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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  October 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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climbs up on the power lines in the middle of storms to fix transformers to keep the lights on and he calls him sale of 100% union guy. his job is dangerous. as he said, and i quote, i don't want my kids growing up in a world where the threat of climate change hangs over their heads, end of quote. folks, we all have that obligation, an obligation to our children and to our grandchildren. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is also the most significant investment since we built the interstate highway system and won the space race decades ago. this is about rebuilding the arteries of our economy. across the country now there are 45,000 bridges and 1773 miles -- 173,000 miles of road that are in poor condition, some of the bridges aren't even going to take a chance that they will
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shut down. they can't be built back to the same standard because the weather is not going to get a lot better. we just got to keep it from getting a heck of a lot worse. we have to build back better and stronger. no one should have to hold their breath as they cross a rundown bridge or dangerous intersection in their hometown. we're going to part hard working americans on the job to bring our infrastructure up to the speed. good union jobs and prevailing wages. jobs you can raise a family on, as my dad would say, have a little breathing room. jobs that can't be outsourced. jobs replacing lead water pipes, so families can drink clean water, improving the health of our children and putting plumbers and pipe fitters to work. jobs laying thousand of miles of transmission lines to build a modern energy grid, jobs making a high-speed internet affordable and available everywhere in rural and urban america, particularly including a 35% of rural america that goes without it right now.
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this pandemic has made clear the need for affordable and available high-speed internet. the idea of a parent having to put their kids in the car for virtual learning, driver and sit in a mcdonald's parking lot so the child can access the internet when school is taught virtually is not only unnecessary, it's just wrong. it's wrong. as i said before, these plans are fiscally responsible. they are fully paid for. they don't add a single penny to the deficit. they don't raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. in fact, they reduce the deficit. here's how. i don't want to punish anyone's success. i'm a capitalist. i want everyone to be able to -- if they want to be a millionaire or billionaire to be able to seek their goal, but all i'm asking is pay your fair share.
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pay your fair share. pay your fair share, and right now many of them are paying virtually nothing. last year the 55 most profitable corporations in america, 55 of them, paid zero, zero in federal income tax on about $40 billion in profit. if they can afford profits for their shareholders, they should pay taxes and that's why the build back better will have a 15% minimum on the largest corp ragtsz, a minimum tax of 15%. the top 1% of the wealthiest americans evade it's estimated by the experts $160 billion a year in federal taxes. that's wrong. we're going to change that. i want to emphasize what i said from the beginning. under my plan if you earn less than $400,000, you won't pay a
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single penny more in federal taxes, period. in fact, these bills continue cutting taxes for middle class, for child care, for health care, so much more. let me close with this. for much too long, working people in this nation in the middle class of this country have been dealt out of the american deal. it's time to deal them back in. i ran for president saying it was time to reduce the burden on the middle class, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, working people and the middle class. i couldn't have been any clearer from the very moment i announced my candidacy. that's why i wrote these bills in the first place and took them to the people. i campaigned on them, and the american penal spoke. this agenda, the agenda that's in these bills is what 81 million americans voted for.
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more people voted than at any time in american history. that's what they voted for. their voices deserve to be heard or denied or worst ignored. here's what i know. we make these investments there will be no stopping the american people or america. we will own the future: i've long said it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people. i've said that to foreign leaders as well as everybody here in this country which means it's always a good bet to bet on the american people. just give them half a chance, and that's what we're doing. that's what these plans do. they are about betting on america, about believing in america, about believing in the capacity of the american people. if you look at history of the journey of this nation, what becomes crystal clear is this. i'll say it again. given half a chance, the american people have never ever ever ever left the country down, so let's get this done.
