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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 8, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church. just ahead here on "cnn newsroom," a criminal investigation is underway and now a lawsuit after a deadly crowd surge at a houston music festival. we'll have the latest details on the ground. with the stroke of a pen, president biden will sign into
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law his infrastructure plan, but the heavy lifting of passing his largest social spending bill is right around the corner. plus, in the coming hours the u.s. will open its borders to vaccinated international travelers. we're live at london's gatwick airport. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with rosemary church. and we begin with new fallout from the music festival in houston, texas, that turned deadly. a concert goer that says he was injured at the event has filed a lawsuit against rapper travis scott, entertainment company live nation and the concert promoter. it seeks more than $1 million in damages to be determined by a jury. authorities, meanwhile, have launched a criminal investigation. thousands of fans were pressing
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towards the stage and we're now learning that scott continued to perform for nearly 40 minutes after the first reports of injuries. after approximately half an hour after authorities declared the concert a mass casualty event. outside the ven sue a growing memorial to those who were killed and hurt in the crush. mourners have been laying down flowers, photos, notes and candles. cnn's rosa flores has more details. >> reporter: more witnesses are coming forward to share their experiences at houston's astro world friday night where eight people died and hundreds more were injured. >> his eyes went to the back of his head. i checked his pulse, i knew he was dead and i checked the people around me. i decided to leave him there. there was nothing i could do. i had to keep going. >> reporter: another concert goer saying the mood noticeably shifted in the audience just before internationally acclaimed
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rapper took the stage. >> people became more rowdy, antsy, standoffish is what i say. >> a security guard was pricked in the neck with a needle. >> he went unconscious. they administered narcan. he was revived and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you could get if somebody's trying to inject. >> reporter: but scott maintains he had no idea about the severity of what was happening in the crowd as he continued his set telling fans in an instagram video saturday night that he is devastated by what happened. >> any time i can make out, you know, anything that's going on, you know, i stop the show and, you know, help them get the help they need. >> reporter: it isn't the first
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time crowd control issues have come up for scott. he is known for his tighten energy shows. a member of travis's team tells security guards about the anticipated rowdy fans ahead of one of his shows. >> the pressure becomes very great up against the barricade. you will see a lot of crowd surfers and kids trying to get out to safety. you won't know how bad it will be with a crowd until we turn out. >> reporter: in the past scott has faced legal trouble for egging on fans at his shows. in 2018 he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after police say he encouraged people to rush the stage at one of his shows. two other misdemeanor charges including inciting a riot were dismissed. in 2015 scott pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge after he encouraged fans to rush the
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stage. in houston a criminal investigation is now underway according to police for urging concert goers to contact them if they have information to share. the medical examiner's office also seeking help identifying this man, one of the victims in this tragedy. rosa flores, cnn, houston. and i do want to show you a chaotic scene just a few hours after that deadly crush. it happened when people started to enter the park. a mob of mostly young people shoved and crashed their way through the entrances destroying the metal detectors and barricades and overwhelming the few security officers posted there. this local news reporter saw it all happen. >> we were heading in through the vip security area and we saw the crowds running across the pedestrian bridge from the nrg stadium parking lot to the other side of cushing. the security guards who were checking our bags knew what was
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coming and pulled all of us to the side. seconds later you see what happened. hundreds of people rushed through the checkpoint trampling one another, tore down the metal detectors. they were falling and stomping on each other. it was chaos. a few were handcuffed. he told the security officer he really wanted to be inside this festival so bad which led me to believe many people did not have tickets, tickets to astro world sold out within hours of going on sale several months ago and that was before people even knew what the lineup was. >> and that report from our affiliate ktrk. president joe biden is fresh off a major victory in congress. lawmakers passed his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill on friday. it includes investments to the nation's water and energy systems, roads, bridges and broadband infrastructure. passage of the bill came after
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weeks of delays and mayor a thorn negotiations on capitol hill. now the president faces an even heavier lift, convincing enough lawmakers to pass his social spending bill. arlitt saenz has more. >> reporter: president biden is hitting the road to promote the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure bill. he will travel to baltimore on wednesday where he's expected to talk about the ways the bill will improve the nation's port as well as issues relating to the supply chain. while the white house is taking this victory lap when it comes to the infrastructure bill, they also have a long road ahead on the larger social safety net spending bill that they're hoping to get passed in the coming weeks. they are waiting for the cbo score which they are waiting to analyze. the moderates have said they will vote for the larger package no later than the week of
