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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  October 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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you are live in the cnn newsroom. president biden today honoring the nation's fallen police officers add the very spot where officers defended the country against an insurrection. this comes just one day after his strong remarks against those
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who refuse the comply with subpoenas in the january 6th investigation. >> i hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable. >> should they be prosecuted by the justice department? >> i do, yes. >> namely, steve bannon wants to get key information from him and other witnesses, but it will be no small task. former president trump is still trying to claim executive privilege. more on the investigation in a bit, but first, let's bring in cnn senior washington correspondent, job johns. president biden did reference the january 6th insurrection and hard not to, because he was at the capitol where it took place. >> absolutely, jim. a lot of the significance of the speech is about the timing coming after so much harsh criticism of police officers and policing in the united states. then the president of the united
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states goes over to the capitol and essentially gives a speech that, in large part, is about the good that police officers do and the sacrifices they make. sometimes the ultimate sacrifice in in fact would exhibit one being the response to the riot at the united states capitol on january 6th. listen. >> nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thawrted an un-american attack on our nation's values and votes. because of you, democracy survived, but only because of the women and men and the u.s. capitol police force, washington, d.c. metropolitan police department, other law enforcement agencies who once again literally put their bodies on the line to protect our democracy. >> the president also sent his
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condolences to the three sheriffs deputies in the houston area who were shot early this morning and he also referred to just a bit about his policy prescriptions including the george floyd justice and policing act, which got hung up on capitol hill in september, jim. >> and joe, i think there was some surprise out there that biden said so clearly that yes, the department of justice should prosecute those who defy these subpoenas. what is the white house saying about the president's remark last night? >> given the fact that democrats were really steamed about donald trump's repeated, brazen efforts to try to pressure the justice department publicly to do his bidding when you hear this new president, this democratic president essentially doing the same kind of thing, although not on the same scale, it's at least enough to create some heartburn
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among democrats. so jen psaki put out a twit, tweet i should say, just last night and said in part, the president supports the work of the house committee and the independent role of the department of justice to make any decisions about prosecutions. independent role of doj. so a little bit of clean up there on aisle seven. >> absolutely, joe. and also because the president himself has said he would leave these sort of things to the justice department. the justice department insists president biden will have no influence on his decisions, tel telling cnn, the department will make its decisions based solely on the facts and the law, period, full stop. let's talk about this with former nixon white house counsel, john dean. let's tackle that one first. do you think the president went far enough or too far, i should say, by saying the department of
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justice should prosecute here? what do you think? >> he shouldn't have said it because he said he wouldn't say this sort of thing. it clearly is a violation of the norms. i for one was delighted to hear him say it because i hope that's the way his department is thinking, but there's a little bit of him being on both sides with this issue and i think joe johns described it well. it's causing a little heartburn. >> right. and certainly not on the same scale as what president trump was. we just have to -- >> no. not at all. that's as plain as the nose on your face. the january 6 committee is moving to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. they intend to start this process next week. how long could this drag out? this is out of the trump playbook. >> well, it is exactly. and it's not new. the congress, to my amazement, jim, has never really gotten around to getting its act in order. they know that they have very
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weak enforcement powers. they knew they learned from the court of appeals in the mcgann case the court would rule they don't have statutory bases in the house. the senate does. so they have no civil remedy. their criminal remedy is totally in the des ciscretion of the department of justice and whether bannon's activity rises to criminal activity is interesting. he's working on the advice of counsel. it's pretty hard to say that's a criminal act when you're working on the advice of counsel unless they're conspireing to somehow arrive the senate or house his presence before january 6th committee. so this is not a clean cut remedy by referring this down to the department of justice at all. >> right. and i want to play for you what
