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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 6, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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comcast business powering possibilities. hello. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this "new day". mark zuckerberg respond to get claims made by the whistle-blower. tensions boil between the family of gabby petito and brian laundrie. more flips and twists and contortions than an olympic floor routine. hear what she said about the former president now. and every time the yankees lose, an angel gets its wings. the red sox win. a victory for everything that is
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good and decent in this world. a defeat for smugness in nearly unbearable shame, shame for the few remaining yankees fans. good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, october 6th. and we are beginning with tensions that are rising between the families of both brian laundrie and gabby petito. both of them are speak out as the manhunt for laundrie intensifies. brian laundrie's sister cassie breaking her silence. she said she has no idea where her brother is and, if she did, she would turn him in. >> it has been a remarkable 24 hours in this case.
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more people speaking out in public than ever before. gabby petito's parents, step parents talked to dr. phil. they reached tout laundrie's families a couple times after being concerned about gabby's whereabouts, but the family never responded. they believe brian is in hiding and someone has to start talking. jean casarez joins us with the latest. all of a sudden, the last 24 hours, everyone is talking. >> it is amazing. gabby's father said once the communication stopped with her, she knew something was wrong. they were concerned for both of them. he found every conceivable number for the laundrie family. he kept calling and calling, texted multiple times. finally on the 11th of september he texted we're going to the police because we know something is wrong, something happened to gabby. there was silence. the justice they want is for gabby.
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there is still no sign of brian laundrie. nearly three weeks since he was first reported missing. now gabby petito's family sending this message to their daughter's fiancee. >> turn yourself in. >> turn yourself in. >> turn yourself in. >> turn yourself in. >> why? >> because if you truly loved her, you should turn yourself in. >> you are only making it worse for yourself, for us and his family. >> they last saw him september 14th, five days before petito's body was discovered in the grand teton national park in wyoming. her mother emotional, recalling that moment in an interview with dr. phil. >> and we knew it was gabby. even though we were hoping it wasn't. it's hard. it was the hardest thing i have ever had to listen to.
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it didn't hit me right away. for a few seconds. but i knew she was gone. as a mom, i knew she was gone. >> laundrie's disappearance launching an unsuccessful search in this florida wildlife reserve. >> do you believe he's hiding somewhere? >> i do. >> why do you believe that? >> because he's a coward. flat out. i would use some other words, but i can't use them on your show. . >> last week the attorney for laundrie's parents saying they do not know where brian is. they are concerned about brian and hope the fbi can locate him. as the search continues, petito's mother says she believes the laundries from more information about their son's location. >> somebody needs to start talking. i do believe they know a lot more information >> oh, yeah. >> his sister is speaking out. >> no, i do not know where brian
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is. i'd turn him in. i don't know if my parents are involved. i think if they are, then they should come clean. . >> cassie laundrie last saw her brother september 6th for a camping trip. . >> we went for a couple hours, ate dinner, had s'mores around the campfire and left. there was nothing me kaoul yard about it. >> they are not talking to us either. >> why aren't they talking to you guys? >> if i knew, i would say. i don't know. >> meanwhile, for petito's parents, growing frustration. as the days go by without any answers about their daughter's death. >> i'm angry. i know who the last person was that was with her. i can't point fingers until we know for sure.