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november 15th. we'll see if they keep their word on that. once they pass the bill, it needs to move onto the senate. joe manchin wants to see changes to the bill. one thing manchin takes issue with is the inclusion of paid family leave. take a listen to white house chief of staff who expressed confidence the bill still will pass acknowledging there will be changes. take a listen. >> i think the bill will pass the house when the house comes back. i'm sure the senate will make changes. that's the way the legislative process works. we will get a version through to law. >> reporter: as for the bipartisan signing, he will invite republicans and democrats who worked together to get the bill across the finish line. even be as they are celebrating that win, the white house still has a long road ahead when it
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comes to the larger spending bill they're hoping to get passed in the next few weeks. arlitt saenz, cnn, the white house. although passage of the bill is a win, it exposed deep divisions among democratic islands. i asked whether that will harm democrats moving forward. here's what he told me. >> there's an old saying, winning solves everything. but does it? and does it last? you can't paper over some of the deep fault lines in the democratic party. between the moderates on the one hand and the progressives, they were openly fighting and there's the threat of open warfare. they came together and the question is can biden get the two sides to pull theiroars in the same direction. on the big spending bill, he got
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a few republican votes. he'll have a tougher time with the social spending. public fights within a party, within a family, they can be ugly and the democrats have a history of when trying to be a governing party they tend to form into a circular firing squad. biden's job is to get them to pull their oars in the same direction. herculean if he does it. u.s. vice president kamala harris is heading to france this week hoping to mend america's strained relationship with its oldest ally. harris will meet with emmanuel macron on wednesday. they temporarily recalled their ambassador. that deal ended france's agreement to build diesel powered submarine for australia.
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it's crunch time for critical climate talks in glasgow as the cop26 summit enters the final week. former u.s. president barack obama will be delivering remarks in the coming hours. he's expected to focus on the progress since the 2015 paris agreement which the u.s. signed on to under the obama administration. cnn's phil black joins us now live from glasgow. good to see you, phil. so a day of solutions ahead and former u.s. president barack obama will be speaking. what all can we expect to come out of this day and of course this final week. >> reporter: rosemary, barack obama's appearance here is a reminder what they all signed up to when they clapped and cheered the paris agreement in 2015 which is limiting global temperature warming to an average 1.5 degrees. this is a reminder how
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desperately short they are falling in terms of living up to that intention, to that promise. the final week will be after a short stock taking period, a desperate sprint to the deadline to try and close the many wide gaps that exist across a range of issues, but emissions cuts and the shortages there remains the core issue. how to get them on a credible path to achieving what the science says is necessary. to refloekting the time frame, the very limited time frame the science points to as well. crucially there are still a number of countries that are not acting quickly in the short term because a number of countries have come in to this conference promising to hit net carbon zero by the middle of the century. very few countries presenting detailed credible plans about just how they're going to achieve that. countries such as brazil, china, mexico, these are countries that have indicated they're not going to change their behavior before
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2030. persuading them to do so will be a core focus of this final stretch. realistically they are not going to overhaul their positions so, therefore, what this conference will set about achieving and perhaps will relatively be judged in terms of success or failure will be whether or not it can revise a mechanism or process whereby countries will come together at shorter intervals to review the commitments they are making. this is the first such review. there is a broad agreement that says things are simply too urgent. time is too short. we can't wait another five years for the countries to come together again and have another go at this. it needs to happen much sooner. there is a push to perhaps make it happen every two years, even every year. the hope is with that urgency, that frequency there can become a greater sense of momentum, that ambition can be ramped up and that goal, that dream of achieving a 1.5 average limit on
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temperature increase, that that can still somehow be achieved. rosemary? >> phil black in glasgow, scotland, many thanks. earlier i spoke with mike masslynn, professor of science at university of london. i asked him what's been achieved so far. >> first thing is we've had three big announcements in the first week, which has been really intelligent. the first one is the one to end deforestation completely by 2030 signed by most of the major nations. we've had two big calling outs, one is stopping funding and others country pledging to phase out coal, which is really good. the big one which was the 30% reduction in methane emissions which is a powerful greenhouse gas by 2030.
