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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 2, 2021 3:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it is the final hour of voting in virginia in a high-stakes election that could jolt american politics and shape the all-important battle of control of congress next year. welcome to cnn's coverage of "election night in america." i'm jake tapper and we are counting down the election of less than a hour when voting ends in virginia. it is pitting former governor terry mcauliffe against first-time candidate glenn youngkin, and it could go either way. mcauliffe has campaigned with biden and harris and obama and faced an unexpectedly tough fight in blue-leaning virginia, and youngkin has had support from trump, but he has tried to
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find distance. and in new jersey, phil murphy is trying to be the first re-elected democrat in the garden state in four decades and he is facing the republican governor candidate jack se ciattarelli. and there are other mayor races including in new york with curtis siwa and in boston and in ohio, there could be a change of the balance of power in the house of representatives and also looking for a special primary in south florida. our correspondents are at key locations as we are awaiting the results oa bellwether election,
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and starting with the governor's race. jeff zeleny is at the head quart quarters of terry mcauliffe. it is a tight race, and what are they feeling down, there and what are the campaign aides saying about the turnouts in the all-important northern virginia? >> jake, it sais an absolutely tight race, and mcauliffe is using the final hours to text voters and door knocks to some 60,000 voters today. and one thing, they are looking at those who supported joe biden a year ago and this year decided not to vote at all because of lack of enthusiasm or simply they do not support terry mcauliffe. they are working into the evening to try and get those voters across northern virginia, the suburbs just outside of washington to the poll. we are hearing the reports of long lines in fiairfax, and tha is a democratic stronghold, and joe biden won it 2/1 over donald
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trump. so they believe a high turnout is good for them. they believe it is going to exceed the turnout in 2016, and some believe more than 3 million or so. the mcauliffem cal pam campaign working into the final hours. >> yes, i was told it is math versus momentum. the momentum for glenn youngkin. and let's go to youngkin's head quarter, and eva, he closed strong, but did he close strongly enough? >> well, his campaign certainly seems to think so. all afternoon, i have seen the campaign staff, jake, and they have a little pep in the step. they are feeling really good, and lots of momentum. they say they have seen people turn out in chesterfield, and republican areas of loudoun as well as fairfax, so that is making them feel good about this
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race. when you are thinking of where glenn youngkin was a year ago, nobody knew him, a former private equity co-ceo, and now statewide recognition and so that is what they are talking about. the fact that this unknown figure could be running neck and neck with the former governor of virginia, and all of that having them feel pretty good. >> eva mccann, thank you. and now, we go to pamela at the voting desk, and what are you looking for in virginia? >> well, turnout is key, and virginia has on of the longest voting periods in the country after the state expanded voting options last year. the registered voters had six weeks to cast the voting in person starting september 17th, and ending saturday, and all registered voters could request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. so to be counted the mail-in ballots had to be postmarkeded by today and received friday by noon. taking a closer look at the
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numbers and right here, nearly 1.2 million pre-election day votes cast in person or by mail. look at this comparison, it is less than half of the numbers of the preelection votes in the presidential election. so if you are looking at that one look counting to 1:00 a.m. on election night, and 85% of the virginia votes were counted and by noon on wednesday, 94% of to votes were counted, but the election officials from across the commonwealth tell cnn that reporting is fast theer this ye because they were processing them faster than last year. >> thank you, pamela brown at the election day. and with me is the magic man john king at the magic wall. what are you looking for tonight, john king, and do we know where the votes will come from first? >> you raised the key question right off of the bat following
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that early voting from pam brown. this is what makes virginia different. in the governor race, this is new. shy of 200,000 early votes and we know more than 1.1 million votes. so to keep it in mind of what normally happens in virginia n is the 2021, and fill it in soon, and going back to look at the presidential election, and starting here, and early on in tonight of virginia, like in virginia, the person who jumped out to early lead, and donald trump jumped out to big early lead in virginia and this is traditional, and this is the last governor race, and this is trump country or republican country reports first, and that could be different because of to early voting. so democrats believe they did well in the early voting and not 80/20 likeout side of philadelphia or atlanta in the presidential race, but the democrats believe they did well in the early voting, so if it comes up early, then it is conceivable that the democrat comes out early.
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but in the last template of the governor's race, and el gillespie for several hours four years ago, jake, because it did come in first, he thought that he would be the next governor of virginia, but then the washington suburbs came n and the richmond suburbs came n and norfolk virginia beach, and this was a more republican area, but it is a pro democratic suburban area, and that what we will look at tonight. and going back to the trump map, he has been a curse on the suburbs and virginia the textbook suburban. and trump is the last republican to carry loudoun county. and if you round up, that is not competitive. and more populous fairfax county, 28%, and so trump has been a curse, and glenn youngkin believe hss he has cracked the code. watch down here, less liberal and more traditional republicans
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down there, and more military communities and government officials and attorneys down here, and most of the votes up here, and it is going to settle close rates, but youngkin needs to get all of the trump base, and even if he gets all of it, he needs to perform in the suburbs and this is key up here to settle the close races in virginia, but if we start to see the suburbans up here in norfolk, and if he is competitive is the first clue. >> so the suburban voters that went for biden in 2020 outside of norfolk, virginia beach, and richmond, they might be less inclined the go for terry mcauliffe theoretically? >> this is a more liberal, more diverse and more democratic suburban area, and this is much more evidence of the trump revolt, and much more republican voters here north of richmond here, and chesterfield county south of richmond, and watch that, and if you are going back in time through some of the earlier race, and this is the
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governor's race, and look at how ed gillespie lost, but he is much more competitive here, and less here, but if you are talking to the youngkin campaign, they believe in the central richmond suburbs and the southeastern richmond suburbs th that they can crack the trump curse. so this is where they have deep roots in the red states, and this is when it flipped to blue, so youngkin here with the building blocks here, and that is what is going to decide it. >> so as we count down to the first results in the battle to be the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia, and we will find out what the exit polls are resulting about the biden and the trump factors in the election. that is all ahead. stay with us. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment. and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny.
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>> we are awaiting the first results out of virginia in the red hot governor's race, the main event on this election night. right now an early read of what the voters are thinking about as they continue to cast their ballots. david chalian is tracking the exit polls. what are you learning? what are they saying? >> well, jake, we should note these are preliminary votes and these are survey whether you voted early or by mail, and so this is going to be a exit poll that encompasses all of the methods of voting. looking at the biden factor, and looking at the president's approval vote, and 23% strongly approve of the performance of how joe biden is approving and 20% somewhat approve. and so it is underwater.
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and only 9% somewhat disapprove, and half of the election say they strongly disapprove of how he is handling his job, and so it is a 56% disapproval, and the president is underwater in virginia, and how that is impacting the vote is something we will be watching. so we asked what is the biden factor in your vote, and 49%, the clear plurality say that biden is not a factor plain and simple, but among those where he is a factor, he seems to be in the early numbers a net negative. and 28% say to oppose biden is one of the reasons for the vote, and 20% say to support biden is one of the reasons for the vote in governor, and we asked voters in virginia to tell us the assessment of the party, and democratic and the republican party, and 23% in this gubernatorial party say that it is too liberal, and 30% say
3:16 pm
about right, and 13% not say not liberal enough, but conversely of the republican party, the fewer virginians in this electorate, 43% say that the republican party is too consek -- conservative, and 35% about right, and 17% not conservative enough. >> i'm here with dana bash, and malika henderson, and so, now, 30% are still voting, but from the preliminary info, and 45 days of early voting and vote by mail, it is an electorate that disapproves of joe biden, and more negative sview of the democratic party than the republican party. >> it is such an indicator of why terry mcauliffe sat on the show, and begged the fellow democrats to get things the done
3:17 pm
here. and that is three weeks ago, jake, because he saw a train coming, and that train was and clearly according to exit polls still is just a lot of distaste with the democratic party, and his rationale for, that and the reason that he thought that it was true is that they were not getting anything done, and especially the bipartisan and popular bills which is the infrastructure bill which is that the democrats are going to pass something that i can bring home, and equals jobs in virginia. >> and meanwhile, terry mcauliffe's strategy in a state that biden won by 10 percentage points a year ago, his strategy has been generally to try to tie the republican glenn youngkin to donald trump even though glenn youngkin is not a trump acolyte the way that a matt gates is or even the way that a ron desantis in florida is. >> right. and it was not to talk about
3:18 pm
no northo's record who was also the incumbent there, and to remind him of his own record there in -- northem's record there in virginia as well. and so, ron youngkin is like a chamber of commerce republican, and he has localized it to such a degree of the education to be a degree, that it has not worked in the way that terry mcauliffe wanted it to work so far. >> and he is the kind of the candidate that the mcauliffe campaign did not really, i know from talking to them, they did not anticipate, because he is skilled at dancing on the head of the pin which is what he has had to do, and everything that
3:19 pm
you said, mia, about making it local, and making it about the issues that he knows that are animating for voters, but also, just giving a little crumb to people who understand how to speak trump speak. >> he was not rude to trump. he was kind, but he was not embracing, and david, one of the things that is interesting about the information that you gave is that it is almost 50%, i think that you said, that said that biden was not a factor, and 49%. they can say that, right. >> right. >> and if they are discontent and they don't feel like things are going well in the country, they still might subconsciously hold the president of the united states responsible. >> well, you don't have to look too far, because there is strongly 44% who strongly disapprove, and funny that you pick oup on that, and say if mcauliffe were to lose the race tonight, the biden white house
3:20 pm
saying, no, no, we were not a factor, and which by the way, the people in the same result, 2017, they said that trump was not the factor, and obama was not a factor, and the fact is that the national factor does play a factor, and the vast swath of the population is in northern virginia and it is right outside of washington, and so there is a clear impact. but what you are talking about and what i am so excited to learn about, because it is the biden and the trump factor, and is donald trump still a motivating force for democrats to come out to vote, and is joe biden's first year in office giving the democrats the energy to get out to vote. and this is a question that we will have answers to. >> we will have the answers shortly, because voting winds down, and we will go live to the most populous county in a
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we are back with cnn's coverage of election night. we are looking at the critical battleground of virginia where terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin are duking it out to be the next governor of the commonwealth and the outcome could tell us a lot about the state of american politics right now. let's check in with the correspondents in the region that we are watching closely tonight, northern virginia. and first to ryan nobles in fairfax county, the county with the most registered voters in
3:26 pm
the entire commonwealth, and tell us what is going on there. >> yeah, jake. fairfax county, and the big ges in the state, and they have to be happy with what they saw, because we saw the traffic pick up in the polling location exponentially, and there a big line that is making outside as more voters are heading to the polls. in the past, fairfax county has taken its time to report the votes, because it has so many to count, and this is making the situation anxious, because of the size of fairfax, it could flip the results pretty quickly when the votes come n and sometimes it is not until late in the evening. it is a little bit different tonight, because of the early voting numbers, and fairfax has in house close 170,000 both early votes and vote by mail, and jake, they will count them
3:27 pm
before 8:00, and we will get the first tranche here in fairfax, and it won't tell us the whole story, but where the county is headed. >> and over to brian todd who is in ashburn, virginia, which is in loudoun county, where they are hoping for the republicans to have a strong showing this evening. >> they are, jake, because the democrats have made real gains here, and glenn youngkin, the republican believes he can retake the county for republicans this time around, and it is going to be tight in the county as we have been saying all along, and here is a shot of the polling area here, as the polls are closing in 30 minutes. we had a line out of the door for the first time since the polls open, and i want to go over the two voters here, and they have just moved here from southwestern virginia, and switched the party affiliation, and what drove you here? >> the main issues here today are women's rights and human rights in general, but the woman's right to choose, and i
3:28 pm
want to make sure that the covid pandemic is treated appropriately, apnd we follow te science as well as i trust the educators and the curriculum they have imposed. so i feel like we need to place the power with the educators who are trained as such. >> so you said ta that the politics have focused your vote? >> yes, i feel like the attack ads have refueled the approach, so i wanted to focus the votes on the focus of virginians. >> the education issue is crucial out here, and the handling of school safety and teacher safety is controversial here, and glenn youngkin has seized on the issues as well as teaching critical race theory which is not officially in the curriculum, but there are some
3:29 pm
here in loudoun who believe it is being unofficially taught, and they like youngkin's message on that. >> and so loudoun county, and the republicans have a lot of hope there. >> they have a lot of history there, and recent history is not good. this is why it is so important of the battleground within the battleground. now, let me show you here the population growth of the population change in the last 10 year, because they were stymied. and now, it is growing a lot in fairfax, and growing a lot, and mo modestly, and lighter green is not growing, and so we can see the darker green means losing population, and this is trump country, thane and that is wher are losing the population. why does that matter? well, if you go back to the 2020 presidential race, and look at fairfax county, the largest population center in the virginia suburbs a blowout.
3:30 pm
joe biden won because he had a blowout in fairfax. but george w. bush won loudoun, and a blowout here in 37% of what used to be a republican county. what is going to happen here? glenn youngkin does not have to win the suburb, but he has to be competitive. so the last time they won was 2009 in the governor's race, and the last time they were competitive in 2017 in senator's race where mark warner won here over ed gillespie, and that is why he won the election, but gillespie won loudoun county, but not enough. so can glenn youngkin win in loudoun and probably by more than that, and can he break through, and do better in fairfax that happened to ed gillespie seven years ago, because if he can't, the math is overwhelming. >> fascinating, and they are still voting in virginia, but closer to the end. when the moment, and the moment when the first results are
3:31 pm
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principal. for all it's worth. we are nearing the first results in an off-year election that is on the radar of political figures all across the country and around the world. voting ends soon in the virginia governor race. we are following another breaking story as well. children ages 5-11 in the united states are on the brink of being eligible to get the pfizer covid vaccine. the green light was given a short time ago, and we are expecting the final sign-off of the cdc director dr. rochelle wa lin ski. so let's bring in dr. sanjay gupta, a now that the advisers have signed off on the 5 through 11 years age, what do you think
3:36 pm
this means in terms of ending the pandemic? >> well, it could unfold pretty quickly, because many of the shots have gone to pediatricians offices and places around the country, and we need to hear from the cdc director for the final sign-off, but within the next couple of days the shots will become available. in terms owhat it means, jake, two stories right now. one story is that the numbers are thankfully come down in terms of the cases and the hospitalizations and the deaths, but looking at a map of the country overall, about 3/4 of the country still are in high transmission. that's the red. 100,000 children were diagnosed with covid this past week alone, and the numbers are high. if you are getting the same rate of vaccination uptake among the 5 to 11-year-olds as we have seen with the 12 to 17-year-olds you could have a significant impact on the pandemic, and the modeling shows it would bring it
3:37 pm
down, and accelerate the decline by about 8% which would potentially prevent 600,000 cases by next march. then of course, as you can see and the screen there, jake, there is obvious benefit to the children themselves, and thankfully they are at lower risk, but these advisers basically said is the reward greater than the risk? and their answer is yes. it is going to prevent cases and hospitalization, and prevents the icu admissions. >> and they are unequivocal about that, and sanjay, you and i are both dads and our kids are over 12, and there are a lot of parents out there, according to the surveys, who are hesitant to get their kids vaccinated and tell them why they should not be. >> first, you want to be thoughtful, but not hesitant about this. when you are look at the vaccines is, and looking at the trial process it has gone through, you are really ask yourself, does the benefit outweigh the risk. i will tell you that you saw the benefits there in terms of
3:38 pm
preventing some these things, that we often think of life or death, but people getting sick, people having long-term symptoms the of covid, and people needing hospitalization, and again much less likely in the kids, but it happens. jake, you know, we talk about other vaccines from time to time, and the chicken pox vaccine which was a big deal when it was made available in the country, and people were clamoring for it. and before the vaccine, is it claimed about 100 children's lives in a year, and it was so many that people wanted the vaccine and we are talking about a disease that is about 700-some children have died from it, and contextually it is important to keep it in mind, and also the side effects from the 5 to 11-year-olds seem lower and smaller from kids who are older, jake. >> thank you, sanjay. good to see you. and now, ahead, the issues that voters care about most. and from the virginia race, and
3:39 pm
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so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at much of the country is watching as virginia is closing in on the end of the voting, and what are you seeing? >> yes, anderson, this exit poll encompasses all voters whether they were voting early, in person, absentee by mail or today on election day, and we asked the folks of these five issues, which are the most important that you think is the most important issue facing virginia.
3:44 pm
economy and jobs runs away with it, 33% of the virginia voters today said that the economy and jobs was number one, and education, and 24% said that, and taxes were 16%, and only 13% said coronavirus. and think about what a difference the year makes on that, and 9% said abortion. we asked virginia voters today, do you support requiring a vaccine at work that employers require employees to get vaccinated and this a majority support position s and 54% of the virginians do support a employer requirement, and 43% oppose. and parent involvement in the children's education, and this is a key issue, and majority of the virginia voters say a lot, and this is how much parental say should occur in schools. and 53% say a lot, and 33% say some s and only 10% not much,
3:45 pm
and 3% not at all, and this is the comment that has been haunting terry mcauliffe at the end of the debate in september. and then the economy which is always asked, and what do you think that the condition of the economy is, and 8% say excellent and 48% say good, so a majority of the virginia voters have a positive outlook on the economy, and 35% say not so good, and 8% say poor. >> thank you, david chalian. david axelrod, when the majority of the commonwealth of virginia cares about education, and they want parent involvement in the parent education and you is the candidate terry mcauliffe saying that i don't think that the parents should tell the schools what to teach, what does that mean? >> i recognize a rhetorical question. look, that is a disaster for him. the context was a little skewed, but the bite was there, and when he said it, it triggered. and youngkin and the republicans
3:46 pm
seized on it, and it has clearly galvanized the voters. and it is not the leadership of virginia, but augerings of the future, and one thing that people are going to be looking at is if youngkin wins, how would he get some of the suburban vote back. >> and what does that mean for the republican party out there, and can you be a republican and not support the former president and still vote republican. >> there were many nods here to some of the cultural issues that trump issued, soft core versions of it, but yes, youngkin kept trump at an arm's length in the general election, and used some of issues to the advantage, but he is like the mr. roger's version of it. >> and with the polls closing at 7:00 p.m. tonight, this could go either way, and this is one of those lelection nights where yo do not know. >> it could go either way, and the interesting thing about
3:47 pm
youngkin as a candidate in virginia, people didn't know much about him. he did not have a decisive primary to take things about donald trump, and anti-donald trump or pro donald trump, and he is a businessman and he started to run as an establishment businessman, and so, issue on a silver platter from terry mcauliffe, and so he looked like somebody who things were not going so well, and i'm disappointed in joe biden who promise med a lot of stuff, and he didn't deliver, and forming the circular firing squads, and looking at glenn youngkin, and a suburban dad, and terry mcauliffe looks like that, too, but looked at glenn youngkin, okay, so he could become, and he could become they wanted, one of those things was i want to be involved in my kids' schools. and this is for suburban women
3:48 pm
could become a very big issue. >> before you move on, i just want one point to make, is how blue is virginia really? it has been trending, but the history of virginia has been that it has voted against the party of the incumbent president in almost every election. at 10 of the last 11, and terry mcauliffe is the only one who defied it in 2013. so if youngkin win, it is going to be reverting back to type, and just a year ago, joe biden carried the state by ten points. >> one other thing about young kip youngkin, he didn't have surrogates on the campaign trail. and he did not have surrogates on the campaign trail, and clever. >> first of all, it is not over, and you have the grass roots folks out there fighting for it, and the stakes are high. when this election is over in virginia, we will know have we seen the emergence of the delta
3:49 pm
variant of trumpism, and in other words, youngkin same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places. the suburbs if they fall to him -- >> that is implying that youngkin is more dangerous than the former president. >> well, more easy to spread, more easy to spread, because if you are looking at what he is doing. he is playing footsie with the worst of trumpism. he is putting himself forward as a champion of parent, and this is a referendum on parents right, and not talking about, but he is using all of the critical race theory head fakes and head nods which is a softer version of a very, virulent antiblack posture, and this is a big deal, because if this is a pathway to flirt with trump, and still win this the suburbs, that
3:50 pm
is a new development for us. >> scott? >> i am sorry, i have to totally disagree with virtually everything that you said. >> why? >> i will tell you why. >> let's go back to january 6th. have demanded, asked for, begged for, pleaded for republican candidates who would not do what you just said which is, you know, embrace trumpism and sort of run the kind of races and style that he runs. youngkin has rejected it. he has said it was wrong, he wasn't part of it. donald trump hasn't been in virginia campaigning for him. in fact, there is a pent-up demand, in my opinion, to make america boring again. with standard issue run of the mill conservative republican candidates like glenn youngkin and like the candidates who did well down ballot in 2020. so, a republican comes along and does exactly what everybody says they want which is hey let's have republicans who don't act like donald trump. and you still beat them about the head and neck and claim they are donald trump. and then, joe biden takes it a step further and says hey, watch
3:51 pm
out, people wearing sweater vests are white supremacists. have you been in virginia in october? everyone's wearing fleece vests. this kind of beating up republicans over donald trump is not going to work. that's why this race is so close. >> if he wins tonight, it certainly sends a message to a lot of democrats out there tonight. we got to take a quick break. we are nearing the top of the hour. stay with us for the first results in the virginia governor's race that could set the tone for the midterms and beyond. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty. that means unlimited peace of mind. mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. translation: the mercedes of your dreams is closer than you think.
