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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 3, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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long time. andy scholes, a grieving houston astros fan, is in his hometown with more in this morning's "bleacher report". some days, andy, the job isn't as fun as others. >> reporter: that's very true, john. this is sad for my astros. but certainly happy for this atlanta braves team. first world series title since 1995. this is one of the greatest runs we have seen in baseball history. the braves did not have a winning record until august 6th. they lost a player to injury in july. but they never gave up. they traded for four outfielders. they come in big time this season. jorge led off the world series with a home run. boy, did he hit another one last night in game six. three-run shot in the 3rd inning. this left minute maid park. just an incredible,en credible home run.
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and a two-run home run in the 5th inning was more than enough for max. he was fantastic. through six shutout innings, dominant performance. braves win 7-0 to take the series in six games. soler named world series mvp, capping off an incredible run. and i asked the team, what made this group so special. . >> this team went through everything possible, he ever bump you can possibly hit on the road, and we overcame every one of them. . >> you can see now all the people who are here. they traveled here to watch this. and they come every night, help the guys with the emotion, the energy. it's just so -- i'm just so happy for the city of atlanta. >> reporter: got to be happy for him as well. been with the organization 40 years.
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check out the fans back in atlanta. this win really big for them. they had so much sports misery over the years, watching the falcons blow a 28-3 lead in the super bowl to the patriots. john, it was one no one saw coming and making it extra special. they did it in a year where we lost braves legend and baseball legend hank aaron. >> very special for that reason. congratulations to braves fans around the country. "new day" continues right now. and good morning to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, november 3rd. and breaking right now -- >> it's still election night. >> it is still election night in america. too early to project one of the most closely watched races in the country. this is the governor's race in new jersey. the difference separating the
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two candidates, 61 votes over two million counted at this point. jack ciattarelli and democrat phil murphy. the fact that this is even close is seen by many as a success for americans. >> we have sent the message to the entire country. every single time it's gone too far off track. the people of this state have pushed, pulled and prodded it right back to where it needs to be. sometime real soon we're going to do this again like we are doing right now. and we will declare a victory. >> there have been some themes of election night that become clear. will democrats agree on them? we will have to see. a sizable swing to republicans. and this is going to be a wakeup call for democrats.
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cnn projecting republican glenn youngkin l the next governor of virginia. he made education a centerpiece of his campaign. . >> together, together we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. and, friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one. >> we're going to have so much more on the virginia race and the implications of it for the 2022 midterms here in a moment. first, berman is at the magic wall to walk you through. new jersey is too early to project. we are kind of waiting to see when the votes get back up and
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going with the count to see if things change from this very narrow margin. . >> time for coffee in new jersey. let's get these counted right now. 61 votes, 61 votes separate the two candidates with more than 2.2 million counted so far. that's almost mathematically impossible. i want to take a look at where the outstanding votes are this morning. 84% counting right now. i want to look at the counties that have about 80%. say 79% or less counted at this point. look at the map here. almost all the counties where there are still significant votes to be counted are blue, predominantly democratic counties. how democratic? let's look at hudson county where jersey city is. in hudson county, 76% of the vote is insofar. they're still counting. phil murphy has nearly 75% of the vote there. if you're in the murphy campaign, it could give you an
3:05 am
edge there. let's pop around and look at counties around trenton, the capital. murphy at 57%. just 61% of the vote counted there. democrats hope it gives murphy the edge. now, you are looking at this map -- actually, look at camden. you have philadelphia suburbs. camden, just 78%. democrats hope it gives murphy the edge. you do see one republican county. let's take a look at that. that is cumberland where jack chet relly is. not that high. they have more opportunities to add votes from their counties than it seems republicans do at this point. i want to take a look now at new jersey. there is a really interesting story to be told there.
