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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 31, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it is a sprint to the finish in virginia. making the closing arguments on why they should be governor. >> on day one i will absolutely declare that virginia's open for business. >> do you really want parents here sending the child to first grade without the teachers vaccinated or wears a masks? >> no! >> that's what you've got with him. >> president biden wrapping up meetings in italy. >> what we have seen here again in rome the power of america showing up and working with an i lies to make progress in issues that matter to all of us. rising temperatures. extreme flooding. drought. sign t
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scientists say it's a crisis. >> a success is enough emission reductions to keep warming below 2 degrees. good evening. i'm jessica dean in washington. pamela brown has the night off. a major test for democrats in the post trump era. terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin are blitzing virginia. it could provide valuable insight about voter sentiment ahead of the midterm elections. the race right now is neck and neck even though joe biden won the commonwealth by 10 percent taj points a year ago but the approval rating is sliding. just 42% of americans are okay
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with the job performance. eva, let's start with you. right now this evening what is youngkin saying to win the last undecided votes? >> reporter: youngkin centered the parents matter message as a strategy. he is sort of speaking to parents who are frankly exhausted. many who have never felt so isolated from the schools, especially during this time of the pandemic. some voicing frustrations with mask mandates. others part of the cultural battle over what is taught in virginia public schools and so that is the issue that seems to be resonating with the people at the rallies and something that he's sitting hard here in the final days. today he traveled to southwest virginia. that's a conservative part of the state where former president
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donald trump captured the region by nearly 70% but still traveling everywhere because this is about turnout and neither candidate can turn a stone unturned. >> now arlette, macauliffe is campaigning against trump and how much is president biden casting a shadow on the campaign, as well? >> reporter: that's a big question of this election is whether this will be a referendum on president biden's first year in office, particularly with those independent voters who may have sided with him and now viewing the prospects of another democratic governor coming into office if mcauliffe pulls out the election and spent the weekend trying to promote the governor here in virginia, the jobs created and gone after the
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opponent with personal terms calling him clueless and dangerous to virginia and tying him to former president trump, a central argument of the campaign. something that he's not shied away from. today giving youngkin the nick make glenn trumpkin and hoping that by invoking the former president's name that that will be a mote evacuating factor for democrats and inspedependents heading into the election. democrats have been making gains and still an incredibly competitive area. tomorrow mcauliffe is hitting the biggest cities across virginia. roanoke, virginia beach, richmond and northern virginia to end the day tribing to leave it alm out on the field and drive out the voters to the
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polls on tuesday. >> arlette and eva, across virginia tonight, thank you so much. let's discuss this all now with democratic congresswoman dingell of michigan. congresswoman, wonderful to have you with us. thank you. the white house desperately needs a win in virginia. we got the report there on the ground. biden beat then president trump by 10 percentage points last year. people talk about what it might mean. what can we learn from the outcome on tuesday? what are you locking to find out based on the outcome on tuesday? >> jessica, good to see you. happy halloween. >> yeah. >> look. we have had covid's a year and a half old. people are tired. they're fatigued. we need to get the build back better bill and the infrastructure bill passed. we need to -- people are worried
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about the job and the economy. what you're seeing is people expressing their frustration at where we are. we thought we would have lick covid by now and i don't know how it's become so political. looking at the wearing of masks and vaccinations and how it's all become so political. so it's a snapshot in time. i sincerely hope that mcauliffe wins the election but i think there's a lot of frustration out there. people want to get back to normal, whatever that new normal is. >> they seem to be frustrated at democrats and president biden. you look at the new poll numbers. they're frustrated and seem to be blaming him and this administration. do you think that's fair? >> i don't think it's fair and i will say that i understand it. i also think polls are simply a
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snapshot in time. everybody thought i was crazy when i said that donald trump would win the first election and the polls did not show it and the polls aren't showing other things, too. it's a reflection of frustration and anger. theyove so fast. people say this poll shows -- you know what? i have seen so many too many polls in the accurate and been dead wrong. >> this "the washington post" reporting is a stunning, multi-part investigation into the january 6 attack on the capitol that you lived through. it shows that there's warning signs up to trump in the oval office. there's concern that january 6 was the beginning and not the end of something. are you concerned that an insurrection could be attempted again? >> i'm very concerned.