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god bless you all and may god protect your troops, and i'll see you in italy and in scotland. thank you. mr. president. >> have marnazin and sinema agreed on this? >> have you had this confirmed from senators manchin and sinema? >> shouted questions as the president of the united states leaves the east room of the white house. hello, everybody. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington, a very consequential day, 23-plus minutes, president joe biden pitching his agenda from the east room. he says he has a framework with congress and calls it truly consequential. the president says democrats are prepared to make historic investments right now in the nation. he promises it will change the lives of millions. he says this is a fundamental game-changer for working families, but the president says he has a framework but he does not have is a deal which is why what you just heard from the president of the united states, a bit of a gamble, a victory lap before he gets to the finish line. joining us to wrap up what we heard from the president in a day of remarkable developments up on capitol hill, cnn's kaitlan collins, manu raju, dana
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bash and david chalian. manu, i want to speak with you. speaking in the east room, the flags behind him and the trashings of the presidency. this is a fait accompli. democrats have fundamentally agreed to rewrite the big social safety net and we're going to pass the big infrastructure plan. that's not done or even guaranteed and there's indications that members of his own party are saying not so fast. >> this is obviously tactical at this point by the president and clearly in consultation with the house democratic leadership meaning the speaker of the house to make this a fait accompli, to -- to -- for people to see the train leaving the station and say i better get on that train. but that is not how party politics tends to work in 2021, especially in the democratic party, and we've seen this over and over again, especially when the issues that a lot of people have been pushing for for decades are at stake right now,
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and bernie sanders who is kind of the godfather at this point of those issues told our colleague and some other reporters that he thinks that before the house votes, before the house votes, they need to make sure that there is very explicit legislative language, that's first of all, and second of all, to continue to do their best to make the language stronger, so in plane english he's giving cover and even giving encouragement to progressives in the house who believe in the work that sanders has done on these issues for so long to say, no, we're not going to do what the speaker wants. we're going to hold off for now, and that's big. >> it is big, manu raju because speaker nancy please said in a meeting today do not embarrass the president. she wants to bring to the floor the bipartisan infrastructure bill which is piece one of the two-part agenda, but if you
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listen to what dana just reported, bernie sanders saying in his view there should not be a vote until all 50 members in the senate are on board and since the president visited capitol hill this mornings senator kyrsten sinema of arizona says progress but she's not completely there yet and our ted barrett tried to ask joe manchin, the other senator, is this done, it's all in the house now. we continue to talk in good faith. there is no deal but the support rolling the dice here. >> behind closed door the president says he's within inches of getting manchin and sinema's support. he didn't use their name explicitly, but the message was clear to the democratic caucus in the house. he said that we're going to get there, and nancy pelosi told her colleagues, she did say that i'm told from a source, don't embarrass the president. those were her words. don't embarrass the president as he's flying overseas because she wants that -- that infrastructure bill to pass today. in fact, she told her colleagues she would keep that vote open. it could go for hours to try to cajole her members to eventually
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get behind the bit. the problem is that there are several dozen who do have that same position that dana just talked about from bernie sanders. why get behind this infrastructure bill if there is not an agreement from manchin and sinema on that larger bill and some of the progressives want to go even farther. they don't want an agreement from manchin and sinema, they want the larger bill that joe biden just outlined to pass the house around -- they pretty must exact same time as the infrastructure bill, and that is going to take months to accomplish here, so a major game of chicken and a key time for the biden agenda. unclear how that plays out yet >> you mentioned the key time. we used these terms sometimes too often. i'm not criticizing and you say game of chicken and some people think it's sport. david chalian, the president went up to the house and said my presidency, your majority rests on us getting this done. he left the capitol and went to the white house and made that announcement. throughout this process senator bernie sanders, a campaign rival from 2020 but a longtime colleague in the senate, has
