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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 9, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. a source tells cnn that dan scavino has now been served with a subpoena. scavino is one of several former trump aides over the january 6th insurrection wants to appear on capitol hill next week. this is all over a showdown of executive privilege. president biden is rejecting the request to withhold the records from the committee. trump is trying to assert executive privilege to keep documents secret from the
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committee. trump is urging his former aides to defy the subpoenas. we have marshall cohen with the latest. what do we know with the scavino subpoena? >> good morning, fredricka. a source familiar with the matter says that scavino got the subpoena. it was served to him via a process server down in florida. sent to mar-a-lago. the former president's compound and golf club. scavino got the subpoena. of th the last of the first batch to be sefrved. the question is how will he respond respond. the issue is the response from the other trump inner circle members. steve bannon and mark immemeado
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and kash patel. they got their subpoenas and told the committee different answers. steve bannon said he will fight it out. that might end up going to court. kash patel and mark meadows are engaging with lawmakers and trying to find a way forward. scavino, as i said, will have to go through the process right now with his attorney. the lawmakers want tons of documents about what happened around jacnuary 6th and the efforts to subvert the election. this could go to court. that is where things stand for now. >> marshall, what is the goal? what documents is the select committee looking for? >> they want a lot. they have cast a very, very wide net. they reached out to these officials, former officials. they asked the fbi and doj and homeland security and secret
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service for all kinds of documents about the preparation apreparations and security and posture about that day. they consenasked for president s white house records. the most sensitive information or details of the trump whereabouts and movements on january 6th leading up to january 6th and that unprecedented effort to undo the 2020 election. they asked the national archives for trump's white house documents. that decision is not up to trump. he is not president. it is up to the biden white house. i want to read a statement from the counsel explaining why they will go ahead and hand over the documents. the constitutional protections of executive privilege should not be used to shield from congress or the public information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to subvert the constitution itself.
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what does that mean? trump is trying to use executive privilege to argue these documents should stay secret. the biden white house said if you are trying to subvert the constitution and undo an election, you don't get to use the constitutional protections to shield the documents. you can't have it both ways. >> thank you, marshall cohen. i appreciate it. the u.s. surgeon general says he feels cautiously optimistic about the state of the pandemic. the nation is now averaging fewer than 100,000 daily new infections for the first time in more than two months. the number of people hospitalized with covid has dropped significantly and deaths are beginning to decline as well. joining me now to discuss is dr. craig spencer at columbia university medical center. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> do you share that optimism? do you feel we are turning a corner?
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>> i think anyone looking at the numbers you presented would realize we are collectively turning a corner. as i warned at the beginning of the pandemic in march and april of 2020, we will have this virus roll around the country and cause, you know, different mini pandemics in many places. right now, if the national numbers are looking better than a few weeks ago, we are still seeing that places those disproportionately unvaccinated are seeing a lot of cases and hospitalizations and a lot of death. there is still a lot of virus circulating in the country making it dangerous for anyone unvaccinated. if the metrics are improving, 1,800 deaths a day is sad because every single death is preve preventible. >> despite the positive signs, some experts say we are living in two americas as things improve in vaccinated parts the country, they are bleak in
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places where are hesitant to get the shots. listen to this doctor. >> it troubled me because i worked a couple shifts where six or seven people were waiting for beds at other hospitals that did not exist or ambulances that were six or seven hours away from bringing them to those places. >> dr. davidson is a familiar voice to the program. how do you square the positive trends versus the real reality on the ground with people who are reluctant? >> i think this is something that i've seen recently in new york where i've taken care of patients with covid. most of whom unvaccinated. it is still a big attempt and push to try to convince people to get vaccinated and continue to take this seriously. that is harder with the numbers going down and people starting to feel more safe as if there is
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less virus circulating. we know this virus can and likely will return. the question is it is a question of scale and who it impacts and how bad it will be this fall and winter. >> let's look at it globally. russia reported that it has its highest number of deaths in a single day since the start of the pandemic. vaccines are not widely available in a lot of poor countries. what's your prognosis of how globally things could move in the right direction? >> this is the one thing i've been worried about since the vaccines were really first announced. i was concerned we were going to treat this as a u.s. pandemic. a blue state and red state pandemic and democrat and a republican pandemic. this is a pandemic in which we play a small role. it is rate 76% of the population
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received at least one dose in the u.s. 2.5% of people in low income countries have had access to the similar dose. israel already planning on rolling up the fourth booster dose campaign and health care workers taking care of covid patients today who still have not had access to a single dose of vaccine. to highlight the egregious inequity of the vaccine availability. doses made in africa were being sent back to europe to fulfill contract obligations. we need to do more, especially on behalf of the u.s., to share the technology to make sure the vaccines can get produced in places where they are needed to donate excess doses and stop hoarding doses and transfer this knowledge to prepare for this pandemic and for the next one. >> the inequity has been acknowledged globally. everyone knows this. richer nations can afford to do
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more compared to nations lacking resources. everyone acknowledges it. what's the problem? why isn't there movement in a more significant manner? >> because promises are easier than action. we in the u.s. have donated or at least said we will pledge to donate over 1 billion doses. a small fraction of that is actually left the u.s. and gone to other places and gone into arms around the world. we have said we will give billions of dollars to the fight, but the billions were used to buy doses that won't be delivered until a year from now. you know a lot of people will still die of covid between now and then. in the meantime, the u.s. is signa sitting on hundreds of millios of doses to get the most vulnerable vaccinate anned. covax has come up short.