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>> cnn has reached out to the family attorney for the laundries. he has not responded to our request for comment. gabby's stepfather also said he was in wyoming. and he said that it was all of a sudden the fbi contacted him saying we've not to talk with you. they went to a conference room, the fbi came in. they had located an article of clothing. there was a conference call with the whole family. and, john, incident was a sweatshirt. a sweatshirt that they all knew gabby had loved. and they realized it was gabby. >> it's so tragic, so sad for that family. i think we have to remember that as we see all of these people speaking out and try to piece together, maybe even from the tone of their voice, their emotion and exactly what they are saying. >> last night nikki haley, once a rising star on the tpop, more like a republican pinball machine said this at the ronald
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reagan library. >> a large portion of our people are plagued by self-doubt or even by hatred of america. it's a pandemic much more damaging than any virus. >> the former ambassador to the u.n. not letting more than 700,000 covid deaths and counting get in the way of minimizing a pandemic politicized by the administration she served as she suggests liberals hate america and the country doesn't have a racism program, as she recounted growing up in the south. >> and take it from me, the first female and first minority governor of south carolina, america is not a racist country. as a brown girl growing up in a small southern town, i saw the promise of america unfold before me. >> she did see the promise of america unfold. but at times she also saw the promise of america denied. and we know this because she's
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talked about it, growing up where she and her sikh indian immigrants didn't blend in. >> we were always other. what was that like growing up what lessons did it teach you? >> i think you grow up in a small town and your father once a turban, mother wears a sari. my parents reminded about how you're different. it's about how you're similar. >> you would see people staring at your dad. and one place the police were called because he was shopping at a road side stand. and you said it made you sad for him. >> i knew they didn't know him the way i knew him. and i knew they were -- whatever fear or concern they had i knew wasn't warranted. but at the same time, while i talk about those differences, it's in that environment, in
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that state of south carolina that i watched them change. i saw the evolution. i saw how they -- >> the people in the community, no the your parents. right. they wanted to know more about our family. >> some people didn't change, though. like one south carolina state senator who said this in 2010 as she ran for governor. >> we've got a rag head in washington. we don't need a rag head in the statehouse. >> backlash against that video helped propel haley to victory. systemic racism is in the past now, which she said as govern ofr south carolina when they removed the confederate flag from the state house grounds. here she is in 2014. >> we really kind of fixed all that when you elected the first indian female govern or.
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that sent a huge message. . >> the next year, a white supremacist walked into the emanuel ame church, joined prescriptioners for bible study and pulled out a gun and executed nine of them. when asked by cbs news about removing the confederate flag she said it wasn't the right time. >> right now i am not doing that to the people of my state. >> in less than a week, to her credit, the governor came around. >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. on matters of race, south carolina has a tough history. we all know that. many of us have seen it in our own lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents. we don't need reminders. in spite of last week's tragedy, we have come a long way since those days and have much to be proud of, but there's more we can do. >> there is more to do, she said. worth noting while dylann roof
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was convicted on federal hate crime charges, he did not face state hate crime charges because south carolina didn't have a hate crimes law and still doesn't. sit one of two states without one. an advertising campaign in south carolina urging residents to report hate crimes. in last night's spaoefrpbgs the former governor who removed the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds only to have that symbol brandished inside the u.s. capitol by rioters this past january, whitewashed the ups and downs of the american experience with racism and the challenges still ahead, all apparently to appeal to the conservative base. nikki haley courting the followers of donald trump who enlisted the support of anti-government extremists, told the proud boys to stand back and stand by, told black and brown nations shut hole countries and said there are very fine people
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on both sides after a white supremacist killed a woman as she protested a far right rally even after nikki haley said this about president trump following january 6th. we need to acknowledge he let us down. he went down a path he shouldn't have. we shouldn't have followed him. and we shouldn't have listened to him. and we can't let that ever happen again. his actions since election day will be judged harshly by history. she went to mar-a-lago to kiss the ring but she was denied. nikki haley is too busy trying to ride his coattails. >> quite a history you lay out there. and quite a journey, shall we say, for nikki haley. joining us now miles taylor, former chief of staff at the department of homeland security under former president trump. miles, you know, i think there are two things going on here with nikki haley that are
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related. one is she is tkg what mike pence is to go and what many people in the republican party are doing, whatever they said before negative about donald trump and the insurrection, they are trying to walk it back, minute by minute, day by day. she is doing another thing, this line of attack on democrats saying they are somehow unamerican. there is a connect there, right? what's more unamerican, supporting some of the things democrats do, we talk about some of the things progressives do, or being acquiesceent to an insurrection at the u.s. capitol? >> i weigh what the democrats are doing against insurrection and find things can't really be prepared. you used the operative word, political gymnastics. she is putting herself, frankly, though, in an impossible position. while posturing for the presidency, she's also pro straighting herself at the feet of donald trump. that is a difficult position to be in.