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we are just minutes away from the first results on this election night in america. polls are about to close in the most closely watched race tonight. in the commonwealth of virginia. former governor terry mcauliffe is running to win back his old job and keep that office in democratic control. he is in a very competitive matchup with first-time republican candidate glenn youngkin. this contest, of course, has significant national implications, and could offer a roadmap for the midterms next year and the 2024 presidential election. beyond that. also, tonight, virginia is about to get its first woman and its first woman of color as lieutenant governor, no matter who wins. we are awaiting results from the race between democrat and republican winsome sears. let's go to sara murray at the virginia department of elections in richmond. sarah, what are you hearing from election officials in terms of turnout? >> reporter: well, jake, we are waiting to get a briefing on that pretty soon now. we are expecting to hear from
3:57 pm
them, you know, how they think turnout is going and, of course, if there have been any hiccups throughout the day. if they think impacted voting or they think could impact counting later. everything was running smoothly. there was a jammed machine in one place. there was a miner pourn outage in another. but they were expecting, hoping things will go smoothly today. if there is any change to that, we will know soon. >> sara murray in richmond. let us go now to boris sanchez. he is in manassas, virginia, which is in prince william county, one of the northern virginia counties. boris, tell us what you are learning there. >> reporter: yeah, jake, polls have yet to close here in prince william county. but already, the 2021 gubernatorial race has exceeded expectations. surpassing the last gubernatorial race in virginia by nearly 20,000 votes. officials here at headquarters in prince william county are expecting results as early as 7:15 p.m. where a batch of mail-in ballots that they have been tabulating for the last few weeks are likely to be posted.
3:58 pm
we will keep you updated with the very latest information as we get it, jake. >> boris sanchez in manassas, virginia. let us gae to pamela brown now, and pamela, you are taking a closer look at how the votes will be reported this evening. >> as of this morning, more than 88,000 absentee by mail ballots still had not been returned. they have to be postmarked by today, arrive by friday to be counted. let's fa look at fairfax county. that county plans to count early votes first. in fairfax, nearly 165,000 preelection day ballots were cast. as of monday, 55,000 by mail compared to roughly 110,000 in person. let's go to chesterfield county. that is a swing county right near richmond, the state's capital. it plans to start counting election-day ballots, first. also, in chesterfield, 67,000 preelection day ballots were cast nearly 14,000 by mail and 53,000 in person. and then, let's take a look now
3:59 pm
at richmond where it plans to count ballots as they are ready in richmond, nearly 27,000 preelection ballots were cast. 6,000 by mail and 20,000 in person. we should note, typically, early votes largely favor democrats. but there in virginia, both candidates put an emphasis on early voting. >> all right. pamela brown, thank you so much. appreciate it. let's go to john king. he is at the magic wall right now. john, tell us what you are looking are for right now. >> pretty soon, we get to count the votes which is great. what are we looking for? this is the map of 2021. obviously, it l start to fill in soon. if you go back to the 2020 presidential map, a big blowout for joe biden. that is glenn youngkin's challenge. democrats have been trending stronger and stronger in virginia over the last 10 or 15 years. the last republican win was in 2009. this was the last race for governor in 2017 so what does glenn youngkin have to do? he has to run it up. this rural red trump republican base. but trump was toxic for republicans in virginia and
4:00 pm
everywhere in the suburbs. the population septembers of virginia the suburbs here, and overwhelmingly in the suburbs here and that is the big youngkin challenge. can he, jake, reverse what has been a dramatic decline a route for republicans in the suburbs? run it up rural, compete in the suburbs that's the challenge for the republicans. >> john king, thank you so much. polling places are closing in virginia. home to the marquee contest tonight. the outcome of the virginia governor race could give always gage of the political headwinds and we have a key race alert for you right now. right now, the polls are closed. it is too early to call the virginia governor's race between democrat care terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin and we are awaiting the first voteness this high profile contest. we can share more information from exit polls now that the patrols are actually closed. let's go to david with that. >> yeah, jake, now we can take a look at how voters are splitting between mcauliffe and youngkin now that the polls have closed in some key demographic groups. let's look at young voters. 18 to 29-year-olds. it's key to note they make up
4:01 pm
about 10% of the electorate in today's race. that is about half the share that they were just a year ago. they made up 20% of the electorate in 2020. smaller group and look at this. mcauliffe is only winning young people by seven points. 53%. youngkin, 46%. you would say, hey, that's good. except, joe biden won young voters a year ago by 29 points. so, glenn youngkin making up some ground there. with young voters. let's look at the other end of the age spectrum. 65 and older. you see, youngkin here has 53% of them. mcauliffe, 47%. they make up about a quarter of the electorate and they are a much bigger size than they were just a year ago. so, this electorate is older and youngkin is winning them by six points. white, college-educated voters. this has been part of the story of the trump era of politics where democrats have made real inroads into white college-educated voters. right now, you see mcauliffe is winning 52% of them. youngkin, 48%.
4:02 pm
they make up about 38% of the electorate. white noncollege voters, huge youngkin territory. right? 76% you would expect to see this. this is part of that trump base. mcauliffe, 24%. that is 36% of the overall electorate right there and that's a big youngkin group. he is winning them by much bigger than mcauliffe is narrowly ahead among white college-educated voters. latino voters. mcauliffe, 69%. youngkin, 30% and they make up about 5% of the electorate in virginia today. and finally, independents. we are going to watch how independents are doing all the time but right now, youngkin is winning independents 52% to 47% for mcauliffe. that's 30% of the electorate, independents. joe biden was winning independents by a big margin just a year ago. now, youngkin is ahead here by five points. keep your eye on this demographic throughout the night. >> all right.
4:03 pm
david chalian, thanks so much. let's talk about this with this dana and kneeia malika. again, this is just exit poll information. we are waiting for the actual results but if you were terry mcau mcauliffe or glenn youngkin watching this exit poll information come in, you would say the electorate is whiter than it was last year. the electorate is older than it was last year. joe biden won young people by a lot more than terry mcauliffe is winning them. joe biden won independent voters. terry mcauliffe is losing them. i would rather be sit inning that moment and be glenn youngkin than terry mcauliffe. >> yes, exactly but what is really remarkable about this night, especially virginia which is where we are focused is we don't know. it is -- it's a toss-up. and the fact that it is a toss-up. people are looking at it saying well joe biden won by ten points one year ago. that is true. it has been trending democrat. that is also true. on the other side of that, the history of virginia is such that
4:04 pm
when terry mcauliffe win his -- his one term back in 2013, he was making history because the trend or the -- the way that virginia usually goes is they usually elect a governor in the opposite party of who is in the white house. >> right. >> so, that is why we -- we really don't know. that's -- if you look at the history, why we really don't know but more importantly, where the -- where the votes are and where the exit polls -- >> and what kind of ground games these different campaigns had and how effective they have been, right? the door-knocking campaigns of the i mean we always talk about turnout is key, well guess what? it really is key and we really don't know what the composition of this electorate is going to look like even though we have something of a hint. and -- and from the looks of it, youngkin might feel a little better. he certainly had momentum going in. but democrats also feel pretty good, as well, about where they will end up at the end of this night. so, that's what's so exciting. we just don't know. >> and let's check in, again,
4:05 pm
with david chalian who has more information from the exit poll. david, what else are you learning? >> now, we are digging in, jake, to the education issue that we have discussed so much that's within sort of the center of this race in virginia for the last several weeks. so, among parents, people who tell us that they have children under the age of 18 at home. youngkin is edging ahead in these exit polls with 51% of them. mcauliffe, at 49%. i also want to look at those who say education is the most important issue. now, remember, it didn't rank as high as the economy and jobs but it was up there as an important issue for voters in this race. if education's the most important issue, youngkin is winning a majority of education voters. 56% to mcauliffe, 44%. that is a republican taking away what is traditionally a democratic issue, and making it his at this moment in these exit poll results. and then, of course, that whole issue about whether parents should have a say in their child's education.
4:06 pm
we saw a majority of virginians -- some 53% of the electorate -- believe that. that's how they're splitting. youngkin gets 76% of them. mcauliffe, 24%. this is the report card on that gaffe that mcauliffe made at that debate at the end of september. youngkin's winning three-quarters of the voters who say parents should have a say in what is going on in their kids' schools. >> glenn youngkin, dana and nia malika, glenn youngkin has been seizing on the education issue which is a very significant issue. one of the things that's been going on in virginia in the last year and a half, as has been going on across the country and around the world is that in-person education school stopped. and then, there was a lot of frustration among a lot of parents -- not just conservative parents -- independent parents, liberal parents -- about schools being reluctant to re-open about teachers wanting to get first in line for vaccines.
4:07 pm
which they did and -- and i have no problem with that. but then, not agreeing, necessarily, to in-person education even though they were vaccinated. a lot of frustration and glenn youngkin may have given them an outlet for that. >> absolutely. this is such an animating issue in this -- in this campaign. and when was the last time we saw education as such a front-burner issue for the electorate? but you're exactly right. the reason, full stop, is because of the pandemic. because of parent frustration no matter what their political affiliation is. and he saw that. and he played on that. he took it a step further. >> sure. >> glenn youngkin. in that he played it -- played into the culture wars. but that is an example of how he is trying to appeal to independents, appeal to people who are, generally speaking, frustrated and just looking for an outlet for that. but also, giving a little drop to the trump base, the gop base who like to hear, you know, get some red meat.
4:08 pm
unclear, how much that's going to win because he has to overcome the reality that democrats have a much bigger and much more real structural advantage. >> and then, there was this fear of critical-race theory. and you hear republicans all across the country -- >> explain what that is because a lot of people don't know. >> well, it's this legal theory developed that essentially says institutions in this country were informed by racism, right? it isn't about your kid going to school if it's a white kid, feeling guilty about -- for slavery. but it is certainly become a boogieman for republicans and this idea that folks are being taught in elementary school about white people being racist. so, that has become a real talking point among conservatives. >> it's not part of virginia curriculum. >> it's not part of virginia curriculum it's not really part of any curriculum in, like, k through 12. but it has worked to scare a lot of white parents. you know?
4:09 pm
there is all this talk about the pulitzer prize winning novel "beloved" by tony morrison being taught in school. so -- and the democrats i talked to have said they feel like, so far, democrats don't really have a good answer to critical-race theory and the criticism coming from republicans. that it's just rampant in schools all over the country. so, that's going to be something i think you are going to see a lot of democrats do focus groups on how do you actually answer that? >> terry mcauliffe called it a racist dog whistle, full stop. >> we should also note during the debate, terry mcauliffe and it was about whether or not parents should have a right to the subject to take books off the shelves in schools and he said that parents shouldn't. but the way he said it made it sound like he was saying parents should have no involvement in schools education. a huge gaffe by him that glenn youngkin used over and over and over. that's even why the question split among voters who think parents should have a lot of say in what their child's school teaches, 76% say they voted for
4:10 pm
youngkin. we're going to expect the first votes in the virginia governor's race at any moment to come in. we have correspondents on the ground to bring you results, as well. back in a moment. to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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4:14 pm
that is 216 votes ahead of republican glenn youngkin with 910. that is 54.6% for terry mcauliffe. 44.1% for glenn youngkin. but -- but obviously, that is just a very, very small percentage of votes that are in. where is it coming from, john? where are the votes coming in from? >> zoom in right here, you see the capital of richmond. chesterfield county. this county actually matters. this is one of the central suburban counties just south of richmond. this is a place where democrats the transformation ever virginia from red state to purple state to blue state has been because of the democratic growth here. you are absolutely right to make the point this is a minuscule number of votes. it is proof, though, that we are getting started. that the counties are beginning to report results. and so, then we will accelerate and get through it. now, that's not a big deal. you always want to be in the lead, sure. but what matters is the end of night. they are now counting votes. polls are closed. no one else can vote anymore. why does that matter? go back, again, this is what 2,000 votes? when you add it up, terry
4:15 pm
mcauliffe is slightly ahead. if you go back to the 2020 presidential race and come down here to that same county, trump was more competitive. used to be a republican suburb county. it has trended to the democrats but the youngkin campaign will tell you if they can win this state tonight, they will prove it in places like this. we talked earlier if you come out to the full statewide map, i will come back to the current race in a minute. this is the presidential race. might actually be better to look at it in the context of the last governor's race and move this over. again, ralph northam won chesterfield county become lieu hot close it was, right? essentially, a tie. so this is one of the places republicans used to win. it's been trending more to the democrats. if youngkin is going to compete and possibly win tonight, it is going to happen like this. run it up out here in rural trump country, rural republican country and then compete in the suburbs. so as we come back to the race tonight and you look, now, we are start to see some other votes come in. let's go back, first, to chesterfield. an insignificant number. this is a very snifg can't
4:16 pm
battleground within the battleground. so we will be watching chesterfield county throughout the night. if you come out here, just going to look now some other places where we are getting again 200 votes. but this is one of the places you say 200 votes doesn't matter. every vote matters in a very close race. glenn youngkin needs these smaller rural counties not only to be red. let's come up here. culpeper county, we are getting closer to washington. this is more rural but if you start to drive out of washington, gu through the highly populated suburbs, this is a place where glenn youngkin, again, these early results please don't jump to any conclusions at home. virginia is one of these places, we are going to be at this for a long time but if you are just looking at the early results, this has to be red for youngkin. we picked these little counties. buchanan county. it is 0.3% of the statewide population. but again, in a close race, every vote counts and so in the end, glenn youngkin not only needs to win by a big percentage in these counties. look at that 80% right there. let's flip over, go to the
4:17 pm
presidential race. donald trump, 83%. donald trump lost the state by ten points so when you see glenn youngkin if he is getting big numbers here, that's great. that's what he needs. he needs to get all of the trump base in rural virginia. then, hae has to crack the code in the suburbs. but we can pop around a little bit if you want. richmond county a tiny 0.1%. again, republican area. most of the time. as you watch it come up. so we will just watch it. fill in the map. we have a long way to go before we know anything definitive but we are starting to see, center of the state, again, 0.4% of the state population. but that is the -- the math, if you will, the building blocks for youngkin is to run it up in smaller rural counties much like donald trump did but much like republicans do in every election which is why as you see this fill in red, if you are a republican, get optimistic. that's your right but remember, every republican has won these but republicans have not carried virginia statewide since 2009. so they have to run it up in these areas. the key going to be here, here,
4:18 pm
and then northern virginia. population center there. this tends to come in late. again, with the early voting this year, we may get some results pretty quickly. some. >> we should just note that we have now more votes than we did before. >> right. republicans. >> and glenn youngkin is about 70% and terry mcauliffe is about 30%. he's taken a 2,700-vote lead, plus. but as we voted, tit is early ad we haven't gotten numbers yet from the most populous parts of the state. how do you anticipate this filling in. >> we don't. that is one of the mysteries of tonight. traditionally, the republican in any race. donald trump did it twice. ed gillespie did when he ran for governor last time. traditionally, smaller counties come in first and the republican builds a big lead. and then, we get the urban and suburban areas and democrats catch up late. if you want to go back in time and look at this, i can show you if we go back. let's come up to the presidential race in 2020. let me come down here, first. try to turn this off and come back to it that way.
4:19 pm
my apologies. that's going the wrong order. let's go back to the presidential race, right? this is where we were early. 8:30 on election night. donald trump builds an early lead. two hours later, you are up to nearly 2 million votes. donald trump still in the lead. this is virginia 2020. get later past midnight, donald trump still in the lead but joe biden closing in. why? votes are starting to come in in these blue areas. and then, biden essentially ties it at 2:00 a.m. wednesday morning. remember? election night. went into the next day. and then, as fairfax county, these other counties came in biden pulled away overnight. so that is just an instructive lesson as we go through the night tonight that don't jump to conclusions based on what you see early on but if you are in the youngkin campaign, looking at the map, you know where you need to fill it in red. at the moment, that's what's happening. long way to go. >> we should note, 2020, we had an idea based on the trump campaign and the biden campaign that they thought biden was going to win. both -- both of them did. tonight, we have no idea and it's -- it's a toss up.
4:20 pm
both campaigns have no idea what is going to happen. >> privately, both campaigns saying we're brewing a lot of coffee. >> we have no idea what is going to happen. we are getting votes in. it's exciting. stay with us. we'll be right back.
