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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta. welcome to all you watching us here in canada and around the world. this is cnn newsroom. joe biden's bill finally passes. they say it's a monumental step forward for america. breaking news at this hour, a deadly stampede at a concert in houston. officials say more than half a million could die this winter
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alone. remembers live from cnn center, this is cnn "newsroom. >> u.s. president joe biden finally has one pillar of his sweeping domestic win in congress with final passage of his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. >> on this vote, the yays are 228. the nays are 206. the motion is adopted. >> getting the bill through the house was an uphill struggle. passage wasn't a sure thing. late night arm twisting by the president got enough votes to make it happen. he released this statement touting the achievement, that reads in part, the bill will create millions of jobs and turn the climate crisis an opportunity to put us on the
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path to win the economic competition for the 21st century. >> reporter: big news out of the u.s. house of representatives tonight as the bipartisan infrastructure bill makes it out of the house and is now headed to president biden's desk for his sing. so a major part of his legislative agenda getting done. house democrats getting that done with 13 house republicans joining them in that vote. we did see six progressives that voted against this, but the bottom line is the bipartisan infrastructure bill will now become law. it's a big victory for president biden who was hoping and had to end up calling and try to push this over the finish line multiple times, really today when it really came down it to. we started the day with expected morning votes and something that would be rather quick. it did not turn that way, hours and hours of negotiation kind of dragging on in various factions
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of the party. one of different things. handful of house moderates holding out for a cbo score. the congressional black caucus offering a compromise idea for the procedural vote on the build back better ac. while progressives balked at that in the beginning. but in the end, i have been came around, it was moderates offering up the statement committing to voting for the build back better act by november 13th. the chairman saying the bulk of them would vote for this, which is what ended up happening. that's what got them to these numbers to get this bill to president biden. that head to his desk to become lawsuit. as for the build back better ac, it has to pass the house. it will go to senate, where we expect a ton of changes have been made we know senator man
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chin and senator sinema. jessica dean, cnn, capitol hill. >> the care woman of the democrat's progressive caucus is defending the strategy of linking the infrastructure bill with the social spending plan. listen to this. >> we made the determination that getting a commitment to this larger package, frankly, was absolutely important. that we wanted to make sure we had the votes for immigration, from simple drug pricing, for paid leave, all the things that are in this package. we also made the determination that the country need to continue to move forward. so we feel like we got the best of all worlds. we got a commitment on this vote, which and every single one of those individuals looked us in the eyes and said, they are voting for it. >> only 13 house republicans
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broke ranks to vote for the infor plan. he explains why he was one of them. >> that conflated with the other bill. both sides, the progressives said they're linked together and our side and it was wrong in my view. i think the hard infrastructure bill. i thought it was good for our district, for our country, i think i would have paid it a little better, myself. but i think in the end it was good for the country remember i have to follow my conscience. i committed to do it in march and april. i that it was an easy bill in august. for some reason we wanted to make it harder than it shouldn't have been. >> let's take a closer look at what's in the bipartisan infrastructure package. it comes with a $1.2 trillion price tag as we mentioned, 110 brl is earmarked for fixing up roads and bridges and includes $66 billion no overhaul passenger and 48 well.