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you don't understand this hate. there are people that are trying to undermine people's confidence in the democracy. i have been the focus of this i call it the hate tunnel and had militia in front of the house with the assault weapons and some that threatened to kidnap governor whitmer threaten scary things to me. what is causing the country to be divided by fear and hatred? it is a danger to our democracy. it is real. and people -- what is happening right now people are attacking the fundamental pillars of democracy. we cannot take the democracy for granted. this is something we all need to worry about. >> it is attacking those fundamental tenets, as well. i want to talk --
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>> losing the confidence. what people need to understand is that donald trump is trying to undermine people's confidence in election results. if people don't believe that an election result is -- it is true. it is honest. then they lose faith in the government. that election day is most fundamental element of the democracy. confidence in the people's vote. >> before i let you go, we have about 90 seconds to go and want to touch on the spending plan and the infrastructure bill. they hoped to vote tuesday and now house democrats want time to craft language for final agreement. how long do you think will play out? what are your hopes for getting -- sounds they have progress on negotiating drug prices and maybe how hopeful are you for paid leave to get in there? >> i don't know what will happen but there's significant things to happen in both bills.
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we need both bills. i do believe -- people don't know how hard it is to write the legislation. having talked with people writing it i think it's optimistic to think it could be done by tonight and i talked to everybody. i believe both bills will pass this coming week at some point. >> as the whip of the progressive caucus i talked to two congresswomen last week that sup important the build back better plan and it sounds like it will have the support of the progressives. >> i think people want to see it before they sign off on it. i'm a member of the problem solvers caucus. democrats have been united in the value of what we need to get done and i think that you will see people come together this week and get two bills that are
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badly needed done. >> all right. i'll see you up there on capitol hill this week. thank you. >> thank you. also tonight, white house press secretary jen psaki revealing she's tested positive for covid-19. president biden is overseas. psaki said she last saw the president tuesday. but that she was outside and mass masked at the time. >> reporter: the focus of the trip is on the policy. on international relationships and a question why jen psaki wasn't on the trip with a family emergency. we have learned from a statement from white house press secretary jen psaki she tested positive for covid-19. the reason she wasn't on that
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trip is because a family member tested positive for covid-19. psaki says in the statement the decision made on wednesday and the wake of that decision she tested negative for covid-19 on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. while i have not had close contact with the president or staff since wednesday and tested negative four times i'm disclosing today's positive test out of an aburn das of transparency. psaki says thanks to the vaccine i have mild symptoms. so at this point psaki seems to be okay with mild symptoms and now the explanation why she is not on the test and the last contact with the president outside and with masks there isn't a sign whatsoever this
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will change anything about the trip. obviously we now know why she is not on the foreign trip with the potential for testing positive for covid-19 and did happen today after four straight days of negative tests. psaki tests positive for covid. not on the test and the primary reason why. the possibility for that. phil mattingly, cnn, rome. should a controversial texas law that bans abortions after six weeks stand? the nation's highest court is about to hear the arguments and all eyes should be on three justices. details after an attacker injures several on a japanese train and then sets the train on fire.
