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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 4, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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behind the scenes. at the meeting, is this climactic confrontation between oliver north, at the time the nra president, and wants to initiate an internal audit of the organization's finances. he gets pushed out by la pierre and other top officials in this weekend where all of this drama, all of these problems, miss spending, new york attorney general investigation launches. there's all of this happening all at once. it begins the slide of the nra towards its downfall. . >> yes or no, can the nra bounce back? . >> it's a really interesting question. right now the new york attorney general is trying to dissolve the nra completely. so we've got this ongoing court case that really will determine the entire future of the nra and whether it can survive in the coming year. . >> look, you answer so many questions that people have about
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this black box. tim mak, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we can do it a duet. there's no reason we can't say it together. i'm john berman. >> with brianna keilar. >> so a win is a win. that is what democrats are saying this morning, and they mean it. they also need it. a huge sigh of relief for them as cnn projects that new jersey governor phil murphy has won re-election. he is the first democratic governor in that state to get a second term in four decades. now, he survived a very tight race in a very blue state. >> and the slim margin of victory in tpnew jersey, a stat that president biden won just 12 months ago, is a bigger shock that terry mcauliffe's defeat in
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the governor's race. the outcome is different, yes. but the results here highlight the challenges that are facing a party that is desperately seeking to keep control of congress in the midterms. let's go to john at the magic wall to walk us through this. berman. . >> so, brianna, as things stand right now, phil murphy is 35,000 votes ahead, leading by 1.4%. a win is a win. democrats are thrilled that murphy has been re-elected in that state. but let me show you what has changed since just one year ago when joe biden won new jersey by -- let's look at that. he won it by 700,000 votes. 725,000 votes. and -- oops. and 15.8%. that is a big difference there between those two races. so what's changed? where did all of this change happen over time? we can look back again at new
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jersey. and let's look at the counties that joe biden won and the change from biden's victim rip one year ago to phil murphy's victory. all these are the counties that biden won. you can see that four of them, four counties flipped to the republican. jack chiattarelli was able to win morris county, leading by 14%. this is a county joe biden won by 4%. by my calculation, that's a 16-point swing there. that's big. let's look around some of the other counties if we can. i'll go back to new jersey. one county that did not flip but you can see a big swing. phil murphy leading by 5%. but joe biden won that by 16%. you see an 11-point swing there. so very large swings. phil murphy in his favor had a lot of margins to work with. it does seem, brianna, like he
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needed it. >> we off see these swings. but democrats have to figure out how to confront this. they are struggling to. thank you for taking us into the state there. cnn has new reporting on the democrats and their struggle to find a message on the culture war that is surrounding critical race theory. and this is coming as the party comes to grips with their loss in virginia. cnn's melanie zanona is joining us now. you hear from democrats and they say looking within, we're not doing a good job with this. . >> yeah. there's actually a meeting last night at the headquarters where frontline members in this vulnerable districts were presented research how to handle the gop's attacks on critical race theory. there was actually a disagreement between two members. you had lauren underwood in one camp. she stood up and said we need to counter the gop's misinformation head-on. and talking about what critical race theory is and isn't. it is primarily taught at universities. it is not teaching the country
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is racist. we should be able to speak to their issues,ings their experiences as americans in this country without feeling like it's a liability for other audiences. this came because in the other camp you had caroline bardo who was drawing attention to the issue. she told us this was one of many conversations among members from our competitive districts how to engage with our diverse and broad constituency approximates. look, this is a preview of the internal and potentially difficult debate to come inside the democratic party, especially after virginia where the gop has shown they will be embracing the culture wars, these became a lightning rod in the race. now you have republicans signaling this is a blueprint for the midterms. so democrats have to figure out how to handle this issue. it is evoking struggles with the
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defund the police. they didn't have a cohesive message and they lost seats because of it. >> how can they confront this without alienating their base. . >> exactly. >> thank you. great reporting. trying to help democrats push their trillion dollar social spending bill. meghan markle making phone calls to senators lobbying for paid family leave to be included in the bill. sunlen serfaty jones us live from capitol hill. we should have our royals correspondent max foster side by side with you. what has the reaction been to meghan markle reaching out? >> reporter: they were surprised by this phone call by meghan markle. she was reaching out to them directly on their personal cell