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55 billion to water infrastructure and 65 billion will be spent on improving broadband internet access. that tasha joins us live. we will get to the politics of this in a moment. let's start first with the substance, how important is this bill to the country? how will americans benefit and when are they like will toy see a payoff? >> well, it's incredibly important just because the decaying infrastructure. there is all kind of problems with our bridges, which is dangerous. our ports are unsafe and we need to invest in our public transit system. we need to invest in our water pipes, broadband and so forth. but originally this bill was called the american jobs plan. i think that would be another added benefit. i think that's another reason why it can be so popular, it will be so popular, because it will create a lot of jobs and
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it's about things that are long overdue. it's popular in congress, it just got delayed because of the combining of this bill, a social safety net bill. >> we'll get to some of that sauce annual-making later. just for jierksd how big of a win is this for a president trying to grapple with the pandemic, inflation, economy, not to mention those declining approval ratings? >> well, this is incredibly important because he ran on this platform that he was going to get things done and that government can work for the person people. theempb e even though he had big wins with the initial rescue plan act, 4.1 million jobs were created and growth rate in the second quarter was 6.5% and over 2 million vaccines distributed, he was getting hit absolutely hit hard in the ratings. he had an approval righting of
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about 43%. it had nearly plummeted from around 60% when he first took office. so all the things he was doing well were not getting noticed. instead, he was getting hit hard by the fact he had no control over his own party. there was so much internal wrangling, that it appeared the democrats were hit by the virginia governor election, where a republican won, in a state where a governor had been democratic in the past so it was clear that all of this wasn't playing out well for the democrats, but particularly for joe biden. >> yeah. so as we mentioned, they puntsd on that massive almost $2 trillion spending plan. its fade is up in the air. will it get passed as well? >> i think it will eventually get passed in the house. some of the moderate democrats agreed they were willing to do
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it. with a clear estimate about what the economic impact would be. the impact on taxes, the impact on individuals and it was a little bit more transparency. i think they were willing to support it. what will eventually happen when it gaetz to the senate. that's where it will get this bill to look like anything in which joe biden and the more democrats had envisioned. it will get watered down considerably. there are all kind of things people are unhappy with at the moment so i do think it's going to go through. but it's not going to take the original form i think people had intended. >> so we could see some more chaos ahead, so you know, press secretary jen psaki tweeted delivering this infrastructure bill, proof that delivering for the american people was worth all this painful sausage-making, as she went on to tout the benefits of the bill. what costs will this fighting have, the wrangling, criticism of various parts of these bills
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from within the party. have democrats basically succeeded only in making that sausage seem unpalatable to many americans? >> well, the thing is, they have to remind americans that democracy is messy, it's not like a dictatorship where everything happens veriacy e easily and quickly. there will be a messy part of it. they are talking to democrats. they are letting the republicans take control of it and says the democrats are incompetent, complete decay, complete chaos. do you want them running your company? they need to emphasize it takes time to get things done and they have ha clear message of what they are providing. what they are providing are to talk to the american people. it just takes time negotiating matters. i think this is something that the democrats have to get much better at if they're going to do well in the 2022 mid-terms. >> yeah. exactly. well said. we have to leave it there.
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thank you so much, we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. we are following breaking news out of houston, texas, where at least eight people have died at the astroworld music festival. at this hour we don't exactly know what caused the death. scores of others were jumped. at least 23 were taken to the hospital. one was 10-years-old. at least 11 of those taken to the hospital were in cardiac arrest. authorities say the crowd surged towards the front of the stage shortly after 9:00 p.m. local time. according to fire chief, people began to fallout and panicked. the second night has been cancelled. stay with cnn as we follow this breaking story. to ethiopa, the military is calling on the arm to rejoin the army and defend rebel forces. they aimed to the removing the prime minister from power.
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david mackenzie is following the story for us from johannesburg remember they were trying to recruit veterans, it seems like a desperate move. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, there is certainly the contrast, ken, between what the government is doing and saying. what the government the doing is calling as you say for military veterans under the age of 55, officers up to their 60s to voluntarily rejoin the military to fight and join the fight against at least two rebel groups that are threatening even if not directly at this stage the capital and are calling for a state of emergency that the now being implementeded that allows a conscription for anyone over the age of 18 to fight these same rebel groups. the question was put to the attorney general why they are making these dramatic moves despite calling the reporting on
