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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 8, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. a deadly stampede at a concert in houston. now a criminal investigation. and a new report that rapper travis scott was warned about crowd control. for the first time in almost two years, the united states open to international travelers. vaccinations required. and the white house is standing by a vaccine mandate for up to 100 million workers after a federal court put it on hold. hello there, everyone. it is monday, november 8th. 5 a.m. here in north.
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thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. we have reports from houston, london, delaware and istanbul. we begin overnight with breaking news in the tragic stampede that killed eight people at a concert in texas. "the new york times" reports the houston police visited rapper travis scott in his trailer before the show to discuss the crowd. a source tells the times the chief told scott he was worried. >> yeah, that's right. they know each other personally. a criminal investigation is now underway. 50,000 people including scores of young fans were there friday excited for live music again after the event was canceled last year during the pandemic, of course. then within 15 minutes of the rapper starting his set the crowd began to crush towards the front of the stage. >> once travis scott came out, about 45 minutes before his set
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is when i knew things were getting a little bit edgier. it was definitely getting pretty tight and i knew anyone who was a smaller person was going to be definitely struggling to breathe and maintain their space. it was definitely chaos. about midway through is when i started to notice some circles forming giving cpr erratically. i saw a lot of distraught faces and it was definitely a very scary time. >> now it's not clear what travis scott could actually see from the stage or whether he was aware of the tragedy unfolding before him. reports suggest at times though he paused during the concert seeming to acknowledge something was off, like when the ambulance showed up. he continued to perform for nearly 40 minutes after the first reports of injuries. this plus crowd control problems at the same event back in 2019 have the rapper under intense scrutiny this morning. >> the first lawsuit has been filed by a concert goer. it claims travis scott, live nation, concert promoters failed
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to plan and conduct in a safe manner. rosa flores has more from houston. >> reporter: laura, christine, this is a concert crowd stampede or crowd compression that is now a criminal investigation. this after the houston police department announced that a security officer on scene felt a prick in his neck. he went unconscious. he was administered narcan and he was revived. he's not the only one who was administered narcan at the scene. now as for the time line, according to authorities on friday at about 9:15 the crowd started to compress towards the stage. well, by 9:38 authorities say that this had turned into a mass casualty event with one officer describing the scene as multiple people on the ground needing attention, some of them in cardiac arrest. >> once travis started to perform. someone as tiny as me, i'm 5'2",
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6 foot tall people in front of mewo not let me through. >> i've never seen nothing like this before. never, ever. it was one of the craziest experiences of my life. >> i've always been towards the front of a concert and, yes, it gets tight but i've never been feeling like i'm going to pass out. >> during the ages now, 14 to 27 and two of them being 21 and myself being 21, i just feel immense sadness. >> it could have been me. it could have been anyone we were with and it could have been someone who was close to us especially that young of an age, how could that even happen? >> reporter: other individuals say they were more towards the back. they left not even realizing that this had turned into a tragedy. now live nation, the festival and travis scott issuing statements saying they are heart broken and they are cooperating with the authorities.