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congr congressman kinzlinger had to say. >> the problem is when you start seeing people resist you have to look at that and go, why are they doing that if they have nothing to hide? we have coming in and talking to us voluntarily. >> do you agree with that thinking that if someone isn't willing to talk, they must have something to hide? there seems to be a lot to hide these days. when it comes to that conversation. >> he's not an attorney and you really can't draw much of an inference from somebody's refusal to cooperate that is really meaningful. you can make assumptions. they're always entitled, could go before the committee and take the fifth amendment. he might do that if they get him before the committee. i think we have to be careful about what inferences we draw
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from non-appearance or non-testimony but, i think bannon is up to his eyeballs. i think he's a vital witness. i think he could lead to trump or those closest to trump and i do believe that the indications are that trump is much more involved in this whole thing than we think he was. >> do you think this committee will ultimately get access to the documents and testimony they want and if so, by the time the next election rolls around? every cynic in washington is just shaking their heads and saying no. >> well, it's a good question. trump has been as good a president as any of is kate and delay. i don't have a crystal ball as to how this is going to come out. i think this committee is determined. i hope, jim, they get their act together and use the power they do this, which is inherent
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contempt powers. in 1934, the senate senate the sergeant at arms down to get an assistant secretary of commerce and put him in jail, in the willard for ten days, until he agreed to cooperate. that's still good law. there's supreme court rulings back as early as 1821 that the house could do this. i think they should and i think they should do it next week, if you will. >> maybe not the willard. maybe a few steps lower. i won't mention any names. >> not the trump hotel either. >> i was going to say there's a hotel in washington that could use some occupancy these days. i want to ask you about the capitol police officer who's been indicted on obstruction charges in connection with the january 6th insurrection. the officer allegedly sent a private message to a facebook contact who posted selfies and videos about being in the capitol. he wrote, quote, i'm a police officer who agrees with your political stance. take down the part about being
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in the building. they're currently investigating and everyone in the building is going to be charged. just looking out. this is all according to the department of justice indictment. do you think this is an open and shut case in terms of this officer's involvement? >> well, it certainly is evidence of obstruction and it shows how serious the department is taking this whole insurrection. this is sort of on the fringe, but they're saying, hey, here's a capitol policeman who probably had some inside rumblings as to how the investigation was proceeding. he's warning somebody, who is not close to him personally, but knows a fellow fisherman down in virginia who has posted on the same facebook site, affinity group that he has, and warning him. take that stuff down. get rid of it. then he turned two count of the indictment, he warned somebody
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and told them to do it as well as then turning around and doing it himself and getting rid of his own exchanges with this guy. so it's clearly obstruction. and it's the outer fringe of obstruction, but again, it shows the seriousness of which this whole issue is being treated by the department of justice and the u.s. attorneys office. >> no question about that. all right, john dean, thanks so much for those insights. we appreciate it as always. >> thanks, jim. >> thank you. and this just in. some unwelcome news for travelers headed to reagan national airport right here in washington, d.c. over in virginia. two main runways are closed right now after a flight had a quote, mechanical issue during landing. you're looking at live pictures right now of reagan national airport. officials say tires on the plane's mainlan landing gear we down. crews are working to get passengers bussed from the plane to the terminal.
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there are no injuries reported, but you should know if you have a flight or if your loved ones have flights going in and out of reagan right now, there's major problems over at the airport right now due to this disabled plane they're trying to deal with right now. we'll get the latest information as soon as it comes in and we'll bring that to you. we'll stay on top of this and bring you any developments on that. come up, a key fda advisory panel is recommending a booster shot for anyone who received a johnson & johnson vaccine. they say people should receive it two months after their first dose. what do you do if your first dose was a lot longer than 60 days ago? we'll ask an infectious disease expert, next. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. really?! this nourishing prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. one day? for real! wow! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ i gotta say i'm still impressed.