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glenn youngkin right now, cnn projected he will be the next governor leading by 2.1% right now. a lot has been made about the suburbs. you have the surrounding washington, d.c. area. fairfax, loudon county, and richmond, virginia. a lot has been made, and i will show you right now. glenn youngkin, in loudon county, he managed to lose by only 11%. that doesn't sound great. but joe biden won by more than 20% just one year ago. one thing i want to point out. while glenn youngkin did well, if you want to know where youngkin picked up the most ground over democrats in the last few years, i want to show you. i want to compare it to the last virginia governor's race, 2017. that was a race ralph northam became the governor. and i want to look at areas where terry mcauliffe underperformed ralph northam by
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more than five points. and look at this. it's not the suburban areas. terry mcauliffe basic live did about as well as ralph northam did four years ago in the suburban areas. where terry mcauliffe had a real problem was in the republican rural counties. how can that be? they are predominantly republican already. take a look at smith county. terry mcauliffe got just 17% of the vote. 16.9%. you are getting ever closer to zero if you're a democrat right there. if you want to compare it to what ralph northam did, i got 22%. not great but more than 17%. if you pop around the state and rural areas, county to count, look there. fray son county, glenn youngkin got 82%. glenn youngkin was able to hold his own in the areas around
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washington, d.c. and richmond. and that's substantial for a republican. but just in these rural areas, republicans continue to make huge gains there. that is a problem for democrats going forward. brianna. >> yeah. it's all in the margins, getting the message out and appealing to voters for those who don't necessarily go for one party over the other. you got your steps in. that's how we get our steps in on election day or night, or morning, still continuing here. we go live to ft. lee, new jersey. burning the midnight oil now into the early morning. >> reporter: that is very true. i mean, it is a real nail biter here. murphy, as you know, brianna, has been saying all along, if his team, if his base did mott get out and vote it would be, quote, a coin toss. that's what we are seeing right now. if you look at where i am now,
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ft. lee, the last go round he won bergen county by 15 points. at this point, again, votes still to be counted. he's ahead by just four points. chiattarelli, mask mandates, covid response, property taxes. despite all of that, murphy says when all the votes are counted he is going to come out on top. chiattarelli spoke to his campaign and said, look, they are very encouraged by what they are seeing in places like bergen county, in the suburbs. i said where are you seeing the votes come in. they are very encouraged saying more votes from women this time, from minority communities as well. so that is where chiatarelli
3:10 am
stands at this point. both sides saying we have to wait for all the votes to be counted. brianna. . >> all right. we will wait until they get started again. jason, thank you for that. let's talk about all of this with cnn political commentator mark mckinnon, former adviser to bush as well as host of circus on show time and senior political analyst, keir tin powers, author of "saving grace, speak your truth, stay centered, and learn to coist with people who drive you nuts". just before thanksgiving. what do you think for democrats and republicans coming out of this? >> both new york and new jersey will typically vote for out of party -- if there's a democrat in the white house, they will
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tend to vote republican. that is a trend. that said, i think the lesson here really is for republicans is you have two candidates who kind of did the same thing, which is they were able to use donald trump where they needed to use donald trump but keep him at arm's length and still be able to appeal to voters who necessarily wouldn't love donald trump. it is kind of a model moving forward. in virginia, i think terry mcauliffe, what he said about parents not having a say about over what happens in schools was definitely something that i think really hits parents right in the heart, right? parents feel they don't have control over their children's lives on social media, schools,
3:12 am
covid and all of these other things. i think that probably did play into it. it doesn't mean he wouldn't have won if he didn't do this. >> what does that tell us? >> this is a brand-new playbook for republicans. youngkin is a very good county. he had the message, momentum. mcauliffe had the math. the big winner of course was glenn youngkin. but the big loser is terry mcauliffe, joe biden and donald trump. he held him at arm's length very art ofly. and he was not invited to the party. it is very clear what can be for republicans if they put trump in the rear-view mirror. >> it looks like a 12-point swing from one year ago in virginia. joe biden won by 10.