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been a friend and ally. senator sanders has made a ton of compromises along the way as they negotiated this plan but what the white house wanted most of all is sanders to go to the progressives in the house today and say eat your peas. the president needs you to vote on this infrastructure bill and it might take a couple of weeks and we'll work out other details. listen to bernie sanders moments ago. i want your view on the significance of this when bernie sanders says maybe not. >> members of the house in my view are going to have to have some insurance. what we've said as all you know from day one that both of these bills are linked. i support the the infrastructure bill, but i want to see a strong build back better bill as well, and they are linked together, so what you don't want to see is the infrastructure bill pass and then not have the kind of build back better bill that we need and that's why you need 50 members on board before there should be a vote in my view in the house. >> david chalian, president
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wanted his friend bernie sanders to back the president. >> the critical words at the end of what sanders just said, before are -- there should not be a vote before there is a bill to see. that is a message to house progressives to defy, to defy the speaker, to defy what the president and his team would like to see happen today in the immediate term and get nag infrastructure bill passed, and that's a significant move given that this is the second time the president's gone up to the hill to -- to get house democrats behind him, so if yet again like the first time he emerges and they are not there yet, it sort of raises a question about what is the president's juice inside of this party, but also, john, you mentioned how the president made sort of the political case inside the room to the house democrats. he then went and made the case to the country that this is a moment where as a country we need to decide if we're going to have the world pass us by
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competitively and how important he sees these investments and yet bernie sanders is acting like negotiations are still open. he wants to not -- not only does he want to see legislative texas manu was saying, he actually wants to in his mind from his point of view improve the build back better bill and yet joe biden in the east room as you noted like a victory lap is basically saying this thing is done. now let's just get it passed. those are two critical views in this moment that shows that the party is not yet unified. >> kaitlan collins, you're in rome. the president is about to get on air force one and head to italy. he wants to show that america is back and leading economically and america is about to make a giant investment in the climate crisis so he takes what sounds like a victory lap. however, this deal is not done. that's a huge gamble. it's a huge gamble in the sense that number one this could collapse. number two, this is the president who campaigned on competence. i get government. i'm going to make things work. i'm going to get things done. right now the democratic family
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is a bit chaotic. >> yeah, and what the president said there at the end was talking about the 81 million people that voted for him, that he said voted for his agenda, but we know some of the key campaign promises from the president have not survived this final frameworks and one of the big ones, of course, is paid leave, something that we have been talking about for several days. two years of free community college, and so clearly the white house thought that there could be some movement today. that's why they have delayed the president's departure. he was supposed to leave about 8:00 am eastern this morning and now he's just now headed to air force one to make the trip over here to rome. they had padded a few extra hours in case something like this happened, but i think the hope was that he would be successful, that an appeal, a direct appeal from the president would convince these progressives to get on board, and clearly what we are hearing from progressives is saying that that's not the case, that they would like to see the text here, and white house officials were pretty blunt earlier that here's the framework, burks yes, we do not have the text yet so they are deferring to house speaker
9:15 am
pelosi when it comes to the votes, of course, of the infrastructure vote that manu is talking about there, but when it comes to the president's trip here what pelosi said to her caucus earlier was that the president needed a vote of confidence from the congress to seal his trip here, to send him off on a good note to come and meet with these world leaders as he's trying to making argument, not just about climate and leading the way there, having the u.s. make the commitments so they can get other nations to similarly make those commitments, but also this message to the president has carried with him on the world stage which is that america is back. democracy works and his government can function, and what people are saying now with democrats so divide over how this agenda should proceed, of course, is not the message that the white house is hoping to send the president on air force one with. >> just a fascinating moment, a giant gamble for the president as kaitlan collins was speaking. we can show you again live pictures of air force one. the support hoping that members of his party reluctant to vote yes today on the infrastructure plan and finish work on the rest. he's looking at that plane and
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think we can't embarrass the president heading out on the world stage but that remains a giant question. the support about to head to rome. more on this big framework announcement for the 12k4r5r.75 million spending plan. is it enough? can he get the votes? more of that in just a moment. r. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ and with unitedhealthcare, you get access to medicare advantage's largest provider network. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ most plans even have a $0 premium. so go ahead. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c,v risk, and losing some weig... now, back to the game!