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doesn't have enough doses to meet the target to get the people around the world vac nalt o vaccinated. there is a shortage of doses in places that just don't have them or access to them. we in the u.s. and not just the u.s., but other nations that bought the doses initially and need to do more to get them out. we vn we haven't been doing it. >> we will see how trends are impacted when and if vaccinations are made available to children in the country between the ages of 5 and 12. thank you, dr. expspencer. i appreciate it. still ahead, the u.s. senate avoided economic disaster, but temporarily. i and tensions remain with the flood of challenges on capitol hill. and where is brian laundrie? police now say there hasn't been any physical evidence that he's
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those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) all right. more debt ceiling drama days after the senate narrowly voted to avert the u.s. government defaulting on its bills. mitch mcconnell is now saying not to ask for his help on raising the debt ceiling again. we have daniella diaz on capitol hill. what does he mean? >> reporter: he has strong words for president biden and the democrats in congress. saying they should not expect his help this time around to raise or suspend the debt ceiling when the next deadline
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in early december comes around. he said in this letter, he wrote, senator schumer marched the nation to the door step of disaster. embarrassingly, senators were pleading for leadership to protect our citizens. i stepped up. he had been telling democrats for weeks now that he would not help them or any republicans would help raise or suspend the debt ceiling when the deadline came on october 18th. that is the date that treasury secretary janet yellen gave for when the nation would default on its debt which would have disastrous results on the economy. that is why the senate took action in suspending the debt ceiling until december. they punted the deadline for two months. now chuck schumer and democrats have to figure out how to go at this alone. mcconnell made clear they are not going to help this time around. however, important to know he
8:17 am
had already said that and they did help. this is why he issued this letter to president biden and democrats to warn that they should not expect any republican support in any legislation going forward. democrats have to work on the economic bill and a lot of deadlines in december they need to get through and it is unclear how this is going to go. it will be a busy rest of the year here in congress to see how democrats tackle deadlines. >> because at issue, is it helping democrats or helping americans? did this letter really come because of responding to criticism coming from within the gop? >> reporter: that's exactly right. that's true, fred. the thing is it is really interesting to see what happens when congress meets again, not next week, but the week after
8:18 am
because there is a lot of criticism with the gop from mcconnell waving and blinking on raising the debt ceiling. unclear how this is going to go. there is criticism against what schumer said on the senate floor this week where he slammed republicans for not helping with the debt ceiling. in the end, they did. >> all right. daniella diaz, thank you. power grab. snarky tweets and bizarre feud between leaders in idaho when governor brad went to the border. we have the latest from boise. >> reporter: the latest from the republican governor and lieutenant governor happened this week when little went to texas. >> it is time for the biden administration to wake up. >> reporter: to stand with governor abbott to blast the
8:19 am
handling of the southern border. while little is considered a conservative, the elected separately is aligned with the far right wing of the party. seen holding a gun and bible in a video that criticized coronavirus restrictions. >> we recognize all of us are free and equal. >> reporter: she is running for the top job against little. he used his absence to seize control of the state and issue an executive order banning vaccines in schools. she made a similar move earliea. banning masks in buildings. she inquired about mobilizing the idaho national guard and sending troops to the mexican border. all relater rescinded. >> when the governor leaves the
8:20 am
state, all duties that apply to the office of the governor fall to the lieutenant governor. >> reporter: little has never mandated masks, but allowed counties and schools to make decisions. on vaccines, he banned state officials to require vaccinations proof. he did not call out schools. she tweeted her executive order fixed that. we caught up with her outside her office. >> you are running for governor. when he leaves town, you are issuing the orders. you are undermining what he is doing. >> you know, i'm not going to talk anymore to an activist. if you are asking me fair questions as a reporter, that's fine. if you are going to be an activist -- >> i'm not being an activist. what do you say to critics? >> again, you are being an activist. i am not anti-vax. i am not anti-testing of covid. we know a lot of people