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this crisis alarmist. . >> the goal is still taking some precautionary measures. we have credible intelligence indicating that in history, so taking into account this kind of refor reformation. >> reporter: the tpr reports is the political group in the north and their military wing, the tdf has been engaged int bales outside of the usual area of operations, ken, but to get into details of exactly where they are at this time is difficult, given the communications blackout on large parts of these front line zones. what is clear is that the political pressure on prime minister abe is building from
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different regional groups in ethiopa. what we should look at next? high level diplomat was in the country, ambassador feldman, the horn of arc envoy was there for two dias to try to deescalate the situation. everything kind of hangs in the balance right now. the fear is that this bloody conflict for more than a year could now break out into a full scale civil war. ken. >> that would be tragic, indeed, david mackenzie, thank you so much. a new u.s. vaccine mandate faces a pushback in court. next republican governors prep for a legal fight to try to stop the mandate in its tracks. plus, federal officials release details about a drone attack that targeted the u.s. electric grid him we'll have more on that after the break. stay with us. stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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>> it's been my belief that mandates only further divide and politicize our state and our country. >> we don't do an outrageous overreaching mandate to get us to do the right thing. >> reporter: growing backlash to new federal vaccine requirements setting a legal showdown. >> the biden guidelines will not be endorsed. >> reporter: yesterday, workers at private businesses with 100 or more employees must be vaccinated by january 4th or produce a negative covid test weekly and wear masks. the rule is expected to impact some 84 million employees. with employers facing fines up to $14,000 for violations and higher for willful violations. >> this the a rule fought consistent with the constitution and is not legally authorized through congressional statutes. >> reporter: now, more than two dozen states are challenging the new rules in court. >> i just think people are so
1:20 am
sick of constantly being bossed around, restricted, pan dated, all these different things. we've had enough of it. we want people to be able to make their own decisionles. >> reporter: florida, where governor ron desantis wailed against government man dates for months, joined in the suits with georgia and alabama, whose government allowed state residents to state a medical or religious issue. the national retail federation, the world's largest retail trade association calling it burdensome for retailers during the crucial holiday shopping season. the associated builders and contractors, a construction trade group warned it is going to exacerbate issues, including increasing costs and a supply bottleneck and worker shortage. still the government says it's working bringing the number of those unvaccinated eligible down
1:21 am
to about 60 million, slowing covid spread and giving the economy a boost. >> vaccinated workers are going back to work. vaccinated shoppers are going back to stores. >> reporter: and they believe they're on firm legal playing field. >> we are pretty confident the administration clearly had the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives and stop spread of covid. >> now, it comes tone forcing this new rule for large private businesses, an official telling cnn an agency making sure businesses comply or have planned inspection of some workplaces and will also rely on complaints from workers to enforce it. athena jones, cnn, new york. in europe, health officials are predicting an uphill battle against the massive covid surge on the continent. the cdc says deaths will keep growing for at least two more weeks. we heard the warnings. we seen the numbers so what are
1:22 am
they proposing to do to get a handle on all this? >> reporter: the w.h.o. is issuing a stark warning to world leaders across the european continent, they could be seeing things like 100,000 coronavirus-related deaths between now and early february, in europe and across central asia. as we mentioned, cases are rising. we are seeing record number of cases and hospital admissions across the country. so the w.h.o. has pulled world leaders to take immediate action. two key factors have been highlighted. the first the varying degrees of vaccine uptake across europe has raised concern, some countries have recorded a large amount of uptake in the population, there are some parts in europe where we are seeing severe vaccine hesitancy, that has obviously
1:23 am
translated into a number of people getting the jab. as the countries open up in winter month, we are seeing growing concern there could be a rising spread, particularly in light of the delta variant, which is highly transmissible. what the w.h.o. has also said is while they are willing to take a look at the national measures, measures are put in place to stem the virus we did see proper measures across europe, including mandates and social distancing and mask wearings and lockdowns across the continent. they said they are willing to take a look at their own policies and have such measures brought back into place. we have seen that in russia we have a mandate from the vaccine for public. we've seen countries like france and others which ensures people
1:24 am
are in the private sector in italy are getting the vaccine, facing hefty penalties. in france, we have people going out to cinemas or to theaters or to eat in restaurants and this long distance travel in the country. so they are encouraging people to get the jab. it's a worrying trend the w.h.o. has alarm if this trajectory continues. the healthcare sectors could be placed under extreme pressures, pressures we haven't seen before. going into the winter months with the delta variant present and the highly variant and the seasonal flu. these are real concerns right now. more action needs to be taken. as the w.h.o. moved, not a lot of time to do that. ken. >> probably a predictor of what will happen here in the u.s. thank you so much. it's a die after the uk