4:21 pm
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4:24 pm
we have a key race alert for you right now in the great commonwealth of virginia in the governor's race there with 5% of the vote in. glenn youngkin, the republican, has 74,409 votes. that's 52.6% of the vote. he is 8,408 votes ahead of
4:25 pm
democrat terry mcauliffe who has 66,001 votes with 46.7% of the vote. again, we only have 5% of the vote in. but as of right now, the republican glenn youngkin has a -- a -- a -- lead. let's go to john king right now at the magic wall. and one of the things that's interesting, john, as you just talked about in the previous segment, how normally votes from northern virginia, the democratic stronghold and the most populous area, don't come in until the end of the night. but so many people voted early. they had early voting in virginia 45 days al of early voting vote by mail and early voting. and so now, those northern virginia counties are able to get some votes early. >> some. emphasis on some and a key point. we are at about 5% of the total vote so we have a long way to go if you are glenn youngkin, the map is filling in red where you need it to in a very close election. we know the suburbs around washington, d.c., up here around
4:26 pm
richmond and in the norfolk, virginia beach area, it's those population centers that tend to decide it. this is one of the key suburbs we are going to watch tonight. again, we are looking here at 1400 votes or 1,500 votes. this is the first glimpse of votes but prince william county, traditionally, you go back 25 years ago, a republican suburb that has trended democratic. terry mcauliffe wants to keep this blue. this again, the very tiniest smidgen of early votes right there. if you come within it right here, the city of manassas, a population center here, terry mcauliffe early votes, again, shy of 5,000 votes if you look at it right there. this is the part of the map that needs to stay blue. you move closer to washington, d.c. you see just across the potomac in arlington, virginia. this is a very liberal democratic stronghold and you see, again, about 31% they they estimated. but that is the biggest -- that is the biggest ees piece of math, chunk of math you see from
4:27 pm
one community. arlington, again, liberal suburb just across the potomac river. terry mcauliffe needs to win it big. by point of reference if you go back to 2017, ralph northam in winning the governorship by a healthy margin ended up with 80% of the vote. now, again, in 2021, we are just starting to count. we will see as the rest of the votes come in throughout the night. so you pop out to statewide. see what else is coming in. significantly down here, real quick, jake, richmond here. you have down below we talked earlier about chesterfield county. youngkin with a slight lead there. to the north, the youngkin campaign says if it can pull this off tonight, it will be competitive in the suburbs around richmond. 52-46. one of the battle grgrounds wit the battleground. >> i am going to joe johns right now. joe has some election results. joe, what do you got? >> well, we have gotten five different precincts that came in. i heard john king say just a minute ago it's good to count
4:28 pm
votes if you look right through that window behind me, you can see the vote counting going on in action while i read some of these. all of the precincts reporting here in the chesapeake city have youngkin leading. and i will just read you the raw numbers, if nothing else. youngkin ahead in precinct number one that i have looked at. 667. mcauliffe, 312. in the second precinct, um, the numbers are similar. it's in the 400s, versus the 200s. and so, it goes. another precinct mcauliffe is behind. again, mcauliffe has 382 votes. youngkin has 664 votes. still early. the simple thing we can say to you is we are going to keep watching all of these. the other thing that's important i think to say about chesapeake is in total, last time around, it was joe biden winning the election. the question, of course, is what
4:29 pm
happens in this governor's race? and we can also tell you we spent the day over at one of the precincts -- a heavily african-american precinct. i talked to a lot of folks there. interesting fact that a lot of the people really didn't know that much about glenn youngkin but they said they were voting for terry mcauliffe because they knew his name. back to you. >> all right. interesting. joe johns with some actual votes coming in there. john, and these are just -- you know, just a couple precincts but it shows a strong -- a strong showing by the republican glenn youngkin. >> it shows -- number one, yes, in a democratic area. it also shows the values just having reporters on the ground. again, this is not dispositive. these are two of the precincts he mentioned where he had the firm vote numbers. glenn young kin ahead by a couple 300 votes with change there. again, this is in chesapeake. they haven't officially reported them yet so you still see the map blank. if you go back to the last governor's race, this is a very blue area. chesapeake, virginia beach, all
4:30 pm
around in here. again, there is a lot of military down here. it used to be more of a competitk competitive area. again, started before trump. went on steroids after trump. so it is one of the places we will watch as you start to get early results, let me come back to the rice tonight so people at home aren't confused and pull out. about 5% of the vote starting to sprinkle in around in the state and we have what we thought we were going to have. some early votes and a competitive race. >> only 5% in. 95% of the vote to go. we will be right back with more of the actual votes from actual voters coming in on election night. stay with us. bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression
4:31 pm
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4:34 pm
and we have another key race alert for you as the votes continue to come in in the competitive virginia governor's race. we have 12% of the estimated vote from virginia in and
4:35 pm
republican glenn youngkin is retaining his lead and expanding upon it as of this hour, glenn youngkin has 211,382 votes. that's 55.3% of the vote. he is 43,149 votes ahead of the democrat, former-governor terry mcauliffe. terry mcauliffe has 168, -- i'm sorry, just jumped again -- now, it's up to terry mcauliffe has 173,192. glenn youngkin has 55.2% of the vote. terry mcauliffe, 44.1% of the vote. we just jumped from 12% of the estimated vote to 13% but glenn youngkin with a -- a lead at this hour. roughly 43,000 votes. and oh, we have more votes coming in from northern virginia. >> including from a very key county we will be watching aw night, loudoun county. again, one of the suburbs you come across the potomac river. you are into first alexandria or
4:36 pm
fairfax. once, a reliably republican suburb. again, 45% of the estimated vote. let's watch throughout the night because you get some of the early voting, then you get the day-of voting. but terry mcauliffe jumping to an early lead. you look at that and you think okay that's good for the democrat. you go back in time to the last governor's race, though, and you see ralph northam winning the governor's race four years ago had a bigger margin there and if you look at the 2020 presidential race, click it up here in loudoun county, joe biden had a blowout. and so, that's one of the kwis we are going to watch tonight is glenn youngkin running stronger than donald trump. donald trump last year. ed gillespie four years ago. is he showing that republicans can make inroads in the suburbs? can't answer that question, yet. at the moment, he is competitive. if you pull out and look, again, this is the major population center. the loudoun county is the fastest-growing county in the commonwealth of virginia. so how it votes will matter a lot. you are starting to see, again, more of the map fill in. just want to come down here, as well. this is charlottesville and around here right here. and then, if you come up here,
4:37 pm
we talked loudoun county is here. next to it is the largest population center. fairfax county. this is prince william, excuse me. let me come up to fairfax city here. fairfax in the city, in the county, itself. still waiting but that's one of the places we have reporters on the scene. >> yeah. in fact, punch up fairfax county because i am going to go to ryan nobles right now, who is in critical fairfax county, virginia, and, ryan, you have some -- you have some vote numbers coming in for us. what do you have? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jake. just handed the early vote and absentee vote return totals for fairfax county. this is just the first tranche of votes that fairfax has counted until this point. and it shows right now, terry mcauliffe with 98,657 votes total both early vote and by mail. vote by mail. and glenn youngkin with a total of 34,410 votes. there is a total, so far, of about 133 votes cast. actually, closer to 134,000 votes cast. and when we break those down,
4:38 pm
early voting versus vote by mail, it's a 77,000 of those votes are early votes. 56,000 are vote by mail. so that shows that there is still a pretty significant amount of early-vote totals that have yet to be counted yet because there were somewhere around 110,000 early votes cast in fairfax county. still, this is probably relatively good news for terry mcauliffe. perhaps, not the huge margins that he was looking for but, again, that total, 98,657 for mcauliffe. 34,410 for glenn youngkin. and this is just the early vote totals and absentee vote totals this first batch that they have been able to count, jake. >> ryan nobles, thank you so much. just to reexplain this to our viewers, those are votes that have not shown up on our big map, yet. fairfax city right there. fairfax county is what ryan was talking about. this is where terry mcauliffe needs to run up the board. >> yes, absolutely. and again, this is the largest
4:39 pm
population center of suburban -- it's the washington suburbs in northern virginia and again, if you want to -- let's go back in time. look at the 2020 presidential race in fairfax county. you see what we are talking about here. 70-28 if you round up president biden. go back to the 2017 race for governor, 68-31. this is the democratic vote bread basket right here. this is where the democrats have to run it up and run it up big because not -- these other suburbs help. without a doubt, the other suburbs help but fairfax is, when you get into a close election, it is going to slide this out of the way a little bit. we can bring it back if we need it. you know this is 2017. you know republicans are going to fill in this map. the issue for republicans is every one of these votes counts, don't get me wrong but these are smaller, less populous counties. if you look at the population centers and bring it in this way, bring in population, you see, you know, these are republican wins. these red circles but the smaller the circle, the smaller the population center. you see what happens in these races. democrats with the big blue circles, that's because they are winning in the urban areas and
4:40 pm
suburban areas wrufr the higher pop population center. like many states, democrats win because they run it up in the urban and suburban areas and so when we come back to the current race, there is absolutely no doubt. it is an early lead. we have to count the votes as we get through it but this is what happens. if democrats are to come back as we have seen them time and time again by blowout margins in recent elections, republicans often get the lead early. comes down to this. >> right and as you note, the republicans are -- are hoping that they got enough vote out today, election day, because democrats traditionally get their votes out in the early vote and the vote by mail. so mcauliffe needs to run it up in the early vote, and he needs to run it up in the populous northern virginia counties. we are going to take a quick break. the numbers are coming in. it's very competitive. stay with us. but it's also a game, of information. because the nfl is connected. and at any moment, the fate of the season
4:41 pm
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4:45 pm
race alert in the competitive virginia governor's race. with 25% of the estimated vote in, republican glenn youngkin remains in the lead with 410,598 votes. that's 52% of the vote. he is 36,837 votes -- pardon me -- ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe who has 373,000. now, 374,000. it was just updated to 26% of the estimated vote. 374,979. glenn youngkin remaining in the lead as votes come in. more than a quarter now. youngkin, 52%. terry mcauliffe, 47.3%. and we are getting votes from northern virginia. this is different from how it usually happens, john. >> yeah, sometimes, when we get northern virginia votes, you get a little early and then most comes in late. again, midnight, 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. has been our experience in recent years but we are seeing more. again, that's in part because more than 1. 1 million votes were cast early and so you want to get the breakdown. again as you watch this play up, if you are in the youngkin
4:46 pm
campaign right now, you are thinking okay we have a long way to go but they expected a big surge on election day. if you are the youngkin campaign, you are getting 47% in loudoun county. is that enough to keep it competitive? we will see. but it's a lot better than previous republicans have done up here. you move over here fairfax county. this is a problem. this is good for mcauliffe and bad for the republican. fairfax, traditionally, democratic stronghold. again, we have about a third of the vote so we have to wait to see what we get later as we come in. these are the closer washington suburbs. more liberal, more democratic. you see mcauliffe there. about a third of the vote in. getting 81%. that's what he needs to do. you click down here alexandria. the youngkin campaign thought it was going to overperform most recent republicans. ed gillespie in the last governor's race. again, just 3% of the vote in here so we are going to watch. i tell you something else we are watching this again in a very close race, northern virginia suburbs are the biggest population center. so they are dispositive and they are the key to democrats, especially if the republican vote comes in as you see here. one indication early on, though, again, it's early.
4:47 pm
not sure why that shape came in there. let me try to do that again. that was good, right? i don't think i could do that again if i tried. every now and then, i communicate with my -- but come down here. if we go back to the race for governor in 2017. you see that blue. >> yeah. >> so you come back to 2021. again, it's early but it's what you watch. right? youngkin has to rewrite the recent map for republicans in virginia. so that would mean are you competitive in virginia beach with about 20% of the vote in, the answer for now is yes. we don't know how this is going to play out. but this is why we are watching. over in chesapeake, we just talked to joe johns. you add up all the math there, again 6%. early in the night, the youngkin campaign you are thinking okay, we are starting to lay down some markers. early in the night doesn't matter. we have lived through too many of these. every vote counts but we have to watch it play out. but as you watch that fill in red right here, you are encouraged. if you are the democrats, you are going to watch here in addition to northern virginia, tough win in the richmond suburbs in all the suburbs and
4:48 pm
rico county here to the north of richmond. again, you go back in time. that's mcauliffe, youngkin right now as we get about 40% of the vote. if you go back, ralph northam winning big for governor four years ago at 61%. so, if you look at it that way, in some of this early voting, we don't know the answer to the question yet but one of the big questions is does terry mcauliffe overperform north chlm? or at least one equal with northam? run close to biden in the virginia suburbs? or does he under perform? we can look at that early on, jake, and i want to emphasize for people at home this is early on. we are just starting to build but if you look at the map right now, let's take it this way. let's look at it from this way. is glenn youngkin over performing trump? in a lot of places. in a lot of places at the moment. again, the vote is early. >> if it's red, it's a county -- >> if it stays on. so let's come back to this. i will turn it off for you. here -- here, you are looking at the vote right now. this is -- this is the actual live vote as we count it right now. if you bring this in, these are
4:49 pm
counties where youngkin is over performing trump. it includes the early count in the populous northern virginia suburbs. we have a long way to go. this -- this will matter a lot more in three, four, and five hours than it does right now. but if you are looking at your early-vote counts in a campaign headquarters, you are looking if you are glenn youngkin, you are looking at the map and saying, so far, so good. the emphasis on so far. so, let's come out and look at it from another perspective. let's turn that off. where is terry mcauliffe? again, this is the live vote right now so watch what turns off. where is terry mcauliffe under performing joe biden? saw a lot of counties turn off, right? you see a lot of that turn off right there. that means at the moment in this early vote, mcauliffe is under performing. now, mcauliffe can under perform biden. mcauliffe can under perform northam because both of them won in blowouts so it's important to note this is a blue-lean state. it is not a presidential year and it's not the political environment that ralph northam ran in back in 2017. this is a much more difficult environment. so, terry mcauliffe can under
4:50 pm
perform joe biden, under perform the current governor ralph northam, and still win this race which is why you don't overemphasize them now. but that's what we are going to watch throughout the night. it is a test. are republicans -- is the trump base turning out in a campaign where the republican candidate kept trump at arm's length? that's test number one for glenn youngkin. he cannot win this race, unless he gets all of the trump base but even if he gets all the trump base, it's not enough. he has to make inroads here, here, and here. early indications are he is in play. >> he has to draw a straight flush but he is not out of the game yet. getting some good cards. he is getting some good cards. we are standing by for more results out of the commonwealth of virginia. polling places are about to close in the other governor's race being decided tonight north of nus new jersey. we will have much more ahead. stay with us. anti-inflammatoryl for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement.
4:51 pm
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from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. we have another key race
4:55 pm
alert for you right now. more votes are coming in from the commonwealth of virginia and the competitive gubernatorial race there. let us look at what the voters have said so far. with about a third of the vote in, 33% of the vote in, republican glenn youngkin is up with 556,912 votes. he has 54.2% of the vote. roughly, 92,323 votes ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe. he has 45.1% of the vote. the votes are still coming in, though. it remains a very competitive race. there are still more than 2 million votes that we need to count. we are closing in on the next critical round of votes that could send a message to president biden and the nation about the political climate right now. voting is about to end in new jersey. home of the second marquee governor's race tonight. murphy is the democrat. he is the incumbent governor. he is seeking re-election to a second term against former-republican state lawmaker jack ciattarelli.
4:56 pm
we are also standing by for votes in big city mayoral races across the country. polling places are about to close in the contests in atlanta and boston. right now, let's go to mj lee. she is in new jersey. governor phil murphy's election headquarters in the famous asbury park. mj, how are they feeling in governor murphy's campaign headquarters tonight? >> reporter: well, jake, essentially what phil murphy is doing as he tries to get re-elected for another term, they are making the bet that the people in new jersey are going to grade him based on how things look in new jersey as opposed to focusing on the events that are happening in washington. this sort of underscores the political reality right now as you know very well that the governor of new jersey is more popular right now in his state than the leader of the democratic party, president biden. he enjoys support from the majority of voters in new jersey, whereas president biden -- he has seen his popularity slip into negative
4:57 pm
territory, recently. and this is really important to think about. what is happening in washington. something that joe biden came actually to new jersey to try to sell his ideas on the infrastructure spending bill. the sweeping economic package. obviously, he ended up being unsuccessful before he left for his foreign trip. but folks here are feeling cautiously optimistic. they don't want to come out and say that they are going to be necessarily successful. but ultimately, they believe that because they were so focused on local issues, that if they are successful, that will be the key to why. jake. >> all right. mj lee in asbury park, new jersey, with the campaign headquarters of governor phil murphy. the incumbent democrat. let's go back to the virginia's governor race. jeff zeleny is at the headquarters of democrat terry mcauliffe in mclean, virginia. northern virginia. jeff, so far, it is -- well, the numbers are still coming in but it is very, very competitive. how are they feeling at -- at mcauliffe headquarters?