8:21 am
suffering from this right now. i am very much against having it be a mandate in our state. that's what this is all about. people should not be forced to decide -- >> he never mandated anything. >> interview's over. >> reporter: for his part, governor little has been quiet on the matter with an aide saying he is trying to rise above the political noise. >> the reaction to the actions by your lieutenant governor? >> we have to go. i'm sorry. we're taking care of it. >> do you think it's political? >> it could be political. >> we had republican governors and democrat lieutenant governors. they work it out. >> reporter: jim jones is the former chief justice of the idaho supreme court. >> this is the only lieutenant governor that i can recall that has acted like an idiot. >> reporter: governor little made the argument it is a mischaracterization of the constitution that anytime he
8:22 am
leaves the state, that the lieutenant governor takes over. he got supporting opinion from the attorney general's office. it was a close legal call that needs to be resolved in the courts. dan simon, cnn, idaho. now to the gabby petito case. we are live in florida with latest next. the quick programming note. tomorrow night on the new season of this is life with leisa ling. catch the season premiere of this is life with lisa ling tomorrow night on cnn at 10:00.. (brad) how is apartments-dot-com so sure that we'll
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after nearly four weeks, still no signs of brian laundrie in the florida nature preserve where he is thought to be hiding. police have not found any physical evidence that laundrie has been there at all. he vanished after his fiance gabby petito was reported missing. she was found dead in wyoming. we have nadia with us. it has been four weeks since he went missing. how is the timeline changing? has there been any collection of evidence about his whereabouts? >> reporter: fred, this is such a confusing case. there are so many unanswered questions. as you mentioned, the timeline given by brian laundrie's family has been changing. they originally told investigators they last saw and heard from their son on
8:28 am
september 14th. then it was this week they said, no, it was the day before on the 13th. that has people questioning if they are telling the whole truth. cnn asked their attorney if the family would be willing tie a polygraph test. the attorney said no, not at this time. chris laundrie, brian's father, did go out to help investigators at the carlton reserve and his goal was to basically show them areas and hikes and trails his son liked to go to. he did that earlier this week and came right back home to the house behind me where they have been since their son went missing four weeks ago. now, north port police, local police here, was the original agency investigating the disappearance of gabby petito. her parents reported her missing on september 11th. the police department came to the house to interview the parents. they say it was a bit odd. when they arrived, the family had the lawyer on the phone and
8:29 am
would not answer questions directly about gabby petito. then later on, her body was found in wyoming. listen to north port police officer spokesperson talk about the limitations they had while surveilling brian laundrie. >> i mean, the guy goes for a walk in the carlton reserve. not wanted for a crime. what are we supposed to do? go tree-to-free and follow him through the woods? you know, it just wasn't there with the information we had in this case. >> reporter: so the north port police department as you heard him say they had no evidence and there was no crime. there was nothing they could use legally to surveil him or arrest him. now the investigation has been transferred to the fbi. that's the agency handling everything. north port police will assist the fbi in any way possible.
8:30 am
we are awaiting so many answers, fred. brian laundrie has been reported missing going on four weeks. we still don't know where he is or what happened to gabby petito. fred. >> unbelievable. nadia, thank you. next hour, i'll talk to a k-9 specialist about how dogs may be the key to finding laundrie. coming up, president biden is trying to put a positive spin on the dismal jobs report. i'll talk with the top economist on what it means for the biden administration next. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast. make it palm springs. ♪ cadillac is going electric.