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phones. republicans shelley moore capito recalling this call to politico saying i'm in my car, i'm driving and it says caller i.d. blocked. honestly, i thought it was senator manchin. she said senator capito, i said yes, she said this is meghan, the duchess of sussex. and there were other calls coming in. speaker pelosi made an abrupt move on the hill yesterday adding back in four weeks of paid family and medical leave to the democrats's broader social spending bill after last week it was scrapped completely from the hill after senator joe manchin, a moderate democrat in the senate. his objections have not changed. he said he still does not support paid family leave in the bill. he thinks it should be handled
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separately. but nancy pelosi is pushing for a vote today. >> i can understand getting senator capito confusing the duchess with joe manchin. john avlon has this reality check. >> there's been a lot of beltway talk about how swing voters are extinct and independent voters don't really exist. that's partisan wishful thinking. in the 2021 elections brought the receipts. and virginia, republican glenn youngkin won independent voters by a nine-point margin after joe biden won by 19 points just one year ago. likewise, suburban districts swung to youngkin by 7. the question is why? if you take a big step back you'll see in 11 of the last 12 gubernatorial elections in virginia, going back to 1973,
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the candidate from the opposition party, won in reaction to the president. that is sometimes called the pendulum effect. it is the desire for balance in our politics, even if there is less and less evidence that divided government results in common ground. in fact, fairly or not, 51% of virginia voters saw the democratic party as too liberal while only 13% saw it as not liberal enough. on the flip side, 46 saw the republican party too conserve and 15% as not conservative enough. none of this to say virginia was a vindication for donald trump. far from it. after refusing to campaign with trump, glenn youngkin outperformed the ex-president in every county in the state, every single one. in fact, young kin won the votes of 17 people who there an unfavorable view of trump. trump was and is a drug on the republican ticket in swing states.
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while democrat mcauliffe couldn't make the referendum on trump, he was also deprived of the ability to point to the passage of economic bills as evident that democrats can get
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we warn you it's difficult to watch. when he shot two people, killing anthony uber and injuring another. prosecutors also playing the grainy fbi infrared surveillance video, appearing to show rittenhouse moving toward the parking lot where he shot rosenbaum. this taken by a daily call editor talking before the deadly shooting. >> our job is to protect this business. part of my job is to help people. if there's somebody hurt, i'm running into harm's way.
4:20 am
that's why i have my rifle, to protect myself. >> reporter: and the prosecutor playing this after rittenhouse opened fire, walking down the street with his hands in the air. >> dude right here just shot someone. >> reporter: and taking the stand wednesday testifying about a video he filmed during the night of the shooting, which shows rittenhouse run by. . >> just a note of the people that were around me, especially people armed to engage the crowd and the environment i was in. >> washington taking a mental note of then 17-year-old. >> i'm not saying i felt like, oh, this is a guy that is going to go around and mow a bunch of people down or anything like that. i was like, oh, that's interesting. let me take note of that. >> reporter: before the trial began, the judge took a spotlight for refuse to go call the men rittenhouse shot victims. the judge also quoting the bible to respond to a hearsay objection. >> this is actually referred to
4:21 am
in the bible. paul when he was put on trial. so it's an in khepbt rule, strictly enforced in the criminal courts for very obvious reasons. >> reporter: john, there have been some colorful moments with the judge raising some issues about things that have been happening outside the courtroom. but obviously, most important is what's going on in the courtroom. today we expect to hear more from that detective. and obviously the video. more video. prosecutors really using all the social media video, other video they now have as part of their case. . >> yeah. colorful judge is one thing, as long as it does not get in the way of the judicial process. shimon prokupecz, thank you. areva martin, author of
4:22 am
"awa "awakening." what do you think of this pivotal day some court and the effect of these videos? >> i think the videos are going to have a profound impact on the jurors. watching kyle rittenhouse shoot those three men, i think the jurors have to grapple with the fact that the men were unarmed. they didn't have a gun, as the detective testified to. they didn't have a bat, club, they didn't have any weapon, yet he used the force that he did and killed two people and injured another. that will have a profound impact on these jurors >> what about the video of him speaking? >> also, we hear him appointing himself almost as if he's either law enforcement or some extension of law enforcement, that he was there to protect property, haefs there to get into harm's way. again, the jurors are going to have to grapple with why is this 17-year-old involved in what's going on? this is a protest. we should keep in mind. this is a protest over the
4:23 am
shooting of jacob blake, shot by police in wisconsin. and here the 17-year-old is injecting himself into civil unrest with jacob blake being shot. i think it will be disturbing for some of the jurors. . >> areva, i know you are watching the trial of the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia. we just learned this jury will have 11 white jurors and one black juror. what is your reaction to that? >> shock, brianna. i was as shocked as ahmaud arbery's family. the smokes man for the family. the mother. they all expressed their shock. in this county in georgia, knowing it has a racist past. we're in the deep south. now to see that jurors were struck from this jury.