4:58 pm
>> well, jake, terry mcauliffe has been through winning campaigns and he's been through losing campaigns and right now i am told he is at home with his family, his wife, his five children, extended family. not far from here in mclean, virginia. he is simply watching these results come in. talking to one democrat who has spoken with him throughout the day, saying he realizes that his rival glenn youngkin closed in a strong position. but the mcauliffe campaign remains optimistic about the high turnout in these northern virginia counties. they are keeping their eye on fairfax. they are keeping their eye on alexandria, other places. but, jake, we did just get a very interesting letter terry mcauliffe sent to his supporters. he said, win or lose, we fought a good campaign. so certainly, striking not necessarily an enthusiastic tone but thanking his supporters as they begin what could be a long night of counting here in virginia. jake. >> that's an interesting letter for terry mcauliffe to have
4:59 pm
written. we are expecting the polls to new jersey to close in two minutes. john king, quickly tell us what you are looking for. >> here you see two candidates, republican jack ciattarelli. as you mention phil murphy trying to win re-election as a democrat. you know the state well. you are from philadelphia. obviously, you look at the suburban vote, right? you look at the suburbs down here across from philadelphia. more importantly, giant suburbs up here outside of new york city and the urban population center of newark. this is a democratic state. it is a democratic state where governor murphy believes his covid leadership has earned him re-election so we will watch it play out. again, the president's approval rating is down. democrats say this is a tough climate because of covid and because of the economy. this should stay a blue state but we will watch to see as it plays out. start to fill in the votes right there. as we wait on new jersey, also you see virginia is slaening red at the moment but there you see, about a third of the vote in. glenn youngkin with the lead. one thing that the republican campaign is saying there so far, jake, is that they are very encouraged by the turnout in these rural areas. smaller communities where they say republican turnout is
5:00 pm
exceeding the last governor's race four years ago so the youngkin campaign happy at the moment but $aw noted, lot of votes still to be counted. we are just moments away from the end of voting in the new jersey governor's race. we are expecting that at the top of the hour. let us get a key race aalert. it is still too early to call the race between democrat incumbent phil murphy and republican jack ciattarelli. we expect the first results soon now that the polls have closed but we do not have information about that race, yet. let us now do a key race alert for the gubernatorial race in virginia. the latest numbers have come in with 34% of the vote in in the commonwealth of virginia. republican glenn youngkin remains in the lead. 573,314 votes. that's roughly 54.3% of the vote. he is almost 100,000 votes ahead. 97,167 votes ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe who has 476,749
5:01 pm
votes. he has 45% of the vote. as of right now, john king, terry mcauliffe is nine percentage points behind. we don't expect that margin to hold, necessarily. but so far, glenn youngkin has done what he needs to have done. >> in the early vote count, he has. but to your point, want to emphasize we don't know what is going to happen tonight but we do know go back in virginia election history whether it's presidential, prior governor races, senate race in 2014 where we have seen republicans take a big lead. even a big lead like that because we have about a million votes there. little more than that if you add it up. we expect about 3 million votes cast in this race so we have a very long way to go. but if you are the republican candidate, here is one thing. i am going down to the tiny southwest corner of virginia, buchanan county. why am i focusing on this? it's 6,000 people, right? why would you think about that? one of the reasons republicans are happy is here was the question. could a republican who kept trump at arm's length run it up in trump country, right? 85% of the vote with about 90%
5:02 pm
of the vote counted there, right? look at that number. 5,078. four years ago, the republican won with 3,400 votes. the republican campaign is happy saying in rural virginia, turnout is up from the last governor's race and the margins are coming in for glenn youngkin. in a close race where every vote counts, this was challenge number one, run it up. get the trump base to turn out and vote republican, even though you told president trump please don't come to virginia. at the moment, glenn youngkin seems to be meeting that challenge. then, the next challenge is suburbs here. vote rich area here. this is it. the ultimate prize in virginia is up here. so how are we doing in those? if you are the youngkin campaign, looking at chesterfield county. traditionally, republican. have gone more democratic recently. you think okay. rico county. more voters here when you come up north of richmond. 60% of the vote in. just match it up. 60% for northam. again, terry mcauliffe can under
5:03 pm
perform ralph northam, the democrat from four years ago. he can under perform him. he does not want to under perform him significantly, right? ralph northam won if you come back to statewide numbers four years ago, it was not close so when we compare mcauliffe to northam, you want to sound maybe not as good but he can -- he can afford to under perform some. the question is how much? and that's why in the end, we will come up here because you see about a third of the vote just shy in fairfax. this is your giant, biggest basket of votes in northern virginia. the last of it tends to come in late. meaning, midnight or later. 73%. 74% if you round up at the moment. if you go back, he is over performing in the early count here. terry mcauliffe. over performing the percentages of ralph northam but look at the vote in the end here, right? in fairfax county, 255,200 for the winner four years ago which is why when you look here, 98,000. we have a long way to go. we have a lot more votes to count. if you are mcauliffe, you are looking at fairfax. and you are thinking in a very close race, if he can get it closer, pull back out. see where we are because votes
5:04 pm
are coming in constantly. just shy of 100,000 vote lead for the republican right now. glenn youngkin. you are happy with what you are seeing so far but again, you remember republicans have led before only to be disappointed as late vote comes in up here. lot of counting still to do. >> another sign to your home planet. >> that was my knuckle. >> do the thing where you compare mcauliffe to biden and youngkin to trump in terms of under performing and over performing. let's start with mcauliffe. the democrat in a blue state. all things being equal, he should win this state. all things are not equal. covid pandemic exhaustion. biden approval rating down. people worried about eat conmy. so all things are not equal, which is why this is a competitive race. but this is where we are right now. 148,000. see more votes have come in -- this is the magic of the magic wall. more votes come in during the conversation. 150,000 vote lead for the republican. >> he just jumped up about 50,000. >> he just jumped up so we look where those votes came from. where is mcauliffe under performing joe biden? see where we are right now?
5:05 pm
when things turn off, right, you see all these counties still on the map. terry mcauliffe at the moment in the early count is under performing joe biden. joe biden won by ten points. terry mcauliffe can under perform joe biden even significantly and still win the race. >> i mean, fairfax county is one of those that he needs to -- >> fairfax is one ever those counties, as is prince william county down here. so you are looking two of the suburban counties where let's compare what we're talking about. loudoun county. you see 3 53%. come to the presidential race here, joe biden is getting 61, 62 if you round up. again, he can -- because the margins were so big for joe biden and for ralph northam, terry mcauliffe can under perform. the question is by how much? let's turn that off and look at it. where is youngkin over performing trump? right, let me turn this off first. come back just to show you this is where we are live. it is now 152,893. so the lead for the republican is growing. again, lot of votes still to count. if you are glenn youngkin, how
5:06 pm
am i doing compare today donald trump? am i over performing? yes, in a lot of places including down here in trump country. >> so let me ask you. so, youngkin's path -- his -- his -- the concept of his victory was that he would be able to get people? what was this buchanan county? >> yeah. >> that he would not only keep the people who voted for trump, but maybe even build on it. and in places like fairfax county, just narrow the margins. >> exactly. >> does he have to flip any counties? or can he just over perform in superred counties like buchanan and just narrow the margins in superblue counties like fairfax? >> can he? yes. but that's asking a lot. you would have to over perform on steroids. you would essentially need every voter to come out in here. he has to flip some. so you are looking right now. where could you flip, right? again, if you come down here and you look at chesterfield county, if you go back to the last race for governor, it was blue. the last race for governor,
5:07 pm
chesterfield, the suburb south. very close, very competitive but it was blue. so there are places where, at the moment, he is changing the map. again, we have a lot of votes to count. but it's really hard to see even when he was in the other night, youngkin was here in loudoun county. it's the fastest-growing county in virginia. it is not the largest population center. fairfax county is. but loudoun is the fastest growing and that growth is what has hurt republicans in the suburbs. it's white college educated. it's younger voters. it's latinos and it's asian voters who are increasingly a swing population in northern virginia. where are we right now? 52-47. where were we four years ago? 60-40. so, glenn youngkin is narrowing gap there. is that enough? that depends on the turnout as we go through more of the night and remember, we are still waiting on election day vote. we will find out in the next few hours. >> also, of course, waiting for early vote. david chalian, you have some new information. from the battle ground desk in terms of what voters who went to
5:08 pm
the polls, what they were thinking, what mattered to them. >> yeah, and we are digging into what you and john were just talking about. the difference between how much of this vote is early vote, versus how much is election day vote. so right now, here is the vote total as things stand. we have about 41% of the estimated vote in. glenn youngkin has 710,176 votes. terry mcauliffe has 554,288 votes. so the question is, how much of this vote that's in already is early absentee vote? people that either voted early, in person, or voted by mail absentee? well, right now, our estimate is that 23% of this current vote that you see in is made up of early vote. people who voted before election day. but we expect that 23% to go up to 37%. we think, at the end of the day, when every vote is counted, 37% of the electorate will have voted early.
5:09 pm
that means 63% of the electorate will have voted on election day. if, dine ed, terry mcauliffe is significantly out performing with glenn youngkin in early votes as democrats hope that he was, banking that vote. that growth from the 23% to the estimated 37% is opportunity for mcauliffe to try to make up and dig into some of this youngkin lead. jake. >> yep, race remains very competitive as the actual counting goes on. we are going to take a very quick break. when we come back, more from the virginia governor race and much, much macore. it's election night in the united states. stay with us. so every touch will protect like the first. pampers wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime.
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i can see the nose and everything. she was the original strong woman. i know. this holiday, give the gift of family. give the gift of ancestry®. ♪ we have another key race alert for you this evening as we watch these important governors' races and the actual vote come in. let's start with virginia. the commonwealth of virginia. 42% of the estimated vote is in and republican glenn youngkin remains in the lead. 43% now. glenn youngkin with 768,647
5:14 pm
votes. that's 55.7% of the vote. he is 166,291 votes ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe who has 602,356 votes. he has 43.6%. by it remains a very competitive race, and we are waiting, still, for more than a million votes to come in. to new jersey, the garden state. with only 1% of the vote in, incumbent democratic governor phil murphy has 25,358 votes. that's 70.9% of the vote. he is 15,238 votes ahead of republican jack ciattarelli who has 10,120 votes. 28.3% of the vote. but again, that is only with 1% of the vote in. phil murphy with a big lead. but still, 99% of the vote to go. let -- let's look at virginia because we have more votes in. we have 43% of the vote in. and -- and tell me where the
5:15 pm
vote's been coming in from. >> you start to see a lot of these more rural counties, lot of red filling in. but we are getting some other votes. come down here to southeast virginia and you pop up here in norfolk. the democrat terry mcauliffe, about 16% of the vote in. this is obviously one of the key democratic strongholds. 63% with about 16%. just want oh go back in time and look. 73%, ralph northam, the democrat won four years ago so you are seeing consistently early vote. we have a ways to go. so numbers could change dramatically. right now, terry mcauliffe winning where democrats need to win the margins below where the democratic candidate was four years ago. much smaller community here. here is what you look at though if you look at this strategically if you are in either campaign headquarters. if you are the republicans, you are happy down here virginia beach across the bottom. ralph northam won all three of those counties four years ago. joe biden won all those counties one year ago. and so, you see down here some strength. >> how much of the vote has come in on those?
5:16 pm
>> virginia beach up to about 40% of the vote. again, 58% for the republican. and if you go back four years ago, ralph northam won with 51%. close, it was competitive but it stayed blue. if you come back up to where we are today, you move over here. chesapeake where you talk today joe johns earlier. again, lot of votes to be counted still. it's red now. doesn't guarantee it stays red. 65% for youngkin now. if you go back in time, you see how the republican candidate got 46%. so, again, we have a ways to count to you don't want to jump to conclusions. if you are sitting at campaign headquarters, though, you are thinking are we meeting our metrics as we look at the map? >> so stark, also. >> number one, you see a big lead but it's not just the big lead. glenn youngkin needs the raw math not just the 85%. he needs the raw vote totals in these smaller counties and the turnout is just higher than it was four years ago. so if you are the republican, and you know that as we get later in the night and we come back up here, you know, fairfax,
5:17 pm
the giant vote count. you know, we have a lot more votes to count here. we already have 98,000 plus for the democrat. 34,000 but it's only 32%. again, go back in time. look at that 98. ralph northam got 255,000 votes in fairfax county, alone, four years ago and we believe turnout is higher tonight. in this race than it was four year oogss ago. so we have a lot more votes to count and republicans have been disappointed many times before in virginia as the map fills in this way and they build a lead, only to see 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., the rest of the votes come in up here as they are counted. but -- but if you are the republican campaign, republicans have not won statewide since 2009. um so, if you are glenn youngkin, you are looking at some of your metrics and you think we're doing okay. that history, though, is what tells you don't rush to conclusions. we have a long way to go. >> punch up prince william county because i want to go to boris sanchez who is in manassas in prince william county. he has more raw vote total for
5:18 pm
us i don't think we have gotten. boris? >> yeah, jake, before the numbers get to john at the magic wall, they come here to the headquarters of elections in prince william county and i am looking at raw data right now with 58 precincts reporting. this is day-of voting. terry mcauliffe, right now, with a 29,437 vote total. glenn youngkin, 25,716 votes. roughly, a 4,000-vote difference between the two of them. that is day-of voting. i also have some numbers for mail-in voting. w remember, prince william county has been tallying votes for a couple of weeks. actually, let's repeat these numbers really quick. again, terry mcauliffe. this is day-of voting. 29,437. glenn youngkin, 25,716. day of-voting in prince william county. an area that terry mcauliffe is count on to lead him to the
5:19 pm
governor's mansion as it helped do in 2013. this is the most diverse county in the commonwealth. of course, youngkin trying to make inroads with moderate voters on education and the economy. getting back to those mail-in numbers. again, this county has been tabulating them for several weeks, already. they count it by three different congressional districts. so far, the total, terry mcauliffe holds an advantage. 5,000 -- rather, 6,572 votes, versus glenn youngkin 2,127. again, terry mcauliffe, 6,572. youngkin, 2,127. roughly, 4 -- 4,100 votes separating the two candidates there. these numbers likely going to get to the wall very soon. we will keep you updated as we get more, jake. >> boris sanchez in manassas in prince william county. just to remind viewers, prince william county is one of the four major democratic stronghold counties right outside washington, d.c. it is where the democrat in any
5:20 pm
race needs to really build up the score in order to account for and make up for all the republican votes in -- in the rest -- in most of the rest of the commonwealth. so here, we have roughly 5,000-vote advantage for terry mcauliffe if you count the early votes and the day-of voting in prince william county. >> right. the question is how -- is that -- you know, how much higher do we go as you count all these votes? i want to push this to the side a little bit and bring this out. you mentioned why this matters. just pull the county back out again. again, washington, d.c. arlington. fairfax. prince william. as the suburbs have shifted over the last 25 years in american politics, you go from blue. used to be competitive. now, it's solid blue. used to be a swing county. lately, it has been blue. the question is can glenn youngkin cut into the margins? this is where we are right now. we haven't got the numbers boris just gave us will be tabulated through when the county officially reports them but this is where you are right now and again you go back in time and you're ralph northam. 61%. so if you are terry mcauliffe,
5:21 pm
you don't need 61% but you have to win this county here. if you come back to where we are, i want to look at it. you have to go way back in time. right? you look at the 2017 race. last time a republican won this state for president, you go back, george w. bush carried prince william county. so this used to be -- this used to be the republican way to win in virginia. yes, close in suburbs, fairfax, arlington, alexandria went democrat. but -- but the outer, the loudouns and the prince williams were republican. that has been the dramatic shift. if you watch it play out, just watch this. watch this area right here in northern virginia. george w. bush wins because the suburbs were growing. fairfax and loudoun. but then, you come through it. obama wins. that was the beginning of the change. it started before trump, and then the suburban revolt against trump has put it on steroids. the question is can glenn youngkin overcome that tonight as we continue to keep counting votes? >> one of the things so fascinating about tonight's race is the commonwealth of virginia is so traditionally democratic
5:22 pm
just in the last -- the last few elections. although, you and i are old enough to remember when it was a republican stronghold. but states change. ohio used to be competitive and now it's pretty reliably republican. the votes are coming in and it is very exciting. it's anyone's race. i wouldn't put money on either one of them right now. stay with us as cnn's election night in america continues. discover card i just got my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar match at the end of your first year.
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5:26 pm
we have another key race alert for you now here in these two competitive races in virginia and new jersey. first, to virginia, the commonwealth of virginia where republican glenn youngkin has 910,320 votes. that is 55.5% of the vote. he is almost 200,000 votes ahead of the democratic challenger. terry mcauliffe, with 719,101
5:27 pm
votes. 43.8% of the vote. that is with 51% of the vote in. but that is still a lot of outstanding vote that has yet to be counted. still, glenn youngkin with the lead, 55% to 43% as of right now. in new jersey, the garden state, incumbent democratic governor phil murphy has 79,154 votes. that is 68.7% of the vote. he has a roughly 44,000-vote lead against republican jack ciattarelli, who has 35,061 votes. 30.4% of the vote. that is still only 4% of the vote. so phil murphy with a big lead right now but still waiting for 96% of the vote. virginia, where this is a much more competitive race. 5 1% of the vote is in. where have new votes come from? >> all these rural counties starting to fill up and again, i
5:28 pm
just pick a random one. amherst county. glenn youngkin, in rural virginia which is republican stronghold always. trump country some would say now. doing what he needs to do you walk through these counties but you start to move up, the question is is the math here that the republican is getting overwhelming enough to offset? jake, we still have a long way to go. fairfax county we are going to come back to it repeatedly. it ma there are several-100,000 votes still to be counted here. right? so if you come out statewide, and you look and you see 193,000. 194,000 almost republican vote lead. it would be easy to say looking at all that red that the republican is on the march here and the republican is in good shape here where we are right now but we have lived this in past virginia governor races, past virginia senate races and the two past presidential races in the state of virginia where the republican gets lead. and then, when you come up here, fairfax is the biggest. lot of votes still to be counted
5:29 pm
here. some of the smaller suburbs here. only 10% in alexandria. more votes for mcauliffe to be country counted here. more votes but modest amount to be counted here but then start moving over into fairfax county. you mentioned earlier prince william county. smaller population. the largest is here. the fastest grow suggest in loudoun which says they are up to 95%. youngkin, the other night, predicted he would win loudoun county. a ten-point gap for him there is better than past republicans. is it enough? that's what we will find out as we count more votes. 23% in prince william county and as you watch the republican math grow, couple things you are watching if you are the democrats. number one, what's left in fairfax? and if it stays at a percentage anywhere close to that, terry mcauliffe can make up a lot of ground so that is a what you have to watch. with only 37% in in fairfax, this is always late into the night we are watching this giant basket. if it stays anywhere close to that percentage split, then
5:30 pm
mcauliffe is going to make up a lot of votes when the rest of them come in. there is no guarantee of that so that's what we wait for. that's one thing and again i mention this earlier. the republican, i want to see if percentages have changed at all and they have not. 20% in chesapeake. 46% in virginia beach. just want to move over here to suffolk. 30% here. this area of the state -- it used to be reliably republican. democrats have done very well in recent cycles, including both joe biden and ralph northam winning these three counties. with more votes to count but looking at the map, glenn youngkin has to change the map. presidential history in virginia, recent governors' history in virginia. >> he has to flip counties and right now it's not done. but right now, those southeastern counties -- >> southeastern counties and here, again, chesterfield county. suburbs south of richmond. he is doing it there as well. the question is is the margin big enough in places where there is less population? you can see the building blocks for youngkin rewriting the map but the key building blocks are here. especially, fairfax county. >> so speaking of northern virginia and fairfax county,
5:31 pm
punch up fairfax county because i am going to bring in ryan nobles right now going to give us an update. ryan, what do you have for us? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jake. we do have an update now. some of these precincts are starting to trickle in. nine of the 247 precincts have reported terry mcauliffe now at 109,000 votes. glenn youngkin, just over 42,000 votes. and to john's point, it's really the percentage here that we have to watch in terms of the mcauliffe campaign because fairfax county is where they have the most available votes that they can get in all of virginia. and when that first batch of votes that came in that were all early votes and vote by mail, we saw the mcauliffe campaign with around 74% of the vote that had come in. this next round of votes that came in that came from voters that voted today, we saw that number start to trickle down from 74% to just a little more than 71%. that's not a good sign for the mcauliffe campaign as they go on into the night. now, one optimistic sign for the mcauliffe campaign is that we
5:32 pm
are not done counting all the early votes. they were somewhere in the range of 25,000 or so early votes that have yet to be fully counted. they had to rescan a group of those early votes. he performed well in that first round of early votes that were already counted as we said somewhere in that 74% range. so there is optimism if you are with the mcauliffe campaign, that you could do well in that group of votes, as well. and the other thing we have to keep in mind when we are talking about fairfax county is there is still going to be a lot of vote by mail ballots that have to be counted not just tonight but over the next couple days. of course, any ballot that is postmarked by tonight, and is received by friday can still be counted. so if this turns out to be a very, very close race, which it could as the way it tracks on, those vote by mail ballots are going to be very, very important. but the fairfax county vote now starting to trickle in. not just those early votes but also the election-day votes and those numbers have to continue to come in in big numbers for terry mcauliffe if democrats have any hope of winning tonight. jake. >> all right.