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the interesting thing is you can put all of those together and the countries deliver all of the things they promise. we can keep temperature to 1.8, 1.9 degrees above pre-industrial times. >> that was professor mark maslin joining me a short time ago. join us with the first ever call to earth day, wednesday, november 10th. cnn is partnering with schools, individuals and organizations around the world to raise awareness of environmental issues. it will be a day of action, dedicated conservation, environmentalism and sustainability. follow us online and on tv and follow #calltoearth on social media. more people in the u.s. are eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. the new federal vaccine mandate has run into legal trouble. plus, a day many people have wanted to see for a long time. the u.s. is open to fully
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president biden is touting a turning point in the fight against the coronavirus now that 28 million children are eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. last week the food & drug administration authorized pfizer's vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old and another hopeful milestone, antiviral pills could be on the way. pfizer says its new experimental pill could reduce the risk of death or hospitalization by 89%. merck is also testing its own pill which could reduce the risk by 50%. the biden administration's plan to ensure more people get vaccinated has hit a snag. a federal court has temporarily blocked the vaccine requirement for large employers, certain health care workers and federal contractors. republican-led states and private businesses filed the lawsuit arguing the mandate is
1:21 am
unconstitutional. loyola law school professor jessica levenson says the court's reasoning for the black lacks standing. take a listen. >> the reasoning i think amounted to about four paragraphs here and they basically said we have grave concerns about the statutory and constitutional authority. that's not the reasoning you need to use in order to issue a stay. we've known for centuries what type of reasoning or at least for decades what type of reasoning you need. you need to show the people challenging the law saying we need the stay are going to face irreparable harm. you need to show that they're likely to succeed on the merits of the case. you need to show that the people who are defending against the stay, what type of harm will they face and you need to look at the public interest. the court didn't engage in any of those inquiries. this is a decision that i hate to say is it was made by three
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judges, we have concerns and they issued a stay and they did not go through the proper legal process or analysis. >> that was law professor jessica levenson speaking to me earlier. nfl hall-of-famer terry bradshaw is slamming aaron rodgers and dishing out some advice for him. don't lie. the steelers legend is calling out the green bay packers quarterback for misleading fans into believing he was vaccinated. rodgers, who has tested positive for covid, and missed sunday's game said back in august that he was immunized. bradshaw spoke out on a pre-game show from the u.s. naval academy. >> i'd give aaron rodgers some advice. it would have been nice if he had come to the naval academy and learned how to be honest. >> yeah. >> learned not to lie because that's what you did, aaron. you lied to everyone. we are a divided nation
1:23 am
politically. we are divided on the covid-19 whether not to take the vaccine and unfortunately we've got players who only think of themselves and i'm extremely disappointed in the actions of aaron rodgers. >> a powerful message there and the packers missed rodgers sunday. know struggled to score and lost to the kansas city chiefs 13-7. the u.s. is reopening its borders to fully vaccinated international travelers ending a ban on foreign visitors that lasted months. the changes went into effect along the u.s. land borders overnight. the new rules also impact international travelers arriving at u.s. air ports. cnn's priscilla alvarez has a closer look. >> reporter: the united states is reopening its borders to non-essential travel after more than 19 months of restrictions. travelers crossing for non-essential purposes will now have to show proof of vaccination via digital or
1:24 am
paper. as far as what vaccines the united states is accepting, they say they will admit fda or w.h.o. authorized vaccines. children under 18 will be exempt from the vaccination requirements and covid-19 tests will not be required. u.s. customs and border protection is anticipating large travel volumes and wait times as this kicks into gear. the overall consensus is this is a positive development as they look to boost their economy after the toll of the coronavirus pandemic on their communities. priscilla alvarez, cnn at the u.s./mexico border. and for more we want to bring in selma abdul aziz. vaccinated people able to travel to the u.s.
