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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  October 12, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ his racist e homophobic and misogynistic emails mean a top coach is out of a job. other emails being reviewed by the league. travel trouble on the ground and in the sky. gas prices are soaring as the economy reopens. and southwest struggling to get its fleet back in the air. we'll tell you why. the governor of texas bans all vaccine mandates in his state. will that move stand up in court? it is tuesday, october 12th. it's 5:00 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting an early
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start with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers around the states and around the world. atlanta and johannesburg to get to. we start with breaking news. jon gruden resigning a's head coach of the las vegas raiders after "the new york times" reported he made homophobic and misogynistic comments in numerous emails over the course of 1e6seven years. our corey wire is here. how did all those emails come out after so long? >> good morning to you. the emails came out as part of a workplace misconduct legal case against the washington football team. the report says gruden denounced women as referees and drafting gay players when the rams drafted michael sam in 2012. player ache reed who kneeled during the national anthem should be fired. and used a homophobic slur when referring to roger goodell. the emails are from a seven-year
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period that ended in 2018. gruden said, i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. on friday "the wall street journal" reported in 2011 gruden who was working for espn at the time used racially insensitive language to describe nfl players association executive director da morris smith. gruden apologized after the team's game sunday. >> all i can say is i'm not a racist. i don't -- i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologize again to d. smith. but i feel good about who i am and what i've done my entire life. and i apologize for the insensitive remarks. i had no, you know, i had no racial intentions with those remarks at all. >> reporter: smith tweeted in response, the email from jon gruden and some of the reaction to it confirms the fight against
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racism racist tropes and intolerance is not over. this is not about an email as it is a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less. gruden signed a ten year $100 million contract in 2018 to be the head coach of the raiders. laura, christine, the raiders announced special teams coordinator rich will take over as the interim head coach. >> seems like this is just the first of other things to come. a lot of emails there, corey. thank you so much. trouble on the roads. the price of energy skyrocketing. oil prices crashed, remember, at the start of the pandemic as roads and airports were closed. they sat empty. now demand is ramping back up as the economy reopens, but supply just can't keep up. u.s. oil prices finished above 80 bucks a barrel monday. the highest in seven years. it means a pain at the pump for drivers. the average gallon of gas hit a seven year high. prices have doubled since bottoming the $1.77 at the
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beginning of the pandemic. prices start cooling off in the fall but the sticker shock may last longer. what is a global energy crisis. >> we're in the midst of what is developing into a global energy crunch. in china they are trying to cut energy consumption because of a lack of coal inventories. in europe there is a shortage of natural gas that has caused natural gas prices in europe to explode to their highest level ever. prices in michigan fell, i think in some cases to $1.30 a gallon. it shut down production. they let tens of thousands of workers go, why they shutdown so much production. >> the ifferocity caught everyby by surprise. the cartel decided to gradually increase output. that means prices continue higher. and in the air, a fifth day
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of trouble for southwest. the airline cancelling more than 2,000 flights and delayed nearly 40% of its flights monday. the cause of this whole mess is still unclear. some customers have taken matters into their own hands. one couple rented a u-haul and drove nine hours to get home to kansas. and with staffing shortages crushing this industry nationwide, passengers can expect moreh headaches get into the holiday season. cnn's pete muntean has more from the international airport. >> reporter: this is a mess for southwest airlines. it is not like flipping on a switch to get things back to normal. this is more akin to unplugging the operation and plugging it back in again. southwest says this all started with problems on friday. it pins the blame here on air traffic control and weather issues, which prompted a statement from the federal aviation administration saying that was not the case on saturday and sunday when southwest experienced the lion's share of these cancellations.
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the bottom line here is that the airline is not out of the woods just yet. it says there was a ripple effect because of all these problems that left planes and their people in far-off places they weren't intended to be. in some cases flight crew were not able to get hotels. that all means tens of thousands of passengers were stranded. you're seeing the long lines at airports across the country. passengers report very long wait times to get on the phone with customer service, and they're not happy about this. >> normally it's the weather problem, it's across the board. all the airlines are impacted. i'm skeptical what the reasoning is behind that. >> if this doesn't correct by the holiday, the thanksgiving holiday season, it's going to be a nightmare in this country for the entire holiday season. >> there's no explanation for this problem, so i suspect that southwest isn't being totally honest with us.
