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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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one deputy is dead and two others wounded after being ambushed by a gunman in texas. >> a second suspect came out of nowhere with a rifle and began to basically shoot our deputies. >> president biden honors fallen officers from across the country from the steps of the capitol. >> being a cop today is one hell of a lot harder than it's ever been. j&j is a very good vaccine. i believe it's probably a two-shot vaccine. probably one is not enough. it's really urgent that people go get that second shot pretty quickly. doctors will keep former
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president bill clinton in a california hospital for a fifth night as he recovers from a urinary tract infection. >> sepsis is as serious as it gets. ♪ i'm pamela brown in washington. you're in the cnn newsroom on this saturday. it's great to have you along with us tonight. we want to begin in houston where police have identified the deputies ambushed by a gunman who, quote, came out of nowhere. 28-year-old darrell garrett is in intensive care with his injuries. a 26-year-old was also wounded. his condition at this hour is unknown. 30-year-old kareem atkins died by his injuries. he's survived by his wife and two month old baby and he had just returned from paternity leave. law enforcement agencies from across the country escorted
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deputy atkins' body to the medical examiner's office. police say a person taken into custody at the scene is not believed tor the shooter. and the ambush coming on the day president biden honored law enforcement officers who have died in line of duty. president biden and the first lady took part in the national peace officer's memorial service. the president telling the families left behind that the nation shares their grief. >> being a cop today is one held of a lot harder than it's ever been. and the families of the fallen, you've suffered an enormous loss. but understand, your loss is also america's loss. america's loss. and your pain is america's pain. >> let's go to joe johns at the
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white house tonight. the ceremony was held in front of the u.s. capitol where law enforcement showed so much courage on january 6th. what did the president have to say? what more? >> pamela, this was first and foremost a tribute to the law enforcement officers around the country who died in 2019 and 2020 in the line of duty, but the setting, the location, the timing, all especially important because of what happened on january 6th. the responders who sacrificed some -- the ultimate sacrifice in defending the united states capitol. listen. >> particularly appropriate today is here nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thwarted an unconstitutional, fundamentally un-american attack on a nation's values and our votes. because of you, democracy
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survived. >> the president also sent condolences to the three deputies shot, one killed, in houston, that you already spoke of pamela. the president also talked just a bit about some of his policy priorities when it comes to policing, including the george floyd justice in policing act. this is legislation, that got tied up and stalled in the senate in september. there's been some talk, but no clear decision on whether the president might sign off on some type of executive action to try to put some of those initiatives in place without legislation. pamela? >> joe johns, thank you so much. rob pride is the national trustees chairman of the fraternal order of police. sergeant pride, thank you for making time for us tonight. even before this deadly ambush in houston, the number of officers killed by gunfire nationwide has surpassed all of last year's total. that is heartbreaking. why do you think that's
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happening? >> well, pam, i think it's a variety of things. first and foremost, our police agencies across the nation are struggling to recruit and retain good officers. no one is really raising their hand to be police officers right now. we're seeing a shortage of that. i also think the antipolice sentiment that we've experienced across the nation over the last year plays into that and it's just like the president said today in front of our survivors, being a police officer in the nation today is a hell of a lot harder than it's ever been, including these attacks. >> you agree with what president biden said that, it's more difficult than ever to be in law enforcement today? >> absolutely, pam. listen, i've been doing this job for 30 years now and i can tell you that the job of being a police officer today is certainly not the job that it was when i started. and our communities expect a lot more from us and rightly so.