5:33 pm
ryan nobles, thanks so much. in fairfax county. john, punch up arlington county, if you would. because one thing that i am curious about. terry mcauliffe doing very well. he has almost 80% of the vote here. almost 70% of the vote. has the turnout, though, matched what it's been in previous years? in other words, this is whatever -- 62% -- 62,000 people with 68% reporting. what is the turnout in arlington county been in the past? >> it is a key point to look at. again, it is not a presidential race. if you go back -- let me go, first, to the last governor's race. again, ralph northam win the county with 80%, 68,000 votes, right? where are we right now? terry mcauliffe at 49,000 votes. how does that number go? that will be one of the things to watch. i told you earlier we are seeing, we know turn out is going to be higher than 2017. we are seeing higher turnout in these smaller rural counties. >> right. >> we are seeing that. the question is, is the democratic turnout also higher? number one, is the turnout in
5:34 pm
those counties higher? then, number two, what are the margins? we have a ways to go. we -- we have a ways to go. look. if you are looking at the map, it can be confusing when i go county to county when we get a small smattering of votes and write them on the chalkboard, it can be confusing. if you are looking at this right now with 56% in, youngkin in the lead by more than 207,000 votes. we know -- we know this is a much more competitive race in the commonwealth of virginia than the biden-trump race was that was ten points. we know this is a more competitive race than the last governor's race, which that's an eight-point race, nine-point race when you round up there four years ago. everything on this map now tells us it is a much more competitive race than either the last race for governor or the last race for president. everything tells us that, that it's much more competitive. we have way too many questions still to be answered before we can say anything beyond that. we have lived this too many times. this fills in. the republican takes a big lead. and we wait. and we wait here and ryan just
5:35 pm
made a very key point. how many votes are left? does terry mcauliffe keep that big 66, 67, close to 70% margin in fairfax county? if so, we are going to be at this a while. if not, we'll see. >> one of the other things when you compare 2021 to 2020 with biden-trump or 2017 with no northam/ed gillespie is donald trump was a presence. he was in the white house in both those races. that was a huge motivator not just for republicans all over the country but for democrats and a lot of people worried. a lot of democrats worried that the -- that democrats are not as motivated to vote this year. we'll see. we'll see the numbers are still coming in. it's very competitive. it's anybody's race. the numbers are coming in from new jersey. the numbers are coming in from virginia. they are coming in from all over the country. we will have much more for you after this quick break. it's "election night in america." stay with us. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate
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5:39 pm
we have another key race alert for you now. let's look at the board here in virginia. the governor's race. republican glenn youngkin has an
5:40 pm
almost 200,000-vote lead. there is 58% of the vote in. now, 59% of the vote in. we just got some more votes. glenn youngkin with 1,000,026,074 votes. he is 191,843 votes ahead of democrat, terry mcauliffe, who has 834,231 votes. that is, 44.5% of the vote. as of right now, with 59% of the vote in, glenn youngkin has a ten percentage point lead over democrat terry mcauliffe. in new jersey, with 6% of the vote in, democrat incumbent governor phil murphy has 110,498 votes. that is 66.3% of the vote. he is about 5 -- i'm sorry -- he is about 55,829 votes ahead of republican jack ciattarelli who has 54,669 votes. 32.8% of the vote. of the vote.
5:41 pm
but again, that is only 6% of the vote reported. let us now go to sara murray who is in richmond, virginia, at election headquarters who can give us an u dapdate on the sta of the votes coming in. sarah? >> that's right. we talked to chris piper, he is the commissioner of the virginia department of elections. he wouldn't put a number on where the turnout stands but he did say there is heavy turnout. one of the hiccups he said they were dealing with today, election officials across the state, ballot shortages. he said about half a dozen counties. chesterfield counties experienced ballot shortages. they had to get additional ballots brought in in order to ensure everyone there was able to vote. he did say overall, this is a day that has gone very smoothly he reiterated to voters, this should make you trut trust the process. additional ballots were brought in. people should feel confident they were able to cast their ballot. and they were able to vote. very important message here on election day, jake. >> sara murray, thank so much.
5:42 pm
new york city polls close in 18 minutes and we will bring you the results live for that. we are going to squeeze in another quick break. we will be right back when "election night in america" continues. stay with us. relief in minut. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling. you have always loved vicks vapors. and now you'll really love new vicks' vapostick. it goes on clear and dries quickly. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family. introducing new vicks vapostick. what is it? so you can get to know your new granddaughter. we're so glad you're here. ♪ come on over! oh honey... she just needs some time. how was school? you ought to be very proud. i'm proud of you. here's another picture of your mommy. she smiled so hard, her front tooth popped out. goodnight grandma. did you call me grandma?
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5:46 pm
we can now make a projection in one of the two special congressional races in ohio today. cnn projects that democrat shontel brown has been elected to congress in ohio's 11th district. holding on to the seat for democrats. she defeats the republican in the district which stretches from cleveland to akron. that leaves democrats with a narrow majority in the u.s. house of representatives. holding 221 seats, to 212 for republicans. two seats are still up for grabs. there is another one in ohio and another one in florida where a special primary is being held. we are awaiting results of
5:47 pm
those, too. we now have a key race alert for you. now, we're looking at the governor's races in virginia and new jersey. let's look at the numbers. with 61% of the estimated vote in from virginia, republican glenn youngkin remains in the lead. he has 1,061,140 votes. that's 54.6% of the vote. he is 192,385 votes ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe who has 868,755 votes. that is 44.7% of the vote. glenn youngkin, right now, with many votes remaining to be counted, with roughly a 10 percentage vote lead, almost 200,000 votes ahead as of this hour. let's go to new jersey now. with 6% of the vote in, incumbent democratic governor phil murphy has 112,300 votes. that's 64.4% of the vote.
5:48 pm
he is 51,768 votes ahead of republican jack ciattarelli who has 65,270 votes. that's 35.4% of the vote and we just got another percentage point with phil murphy remaining in the lead. and tell us what -- where the votes are coming in from in the garden state. >> lot of votes still to be counted but democrats who right now have a serious case of jitters when it comes to virginia are feeling more confident when it comes to blue new jersey. you mentioned governor murphy seeking to be re-elected. 63% of the vote to 36% of the vote. we have a lot of votes still to come. but if you look at newark, essex county. newark, largest urban area right there. third largest county in the state. running it up as a democrat has to do in the urban area but again, only 7% of the vote. but again, filling in as the governor would like. move up here you are starting to move into the new york suburbs and around as you come up. again, running it up. you have someone at your table who has a long life history in bergen county. you can ask her about this when you get over there. still, no votes from there. but essentially, look at new
5:49 pm
york city here in the suburbs right here. but if you come down here, mercer county is trenton. the suburbs around it. again, only 7%. but the early vote coming in the way governor murphy would like to it as you look up. again, camden, you are familiar across philadelphia. camden, the suburbs here. 74% for the governor frpt just to go back in time, looking at 25% there. you got 67% here four years ago. so, if you are looking to see if there would be a night of democratic panic, meaning losing two governorships, it appears only at 7%, let's be careful. go ahead. >> what is the red county there? >> right here, you come over here, ocean county. i believe that was also red. yes. reliably republican county out here. four years ago, 62% of the vote. little shy of that, jack ciattarelli as it fills in. so the map is filling in population centers for democrats early on. still at 7% and we will watch it. but this one is filling in in a way that early on anyway, democrats can be everywhere more confident than what they are seeing here. again, a long way to go still
5:50 pm
here. but when you see glenn youngkin, 61% of the vote count in now. ryan nobles mentioned this, jake, quickly. earlier. as more votes come in fairfax, what happens to taremy mcauliffe's if you're looking at the trend lines in this map, if you're in the youngkin campaign, you're a lot happier than mcauliffe's headquarters. >> that's an 80,000 vote lead for mcauliffe. if you double it that's only 80,000. that's not going to be enough in that county alone. we're heading into another critical hour of election results coming up. polling places are about to close in new york city where voters are choosing a new mayor. much more of our coverage right after this. stay with us. earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar match at the end of your first year. only from discover.
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and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. and we have a key race alert for you at this hour. let's look at the board right now. in virginia the commonwealth of
5:55 pm
virginia, republican glenn youngkin has 1,102,462 votes. that is 54.6% of the vote. he is more than 200,000 votes ahead of the democrat, 200,092 votes to be precise. democrat terry mcauliffe has 902,370 votes. that is 44.7% of the vote. that is with 63% of the estimated vote in. republican glenn youngkin retaining his very healthy lead over democrat terry mcauliffe. in new jersey, the garden state, democratic incumbent government phil murphy has 174,342 votes. he is 62,964 votes ahead of his republican challenger jack ciattarelli who has 111,388 votes, 38.7% of the vote.
5:56 pm
again, we are still expecting 90% of the vote from that race to come in. voting is about to end in new york city, and to showcase mayor's race this evening, brooklyn borough president eric adams is highly favored to hold onto the mayor's office for democrats. he faces republican curtis -- best known as founder of the anticrime group the guardians angels. the winner of that race will replace democratic mayor bill de blasio. we are awaiting votes from quite a few big u.s. cities that are choosing mayors tonight. one of them is minneapolis. that city is also deciding the future of the minneapolis police force in the aftermath of the murder of george floyd. voters in minneapolis are being asked if the current police department should be replaced with a new department, a department of public safety. this is one of the first electoral tests of policing reform since george floyd's death. let's check in with our correspondents right now. first let's go to athena jones
5:57 pm
in new york, at the headquarters of democratic mayoral candidate eric adams. how are things where you are? >> hi, jake, polls are just about to close here. you can already see this venue beginning to fill up. there's certainly a celebratory atmosphere. if you hear from eric adams or talk to people on his campaign, they'll say, look, they're running through the tape. he sent a text a few minutes ago saying if you're in line by 9:00 you can vote. adams is heavily favored to win in this deep blue city where registered democrats outnumber registered republicans 7 to 1. the real contest was among the democrats in the primary. he beat out a crowded primary field by putting together a coalition of working class voters, union voters, voters of clor, particularly voters in the out boroughs. he also spent a good deal of his time talking about public safety. you also heard eric adams say public safety is a prerequisite to prosperity. that is also something people
5:58 pm
believe got him over the finish line. >> athena jones in new york, new york. let's go to omar jimenez who's covering the vote in minneapolis, minnesota, including the fascinating controversial ballot measure there to replace the police department with a whole new reimagining of public safety, the department of public safety. omar, how's it looking there? what's going on? >>. >> reporter: we've got polls closing in just a few minutes here in minneapolis, and we will know the answers to those ballot questions first when it comes to the results that are coming in. we expect them and at least the city clerk here says they expect those full results to come in in just a matter of two hours at this point, and one thing to watch for in this, it's going to take more than a simple majority, more than the 50% plus one person for this to pass because it's a charter amendment, it's going to take 51%. the reason that's crucial is because this was polling right around 50%, and we could be in a scenario where technically a majority of people vote yes on
5:59 pm
this, 50.6%, let's say, and it doesn't pass. and so those are the dynamics that we're going to be watching for as this moves forward. and again, while it is to incorporate this police department into a public safety department, it doesn't quite eliminate all officers. no one's waking up tomorrow with no police officers if this passes, but again, so many people are looking at this as setting the table for the future of public safety here in minneapolis. >> very interesting, omar jimenez, thank you so much. quick overview, john, where are we in virginia? >> we are with the republican candidate just shy -- if you're a democrat you're saying we can come back late. that's mathematically possible. the question is where can you find them. one of the places democrats will look at is richmond city, the tenth largest county in the state. only 2% of the vote in. jake, there's a lot of votes here for terry mcauliffe. is it enough, and then you move up to fairfax county in northern virginia. we've talked about it all night,
6:00 pm
up to 53% right now, mcauliffe's percentage at 67%. that looks great. he needs a huge more votes as the rest of fairfax county comes in. the math at the moment looks bleak but a will lot of votes t count. >> voting is about to end in new york where the next mayor of america's city is being decided tonight. who will replace bill de blasio. let's get a key race alert now. the polls closed and it is too early to call the new york mayor's race between democrat eric adams. we are awaiting the first votes in this high profile race. we will bring that to you as soon as they come in. john king, i'm coming right back to you at the magic wall. you want to go back to virginia? let's do it. here's a question for you. let's go to fairfax county for a second. >> okay. here we go. terry mcauliffe is up. there's about 220,000 votes cast. that means about 440,000 total have been cast.
6:01 pm
the big question right now for a lot of democrats is did democrats vote? did they turn out to vote? are they depressed because the democrats on capitol hill have not been able to get their legislation through because prices are high, because gas prices are through the roof, because of inflation, because they're disappointed, whatever, are they depressed? if we are estimated about 440,000 people voted in fairfax county this year, how many voted last year or in 2017? >> let's go back to the governor's race. that's a better comparison. if you look at 255,000 for the winner. we're not quite there. we expect turnout to be higher. we expect turnout to be higher across the state. the question is proportionately, is it much higher in some of the rural areas? i can show you a few of those in a minute. you're looking at 255,000 votes here for the winner. >> so more people did turn out this year in fairfax county than they did estimated. >> it's on track to. it is on track to have more and the question is it's on track to have more, and then you see that
6:02 pm
68% margin if you round up. the question is can mcauliffe hold it? that will be essentially exactly what happened four years ago. and then the question becomes if it's exactly what happened four years ago, is it good enough because the rest of the state is not going the same way for terry mcauliffe. let's come back to 2021. let me show you what i mean. one example, i want to pop down here. you look at these smaller counties and think this doesn't matter. every vote matters in a close race. you see the 94, 42. 82% of the vote. if you go back in time, ed gillaspie, 60. it's 3,000 more votes essentially than four years ago for the republican candidate. 3,000 votes there, you know, 1,000 votes there, 800 votes there, it just helps. it takes a lot to offset the giants there. so you can't be just that. that is not going to be enough to offset fairfax county, but it helps when you're also doing this, when you come back to 2021, if you were watching in 2017, this was blue. now it is red.
6:03 pm
this is the suburbs, chesterfield county, south of richmond. 20 years ago reliably republican. with a ten-point margin in the suburbs to the south. margins matter. go back in the race four years ago, very close, but the democrat won, right? very close the democrat won, right now not as close and the republican leading a ways to go. again, the suburbs to the north of richmond right now mcauliffe at 54, youngkin at 45 if you round up if you go back before more of a margin. >> look at that. >> the margins matter. glenn youngkin is making up votes in places like this compared to four years ago, and so if the margins in the traditionally blue counties are smaller and then you are running it up in the red counties, you're putting yourself in play, and one more place i'm going to keep mentioning because this right now, it's huge. if you look down here, if you look down here, this is the race four years ago. it's all blue. this is the presidential race in
6:04 pm
2020. you got to click another butt to be button so glenn youngkin had so flip some counties to change the map. there's no guarantee they will end up this way. we're still counting votes in some of these places. virginia beach, half of the vote in. >> he's winning it handily. >> chesapeake. >> and anecdotally a republican official told me this morning that keep an eye out for the virginia beach area, he said, because it took a little longer but the school issue in this virginia governor's race, the education issue and how much local -- how much parental input there can be in schools was a big issue combined with divisive social issues having to do with education. keep an eye on the virginia beach area because the issue caught on there later than it did in northern virginia. >> that's an excellent point to make. also, again, you've got to be careful not to over generalize. where are we? this is the north carolina border. you're moving into the northern virginia suburbs, washington,
6:05 pm
d.c., it is more liberal. it is more traditionally democratic. this has been democratic of late, but this has a republican pedigree in more recent times than up here in northern virginia as well. so you mentioned the school issue could catch on, a republican candidate catching on down here is not as big of a surprise as a republican candidate if glenn youngkin were turning some of these counties. even still, washington suburbs, urban areas moving out now. >> 72% of the vote. ed gillaspie margins matter. you're overperforming the last republican candidate while the democratic candidate is under performing the last democratic candidate. >> one thing that's interesting people that are not from the washington d.c. or virginia area, people who are not political junkies, ed gillaspie who lost in a round, ed gillaspie ran a race that
6:06 pm
republicans worried was going to bring out the vote in this part of virginia, southern virginia, central virginia, and alienate the suburbs. remember his last few ads as i recall, and this is just a shaky memory of a middle aged man. his last few ads were about ms-13 and potentially racially incendiary turning off people in the northern virginia suburbs. so the challenge for ed gil gill gillespie's successor is how do you get these people while not alienating these people. >> this is 2017. >> this is 2017. >> 61% of the vote to 38% for the republican, and you come back here and margins matter. every vote matters. margins matter in these counties. so glenn youngkin we talked earlier, he's not going to win all of the suburbs, but he's more competitive in the suburbs. >> he has been as a candidate more agile. he has been as a candidate more
6:07 pm
deft. he has been able to get these people while not alienating the sub suburbanites in northern virginia and then in the virginia beach area. in fact, it's early yet, but he is competing very, very well in this virginia beach sbuburbs. >> he did not want trump to come to virginia, they had a foul relationship. glenn youngkin did not want trump to come to virginia. trump has told his voters flood the polls. donald trump telling his voters flood the polls. the donald trump who questions the election system all the time telling his voters to flood the polls. indications are is it all trump or youngkin's appeal, we could argue that for days. what is happening down here tonight is very strong, exceeding 2017 republican turnout. so you have -- he's not just holding trump votes, he's winning new voters. >> he's winning the vote certainly compared to the republican candidate for governor four years ago, glenn youngkin is doing fantastic down
6:08 pm
there. just to come in here, you mentioned let's start with 2017 to see the difference. loudoun county, ed gillaspie 40% of the vote, 45% of the vote. in a place where there are a lot of people. that's thousands of votes. when you go from 40 to 45 you're doing thousands of votes. even in fairfax county, we're missing the votes right now. this one looks more like four years ago. if you look at it there. 32% right now, this one looks a lot more like four years ago. so if fairfax, which is the biggest basket of democratic votes up here, number one of the 133 counties, 14% of the statewide vote, if democrats are holding their own here, what happened? well, in a lot of other places that matter, glenn youngkin is overperforming the republican candidate from four years ago. again, we're up to two-thirds of the vote. he's back above 200,000. we're just shy of a million more votes to come in. is it mathematically possible? yes, you talked earlier about
6:09 pm
that inside straight flush, terry mcauliffe is praying for a good dealer. >> show me my beloved s sponsylvania county. >> that is down here. >> glenn youngkin has 62% of the vote to terry mcauliffe's 37.3% of the vote. how did gillaspie do four years ago? >> you go back in time, 56. >> again, the margins and turnout. right? we focus on margins a lot. it's not just the percentages. it's raw math matters in p politics. in the end, we say this is complicated to keep our jobs. you add that up, 20,000 votes for ed gillaspie four years ago, you come up here now with more votes to be counted, glenn youngkin is already there. >> he's going to exceed it. >> he's already at the 20,000 with another third of the vote yet to be counted. he is surpassing republican turnout from the governor's race four years ago in all of the red places, running it up where he
6:10 pm
has to. being more competitive in the blue area. >> as somebody who drives around that part of the state on occasion, you would see youngkin signs everywhere. you say that to somebody, democratic senator, seeing youngkin signs everywhere, they would say signs don't vote. maybe not. definitely not. but by the same token, they can be a measure of enthusiasm. again, if you think of the history of this state, one year ago joe biden plus ten. four years ago and this ralph northam plus eight or plus nine. you have to go back to 2009 to the last time the democrats won statewide. we're focusing on this race right now. i'm sorry, last time republicans won statewide was back in 2009, which foreshadowed 2010, which was a miserable midterm year for the democrats. that will be the fear if this holds up. we have to say yes, we're still counting votes as they come in. we haven't looked at them yet tonight. the republican candidates for attorney general are also leading in virginia, at the moment pretty much by the same
6:11 pm
margins. >> is that right? >> yes. >> if you just look through, here's the lieutenant governor's race, 54-45. here's the attorney general race, 54-45. >> let's explain for one second why that's important, and they know we'll get back. that is one of the things democrats said, keep an eye on all three of the races, if terry mcauliffe loses and the democratic candidates for attorney general and lieutenant governor who is elected on a separate ticket, if they do poorly too this is more significant for democrats if it's just terry mcauliffe who does poorly and the other two do well, it might be -- this is something that is a message to the democratic party in a commonwealth that joe biden won by ten points one year ago. it's still too early to call, the race of course in virginia or new jersey or the new york city mayor's race. when willprojections.