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cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. johnson & johnson's covid vaccine was branded the one and done, but now vaccine advisers are recommending all adults who received a jnj shot get a second jab at least two months after
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they're first one. essentially making it a two-dose vaccine and potentially raising concerns among those who have gone way longer than two months since their first dose. i spoke this afternoon with the director of the national institutes of health about mixing and matching covid vaccines. here's what he told me. >> there was data that suggested if you are going to get a booster for jnj, maybe getting a moderna or a pfizer booster would actually have some advantages in terms of giving you an even stronger immune response. so don't -- >> is that what you would do? >> i would wait another week right now and see what cdc's advisory committee does with this next week. maybe a week from today, i'll tell my grand kids what i think they ought to do. >> and joining us now is dr. william shafter from vanderbilt university medical center. great to see you as always. dr. collins being prudent there in his response. not surprised to see that.
2:18 pm
but do you think we'll get clearer guidance on this mixing and matching of vaccines because everybody is asking that question these days. >> well, jim, you're exactly right. everybody is asking that question and it's a good question and i hope dr. collins is right, that within about a week, week and a half, we will have a definitive answer on that question. i sure wish we had it today. the data look good to me. as they do to dr. collins and i would hope that mixing and matching will be a recommendation shortly, but let's let the process work out. these critical advisory committees that look at that, let them have a careful look at the data then we can talk to the american public with great clarity and assurance. >> right. and considering the efficacy rates of pfizer and moderna, here's another question i think people are going to be asking and that is do you think jnj should be an option anymore? i suppose what we're just hearing now from these experts
2:19 pm
is that two doses of the jnj might be pretty darn effective. >> two doses of jnj actually looks rather good and so for some populations that are harder to reach, remember this jnj vaccine can be managed in conventional refrigerated temperatures so it's easier to get this vaccine out to populations. it still may be a good vaccine, but we have to give it two doses the way we do other vaccines. >> a new study among hundreds of thousands of veterans found a big drop in vaccine effectiveness. the study found in march that protection was in the 80s for johnson & johnson, 90s for moderna and pfizer then by august, 3% for jnj, 60% moderna and 50% for pfizer. the study hadn't been published yet, but why aren't boosters
2:20 pm
being recommended and authorized for everyone who has been vaccinated? >> remember, jim, the performance of these vaccines against severe disease, keeping people out of the hospital, is distinctly better than that and that's the main thing we're interested in and i think as more data come in and such as you mentioned from the va, are carefully reviewed and vetted. well, then i think the expansion of the recommend days may be in order. not quite yet. let's let the process work. we want rigorous assessment before we want broad reco recommendations. >> this is also going to be on everybody's mind. cases, hospitalizations, deaths continue to fall nationwide. thank goodness. that's all welcome, but do you expect another spike this winter when people are indoors more? and we're all, you know, we don't want to sit outside on
2:21 pm
those outdoor patios or do we have enough herd immunity to protect against that? i suspect that's going to depend on where you're at. it's going to be region by region. here in the washington area, might be different than nashville and so on. >> jim, you anticipate me. my fingers are crossed. if everybody keeps getting vaccinated and we actually get people their boosters as we hope they will, then i think this downturn will continue, but it's too early to unfurl that banner mission accomplished. we still have to be careful and we still have to try to persuade some of our neighbors who are unvaccinated to take the vaccine. >> we'll keep that banner in the back closet for a while. won't touch that one just yet. we're a long way off. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks, jim. >> good to see you. come up, an update on the
2:22 pm
health of former president bill clinton as he battles an infection. plus, why the virginia governor's race was on his mind. and the world saw a fairytale, but trouble is brewing. the original series, diana, tomorrow, 9:00 eastern here on cnn. cold who's boss, grab mucinex all-in-one... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast.