1:25 am
what numbers are we talking about? how is this going to work considering cases are going back up in your part of the world right now? >> reporter: absolutely, rosemary. massively welcome news after a 20-month ban. nonamerican, vaccinated people from the e.u. and u.k. can travel to the united states. this policy went into place under president trump. european officials have been seeking reciprocity from the united states. the u.k. allowed american travelers back in from july. the e.u. recommended they could come back from june. finally you're seeing that back and forth in the relationship between the european region and the united states. for those passengers traveling, they will have to show that proof of vaccination. any w.h.o. approved vaccination will be accepted. they will have to show a negative covid test taken within three days before their departure. this means families can finally be reunited. friends can be reunited and
1:26 am
friends can resume a big boost. airliners warning of huge, huge waiting times and an influx in passengers. delta saying please be patient with us. there could be long delays at airports. virgin atlantic predicting six times as many passengers to the united states. united airlines seeing a 50% surge in travel but this does come at a sensitive time. we are seeing a surge across the region. germany recording the highest infection rates yet. the world health organization warning the european region could be the epicenter, up to half a million deaths potentially due to the virus this winter. very concerning time. what you're seeing here is officials moving towards normalizing living with this virus, which means showing that proof of vaccination, taking the test, having these precautions in place but accepting that the virus is still very much out there, rosemary.
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>> all right. selma abdel azeez joining us live from london at gat wick airport. we appreciate it. much more to come on the news regarding the botched assassination attempt. thousands rallied to support ethiopia's government. and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast. for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief* gold bond champion your skin
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an attendee who said he was trampled is seeking more than a million dollars. entertainment company live nation and the concert promoter score more were also named in the suit. the eight people who died included teenagers as young as 14 and 16 years old. scott said on social media that he's devastated and could not have imagined the severity of the situation. the sold out astro world festival was so tightly packed that when audience members were pushed towards the stage, some say they were crushed to the point that they could not breathe. here's how they're describing the terrifying experience. >> definitely was traumatizing. i've never been in such chaos, so unorganized, people slamming into me. it was really hell. it was really hell. >> you could feel everybody pushing up behind you. you couldn't move your arms.
1:32 am
you couldn't breathe. it was like you were seeing the back of really tall people's heads. there was like 15, 20 minutes we weren't in control of our bodies. we were moving with the wave of the people and it was very claustrophobic. >> i got separated from my friends and i got pushed in the middle. when each song was going on i saw two people, they were literally behind me with a whistle. they were like, it's a dead body, move out the way. it's a dead body. >> earlier houston's mayor spoke about the state of the investigation. >> we want to look at every single detail looking at the site plans, the security plans talking with the producers of this concert live nation. we want to visit with as many witness bes so if people have any information, please call that information into the houston police department. we are waiting for the medical examiner's report, but that is a question. we want to know what happened.
1:33 am
how it happened. and to make sure that we have all of the details such that this will not happen again. >> and he went on to say the investigation will probably take weeks if not longer. a trial here in the u.s. state of georgia continues today for three men accused of murdering ahmed ar bury. ar bury was out for a jog in brunswick, georgia, when he was shot and killed. in her opening statement friday the lead prosecutor said they followed, cornered, fatally shot arbery without evidence he did anything wrong. >> all three of these defendants did everything they did based on assumptions. not on facts, not on evidence, on assumptions. they made decisions in their driveways based on those assumptions that took a young
1:34 am
man's life and that is why we are here. how do you know this was an attack on mr. arbery? michael said it perfectly. mr. arbery was trapped like a rat. that's what he told the police. trapped like a rat. >> meantime, the defense argued their clients, gregory mcmichael, travis micmichael an william brian jr. were acting in self-defense. they suspected arbery burglarized a home in their neighborhood. >> it's tragic that ahmed arbery lost his life but at that point travis mcmichael is acting in self-defense. he did not want to encounter ahmed arbery physically. he was only trying to stop him for the police. >> the why it happened is what
1:35 am
this case is about. this case turns on intent, belief, knowledge, reasons for those believes. whether they were true or not. were there good reasons to believe them? >> and deciding their fate, a nearly all white jury. 11 white jurors and one black juror. prosecutors have accused defense attorneys of disproportionately striking black jurors and the judge actually agreed. well, china's ruling communist party is kicking off a four day plenary session. president xi jinping is set to tighten his power. the party is expected to adopt a document that will likely place him on the same level.