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crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. a disappointing blow for the economy and another setback for the white house as the latest jobs report lands with a thud. kaitlan collins has more from washington. >> reporter: a big economic miss as the american recovery hits a road block. >> the jobs numbers remind us we have important work ahead of us and important investments we need to make. >> reporter: employers adding 194,000 jobs in september. below the 500,000 economists were expecting. >> we are making progress. i would like to see it faster. >> reporter: president biden pinning it on the delta variant that peaked in september. >> report is based on the survey that was taken during the week of september 13th. when the covid cases were
8:36 am
averaging more than 150,000 per day. since then, we have seen cases fall by more than one-third. >> reporter: highlighting a drop in the unemployment rate. >> for the first time since march of 2020, the employment rate is below 5.2%. >> reporter: the drop could be in part because some people are leaving the work force entirely. as biden's labor secretary struggled to explain why many jobs are going unfilled after the enhanced jobless benefits came to an end. >> the $300 is gone. we did not see the growth. >> reporter: adding to the white house headache with the concern of inflation and worker shortage and oil and gas prices at the highest levels since 2014. >> we are seeing in a lot of cases is the pandemic is wreaking havoc on people going
8:37 am
back to work. >> reporter: battling it out over the scope of the domestic agenda on capitol hill of the the jobs report makes the case for trillions in new spending and tax cuts. >> america is still the largest economy in the world. we have the most productive workers. we risk losing our edge as a nation if we don't move. >> reporter: and president biden and mitch mcconnell did speak on friday. that came around the same time mcconnell sent a letter to the president warning him republicans are not going to assist the democrats in lifting the debt ceiling. that is the fight they are shaping up to have and two months from now given the fix now in place to avoid a government default. something unprecedented for the united states. it is a temporary fix. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. >> thank you. joining me to talk about the numbers is diane swank.
8:38 am
why do you think the job numbers were so far off compared to the estimates? >> we saw revisions to the previous two months. we added on from the higher level. that's the good news. the headlines overstated the weakness. we saw a big miss in public education which we were worried about because the seasonal adjustment where we hired over 1 million workers in the month of september. many workers where school districts were having trouble finding the staff to staff schools, but the janitorial staff and cleaning staff and people to drive buses. much like restaurants, many of the school districts were having problems with people coming back. we had schools reopen and go back into quarantine which wreaked havoc on a lot of staff. some people were not working the week of the survey week because of the delta variant, but you also had this additional issue
8:39 am
of more people actually reported they were sick and unable to work for the last three months and it continued to increase during the week in september. >> you talk about the schools in the shortages of workers. you are talking about janitorial and school bus drivers. that is in-person work. as long as you have the pandemic, there's a correlation there between the jobvi vi availability and people grabbing the jobs and concern about coast covid. the unemployment is down now to 4 4.8%. is that a good indication of where this country is going? >> there's no one indicator. the humility of the pandemic and going through the looking glass and see the reverse. the same time millions of workers are out of work. that means you have to be wh
8:40 am
holistic in looking at the economy. some people left the labor force. participation ticked down among women who are waiting for access to child care and more consistent schedules for children in school to get back to work. so, we really have to look at the whole host of factors to understand what's going on. the biggest drop in the unemployment rate was the black worker unemployment rate with the biggest drop in partic participation. >> the correlation of public health and jobs. when you talk about the disparity and how the pandemic and the economy has hit women worse than men. women lost 26,000 jobs last month. men gained jobs. so, give us more detail about why that is? obviously when you talk about kids not being able to do in-person learning and many women have chosen not to go back to work out of the household and lost a lot of jobs.
8:41 am
there is that correlation. what are some other details? >> it is really important as we know the number one reason that women, particularly women of color, it hit single mothers more. i wish it was evenly split with child care between men and women. it is not. they are shouldering the burden. if you are a single mother, it is tough. my heart goes out to anyone juggling the online schooling. we have seen child care and mobility and upscaling. women pay more money to try to get a better job and get more education. the problem is we lost so many to dropouts in grade schools and colleges that it is further constraini constraining. accreditation and timing. those women trying to upgrade skills are not available to work at the same pace they could. >> right.
8:42 am
let me ask you about the continued disagreements, shall we say, on capitol hill? what happens if democrats don't reach a deal on infrastructure and the spending package and, perhaps, we have an even more contentious debt standoff come december? >> you know, this is -- i think we had enough drama from washington. congress dysfunction is adding to uncertainty. it is frustrating as an economy. we self inflict armageddon. stop this as a political oppina. i don't understand why congress could inflict so much pain on economy purposely for a political gain. i don't understand that at all. the drama needs to stop. that is -- these games are adding uncertainty as we are trying to come out of the pan
8:43 am
dim demic. why take this off the table? we need that infrastructure spending. with the low interest rates, we should finance and deal with the key issues and productivity enhancing. things we get from investments. on the social spending side, come to a deal and pay for part of it. that is inflationary. it means we need to be careful about how we think about these things going forward and there does need to be support. the pandemic exposed inequality. we have an opportunity to actually level the playing field and have the overall pie grow more rapidly. that seems to be in everyone's benefit. it is mis mystifying. >> i hear you. thank you so much, diane. good to see you.