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p passengers with a knife. nearly 20 people are now hurt. let's go live to folk owe and cnn's blake essig. he was wearing a costume. tell us more about that. >> reporter: jessica, what we know is a knife wielding man that witnesses say dressed as the joker from "batman req" wit dark jacket, lime green shirt with a purple vest and tie and pants, he's injured at least 17 people on a train trying to set it on fire heading into tokyo. at least one injured a 70-year-old man stabbed in the chest in serious condition. video posted captured the kay not scene from inside the train as it was happening and you can hear loud bangs amy people
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screaming. you can also see a large ball of flames in a car that filled the train with smoke. police say the suspect used cigarette lighter fluid to set the train on fire and the train made an emergency stop allowing passengers to evacuate by any means necessary including climbing out the windows on to the platform. it happened around 8:00 p.m. local time as large amounts of people streaming into the city center to celebrate halloween, jessica. >> blake, do authorities know more about the suspect? was the person known to them? do we know that? >> reporter: jessica, we are learning information about the suspect but we know that police arrested a 24-year-old man at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. witnesses say he was seen
4:20 pm
wearing the outfit of the joker from "batman" and the suspect said he wanted to kill at least two people to receive the death penalty. unlike the united states where halloween is geared to kids it's for adults. people dress up and celebrate at the general direction that the train was heading. >> all right. blake, thank you so much. it's been a rough weekend for american airlines and the customers. american canceled hundreds of flights since friday. 800 today. blaming a perfect storm of problems at one time. here's aviation correspondent pete munteen. >> reporter: first southwest airlines and now it's american
4:21 pm
airlines. american canceled more than 800 flights today alone. more than 500 yesterday. more than 300 on friday. that means about 1 in every 10 american flights is canceled over the 3-day period but american said it started on thursday with bad weather at dfw causing problems leading flight crews and planes out of position. american irls coo sent a letter to employees saying he wanted to build certainty in the irl and canceling flights and left thousands of passengers stranded in long lines across the country. >> i don't understand why it's canceled. i've heard they don't have enough staff. you soeld me a product. i paid for it. >> reporter: this is not just staffing but only part of the issue. about 1800 flight aten tendantse
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coming back monday, november 1. the airline says this problem will end soon but it will take a couple days for things to return to normal. jessica? >> thank you so much. it is a critical week for the supreme court as they hold argue. s -- arguments on the controversial abortion ban in texas. you have always loved vicks vapors. and now you'll really love new vicks' vapostick. it goes on clear and dries quickly. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family. introducing new vicks vapostick. tv: mount everest, the tallest mountain on the face of the earth. keep dreaming. [coins clinking in jar] ♪ you can get it if you really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ ♪
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all eyes on the supreme court tomorrow. the justices will begin arguments on the texas abortion ban for the first time.
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cnn supreme court analyst is joining me with me. joan, there's so much to kind of dive into here. this was added to the docket two weeks ago. >> this is lightning speed. normally what happens is several months pass between taking a case and they hear it to have full briefing, filings that come in. but this is moving -- this is comparable like the nixon tapes cass or the pentagon case but almost as significant in terms of the magnitude. since september 1 women in texas have not had the right to abortion guaranteed under the constitution in 1973. and i think the justices after they let that take effect realized there's pressure here and they needed to step in and
4:28 pm
say, okay, we'll hear this situation and try to decide it. i think we'll see a fast ruling once they hear it, too. >> as someone that's watched the supreme court for years, what do you think we should be watching for tomorrow? >> even though abortion rights looms over the case it's a procedure that texas wrote into the ban. it essentially delegated enforcement to private citizens so texas said we can't be sued. we have not caused the clinics or the department of justice representing the united states to challenge it here any injury and should not be here at the supreme court so the justices have to decide can the state essentially insulate itself from responsibility for a law like this when just through the mechanism?
4:29 pm
once they decide that we'll know whether the ban is suspended. but in dissent the five conservatives to the right formed the majority twice to let this law stay in place. >> you've written an analysis that people can read on about this and shaping the pieces of this and write about the particular justices to keep an eye on. >> the chief for sure. one thing to tell you about the supreme court, so far they have discussed this in private but oral arguments is a chance to tell the public when they think and we'll hear his argue. s and then in particular kaf naug and amy coney barrett.