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listen. >> my fans mean the world to me. i want to leave them with a positive experience. any time i can make out anything that's going on, you know, i stop the show and, you know, help them get the help they need, you know? i could just never imagine the severity of the situation. >> reporter: eight people died between the ages of 14 and 27. here are some of their names. 21-year-old fraco pitino. 27-year-old danish bade. 16-year-old brianna rodriguez and john hilgert, a 9th grader at memorial high school. the investigation continues. laura, christine? >> rosa flores, thank you so much for that. this morning a big step in the pandemic recovery. the united states is reopening the borders to fully vaccinated
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travelers after 20 months. we are live with the very latest. selma, a lot of happy travelers this morning. >> reporter: absolutely, laura. very welcome news here. as you said, it's been almost a year and a half since non-americans could travel to the united states from the e.u. and the u.k. all of that now changing as long as you are fully vaccinated, you can show that proof of vaccination. world health organization approved vaccines and all passengers must have a negative test before departure. it gave reciprocity they were looking forward to. the eu recommended they come back. since july. so officials have been pushing for the resumption of that trans atlantic relationship through travel. we're hearing from airliners they are expecting a huge surge. delta telling people to be patient, there could be long
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lines. united airlines saying they could see 50% more travelers to the u.s. virgin atlantic preventing six times the number of travelers. potentially there are some concerns, laura. this is a period in time in which we're seeing a surge of cases across the european region. the world health organization has warned that the european region could be the epicenter of the covid pandemic. this year see as many as half a million deaths. germany reporting some of the highest infection rates the country has seen today. a lot of concern about the rise in coronavirus numbers. u.s. travelers, officials alongside both sides, as long as you have the vaccination status, this is a virus we can live with and see families, friends and businesses resume, laura. >> selma abdel azeez live from london. thank you. a federal appeals court temporarily blocking the vaccine
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mandate for private employers. 27 states are suing saying it's unconstitutional. jasmine white traveling with the president. the white house not backing down saying the vaccine mandates are the right thing even though states are challenging them. >> reporter: you put it perfectly, christine. the white house is not backing down. administration officials yesterday took to the sunday shows taking turns to really defend the rule that applies to private companies with 100 employers or more. health care workers and certain federal contractors. remember, the rule states that these folks who fit into the categories must be vaccinated or stick to monthly testing. over the last few months, they and the president himself has touted the success they've seen calling it another tool in their tool kit and trying to get this pandemic under control. they have seen vaccine levels among the private sector rise
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after putting the voluntary mandates in place. they do not want to lose this progress. yesterday on nbc chief of staff ron clay said he was confident that the courts would uphold this rule. take a listen. >> these vaccine requirements have been lit at this gating up and down the courts all across the country. every single court before this one ruled they were valid. >> the president and the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think they were appropriate and necessary and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. >> reporter: so, laura, as we heard murthy say, that defense is going to be mounted today. they gave them until 5 p.m. today to respond. the court did not say whether it was a national stay or to those who joined the lawsuit.
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meaning the implications of this case could be profound. second, the administration announced that this would take effect on january 4th. as we all know, there is a buffer time between when you actually get the shots and when you are considered fully vaccinated. the amount depends on which vaccine you get. time here is not unlimited but yesterday chief of staff said he thought this would be well lit at this gated as they hoped to get this thing under raps, get their arguments in so they can get back to this case and get back to focusing on how to get the country past the pandemic. >> certainly good news over the weekend, last week on the economy. definitely want to get people vaccinated so the economy can really fully get back to normal. nice to see you. thank you, jasmine. first to this story. defense, health care, energy and
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technology successfully breached by foreign hackers. at least one of those organizations is in the united states. a specific hacker has not been identified here but the tactics are similar to a suspicious chinese hacker. u.s. cyber officials issued sweeping directives for federal agencies to update their systems. 11 minutes past the hour. a new approach to war. adversaries using drones. the iraqi prime minister narrowly survives an attempt on his life. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a momountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else,
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welcome back. iraq's prime minister vowing now
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to pursue those behind an assassination attempt. he survived an attack sunday by drones armed with bombs targeting his baghdad residence. what's the latest here? >> reporter: laura, this is one of the most brazen attacks we have ever seen, targeting an iraqi official. according to the security officials, they say two drones laidened with explosives on sunday. their forces shot down one of the drones but a second one struck the residence of the prime minister. he was returning to his home at that point. we've seen images. substantial damage really. seven members of his security detail were injured. the prime minister escaped unharmed. he vowed to bring to justice those who are responsible for the attack. it's unclear how he's going to do that. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack,
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but the use of drones in these sort of attacks as we have seen in the past and recently, this has always been blamed on the iranian backed shia militias in the past. they have targeted u.s. bases in iraq and in syria. we have seen statements on sunday coming from these different iranian backed shia militia groups denying any responsibility here and claiming that this was some sort of a foreign plot to implicate them. the iraqi government says he is investigating the incident but to put it all into context of what has been going on in iraq, tensions have been rising since the october 10th elections there. the parties that are backing the iranian groups acted badly. they refuse to accept the results of the election. they claim there is fraud. their supporters have been
2:18 am
protesting in baghdad for weeks. on friday we saw these protests turn violent as they tried to storm the green zone. security forces. one protestor was killed. they blamed the iraqi group and the prime minister and they vowed revenge. the government, laura, has tried to avoid confrontation with these groups in the past. i mean, at this point it's going to be a very critical moment for them. they're going to have to deal with this especially with iraq's democracy and the processes. >> thank you for staying on top of this for us. commitments at the historic climate summit may be too late for parts of europe that washed away this summer. cnn will take you there ahead. tm shine like never before. ♪ ♪ ♪
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look at markets around the world. you can see asian shares. europe is open. and wall street stock index futures also mixed. the stock market begins at record highs. you can credit that very strong jobs data on friday. this morning news from pfizer on the covid pill. the dow closed up 200 points. s&p and nasdaq also record highs there. the nasdaq is on a 10-day winning streak. welcome sign hiring roaring back in october. companies added back another 531,000 jobs. look at this, even that summer lull in hiring because of the delta variant was not as bad as feared. look at the revisions here. the government revised higher september and august job growth.