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they expect us to do the job a certain way, better than it was done 30 years ago. but that makes it harder. and we have to continue to be better. but we also need the help of our legislators and our community when it comes to how hard it is to do this job and these attacks and the ambushes like you spoke about down in houston, tragic. >> right. and, of course, today, january 6th came up in the president's speech. your union endorsed donald trump in 2016 and 2020. a few weeks ago, i spoke with the partner of officer sicknick who died a day after january 6th. she's heard no response from president trump. is that disappointing to you? >> here's what i would say, the entire incident on january 6th is tragic and disappointing and what our officers went through that day in regards to not hearing from president trump, i can't speak for that. i can't speak for him or his
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staff. but, you know, what i can tell you is that today our president and nations leaders were there at the capitol honoring our fallen and i can tell you the last time we had a ceremony, our nation's leaders, including president trump were there honoring our fallen and our -- and their families. we appreciate it when the president is involved in that. i can't speak for his personal conversations with those families. when the leader of the free world shows up at our ceremony, we're blessed and honored to have him and the families appreciate them attending. >> i understand. and you don't want to -- you can't talk about trump specifically and what he has said and the conversations that he's had. but as -- in your role and given your organization, fop, there was one capitol police officer who died the day after january 6th. you had four who died by suicide after the insurrection who had responded on that day. and now you are seeing people in washington, lawmakers in
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washington, republicans whitewashing what happened on that day. is that disappointing? >> you know, when you say whitewashing, i think that's a pretty broad term. here's what i'll tell you, pamela, it is important that we talk about what happened that day and that we talk about what those officers went through and ensure it doesn't happen again. it doesn't matter to us what side of the aisle those folks are on, republicans, democrats. it doesn't matter. we have to talk about what happened those day, we have to talk about the trauma those officers suffered. if there's folks in leadership who can help with that, then, yeah, of course that's disappointing. but let's -- i would love to talk with those families directly and see what we can do to assist them and those officers to assist them. in regards to what our legislators are doing, we're ready, we've been ready to have those open conversations, to ensure anything like this
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doesn't happen again and what we can do in the fallout of that. >> just to be clear, when i said whitewashing, i mean down playing what happened on that day, saying, look, that was a day in january. you heard the former vice president say that, those kind of sentiments about that day and really the impact it had on capitol police officers. since the start of the pandemic, five times as many cops have died from covid-19 as gunfire. it's the number one killer of law enforcement. so why are police unions opposed to vaccine mandates? >> well, what our stance has always been, pam, is this. we believe the scientific data shows that vaccines overall are safe for our members and officers to take. but we will never support that they should be mandated. we believe that that's a personal choice. that our members or citizens in general should be able to make after they have those consultations with their doctors
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and with those, you know, that are helping them with their health, we believe it should be by choice. we support the vaccine. we encourage our members who are comfortable getting it, getting it. we do believe it should be a choice. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate you having us. we have just learned that president clinton is making progress and he's expected to be discharged from the hospital on sunday. cnn's natasha chen is live with the latest. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: we heard from his spokesperson within the last 30 minutes or so in a tweet and i can read you that statement here saying that president clinton has continued to make excellent progress over the last 24 hours. he will remain overnight at the medical center to continue to receive iv antibiotics before an expected discharge tomorrow. he's in great spirits, he's been catching up with friends and watching college football. he's deeply grateful for the
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excellent care he continues to receive and thankful to the many well-wishers who have sent kind words to him and his family. he's looking forward to getting home very soon. so you can tell that he's doing much better. that's what we've been hearing throughout the day, that the daily tests they're doing show that he's trending in the right direction right now. it's the iv antibiotics treatment that we're told can take three to five days to complete and that's why we're seeing him staying in the hospital up to five days or so because he did check in here on tuesday evening. and it's important that they want to finish that treatment before he gets back on a plane to go home. we did find out that he spoke to president biden yesterday on the phone. they spoke about the virginia governor's race and we did see secretary hillary clinton and daughter chelsea walk in this morning at -- just shortly after 8:00 a.m. pacific time. they've been in there for several hours. and doctors and staff have told us that he's been able to get up, walk around.
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he's got a couple books, been joking with the staff. seems like he's doing better and on the mend hopefully to return home soon, pamela. >> all right, thank you so much. and updating you now on the situation right now at reagan national airport right outside of washington, d.c. two main runways have been shut down after a flight had a, quote, mechanical issue as it landed. take a look. these are live pictures coming out of reagan national airport. cnn aviation correspondent pete muntean is on the line. what's going on there? >> the good news is that 69 people were on board this flight, 4965. thankfully no injuries. we just heard from the faa that they will investigate this incident. the faa tells us that the flight blew two of its tires, six tires. overall, not that huge of a deal. may have been some discomfort for passengers. the disabled plane is having a
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big impact. it shut down two runways at reagan national airport. this happened on runway one. it is closed, according to a notice to pilots. the runway that interacts that runway, that's the backup, it is also closed. so this is having a pretty big impact for other flights coming into reagan national airport. some other flights are being diverted to bwi and dulles nearby. those people on that flight, 4965 ultimately got to where they wanted to go. they were bussed to the terminal and we have seen from a tower cam live video from that, that the bus has moved into the position and they took those passengers to the terminal. we've also seen some flights departing now out of reagan national airport. it seems like this is winding down a little bit. this did have a pretty big impact on a busy day and it happened at a critical time and a critical spot at this place. >> yeah, i'm sure that was an unnerving experience for those
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passengers. thank you so much. coming up this hour, convicted murder robert durst reported hospitalized and on a ventilator after contracting coronavirus. also ahead tonight, former trump strategist steve bannon staring down a possible criminal contempt charge for defying the january 6th committee. pete ba ris live with a look at allegations. a top nike executive tells sports illustrated he shot and killed a man when he was a teenager. the man who broke the story joins us live next hour. you're in the cnn newsroom and we'll be right back. lavender baths always calmed him. so we turned bath time into a business. and building it with my son has been my dream job. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today.