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it is like people like her are in a hostage situation within the party. i heard one very senior member of the cabinet say about donald trump, this is the most pwaoeufs relationship i have ever been in in my entire life. that's what you see with people like nikki haley, who try to oppose trump, back in the camp, and oppose him again. they all know the same numbers i know, which is donald trump can't get to 50. that's the problem. he lost the presidency, he lost the house of reprpresidency, th united states senate. he is a flawed candidate that can't win elections. that's where the nikki haleys of the world are hoping they can edge in. and the ambitions of people who want to try to replace them. the incomes show the republican base is opening up to this. a recent poll that we looked at at my organization renew america
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movement shows donald trump's numbers among republicans have dropped from around 50% to 25%. he's now even with ron desantis and who they want to see as the head of the party. for the first time ever, a majority of republicans are now saying they want a fresh face. so the nikki haleys see blood in the effort wafplt they're having to twist themselves in knots to show they are the right ones to take over. because when he was in power, they refused to stand up to the guy. they're trying to figure out how do they differentiate themselves from a man they paid homage to for four years. >> you say there is a national security issue with folks like nikki haley doing that. . >> absolutely i think there is. this is another place where you just have to dive into the numbers. trump u and trumpism afferent just political problems for this country. it is a public safety and
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national security problem. let me explain why. we had another poll we dove into in the last couple of weeks that came out from the university of chicago that showed roughly a 10-fold increase in sentiments nationwide towards political violence in this country. specifically something on the order of 27 million americans in that poll confessed that they supported the idea of political violence to reinstall donald trump into the white house. 27 million americans. of those, i think around 6 million either said they were a part of or knew someone affiliated with an armed militia or extremist group. this is mind bowling. these are enormous numbers. when i was originally in government we roughly estimated 100,000 domestic extremists in the united states. cases the fbi might be following. that has increased ten-fold. and the fbi director ream reported that. he reported the massive increase
3:17 am
in the domestic terrorism cases around the country and said it's the number one threat. what is the source? largely the rhetoric propagated by the former president. when you talk to the voters and the people in the polls, they cite the big lie and the fact that the election was stolen. that rhetoric is radicalizing people to violence and putting american lives in danger. >> politicians are fertilizing that frowned. they know the threat, but they are fertilizing the ground. miles, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> next, we have breaking new details about the terrorist who killed 13 americans in the deadly bombing at the kabul airport released from prison just days before the attack. >> plus, a top secret memo with a grave warning for american spice. could democrats go nuclear? raising the debt ceiling and avoiding economic disaster. intg fidelity income planning. we look at how much you've saved, how much you'll need,
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we have break news about the suicide attack in afghanistan that left 13 u.s. members dead. oren liebermann joins us now from the pentagon. once again, oren, this raises questions about the chaotic nature of the u.s. withdrawal and the repercussions thereof. >> reporter: absolutely, john. the latest revelations underscore how the final takes of the withdrawal were and how quickly the situation was deteriorating and how quickly afghanistan could be used as a base by terror organizations like al qaeda or isis-k to reconstitute their organizations. so on august 15th, as the taliban was essentially at the gates of kabul, they opened up two prisons, bagram air base and the prison near kabul. in opening up the prisons hours before they took control of the city of kabul, they released
3:23 am
members of taliban, isis-k and al qaeda. one of them who, 11 days later on, would carry out the attack that killed 13 u.s. service members, 11 marines, a sailor and a soldier. two u.s. officials, as well as congressman ken calvert's office said he was released from bagram air base. the afghans had run the prison itself since 2013. we saw that in capitol hill hearings for the way they turned over pack r-- bagram. it was like they vanished in the middle of the night, allowing looters onto the air base.