1:25 am
authorized merck's anti-covid b pill in some cases, pfizer says it has a better one. they say interim results show it was 89% effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. the study found the merck pill was 50% effective. now, unlike the vaccine, the pills were given to people who already are affected. pfizer says it will apply for authorization use in the u.s. as early as this month. democrats give president biden a much needed win on his domestic agenda. we will explain how late night secured an infrastructure. plus a bulletin reveals how dangerous drones can be to the infrastructure in the u.s. we'll look at the threat posed by these unmanned aircraft coming up. stay wit
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. welcome back to all you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world. this is cnn "newsroom." u.s. president joe biden scored a major win in congress with final passage of his $1.2 infrastructure bill the vote was 228 to 206 with 13 republicans voting with the democrats and six democrats voted against it. after the vote, biden released a statement calming it a monumental step forward as a nation. though getting the bill through the house was an uphill struggle, the president worked into the night to get democrats
1:30 am
on board. the twists and turns leading up to the vote. >> reporter: joe biden made an aggressive lobbying campaign, calling the progressive caucus in a meeting that went for about four hours long, talking to the heads of the caucus, camilla jayapal, having meetings with members and ultimately trying to get the waring factors together. the moderates ultimately agreed to put up a statement saying they would support the larger bill later this month, assuming when the budget gives it, it comes back fully paid for. at that point camilla jayapal said that was usually good enough for her, a commitment from the moderates. not a vote to pass that bill or a commitment. it clearly was fought easy. it finally got to the president's desk after a bill approved by the senate? august. we'll see what happens with that larger bill. when it comes up, presumably in november, it can only afford to
1:31 am
lose three votes, moderates said they will vote yes. will something change? things have been changing minute by minute around here. we'll see what happens by mid-november. when they get out of the house, the frat is a different complication, with joe manchin vowing to change the bill. still a long way to go to get t it done, giving the infrastructure bill to the president's desk. >> now the investigation into the insurrection on capitol hill. a former justice department official who pushed donald trump's election fraud lies refused to cooperate with the house select committee on friday. now the committee chairman is warning jessie lark has little time to reconsider his stance. ryan nobles has the latest. >> reporter: for weeks, the january 6th select committee has been trying to talk to this man. >> good morning, i'm phil clark, i'm ahead of the civil driggs. >> reporter: jeffrey clark, a former official, was seen in
1:32 am
this video enter ac house office building to answer questions from the committee. the meeting did not last long. committee chairman ben my thompson said clark did not answer any questions. >> my understanding if he did not cooperate, we will look forward after our meeting this afternoon, i had a chair the ability to rule on some of the issues that were raised. >> one of the steps could be a criminal contempt referral of congress. clark is a key figure in the january 6th probe. a trump loyalist who pedals false claims about election fraud in the department with the goal of the agency getting to investigate the claims. >> clark had a lot to do with this plan for january 6th and he also was apparently making a play to become the attorney general. >> clerk's effort for ebuffed by the two men running the deal at the time. acting tomorrow jeffrey rosen
1:33 am
and his deputy richard donahue. both men have sat before the committee for lengthy interviews. clark's current attorney is harry mcdougal. a georgia-based lawyer with connections to sydney powell. powell and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani were a part of the public push by trump allies to spread the big lie and sew doubt in the 2020 election results. new video obtained by cnn shows powell and guiliani testifying under oath in a deposition as a part of a lawsuit filed by dominion systems in august. at one point guiliani concedes he often had no proof to back up his wild claims about the election. >> it's not my job in a fast-moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence that's given to me, otherwise, you will never write a story. you never intend to close. >> reporter: the committee met shortly after clark's deposition, which did not yield much information. they were disappointed he chose not to cooperate.
1:34 am
the committee chairman benny thompson issuing a statement that read, in part, it's astounding someone who so recently held a position of public trust to uphold the constitution would hide behind vague claims of a former president, refuse to answer questions about an attack on our democracy and continue an assault on the rule of law as prescribed by the house rules, i have considered mr. clark's claim of privilege and rejected it. he has a very short time to reconsider and cooperate fully. the statement doesn't say that committee is considering a criminal contempt referral of clark. thompson said earlier in the day that is something that the on the table. ryan nobles, cnn, capitol hill. key law enforcement agencies are sounding the alarm over the potential damage domestic drone strike could do. warning comes from a bulletin obtained by cnn. it says a drone crashed a
1:35 am