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like we would treat our own moms, with care and respect. to us, the little things are the big things. which is why we do everything in our power to make buying a car an unforgettable experience. happy birthday. thank you. we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms. because that's what they deserve. it is just a remarkable day in the biden presidency and a remarkable day of politics here in washington. president biden at the white house moments ago saying he has a framework with members of the democratic party on a giant social safety net package, but here's the problem. a framework does not mean a signed agreement and many progressives are saying no, mr. president, we're not prepared to vote first on a infrastructure plan while we complete the negotiations on the other issues. because of that progressive
9:21 am
opposition the white house is going to the lengths of having the former president barack obama issue a statements moments ago urging democrats to please get behind the president. at the white house event says time is up. we've been talking for months. it's critical to make a fundamental rewrite of the social safety net and the president says this shouldn't be about politics. >> these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else that miss americans against one another. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency. it's about expanding opportunity, not opportunity to deny. it's about leading the world or letting the world pass us by. >> with me in studio to share their reporting and their insights, margaret at alliev of axios, brittany shepard of yahoo news and politico owes heather capital gainel. i say remarkable. i'm not sure what to call it. the president essentially telling the party we're done. we've been talking for months. i need this. i'm getting on a plane and more
9:22 am
polling out today shows my approval rating slumping. we're all democrats, sorry, do it, to the point that they get barack obama because they hear immediately progressives are saying not so far. barack obama issues a statement saying the build back better framework doesn't contain everything that the president proposed and some had hoped but that's the nature of progress and democracy. the good news it represents the best chance we've had in years to build on the progress we made during my administration and address some of the most urgent challenges of our time. the question is if bernie sanders is saying wait, slow down, if progressives in the house are saying wait, slow down, is barack obama enough to get them to say never mind? >> i mean, it's a great question. you heard biden we know said today to the democratic caucus my presidency will be determined in the next week on the basis of their actions, and so for weeks we were watching the president not get down and dirty with individual members, with house members. he was focused on the senate. we all wrote about this and talked about it. what does it mean?
9:23 am
he's a senator and wants the legislative proses to play out. he wants the leadership to take care of it. in the end, he says this is crunch time right now. you have to do this or people will have no reason to vote for us next year and by the way there's two other things coming up first, the g-20 and climate summit that he's leaves for right now and then that pesky little governor's race in virginia where this group that he messaged to in the speech. remember, he said this is for the sandwich generation. what's left? it started out like $4 trillion and now it's $1.75. what's left, universal pre-k and stuff for seniors and some climate stuff, and he said he was messaging to the sandwich generation, that's gen-x. >> that's very significant. they started at $6 trillion and rolled back to 3 trillion and
9:24 am
are at $1.75 trillion, the support not lying when he said this would be a fundamental rewrite of the american social safety net, the contract with the government with the people. here are among the things in there, universe a.g. pre-k, child tax care extension, half a trillion dollars in clean energy care, obamacare tax subsidize and taxes on high earners. the challenge is this, heather, for people at home that are confused. the support asking for them to vote on a previously passed bipartisan infrastructure package, sitting on the shelf for a couple of months because progressives say we won't pass that until we have a deal, a deal on that, the social safety net. the president saying we have a frameworks but a framework is not a deal. there's no guarantee as we speak this hour that sinema and manchin will be for it meaning he's asking progressives to vote on the infrastructure plan and hope we get to the finish line on the other plan. progressives are saying no. >> yeah, absolutely. the progressives are meeting in the house right now and reuben gallego came out and said we
9:25 am
don't trust manchin and sinema and until they sign off on this frame work and give a much bigger assurance that this is the deal and we're not changing, it our votes are not charges and right now manchin and sinema frankly are not doing that. senator manchin came out and said we're making great progress. it's in the hands of the house now and senator sinema said the same thing. they are leaving a little wiggle room there, and that says to progressives things could change and get worse fours and we don't want to take thatance. >> they don't have specific agreements on the climate provisions or specific agreements on the pay-fors, the president is right, they are 98%, 99% there. and you mentioned senator sinema, after months of productive good faith negotiations we have made significant progress. we have made significant progress. >> yeah. >> i look forward to getting this done. we're not done, and so to margaret endpoint, brittany, the president had been patient, methodical, more of a senatorial negotiation strategy, let's let everybody talk. we'll ultimately figure it out.