6:12 pm
we're going to squeeze in a quick break. stay with us. fwla
6:13 pm
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6:16 pm
bringing you another key race alert. let's take a look at the wall and talk about where we are in terms of the actual vote count. in the commonwealth of virginia with 71% of the vote in, republican candidate glenn youngkin has 1,228,830 votes. he is at 54.3% of the vote. he is up ahead of his democratic challenger by 2,088 votes, 45% of the vote, a very healthy 9 percentage point lead for glenn youngkin with 71% of the estimated vote in. in new jersey, democratic incumbent governor phil murphy with 18% % of the vote, he's up with 55.9% of the vote, roughly
6:17 pm
55,000 votes ahead of republican jack ciattarelli who has 217,577 votes with an 18% of the estimated vote in. murphy up 55.9% of the vote to ciattarelli's 43.2% of the vote. and now i'm walking over to the magic wall again because john king and i find this virginia gubernatorial race eternally fascinating a commonwealth that joe biden won by ten percentage points and glenn youngkin, 71% of the vote in, it's not over yet, but he is so far doing quite well. >> he is exceeding his metrics just about everywhere on the map including the red you see in the republican counties in virginia, glenn youngkin is exceeding his metrics. exceeding the performance of the republican candidate four years ago and turning out trump voters in trump country, and a lot of these areas, even though they're blue he's doing better than republicans have in quite some time. what do i do constantly when we
6:18 pm
get to this point, a lot of people are saying at home, why haven't you called it? we're conservative and we know there are still hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted and we know we live in volatile times. you start to look at this point you're thinking glenn youngkin has a pretty healthy lead. are there more democratic votes out there. you come down to the city of norfolk. it's the seventh largest county, that's a lot of votes. even if you double that, you were doing math earlier, even if you double that, that's 8,000 votes say 10,000 votes is that enough? so you move over here, you come over to portsmouth. it's the 20th, so you could add a third to that. you're starting to get into an area where there's thousands of votes, right? so could terry mcauliffe turn these back blue. these have been blue in the last presidential elections. >> only a third of the vote, right. >> the question is, though, if you flip it, are you going to dramatically flip it? is everything out democratic or do you come back to 50/50. there's no net gain.
6:19 pm
that's the problem. terry mcauliffe needs net gain. you look where the votes are out. you think about 40% of the vote here again, conceivably you could catch up in an area that's been blue before. can you catch up and cut? how much do you cut into the lead? >> just to remind people, these counties were blue last year and they were blue four years ago, right? >> just watch it there, yes, if you go back first, it's easier to do it this way 2017 in the f governor's race they were blue and if you go back to the 2020 race, you have to do two tabs to get out of the race, it was blue as well. you can go back to the 2016. the 2016 presidential race, slide this up and look, two of them were red. you're closer to the north carolina border. this was if you want to talk about the trump effect in the suburbs, suburban areas down here, military retirees, rich military tradition down here. traditionally republican communities that in the trump years just became more and more blue. that was one of the challenges
6:20 pm
tonight, can glenn youngkin go into these areas and turn them back? we're not done counting the votes here, but that would be a sign of potential success there. one other way to look at this. so joe biden won by ten points one year ago, so how is it that the democratic candidate is behind? so you want to look, right? so how is terry mcauliffe doing? is he under performing joe biden? yes, just about everywhere in the state of virginia, even places where trump won, even places where trump won, biden ran stronger in these red counties. i want to come back and show you that again. not much change on the map. this is everything we know right now just about everywhere, terry mcauliffe is underperforming joe biden. you say that's not fair. that's a presidential year. is he underperforming ralph nor northam. terry mcauliffe can underperform him as long as he doesn't underperform him by a ton. this is your live vote right now. where are there counties where
6:21 pm
mcauliffe is underperforming north am by more than ten points. >> everywhere. >> including some of the suburbs up here. you come up here, we're moving out. t in strong republican areas where ralph northam, joe biden considered a more moderate centrist democrat, ralph northam ran stronger in these republican areas than terry mcauliffe is. down here in norfolk, in virginia beach out here even again in parts of trump country where ralph northam a more centrist democrat, at least by reputation than terry mcauliffe -- >> and just to remind people -- >> let's leave that up. >> i was going to point to the part of the commonwealth. >> let me get out of your way. >> if ralph northam is from here. >> he's from the eastern shore. >> one of the reasons to nominate him was to win that part of the commonwealth. >> back in the 2017 race, that was one of the democratic arguments that our state is trending blue, let's make it
6:22 pm
more blue by nominating a more centrist guy from this part of the state, a traditionally republican part of the state. >> mcauliffe is of the northern virginia suburbs, and he is still doing worse in northern virginia than a guy from the eastern shore. that's my point. >> yes, and so look, if this holds up, and to your point, let's just take a look at some of that, right? this is northern virginia suburbs. right in here, the most democratic, most liberal areas are just across the river. terry mcauliffe is holding his own. the challenge for youngkin, 52-45. if you tudoubled that, mcauliff holds up what. if you go back to 2017, it's 61%. margins matter in politics. you come up to loudoun county, ralph northam gets 59%. the republican is getting, you know, 40% if you want to round up. you come here to tonight, glenn youngkin is getting 45%, again,
6:23 pm
the margins matter. 5,000 votes here, 5,000 votes there. right, hundreds of votes here, thousands of votes in a couple of these. you just start to add it up. it's an impressive performance so far. >> it's not over. we still have 29% of the vote to come in and, you know, we do expect that it will narrow considerably at this point. >> although i will say, again, this is your biggest basket of democratic votes and they're up to 70%. we've talked about before if you double it, there's no guarantee the percentages hold. it's possible you get some precincts where terry mcauliffe gets 70 or 80% of the vote, and that math changes. if you're in headquarters right now and got the green eye shades right now, you're going county by county, what's the best we can do there. that's what they're doing in campaign headquarters. is there a way to make up that. >> that's a lot of votes, although we have not called it. we are still following the votes and counting the votes. coming up, we still are waiting
6:24 pm
for virginia, we're still waiting for new jersey, new york city. a lot more coming in. stay with us as election night in america continues. in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse.
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6:28 pm
welcome back to election night in america. we can now project a winner. cnn is making a major projection in the new york city mayor's race. cnn projects that democrat eric adams has been elected mayor of new york city defeating republican curtis lee. adams holding onto the top office for democrats in the nation's biggest and predominantly democratic city. cnn projecting that eric adams has been elected new york city mayor. let's go to athena jones in new york city at adams' headquarters. at
6:29 pm
athena. >> reporter: hi, jake. the crowd here at adams election night headquarters has already gotten this message. there was already a cheer that went up when someone came to the podium saying that eric adams, the brooklyn borough president, former new york police captain, a former senator is going to be the 110th mayor of new york city, only the second black mayor of new york city. the votes are still coming in. a little over 30% of the vote is in, and there's about a 50-point gap between adams. this is what was expected. new york is of course a very democratic city, but adams put together a very interesting coalition working class voters, union voters, voters of color, voters in the outer boroughs, he also ran not just on public safety. this is something he talked about a lot of his campaign. public safety is a prerequisite to prosperity, talking a lot also about that businesses are able to do businesses more easily cutting through the red tape. it seems like he did coming out
6:30 pm
on top. as i mentioned early on in the campaign, public safety was the center point of this race. eric adams as a former police captain himself talked often about how he was arrested as a teenager, he was beaten by the nypd, and he later joined the force to try to change it and reform it from within. while he's talked a lot about how policing is a tough job, he's also said we don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water. he's talked about wanting to bring back a controversial anticrime unit, he wants to reconstitute that and make it an antigun unit, make sure they have well trained officers to get illegal guns off the street. he's also talked about the need for a joint gun task force, kind of like the federal joint terrorism task force. he wants to see the federal, state, and local governments work together to try to stop the flow of guns. so across a wide range of topics eric adams clearly convinced voters in new york, and they sent him to the mayor's house. jake. >> athena jones in new york at
6:31 pm
the campaign headquarters of eric adams who cnn has projected will be the next mayor of new york, new york. a lot of grist for anderson and his panel to discuss. anderson. >> yeah, thanks very much. there are so many messages we are going to hear tonight for the democratic party moving forward. i'm wondering what you think what is the message of eric adams' victory in new york? >> i think that people want common sense responses to violence in the democratic party. that the defund the police slogan proved to be not a winner, even the people in minneapolis who are trying to reform that department run from that slogan. they say they want to expand public safety, not just not a winner, disastrous for democrats. >> exactly. my god mother lives in harlem. she's quite up in years. she's on the left side of everything, but she was dismayed by this idea that we're going to
6:32 pm
become antipolice. left side of literally every issue, but on that issue the democrats lost her. so i just think that we -- the only people talking about defund the police now are republicans weapon nici weaponizing the slogan. >> certainly for the democratic primary in new york, there were a lot of far more liberal, far more progressive democratic candidates running in this city. >> he not only presented himself as pro-police, no defund the police, but, you know, a law and order candidate, but pro business in new york. so he managed to win by saying, look, you can't put me in a box, and here's a guy from queens who was arrested when he was 15, beaten by cops, and became a cop, and now is saying and i spent some time with him last week for a piece of we're running. he said the key to new york is safety. this is what we have to provide. >> and the key is you have
6:33 pm
communities that are crushed between unlawful street violence and unlawful police violence. they want solutions to both. you've got to have slogans and candidates who can respond to both. he found a way to walk that line. every democrat in the country was watching that election in new york, and now you see across the country tonight there are mayoral races in buffalo and cleveland, cincinnati, all over the country, minneapolis, of course, in which this is the line of demarcation, and you know, the other thing, i think a lot of democrats sburban -- eri going to be a prototype for how a lot of democrats are going to approach this issue going into 2022. >> i think tonight is a triumph for reality based candidacies. we saw it in new york. adams confronted the reality of what was happening in new york.
6:34 pm
we see in virginia, youngkin confronted the reality of what was happening in schools, at least what voters were wanting to hear about. you have these candidacies that are apparently wildly successful tonight from people who are confronting real issues with real the platforms, and this is a triumph of platform based candidacies. it's going to sound old fashioned. if you're running for office and go out and listen to people and don't try to tell people stuff's not happening when they can see it with their own eyes, those kind of candidates were successful in virginia and new york. >> it's interesting, then senator biden ran for president not as -- former vice president and now president, biden ran not as -- he was never for defunding the police, and yet he is -- his poll numbers are down. he's more in the eric adams camp of the democratic party than farther left. >> i think biden's troubles are bigger than this particular issue, and i think that, you
6:35 pm
know, the democratic party, i mean, everybody that i'm talking to tonight, they're saying this is a big, big wake-up call. i think people took virginia for granted. we took california for granted and people got in there and saved gavin. and there was an intensity gap. you had youngkin saying, you know, your rights as a parent are under threat. that is going to move people, and then you had our side saying trump is bad and vaccine mandates are good. there's a mismatch on the intensity for that message. as you begin to think what are we going to do, you've got to be able to respond to what i think is dog whistling on education. i think all the crt stuff is trumped up dog whistling, but you've got to be able to respond to it. i also think that, listen, crime, inflation, and concerns about our kids, democrats have got to have better answers next year than this year. >> i don't know about this -- just on the reality base thing, there is also a straw man based element to this as well, and
6:36 pm
youngkin was skillful at creating straw man here. the republicans did a very good job of tagging democrats with it, and democrats did a less good job of pushing back on it because of sensitivities about the issue. remember, the last election took place right after the george floyd murder. >> and the real need for reform. >> but we should point out, homicide rates are up 30% across this country, and people in cities are very sensitive to that issue. >> the one thing about eric adams is that he understood new york, and he said, look, you know, we can't get the rich out of new york just because you might not like them because they're our tax base, right? and i'm not anti, you know, union necessarily, but i am pro business, and i understand crime. i understand people being afraid to walk in the streets, so he understood that the democratic constituency was not one-dimensional. >> we're going to take a quick
6:37 pm
break, eric adams now elected mayor of new york city. the race in virginia too close to call. more coverage right ahead. we'll be right back.
6:38 pm
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we have a key race alert for you in the garden state of new jersey. take a look at this number with 30% of the estimated vote in, incumbent democratic governor phil murphy is only 1,522 votes ahead of the republican challenger jack ciattarelli. murphy has 414,746 votes with 49..7% of the vote. ciattarelli 413,224 votes with 49.5% of the vote. that gives murphy only 2% of the
6:42 pm
lead. john king at the magic wall, we still have 70% of the votes to come in, but i don't think anybody saw this coming. >> nobody saw this coming, and to do this now after democrats are looking at virginia and they're behind in the governor's race, lieutenant governor's race, the attorney general race they're looking at that and thinking oh, my, is it that bad of a night? probably not. if you're in the murphy campaign headquarters, at early votes came in, why do i say probably not? that's a tie, right? 1,500 votes. look at where the red votes are, ocean county, 76% is countied. you come up here, monmouth county, 68% of the vote is counted. you move over here and this is gloucester in new jersey, gloucester is 73% of the vote counted. up here this other republican county, these are 93%, this one was in the -- 19% in morris
6:43 pm
county. where the republican vote is in these red counties you have a high percentage of the vote counted. now let's turn the tables. let's come over here to essex county, which is newark, the third largest of the counties, only 18% of the vote. phil murphy is getting 80% plus. this is a giant basket of votes. it's early. there's a lot of math to be done. hudson county, the third largest in the state. jersey city right here just across the river or through the tunnel, however you want to do it. 81% for phil murphy. you move up to bergen county, the suburban new york area, a lot of them commute back to new york. it's more competitive but only 5% of the vote in. you got 57% here last time when he won quite comfortably. come up here to passaic county. >> bring it back -- look at this. ciattarelli, 49.6% of the vote, phil murphy, 49.5% of the vote. 30% of the vote in, but ciattarelli has taken the lead. >> he has taken the lead in a race where this is not a great
6:44 pm
environment for democrats. if you're a republican in new jersey, you're saying, wow, look at that. we're going to count the votes and go to the very end, and we rule nothing out. that's why we do math and that's why we count votes. where do those votes come from. they're 80% here, you look where the red is. if you go to the traditional blue, i haven't hit trenton or mercy county. phil murphy, 53 if you round up, 64, so we watch that, right? if you pull back out and look, that's 2017. we come back to where we are now. a narrow lead for the republican right now, again, on a night where democrats are already nervous, very nervous, good reason to be nervous about virginia or more, you're going to look at this and think, oh, my. my guess is when we start to count more votes from 18% here and 19% here and 5% here, these are democratic strongholds. that's why we count votes. >> a democratic governor has not
6:45 pm
been reelected in the state of new jersey since the 1970s, both previous democratic governors did not win re-election. we'll see what happens. only 31% of the vote in, but it is a nail biter in new jersey. it is a nail biter in other parts of the country. stay with us as cnn's election night in america continues. ed. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture.
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during your stay at fine hotels & resorts properties, "someday" can be any day you want. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. i have a key race for you now in the garden state of new jersey. 33% of the vote. it is a neck in neck race. phil murphy has 465,452 votes. 49.7% of the vote. only 2,6 8 votes ahead of republican jack ciattarelli with
6:50 pm
4 462,764 votes. 33% of the vote in. anything could happen. quite a nail biter. we're following a number of other interesting races. an unusual mayor's race putting a social list against the incouple went she defeated in the primary. he is now running as a write-in candidate. look at the board. the write-in candidate has 10,243 votes at 65.4% of the vote, leading with 4,830 votes india walton, the democratic nominee, the socialist, 5,413 votes, 34.6% in the vote. that is write-in candidate leading. most of those write-in votes will be for the incumbent mayor byron brown. after losing the primary, he decided he was going to wage an
6:51 pm
aggressive write-in campaign hoping for the support of more moderate democrats and republicans who oppose walton's socialist views. so we're keeping an eye on that one. let's turn to minneapolis. voters are deciding to replace the police department with what's called a department of public safety. this is a reimaging of public safety in minneapolis. let's take a look at where that vote stands right now. should the police department be replaced with a public safety department? with 75% of the vote in, no is leading. 57,184 votes. that's 58.4% ahead of yes with 40,714 votes. 41
6:52 pm
41.6%. when it comes to the question of whether or not the police department should be replaced with a public safety department which has been, as i note, very vaguely described on the referendum. there are a lot of questions of what would happen, john king, were that referendum to pass. although, right now it is not on its way to passing. it looks like as of now it looks like no will take the lead. big picture, john, what are we seeing? what are the voters telling us tonight? you can have polling. you can have pundits making predictions. the vote rs get to decide. >> to the point you are making about minneapolis, eric adams in new york city, 81% of the vote now. the democrats at risk of losing three constitutional offices statewide in virginia for the first time since 2009. that would tell you that the conversation tomorrow will be that the liberal wing of the party saying defund the police, there will be a conversation
6:53 pm
about that among democrats. is that fair? we're not sure. twitter firing up right now at the very suggestion. but eric adams winning, if that minneapolis vote holds up, if this vote holds up, there will be a lot of conversations tomorrow about where might we be off disconnected from the voters. one of the things i always say about the map is it's complicated, right? but if voters in different places are sending a similar message or at least a similarly themed message, that's a conversation you have to have. you were talking about this one here. >> very nice. >> let's move to the east. moments ago you were saying the republican was narrowly ahead. now the democrat is back ahead in this race. but if you are phil murphy in what you believe to be blue new jersey, republicans win in new jersey infrequently, that's still too close to comfort. the question is we're over a third of the vote counted. so what's happening?
6:54 pm
when mr. ciattarelli pulled ahead early, i said everybody calm down. if you look at the republican county, you are seeing a highers vote percentage in. 46% more significantly. come up to newark. it is the largest county in the state, we're still only at 5%. in the blue areas of the state, we have a lot of votes to count. but i will say this, if you look down here in this part of the state, you are looking for what's changing. we're 19 months into this pandemic. we have a democratic president whose approval rating is now underwater. people are tired about the pandemic. they're looking at washington. you are looking is there anything on the map changes. if you are new jersey, you want to watch this. this is atlantic city. big tourism. the republican is ahead. let me move over here. gloucester in new jersey.