4:24 am
and prosecutors saying the sole reason was because of their race. even the judge acknowledging potential discrimination with respect to the selection of the jurors. now to have 11 white jurors and only one african-american, i think everyone should be concerned. >> the judge -- look, you had eight potential black jurors that the defense removed. the judge said that the defense made the case individually for each one of these jurors. and the judge accepted that even as the judge said, hey, he has seen what we're seeing here. what do you make of that? >> i think the judge made a bad call, to be honest, brianna. the judge accepted the defense's argument that race wasn't the sole basis for exclusion of the jurors. we know it is unconstitutional to exclude jurors on the sole basis of race. once the prosecution raised the issue, this is reverse batson situation where they were stricken solely because of race. the defense comes back and gives an explanation as to why they were stricken, what they are
4:25 am
calling race neutral. when you look at the explanation given for the jurors, similar situations existed with respect to white jurors that were not stricken from the jury. i think the judge made the wrong call. we saw this happened in the derek chauvin trial where reverse batson challenges were made and they were able to have a more diverse jury. sadly, that didn't happen in this case. and i think it will have profound impact if there is an acquit al or hung jury. that community and the community at large will have a lot of questions whether this is a fair trial. >> it is expected to last about a month. so we will have answers as to how this has affected things. a rhee that, good to see you. >> thanks, briannbrianna. a former treasury secretary who predicted the higher prices and will talk about how biden's
4:26 am
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inflation is now haunting president biden and the democrats and anyone who is dealing with this. tuesday's election results made that pretty clear. the most important issue for voters in virginia, according to exit polls, the economy. senator joe manchin saying this week's blood bath for democrats should be a wakeup call. >> i've been listening to the people in west virginia. they're concerned about inflation. they really have been for a long time. and they talk to me. they say i go to the grocery store and it takes me $30 more to buy what i did six months ago.
4:31 am
>> joining me now, someone who has been warning about inflation for many months. former treasury secretary under president clinton, larry summers with us. larry, thank you so much for being with us this morning. i do want to highlight something that you said in february in an op-ed in the "washington post". you said, there is a chance that macro economic stimulus on a scale closer to world war ii levels will set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation. has anyone from the biden administration that you talked to said, yeah, larry, you were right? >> i'm not going to talk about my conversations with people in the administration. i do think unfortunately some of the predictions that i made about the consequences of stimulus do seem to have come
4:32 am
true. this is an issue around stimulus, social reserve and the fact that covid mutated. it is related to broad geopolitical developments and climate that have impacted on the energy markets. from here we have to look forward. i think we need to recognize as people are starting, too, inflation is a serious problem. i think if we can resolve the stimulus recovery act build back better debate quickly and pass legislation oriented to increasing supply, that's paid for in what it does. i think those are going to be the best ways forward. i think the fed is still not
4:33 am
fully recognizing the gravity of the situation. >> okay. so some tough words for the fed there. for regular americans dealing with this, they want to know how long is this going to last and is this going to get worse? what do you say? >> i think it's almost certain to last for another six to nine months. and could well last longer. the positive point of view from people is they will find it easier to get jobs than they did before. they're likely to be able to get larger wage increases than they did before. there's a silver lining in everything. and the silver lining here is going to be we've got an economy, after a long time, when the big thing was workers looking for jobs.