3:13 am
it will be a bigger swing in new jersey. i'm not sure you can put it on terry mcauliffe or schools. there seems to be something going on in the country. . >> sure. there is anxiety out there. parents just feel a loss of parole, social media. they just feel like they have lost the ability to have any control over their children's lives. youngkin really tapped into that. >> and the playbook obviously was there was all of this talking about critical race theory and representing it as if it was happening in elementary school, which of course is not even being thought there.
3:14 am
he was waibel to use it to his advantage. they feel everything is out of control and they need to be protected from demagogues and this agenda. . >> some of it was dog whistle. >> yeah. >> dog whistle racism. >> 1,000%. >> for a lot of voters, it was more this anxiety when it comes to schooling, having had their children out of school for so long. they may have agreed with them, but many clearly disagreed. >> we read a lot into them.
3:15 am
when my ultimate takeaway is whether democrats or republicans, everything is pretty unhappy. we tend to go back and forth between. joe biden wins. then republicans win. they say, see, we have a mandate. everybody likes us. people keep saying this isn't it. we're going to try to do this. >> who is in charge of the hellscape now. >> joe biden is in charge of the hellscape in a year. joe biden is not a popular president as we sit here this morning. in virginia, a state he won by 10 points, he is 459% approval rating right now. . >> yeah. way under water.
3:16 am
i think republicans are in good shape for next year. >> the last time they won in virginia, what happened in congress and the next midterm election. what does this spell for that? >> again, it will probably be doubl double-digit republican wins. there was john, you did well at the board. the real story is how democrats have abandoned the rural areas. democrats better get a clue about that. >> if you're going to lose the rural areas by as much, you have to so hugely overperform in the suburbs. mcauliffe held his own but didn't overperform to be sure. . >> it was like they weren't even on the ballot. >> mcauliffe did it in county after county. stand by, if you will. we have a lot more to discuss. voters in minneapolis deciding on the future of its police department in the wake of george floyd's murder. we're going to take you there
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. voters in minneapolis objected a ballot to overthrow policing in the city. cnn's owe more jimenez is live in minneapolis. this was a pretty resounding result here, omar. >> reporter: yeah. it was the first electoral test since the murder of george floyd a little under a year and a half ago at this point. if you look at the poll results, it wasn't really close. the yes votes were at 43% and no
3:22 am
votes took 56%. to be clear, this was never going to get rid of police officers with a single vote. one consistent thing i heard from those planning to vote no, they didn't believe the ballot language was specific enough about what this would be and what it would do. proponents told me it would make it easier to add services like mental health support, prevention services into the safety mix. the police department stands as it is for now. this likely won't be the last
3:23 am
attempt for people to reform the police department. brianna. >> omar, thank you so much for that. police captain eric adams has been voted the next mayor. live with the secretary of state who stood up to donald trump. his reaction to the election results. this is cnn's special live coverage as election night in america is still on. >> election night in the morning. it doesn't roll off the tongue. football, is a game of inches. but it's also a game, of information. because the nfl is connected. and at any moment, the fate of the season can come down to this. billions of secure connections, per second.