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spending his fourth day in the hospital after a urinary infection. cameras captured former secretary of state and their
2:27 pm
daughter arriving at the hospital. good sign he's well enough for visitors. we're told he talked to president biden yesterday. natasha is outside clinton's hospital in orange county, california. we're told president clinton is improving, but a fifth day in the hospital, i mean, that is a concern. what's the concern? >> well, jim, i think this is really about the iv antibiotics treatment that he's on. it's supposed to take three to five days and it's not an antibiotics that should be taken orally. this particular treatment, if you count five days since he arrived on tuesday when he first started feeling unwell, the fifth day could be within the next day or two. so he may be released soon. we just don't know which day. but as you said, he has been improving. the daily tests they're running show he's going in the right direction. white blood cell counts are decreasing and here's what a urologist said on air about how
2:28 pm
common this is for a 75-year-old man and what this could mean if not caught early on. >> i mean, sepsis when you're diagnosed with it is as serious as you get. when you get the diagnosis, time is of the essence. i see a lot of men in my office who will never get to that point. it can sometimes be predictable and sometimes unpredictable. that's why you just have to be aware of your symptoms. if you start having issues breathing, with your blood pressure or start having this excessive fatigue or anything that may feel abnormal, you've got to get yourself checked out. >> but as we said, the former president is seeming to do better. we've heard from doctors and staff he's able to get up and move around. he's got a couple of books he's reading. he's on the phones. president biden spoke with him yesterday and they discussed the virginia race, which of course involves an old friend of the clintons.
2:29 pm
>> that is correct. all right, thank you so much. it's no surprise that president biden and former president clinton talked shop during their phone calls. i'm joined now by virginia democratic candidate for governor and former virginia governor, terry mccaullife. we also invited glenn lumpkin and didn't get an answer. so great to have you on. you were of course a campaign co-chair for both clintons. you go way back with the clintons. have you spoken to president clinton about his hospitalization? how's he doing? >> i have. he's in great spirits. he's not worried about himself. wants to see how the race was going. said don't worry about me, how's the race going. he's his old self and getting better every day. when i talked to him, he was a happy warrior. >> that is good news and we wish him the best.
2:30 pm
let's get down to this race. you're in a tough fight, governor, and the dnc just announced a massive ad buy on your behalf. part of the largest ever investment in virginia. what should voters read into is that when it comes to your chances heading into the home stretch? it seems to suggest this is a tight race. you're vulnerable. >> first of all, jim, this is always going to be a tight race. as you know, we're in an off year so no federal candidates, but it was a real turning point wednesday night when they had a glenn lumpkin rally here and opened the rally by pledging le allegiance to a flag that was used during the january 6th insurrection. it was so sickening. that flag was used in insurrection to destroy our democracy and then as you know, donald trump called into this rally they had for him and president said, president trump
2:31 pm
said, glenn lumpkin will do whatever we want him to do. i think that really lit a spark on a lot of folks. just this weekend, we were supposed to knock on 80,000 doors. we're now knocking on 100,000 doors. we released our financial report today. we've raised 45 million. the most that's ever been raised from 100,000 donors and we raised $1 million online in just a last few days. someone who's education plan will cut 43,000 teachers. in the last three or four day, people are coming out woodwork to help in this race. they realize the stakes are donald trump wants to use this race to kick him off for 2024. >> seemed to catch everybody's attention, the event you're talking about. young kin for his part said that he wasn't there first of all
2:32 pm
then he said that the use of that flag i believe he said it was weird. that sort of thing. >> weird. >> did he go far enough in condemning that? >> first of all, i had 24 rallies around the state. i was not at him. i had surrogates at it. so the idea he wasn't there, if that had been a terry rally and they had pledged allegiance to a flag at the insurrection, what did youngkin say? it's weird. people fought and died in this country. it just reminded everybody of the stakes of this election. he wants to ban abortions, jim, and now with the trump supreme court, this is reality. abortion is gone in texas. youngkin wants to bring that.