9:26 am
today he said i'm president, damn it and i need this and i need it now. that's a big gamble. >> it's a significant message, if you take the american rescue plan, it's $5 trillion with a capital "t" that will get passed. the progressives are saying it's a little too late, where were you three weeks ago, six weeks ago? manchin and sinema are unreliable negotiators, we went from 7 to 3 to 1 and take everything that spent for the last couple of months to throw it all away for these two people and bernie was saying two weeks ago he's made so many folds that manchin and sinema have done nothing, that they are sick and done with it and bernie before we went live said this isn't even a framework and it's an outloin hand refuses to get his caucus together. we're not going to see anything today. >> speaker pelosi is in the room with the progressives, jayapal of washington state, said let me talk to our caucus but i don't believe so meaning she only needs three or four members
9:27 am
f.three or four progressives say no, speaker pelosi has scheduled a vote this afternoon on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. if she were to pull that, the signal it would send is wow. >> yeah. i have people on both sides right now texting me saying it's going to be a long night. they are all digging in. pelosi was in this meeting. i'm told from inside the room she did not actually speak. she was in listening mode so i think she's trying to hear where they are and thinking in her mind what can i give them to get them to yes? there are a few things that they are still talking about behind the scenes, including possibly something on prescription drugs which is a big, big deal for progressives, so there are a few goodies that we may, may see added to this deal. things could change fast. >> framework announced by the president and negotiations continue on capitol hill. a real consequential day for democrats. when we come back, the new covid vaccine challenge. younger kids should be eligible for shots within days, but many parents are hesitant, and not rushing to get to the front of the line.
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from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. new numbers today illustrate the giant challenges as the biden administration prepares children to urge parents of kids 5 to 11 to get the covid advantages owns and the green light for the shots appear days away and 28 million children would become eligible but parents aren't so sure it's a
9:33 am
good or safe bet. let's look at the number. from you vaccinate your 5 to 11-year-old when the shot available? 27% say right away and 33% say they want to wait and see, 5% say only if required and 30, 3 in 10 parents ages 5 to 11-year-olds say definitely no. only 27% will be link up right away. why is there hesitancy? >> 76% of parents in this poll are worried about long-term side effects and 71% said they are worried about serious side effects and some are worried about fertility problems if the young children now get the vaccine. let's bring in professor of medicine and surgery at george washington university. dr. reiner, is there anything in the data i get, i have a 10-year-old. i get parents want to ask questions. is there anything in the data, let me start here, that suggests if a kid now ages 5 to 11, boy or girl, gets this covid vaccine they might have fertility
9:34 am
problems? >> no? there's nothing in the data to suggest that and nothing to suggest that that happens with adults are either. this is facebook medicine. what parents need to focus on is evidence based medicine. there's no biologically plausible medicine and if you were constructing a disinformation campaign, boy, that's exactly what you would tell parents of a young child we don't know what this will do to your child's fertility, basis on noest. it's zero. >> people should talk to medical profession als they trumpet i'm a parent of a 10-year-old. i've been reading for the last week or so about this rare potential heart issue so 76% say they are worried about long-term side effects and others are worried about serious side
9:35 am
effects. what's your message to parents and what questions they might ask legitimately and where they might get the answers talking to a child in their age gra. >> make an appointment to go to your pediatrician to talk to them about getting this vaccine. >> the data suggests if we can advantages ate 70% of kids, we will prevent about a million infections, 5,000 hospital aigsz and what parents need to understand is if a child is hospitalized with covid, that child is in danger, and this vaccine can prevent those hospitalizations, now you mentioned mio carditis. it is a rarely seen but quantifiable side effect of vaccine principally seen in sort of teenage boy populations. the incidence following the
