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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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wear masks indoors then i think we can get through the holidays just fine. but that's really up to the public. >> all right, andy slavitt, thanks for joining us as always. we appreciate hearing your perspective on all of this. >> thank you, pam. >> and join me tomorrow when i speak to the director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis collins at 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. your next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. an assistant director yelled cold gun as he gave a prop firearm to alec baldwin according to an affidavit. >> usually you would try and avoid using a real gun. >> investigators are now combing through the evidence from the movie set including alec baldwin's bloodstained clothes. next in the gabby petito case investigators turn to brian laundrie's parents. >> part of that investigation will be to discern and determine what if anything the family
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members know. powerful pacific storms set to bring heavy rain, flash flooding and strong damaging winds to the northwest and california starting tonight. >> i travel light so if they evacuate i'll just get the hell out of dodge. president obama on the stump in virginia slams republicans. >> why is it republicans don't want you to vote? what is it that they're so afraid of? i'm pamela brown in washington. you are in the "cnn newsroom" on this saturday. and new information coming in tonight about the deadly film set shooting involving alec baldwin. an affidavit says some of the clothes he wore at the time appear to have bloodstains on them. and new video sheds light on the kind of gun training some of the actors received. listen to what one of baldwin's co-stars said just days before the fatal shooting. >> they had me pick my gun.
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they were like, all right, what gun would you like? and i was like i don't know, and the armorer was like do you have gun experience? what's a gun? and i was like a little, and she was like, okay, well this is how you load it. this is how we check it make sure it's safe. and she's like i'm going to put some blanks in there and i want you to go off and fire off a cup of rounds towards the hill. i was like okay and i walked out. and she was like make sure you pull the hammer all the way back and you aim at your target. >> obviously those comments taking on new meaning now. cnn's lucy near the film set with the very latest. >> reporter: new details emerging from the affidavit which helped shed light on a little bit of the time line on what took place on that fateful thursday afternoon. we understand that the team was shooting inside a structure on the film set for the movie
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"rust." this is the bonanza creek ranch. we also understand the head armorer, the person inside of prop weapon safety on movie sets had placed three prop weapons on a cart outside of the structure. the assistant director then picked up one of the weapons. he walked it inside the structure where alec baldwin was in full western rugalea. he handed the gun to mr. baldwin while shouting cold gun, which in the industry means there were no live rounds. the weapon should have been safe to handle and of course we all know something went wrong. according to the affidavit we understand mr. baldwin took the gun and fired and halyna hutchens suffered a fatal wound to the chest. the director of the film, joel souza, was shot in the shoulder. he was taken to a local
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hospital. it's not clear where the armorer was during the shooting inasmuch she's 24 years old. we understand she was trained from the age of 16 by her father, the legendary gunsmith feld reid. she graduated from college a year ago and this was just her second time ever working as the head armorer on a film set. she previously worked on "the old way" with nicholas cage, and she gave a podcast interview about that experience which aired in september in which she shared some concerns about her ability to do the job. take a listen. >> i was really nervous about first and i almost didn't take the job because i wasn't sure if i was ready, but doing it, it went really smoothly. >> reporter: she also admitted in that same podcast interviewed she found loading blanks into a gun, quote, the sariest thing because she didn't know exactly how to do it and apparently had to ask her dad for some assistance. again, this was on a separate production of a nicholas cage
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movie. we don't know the details what happened in the film "rust." investigators are combing through the property and we know they seized the digital material, the film, the phones. but we do understand there were broader concerns about safety on the set. prior to thursday's incident several crew members actually quit the production over concerns about conditions? cluding gun safety and covid safety protocols. this is according to the los angeles times. so many unanswered questions, pam. >> all right, lucy kafanov, thanks so much. and cnn has reached out to the movie productions and have yet to receive a response. they did give a statement to the l.a. times saying, quote, the safety of our cast and crew is the top priority of rust productions and everyone associate would the company, though we were not made aware of any official complaints concerning weapon and prop safety on set, we'll be conducting an internal review of our procedures while production is shutdown. we'll continue to cooperate with