3:24 am
this goes to underscore the risks and dangers in how they played out, john. >> the ramifications as well. oren liebermann, thank you so much for that report. appreciate it. developing overnight, the "new york times" reports that the cia has circulated an unusual top secret memo rising the alarm of number of u.s. informants overseas that have been captured or killed. phil, this is very alarm to go learn of. give us a sense of how frequently this must be happening of american adversaries mying off u.s. in informants in order for a memo to be issued about it. >> it has to be pretty frequent. in the 25 years i did this business, i don't remember a memo like this. the most significant part, it's not focused on a specific country. not like we have a traitor selling secrets to the russians, chinese or others.
3:25 am
by reading the memo from the outside, it suggests there are problems with u.s. intelligence against all of these countries, which says as we transition from the war on terror to what the cia used to do, big hard targets like the russians and the chinese, maybe the american intelligence service i served in lost a step in terms of tactics and training. those are far harder targets than chasing al qaeda and isis. >> look, it seems like technology is an issue here, that other countries are getting good at it and they are able to use it to track informants down. >> i think that's true. think of a couple of aspects of the spy business. number one, tracking people, especially people or w.h.o. trying to communicate outside their countries in a place like russia, iran or china. tracking people through social media, email, text. if you look at the capabilities, take russia for example, of tracking people electronically, remember, this is the same russia that has thousands of people looking at the u.s.
3:26 am
electoral process digitally. their ability to intercept communications of their own citizens or look at communications in the united states very high. the other thing i would say is identity. years ago if you wanted to travel, we would give you fake documents. give you a passport and put your photo in there. how do you do that with retinal scans, dna, fingerprints around the world? i think the age of spy craft is really going digital. that's a problem for the americans. . >> what does this mean for u.s. intel gathering? >> i think it's pretty significant. you've got to think of intel gathering in terms of spraets to the united states. threats from election interference. with the chinese, the chinese navy in the south china sea. with iran, there is a threat of a nuclear program. those countries that pose the most significant threats to american security, whether in the united states or overseas, are the same countries having something wrapping up u.s.
3:27 am
agents. you put two and two together. that means in those critical areas, the u.s. is more blind. you can't come away from that without saying that is a problem for american national security >> phil, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thanks. one of the men accused of hunting down and killing ahmaud arbery is asking the court to disregard evidence. and where is dan scanino?
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3:32 am
scavino. they issued a subpoena last month, but here's the rub. they can't find him to serve him. laura jarrett, co-anchor of "early start" and our attorney at hand here is here. is he on the lam? >> he is probably best known for being the man behind so many of the former president's tweets. that's precisely why house investigators want to talk to him about the january 6th insurrection. they want to talk about what was trump's mind-set, what was the communication strategy? the problem is dan scavino is mia. he is in fact, still tweeting on his private accounts at least. so we know he is out there somewhere. the question is how far do house investigators want to go? they don't want this to drag on. they could try to go to court to get the subpoena enforced to say he's dodging service here.
3:33 am
they have other people they want to talk to that haven't dodged service, steve bannon, kash patel, other close allies of the president. scavino is essential. >> service by dm maybe one day. maybe that would work. it certainly would work here. . >> i don't think that's been tested in the courts yet. i'll have to get back to you. >> separately, one of the men who was charged with killing ahmaud arbery, we are watching this case carefully, is asking evidence of his confederacy support banned. this is what lawyers would call a very bad fact. if you have been accused of killing an unarmed black man who was jogging while black in georgia last year, a case where motive is going to be key. this is all going to come down to what their intent was. and at the same time, at the time of this killing, you
3:34 am
happened to have a vanity license plate with the design of the confederate battle flag on it. that is what his lawyer wants to keep out. he has pled not guilty. lawyers know this will be an uphill battle, a tough case for his client. they want to keep out any evidence that could make the jury think that he came to this event with a bad motive. the judge is going to be the one that will have to decide whether this vanity license plate comes in. i should mention, he will have to decide pretty soon because jury selection begins october 18th. president biden is floating a major change to senate rules as the u.s. faces economic disaster. will mod rats get on board with this? a christmas crisis before halloween. images showing why the items on the shopping list might be so hard to get. subway® has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad.