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>> president biden endorsing prosecution with anyone refusing to cooperate with the january 6th committee. steve bannon is staring down a potential charge for his defiance. the one-time strategist to former president trump will find out tuesday just how serious the panel is after its warnings. if committee members refer the complaint as expected, the full house will then vote. if the majority of members agree the complaint is referred to the justice department. bo bannon is relying on trump's argument of executive privilege. he is the only person close to trump to openly refuse to comply so far. at least two trump white house players are engaging with the comm committee, to use its wording. preet bharara joins me now to break it all down. he's the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and the host of two
3:20 pm
podcasts. great to see you, preet. the obvious here is that time is of the essence for democrats. this probe could take more than a year. if republicans win back congress in 2022, they might shut down the investigation. so, i mean, look if the referral makes its way to doj, how likely is it that doj would then act in a timely manner? >> i don't think it will take a long time for dodthe doj to mak decision. it's not trafficking, it's not terrorism. it's a simple flouting of a subpoena based on no legal ground at all. as you pointed out, steve bannon was not in the employ of the government. not the executive branch. at the time of the insurrection. he has no basis for asserting the privilege. that kind of prosecution is very, very rare. it hasn't happened in a very, very, very long time.
3:21 pm
i don't think it will take a long period for the justice department to decide. i think they could do that in a matter of days or weeks. >> and there's this olc memo at doj that refuses to bring contempt of charges congress to executive branch officials if they defy congressional subpoenas. but, of course, with steve bannon, it's a little bit of a different case, right? he wasn't in the white house during the time in question, even though he's trying to play the executive privilege card. >> yeah. it doesn't make sense legally. it doesn't make sense factually. it doesn't make a lot of sense optically. if steve bannon and others think that everything that happened on january 6th was good and great and kosher and the people who engaged in that conduct, we love them and they're heroes and they should be propped up, then what does he have to lose? if it's the case that the former acting attorney general rosen testified before that panel and could cooperate with that panel, it makes no since as to why steve bannon cannot. even though prosecutions of this
3:22 pm
kind are very rare, if there's a case in which you would bring that criminal contempt power to bare, it seems to me steve bannon is the prime case for it. >> i want to ask you about what we just heard there from president biden speaking to kaitlan collins. months ago, president biden said that he would make sure his doj is independent from the white house. but he just said friday that the doj should prosecute those who defy subpoenas. the white house press secretary was playing a bit of cleanup, saying the doj will make its own decisions on this. should the president, the head of the executive branch, be talking publicly about what doj should do in this investigation? >> he probably should not have. i think he probably thinks better of it. and the cleanup from the press person is probably consistent with what joe biden now thinks of the remark he made. joe biden has repeatedly said at the outset of his presidency before that even on the campaign
3:23 pm
trail, that he expects his justice department to be independent and the justice department spokesperson himself made a strong statement. quite strong, to be within the same government as the president and said we will make an independent decision about this full stop, period. joe biden should not have said that. i think he probably thinks better of it. >> i'm trying -- just to put this into context. if the president says something like that publicly, even though the press secretary comes out and says this and doj says that, do you see that -- how that could have the effect or the appearance that he was trying to put pressure on his doj? >> yeah, look. sure. that's why he shouldn't have said it. that's why i agree he shouldn't have said it and that's why they walked it back and that's why doj was very, very strong in saying -- notwithstanding whatever the president said, we're going to make up our own minds. it was an unfortunate thing that he shouldn't have said. let's be clear and distinguish this from the kinds of things that happened under the prior administration where donald trump repeatedly to the extent
3:24 pm
anybody was making any connection there, repeatedly said publicly things that he wanted the justice department to do and not only that, as we're learning more and more, called people in the justice department to get them to do things up to and including overturning an election result in his favor. so i think biden's heart is in the right place, mind is in the right place. his tongue on one occasion today was not. >> i want to ask you about something on another front. a federal judge is blasting the treatment of an accused capitol rioter being held at the d.c. jail. he's holding the jail in contempt along with the supervisors. the judge says the defendant, who we're showing here, needs surgery and the jail refused to turn over medical records which could be a civil rights violation. do you think this gives credibility to those who say the accused rioters are being treated unfairly and will only serve to galvanize those on the far right? >> i don't think we know all the facts. if it's the case that somebody
3:25 pm
who was being held in custody by the bureau of prisons or by some other facility and they're not getting proper medical, that's wrong. i'm sure the justice department will agree with that. more nefarious is the insinuation by the judge in that case, that he doesn't know, implicated the idea that maybe this is so because of the particular crime for which that person has been charged and the conduct he was charged with. i don't know and i have not seen any evidence to that effect and people will talk about mistreatment in lots of different contexts. if there's a connection between those two things, absolutely, that's terrible and wrong and gives grifts to people who don't think those prosecutions are right. and these kinds of issues arrive in many, many contexts and have been, unfortunately, in the news for years and years, long before the january 6th insurrection and the criminal prosecution of anyone involved in that event. >> all right, preet bharara, thank you so much.