pennsylvania station was meant to damage the electrical equipment. the damage was the done. it's still not clear who was responsible. it's the first known case of a drone being used to specifically target infrastructure in the u.s. authorities are sending the bulletins to state and local officials to raise awareness about the first-hand and the threats posed by drones. a u.s. air force veteran and founder of p3 tech consulting, joins me now from colorado springs. thanks so much for being here with us. first of all, what more you can tell us about the drone, itself, how it was meant to disrupt the grid. >> reporter: well, from what we understand, it had a bunch of copper wires happening from it. the idea i believe was to cause them to short kirk and damage to the transformers and distribution lines. so it was to the drone as well. >> it's a consumer type drone, a small drone you could pick up
1:36 am
for a couple,000, maybe? >> absolutelyp super keep, very common, in fact, dji basically had the corner on about 70% of the commercial market and about 90% of public safety agencies use those drones. >> and some of the details i was seeing, the people responsible had sort of tried to hide any individual characteristics or anything that could be sort of traced back to them, what does that tell you? >> well, look, they're clearly trying to do something nefarious here. right? so this is a problem, jim and this is really what i would say the tip of the iceberg. >> well, that's exactly it. the u.s. government says it's the first attack on infrastructure on u.s. soil. to some the surprise isn't that it happened, the surprise is that it took so long. why hasn't it been more common? because, as you say, it's cheap. it's a relatively easy way to
1:37 am
inflict a lot of damage without getting traced. there is a low bar year to entry here, it's not very expensive and easy to operate. >> absolutely. what i'd say to that, we don't know what we don't know. the only reason we know about this pennsylvania incident is because it crashed and we figured it out after the fact. the real problem here is the fact that we're not really investing in the united states in the infrastructure that will detect these threats and so these things could be happening, right, and we just don't know. >> so you are saying that yeah this duld maybe not be the first incident? it's just the first one that we're hearing about, right? the possibilities here are frightening. i mean, if my figures are right, is the 1.5 million recreational drones in the u.s. some 5 million drones sold world wide. it doesn't take much imagination to think of other ways that they
1:38 am
could be even more harmful if they were armed with guns or bombs, so with all of that, i mean, you know, what keeps you up at night? >> what keeps me up at night is there is twofold things. there are definitely bad actors out there. they will use this too many as they see fit. we see it not just here in pennsylvania in the homeland, we seen it overseas routinely. so what keeps me up is the fact that we in the united states have not invested in the infrastructure to detect this. we know it's a problem. right? because congress directed the faa in section 2209 of the 2016 reauthorization act to create a program where critical infrastructure can request a basically a bubble over their facilities. right a no-fly zone essentially over their facilities. congress is aware of this problem. what i would say, we haven't
1:39 am
invested, that was an unfunded mandate for the faa. there is no money behind that, so that hasn't been implemented in their defense. that's the first thing the second thing that keeps me up at night. threat take the pennsylvania example as one you know situation. not only did we not detect it into a crash but let's assume law enforcement had detected it? because they will be the first ones on the ground to seeing? like this. the problem is they don't have the authorities to do anything about it. there is only five or sick, several agencies that have the authority to actually mitigate the threat once we detect it. those are the things that keep me up at night. >> thank you u thank you so much for being here. we really appreciate it, dawn zoldi. >> thanks for having me. it was an emotional day in the trial of three white men killing a black man got under way. his mother broke down's the body
1:40 am
coverage footage was played for the final moments for the jury. martin savage has more on the opening statements. >> reporter: the state of georgia versus travis mcmichael, greg mcmichael and william r. brian r. in a trial where race and racism takes center stage, the all white jury heard two different accounts how a black man was chased and killed by three white men running in a coastal georgia neighborhood. >> he started to take off running a. pick-up truck goes to follow him. >> reporter: the lead prosecutor described aushry under attack. who say he had committed a crime. >> in this case all three of these defendants did everything they did based on assumptions r. not on fact, not on evidence, on assumptions. and they made decisions in their
1:41 am
driveways based on those assumptions that took a young man's life. >> reporter: travis mcmichael, his father gregory mcmichael and a neighborhood i neighbor william roddey bryant, junior, are facing life in prison on murder and other charges if convicted. brian captured the killing on his cell phone. in their opening statements, prosecutors played the video, among those watching and listening in the courtroom is aubrey's mother who said she had never seen it in its entirety and was clearly i emotionally overwhelmed. >> i decided to remain in so i can get familiar with happened to ahmad the last minutes of his life. >> reporter: at no time during the five-minute chase the prosecutors did they tell aubrey they were perform ac citizens arrest. instead, prosecutors say gregory mcmichael shouted threats. >> so how do you know mr. ahmaud aubrey was under attack by strangers with an intent to kill
1:42 am