4:34 am
we've now got a big thing which is jobs looking for workers. and that should mean more of us have more power, vis-a-vis, our employers. and that will translate into higher wage increases. i do think we have a real issue of an overheating economy. and the fed is going to need to step in and help to control this. they started that process yesterday. i do think we need to be careful to be focused on providing more supply rather than working on providing more demand. . >> so my colleague, evan mcmorris-santoro told an excellent story about a family who have a number of children. they consume a lot of milk and eggs. these are everyday items. there's no choice. this is what they're consuming. and they're talking about when a
4:35 am
gal listen of milk goes from $1.99 to $2.79 they are in deep trouble. you say this is going to last six to nine months, maybe longer, what does the white house need to do for families like the stottlers? >> i think the child tax credit that's contained in their legislation is the right thing to get passed. they do need to make sure they get it paid for in reasonable ways. i think it's very unfortunate that the tax bill, as it is now designed, will actually cut taxes for the majority of americans with incomes of 5 to 15 million dollars. i don't think that makes any
4:36 am
sense for us at all. those taxes we should be raising for doing necessary things, like helping the stottlers. i hope the senators who are blocking the increase in the corporate tax not back to any kind of high level, but back to the 25% that is what the business lobbyists wanted in the first place. that will help to contain inflation. that will help the economy function better. >> larry, really appreciate you being with us. you know, people are feeling this right now. it is so important to talk about what the road ahead looks like. maybe some hurt before we get some help here. larry, thank you so much. >> thank you. this morning, former president trump's legal team will argue in a key court hearing that more than 700 pages of records from his presidency
4:37 am
demanded by house january 6th committee should not be released. he's claiming that the documents are covered by executive privilege. cnn's evan perez is joining me now. there are many who say -- some say, many say these are not covered by executive privilege. . >> well, yeah. first of all, the first thing is usually we have one president at a time. and what president trump like a lot of things associated with trump, the former president is doing here is just not normal. usually what we have is the current president decides what is covered by executive privilege. and trump is saying that what biden has done, which is to waive privilege on 700 documents that the national archives is planning to turn over next week to congress, says that is the wrong decision.
4:38 am
they're saying permitting this expansive request would harm future presidents and their close aides by allowing invasive congressional fishing expeditions. what he is looking for to hide or to keep secret, brianna, are documents like call logs. there are documents from lawyers who took notes and prepared memos in the key days as trump was trying to overturn the election. there are binders from kelly macken tphaeupby, former press secretary, who had talking points. and some of the speeches that trump didn't give during the assault on the capitol. so a lot of things go straight to the select committee which is investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol, they believe will show exactly what was happening from his closest,
4:39 am
closest aides during those key days as democracy hung in the balance. . >> look, his lawyers's argument that this is an extraordinary release of documents seems to miss the part that there were extraordinary actions taken on the part of former president trump. >> joining me is elie honig. call logs, hand-written notes. how important is this evidence? these documents are crucial. the january 6th committee has to have this. it takes you right to the heart of the most important question. who knew what and who was doing what in the west wing. they will answer that question. there will be a road map moving forward. who else do you need to talk to and where do you need to follow up. >> how strong are the former
4:40 am
president's claims of executive privilege here? . >> they're weak. we to the floor a definitive answer. however, we do have important guide answer and common sense. the supreme court has told us in the past, yes, former president actually can have some ability to try to exert executive privilege. however, the supreme court in that same decision, 1977, said generally speaking it should be up to the incumbent president, the current president. that makes sense. the point of the privilege is to protect the institution of the presidency not any one individual. so it is not entire cut and dry, but the weight of the law favors joe biden's position here. >> let's be clear, this goes before a judge today. a federal judge hears this today. what do we know about her and what does that tell you about which way she may be leaning? >> number one, she has handled several of the january 6th criminal cases against people who stormed the capitol. she's been very tough on those defendants. she has said things on the record like this was an attack
