said using the star is a discredit to jewish people. an assembly member disagrees. >> it was heart wrenching to me to see individuals wearing yellow stars of david mimicking my ancestors who perished during the holocaust. for myself and most jews seeing
2:47 am
the yellow star of david is like seeing a swastika on a flag or ss insignia on a uniform. >> all these fights over masks and mandates street concerning the former fda chief scott gottlieb. he's suggesting mandates may be the wrong idea just as a national mandate is set to go into effect soon for bigger businesses. >> i think where this gets touchy is when you mandate vaccination for private businesses down to the level of 100 employees. that's where you're going to get resistance, you're going to get lawsuits and you're going to turn this into more of a political issue. vaccines become another political issue we divide ourselves on as a society. that's not just the covid vaccination rates, but vaccines across the board. we need to be careful here and make sure the incremental benefit we're getting in terms of additional people vaccinated is going to have enough public health payoff to inflict the policies we're enacting. >> meanwhile, a study found the
2:48 am
coronavirus rate where vaccination rates are lower is double that inside metropolitan areas. rural urban divide on deaths. immigration officers can no longer deport people from the u.s. solely because they are undocumented. authorities are being ordered to prioritize documentation of those who pose a threat to security and border security. this may spare many immigrants under the trump administration which would allow the arrest of anyone residing in the country illegally. these rules go into effect november 29. a tight housing market colliding with an influx of refugees. they are racing to find housing for 53,000 afghans. there has been a shortage of affordable homes for years, and refugees are in the u.s. with limited funds. president biden is also doubling the refugee cap for the fiscal year that begins today after years of low emissions under the trump administration, some agencies were forced to close offices and layoff staff, losing some existing relationships with
2:49 am
landlords. let's get a check on cnn business to start a new trading month. looking at markets around the world, markets in mainland china and hong kong were closed for a holiday. on wall street stock index futures this hour are moving down a little built. stocks on track for what could be the worst week of the year. closing on a sour note, the dow fell 546 points, s&p and nasdaq also closed lower. september was the worst month of the year for all three major averages. the worst month for the s&p 500 since the beginning of the pandemic. markets hate uncertainty and it's hard to see through the policy fog in d.c., and hard to see the end of the supply disruptions feeding inflation. prices are rising for everything from paint to bacon to clothing. meantime, an important update on the economic recovery. gdp expanded 6.7% in the quarter. that's showing an economy that is roaring ahead looking for the year, we could have the best economic growth since potentially the clinton years. and despite the roughed of the
2:50 am
month and the quarter, the s&p 500 still up nearly 15% so far this year. say good-bye to rent discounts and pandemic pricing. rents across the country are climbing again. and the national median rent rose to $1302 last month. that's up 15% from last year. rents in new york, one of the most expensive markets in the country, dipped during the pandemic. now they are coming back. the median rent in manhattan was $3200 in august. that is up 1.5% from july. several factors are feeding these higher rates. people are moving back to urban areas. first time buyers are still being priced out of the market. ♪ infamous rather unappetizing lyric from eminem's hit song lose yourself coming to real life. the rapper is opening his mom's spaghetti restaurants in his hometown of detroit this week. surprising customers by serving up pasta from the restaurant's take-out window.
2:51 am
>> people on social media had a field day with that one. a japanese princess is relinquishing her title in the name of love. princess mako will give up her royal status to marry a college classmate, adhering to a rule of fem females marrying commoners. she is relinquishing payment when leaving the royal household. tom brady will return to new england to play the patriots the first time since leaving. hi, andy. >> this is the most anticipated regular season game we've had in a very long time. ticket prices are reflecting that. according to vivid seats, the average price is more than $1100. brady said it's not going to be a time to reminisce on his time in new england. brady will be coming in as the all-time leading passer during
2:52 am
the game. right now he's 68 yards away. the patriots the only team in the nfl that brady has not beat. as he looks back at the break-up with the patriots and coach bill belichick after 20 years together, brady says it all went down perfectly. >> everything as gracefully as we could. it was an amazing, like i said, time and it was handled perfectly. i think everyone understood, you know, where we're at, the people involved in the situation. things worked out for the best for all of us. but they know i'm going to kick their butt this week. they know exactly how i'm feeling once i'm out there. >> brady losing his voice at practice. he joked that it's because he's been trying to get so many tickets for his friends and family this weekend. thursday night football, number two picks, squaring off, the jags dominating this game early on taking a 14-0 lead at the halftime.
2:53 am
the bengals rallying late. joe borrow to c.j.uzoma. tying the game with nine minutes left to go. cincinnati wins 24-21. urban meyer called the loss devastating and heartbreaking as the jags stay winless. 95% of nba players are vaccinated according to league source. there is strict protocol for unvaccinated players. preseason kicks off on sunday. to baseball, the braves had a losing record at the all-star break, but they turned things around to win their fourth straight national league east title. atlanta clinching the division in front of their home fans with a 5-3 win over the phillies. they're going to face the brewers in the playoffs when they open the division series a week from today. the astros, meanwhile, clinching
2:54 am
their fourth division title the last five years with a 3-2 win over the rays last night. houston locked into a division series match up with the al division champion white sox thursday. take a look at 72-year-old dusty baker leading the locker room celebration by drinking champagne out of a cleat. >> gross. >> he's the only manager in baseball to win the division titles with five different teams. laura and christine, next time you're at a party, can't find a glass, take off your shoe. apparently that's a thing. >> was that a used shoe? >> a cleat is a cleat, right? it's used at some point. >> still gross. >> i car pool, drive around high school soccer players. i can't even breathe around those shoes let alone drink out of it. thank you, andy. >> thanks, andy. >> the president's agenda in limbo, defying pressure from the house speaker. will the vote happen today? busy day ahead, folks.
2:55 am
have a great weekend. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, october 1st. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. breaking this morning, n


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