2:33 pm
he wants to bring them here to virginia. so yesterday, i've got dr. biden here, president obama coming in. the president of the united states will be here the week after. >> you have a date now? >> he will definitely be here. he's coming back at another time. i think we're going to get vice president harris. people understand the stakes of this election. this is an important election and this is donald trump. he's endorsed glenn youngkin six times and he said so much of the reason i'm running is because of donald trump. that just sickens people. we just lived through four years of culture wars, hatred and divisiveness. i'm a unifier. i have so many republicans who have endorsed me. how do we increase healthcare and education? >> and governor, but i do want
2:34 pm
to ask you about the potential visit by president biden. if he goes out there, campaigns on your behalf and they have not passed those two important spending bills that are sort of in limbo on capitol hill right now, are you concerned about that? i know you have said that you want to see at least one of those bills get passed and if it hasn't happened by the time the president gets out there, is that a problem? >> i'd like to see them passed. i want to get them passed not because i'm running for governor, but i've got $7 billion worth of road projects here. but jim, for president biden, i want to say thank you. we've got $14.3 in the american rescue plan. $300 billion we got for education because of president biden. child poverty is being cut in half. so there's a lot of great things we have going on. i had 13 events today and this is my 13th. one more going on after this. i have not been asked once about that. what they want to know, i raised
2:35 pm
the minimum wage to 15 bucks. are you getting paid sick leave, family medical leave? i am for all of those things. youngkin is against all of those. he doesn't want medicaid expansion here. really? >> let me ask you. do you see this as a national race in a sense? we saw what happened out in california. it became a national race. donald trump was essentially on ballot out there. it sounds like you're trying to do the same in virginia and what is your warning to democrats if they don't heed that call? >> donald trump will use this as a major victory for himself to help himself in the 2022 midterms and this will be the kickoff for his 2024. literally, jim, he has endorsed glenn youngkin six times. and you know, youngkin is a trump want to be. we don't want him back again.
2:36 pm
he called into this rally on wednesday night after they pledged allegiance to this flag and basically said glenn youngkin will do whatever we want him to do. this is the biggest amount of money that's ever been raised ever in the history of the commonwealth of virginia and people are excited. people around the country understand, we're not going to let donald trump off the map and we're not going to get a donald trump want to be who wants to ban abortions. he says it's a single biggest issue facing virginia today is election integrity. no, it's not. it's jobs. healthcare. education. so sure there's nsational ramifications. trump wants to use this to pick himself up. we just don't want that here in the commonwealth of virginia. >> great part of the state of virginia. commonwealth of virginia of course. thanks so much for your time.
2:37 pm
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2:42 pm
holocaust. ed lavandera brings us the story. >> being told to get rid of your opposing viewpoints on what they called on like controversial subjects. >> to tell to story, she say she has to speak out under the cover of secrecy. >> teachers are getting threats. to go after their families. >> last week, carroll independent school admin state straiters held training sessions teachers needed to follow to pick the books for their classroom libraries. at the heart of what unfolded during these sessions is a new state law that tries control how history is taught.
2:43 pm
the law states if a teacher starts a discussion about public policy or social affairs, they're required to explore such issues from diverse perspectives. part of the training was recorded by a teacher. >> try to remember the concepts, 39-79, and make sure that if you have a book on the holocaust that you have one that has opposing, that has -- >> how do you oppose the holocaust? >> in the recording, you hear this administrator say this absurd idea that there should be an opposing view of the h holocaust thought. what was your reaction? >> it's almost like a joke. what would that be? we're not being asked to have opposing views on columbus day or thanksgiving or on only certain things and that's where the problem lie, really. >> what are those certain things you're being asked to have opposing views on? >> civil rights movement,
2:44 pm
holocaust. the civil war. slavery. women's rights. >> the school administrator in the meeting had tried to ease the frustrations and anger of the teachers. >> you are professionals. we hired you as professionals. we trust you with our children. so if you think the book is okay, then let's go with it. and whatever happens, we will fight it together. >> the school district's superintendent apologized for any hurt and confusion this has caused adding there are not two sides of the holocaust and that the district is working to add clarity to the expectations for teachers, but in south lake, finding clarity has been impossible since the controversial texas law went into effect. several teachers who have spoken to cnn say a group of conservative and highly organized parents are the driveri driving force of this controversy, pushing school
2:45 pm
administrators to limit discussions on racial issues. >> it's a sad situation we're nin right now. >> russell's three children have gone to schools here. the former dallas cowboys defensive lineman has spent the last three years working with parents to develop a diversity curriculum for city schools. >> the world is changing. the city is changing and unfortunately, you have a set of people in this town that are fearful of the change. and what do the fearful do? they instill fear. >> the council's efforts have gone nowhere. maryland says the latest south lake school controversy is embarrassing. >> it's incredible. but it's happening here in our community. as a warning to everybody out there, if you don't assistant up right now, then that ignorance
2:46 pm
is coming to a town close to you. >> what do you think is driving this push to control how these issues are taught in classrooms? >> fear, ignorance. i'm sure it's racism, too. i hope this is the catalyst for change in our district. we can't continue to go on this way. we have to make a change. we cannot continue to be ignorant and behave this way. we're beginning to feel like children of divorce. we have these two sides fighting and we're becoming collateral damage. >> disturbing story. coming up, an act of terror in england. what we're learning, next. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all.