1:36 am
steven jung joins us now. tell us how significant that is in china. >> reporter: rosemary, president xi jinping's real power derives from the top position within the chinese communist party. that's why we're watching this conclave of people, mostly old men because of the top down power structure in this one party power system. this is the world's biggest ruling party with over 95 million members but what really matters here is the central committee. that's what's meeting here behind closed doors. when you go up from there, the numbers quickly become even much smaller culminating in the seven person politburo committee. it's the country's top decision making body and that's been dominated by one man, xi jinping. this is happening at a time when
1:37 am
xi jinping continues to reassert a party's dominance in every aspect of chinese society, not just politics including foreign policy and military, but also the economy and even people's private life. now for the weeks and months they have been relentlessly touting xi's power and using extravagant means saying they will pass the resolution on the party history. this may not sound very exciting to most people, but previously this had only happened guys in the party's 100 year history. both occasions it cemented the supremacy of the party's leader at the time. now only for a third time xi jinping which would mean from this point onward, questions for him and his party are party
1:38 am
harrisy. this is to pave the way for him to seek an almost unprecedented third term as the party's supreme leader a year from now allowing him to continue to dominate not only chinese politics but the world's future. iraq's prime minister is vowing to pursue his would-be killers after surviving an assassination attempt on friday. he convened an extraordinary cabinet meeting following the botched hit job at his residence in baghdad's green zone. so far no claim for responsibility which reportedly had two drones. a top african union representative traveled to the capitol of ethiopia's tigre region looking for a way to resolve the conflict between the
1:39 am
central government and rebel alliance. meantime, this was the scene where thousands rallied and supported the government and against rebel groups and what they're calling foreign interference. cnn's david mckenzie joins us live from johannesburg, south africa. david, dozens of south government protestors rejecting things where it stands and what are you learning about efforts and a solution for this? >> reporter: efforts to try and calm the situation which looked like it could descend in a full blown civil war, that is the main thrust, the main intense thrust by the international community over the weekend and into today. you have an ongoing meeting of the peace and security council of the african union which is, of course, based here. they are a representative to the horn of africa.
1:40 am
they were in tigre to speak to a rebel of the tplf to calm the situation. both sides appear not to be backing down. the military state of affairs is unclear. earlier in the week the rebel groups from the tdf were relatively close and caught some by surprise by taking two major towns, if possibly temporarily. now you have these very large pro government protests and signs of support in the main square on sunday. you had people with signs, many written in english meant for the international community and the media. many criticizing the coverage. the government has called the coverage alarmist. then you look at some of the things they'd be doing. there has been a state of emergency put in place to allow broad powers of arrest and c
1:41 am
conscription has started. voluntary call to take up arms and come back to the military. this is not a sign of an overly confident prime minister abbe to hang on to power. it is a symbolic push to say he believes his people or those in the capitol at the very least and other parts of the country are willing to fight back and to say they don't want to be taken over by the tplf and others who helped rule the country for many decades. where this goes now, that depends on the discussions with the diplomats, but at this stage neither side have shoni concrete signs of getting to the negotiating table. rosemary? >> david mckenzie, many thanks for that. appreciate it. some news coming into cnn. nicaragua's president daniel owe
1:42 am
sta ortega looks to be re-elected. it's reported mr. ortega won 70% of ballots counted to date. the country's long-time president is defending his country's election a among the people. his government is being slammed for stifling the competition in the lead up to the vote. dozens of critics were detained including seven who were likely presidential candidates.nicaragn electric fas. they dressed as clowns saying sub's election was a circus. still to come, the u.k. is ramping up its push for covid
1:43 am
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and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at officials in the u.k. are urging covid boosters to avoid restrictions this christmas. it comes as case numbers are starting to decline in the u.k. after surging for weeks. the country is still averaging more than 30,000 new infections a day, and the health secretary says getting booster shots to as many eligible brittains as possible is the best way to avoid new restrictions. so far more than 10 million people in the u.k. have received
1:47 am
a booster dose. meanwhile, other parts of europe are still struggling to beat back the latest covid surge. on monday germany's infection rate hit a new high with 15,000 infections in the past 24 hours n. austria they have quadrupled in the last month forcing them to crack down on covid rules. starting monday unvaccinated customers will be banned from restaurants, hotels and large events. iceland is also tightening its covid rules as new infections approach record highs. the average number of new cases has more than doubled in the last month alone. and for more we're joined now by cnn's nina does santos in london. good to see you. europe is at the epicenter of this pandemic. what went wrong? what is the advice here? >> reporter: well, some
1:48 am
uncherished people might say it's empathy. government will say things were looking brighter a few months ago, more and more people are getting vaccinated and that people wanted their lives back and as a result travel restrictions were loosened. mask wearing was no longer obligatory and more and more people had seemingly developed an immunity to covid-19 thanks to having two vaccinations. now we know people are spending more time indoors as it's getting colder. that means there's a greater risk of the virus circ can you lating. there's also concerns immunity is starting to wane. this is what they were warning about on the television just yesterday saying particularly among the elderly populations. there's evidence immunity can be lasting six months and that's behind the big push for booster shots that's happening more in the u.k. with 10 people seeing the figures.