him? because greg mcmichael told police, stop or i'll proceed your bleeping head off. >> reporter: in a defense statement, the attorney portrays a very different story. >> this case is about doing and responsibility. >> reporter: describing travis mcmichael not as a vigilante but a ten-year veteran of the coast guard who felt a duty and responsibility to protect his neighborhood using his training. >> it is scenario-based training. you are relying on muscle memory. >> reporter: the defense says arbery was seen in many occasions inside a neighborhood under construction without permission, including the day that he was killed. >> reporter: the evidence shows overwhelming travis mcmichael honestly and lawfully attempted to detain ahmaud aubrey according to law and shot and killed him in self-defense. >> reporter: gregory mcmichael's
1:43 am
attorney argued his client's actions were well within the law. >> greg mcmichael was absolutely sure this was the guy. the same guy he had seen on surveillance videos inside a house multiple times where greg had sound reasons to believe theft had occurred. >> reporter: the state's first witness was the second police officer on the scene, the day arbery was killed. his body cam video shows such a gruesome scene, the judge delivered a warning to the courtroom when it was played. >> and what did that man covered in blood do over there, say to you when you asked him, are you okay? >> he was a quick reply of basically, no, i'm not okay. i just if'ing killed somebody. >> it was an extremely difficult day. it was also a very painful and
1:44 am
emotional day and it was the first day of testimony in this trial. which will begin again monday morning. martin savidge, brunswick, georgia. the man kyle rittenhouse shot in protests in wisconsin was asking to be shot. a former marine described the man as acting quote very bridge represently, but he didn't think he was a threat. the man's fiancee also testified friday. she described visiting the scene after her boyfriend had been shot and collapsing, when she saw his blood oak. the prosecution could rest its case as early as next week. it's still unclear how rittenhouse could take the stand. authorities believe a diplomat found dead in berlin was a secret agent for russia's ssb intelligence service. the 35-year-old fell from an upper floor of the russian bees building. how he fell still isn't clear.
1:45 am
the russian bureaucracy didn't agree to an autopsy and the man's diplomatic immunity meant germany couldn't carry out an investigation. they say it was a tragic accident and speculation by western media is quote absolutely incorrect. chart topping brazilian singer marilia mendonca was killed in a plane crash. it's too early to determine the cause of the accident. a brazilian electric company says the plane hit one of its power cables before the crash. she was only 26-years-old and is survived by her one-year-old son. we'll be back. olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin.
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at young protesters flooded the
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streets of glasgow friday with plans to go out in greater numbers today. many aren't impressed with the pledges made by world leaders so far with activist greta thunberg accusing the government of making loopholes for themselves. phil, those young activists, they weren't mincing words, take us to what's willled to this disconnect. >> reporter: they feel they have a lot to be angry about if you look at how congress unfolded during the first week, which is what the negotiating teams will be doing this week, looking at the key areas that will determine the success or failure. it started in a fairly positive way, unusually for these cops, with big new international deals targeting problems like deforestation and they're not solutions in and/or themselves. they also have weaknesses and caveats the other thing to consider is that they don't
1:50 am
really impact the cop pro says, itself. they sit along side that. what you got to look at some of the headline issues like our countries individually can have sufficient reductions to ensure the world doesn't go beyond 1.5 degrees of average increase by the end of the century, the answer is still very much no crucially, you got some big polluting countries that have made big long-term commitments to becoming net zero around the middle of the century, but analysts and many of the more ambitious countries repeatedly point out they haven't put any plans in place. they haven't made any commitments for the near term this decade, specifically. the signs tell us if we don't cut the emissions by half come 2030, then the broader goal of becoming carbon neutral decades later slips away the other big issue is money. rich countries are still scrambling to come up with $100
1:51 am
billion a year. they very long ago promised developing comes to come to terms with a problem that is the making by rich companies, that is climb change, itself. the poor companies need to adapt and grow economically in a low carbon future. which countries are obligated to help them. but they still haven't come one a specific plan, on top of that have you some of the most in-need countries, the most vulnerable countries calling for lots of damagement payments on top of that reparation. it all speaks to the sense of fairness and justice that's vital for trust and solidarity. this last week that the conference has a long way to go. a lot of progress to be made. you'd have to expect based upon all of that, that the outcome is going to fall short. that's why we're going to see tens of thousands of very angry protesters in central glasgow today, jim. >> we will be following that story throughout the day. phil black, thank you very much,
1:52 am
appreciate it. abba fans were hoping tide they'd reunite, up ahead, new music from the swedish super group.
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. a former barcelona legend is returning to the club. this time as the head coach. xavi hernandez will lead the club. he is widely regarded as one of the greatest in his generation. he led eight la liga titles and at the plant. mama mia, they're back again. ♪ ♪ the brand-new music and the unmistakable sound of swedish pop legend abba, they just released voyage, their first album in 40 years, abba became popular in the '70s selling 383 record. some are giving them a rough reception, rolling magazine gave it a rave when norse gods led
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