3:26 pm
>> thanks, pamela. the interparty fighting among democrats is getting ugly and unraveling into a turf war with senator bernie sanders going after senator joe manchin in an op-ed. needless to say, manchin did not take it lightly. we're going to have more on that ahead.
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the democratic party is as divided as ever about president biden's agenda. how much to spend and what to spend it on. and tonight, progressives are fuming as the white house signals it may drop a key part of biden's climate agenda because of opposition from west virginia senator joe manchin. this morning, the house progressives leader said negotiations are still ongoing. >> we understand that we have to get all 50 senators on board and
3:31 pm
that senator manchin, obviously, has a very big role to play on this, and so we're continuing to push for the strongest possible climate protections that will allow us to bring down carbon emissions. and we're open to that negotiation as long as we have strong climate protections that bring down carbon emissions. >> the clean energy program in question aims to replace many of the nation's coal and gas-fired power plants with wind, solar. manchin argues the program isn't needed because his state is already moving towards clean energy. but two west virginia climate experts i just spoke to today said that it's not moving fast enough there. one of them says west virginia has only gone from 95% to 91% coal-fired electricity in the
3:32 pm
last ten years and that the climate program manchin wants to cut is a no-brainer in terms of what's good for the citizens of west virginia and why i question why he's against it. so why does manchin want to cut the specific program? to discuss, let's bring in bill crystal and laura lopez. great to see you here on set. manchin has acknowledged the impacts of climate change. he co-wrote an op-ed in 2019 in "the washington post" about just that. at the same time we know he's been a big backer of the coal industry in west virginia. what do you make of him wanting to cut this climate program, that these experts say will help his state? >> publicly right now what he's saying is that his view is that the company is already doing this. in order for the biden administration to meet that 50% or close to cut 50% carbon emissions, all climate experts as they told you think that these steps need to be taken or else the country isn't going to
3:33 pm
reach that goal that biden has set. manchin has long been a big proponent of fossil fuel and keeping fossil fuel in the mix. that's at the heart here. manchin has long talked about all of the above energy, long wanted to keep fossil fuel companies running and think that them along with natural gas can be a part of the mixture leading towards cutting carbon emissions. but more and more, the democratic party is saying that those fossil fuel energy options just aren't the way forward in order to reach the goals. >> right, the experts i spoke to, they said it's going too slowly given the urgent issue, the existential threat of climate change. amid all of this, bill, you have on friday senator bernie sanders writing this op-ed in west virginia's biggest newspaper attacking manchin for standing in the way of the democrats' human infrastructure plan, build back better. manchin quickly fired back writing this isn't the first
3:34 pm
time an out of stater has tried to tell west virginians what is best for them despite having no relationship to our state. no op-ed from a democratic socialist is going to change that. i remember when kamala harris went to west virginia early on and he did not like that either. this is such an interesting dynamic at play. >> it is, and i've got to say, maybe they have some magic strategy i don't know about. but i would say just on the surface, manchin is kind of a proud of being a senator from his state. doesn't like senators from other states coming into his state to tell him what to do. if they want to lobby him privately, that's one thing. i've been working a little on the voting rights legislation. and all the advice we got -- manchin has moved and he's one of 50 democrats sponsoring that legislation. and he may even bridge the filibuster a little bit down the
3:35 pm
road, i think, chuck schumer th thinks on that. it's to have republicans and moderates. senator manchin has worked -- has modified the bill, made it responsible and get those kinds of articles in the west virginia papers and appeal to him. having bernie sanders come in and just lob this little grenade in his state. bernie sanders is from vermont. biden carried vermont by 40 points in the election. trump carried west virginia by almost 40 points. i just think manchin looks at that and thinks, are you kidding me? if you want me to come along on climate or drugs, have a senator from a midwestern state write a friendly op-ed about how over the years i worked with joe manchin and i work forward to working with him further. instead, it's the one guy in the senate who calls himself a socialist from vermont. lobbing this little grenade in the state. i figure it gives manchin a sense, west virginia is going to
3:36 pm