4:41 am
on our democracy. she said they did this for one man. we know who that one man is. the other thing i want to point out is she is setting an example that all cases need to follow. she has moved this case remarkably quickly, appropriately so. this lawsuit got filed two weeks ago. in two weeks we have had full briefing. both sides did very good long briefs. an argument today. judge could rule today. if not, i think very quickly. when you hear people say the courts are so slow and take so long, they to the floor to be. it's up to our judges. you can give a lawyer a crazy close deadline. they will make it work. i've been in that position, believe me. >> so she will rule quickly. what then? . >> then round 2. whoever loses here will go right up to the court of appeals, no question about it. there will be time pressure on 'em this. for sure whoever loses at the court of appeals will try to get this case to the u.s. supreme court. that's going to be really something. on the one hand, the supreme court doesn't take many cases
4:42 am
they tend to be allergic to political cases. on the other hand, this is a one in a million case. we have a battle between the legislative and executive branch and a battle between the current and former president. if there's ever been a case big enough with enough dimension that the supreme court should take it, this is it. >> they haven't issued clear-cut rules on that separation and on that specific matter. the "washington post" reports something that i think might be important. it has to do with the willard hotel which was used by steve bannon, rudy giuliani and others, john eastman to plot some of their maneuverings before january 6th. it was paid forment "post" says by the campaign. by on political operations. not by the white house.
4:43 am
>> it shows who was behind the plotting. on privilege, if they are campaign related, they are not covered by executive privilege. it is the president speaking to advisers about policy decisions. it does not cover political activity, campaign activity. so assuming that reporting is correct, they're going to have no executive privilege over all of that war room plotting in the willard. . >> non-government employees in a room paid for by a political campaign discussing things that aren't about the working of government. . >> yeah. they're dead in the water on that. . >> elie honig, thank you so much on that. dramatic moments during a police chase when the suspect decides to jump off a bridge. plus, younger kids now getting covid shots. dr. sanjay gupta answering common questions from parents next.
4:44 am
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so as the u.s. surpasses 750,000 covid deaths, a glimmer of hope in the fight against the virus. children ages 5 to 11, they are now able to get the pfizer vaccine. it was fun to see them yesterday, what incredible sports they were. a great sport himself, dr. sanjay gupta, here to answer questions that parents have been asking. they have been asking for a while, sanjay. i think it's in some cases, people want to know is it okay for my kid, 5 to 11, to get the flu shot at the same time they get the covid shot. >> the answer is yes. pediatricians actually encourage it. they often encourage getting multiple vaccines on the same day, it is easier that way. you don't have to bring the
4:49 am
child back. it is encouraged. it can be the same muscle but different sites within that muscle, for example. so that's the big thing. people who are administering the shots know that. they will have a sore arm for a couple days. get both shots. it may be a worse flu season this year. we didn't have much last year. sometimes there's a compensatory response. so get both if you can. >> a lot of questions have come in about if their kid is on the cusp, the cusp of 11 and 12 years old. what do i do if they're 11? get the partial shot or wait until they're 12 to get the full shot? >> i'll preface by saying this isn't magic. there is no cutoff when you turn 12. part of the reason that's chosen is because that's around the time people go into puberty. they want to look at a different response at that point. the cdc weighs in specifically. let's say your child turns 12 in between the first two shots. go ahead and get the age appropriate dose for the
4:50 am
12-year-old. if they have 10 micro tkprgramst the 30 micro grams when they turn 12. by the way, we looked into this tphreut more. fda says if they get the smaller dose both times, they are still fully vaccinated. a question from arnie. i'm vaccinated and intend to get my booster in time for the holidays. if my 6-year-old granddaughter gets vaccinated in time, is it safe to schedule a visit and be around each other without masks? >> yes. this is why you do it. i'm looking forward to these types of things as well and, you know, i have young nieces, my parents, getting them together for the first time in a while, you get the -- everyone is vaccinated. that's exactly the scenario that can sort of play out. we know. the data has been really compelling. we knew how good the vaccines were from the initial data. reduces likelihood of infection, 11 1/2 times, reduces likelihood of getting severely ill 20