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a real possibility, he says. president biden suggest a major change amid the standoff with republicans over a potentially catastrophic debt default. getting rid of the filibuster rule would lower the 60-vote threshold for passage to 50. and vice president kamala harris could break a 50 50 tie. arlette saenz live for us at the white house with more. this would be specific to the debt ceiling, arlette. >> reporter: it would, brianna. democrats right now are scrambling to find ways to avoid a potential debt default as
3:40 am
republicans are standing firm against raising the debt limit. president biden, as you heard last night, said that it's a very real possibility that senate democrats could use a one-time carveout to address the debt ceiling. what democrats haven't discussed is possibly using the nuclear option to blow up the senate rule in order to clear a threshold to pass a measure. instead, allowing a simple majority for the procedural vote. many democrats, some democrats agree with eliminating the f filibuster and creating a one-time carveout, one-time change to the rule. senator manchin is one of those who opposes changes to the filibuster. specific live on that carveout he has not answered just yet whether he would allow for that. now, a little bit later here at the white house, president biden will be hosting business leaders and ceos as he tries to ramp up
3:41 am
the public pressure campaign to address the debt ceiling. if the country were to default, it would have major economic consequences across the board. now, the president has also suggested he could call mitch mcconnell. so far he has called the republicans's moves irresponsible as washington is barreling towards that october 18th deadline on the debt ceiling. >> it is almost upon us. arlette, thank you. so if you are wondering why you are paying more for certain things or why you can't get them at all, the answer might be floating off the southern california coast. dozens of cargo ships are just sitting there because there aren't enough workers to unload them. kyung lah joins us. >> reporter: we know there is a
3:42 am
slowdown in the supply chain. every time you click and buy something, furniture, clothing, it comes through a place like this. it will come through long pwaoefrpbgs along with los angeles make this the busiest ports in the entire country. but the slowdown doesn't start here. the most visible part is at sea wherewith he got a bird's-eye view. to understand the problem on the ground, you first need to see it from the air. >> we're flying right over the anchorages on the ports of los angeles and long beach. >> reporter: this is where the supply chain moats the u.s. economy. >> it is record breaking, unprecedented. there are more ships than parking spots. we are effectively operating as a waiting lot in the pacific ocean. >> reporter: this bottleneck as far as the eye can see carries
3:43 am
more than half the made in asia items purchased by the american consumer. . >> you are looking at all the electronics, the home goods. all of the things that people are looking for to buy this coming holiday season. >> reporter: zero ships usually stay parked here. on this day, the commander bor accounts 55 in the ports and more drifting further out in the pacific. the backup is at all west coast u.s. ports. what does that indicate about what's happening in the supply chain? >> i think everybody can see things are slowing down. >> reporter: slowing down and piling up at sea. and at the ports of entry. this is what happens when a global economy snaps back after the covid slump of 2020. american consumers are back, buying with force. but the supply chain is struggling to catch up. >> we need to have an amazon state of mind. by that i mean amazon changed everything. >> factories in asia are still
3:44 am
stopping due to covid. in the u.s., national labor shortages and limited work hours. the port of long beach is just now experimenting with round-the-clock operations. >> this is a wakeup to realize you can't operate with the motto of yesterday. >> reporter: the goal, cut the wait time for truck drivers, the next link of the supply chain, moving containers out of the port. >> every day, five, six hours in the harbor. >> we had to wait six hours. >> i was in there for nine hours. >> reporter: nine hours ruben lost, that he could have been moving merchandise. . >> i'm making less money because i can't do as many rounds. >> reporter: there is a truck driver shortage. but the problem is even more basic than that. >> now the port is backed up, we're backed up, truckers are backed up. everyone is backed up. aoeutsd just a big problem. >> reporter: it's like a chain reaction. . >> exactly.