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just into cnn, robert durst has been diagnosed with covid-19. the 78-year-old is hospitalized and on a ventilator. just two days ago, durst was sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing his best friend more than 20 years ago. friday's fatal stabbing of a british lawmaker is being declared an act of terrorism. david amess died after being stabbed several times. a 25-year-old suspect is in custody. he's believed to be a british national. and phil black reports from london. >> reporter: jim, prime minister boris johnson visited the site where the lawmaker david amess
2:52 pm
was stabbed repeatedly on friday. the prime minister laid a wreath, a symbol of the grief and anger being felt by politicians here across the spectrum. for many members of parliament, it did not come as a complete surprise. there's been growing concern here over what a long-standing tradition in politics, the easy access voters have to their elected representatives. the ease with which they can arrange meetings to discuss concerns, one on one, in a close setting with little to no security. the concern is that is no longer appropriate. it's outdated because it is unsafe. david amess himself had spoken with concern about what he saw as a growth in harassment, violence, intimidation and threats towards elected politicians here. the government is now promising to review the security arrangements in place when members of parliament meet with the people they represent. meanwhile, police are developing a clearer idea about why this attack happened.
2:53 pm
they believe it was an act of terrorism. they suspect the 25-year-old man they're holding was motivated by islamist extremist. jim? >> thanks to phil for that. this just in, a new statement from president clinton's spokesperson about his condition. he has continued to make excellent progress. he will remain overnight at uc irvin medical center and continue to receive antibiotics before a discharge tomorrow. he's in great spirits and spending time with family and watching college football as well. we wish him well as he makes his recovery. when the covid-19 pandemic struck the island of bali, tourism practically came to a halt. thousands of people were left out of work and going hungry. this week's cnn hero found a way to help his community by implementing a simple plan, empower people to trade in plastic waste for rice. >> i keep going with this
2:54 pm
mission because people empowered, because people get excited, because of the community that respond into this initiative. i see the smile in their face. i see the cleaner environments and also i see they can provide for their family. this initiative is so simple and we can do this in every community. we clean the environments, we feed the people, and we're proud doing this. my goal is to really spread this movement. i want to inspire people that everything is possible. there is no small dream. if you believe and you do it, with the community, you will succeed. >> and for the full story, go to cnn that's the news. i'm jim acosta. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern.
2:55 pm
pamela brown takes over the "cnn newsroom" live after a quick break. have a good night.
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one deputy is dead and two others wounded after being ambushed by a gunman in texas. >> a second suspect came out of nowhere with a rifle and began to basically shoot our deputies. >> president biden honors fallen officers from across the country from the steps of the capitol. >> being a cop today is one hell of a lot harder than it's ever been. j&j is a very good vaccine. i believe it's probably a two-shot vaccine. probably one is not enough. it's really urgent that people go get that second shot pretty quickly. doctors will k


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