4:51 am
times. they're not perfect. they're really, really good. that's the sort of scenario you can say, yes, get together, masks off, give grandparents or whoever a hug. >> i'm going to hand you a question that doesn't have to do with kids. question number five. i received the j&j vaccine in early april. i'll soon seek an mrna vaccine. if i choose moderna, do i get a moderna booster, half the size of the original dose or second full dose? >> get the half dose. i can understand the confusion. for many boosters they were using the same dose that they used for first two shots, for example pfizer, moderna trialed that as well, which was 100 micr micrograms. what they found was that the booster dose that made the most sense was 50 micrograms. that holds up whether you had moderna in the past or you had a different vaccine as the j&j vaccine as this person is asking. >> had the j&j vaccine, get the booster. that's one thing we know for sure and you're eligible at two
4:52 am
months. >> six months for the other one. >> great to see you. >> thanks. new urge ncy. we'll speak to one of the key figures, maybe the key figure in all of this. senator joe manchin ahead. plus, a car chase suspect cornered on a bridge and with only one way out. >> he's running right now. looks like he might -- he's, like, trying to hop off the bridge right now. [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist, including automatic emergency braking. find new peace of mind. find new roads. chevrolet. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva.
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some pretty dramatic moments to get away from police in florida. >> on the bridge. it is crashing on the bridge right now. lake county, it just crashed on the bridge. it is on the top of the bridge right now.
4:57 am
he's running right now. looks like he might -- he's, like, trying to hop off the bridge right now. he's standing on the foot of the bridge. and he just jumped off the bridge. >> he's in the water. >> right underneath, yeah, coming around. >> i saw a visual on him. >> okay, good job. >> still got officvisual on him. he's in the water, just sitting there now. >> police in ft. myers fish the man out the river, they arrested him, and then as you can see here, this is the boat doing so, they took him to the hospital. sheriff deputies say the van had been reported stolen.
4:58 am
>> that guy is lucky to be alive. lucky he didn't get seriously hurt. >> not a good solution to the situation he's dealing with, for sure. "new day" continues right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, november 4th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. and democrats are breathing a big sigh of relief this morning. cnn projects that governor phil murphy has won re-election in new jersey. a win is a win. they're thrilled about this and it is history-making in its own way. the first democratic governor to win a second term in 40 years. his margin was slim. even though president biden carried new jersey by double digits just one year ago.
4:59 am
>> tonight i renew my promise to you, whether you voted for me or not, to work every single day of the next four years to keep moving us forward. it is so importantly forward with a deeper sense of fairness and commitment to equity, forward by rejecting the divisiveness and chaos that permeate too much of our politics. >> now, the win staved off another major democratic defeat after the one that happened in virginia's gubernatorial race. the results in both states though are really wake-up calls for democrats as they are struggling to come together to pass president biden's domestic agenda and to retain control of congress. berman, walk us through what happened here and why this is ringing alarm bells. >> first, let me tell you where we are right now. phil murphy is leading by 35,000 votes with 88% counted at this point. it's likely that that number will grow. why? let's look at the counties that are reporting 89% or less of the
5:00 am
vote so far. you can see they're all democratic counties which means that most of the votes still to come in is from these areas including places like hudson county, new jersey, where phil murphy has 73% of the vote, just 81% in, essex, nearby, newark, the biggest urban county, murphy, 73%, just 84% in. so you can expect over the next couple of days as they get more of the mail vote counted and it grows, his margin will grow. again, a win is a win. democrats are thrilled about that. what they're not so thrilled about here is the margins. let me show you. again, 35,000, about 1.4%. i want to compare that to joe biden's win, just one year ago, it is not like this was that long ago. let's go back, let's look at the presidential race there. and you can see joe biden had 725,000 vote margin. that's a lot different than


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