8:44 am
we'll be right back. and that's just basic wavy guy maintenance, right? next up, carvana. oh, boy. carvana just doesn't seem to understand how the test drive works. they give their customers seven days. and if they don't like it, they give 'em their money back. wait, they take the car back? that's crazy! what if it was driven by like a zookeeper? or a mud wrestler? or a guy who's on the outs with the missus and he just needs a place to sleep for seven days? yeah. (vo) buy your car online. love it or return it. with carvana.
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get your parkas and scarves out. we have the first official snowfall of the season. this is california's lake tahoe and lake yosemite is seeing snowfall. allison chinchar? >> maybe in the lower elevation, this may be on the early side. it feels that way because we technically started first week of fall not long ago n.. in the west, the next couple
8:49 am
days will be snow. we have two systems we're tracking. the first in the intermountain west today. the second one pushing in the pacific northwest. both of them will cross over the mountain west. once they are through, they will dump a decent amount of snow. lower elevations, a couple of inches. in the higher elevations, in excess of a foot of snow. impressive totals. you can't get snow without cold temperatures. you have them. salt lake city and reno are 15 degrees below average. once the second wave comes through, fred, it will get colder. >> oh, my gosh. staying on the winter or cold theme, you wrote a piece on about record cold. staying with the cold theme. you wrote a piece about record cold temperatures in antarctica which we should celebrate for
8:50 am
the sake of the marine life, animal life they need this frigid stuff. the >> it's hard to think about. this is the coldest place on earth. to imagine it's colder than we know it to be. yes, when we talk about the period from april through september, that six month period ended up being the coldest on record. that period is this is the only place that was cold. when you look globally every where else was above average temperatures. so this really was one of the few places that was dealing with
8:51 am
are putting their lives on the line to protect the amazon rainforest >> grassroots in brazil are putting their lives on the line to protect the amazon froeft. def >> reporter: smoke billows above the amazon. smoke so thick it blankets this lush forest. fire so intense the ground is left charred. only dust remains. the spokesman for green peace brazil tells us 60 hectares of the amazon have gone up in flames in four days and the blame falls squarely on the
8:52 am
president. >> reporter: cnn the flew over some of this year's hardest hit areas to subsidy the devastation for ourselves. from above our cameras captured the damage of increasing fires. the demarcated lines a sign. there has been nearly 13,000 fires in the same area. roughly a 50% increase from 2020 to 2021. now compare these images with these over a five year period. >> reporter: further south in the same state, a information cattle rancher is fighting
8:53 am
protect what's left of the rain forest. this month he begins the task of helping to restore and reforest 2600 hectares of land that have been burned and used for cattle production. >> reporter: he's made it his mission to reforest the burned land but in doing so he's face ing attacks on his life. recounting vividly when he was ambushed in early september. >> reporter: with a fight for land and resources comes increasing intimidation for those who work here. according to brazil's land commission, 90 people have faced death threats this year alone. as the association leelad
8:54 am
restoration, he sees this often. >> reporter: his love for the amazon has kept him going. >> reporter: he and along with the other amazon defenders could be facing a losing battle. carbon sample from the amazon collected over a period of nine years by scientific researchers have shown that 20% of the amazon is releasing more carbon than it absorbs. >> now the forest itself has become a source. this means that the trees are dying more than growing. >> reporter: behind this increase in forest fires, which is leaving the amazon unable to
8:55 am
renew itself. >> we have records in deforestation, fire in the amazon, and also records in reduction of precipitation in the whole brazil. >> reporter: devastating impact of human behavior that experts say extend the climate scales in the amazon leaving us all gasping for air. >> lisa suarez thank you so much. in a statement, the environment industry ministry rather, brazil tells cnn that it has suspended agricultural fires from july to october. our footage is from mid-september, of course, and you saw that, that the fires keep on raging. the environment ministry also has claimed that in its statement it's allocating more money and hiring more firefighters combat and prevent fires. however, these comments don't give the full picture. the government has taken
8:56 am
multiple steps to reduce the overall budgets for the environment ministry so these recent investments only bring spending back to roughly what it was before the president took office. we'll be right back. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no.' everything. but then ray went from no to know.
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