play fine. he's not taking order from bernie sanders. >> i think we were all waiting after that op-ed came out from bernie sanders for this fiery response from manchin. it was no surprise there. you have the discussion about the climate provision and whether it's going to be taken out and it sounds like the white house is going to follow that, according to our reporting from three congressional sources today, that this provision will be taken out. and i'm wondering if this puts the white house in a bit of a box or a tough situation given the fact that it's supposed to go to the climate convention very soon with top officials going there. >> yeah, this is a big issue heading into the climate summit. so sources told my colleague that if this is ultimately cut, which it is looking like the clean electricity standard as it was originally framed is going to be taken out, the white house is trying to find other proposals or other mechanisms that can get to that 40% cut in carbon emissions or 50% cut in carbon emissions. what else can they offer to manchin, can they offer to these democrats that are potentially
3:37 pm
sceptical of it? because they really -- they can't walk into that climate summit and not have something that shows that the u.s. is committed to cutting carbon emissions by the percentage that the administration said they would. other countries have been very sceptical all along that the u.s. would follow through on this given the past administration, given the fact it's difficult to find the consensus. so it is going to be critical for the administration heading into that summit to have some kind of semblance of what exactly they're going to be offering here. >> they're having to put that in the equation as well as trying to decide on all of this. you have this race in virginia. you have backed terry mcauliffe. it's a tight race. terry mcauliffe is ahead of glenn youngkin by five points. what happens there could be a harbinger for what's to come for both parties in 2022. >> it could be.
3:38 pm
it being virginia -- half of virginia is close to washington, it's a little more of a national race than a typical governor's race. i think mcauliffe is going to win. i think he's three or five points ahead. everyone is nervous at 2016 and 2020 that there might be a hidden trump vote. some of my neighbors in northern virginia who are sort of historic republicans who voted for biden, they would like to get back to the republican party. they would like to tell themselves, that trump thing was kind of an aberration and now we have a ceo probusiness republican who is here. i think that youngkin's unwillingness to confront the trump lies, election lies, courting of trump, all the kind of ducking and weaving he's done, i think ultimately that's going to stop a certain number of virginians for going back to him and mcauliffe was a probusiness, proeconomic growth moderate democratic governor. he's a democrat, like biden, who
3:39 pm
went off of a lot of mccain, romney republicans. no is quite certain. can republicans get revved up if trump is not on the ballot? if trump is no longer president, how much is trump still the issue in these elections? >> we know that trump has backed youngkin. we're going to be watching this race closely for sure. thank you both so much for coming on. we appreciate it. just days after being sentenced to life in prison for murder, robert durst has covid-19. more on his condition next. a mg explosion of yes. craft? yes! heartiness? yes! living life to the flavor-fullest? heck yes. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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robert durst who was the subject of the hbo series is in the hospital with covid. on thursday, durst was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of susan berman in 2000. we have more on this. what exactly do we know about his condition, jean? >> the lead attorney for robert durst has just told me, cnn, that durst was diagnosed with covid-19 and this is ironic because his sentencing in the murder trial from the murder conviction in los angeles just took place on thursday. so he was diagnosed after that and from what i understand, the
3:45 pm
lawyer told me that at the sentencing, they knew something was wrong. that robert durst looked horrible. he had difficulty breathing, he had difficulty speaking. he told me that he was just worse than he had ever looked. i can also tell you that the entire legal team is concerned. the attorney told me that everyone is concerned for themselves, for robert durst and concerned for the deputy that was in close contact with robert durst who would bring him to court, who would just be with him at all times. now, so far the attorney has tested negative for covid and he's in his senior years also. but he's tested negative. but he's not going to the -- a funeral of a friend this weekend out of caution. but they're just monitoring the situation and hoping for the
3:46 pm
best. >> if you would, jean, remind our viewers of the scale of this trial and how it's captured national attention for years. >> robert durst has been in the news and when you look at true crime, you think of robert durst. this is the first conviction he's ever had. it started in the 1980s in new york, new york city, the durst family, the billionaire family. robert durst was married to kathy and kathy went missing in the early 1980s. and no one could find her. and so the spotlight was on robert durst. and he became extremely paranoid that they were going to charge him with the murder. they didn't. but robert durst really led a life of evading law and going from city to city, even disguising himself as a woman in galveston, texas, and saying he was in an altercation with a man that he lived with, a roommate,