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the santa fe authorities and their investigation and offer mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic time. joining me now to discuss this a little bit more, cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, joey skraksen and also steve wolf. he's a stunt coordinator and theatrical firearm safety expert. good to see you both, joey. could alec baldwin or any of the crew members face any legal consequences for the shooting? >> you know, it's possible. but let's start with alec baldwin where i think it's highly unlikely. i think pivoting quickly to this point other things will happen, of course. i think the sheriff's office as we know is undertake-upping an extensive investigation to determine what went, who went, et cetera. there's a review with regard to that particular production. i think there'll be an industrywide review and i think we'll see other legislative efforts potentially to whether or not alec baldwin would be
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criminally responsible. when we do things in any job we have we reasonably rely upon other people because we operate as a team. in the event it was indicated cold gun, he had no reason to believe it was just that, tchts it was a prop and it would never hurt anyone. so it's difficult to charge him. i think moving on from that last point, pamela, they'll look at other people and what their roles, responsibilities and jobs were. and i think you could make the argument clearly there was negligence here. as to whether that arises to the level of criminality, that's really a harder thing to establish. but certainly they'll look at everything here to determine what's warranted moving forward. >> natalie baldwin iswas in a unique position in this case. steve, that gun baldwin used was referred to a prop gun. is there any reason why a live round might have been inside the gun's chamber? if not, are there any firewalls
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in place on the film set to ensure that doesn't happen? >> well, there's no reason to have had a firearm that was capable of discharging live ammo on the set. anything that an actor touches is a prop. so if an actor touches their cellphone, you know, it becomes a prop. but when we say prop gun it means that as a gun that's beenmicically modified so you cannot put live ammo into it. only blanks can pit into it. >> okay, we're having some issues, steve. go again, sorry. we were having some issues. it was hard to hear you and you were pixilated. go again. >> okay. so i was just saying that a prop gun is a gun that's been specifically manufactured for shooting blanks, not bullets. in fact, the bullets won't fit into a gun that's been modified properly, only blanks will fit
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into it. and that's a safeguard to ensure that live ammo is not loaded into guns that are used on set. so if you don't use the right type of gun, you're not going to get the safety benefit that's been engineered into it. >> i want to bring you in on this because the l.a. times is reporting that members of the film crew complained about long hours, waiting for paychecks and poor gun safety on the set. how could that factor in, this walkout, this alleged walkout according to this reporting. how could that factor into potential legal concerns. >> yeah, pamela, i think it speaks to the broader issue of how this particular production was run and potentially and apparently it was run in a poor way such that people walked off the set. i think it also speaks to potential civil liability. what do i mean? i mean that people were acting negligently. that is they were careless. that is they consciously
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disregarded a risk something could happen. whether that translates into criminality, you have to establish really a gross deviation from a standard of care. look, someone's dead here. that's horrific. it's tragic. it needs to be looked into and investigated to the full extent. but when you talk about criminality, you're talking about another level. i think they will check and see whose responsibility was it, did they do it adequately, were they appropriately trained, what did they do specifically at that time such that alec baldwin had a gun in his hand, not a prop. i think it's a quantum leap to establish there was a crime committed. you just need a lot more other than civil liability, negligent, carelessness, but we'll see as the investigation proceeds. >> what does it tell you, steve? does it suggest there were corners cut? is that something that happens on these movie sets if the budget is tight, they would cut corners when it comes to safety? >> it happens all the time, unfortunately.