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>> we've been worrying about it the past 24 hours. literally couldn't sleep last night really because we didn't know what was going to happen. >> looking through, there's just nothing, nothing, nothing, for the next few days. very anxious to get home now. >> reporter: southwest airlines has issued a new statement in which it says it is offering a tremendous apology to its customers. it is also underscoring that these problems were not the result of employee protests over its new vaccine mandate. christine, laura? >> all right, pete muntean, thank you for that. growing challenges on the roads and in the air bring president biden's economic agenda into sharper focus now. the house still hasn't passed the president's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the one on roads, trains and airports. >> also a new report says a quarter of critical infrastructure in the u.s. is at substantial risk of failure due to flooding. that includes roads, airports, hospitals, police and fire stations and waste water plants. this is only going to get worse as the climate crisis grows.
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- and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit ♪ new this morning, texas governor greg abbott has issued an executive order banning any and all state businesses, including private businesses, from requiring covid vaccine mandates. the order is likely to get challenged in court and fast as
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it runs up against president biden's vaccine requirement for large businesses and federal workers and federal contractors. but it is the republican governor's latest attempt to play politics with public health as he faces pressure from those on the right and his primary challengers. let's bring in cnn legal analyst jennifer rodgers. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can the governor do this legally? i can think about three different reasons why this might get challenged. what do you think? >> you're absolutely right, laura. the primary reason it's a legal problem for the governor is the supremacy clause of the federal constitution which says effect you havely when there is a conflict between federal laws and orders and those of a state, the federal law will prevail as long as it's constitutional. here we have a biden executive order telling businesses they can either require a vaccine or they can test. that is a constitutional order. and so the state of texas' contrary order is not going to
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survive a court challenge. >> it seems like that is certainly what animated this. southwest airlines, american airlines are headquartered in texas. they recently instituted a vaccine mandate for their federal workers. this seems like a motivation for this. >> jennifer, 65% of texans in an august poll supported a vaccine mandate. republicans are supposed to be, right, the party that's pro business. keep the government's hands off our business. don't tell us what to do. here he is telling businesses what they can and can't do. so what's the motive here? >> well, that's been puzzling to a lot of people. all i can think of is he's a politician. he wants to have it both ways. we know that the governor is vaccinated himself. we know that even in this executive order he makes clear to say that he thinks the vaccine is the best way to get us out of the pandemic. it's safe, et cetera, so all i can think is he's trying to appeal to both sides. the people who believe in the vaccine and the people who believe in freedom for texans. >> but he's not doing this obviously for all vaccines. he's doing this for the covid
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vaccine and he's taking it a step further. he had already banned vaccine mandates for schools and for any government agency. he's now forcing private business owners as we said to do this. so i wonder, jennifer, who is likely to have the strongest case in court to get some of these executive orders struck down? is it a parent who wants to get their kid vaccinated? is it a business, a small business owner perhaps who wants to make sure he or she can protect all of its workers? who is going to have the best chance in court? >> i think at this point, laura, the best chance is a business owner because we do have that biden executive order that's very clear about certain categories of businesses. >> yeah. >> so you take that and you take the governor's order, they're directly contrary. you bring in the supremacy clause and i think that's game over for that business in texas. >> yep, thanks for getting up early this morning. 9% t nice to see you. >> good to see you. thanks.