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the morning after election night in america still too early to project a winner. phil murphy and jack c
3:28 am
chiattarelli separated by 61 votes. glenn youngkin has defeated terry mcauliffe. joining us now is brad raffensperger, secretary of state in georgia, a republican and author of a new book called "integrity counts" in he writes against donald trump's false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. mr. secretary, thank you so much for joining us. as a republican elected official, glenn youngkin, cnn projects, will be the next governor of virginia. he tried to keep some space between himself and former president donald trump. how instructive do you think that is or should it be to other republicans around the country? . >> well, i believe that governor-elect youngkin ran his own race, a positive race, aspirational. he understood we stood on our
3:29 am
values. and he said parents have a key role in the raising of their children. congratulations. he did a tremendous job. it is reaganism rebranded for 20th. >> what about trump, though, the idea of putting space between yourself and the former president and the republican candidate. >> mr. youngkin was a successful businessman. he can bring everyone together. a great message and model for moving forward as republicans. ronald reagan upbrought forward for the needs we have today. i think everyone is pleased with the results. and we are pleased the braves
3:30 am
won 7-0. >> you know what, aggressions on that. i know that matters to you. you write about the phone call where the former president called you, an hour and 10 minute phone call where i tried to convince you to find votes that would throw the election to georgia to him. and you write that you feel it was a threat. what do you mean? >> there were not 11,800 votes to find. he ever single allegation that was made, we ran that down. and i responded to him in that phone call, that there weren't 5,000 dead people. there were less than five. less than 74 felons that voted. 28,000 georgia georgians skipped the ballot. they didn't vote for anyone yet
3:31 am
they voted down ballot. purdue got more votes in metro atlanta and athens than president trump. those are data points, facts. it helps people explain, particularly my side of the aisle, yes, we are disappointed but he came up short in georgia. >> you took it as a threat. >> there was nothing there. >> if he did threaten you, as you have said in interviews, isn't that against the law? . >> i'm an engineer. i'm pretty good at counting incomes. >> you also talk about integrity. jodie heiss is running against you. you had the integrity to stand
3:32 am
up to donald trump when he tried to get you to find republican votes that aren't there. do you think jodie heiss would have that integrity. >> it's pretty interesting. i sent a 10-page letter. he certified the same machines, ballots. they were good enough for him. he said he couldn't certify that. he is a double-minded person. as a pastor he really should know better. would he have gone and found the votes donald trump was asking you to find? >> he wouldn't have found them. and if he had tried that, i think he would have been a whole heap of trouble right now. >> but you question that? >> i question his integrity, yes. he has done things. i put another example in the book. he said ware county flipped votes. we proved that it didn't.
3:33 am
he didn't delete the tweet. he left it out there. i followed our constitution and followed the law. as a republican, yes, i'm disappointed. my job is to make sure we have fair and honest elections. when they are fair, republicans win and win big. stand by. we are expecting them to count more votes in new jersey. as we sit here right now, i'm looking very carefully. in virginia, 61 votes separate the two candidates in new jersey. plus, virginia and the reckoning that democrats now face there. and americans growing pessimistic about the economy. this is cnn special live coverage. ♪
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president bush remarking on what a different situation americans face this fall in terms of the economy. >> the significant reason why prices are up is because of covid affecting the supply chain. you look to this coming thanksgiving, you know, we're in a situation where we find that we are in a very different circumstance. >> christine romans joins with us what americans are feeling this morning. . >> john, exit polls in virginia show economy is top of mind for voters. it comes amid more evidence that americans are beginning to sour on the economy because of one thing in particular, inflation. a new ap poll finds 35% of
3:39 am
americans call the national economy good. that is down 35%. before vaccines were widely available, 65% say the american is in poor shape. that is a brand-new ap poll. beef and veal up 18%. look at pork and eggs, 12% more. apples, 8% more. chicken, cost up 6%. driving to grandma's house more expensive. gas prices still rising. average price is $3.40, up from 2.12 last year. take an average 12 gallon tank, it is 15 bucks more than it was last year. that is something voters and consumers feel. and it's a frequent real feel indicator of their personal economy. what's interesting here, guys, is corporate profits are singing
3:40 am