6:55 pm
the reason i highlight those, that one is close. that county was close. but if you go back in time, these are blue, right? so you are just looking at the map. but is this off year election a message election? in virginia it appears, we're not there yet but more than likely yes. what are the voters in new york city and minneapolis having about the conversation about law enforcement and police? we're not here yet in new jersey. again, now we're back -- are we back? let me make sure i reset. >> look, ciattarelli back ahead. >> that's what makes election night so interesting. i say fun sometimes and i get in trouble because if you have a side in this it is not fun. when you see the maps up here. but just flipped to republican. that's why he's leading because he got a big chunk of votes just came in in bergon county.
6:56 pm
a very interesting conversation about new jersey. that is not its history. if you go back four years ago, it was 57-42. but, again, is this a message election? yes, every election is a message election. how big is the less son? that's why we count. >> yeah. when it is too close to call in new jersey and we have not yet projected virginia, we're waiting for buffalo and boston and minneapolis. stay with us. the voters are having their say. election night in america continues. we'll be right back.
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we have key race alerts for you right now. let's take a look at the board. in the garden state of new jersey. republican jack ciattarelli has 49.9% of the vote to the 49.3%
7:01 pm
that phil murphy has. jack ciattarelli is 6,500 votes ahead with 38% of the vote in. it is a nail biter in new jersey. jack ciattarelli, the republican up 49.9% to 49.3%. in the commonwealth of virginia, republican glen yn youngkin wit 52.8% over testimony terry mcauliffe. right now glenn youngkin with 83% of the vote counted is up by more than 169,000 votes. it is quite, quite a night for republicans as of right now. let's go to mj lee at the headquarters in new jersey. democrat incumbent governor phil murphy who right now in vote count is trailing. mj, what is the mood there? >> reporter: well, jake, i was just touching base with a mphil
7:02 pm
murphy about what the mood is. they said, look, we are waiting for the votes to come in. when they see numbers come in from ocean county, for example, they understand those are numbers that actually skew the overall production and the returns on how things look at the moment. we know that the governor is with his family right now, with his wife and his children nearby this election event, and we know that once the race is called, the plan is for him to head over here. i have to say, jake, even though as we talked about earlier in the night the governor and his advisers have said all along this is going to be a test and a grade from the people of new jersey on how he did in his first term. it is difficult to completely separate out everything that has been going on in washington. we can report that president biden during his foreign trip actually called governor murphy yesterday. we don't know exactly what they
7:03 pm
talked about, but you can certainly expect that the president probably wished him luck. it is just a reminder how closely the white house and the president in watching these elections. and if any of these races end up being incredibly close and if any of the democratic candidates end up losing by very close margins, there will be folks wondering could last-minute good news from washington, if biden had been able to get some kind of big deal before election night, could that have made all the difference? jake? >> all right. mj lee at murphy headquarters where i imagine they are not particularly comfortable right now. let's go to the republican jack ciattarelli headquarters. and, evan, surprisingly strong showing by jack ciattarelli. right now he is up with 38% of the vote in. 58.2% to murphy's 49%. that's with 38% of the vote
7:04 pm
counted. so much more to go, but, still, that is a strong showing so far. >> reporter: that's right, jake. you know, it is always fascinating on these election nights to hear both sides spin the same number. you heard mj talking about the democrats saying, hey, hold on. there is a lot of votes to come in yet. here at ciattarelli headquarters, reporters just heard from their lieutenant governor debby allen and she said the same thing but with a different tone. she said, hang on. there is a lot of voting to happen yet. there is a lot of vote to come in yet and we feel pretty good about some of these down ballot numbers. she said, the numbers will go up. the numbers will go down, but we feel like we may be able to pull something off tonight. they told people here to buckle in and prepare for a long night of results. jake? >> evan, thanks so much. in bridgewater, new jersey, let's go to talk to john here at the magic wall.
7:05 pm
john, jack ciattarelli up. 12,000, almost 13,000 votes ahead. tell us what else we're waiting for here because this is a very strong showing. >> so in an essence, ways to go yet, both campaigns are telling the truth in the sense that republicans are looking at this map saying, hey, we're doing better than the republicans did four years ago. they are looking at places like this. this is hudson county, jersey city. only at 40% of the vote. look at the margins. if that stays up, that's more for the democrats. essex county, which is newark. again, less than 20% of the vote in. murphy up. so just think, okay, if you multiply somewhere, stay in that margin and more votes come in and the democrats have a big lead like that, more votes coming nor the democrats. the murphy campaign said, let's wait. let's cut more votes. you are looking up here, the largest county in the state. 13% of the vote in.
7:06 pm
and you are in the lead right now in a county that four years ago went for the incumbent governor at almost 57%. 57% if you round it up. again, we're only at 13% of the vote. so we have to watch. but if you are the republicans, this is the most populus county in the state. at the moment, you are leading. if you can hold that lead, you run up more votes. we're talking about what is the message of these off year elec elections. if you are republicaning in the republican campaign, the republican candidate won this county four years ago. that's what you had to do. he's winning there. the challenge for the republicans is most of the vote is in for these counties. down here, atlanta county, which is atlanta city that the republican is ahead is a big deal. this was a county that went for the democrats four years ago by 13 point margin, just shy of a 15 point margin. at the moment, the republican is getting 57%. again, it is only a quarter of the vote, so we need to be careful as to what happened. the same as you move across here
7:07 pm
into gloucester county. 54%. if you go back four years ago, phil murphy won this county with 55% of the vote. so you do see evidence that the republican candidate has the potential to flip some counties that went blue in the last election. he would need that to change the map. remember, the population center is up here. and, again, let's check again here. we talked about virginia, and margins matter. in camden county, the governor is getting the eighth largest county in the state, getting just shy of 50% of the vote. you go back. he's down a little bit. down a little bit. so you are looking at the ingredients. in the murphy campaign, you didn't expect this to be as big a blow-out as it was four years ago. but especially if we can look at all of this, right? trenton again only at 28%. relatively competitive if you look at it there.
7:08 pm
this is the one we keep an eye on right there. if this stays red, ciattarelli has a chance to stay in play. red it is. new jersey reminding us again we live in volatile times. a lot of vote to count. >> right. there have been republican governors and republican senators from new jersey. how much did joe biden win new jersey by? do you have that there? >> yes, we do. 2020. we go there. we have to tap president to get a governor. >> by 16 points, okay. >> so it is a more democratic leaning state than for instance the common wealth of virginia is where biden won that by 10 percentage points but not unfathombly so. >> i'm circling here the areas so you can see the blue. >> right. >> i circled that just so when we come back here and look at 2021 you see there is some red in there. >> there is four counties in red. and the last governor's race that was red. again, part of what we're trying to factor in here is trump is not on the ballot. so you do not have the toxic
7:09 pm
trump effect in the suburbs that we saw in the 2018 suburbs, that we saw in the 2020 presidential election. that is gone. so the question is what is the difference this time? so now we watch this. the circles are here because joe biden ran it up in those areas in new jersey just a year ago and phil murphy is now having some issues in those areas. the republican ahead. a lot more votes out in the democratic areas, but interesting to say the least. >> indeed. much more than i think a lot of democrats had been anticipating. we can make a major protection on the ballot initiative determining the future of the police force in minneapolis. cnn projects the ballot initiative in terps of changing the police force is going to fail. minneapolis voters deciding they do not want to replace the police department with a department of public safety. this is a significant test of policing reform after the murder of george floyd. again, cnn is projecting that
7:10 pm
the ballot measure that would have reimagined policing in minneapolis is going to fail. let's go to omar who is in minneapolis. omar, supporters of this initiative had thought that they were going to have the votes today. >> reporter: they really did. >> omar, i'm sorry. omar, start again, if you would. the graphics decided to go like on their own. so the people who supported this -- >> it's all good. i thought you were just bolstering my report. >> you are a superhero to many americans, so we wanted just to bring that out. you should demand that before every hit. but back on track here. >> reporter: exactly. >> the supporters of this initiative thought they might have the votes, thought they
7:11 pm
were going to be reimagine the police force that the citizens of minneapolis would want the troubled minneapolis police force to be replaced by public safety. but the voters came forward and said, nope, we don't want that overall. >> reporter: that's right, jake. both sides couldn't figure out what the other side was doing and what their logic was. i was interviewing people on both sides of this in the days leading up to this and the people on the no side, the votes that actually went out here were concerned that there were no specifics as part of this ballot question. and, so, while there are ideas out there of, oh, this could include mental health support or violence prevention services, that was not explicitly laid out. so essentially it was asking voters to put their faith in whoever is elected as part of this election to fill this public safety department with some of those purposes. and then those on the yes side were saying, well, look, we have put our faith in the mayor for so long to try and fix the
7:12 pm
police department and it hasn't happened. we put our faith in the police department to fix the police department and it hasn't happened. we felt this was now time for them to force the hand, so to speak. and you remember, they got more than 20,000 petition votes on this, so they really tried to bring this from the ground up. but as you just mentioned, about a year and a half after the murder of george floyd in the first electoral test since his murder, that ballot question fails. >> all right. omar jiménez, thank you so much. appreciate it. let's talk about this with our panel because whether it is the policing reform or the socialist candidate for mayor of buffalo trailing, at least as of right now to the write-in candidate, the incumbent mayor, the very first in new jersey. the not so close race in virginia, we are seeing something going on here, a trend that seems clearly -- a message clearly at the democratic party.
7:13 pm
>> absolutely. and there are democrats who are from areas that are not liberal, that are not progressive, that are in washington we call them front liners, democrats who are in swing districts looking ahead to one year from now who i'm texting with some of them are very concerned about what this means because they have been saying for quite some time that this, this conversation, defund the police and so many other issues that are very much to the left of the party because that is where the party has a lot of amplification, that's not where their districts are. that's not where a lot of the country is. and to them, this is proof of that. and it's hard not to see proof of that with everything that you just described, with the vote in minnesota, with what's going on just in new york city with an african-american guy who is a law and order now mayor-elect.
7:14 pm
>> but he's also a friend of the police departments as well. >> that's true. but went nowhere near defund the police. >> well, very few actual democrats who have run for office have gone to defund police. >> that's such a good point. >> it's reform of the police. you know, the democrats i have been talking to have been worried all night, even with mcauliffe victory, they have been worried about what is the message from democrats? what are the deliverables? what are the ways in which democrats can present themselves as problem solvers for all of the anxieties that people have at this point, whether it's the price of gas, whether it's the price of groceries at the pigly w wiggly. that is what people are living now. if you look at some of these races, the mcauliffe race, he was speaking directly to those issues enough for voters.
7:15 pm
you know the result here with youngkin at least now ahead and we'll see where that race ends up. >> yeah. we're learning two things. we're learning the pendulum of american politics swinging as it does, right? and we're seeing that in virginia, perhaps new jersey. but we're learning something i think we have learned over the last couple of years. now you saw the measure move down in minnesota. the write-in candidate is ahead of the socialist candidate in buffalo. we'll see how that goes. just back up earlier to the primary season when terry mcauliffe emerged passed more progressive candidates as the winner of the primary, when eric adams defeated those progressives in the primary. now rewind to 2020 when joe biden defeated the progressives. we keep learning from democrats over and over again that as a party overall they're more aligned with a more scenterist
7:16 pm
approach. you had omar and keith ellison on one side. you had amy klobuchar and tina smith with the majority side here, with the winning side. i think democrats are saying, hey, we want to be a bit more in the middle here. to your point voters are saying so there can be a bigger appeal to the issues. >> can i just say on that point, what about the buffalo mayor's race? where are chuck schumer when it came to the socialist candidate? >> party loyalty. she won the democratic nomination. >> we see the enduring power of the culture wars. it is essentially white identity politics that works for republicans. we saw it in 2016 and we're seeing it in some of these races now, particularly in the mcauliffe race with the crt
7:17 pm
issue and education. >> all right. well, i'll come right back to you as soon as we come back. we have to squeeze in a quick race. we still don't know who is going to win the new jersey governor's race. many, many more races to cover. we're going to squeeze in a quick break. stay with us. what is it? so you can get to know your new granddaughter. we're so glad you're here. ♪ come on over! oh honey... she just needs some time. how was school? you ought to be very proud. i'm proud of you. here's another picture of your mommy. she smiled so hard, her front tooth popped out. goodnight grandma. did you call me grandma? ♪ in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse
7:18 pm
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7:19 pm
exclusive ticket access to unmissable events. that's the real music to your ears. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. let's listen to the candidate in virginia terry mcauliffe giving remarks to his supporters. >> every single virginians deserves to have -- she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity. it has been a great campaign. i started this campaign 328 days ago. i have done an average of 7 to 10 events a day for the last 328 days. and it was great to be out here. and we opened -- january 6th was
7:20 pm
led by the president to -- campaign down in richmond with my great co-chairs to talk about how we needed to rebuild all of our schools here in the commonwealth of virginia and raise teacher pay and get every child access to a pre-k education and to give everybody access to broadband here in the commonwealth of virginia. and we have continued to take that fight throughout this common wealth. but first of all, i want to thank my family. i want to start by thanking -- i want to thank my wife dorothy. [ applause ] >> dorothy! dorothy! dorothy! >> as you know, she has within a champion, a true policy expert. through her efforts 13 million more meals served to needy
7:21 pm
children here in the commonwealth. and i wanted to thank my family. you know, you don't get to pick your parents, as you know. you are born into the family, and they have survived campaign after campaign. and i want to thank dory with her fiance nick. jack mcauliffe who is here with his fiance shannon tonight. sally mcauliffe. [ applause ] >> and peter mcauliffe. [ applause ] >> so let's count all these votes. but let me thank each and every one of you over the course of
7:22 pm
the last 11 months for the doors you have knocked down, the phone calls you made. just last weekend 450,000 doors knocked don. two million during the course of this campaign. i want to thank you. the mcauliffe family loves each and every one of you. thank you. and i want to thank my campaign staff. it was the greatest campaign staff ever assembled and give them a great round of applause. but, folks, as i said long ago, this is a different state. when raffle and e were elected eight years ago, we made our state open and welcoming. but the fight continues. we have to protect women's right to choose here in the commonwealth of virginia. we got to make sure everybody gets quality affordable health care here in the commonwealth of virginia. everybody is entitled to a world class education here in the commonwealth of virginia, and we are going to continue that fight
7:23 pm
tonight and every day going forward. so i just want to thank all of you for what you have meant to us. i look around this room and i see so many friends we have worked with for so many years. this is a different state. we are the greatest state in the united states of america. it is because of you. thank you. god bless you. and let's go out in form. thank you. >> not giving a concession speech at this point, but saying keep counting the votes because every vote counts. what do you think of that? >> well, look, there he is, terry mcauliffe. he's the energizer bunny, but it looks like this may be the end of his career. i think that he was trying to run against donald trump and this guy was able to run as a champion for parents. you got a lot of parents who just spent a year home schooling
7:24 pm
their kids and were forced to do so. to tell those people, look, we don't care what you think about education, that is a big insult. i think you will see that a bunch of moms said, we don't like that attitude and they rose up. i think you will see republicans try to demagogue this issue around parental rights going forward. i think you have a play book here. but terry mcauliffe, i think he would have been a great governor. i hope he gets a chance to be a governor, but i don't think he ran a great campaign. >> they only have one-term governors in virginia. i was struck the other day. kamala harris came in to campaign for him. she said the question in this campaign is whether we will move forward and whether we will move back. she is standing next to a guy who was governor some time back. it seemed like a discordant message. but i want to make a point about the messages and how they're going to be read of this election. david chalian talked earlier about 53% of the voters saying
7:25 pm
that the democratic party is too liberal and youngkin winning 75% of that vote. they each got equal numbers of votes or percentage of the votes. republicans and democrats voted almost equal numbers. but independents broke nine points in favor of youngkin. and that proved to be devastating. just remember that joe biden i think won independents said by 18 points ten years ago. so that is a real concern. one of the questions i have is if you are a democrat on capitol hill and you are in a swing district in suburban areas, are you rethinking tonight your vote on this reconciliation. are you thinking maybe the best you should do. if i were sitting in the white house of this democratic
7:26 pm
council, i would be worried about it. i know when things go badly, people begin to think of themselves. >> yeah. when he was elected, he promised things would be normal again and we'd go back to that. and that's not what's happened. and those democrats that you are talking about are now probably sitting and thinking, well, we have to be clearer and crisper about what we want to do and what we're achieving because they haven't done that. and that hurt terry mcauliffe. but maybe they are too liberal. maybe some of the message is slow down. slow down. we don't want to do it all at once. i think if you are one of those moderates, those front line moderates who have a problem, you ever sitting there thinking tonight, why didn't we pass that infrastructure bill, get that out of the way and let these voters know that the democrats can have a governing majority.