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and you could raise an objection and say, hey, wait, i don't think this is safe and then, well, all right, why don't you go home and we'll find some who thinks they can do it under these conditions. and it's really deplorable, but a lot of pressure is put on people to act unsafely to try and get a film done on time and on budget. and unfortunately, it's very shortsighted when you think i'm going to save a couple bucks an hour by hiring a prop person that doesn't know what they're doing and now someone's dead because of it. so when you look at the lists on the legal side, you know, what should have been done, what was done and the delta between them, that's where we can figure otwhout whether there's criminal and civil liabilities. >> sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off there but i did want to ask about that podcast with the prop master who was on this set, her first job was on another movie set just before and she was talking about how it was new and she wasn't sure if she was
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ready and so forth. what did you make of that. >> that's really scary. i think when someone is new and not sure, that's fine. we all start somewhere. but you work under somebody's tutelage and you'll practice until you have mastery. and then the person you're apprenticing under tells you, okay, you're ready to go do this on your own. until then, no, you work with super vision. >> steve wolf, joey jackson, thank you so much. and coming up this hour what leaked documents reveal about facebook's role in the insurrection. and then we're live in haiti. that is where authorities are racing to save the lives of 17 kidnapped missionaries including americans. you are in the "cnn newsroom." ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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until two crucial governors races. president obama campaigning today in both virginia and new jersey where he accused the republican party of trying to rig upcoming elections. >> if you got good ideas, people won't flock to your ideas but that's nut whu they try to do. instead you're trying to rig elections. because the truth is people disagree with your ideas. and when that doesn't work, you start fabricating lies and conspiracy theories about when last election, the one you didn't win. that's not how democracy is supposed to work. >> these two races will be a road map for both parties ahead of next year's mid-terms. democrats are watching this closely as are republicans and it's a testament to the influence of former president trump. even more urgent for democrats, disagreements still unfolding on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi
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saying she hopes to have a vote next week on both the massive spending bill and the bipartisan infrastructure deal. but members of her party have yet to come to an agreement on the trillions of dollars worth of legislation. so here to discuss all of that and more congresswoman barbara lee. she's part of the congressional progressive caucus. congresswoman lee, thanks for coming on and your time tonight. >> thank you, pam. glad to be with you. >> how much of the virginia and new jersey races are a road map for democrats when it comes to winning in the mid-terms in your view? >> sure, the virginia governor's race is extremely important in terms of a road map, and it's really quite frankly all about turnout. it's about the message. it's about what we're doing as democrats to make peoples lives better. and of course we have to make sure that we get every vote out because as president obama said so eloquently i mean they're trying to change the rules of
4:19 pm
the game. we know that voter suppression didn't just start. they've been working on this for years. they want to suppress the vote, and so we've got to make sure we have a turnout. and when we turn out, we win. so this is a very important election. all hands on deck. i have many family members in virginia working day and night to make sure the turnout is what it should be, to make sure terry mccullof wins this race. >> you're saying its about the turnout and getting democrats excited, but are you concerned the fact the democrats have not passed the infrastructure bill first and the president's spending bill on climate change, the social safety net, that hasn't happened, the fact that could hurt the virginia race, could hurt the democratic candidate. was it a mistake not to pass the infrastructure bill already? >> no, this was not a mistake. look, we've been working on this and negotiating now, which is what happens when you create legislation that's going to
4:20 pm
affect peoples lives. we, remember, are very familiar with the last four years where you did not see the process take place. donald trump was really on the road to a dictatorship. and this process of democracy, this legislative process really in many respects is new to people because of the last four years. so we're going to get there. we have to have both bills. we have to have the infrastructure bill, create good paying jobs. you have to have child care. look at all of the women, for example, especially black and brown women who want to get back in the work force and they can't afford child care. look at our housing crisis in the country. congresswoman maxine waters has been working day and night to make sure that vouchers are expanded, that our public housing is retrofitted and resiliency programs put in so that they can become cleaner and greener. she's working to make sure that we have pathways to ownership when you know that the pathway
4:21 pm
to accumulation especially for people of color and african-americans is through owning a home. well, that's just about gone. so there's so many provisions in this bill that are going to happen everyone. it's inclusive and it's going to help everyone get back to work. it really is an economic bill and it's going to provide for the caring of our seniors, the caregiving economy. and also i'm sure that peoples lives are changed. >> and i know it's important to continue to discuss what is in these bills, right? but it's changing minute by minute, and the reality is the entire biden agenda, it could still fall apart. it is not a guarantee all because democrats can't make a deal on this larger spending bill. so i mean these two democrats running for governor need all the momentum they can get, right? again, do you think as you look back in hindsight that infrastructure bill should have been passed so at least they can be running on a win right now? >> listen, no. i think we're doing exactly what we need to do. both of these bills must go
4:22 pm
together. president biden, he campaigned on primarily the build back better bill. this is the bill that the american people voted for, is an economic bill. it creates good paying jobs. it addresses the climate crisis, puts people back to work. it has gender and racial equity embedded throughout the entire bill. what we're doing and very well i think even though it's a heavy lift when you have a couple of senators who just haven't quite frankly at least negotiated the final deal, but our speaker, president biden, senator schumer, everyone's working really hard on this. i've been in three meetings with the president, and i have to just tell you he's very forthright, very honest about this. and he is working on both bills since we have to both in order for the first one to be a bill that will work with the participation of everyone in our country. so build back better, infrastructure bill, both of
4:23 pm
them are what the president campaigned on, and we've got to pass them both. and we're heading in that direction. >> i want to ask you about -- switching gears a little bit -- january 6th. a federal judge said yesterday that the defiant rioters who stormed the capitol on january 6th are fueling threats against judges. and your democratic colleague eric swalwell, well, he shared a voice mail he received from a trump supporter after he was slammed by tucker carlson on fox news. let's listen to this. >> you atheist communist [ bleep ] are a threat to our democracy, our constitution and our way of life. i hope they chop you and your family up and feed them to the dogs. trump nation, baby. >> i mean that is so disturbing to hear obviously. are you concerned about your safety or your fellow democrats? what is your reaction? >> well, let me tell you, safety is a big issue and hate speech
4:24 pm
leads to hate violence. i was sitting on the floor of congress january 6th. i saw what took place, and i know good and well how donald trump and his henchmen promoted what took place. so we've got to get this under control. i'm glad chair benny thompson is moving forward to hold those accountable for what took place because it is a very dangerous situation, and it is very reflective, though, of what hate speech does and how donald trump has just revved this up in terms of his base. and so everyone has to be careful. we know that there are those out there that would like to do harm, but that's not going to stop us from continuing with our agenda to build back better in our agenda to work for the people because the dangers there as an african-american woman. so this is nothing new for us. and so i'm sorry in listening to what eric has to go through with this madness is very serious.