9:36 am
vaccine has been variably described somewhere between 40 to 70 cases per million people vaccinated, by and large those cases of mio carditis are very mild and it's important for parents to understand that the virus itself is a much more potent inducer of mio carditis than the vaccine. >> a person infected with covid has had a 16-fold higher likelihood of developing mio carditis than is a person who has not been infected and the fda put together all scenarios. i read their briefing book for their commit. and they put together scenarios looking at the benefits looking for reduction and effectiveness in reducing hospitalizations and death compared to the risk of vaccine-induced mio carditis and hospitalization for that or icu
9:37 am
admission for that, and in basically every scenario except the lost risk scenario the vaccine comes out superior in terms of preventing hospitalizations. the benefit far outweighs the risk. this has been very well-studied. what i would tell parents is we have a lot of data about giving vaccines to children. we know when to look for side effects. these vaccines have been very well vetted for -- throughout the world and 4 billion people, and we expect these vaccines to be very safe in kids, and kids can get pretty sick from covid, so have this conversation with your pediatrician. >> that's great advice. i'm grateful for your insights. as always, watch our experts here but to any parent pick up the phone and make an appointment and talk to someone you trumpet don't trust what you read on the internet. dr. reiner, grateful.
9:38 am
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the best and the brightest
9:43 am
or next generation of big liars. this report from cnn this hour. at least a dozen of the house gop's most prized recruits for the mid terms have sown doubts about the 2020 election embracing donald trump's battle cry as they seek to flip the chamber. these are part of leader mccarthy's young guns program that puts the money and muscle in the house gop campaign behind rights conservatives in competitive house races. in other words, the man who would be speaker of the house is actively supporting candidates who are lying and helping trump undermine confidence in our democracy. more from the panel for the conversation. you know they are out there. republicans who think it's in their best interest, whether they believe it or not, to promote the big lie, but here you have the combination of these young candidates in competitive races who would come to the house perhaps under a new republican majority getting active financial support from the man who would be speaker
9:44 am
even though he knows they are lying. >> not just the marjorie taylor greene or lauren boebert's of the party. they are part of the key take back strategy of the house and at least a dozen of them have embraced the big lie. let me list off examples, ely crane has called out to decertify the 2020 election and derrick van orderen of wisconsin says there's a tremendous amount of fraud and attended the stop the steal rally and others seeking to overthrow the mail ballots in new hampshire and caroline levitt when asked who she believed won the election she responded donald j. trump. clearly that's what the candidates feel they need to do because that's what the voters believe and that's because the gop leaders aren't calling out the election lies. democrats are going to seize on this in the mid terms and we
9:45 am
asked the house gop campaign arm whether they thought it was appropriate that the candidates were embracing the lies hand here's what the coms director said democrats are desfroot talk about anything other than the fact that the reckless policies have led to skyrocketing a crisis, a crisis on the border and a national crime wave. clearly not wanting to go there. >> that's non-responsive. any candidate out there. that candidate is just outside the mainstream, that candidate is a crackpot, whatever you want but it's endorsement from the leadership. this is the young guns mission statement. the young guns program identifies candidates across the country who embody the principles of the house republican conference and show promise of running a successful campaign so that's the good housekeeping stamp of approval for candidates who are lying and telling a lie. this is not about what day it is or about how much they would spend on this program. it's about the roots of american democracy and trump's lie that the election was stolen. >> and it's clearly very luke tifrks you know.