2:24 am
you add that with the october picture, it's something like 700, almost 800,000 new jobs. it adds to the picture of a booming new economy bouncing back from a pandemic crash. better news may be ahead, believe it or not. they expect 1 million new jobs in the months ahead. the key to pulling in workers off the sidelines, wages are rising. they're up almost 5%. key information comes this week on inflation. that's the other important side of the strong economy story. american airlines offering flight attendants as much as triple pay during the holidays to avoid mass cancellation. those with perfect attendance through early january. they canceled hundreds of flights due to flight attendant staffing shortages. covid exhaustion. taking the focus off a kbroeg economy. how this is shifting public sentiment.
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2:30 am
friday night's deadly stampede at the astro world festival. the houston police chief visited rapper travis scott to warn him about the crowd where eight people were killed. the united states reopening the borders to vaccinated foreign travelers. they can now enter the u.s. all while europe is the epicenter of the pandemic approaching record case levels. suspected foreign hackers breaching five areas including defense, energy, health care. one of the organizations is in the u.s. no idea on the hackers but the pattern fits a group based in china. today jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial is expected to hear from someone he shot. they're expected to wrap up as early as tomorrow. three ivy league schools targeted with bomb threats on sunday. trying to determine if there's a link between these threats. brown, cornell, could he lum
2:31 am
because yeah all forced to evacuate buildings. the reining nba champions milwaukee bucks will be at the white house. this monday morning, big picture on the economy. strong. the jobs report may be even stronger months ahead for jobs growth. wages are rising 85% is the number we're looking at here. record high home prices. record high stock values. look at this, since the crash in 2020 stocks have doubled in some cases. there's more savings in the bank than ever before, but the biden white house confronts a big contradiction. americans are souring on the economy. neil irwin captures it well. americans are in a better financial position than they have been in many years. they also believe the economy is in terrible shape. the reasons seem to be tied to psychology of inflation and the ways people assess their
2:32 am
economic well-being as well as the rising prices shortages have. it may be shaped by the psychological scars of the pandemic. one manifestation of this being an era of exhaustion, laura. there was an ap poll that said the economy was not doing well. we continue to get the good news about the economic recovery. inflation is a big part of that story. when you pay more for gas every week do you notice you're paying higher prices? >> yeah. >> both things can be true. the economy can be recovering but there's a worry that economic growth goes to the top 5% of families and that you need to still be making investments in your working class so that everyone benefits when the economy recovers. >> that's why the feeling of it may not be evenly distributed. all of this and more ahead. president biden has momentum now and vindication after a
2:33 am
much-needed political win. the infrastructure package passed with bipartisan support, a rare thing in congress. it's an historic federal effort to repair roads, airports, bridges, railroads with more funding set for broadband in rural areas. the bill's passage with good news could give biden a push for the next phase of his agenda. >> a big life changing social spending bill and overhaul of taxes and more dollars for climate initiatives all taking place in a run up to mid term elections. biden badly needed a win after months battered by the pandemic. all of that led up to last week's election whether this is a fit. >> time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in cnn white house correspond department john harwood. good monday morning for you. the president got a bill.