4:25 pm
but i just want to remind you all this hate speech, what happens after hate speech at least the hate violence and people are put in harms ways as a result of that. this has got to stop. and i have to say some of the media is extremely responsible for a lot of this. >> when you say some of the media what do you mean? >> well, some of the very -- if you listen to the conservative media and how they pump up the big lie, what they talk about in terms of others who for invading the country. you heard that man speak. when you talk about their messages that they're putting out there to rev up the trump forces, to make others -- make others the enemy when we should be trying to unify the country, bing the country together. they're supporting the big lie. we know good and well donald trump did not win the election. they're trying to take away voting rights. the right-wing mead is talking about suppressing the vote. look how many members of the
4:26 pm
republican party voted or did not vote just to even allow debate on the freedom to vote act. come on. so this is really a dangerous moment to our democracy. but we're going to prevail because the people are with us, and we're going to continue to fight until we stamp out hate and ensure there's justice and equity for all in this country. >> okay. representative barbara lee, thank you again for joining us. >> thank you. new documents from facebook paint a damning picture of the company's role in the january 6th insurrection and the spread of misinformation. >> so these are like potato chips that they feed to somebody who's got a potato chip addiction, and that is the reality of the platform. it is an addiction engine. cnn's donee o'sullivan is standing by to share his new reporting right after this break.
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it might be the most significant peek behind the curtain about the role facebook played in the deadly capitol riot on january 6th. internal facebook documents reviewed by cnn reveal how the social media company fell short in shutting down the so-called stop the steal movement. and days after the insurrection facebook officials tried to down-play its role in what happened. cnn's donee o'sullivan joins me now. what did we learn from these new documents? >> hey, pamela, some really shocking revelations in this.
4:32 pm
a consortium of 17 are going through the documents. on january 6th facebook executives condemned on the attack on the u.s. capitol but internally some employees began to push back. facebook they suggested was culpable. one writing in an internal facebook company chat, with all due respect haven't we had enough time to figure how to mask discourse without enabling violence. another wrote they were tire of thoughts and prayers from facebook leadership. there were dozens of stop the steal groups active until yesterday another facebook employee responded. "stop the steal," the conspiracy theory movement that helped fuel the insurrection had been spreading for months. >> facebook, instagram, how have you bine promoting this? >> i created a facebook event for yesterday's event.