9:46 am
i think it's pretty shocking that when we always say they are in a whole other universe or whole other word but with clearly mccarthy on their side this is where the republicans are and where they want to be so it's working for them. democrats are kind of slowly wishing that they get trump into this so they can come and campaign and raise money but the thing is democrats aren't super good at getting folks to come out in the crucial mid-term elections so i think the question is fear enough of a motivator, lying enough of a motivator with enough money behind it to let these people go from nominees, to you know, unseating democrats in a way that could be detrimental to dem. >> i and to this statement melanie just read. the republicans have every right to campaign against the biden agenda, but do they deserve to be listened to, i mean this, do they deserve to be listened to when they are actively embracing people who are -- that building was attacked. they are all at risk and they continue to support people who
9:47 am
are trying to wipe that off the map and to say trump won. he did not. >> i think this is actually like a real challenge for mainstream journalism because you're taught there's two sides over story. there's not actually two sides to the story like there's a knowable truth. the election was legitimate and joe biden was elected to president legitimately. he's the legitimately elected president of the united states, the election was not stolen so that's got to be the starting point. how do you interview a candidate when there is no baseline for truth, where the premise of the candidacy is built on a mistruth on misinformation. i think that's a real challenge, and we're all talking about this from a political domestic political perspective. is it going to work for democrats -- for republicans, will they get away with it and if you look around the world, there's rising authoritarians movements all over the world, and you might believe in american exceptionalism. this is part of that when the genesis of the candidacy is premised on a deliberate mistruth it poisons the well
9:48 am
fundamentally. >> it poiseons the well and the country could use a competitive two or three-party system, but i have a hard time listening to a party whose foundation is based on a lie. what's the point of going into the house is the foundation is based on a lie. >> and to margaret's point something that we also struggle with on the hill talking to republicans who voted to decertify the election and frankly journalists are asking really legitimate questions about their position and where they are now and is this where the party is go, and i've seen them get screamed at by republican members, and, you know, fake media, fake news media, so it's a challenge. >> the former president in "the wall street journal" today with another letter repeating lies. until they push him aside, it's -- it's a perfectly legitimate question. that's your problem. not ours. coming up for us, five days left, just five days in the the virginia's governor race and donald trump teeses a last-minute visit. guess which candidate says please, and which says thanks, but no thanks.
9:49 am
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you can seat magic wall here. a little throwback thursday, virginia 2020. joe biden wins the state by ten points. we have it up and it's five days now until we count vote in the virginia's governor's race and donald trump, well, he just couldn't stay out. that does not mean he's getting in. the former president said in a statement yesterday afternoon that he would be visiting virginia soon, but even trump's own staff quickly called it a
9:54 am
tease and says, no, the former president is not coming to virginia before election day. that is a relief to republican candidate glenn youngkin who knows the race will be won or lost in the suburbs where donald trump remains toxic. let's take a look at where the candidates and surrogates are. suburbs up here in northern virginia and suburbs down around virginia as well. suburbs down here in norfolk, virginia beach, a lot of suburban and black voters. glenn young kin has been out here, in the roanoke area, sweat, central virginia, you see all the red. and look where he's spending a lot of time, democratic strong holds. you see the blue in the map. the blue and the map up here in the suburbs. glenn youngkin knows he needs to cut into the democratic vote in the suburbs unless he can't win in a blue state, a state that leans blue like virginia. that's where the republican has been. let's take that away and show you where terry mcafl's friends
9:55 am
and he has been, the former vice president, stacey abrams, giant african-american turnout is the necessary for mcauliffe down here. the richmond suburbs for obama and joe biden, harris and biden up here. the suburbs are everything. trump is toxic in the suburbs which ter mcauliffe wishes that was not a tease. wishes he would come. listening to ter mcauliffe, he's actually running against trump. >> it's issues like education. glenn youngkin wants to follow donald trump. on covid glenn young kin has brought donald trump's anti-science agenda and women will die from unsafe illegal abortions here in virginia. i will always be a bolick wall to protect women's rights against politicians like donald trump and glenn youngkin who want to make abortion illegal. >> cnn's jeff zeleny joins the conversation. pretty apparent, transparent what terry mcauliffe hopes,