3:47 pm
he killed him and actually dismembered him. a jury acquitted him on murder. but then finally when he was on the run from houston to new orleans, los angeles prosecutes caught up with him. they arrested him and charged him in the murder of susan berman, his best friend. but prosecutors believe the motive was that susan berman knew the truth, that he had murdered his wife cathy, and she was just about to tell new york authorities who were reopening the investigation. finally, a conviction sentencing on thursday and now robert durst is extremely ill, we understand, with covid-19. >> thank you so much for that. health experts are now urging people who got a johnson & johnson covid vaccine shot to get a booster as soon as it's available. dr. peter hotez joins me next to break this all down for us. el viento pega en mi cara. ♪ si acelero no me paran el viento pega en mi cara ♪
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did you get the j&j one-and-done vaccine? on friday, an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend boosters. this time they're recommending all adults who got this vaccine should get boosters as soon as they're available. let's get right to it with dr. peter hotez from baylor university. doctor, both the pfizer and moderna boosters are being recommended for people over 65, people with underlying health conditions, and people with high-risk jobs. that is not the case for j&j. why is that? >> well, part of it is because for the j&j vaccine, even though we're calling it a booster, it's
3:53 pm
not really a booster. it turns out this was always a two-dose vaccine. something that we've talked about all year. you know, when we looked at the early phase one, phase-two trial data, it really needed two doses to get consistently high levels of virus neutralizing antibody for everyone. and at that point it was a really, really good vaccine. so there is a subtle difference. with the pfizer vaccine, for instance, there's clear waning, munts, and you need a booster to restore the immunity. with the j&j, the vaccine immunity is staying constant. it's just not at a high enough level. it's around 68% in terms of preventing hospitalization, according to amanda cohn at the cdc. ill think that was the number she said at the committee meeting. so the point is it's not really a booster each though we're calling it a booster, it's a two-dose vaccine. >> from what you laid out, why did it take this long then for that get approved for the second dose of j&j? >> yeah.
3:54 pm
you know, i always thought this was a two-dose vaccine all along. i know the company had hoped that it could serve as a one-dose vaccine from the simple standpoint that globally, you know, it could go much faster and spread among -- and be delivered to many more people globally. so i think their intentions were good. and they actually finally came -- had phase-three trial data for the two doses in september. and it was pretty stunning. it's over 90% protection. so i wish it was messaged a little differently. you know, what i've been saying since the beginning, since january, is that the two mrna vaccines were always going to be three-dose vaccines based on giving the first two doses close together. the j&j was always going to be a two-dose vaccine. anyway, in some ways this is an auto correction of what probably should have been messaged months ago. >> and you mentioned the cdc official says that there's a clear need in some situations
3:55 pm
for individuals to mix booster shots. what -- under what circumstances would you recommend that to your patients? >> not very commonly. i don't know that i would routinely recommend booster shots -- for instance, if you got two doses of the pfizer vaccine, my recommendation is go with the third dose. that's pfizer, that's what i did. for the simple reason there's going to be a lot more data collected on it, and it works really well. same with the moderna. in the case of the moderna vaccine, actually immunity's not really declining that much. so it's not like you have to rush out and do it. i think rochelle walensky said, the cdc director, said walk, don't run. with the j&j vaccine, the most common new england is get the second dose . the one hedge -- young women who are pregnant where the risk of getting thrombotic disease, clotting disease is higher.
3:56 pm
we know that's a rare effect of the j&j vaccine. maybe i'd recommend one of the mrna vaccines. >> sorry to cut you off, dr. -- >> the two doses of the j&j are good. >> okay. wonderful. thank you so much. great to see you. a shocking admission coming from longtime nike's jordan brand chairman larry miller says he murdered someone when he was a teenager. it is a secret he has kept until now. more ahead. to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. if you're on medicare, remember, the annual enrollment period is here. the time to choose your coverage...
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