4:30 pm
if in play, to try to suspend this law, it would be them. we want to hear from all nine and we will since clarence thomas is now speaking in the oral arguments. and then of course we have the newest justice barrett yet to face an abortion test. the past record suggests she won't be open to try to lift the law and also sent signals to be cautious and might see her and hear her rationale hints monday from the bench. one last thing, we would not be in this moment if she had not one year ago transformed from
4:31 pm
court to now has a solid supermajority of conservative justices. >> a pivotal moment that's reshaped everything. >> that's what will bring us to monday. >> you'll be watching. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. leaders from all over the world are in scotland and what they need to do to save our planet and how to talk to people who don't believe climate change is real. that's next. it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. with framebridge... make what matters to you last. halloween, '72. jojo's adoption day. uncle leo's legacy.
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climate change is front and center for the next two weeks as president biden and leaders meet in scotland for cop26. scientists warned this decade will be crucial for the future of our planet and cop26 is seen as a moment to prevent kas to profee. last year we have seen extreme fires, floods and record temperatures both across the u.s. and around the world and it is proof scientists say we are already living in a climate crisis. cop26 means conference of the parties and the scene of major breakthroughs and disappointments through the years. >> this is a long process. >> we will go forward and join
4:37 pm
consensus in this today. >> now must be our moment for action. >> the world is on a cass tra catastrophic pathway. >> more than 170 states and territories met in berhe lin an then bound the territories to cut emissions but fell short when thest didn't sign on taking issue with the exclusion of developing nations. amid the war on terror, it sparked by 9/11 climate took a backseat and green house emissions soared. cop26 conferences fell flat. but then in 2015 there was a huge breakthrough when the u.s. joined 190 nations and china and signed on to the paris agreement
4:38 pm
with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. but as governments lagged on the pledges a new breed of young activists is now stepping out to call out the inaction. >> we can talk about is money and fairytales of economic growth. how dare you? >> the main objective this year to reach net zero green house emissions by 2050. the world is warming faster than scientists thought and said that slashing greenhouse gases by half is crucial. this past year of deadly wildfires and floods in many parts of the world left little
4:39 pm
doubt. >> we are behind and we have to stop the b.s. thrown at us by countries not willing to sign up to what great britain signed up to, we have, japan, canada, the eu. >> and joining me now is climate scientist katherine hajoe. thank you for joining us. i want to ask you the simple question of what do you hope to see accomplished at cop26? how would you measure success? >> we need to see two things happen at this meeting in glascow. we need to see the high emitting countries up the emissions because we are no near holing warming below two degrees.
4:40 pm
but that's only half of it. the other half is all of the low income countries who have done almost nothing to contribute to the country, the poorest people in the world contribute 7% and they neefd climate finance where the high countries pay in through loans and grants to help them develop without emissions and prepare for the impacts they sufr today because they're hit hardest and first. >> yeah. and as we mentioned before the past summits largely disappointing. are you hopeful this will be different? if you are what's making you hopeful? >> in 2015 all the countries in the world finally agreed to the paris agreement. took 25 years to agree on what was dangerous. before paris we were on target
4:41 pm
for a four-degrees celsius warmer world. but now thanks to the policies we have gone from four down to 2.7 and heading in the right direction and not there yet. we need more but that giant boulder of climate action is already at the top of the hill rolling in the right direction but needs more hands to go faster. >> you talk about the numbers. the magic number is holding warming below 1.5 degrees celsius and scientists say we'll blow by that in years. is this a goal that's impossible to meet or possible to meet? >> we have seen 1.1 degrees in celsius and we have a narrow window but we have
4:42 pm
photosynthesis. we can work with nature to pull carbon out of the air. they want carbon and need carbon and good for them so nature based solutions are the secret to getting the carbon down just a little bit more. but aren't going to be enough if we don't cut the emissions as much as we can as soon as we can. >> before you go let's shicft t a poll that found that 69% of americans say they want aggressive action to fight climate change but only a third support a tax to help. it's more about convincing people to act. or to put some skin in the game as it were. what are your thoughts on that? >> i completely agree with you. the point in my book is only 7% of us are dismissive.