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>> a teacher shortage is only getting worse. classroom vacancies have now surged to 5100, up 67% from last year with another 4,000 openings for bus drivers. cafeteria, woulders -- workers other staff jobs. the stress of the pandemic is what's behind the shortages. it says the problem is being driven by florida's low teacher pay. teacher pay in florida 49th in the country. >> yikes. in wisconsin two school districts are now being sued in federal court by saying their kids caught covid in the classroom because their schools don't require masks. one mom said a classmate sat next to her son who was sick leading to an outbreak in the class. >> they threw students into a covid-19 snake pit. they have an unusual ben factor helping their cause. the owner of a small wisconsin brewery. >> these plaintiffs were in the health care industry, so they
2:17 am
were particularly upset that they had, you know, been through covid, helping other people recover from covid. now that their school district wasn't protecting their kids, their kids brought covid to their home. >> so that brewery is funding the lawsuits against the fall creek districts and looking to have the suits certified for class action to take on all wisconsin districts that don't follow cdc guidelines. that must be very honestly very frustrating to go through the whole health care disaster of a year and a half, kids go back to school and they bring home covid. all right. so you think you need a college degree for a good job? well, a growing number of employers say no degree, no problem. tell you why. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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all right. more pressure on the white house this morning after another round of provocations from china against taiwan. the chinese military carrying out drills in a province directly across the sea from taiwan. taiwan, of course, is democratically ruled, but beijing is stepping up pressure to force it to accept chinese control. the u.s. caught in the middle here. david culver is live from shanghai. david, we've seen air force incursions into air force defense zone. they are making a push to change the status quo here. >> reporter: if we go back to that video, christine, you were showing, this was put out yesterday which was the day after taiwan celebrated its national day. and it was clear propaganda. but as you pointed out, the geography of where this was taking place cannot be
2:23 am
overlooked. it's the province directly across the strait from taiwan. it shows military officials going onto the beach, troops training to go up into a terrain that is very similar to what you would see in taiwan. so, what is that? is it a flexing of military muscle? sure, in part. is it also possible training for these troops and an actual logistical work through they're trying to understand should they need to actually put it into practice? that, too, is a likelihood. and you mentioned those incursions. we saw record incursions this month. fighter and bomber jets, they were above taiwan going into their air defense identification zone. now china looks at this and says, that's our sovereignty. this is not a not incurring. this is doing what we believe part of our territorial right. taiwan has a different take on this. their president saying over the weekend china's approach on this is threatening democracies around the world. that is what brings the u.s. into all this. folks in the u.s. may look at
2:24 am
this and say why should we care what's playing out here. they should very much care because taiwan relies heavily on the u.s., not only for many of the military supplies and some of the training and some of the missiles and jets, arsenal that have been demonstrated as recently as this past weekend, but also just from a overall approach of democracy and how they are relying heavily on the u.s. support. going forward, the question is going to be is beijing going to put enough pressure on the global community, in particularly in their conversations because there is now communication with the biden administration to eventually take over taiwan, and that seems to be exactly where they're headed because president xi has said here it's not a matter, essentially, of if, but when. he says it must and it will be done. those words coming from the president here as recently as this past weekend. chris
2:25 am
christine, let's put in context beijing 2022 olympics. that's where the world stage is coming back here to the people republic of china. it puts on the pressure of showing a unified china, more powerful china, certainly more powerful than 2008 the last time they hosted an olympics. you also have next year the congress party. that is traditionally, christine, the transition of power, but we know that president xi is very likely to move forward with continuing on as the leader here as he abolished the term limits. and so it's likely that he'll want to continue to build up his legacy. what better way to do that than by reunifying taiwan and the mainland. >> david, this is an incredibly important story with implications around the world, no question. and a challenge for this white house. thank you so much. david culler from shanghai this morning. coming up for you a mental health crisis. college students facing enormous pressure, enormous anxiety during this pandemic. what one major university is
2:26 am
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hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. good morning, everyone. this is early start. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. it's 30 minutes past the hour at this time. our top stories to keep an eye on today, jon gruden resigning as head coach of the las vegas raiders for using misogynistic
2:31 am
comments in emails. and teams drafting openly gay players. lieutenant governor mark robinson is doubling down on anti-gay and anti-transgender comments. >> there is no reason anybody anywhere in america should be telling any child about transgenderism, home owe sexuality, any of that filth. >> asked by a reporter if he would use any word other than filth, he said absolutely not. there was cause for him to resign. a memo cites acevedo's comments about vaccine and no confidence volt by the police union. microsoft says suspected iranian hackers have targeted dozens of u.s. and israeli defense firms since july. many of the companies make satellite systems, drone technology and military-grade radar systems.