right now. the stock market is at record highs again. the consumer is worried about inflation. once again, there is a main street, wall street disconnect. issue number one is the economy is good. we know inflation factor is something every week they feel hits pocketbooks. . >> stock market feeling a record high, just like me. christine romans, thank you very much. >> what does that mean for this broadcast? nina turn er, democrat and formr
3:41 am
ohio state senator and jonathan cott, former senior adviser to joe manchin. what is the takeaway for democrats coming out of this night? >> that they need to do things to change the material conditions of people so they feel it rye now in realtime. and that has not happened. that certainly had an impact in virginia. democrats nationalized the race more than republicans. even things such as critical race theory. there was anxiety, a lot of reports that there was some anxiety in virginia over education. critical race theory was one of those things. then you have the republican running on increasing the salaries of teachers, of all things. overall, the national impacts of the economy, the national
3:42 am
impacts of people not feeling changes that really come, this their material conditions have changed for the better definitely impacted the virginia race. and democrats need to get a clue. they need to get a clue really, really quickly and do something or virginia's race is a foreshadowing of what is going to happen in 2022. >> we have breaking news i want to deliver right now. we have been counting the votes in new jersey. we have a change in the margin separating the new candidates. it was 61 votes before. . >> what is it now? >> 65. 65 votes separating. >> now we are seeing some changes. . >> are stand by. you can't go anywhere. all right, jonathan, what do you see as the main takeaway? . >> democrats need to show they can do something. it would have given terry mcauliffe a chance to go out and act on issues. we could have stood in front of
3:43 am
highways, waterways, climate projects. he could have done all of that in the month of august and distracted voters from the nonsensical issues that republicans raised. i think that would have been the best thing for him. democrats ran we were effective and could govern responsibly. that was a chance to show it and we just didn't. in what is joe manchin thing? . >> we should have passed this. he knows the projects help people in the state and really impact their daily lives. it could have helped lower gas prices. it could have have raise wages, shortened drive times. it would be beneficial to see terry mcauliffe, mark warren standing with him. i think manchin knows terry mcauliffe pretty well and knows what works. . >> what steps can democrats take from how glenn youngkin used
3:44 am
social issues? >> we have to deal with it. we cannot ignore it. and republicans continue to use the same playbook they always use, distract, deter and lie. and that is what they're doing, especially on the critical race theory, which is a nonargument. it is not being taught in k through 12 schools. let my digress. democrats have to give them something they can feel. there is a song about it. it is not rocket science. changing the material conditions, talking about the issues that matter the most to the people that you want to serve. and, oh, by the way, john, mcauliffe talked about it more than his republican competition. they need to make it about how you are going to make their lives better right now in realtime. if not, again, this is a
3:45 am
foreshadowing of what is going to happen. we can run, but we didn't cannot hide. . >> we always appreciate song references on this show, especially envogue. berman has been pointing out the difference between how northam performed and mcauliffe performed. metro centers aside, when you look at these areas, mcauliffe lost a lot of grouped. so what does that tell democrats? >> definitely out of touch, not taking care of the urban centers or the rural areas. the fact that there was an article written by jonathan capehart. they were expecting the black community to deliver for them back again. but we can't get the george floyd act passed.
3:46 am
voting rights is important to people across the board. but it is particularly important to african-americans. we all understand this because of the historic nature how african-americans came to gain their right to vote through blood, sweat and tears. on the reconciliation bill, people are haggling about whether or not we give people paid family leave. people are suffering in this country. and democrats are going to have to do more than tweet about it, talk about it. they have to be about it. and when you have people who have that much power, they control all the levers of power and they still cannot get something done so they know in realtime the democrats are standing up for them. they have a little bit of time. not a whole lot. they need to get it done right now. >> two democrats in broad agreement this morning. thank you both for being with
3:47 am
us. there are a lot of lessons being learned or being discussed this morning. you know who i want to hear from? >> michael smerconish. >> he is manying up shortly to tell us about this. we will see the first children getting vaccine shots after the cdc officially approved them for kids 5 to 11. dr. anthony fauci is up next. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only payy for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ this holiday season, give your family the gift that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultima lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery.