4:43 pm
we are worried but half of us feel helpless and hopeless. we put a price on carbon but not making people pay but putting the price on carbon and then refund to middle and low income houses to not be affected. of course there's the infrastructure and the build back better bills considered and those have many climate actions in them to grow jobs and help to grow the economy at the same time. there's solutions but we have to realize it will fix us. >> yeah. got to act now. katherine hayhoe, thank you. coming up, diana's so-called fairytale marriage crumbling. and the war of the royals is playing out in the media. how princess diana won't rogue
4:44 pm
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princess diana challenged the royal family in a way to shake the monarchy to the core and that's the focus of the all new episode of the original series "diana." >> she was one of the best
4:49 pm
examples of soft power. she was outshining whatever charles was doing and the other members, too. >> get out of the way! >> it was one message from the foreign office saying diana is a great asset to diplomacy and a voice from sections who wanted the profile on the trips to be down played. as an ambassador said to me, princess diana is coming to tokyo to support british interests. having tea with the emperor. how am i supposed to downplay that? >> diana was in no doubt it was the prince charles' office officials out to downgrade her, perceive as a threat because the publicity generally greater and more effective than prince charles' and charles was the
4:50 pm
heir to the throne. >> and joining us now is cnn contributor and author of "diana" sally smith. we want to talk a little bit about tonight's new episode around charles and diana's marriage is disintegrating to the point she's trying to decide if she could take it and the royal family tried to portray her as unstable but she was strategic, pushed back to have her own narrative >> yeah, she was. what we're looking at right now they had been leading separate lives really since the mid 80s when charles went back to camilla and diana became involved with a few other men. but basically she was very -- she was feeling very grieved, undermined. she was feeling that the royal
4:51 pm
family did not appreciate her. so in the summer of 1991 she decided she wanted to tell her version of their failed marriage. and she embarked on a project, a secret project with royal reporter named andrew horton. and it was supposed to end up a as a tell-all book. what this episode "tonight show"s is how deeply involved she was in this process. we hear her clandestined tape recordings, we see manuscript pages that she had marked up. when the book came out in june 1992, diana heard the story, it was a bombshell. and at first she tried to deny she had been involved. then when the truth came out
4:52 pm
charles and the royal family were furious. and they felt that it was a big betrayal. diana on the other hand felt a great sense of relief. because she's were her experiences she felt she needs to share. >> that just wasn't done, such a high-profile member of the royal family were not supposed to talk to the press period, it was an unwritten rule. and people abided by it for years. >> it was incredible. the queen allows diana and charles to separate. that's when the war between them kind of went public. you had these warring wales' as they say, they were living
4:53 pm
different lives already but now very publicly different separate lives. >> yes and the period before this they were leading separate lives. after the separation diana was able to do what she wanted to do. she had been terribly, terribly worried about whether she would be able to have custody of her sons and that, when the separation came, was fine. she was going to be able to do that. but more importantly she was able to carve out a role as a, you know, as a really independent royal operator. >> when we really saw her step into that last iteration of herself. >> yeah. >> thank you so much for the insight. we're looking for the new episode. don't miss the cnn original series "diana" tonight at 9:00
4:54 pm
p.m. here on cnn. and we're proud to announce the heroes of 2021. hero of the year will earn a add additional $1,000 for their cause. here's anderson cooper to show you how >> now that we've announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2021 it's time to show you how you can help decide who should be cnn hero of the year and receive 14 $100,000 to continue their work. go to and click on ten votes a day, cast all votes for one hero or divide them among your favorites. to confirm log in using your e-mail or facebook. this year double your votes by rallying your friends on social media. on sunday december 12th join me and kelly ripa as we reveal the
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2021 cnn hero of the year live during the 15th annual cnn all-star tribute. >> and these heroes you can vote for ten times a day every day at decide who should be our cnn hero of the year and they will be honored at the tribute, but only one will be named cnn hero of the year. join anderson cooper and co-host kelly ripa live december 12th. thank you for joining us, before we go a look at the white house lit up orange for halloween. have a great halloween everyone, good night.
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♪ ♪ did you know what you were taking on in that kind of sense? not being able to just walk down the street >> no, i didn't. >> i don't think the royal family quite knew what to do with her. there was just a real frenzy around diana.


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