2:32 am
microsoft says a small number of them were breached and others are now vulnerable to follow-up attacks. netflix is standing by comedian dave chappelle. >> this is a thing. every human being in this room, every human being on earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. that is a fact. >> chappelle's new stand up has strong criticism for ridiculing gay and transgender people. they told company staff that artistic freedom is different when it comes to stand-up. the new superman is coming out as buy si-sexual. john kent, the son of clark kent will begin relationship with a male reporter. the series follows kent as he becomes earth's new superman. 32 past the hour. covid numbers are trending in the right direction. one group has a stubbornly low
2:33 am
vaccination rate. only a third of pregnant women are fully vaccinated. studies show covid-19 worsens pregnancy complications, and this new data shows that almost one in five of england's most critically ill covid patients, one in five are unvaccinated pregnant women. let's bring in dr. tamika augusty. thank you so much for joining us this morning. laura and i have been looking at these numbers for sometime and they've been stubbornly low, the vaccination rates of women. quite honestly, there wasn't clear guidance for women until maybe july or earlier in the summer. is that why too few pregnant women have the shot? and what's your message for pregnant women right now? >> good morning. thank you for having me. yes, i think that the reason is there wasn't very clear data in the beginning. but since we've had the studies done and we are learning more, the message has changed. and we know now that pregnant
2:34 am
women should be vaccinated against covid-19 at any stage in pregnancy or when lactating. >> what are you hearing in your practice from women? what is the concern? women get flu shots. women get all kinds of things. obviously pregnancy is terrifying, even on a good day. but what are you hearing as the concern? >> so, women are concerned, and rightfully so, about the impact of the vaccine on their unborn child and themselves during pregnancy. so here's the thing. we now know, we have hundreds and thousands of women who have -- who were pregnant and received the vaccine in all different stages during pregnancy. so it's now up to us to share that information. we have good outcomes. and that is what the messaging needs to be and what we need to share with all of our pregnant women. >> yes. so much of the conversation among pregnant women, though, is the flip side of that. they're worried about getting their nails done and the chemicals in the nail polish and getting their hair dyed and the chemicals in the hair dye.
2:35 am
and whatever is in the vaccine, they're not worried about the virus, they're worried about the vaccine. how do we change that narrative? >> so, first thing is listen to them. let's listen to the concerns that they have. have a conversation with your health care provider, with your obstetrical provider. talk to them about what are their concerns. let's review what the studies show. let's review what we've seen. and through that hopefully we'll be able to turn it around. also one of the biggest things is that we know that the vaccine does not reach the unborn child. the vaccine reaches -- the vaccine causes antibodies and those antibodies cross the placenta to the fetus and to the unborn child. that's what we need to focus on. by getting the vaccine, pregnant women are protecting their child against covid-19. >> again, this data out of the uk is really scary. i mean, one in five of the most critically ill patients, i mean, these are really, really ill people, pregnant women. that should be a wake up call,
2:36 am
right? >> it should. we need to let everyone know what we're seeing. we are definitely seeing that pregnant women who are getting symptomatic covid are becoming very, very sick. we are seeing those patients end up in the i.c.u. on advance life support, and some of them dying. we see that. we have to talk about that. we need to let people know that's what we're seeing now. so i think it's very important messaging to give the entire picture of what's going on. >> that is the reality of what is going on. thank you so much for all of your work, dr. tamika augusty, board member of american college of obstetricians gynecologists. >> appreciate so much, doctor. >> thank you. >> all right. the university of north carolina at chapel hill cancelling classes today to observe what it is calling a wellness day. the school is reeling from two students who died by suicide in just the past month. cnn's jacqueline howard has more on this. >> reporter: christina and
2:37 am
laura, the university's chancellor kevin guskowitz a neuroscientist says there is a mental health crisis on the campus and across the entire united states. in making his announcement about the university's wellness day, he writes this. quote: as a chancellor, a professor and a parent, my heart breaks for all those whose suffering goes unnoticed. now, the chancellor made this announcement on sunday. here's how students responded. >> i think it's good that they're recognizing that something's going on, there have been two suicides in two days. >> we're a bit confused. why on tuesday as opposed to tomorrow? why are we waiting? i just don't think it's coincidence that the wellness day is the same day as university day. or the second half of the day was supposed to be crisis anyway. >> i've had so many conversations with people i'm not close with. they're like, yeah, it was a
2:38 am
phase. it was something i had to go through. >> i think that they're trying, but it kind of seems like a bare minimum response. >> several studies have found links between the covid-19 pandemic and mental health challenges. one report last year from the cdc finds that almost 41% of adults report mental health challenges stemming from the pandemic. christine and laura? >> so important there. jacqueline, thank you so much. if you or anyone you know needs help, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273 talk. 273-8255. you might think you can't get a job without a degree. employers don't care. tech companies like google, amazon, salesforce, for years they've been trying to solve
2:39 am
problems here, in a tight labor market, especially in tech, and addressing systemic in equities and unconscious bias when hiring and promoting employees. one organization provides tuition-free college credit eligible job training across the country. the organization said requiring a four-year college degree excludes 70% of black americans and 80% of latinos. so there's been this gradual shift towards skills-based hiring. ibm was one of the first tech companies to a create an apprenticeship program in 2017. now up to 27% of its jobs no longer require a four-year degree. two election workers in georgia's heavily democratic fulton county fired for shredding voter registration forms. the forms were awaiting processing before next month's local elections. the georgia secretary of state brad rafsanjfensperger demand t examine misconduct and
2:40 am
malfeasance. he was asked to find enough votes for trump's win. that is disturbing for sure. we'll be right back. >> tech: i make a difference, and you can too. >> techs: we are safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest.