4:33 pm
and i posted after the fact we were again coming today. i will be again making another event in regards to tomorrow. >> facebook provided the fundamental coordinating infrastructure. they were sharing ride share information. they were sharing resources. they were talking about, you know, what they were going to wear and if they were going to have trump flags. >> reporter: we now know that an internal facebook report described the company's attempts to crack down on stop the steal as piecemeal. that document leak by facebook was france s hougen. >> these documents are vindication that what we've been saying as a field has been true all along and that facebook knows it and could take action on it and decides not to. >> for many years people have been talking about the facebook effect, what facebook is doing
4:34 pm
to culture, to society, to politics. but we didn't really know from data from facebook whether these theories were true. what frances has given us is an extraordinary archive of material that helps us see exactly what's going on and what they know is going on. and it is the biggest and most important contribution to understanding this incredibly important problem we've ever had. >> reporter: the leaked documents many just becoming public were given to a consortium of news organizations including cnn form the basis of a complaint to the sec where hougan alleges the company misled investors and the public about its role of perpetuating misinformation and violent extremism related to the 2020 election and january 6th insurrection. facebook executives like nick clage will say it's unfair to blame facebook for the
4:35 pm
insurrection. >> it's a red herring to say people are blaming facebook for the entire thing. you can't same time be facebook and try to take responsibility and being very proud of all the organizing work that you've helped black lives matter do or the occupy movements or standing rock. you can't take credit for all of that and then say, oh, that thing called the insurrection, we had nothing to do with that. >> another rechbilation from the documents, an internal memo including details of a facebook staffer setting up a test account to see what facebook's algorithms were recommending to users. 2019 a facebook employee sets up an account designed to look like a 41-year-old conservative mom living in north carolina. her name is carol smith. she likes to a few pages, she likes trump, she likes fox news. and in a week she's getting a qanon recommendation. i saw in there that after three
4:36 pm
weeks there was actually a recommendation for a page that was the three percenters, the self-described militia involved in the insurrection. >> again, we suspected this dynamic. we know now facebook itself saw this precisely. so these are like potato chips they feed to someone who's got a potato chip addiction. and that is the reality of the platform. it is an addiction engine, and it profits the more it can manipulate us to consume what we want to consume most. >> reporter: and as you might expect facebook is pushing back. here's what their spokesperson andy stone had to say to us. he said the notion that the january 6th insurrection would not have happened but for facebook is absurd. the former president pushed a narrative the election was stolen in including in person a short distance from the capitol building that day. the responsibility lies with
4:37 pm
those who attacked our capitol and those who encouraged them. we have a long track record with cooperation with law enforcement including the agencies responsible for addressing threats of domestic terrorism. but as you heard in that report there, pamela, there's a lot of questions for facebook to answer. and no doubt we know that the january 6th committee has asked facebook for some documents related to the stop the steal movement and january 6th, and no doubt a lot of the revelations that will continue to come out, by the way, throughout the week. there are more of these documents, many more documents on all aspects of facebook and how they police their platform will be of interest, no doubt, to the january 6th house committee. >> all right, donee o'sullivan, thank you so much. well, the man-hunt for brian laundrie has ended but so has any chance of getting him to explain what happened to his fiance, gabby petito. we break down the biggest lingering questions in the case up next. those influencers whom we've always followed,
4:38 pm
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4:43 pm
where investigators go from here. >> reporter: well, pamela, the actual manhunt for brian laundrie, that's been over. but the search for answers to so many questions is still far from over. one of them of course is exactly how he die. we know according to information from the laundrie family attorney the skelical remains in the hands of an anthropologist. and from the family lawyer based on the conversations that he had with his brian's parents when he left this home in north port, they felt he was upset at the time. so there's certainly a big question what if anything they were potentially told by brian before he went to that nearby reserve. the parents did say at the time he seemed upset. and in the meantime, though, investigators are also processing other pieces of evidence including a backpack, a notebook that was located there at that location hoping they could potentially provide some clues here. meantime, though, here at the
4:44 pm
laundrie family home we've only seen mr. laundrie a couple of times. he's not answered any questions publicly. but as his lawyer maintained they've been cooperating with the fbi from the very start, pam. >> thanks so much for that. new concern tonight for the live of 17 american and canadian missionaries held hostage by a haitian gang. our matt rivers live from porto prince with the very latest after this break. and be sure to watch an all new epised of this is life with lisa ling all new at 10:00 eastern and pacific on cnn. there's a kp for everyone.