3:45 am
>> reporter: delayed trucks means delays at warehouses like canton food company in los angeles. i have eight containers on the harbor somewhere from china and vietnam. >> reporter: filled with food? >> just waiting. >> reporter: that means for this warehouse, empty shelves with no date to fill them. basic economics are at play. scarcity drives up prices. so it's almost doubled in price? >> at least 70%. >> reporter: prices forren greed kwrepbts restaurant owner has to pay. >> all the different products you have to substitute, you have to change are now 30% more. 50% more. 100% more. >> reporter: this location operates in a renovated shipping container. the supplies he needs sit out at sea in the same metal bins. a cruel irony after barely keeping his restaurant open through the pandemic.
3:46 am
>> we worry as far as -- because you don't know what's going to happen, right? you don't know what's next. >> reporter: how long are the ships going to be floating out here? >> i can't say how long they're going to be like this. i think we're all going to wait and see how long this shakes out. >> reporter: yeah. very few people have the answer, the exact answer for how long. the consensus from the coast guard to the experts at the port, to the drivers and workers themselves is that this is going to last at least through the holidays, if not longer. what does that mean for you, john? you better start your christmas shopping early. the truck driver i interviewed said he is already going through his christmas list, because he wants to make sure his nephews get what they want. . >> that is why i'm resort to go crafting. i can't count on the stores at this point. kyung lah thank you for that report. >> take me off the list. . >> no one wants to be on the list when they hear it's going
3:47 am
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what would you want then to know about the paul riley that you encountered and had to deal with? >> he's a predator. he sexually harassed me and he took away our careers. >> that is former national women's soccer player mana shim speaking out against paul riley following a report in the
3:52 am
athletic of which shim and another player accused him of misconduct. riley denied the accusations in the report. adrienne broaddus joins us live for this report. tell us what is alleged here. >> reporter: brianna, first, i want to say some of the details of this report may be tough for our viewers to hear. the two former players are speaking out, hoping to use their voice, use their pain for change. and we have seen some change. we will get to that in a moment. first, one former player, mana shim, is alleging what she says is her former coach, paul riley, quote, sexuall ly harassed and psychologically abused her. si
3:53 am
sinead. we saw the commissioner baird step down. players saying they are grateful for the overwhelming amount of support but still say more needs to be done. listen in. >> i want more. i want more justice. i want better policies. i want players to be protected. and at the same time i feel like we're on the right path. >> the support and the validation of the story by everyone globally has just b been -- it has blown me away and really has felt like it has given my pain purpose. and that has been a liberation for me that i have not been able to feel for almost 10 years. >> and as you can imagine, these players have held onto their secrets for years. even saying it seeps into every aspect of their lives. now, in the athletic, riley
3:54 am
denied the allegations. and cnn still was not immediately able to reach the league for comment. brianna. >> adrienne broaddus, thank you for that very important report. we appreciate it. mark zuckerberg breaking his silence after damning testimony from a former employee. his response to allegations that the social media giant isn't doing enough to protect children. also, everything is different this morning. everything. the red sox and basic goodness win and why yankees fans on the internet are demanding i apologize. . >> i'm sure they are. h voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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3:59 am
i have been criticized for being too negative on yankees fans. i guarantee you they would be 10,000 times worse if the situation were reversed. nevertheless, i will be positive and only say this was glorious. >> you know what, john, you were born in boston in 2004, for the entire time they have owned the yankees. they knocked them out three straight times. 2004, 2018 and last night. pwofplt first, runner on. bogaerts comes to the plate. he had been struggling back. crushes a home run to center. didn't even make it out of the third inning before being pulled. 3-1, red sox. hits one off the green monster for the second time in the game. red sox, the perfect relay to get aaron judge at the plate.
4:00 am
boston crowd just goes wild. they party the rest of the night. red sox accepted the yankees packing, 6-2. >> you feed off that energy. you thrive for that. red sox nation brought it tonight. we needed it. you can't say enough about the crowd tonight. >> the guys are crushed. tonight was another tough one to take. we've been through a lot of wars with guys in that room. we have a lot of scars. so guys are -- guys are bummed. >> yeah. another long off-season in the bronx. haven't won a world series since 2009. aaron boone's contract is up. the rays series gets started tomorrow. . >> the red sox aren't very good. but that doesn't matter. the only thing tha


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