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2:44 am
welcome back. a significant shift for the world health organization now. its vaccines advisers are recommending an additional dose of covid vaccine for people who are immunocompromised and they are careful to characterize it as an extra dose, and not a booster shot. david mackenzie joins us live from johannesburg with the latest on this. so, david, this is something of a change. why the shift? >> reporter: well, laura, it's really semantics, but it is important. in one case they say no booster shots, but in another case an advisory panel to the w.h.o. is saying immunocompromised people should get a third shot for
2:45 am
well-known vaccines in the u.s. or second shot for johnson & johnson. and specifically for the chinese-manufactured vaccines, anyone over 60, they're saying, should get a third shot. and it's really about what the booster or the third shot does. it's both to get boosting immunity in people. it's who it's for. so they're suggesting for people who might have hiv/aids or type 1 diabetes or lupus, immune, autoimmune diseases as well, that limit their body's ability to create a long-term response to covid-19 when they get vaccinations. but they do say that booster shots, which are just general more available to the population, are a big no-no. here's one of the leaders of the w.h.o. >> this time and as the director jen has called for, a moratorium on booster doses for the jen population because giving those
2:46 am
booster doses to individuals who already have had the benefit of a primary response is as has been explained before, like putting two life jackets on somebody and leaving other people without any life jacket. >> reporter: well, the u.s. is obviously one of those countries giving booster shots. very fascinating, this as well, a coalition working to solve the issues. it's giving $25 million to research whether less vaccine can be used for those booster shots. they call it fractionization. that is a real word, i promise. and that is to try and see if less dosage can be used to give effective booster shot to allow more vaccines to come to places like here in africa, which is desperately needing vaccines. >> that would be a huge boost for sure, david. thank you so much for your reporting this morning. police in georgia arresting a man accused of fatally shooting an officer. an officer who was working his
2:47 am
very first shift. authorities say damian ferguson was taken into custody without incident a day after the shooting of officer dylan harrison. a fallen officer, harry was was escorted from the crime lab in atlanta to his hometown of dublin. >> i wish i could have known him. he was the kindest sweetest soul you would ever meet. every time an officer would lose his life, he would make sure to suit up and go and be a part of the processional. but today, today sadly it was for him. >> a number of police officers have been killed in recent days. in louisiana, a master trooper was sitting in his patrol car completing a crash report when he was ambushed and killed. in arizona, a maricopa county deputy was beaten unconscious over the weekend while transporting a wanted suspect to jail has died. another facebook whistleblower is offering to testify before congress. data scientist sophie zhang said
2:48 am
she felt like she had blood on her hands after working at facebook. she was fired by facebook last year. and after testifying on capitol hill whistleblower francis haugen will meet with the oversight board in coming weeks to discuss her claims about the company prioritizing profit over public good. all right. ravens quarterback lamar jackson rallies his team to an epic comeback against the colts on monday night football. corey wire is back here with this morning's bleacher report. hey, corey. >> hey, laura. lamar jackson making a huge statement in primetime. no deficit is too great. he refused to give up and that rallied everyone around him. baltimore digging themselves into a 19-point hole. jonathan taylor put the colts up big. that woke up the sleeping giant. jackson, the 2019 league mvp threw for a career-high 442 yards. four touchdowns, including a pair of short t.d. passes to mark andrews, the tight end, in fourth quarter.