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the u.s. embassy in haiti issuing a new security alert, warning that about widespread kidnappings inside the country including that of american citizens. this alert coming less than two day after a horrifying video message was released showing the leader of the gang that kidnapped 17 american and canadian missionaries threatening to kill them if he doesn't get the $17 million ransom he's demanded. matt rivers live in the haitian capital of porto prince. matt, you spoke to a man who was kidnapped by the same gang earlier this year. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly, right, pamela. and he was able to shed some insight on perhaps some of what these 17 missionaries are going through right now. this made even more chilling by that video threat that you just mentioned. the threat from 400 gang leader
4:50 pm
wilson was chilling if his demand is not met he says he'll kill the 17 missionaries his gang kidnapped last weekend. from his strong hold the gang has terrorized this community for years kidnapping now a hallmark tactic to make money. something this french priest knows first-hand. we met him in a church compound in porto prince where he told us about the day that same gang took him and others back in april. he says we had to go through -- to get to a work event and on our way there we were intercepted by young men with guns. i just kept calm. they were taken a more rural area and first forced to sleep outside on cardboard under a tree and then moved to one abandoned house to another in difficult conditions to say the
4:51 pm
least. he says it was like a dark hole, like a prison cell the last place we were in with no windows. at the beginning they were giving us food once a day, but by the end they stopped feeding us. they forced us to go hungry, he said, believing it afs a negotiation tactic. a source in haiti security forces tells us he believes these 17 missionaries could be go through a similar situation right now, made even more difficult by the fact five of them are children with the youngest being just 8 months old. in the small town where the missionary group is based, a protest calling for their release. palpable anger rising toward what they see as an incompetent government. this protester says these missionariaries do things for us in our village the government doesn't. they handed the country over to the gang. we demand their release because these missionaries are everything for us here.
4:52 pm
people have been angry because there's been little updates from the government as to what if any progress are made. though a government source says that's on purpose so as not to make negotiations any harder. but it remains impossible to know how long the 17 missionaries will remain captive inside whatever location the gang has placed them. for the father he says it was nearly three weeks in total. he says the kidnappers play with time, test the nerves of the victims especially when negotiating, so the victims can't lose faith. they need to keep their hopes up. in our case our faith was our bast ally. the father also told us he's someone who's been living and working here in haiti for several decades. he knows the language. he knows the cull cher here and he said the people kidnapped we believe they don't have the same kinds of experiences here. so you're talking about difficulties in communicating on a very basic level. he said that was what made his experience even that much more bearable because he could communicate with the people who
4:53 pm
kidnapped them. in the case of these particular missionaries we're not totally sure but we don't believe many of them speak creole, and that's going to make this situation for them that much harder according to this priest we got a chance to sit down with. >> that was so enlightening to see what the priest said and what they could be going through right now as we speak. just horrifying. matt rivers live in haiti for us, thank you. well, he pushed a baseless election fraud claim and nearly inspired justice department officials to resign en masse. now jeffrey clark is set to be the first trump administration official to sit with january 6th investigators. a look ahead to that critical testimony next. kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste how did panera come up with the idea to combine their famous mac and cheese with their iconic grilled cheese?
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new developments tonight in the january 6th committee's investigation. sources tell cnn that former doj official jeffrey clark is set to testify before the committee next friday. a senate report said clark was a central player in donald trump's efforts to overturn the election. so, kaitlyn, remind us who jeffrey clark is, why he's so important. >> well, pam, jeffrey clark is the official congress has been trying to talk to for months now. the senate judiciary committee had wanted to sit down and talk,
4:59 pm
he didn't go and talk to them. now the house january 6th committee now hit him with a subpoena, and we are learning from sources, they're telling us clark and the committee are both preparing for him to come in to testify. clark is not a household name among people in the justice department, but he is a very important figure in this investigation because he was from what we know central to donald trump using the justice department to try to overturn the election of 2020. now, after the election, clark was leading the civil division of the justice department. and so he was proposing to officials, his bosses at justice to send a letter to georgia and to other states to use their legislature to potentially throw out votes and allow -- he wanted the justice department to give those states cover. he also was the person trump wanted to install as the attorney general because he was sympathetic to these election fraud claimsch and so what that does if he does come into the committee and he does speak freely about what he was hearing
5:00 pm
and what he saw, that allows the committee to have a new level of insight into the people around trump, what trump was saying directly to acolytes of his and what other people who were pushing this election fraud idea thought and wanted to do at that time. >> yeah, and you know we covered doj. it was stunning this little known official ended up really central in this plot. thank you so much, kaitlyn polanz. an assistant director yelled cold gun as he gave a prop firearm to alec baldwin according to an affidavit. >> usually you would try and avoid using a real gun unless you have to. >> investigators are now combing through the evidence from the movie set including alec baldwin's bloodstained clothes. investigators turn to brian lawn dea's parents. >> making a statement we haven't seen him is not reporting someone missing. >> part of that investigation will be to discern and determine what if anything the family


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