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*laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. continuing as republicans win big in virginia. 65 points separating the candidates for governor of new jersey. that's been changing a little. we'll keep an eye on that as we bring in cnn's host of sen
3:52 am
smer smerconish michael smerconish. . >> i think everything that he said monday expressing his concerns about the price tab for the build back better plan have been vindicated. i don't think it was rocket science for him to put a finger to the wind to see which way the public was going. you had 71% telling nbc the country was headed in the wrong direction. 32% telling abc they didn't think the build back better plan would help them. 44% of democrats saying they thought there should be someone other than joe biden leading the 2024 ticket. all of that taught and ane anecdotally delivering a radio program 15 hours a week, this program was never fully sold. and i think it was emblematic of the types of results you saw in
3:53 am
both states regardless of who should win in new jersey. i think there's a tendency for candidates to think they were always the winner, right? that trump was the winner in 2016 when really that was a referendum on hillary clinton. or 2020, joe biden thinking he was the victor when really it was a referendum on donald trump. so you don't want to confuse whether you have been given a mandate. the mom line is terry mcauliffe would have benefited had they passed the $1.2 trillion stimulus. and that's what they should do now. . >> they are beating up terry mcauliffe for losing this race which joe biden won by 10 points one year ago. but as we sit here, there is a bigger swing in new jersey, 16 points. phil murphy poised to ache a lead soon. the fact that you see the votes in two places tells you there's something national going on.
3:54 am
. >> he kwrafplt and i think, john, the real battle ground is what's happening in suburbia that caused him to lose in 2020 and joe biden to win. it will be suburbia that will decide in 2024. they need to get a win, right? it's not enough for democrats to be the party opposite donald trump. and the layup, it would seem, is to take that which was support of 19 republicans and start rebuilding roads, bridges and broadband before americans go to vote in the midterm election. it is just so painfully obvious and has been. >> in addition to that bill, there is the build back better bill, $1.75 billion at this point in time. he has spoken positively about it. he is not on board. now you have conversations
3:55 am
ongoing in the wake of these election results, michael. and i wonder if you think that's going to affect anything, the outcome, the position, bargaining position of joe manchin or kyrsten sinema. >> i think the hand-held by sinema and manchin has been strengthened. and i would be surprised if everyone else held the position they were in preceding the turns of last night. i think folks are getting weak-kneed who were ready to sign onto the $1.75 trillion. don't forget when joe manchin raises concerns about the cost of the bill and how much it will take to pay for it, he is not spitballing. it would cost twice the amount that has been put on it. it's been poorly sold. take the win. and come back and fight another day piecemeal for the $1.75 trillion. that would be my recommendation.
3:56 am
. >> we have data points on the defund the police movement. a couple of votes that they dealt with tran general challengely. it lost. eric adams in new york city elected to be the next mayor, a former police officer who won the primary with a more police platform. in buffalo, it appears that the democratic socialist is losing there. and the mayor who is now a write-in candidate who was -- seen as more police, is winning there. what does this tell us about the defund the police movement? . >> well, it always had a horrible title. those who were proponents need to rename the argument. when you actually get into it and understand the sum and substance is to say let's
3:57 am
reorganize the resources that respond to certain types of tragedies. it makes perfect sense to me. i'm not surprised at all given the title of what they call it. that in and of itself is a loser at the ballot box. >> michael's title has many syll syllables. not defund the police. >> no doubt. there are serious issues there that need addressing. >> an energized smerconish. thank you for waking up with us. >> thank you. the vote total changing every win. 65 votes separate the two candidates. a live report from the ground where they are counting, just ahead. how the two newest supreme court justices could play a big role in deciding the future of the second amendment.
3:58 am
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the supreme court is set to hear arguments today in the biggest gun rights case in more than a decade. this centers on a century-old provision in new york that requires people to prove a special need for self-protection if they want to carry a gun in public. cnn's jessica schneider is live for us at the supreme court with more. this is, you know, this case can have major ramifications. >> reporter: it will, brianna. it will be closely watched. a big day at the court. this is the first time the supreme court is considering the scope of the second amendment in more than a decade. in 2008, the justices ruled individuals do have the right to keep guns inside their homes for self-defense. well, this case involves a new york law setting strict parameters on when people can carry their guns outside the home. this new york law says if you want to carry the gun outside


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