2:34 am
he got one bill passed. he's got more in the cue here. what does this mean for the social spending plan. the larger remake from cradle to grave as we say? >> reporter: they've still got to put that over the finish line and the issues remain, which is a handful of moderates in the house and a couple in the senate have resisted certain elements. the price tag, the contours in some ways but it does appear they've achieved a significant amount of momentum in bringing those talks to a close and that's what allowed those progressives who have been eager to get both parts of biden's agenda, just like joe biden is, decided that we're not going to hold up that infrastructure bill. 90 out of 96 of them voted to pass it. did get some republicans to put it over the finish line. now there will be an intense focus on getting the climate and social spending package across the finish line. as you were just talking about a
2:35 am
minute ago, at a time when people are fatigued and have decided their lives have not improved as much as those at the top of the economic recovery, that will have a couple of effects for them. one is some of the direct spending, child tax credits, child care subsidies, health care subsidies in the bigger bill but also once you get that done, the administration can full throttle focus on the pandemic. of course they've been doing that all along, but getting the pandemic under control is the key to getting some of that supply chain issues worked out and dealing with some of those inflationary effects which are hurting people and souring their mood. >> you know, that bill passed both bills of congress. this is done bagan. listen. >> i believe infrastructure should be a republican issue and
2:36 am
we should capitalize on that. i don't think this is a perfect bill . >> infrastructure is something that's been on the agenda for a long time. donald trump tried to move it. roads, bridges, broadband are all things that are extremely popular in the district. some of the republicans thought if they did support that, that will get away energy.
2:37 am
that's why progressives tried to hold up the infrastructure bill, trying to get it all done. it does look as if biden is confident that he can get it done. he's gotten tentative commitments from the moderates to go along and we'll see whether they can deliver on the commitments. >> you had an interesting interview with congresswoman pramila jayapal who heads the progressive wing of the party. you wrote about how they have been pushing their fellow members to go further than they might otherwise but also working within the system in ways that perhaps, you know, factions haven't in the past. think about the freedom caucus. what else did she tell you? >> well, pramila jayapal is somebody who's had an interesting role in this fight. 96 members of the progressive caucus, as i indicated, they are fully aligned with president biden's priorities. a lot of times we think of -- when you think of the term
2:38 am
moderate about a member of congress, you assume that that is where the center of gravity is in terms of getting an agenda through in congress. in a closely divided congress very polarized and you need to get the mainstream and the entire party behind it. they are aligned with biden. they are saying we don't know if we want to spend that much money. we don't know if it's going to add to the deficit. we don't know if some of the social spending plans are good for the american economy long term but jayapal in this instance, there are some things she wants a lot more, say single payer health care system, medicare for all, wants more for joe biden. this is not that moment. this is the moment where they are aligned with the white house, they are working together trying to advance this agenda and it's not easy to do when you need nearly every single person in your party to line up. they're giving it a try. >> let me ask you quickly, how
2:39 am
long will it take to get that transportation money flowing, to get this infrastructure spending flowing. when will americans start to see it, before mid term? >> reporter: they'll see some of it. it's not going to have a dramatic economic effect. some of these are long term projects. in the $1.2 trillion bill, half of it is new money, half is continuation of the existing highway program. some are ongoing. what you are doing with this is preventing them interest stopping. if the highway bill collapsed, you have projects in midstream that would just stop. this keeps those going. it adds new ones. some of those will be visible but they will be made more visible by members of congress who are going to go around cutting ribbons on projects and things that deal with headaches a lot of voters have. that's something that as a matter of communication will be very helpful for both the administration and those members of congress. >> yeah. people want to see the effects of this right away.