2:49 am
andrews also caught two 2-point conversions during the furious comeback to tie the game. i understand nap "the list" had indianapolis had a chance to win, but missed the field goal attempt. jackson ending it on the first possession. hitting hollywood brown for the game winning touchdown. baltimore wins 31-25 in the biggest comeback of jackson's career. the red sox trying to close out the rays last night. rafael getting boston on the board with a three-run boom shot to center. part of a five-run third inning. rays rallied to tie it, but with two on and one out in the bottom of the 9th, quique hernandez flies one to left. the throw home is going to be a little late and a little off target. fenway is sent into a frenzy. red sox win it 6-5, sending the 100-run rays home for winter. sending the red sox into another clubhouse party that just never
2:50 am
gets old. santa ana winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour, had a big impact. dodgers and giants in l.a. it was so strong maxi scherzer couldn't complete his pitch. evan longoria didn't have a problem with it. giving the giants a 1 should not 0 lead. kevin thought he had a chance to tie it in the 9th. watch the wind knock it down. giants win 1-0 to take a 2-1 series lead over the defending champs. all right. it's not october. it's jock-tober in atlanta. a string of pearls around his neck, the lucky charm the braves need. he likes it. adrian houser pitches deep, into right field, that's the second in the series. the 11th in the postseason
2:51 am
career. braves win 3-1 to take a series lead. they can move to the nlcs. see both of those on our sister network cbs. astros and white sox were rained out in chicago. they'll play game four at 2:00 eastern with houston up two games to one. >> popped up, foul ground. >> one more thing from the braves you have to see. a popped foul into the stands. in the fourth row. it is not an ordinary fan. that's hall of famer chipper jones. the sure handed third baseman got a lot of grief from the people around him. come on, man. you're a hall of famer. you should be able to catch that. we've seen mothers with babies in arms catching balls one handed. we've seen men holding a beer and catching it in the beer. he just missed that one. he's not going to live that one down. >> that's embarrassing. thank you, coy. >> thank you, coy. appreciate it. amazon now the latest
2:52 am
corporate employer to add a little bit more flexibility to its return to office plans. the company will now allow each team to decide for itself which policy works. ranging from full-time in-person work at the office to remaining mostly remote online. but here's the catch. employees won't be able to just live anywhere. amazon wants most employees close enough that they can travel to the office for a meeting on a moment's notice. looking at markets around the world this tuesday edition of early start, you can see declines in asia. those markets are now closed. europe has opened lower this morning. stock index futures at this hour mixed here, barely mixed. big concerns about surging oil prices here. that is a big problem. inflation and a global energy crunch. president dow yesterday fell 250 points. the s&p and nasdaq lower. u.s. oil prices above 80 bucks a barrel the first time in seven years. higher prices equal sticker shock for drivers. average price of a gallon of gas
2:53 am
$3.27. that is last a seven-year high. more trouble for southwest. the airline's stock fell 4% after it canceled more than 2,000 flights over the weekend. all right. want to cross everything off your holiday shopping list? you have to start shopping right now. shipping containers nefull of electronics are stuck at the ports of los angeles. some companies are even chartering their own cargo ships to get goods to their stores faster. all this means delays and higher prices for you. has bor hasbro warns of disruptions. ben and jerry's hard to find. retailers say they aren't going to have promotions, they're going to move them a little earlier. l.l. bean is telling shoppers their worker safety is most important. supply chain is a wreck. so be patient. even sending people how to navigate holiday shopping. your choice for gift might not be available. your first choice, so be flexible. one in six americans have already started christmas
2:54 am
shopping. elon musk is still the richest man on the planet. tesla c.e.o. widening that gap as the world's richest person. his net worth $222 billion. amazon founder jeff bezos sits at $196 billion. this is a bloomberg index. musk bragged about the news like this. a second place medal to bezos. it's not the first time musk has trolled bezos. the two have been in a space race for years. musk often teasing bezos, also about the shape of the blue o ore -- origin rocket. locker room humor. the mission heads to space tomorrow. actor william shatner on board there. >> i can't believe he's 90 years old. >> musk 52 billion -- $52 billion is how much richer he is just this year, 52 in yone year. >> the numbers don't kneel real.
2:55 am
one of the most prominent coaches out of a job because of racist homophobic emails. what shoe could drop next. the texas governor bans vaccine mandates for all people safe. trying to keep everyone safe. thank you for joining us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. "new day" is next.
2:56 am
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