1:49 am
many more woke up to text messages saying they were eligible for a booster shot this morning and to call in and book one in as soon as possible. all of this as they are desperately trying to reduce any lockdown measures ahead of christmas. across europe where unlike the u.k., it's a situation where 80 or 90% of the population is vaccinated. in france it's 68%. germany, 69%. they are concerned about this population in east germany there is a massive fourth wave of the pandemic causing a lot of hospital beds to be blocked. that's the concern they have that the health system could get overwhelmed as we head into the winter when of course the seasonal flu virus starts to circulate as well. we didn't have the risk of that twin dem mick happening this time because people are still social distancing but that is no longer the case. just to update you, obviously iceland tightening restrictions. austria tightening restrictions.
1:50 am
dealing with massive waves of the pandemic that have brought the infection levels up to the peak. this is why this region is set to meet by the w.h.o. in the epicenter of the fourth wave of covid-19. rosemary? >> certainly a wake-up call to all of us. n nina dos santos. >> an atmospheric river, we will explain what that means s when come back.
1:51 am
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if you're in the eastern u.s., enjoy the warm weather while you can because it won't last long. meteorologist pedram javaheri has the latest. >> good morning, rosemary. the conditions have been somewhat chilly but we have to start off across the western and northwestern united states. another atmospheric river pattern shaping up across the region. that means moisture is directed towards this region at an incredible rate over the next several days. in fact, through tuesday afternoon and tuesday night amid several bouts of heavy rainfall and some significant snowfall especially when you climb up above say 3,000 feet here. could see as much as 8 inches or
1:55 am
more, portions of the northern sierra. areas close to oregon, close to washington. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall over the next 48 to 72 hours. the areas have seen burns and burn scars. will see significant flooding. the system comes in as considerable winds. could see winds close to hurricane force as the system moves ashore. now across the eastern united states, very chilly in the morning hours across really a large area of the eastern united states. frontal boundary on approach and in advance of it we are sending in southerly air. if you're tuned in on the midwestern u.s., on the northern fringe of this you're getting some warmth surging in. look at st. louis, spring like temperatures into the middle 70s. chicago at 66 degrees even as far north as minneapolis flirting with the 60 degree mark. going to be short lived here. dramatic shift towards, as you expected this time of year, cold air does dive farther south by the time we get into this
1:56 am
weekend. over the next several days gradual cooling trend down to the middle 50s. atlanta down to the 60s and in washington, enjoy it. maybe we'll have final runs here at 70 degrees before we drop it down close to 50 degrees. rosemary? >> good advice, pedram. makes sense. it's always news when moose, yes, moose are on the loose. this big guy was galloping towards a touchdown at south dakota state university's football field. then the animal ambled calmly out an open gate and was hearde out of town. in sasskatoon, another moose ambled around. thanks so much for your company. i'm rosemary church. have yourselves a wonderful day. "early start" is coming up next. you're watching cnn.
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with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. a deadly stampede at a concert in houston. now a criminal investigation. and a new report that rapper travis scott was warned about crowd control. for the first time in almost two years, the united states open to international travelers. vaccinations required. and the white house is standing by a vaccine mandate for up to 100 million workers after a federal court put it on hold. hello there, everyone. it is monday, november 8th. 5 a.m.


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