7:27 pm
>> just point out the numbers there in new jersey, 47.5%. for ciattarelli, the republican challenger, 51.7 p%. >> yeah. this isn't going to make democrats feel better either. >> can i pick up something on the education issue? i think this is -- what youngkin did in virginia was give republicans a blueprint. apparently it was an issue also in new jersey. it's an issue in communities all across the country. he's giving the republican party a blueprint on how to talk to these voters again and a reminder about how we used to run campaigns based on issues that people care about, actual platforms. and it seems old-fashioned, but you go out, listen to people, you find out what they have to say and you construct a platform around that. we sat here last year covering the presidential campaign in which the presidential party didn't write a platform. it was whatever donald trump
7:28 pm
wr woke up that day and was thinking about. schools and crime and quality of life are the core of that platform, and that's how this party will get passed it. >> however shaken people are about virginia, this would be an earthquake if these numbers held up in new jersey. it tends to break away. but, remember, phil murphy won by 16 points four years ago. so this is -- if a message is being sent, it is a pretty loud one. i do think it will create disconsternation among democrats who are looking for a year from now and seeing their eyes flash in front of their eyes. >> i think lori's point about whether people think america is on the rails or off the rails, are we having a normal life right now? that's exactly what biden promised, boring, return to normalcy. everything is going to go back
7:29 pm
the way you lukike it. for the last year, it's been everything but. >> to be fair, that's covid. >> he didn't shut down the virus. we have not seen this country rebound the way he promised. you can say i it's not all his fault. >> 70% wrong track number. people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. it is hard for the party in power to win elections when that's the case. but democrats have a rlot of wok to do. they're fighting each other. >> to your point, i think biden wrote in on two horses. and one horse was i'm going to calm things down. i'm going to restore kindness. i'm going to restore civility. the other horse that beat trump in the first place was the system is broken and we need to do something dramatic to fix it. he's been trying to maintain his
7:30 pm
balance. what you are seeing at this point is neither side of the party is happy. the progressives feel like we're not getting our needs met. frankly, there is a lot of issues. we were talking about voting and police reform that we aren't dealing with anymore. so this party has got to get around the table and figure out that we are either going to hang together or hang separately in the mid-term elections. but i think that biden has somehow managed to disappoint both wings of the party. i think he has time to fix it. but it's not only that he had the people who wanted the kindness. he also wanted people with change. >> to scott's point and gloria noted this, i think if you had said we were going to have a delta variant, i think if you had said, there were going to be large groups of vaccine resisters in this country who wouldn't get vaccinated and then that would be politicized to the degree that it was, you'd know that this wasn't going to be easy. and he's confronted that and
7:31 pm
some other things that perhaps he couldn't anticipate and some that perhaps he could. but there is a sense of unsettlement that there are a lot of things that are out of control. and, you know, this, by the way, is one of the reasons why it is even more important than ever for him to pass these bills quickly to show a measure of control and progress because more than anything what he promised was confidence. >> how much of this is a message just to the democratic party that it is too far left? i mean, that if you are the squad or if you are someone who has been calling for defund police or socialism or democratic socialism -- >> i wonder if terry had been able to stick on a message of economic progress, you know, family leave and minimum wage and that kind of stuff, then maybe we wouldn't be making this
7:32 pm
argument. in other words, there was an economic message from the democrats that was available. it was necessary given the rising cost. but what happened is we pulled out of our own federal bill, the family leave stuff. you are undermining the economic message for terry mcauliffe and leave him with trump is bad and vaccine mandates are good. i don't know if there is an up or date vote on progressive politics. >> he leaned in to the school issue. i was stunned. when he handed youngkin the issue of the campaign, i don't think parents should be involved in the schools and literally on the eve of the election he's running around with the head of the union that kept the schools closed, it is not just a curriculum issue. the schools were closed. parents were pissed. they knew they should have been open. and mcauliffe not only handed it to youngkin on a tee, he flicked everyone off and said, i'm going to run on it harder. >> youngkin did not start out as an education candidate. he became an education
7:33 pm
candidate. >> he listened. he listened. >> because there were mistakes that were made and he was talking to voters out there who home schooled their kids for 18 months. >> isn't that what every politician does or they're supposed to do. >> i would also argue that a candidate should come to a race with a belief beforehand, not a belief that you sort of just get on the road. but you refine it. you know, you refine it. and terry mcauliffe handed this to him. >> yes. >> but even though youngkin may have run a good campaign, the problem is with the democrats now because they keep getting in their own way. they can't prove to the country that they can govern. and we know we have majorities. we understood all that. this is not a communications problem. this is a problem of telling people what you believe and doing it. >> let's go back to jake in d.c. >> thanks, anderson. we're sitting here at the magic wall, me and my friend john
7:34 pm
king. and the vote keeps coming in. and ciattarelli keeps expanding his lead over the republican democratic governor. no governor has been re-elected in the state of new jersey since the 1970s. we don't know what's going to happen. there is still a lot of outstanding vote. look at this. the democrat jack ciattarelli, 62,000 votes ahead of phil murphy. 51.7% to 47.5%. where are the votes that we're waiting for? there is still 48% of the vote coming in. >> about half of the vote still to count. you say, okay, we're a blue state that better be our vote, especially down here. i will show you in a minute. there is a lot more red on the map down here than there was four years ago. significantly right in the northeastern county which is suburban new york essentially. it is the number one county by population. 10% of the state population. and jack ciattarelli is leading in a more moderate --
7:35 pm
traditionally more moderate sub suburban. but if you rewind the tape 15 or 20 years, this is a competitive area. it has not been the case in the suburbs. it started before trump. it accelerated under trump. this again, 35% of the vote, two-thirds, so we have to wait. but if this state is red, that is again part of what could be a big message of this night. you mentioned 63,000 votes. if you are phil murphy, you are saying are there enough votes? the answer is yes, but you should start to see them. hudson county here, nearly 60% of the vote counted. you see 40,000 votes right there. so he has to continue -- phil murphy has to continue to keep that margin. >> it won't be enough. >> that's not enough. here is where the biggest outstanding because you are only at 20% of the vote shy of that
7:36 pm
18% in the third largest county. you are seeing 9% of the statewide population. there is a lot of hope in the murphy campaign right now. >> only 18% of the vote in. >> so you are counting on that there. then you start moving down here. you are at half of the vote in union county. again, you are winning. let's look at a comparison. what we have seen throughout the night. republicans overperforming. democrats underperforming. he was the candidate four years ago. phil murphy 65%. you think, wow, that's great. 30 points four years ago. you come back here now, it is not quite as big. the margins matter. when you move down if we go south in new jersey, then it gets more consequential. this is middle sex county, the se second largest. 70% of the vote is in. this one he's running about even to last time, right? a big population center for democrats. he's running about even.
7:37 pm
elsewhere as we keep moving down, just do it right here and you just draw this part of the state. you look here. that's where we are right here in 2021. go back to the map four years ago, you see all that blue, right? so in a race he won with 56% of the vote. four years ago we come up now and jack ciattarelli the republican is at 52% of the vote because he is flipping the counties down here. he is running -- let's look at the republican performance, right? jack ciattarelli 62%, so the number could change. go back four years ago, he's running ten percentage points higher. republicans are overperforming in republican areas, which is what democratic president off year election trying to send a message to joe biden and the democratic party. that's what you might expect to happen as you come up there. but this would be a flip. if you are in the murphy campaign, this is your biggest worry right now because that tells you something as you pull it back out to check still 61,000 votes, 54%.
7:38 pm
enough democrat votes out there now still. >> go back out to burr gone county. if ciattarelli continues this path, he will have flipped the most populus county in the state of new jersey. democrat josh represents some of that district. he's been out there sounding the alarm that he thinks the house democrats have been running to the left too much. he does not want a lot of the other things the democrats are talking about. this must terrify him tonight. >> it must. well, it must. you could argue this might increase his leverage tonight in the sense that he wants to come back to washington and say shrink it. slow down. don't be too big. don't be so bold. you are making a critical point about the switch in places again. the democrats for the last 25 years have been gaining in the suburbs. in the trump years it went on steroids. this being red tonight, go back to the 2017 election.
7:39 pm
phil murphy won this county with 57% of the vote. four years ago it was not a 50/50 that phil murphy just eked out. so we could not be surprised it is competitive in a favorable year for the democrats. and the presidential election pop it up right here. again, this was a non-starter. that's a 17 points, 16 points, 16 points or more for trump versus biden. but that was one year ago. that was one year ago, right? 58% for the democratic president one year ago. then you come back here and you are looking at 45% for the democratic candidate one year later. the incumbent governor who thinks he had a pretty good record on covid to run on, that's -- again, we have to count the rest of the votes. this could change. maps change. that's the one thing we learn in doing all this. look at the red, right? just focus. this is 202 1. >> and let's look at -- do you have the underperformance model? we do not for this.
7:40 pm
okay. >> but i can show it to you. >> state by state. it is basically underperforming. >> look at where ciattarelli is here. 61%. right? so you are looking at there. 94%. this is almost done. you are looking at 11,000 votes right there. you think that doesn't matter. but look at that number, right? 26,000 there. >> yeah. >> republicans are coming out, right? a couple thousands votes here, a couple thousand votes there. republican turnout is good. mercer county 54%. it's only half of the vote. so, again, this could change. >> it's not over for phil murphy, but it is a lot tighter than anyone thought it would be. >> ten points higher. ten points higher in that county four years ago. >> i'm guessing a lot of the same issues as in virginia in terms of education, in terms of taxes, in terms of what they want their leaders to be focussed on. let's go back to virginia if we can. i want to check in because we have gotten some more votes coming in. okay. so now we have 89% of the vote
7:41 pm
in in virginia. glenn youngkin, the lead he has has shrunk a bit. it was about 200,000. now it is about 111,000. but still glenn youngkin the republican 51.6% of the vote. the former governor 47.7%. so there is 11% of the vote is outstanding to count. i don't see it. but tell me where those outstanding votes are. i don't see potentially enough to make up 111,951. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. i don't see it in the sense especially let's take the mcauliffe campaign and what it is saying. terry mcauliffe did not say this in his speech where he thanked his supporters and his campaign. he didn't say anything about who wins and who loses. he did not concede. but their campaign is saying what about fairfax. okay. we're at 95%. we're at 95%. he's getting 60% of the vote there, which is a strong performance in fairfax.
7:42 pm
but let's say another 20,000, 15,000 come in. he's getting 64% right now. if 25,000 more votes came in and he won 100% of them, it is not enough. >> no. >> but they say look at richmond. now up to 95%. so, again, he's winning by a lopsided margin here. if several thousand more votes come in, you are talking five, maybe six thousand votes at the high end. if terry won 100% of them, it still doesn't get you 100,000 of them. so you see 99% here. we're done. but you get some of these. no, more are up. there is 82%. so some of these smaller counties, they're still in the 80s. that's 95. they filled in a lot more. >> let's go to outside virginia beach suburbs in the southeast corner of the state.
7:43 pm
>> he's kept them red. so let's see the percentages. 71% here. that's a lopsided margin. it is hard to make that up. you are at 91%. >> look at that. and just to remind people, just to remind people, so in -- so last year these were blue for biden. >> they were overwhelmingly blue. this is last year. see all the blue down here. that is one year ago. >> one year ago in the presidential race. >> and, again, the margins, you know, they're not huge, but 52, you know, 52. >> a win is a win. >> 58. >> a win is a win there. that's where we were one here ago. >> four years ago when northam won, all blue. >> all blue. from the area. they were more competitive. 52. but this is what youngkin had to do, previously competitive areas that wandered away from the republicans. this is else personally in the trump years. in the trump years they have gone away from the democrats. what did youngkin have to do?
7:44 pm
he had to take places that were blue and turn them red and he's done it here. you want to take a look at this. watch this map. okay. so let's look at places that he bonn in 2017. >> bang. >> look at the flips. >> i mean, it's just -- >> you are just seeing areas where -- you are seeing areas where the democrat is underperforming. and you come back. let's take this off and come back again to show. this is the live vote right now. mcauliffe underperforms biden almost everywhere, right? you didn't see anything turn up, right? youngkin overperforms trump. you come through this. but you see the democrat. if you can look numbers here, washington d.c. is here, fairfax, clark county, you move up. look at the margin, right? in the republican areas, so the republicans going to win this
7:45 pm
county. >> sure. >> but not by 70/30. >> and do the raw math, right? the republicans need the raw map here to offset the bigger counties here. so you are looking there. just shy of 10,000 votes. >> and what was this? >> you go back four years ago and you are looking at 6,000 votes versus 9,000 votes. that's 3,000 votes. it matters. this is 2017. g loses by 23,000 and change. you come back to this year. yes, glenn youngkin loses but by 16,000. >> this is obvious to anybody who had set foot in virginia in the last month, a lot more enthusiasm for glenn youngkin i don't think his supporters than there was for terry mcauliffe among his supporters. >> and you don't have to win everywhere. it is about margins. it is about running it up. >> and what he did definitely is we talked about earlier is he
7:46 pm
kept this very trumpy part of the state, of the commonwealth while also winning over enough or at least not turning off enough people in northern virginia. let's go back to new jersey for a second. >> 65,000 votes. >> that's the republican jack ciattarelli still ahead. where are we on hudson county? >> so let's walk-through. this is essex first. that's the biggest county, the relatively small percentage of the vote in. you are looking at that right there. you move over to hudson county getting close to 60%. this is the fourth largest county in the state. big margin for murphy. so the potential to run up more votes there. again, you move up to the north. stuck at 35%. here's the key. so we're at 35% in the biggest county, which would be a major flip if it stays red. when we get to 55, does this stay red? if that's the case, then you start going what we're doing in virginia.
7:47 pm
okay. if phil murphy is going to lose this, where could he make that up? that gets interesting. you are seeing down here again change. right? elections. what's new? what's changed? what's the message? that's 2017. phil murphy won in a walk 15 points. come here. you are seeing more red on the map. it is not just in areas where you say, oh, they have been republican before. up in the suburbs as well. republicans aren't running stronger everywhere. the question here is is it enough. 63,000 votes at 55%. >> and when you talk about the theme of these two, virginia and new jersey, change. that's the theme. change. people want change. >> here is what you are looking at right now. >> yeah. >> two of the states, one of the bluest states in america, this is a relatively new blue state but republicans have not won statewide since 2009. that's 11 years they haven't won statewide. so you have had democratic governors. you had democratic senators.
7:48 pm
you had presidential wins by obama and by biden and by hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> and by hillary clinton. so when you see this red on the map, that is the message. that is a shot across the bow to the democratic party. they're not done yet. we need to be careful about that. we haven't called this yet, although the numbers here, we're at 91%. we knew it was going to tighten up. but, again, fairfax, what's left, there is not enough. so you check over here. much smaller. alexandria, much msmaller percent. arlington at 95%. so you are looking at the places that you know are the deepest blue where the democrats are going to get 60%, 70% or more they're in. we come down here. another example about margin. youngkin winning chester county. margins matter. so winning in the suburbs in the central part of the state more
7:49 pm
conservative. traditionally the parties that ran under trump, youngkin is losing. you say, oh, that's terrible. you see that margin right there. but then you go back in time and a little bit more. >> and one of the things that's interesting while we talk about all of this, the exit polls indicated the economy was one of the most important issues. and terry mcauliffe thought he was a pro jobs governor when he was governor before, but he ran in a way, a democrat was saying to me earlier, terry mcauliffe ran as an incumbent, right? and glenn youngkin ran as an agent of change. >> this is a change year. >> right? in terms of economics being the most important issue, inflation, gas prices, home heating prices, the economy is not back where people wanted it to be because of the delta variant and covid, et cetera. not to mention then the local issues that have to do with
7:50 pm
education. glenn youngkin ran a deft, agile campaign where he increased the numbers, did not alienate it and convinced people in the southeastern part of the state that they should try with him. >> this will be heavily studied in the sense that how did a guy for the whole campaign kept trump out here. >> he was not that rude about it. >> you are right, which was key, actually. he sent the message, i don't want you hear. he did it by saying i will do it all by myself. trump repeatedly endorsed him. if you looked at the trump messages, yes, he complained about his big lie, voter fraud here and there. but what he said was this time, he said flood the system. flood the system. flood the system in virginia. does trump deserve credit for this? people will debate it forever. but youngkin did not get a with aer with trump, which kept, is a
7:51 pm
better way to put it, a unified republican group. you pick up independents, and so, if you are looking at the map right now, having not called it yet for virginia, as it's looking more and more as the votes come in. there's room for democratic comeback, but new jersey as you get up to 58%, now no matter how it ends up, it is sending a message, does it stay red? >> it's fas ncinating. we have the update on the mayor's race in boston. michelle wu is going to be the first woman and woman of color to ever lead boston. mayor elect wu spoke moments ago. take a listen. >> today at the polls and over the last year, and over generations in this city, boston
7:52 pm
has come together to reshape what is possible. we are the city of the first public school in the country. the first public park. the first subway tunnel in the country. we are the city of revolution. civil rights. marriage equality. boston has always been that city that punches above our weight, where our activism and community and joy radiates out in to progress across the country. and today, together, we are march ening in to boston's prom. >> that is mayor elect michelle wu of boston, historic victory for her. let's talk about it with our panel. it was going to be a historic victory no matter which candidate won. there you go, mayor elect wu. >> it is really remarkable.
7:53 pm
you were talking about bergen county where i'm from, maybe talk to the boston guy also. the notion of an asian american woman as the mayor of boston and one of the reasons why maybe it's not that unbelievable in 2021 is because of how much that city has changed. so much like other cities around t the country in that it's minority majority. whites in boston are now the minority and vice versa, she is a interesting candidate as well. she is somebody who has been kind of well known in democratic politics but never, shfs up against of course, another democrat. but she had more of the middle of the road, if you will campaign and more traditional
7:54 pm
establishment campaign. i think it's possible, maybe it's a less extreme version of this, but it's possible to put this in the bucket tonight of examples of democrats winning who are more like that and less on the progressive side. even though she'd consider herself a progressive, but not in the wayer ot-- in the way others would. >> brie ron brown, who was the write-in candidate and the incumbent mayor. he lost the primary to the democratic challenger and democratic socialist, he has declared himself the winner in that race. he was running against her as someone who was an extreme candidate. and would sort of ruin the progressing that many folks have seen in buffalo. so that is an interesting detail here. he passed out stamps with his name on it so people could just go to the polls and write in his
7:55 pm
candidacy with a stamp, it looks like he is going to remain the incumbent mayor of buffalo. >> think of, this he will remain the buffalo mayor. and the more conservative candidate in boston. and the replacing of the public safety department goes down. we are learning a lot about where voters are, in the democratic party right now and how democrats are going to in washington start positioning themselves around this. we have spent the last several months in washington observing a battle between moderates and progressives up on capitol hill. voters, i think, are making clear, again, not just tonight, which they are doing that. but in this year's primary season, in the presidential primary of where they believe the democratic party should be positioned.
7:56 pm
and you know, add in to that, the the panic that will ensue in the democratic party because of how well the republicans are doing in the two key big gubernatorial progress. and the tradition of the democratic party doing the firing squad, joe biden, if he thought he had headaches before he went overseas, he is coming home to dealing with a massive apt of political headaches inside his own camp. >> can i say something youngkin, we have not called youngkin yet. s is -- he is having a good night. i don't think it's a surprise. there's plenty of people who have set foot in virginia who have said, it feels like youngkin may do well here and his numbers started going on up, when i would ask democrats about this, they would no, no, no, it's going to be tight but we are going to win. maybe that's just what they are saying even though it's off the record.
7:57 pm
but still, there's an out of touchness. did they really not see this coming? >> well, in my conversations with democrats, jacque, in advance of the virginia governor's race, the notion was, had the state, just in the political dna of the state. it's been trending democratic over the last few years. had it moved out of reach of a republican, even a skilled, successful republican like glenn youngkin, who navigated the trump factor and campaigned on the issues where the voters are. was that state out of reach? the youngkin folks were saying, no, we have been in it and we have it. i didn't hear democrats say, virginians are rejecting what youngkin is projecting. >> what does it mean nor the party as we see the movement toward the middle, if you will, or more importantly, more aptly the rejection of a roitylate of the progressive ideas and the
7:58 pm
candidates in conjunction with that. what is going to happen like in the next two days here in washington? because, it is true that since joe biden won the democratic primary in the presidential in 2020, the party has been largely embracing the party. they have had leverage. and so, that is going to be a question about that tug of war, and how that is going to shift, i'm already hearing from some moderate democrats that they are going to want to see changes in the bill that they took so long to negotiate maybe to make it, to take some things out that are going to be used against them in
7:59 pm
campaigns. >> quite frankly if you look at what started in the build back better act and now, a lot of the most popular provisions have been be taken out. they are wrangeling if they are still going to allow medicare expansion and allow medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs. >> and it's not clear that that bill in 2022 will affect the voters that are turning against the democratic party over economic usuals. are they going to feel what the bill around medicare and child care. its unclear. if republicans not named trump did quite well. right, they over purchased to the surprise of everyone in the house and the senator and a lot of republicans ran on the economy and on cultural usuals. and what did glenn youngkin run on? he ran on the economy and
8:00 pm
cultural issues and so far, it does not look like dms have the answer for the cultural war arguments or the economy at this point, if you look at inflation, the price of gas and usuals like sglampt yeah, i mean, i mean, that is what people are talking about right now. the gas prices are too high. inflation is costing me. what are the democrats doing about that. we have not talked about the message being sent on this. bergen county has a democratic national representative. a moderate. and a place that democrats have performed well in last time we looked. the republican ciattarelli is winning in that county. >> represeublicans i'm talking n new jersey are surprised and democrats are very, very concerned for lots of reasons. you talk about bergen county, when i grew up


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