9:56 am
essentially youngkin is trump. >> absolutely, and he's been trying that for week if not month, and it is working to -- to at least a small degree but not a large degree. if that was the case this, wouldn't be so close here and that's what worry some democrats. yes, there are five more days too, but the next three days absolutely critical because that is the final days of early voting. as of this morning, 867,646 people have already voted early. it will be more than a million by saturday the end of early voting, might be much more than that. how much of the vote democrats can bank and how much republican vote is in the early vote will personal go a long way to what is going to happen on tuesday, but this -- this trump strategy absolutely is designed for one reason. the mcauliffe campaign is trying to find those biden voters that are absolutely out there. he won ten percentage points in the northern virginia suburbs by an overwhelming margin so they are trying to find all those voters who may be, meh, on
9:57 am
mcauliffe but don't like trump. >> we saw that in 2018 and 2020, suburban voters, so if you live in virginia you may have gotten this in the air. the republican candidate must have sent me this because glenn youngkin has been endorsed by donald trump, got a quote from glenn youngkin, i say thank you very much. glenn will truly make virginia great again so you would think, oh, i got a republican flyer in the mail today. have you to flip it over to the other side where it has another quote, glenn youngkin will do. you can't read on the tv screen. it's deliberately hard to read. it's the democrats who paid this and mailed it out to people. they so want to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump that they are spending their money. >> if the democrats accidentally mailed that mailer to republicans they could actually boost turnout in a lot of virginia. it's really interesting. my colleague has been tracking this, and there have already been like dozens and dozens of
9:58 am
ads and a lot of money spent so far with this kind of split messaging where it's trying to tie republicans to trump but it's actually the democrats doing to try to sabotage someone, you know, in a future election or a primary. in this case though i think we talk about whether virginia is a bellwether. here's why i think it is. because like virginia has been a swing state. that used to be a red state that's trending blue for a long time. what conservatives i talk to now say it's a blue state. it's not at swing state anymore. the country population-wise overwhelmingly favors a candidate like biden over a candidate like trump, but that's not how the electoral college works, and that's n.o.w. not how the virginia election works if turnout isn't high. virginia is a microcosm of the truth that it doesn't matter what your numbers are if your voters don't turn out and this turnout effort is like this battle for motivated republican voters versus democratic voters who are really confused about
9:59 am
are they supposed to be excited about biden? are they supposed to be excited about terry mcauliffe? the guys were going to get infrastructure, they can't get anything done. >> youngkin is in the suburbs, doesn't have to win all the suburbs but has to cut in significantly to what has become dig democratic margins. glenn youngkin sistery mcauliffe is from the past and number two, think about schools. >> terry mcafl is the godfather of the modern day democratic party f.terry mcauliffe thinks that government should be between parents and their children, i want parents to make sure they understand that as their governor i'm going to go work for them. i'm going make sure that parents have a role in their kids' education. >> one. things that frustrates democrats is they actually will tell you privately they think he's done a pretty good job. they think, you know, they disagree with him on some of the issues, hyping stuff like banning books and things likes that, but they will tell you under their breath the guy has done a pretty good job. >> the white house wants the win
10:00 am
on child tax care but they weren't able to deliver on covering for care that went from 14 to zero to 6 and that's why biden said if they captain, someone like youngkin can come in and take that seat away. >> people like terry mcauliffe and biden keep delivering things but where's the delivery? appreciate your time on "inside politics." erica hill picks up our coverage right now. have a good day. >> good afternoon, i'm erica hill in new york in for ana cabrera. president biden, of course, on capitol hill leaving empty-hand as he makes his way to europe. his biggest agenda item frankly up in the air right now thanks to infighting within his own party. the warring democratic factions, progressives and moderates, well, they have gotten to a point, right, where there's a lot of negotiating, the social safety net package. the price ta


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