2:40 am
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including in germany and the netherlands. cnn's phil black traveled there for a closer look. >> reporter: germany's r valley is striking and surreal. soaring steep slopes covered with vineyards. we see the river flowing gently, more like a stream, but everywhere there is evidence of
2:45 am
its unpredictable power. in july the water here swelled suddenly violently swallowing homes and businesses in just a few hours. extreme rain devastated communities throughout this region of europe killing more than 200 people. this video was taken from the top floor of a hotel and restaurant. >> here was the kitchen. the restaurant there. >> reporter: today much of that century's old building is gone. the damage was so great it had to be torn down. >> a lot of people are selling their houses already. climate change, this is the result. >> reporter: scientists later determined this rare flooding event was made more likely by climate change. the waters of the valley flow north through germany and eventually into the netherlands. low lying country with several
2:46 am
years of experience building dikes and holding backwater. >> if we want to protect ourselves by dikes, then on a daily basis about half of the country can flood. >> reporter: hans has realized dikes alone aren't enough. huge floods in the mid '90s together with some of the earliest warnings of climate change inspired what was then revolutionary thinking. what if you could just let the rivers flow. let the water find its own space. >> we believe that giving space to the river which means that you can accommodate more water without raising the level, then the damage can be controlled much better. >> reporter: the result is called room for rivers, a vast long-term project reshaping the land to accommodate the extreme weather that goes with climate change. dikes have been lowered so lands
2:47 am
can flood more easily. some are allowing water to take over transforming farm land to lakes and marches. homes and businesses have been knocked down with only some rebuilt on huge mounds designed to sit above the worst floods. >> when the water comes, it takes the rest of the land. >> it takes the rest of the land. >> reporter: the project has grown with greater understanding about the changing climate but it's only possible through great selflessness. people have given up their land to absorb flooding so riverside towns and areas will be saved. the water is right there? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: annika used to live near a farm. that is now a lake and flood plain. embracing the project. watching friends and neighbors leave has not been easy. >> it's so complex. >> reporter: because you know others have made sacrifices? >> yes. yes. i saw the tears and the crying. yes, it broke my heart, you
2:48 am
know. this makes me emotional. it's a big impact, but i do it for the future, you know? for the young people. >> reporter: this project shows preparing in advance for climate change is hugely challenging and often painful, but there are lessons in the flooding of the valley, too. vulnerable communities risk even greater loss and trauma if they wait too long to adapt. phil black, cnn, germany's r river valley. >> so revealing. thank you for that, phil. in spain police are searching for a group of passengers who fled from a plane. one of the passengers faked a diabetic coma. when the plane landed, 21 people escaped. they are trying to determine whether this was a plot to enter spain illegally. tiktok not just for cooking and dancing anymore. the site may have helped save a
2:49 am
girl's life. a 16-year-old girl in north carolina being held by a 61-year-old man was rescued after using sign language made popular by tiktok. the girl signaled to a driver at a stop light in kentucky who followed that car until police arrived. >> there was some people behind her that noticed that she was making hand gestures that signifies for i need help and with them recognizing that signal they notified 911. >> quick thinking there. the man who took that girl, james herbert rick, now faces criminal charges. >> josh allen with a dominant performance yesterday helping the jags pull off the upset of the year in the nfl. andy scholes has more on the bleacher report. good morning, andy. >> no matter what, someone named josh allen was going to be happy. the bills drafted josh allen in
2:50 am
2019 the jags drafted linebacker josh allen. it was alan the linebacker dominating the game. second quarter he sacks allen. then in the third quarter allen a little off balance here going to throw it and it's going to end up right in the hands of, you guessed it, allen. with over five minutes left allen, the quarterback, is going to fumble the ball and it's recovered by, who else, but allen. first time ever players got a sack, interception, fumble recovery on a quarterback with the same name. buffalo was the 15.5 point favorite. packers quarterback aaron rodgers continues to receive criticism for misleading everyone about his vaccination status. p previa health dropped him and on sun terry bradshaw said he was
2:51 am
very disappointed. >> i'd give aaron rodgers advice, it would be nice if he had come to the naval academy and learned how to be honest. >> yeah. >> learned not to lie, because that's what you did, aaron. you lied to everyone. we are a divided nation politically. unfortunately -- >> trying to watch it. >> all right. sunday night football, the rams hosting a big night. big second quarter for tennessee.
2:52 am
>> dap perfect throws another. >> 2016. finally around 30,000. >> arizona runner christopher stopped where his girlfriend was cheering for him. dropped down on one knee, proposed to him. then after a hug, guys, he kept running. he had nine miles to go so he didn't have much time to celebrate. i'm guessing they had a good time later on in the day, but short and sweet proposal there. he's like, i've got to go. >> imagine if she hadn't said
2:53 am
yes. thank goodness. >> totally gave him a boost. >> that would have been a long nine miles. >> so great to see the new york city marathon back. >> yes. >> just one of those iconic things. just nice to see that back. andy, so nice to see you. >> thanks, andy. in case you miss it over the weekend, snl has a new donald trump. close your eyes and see if you can tell the difference here. here is james austin johnson. >> i mean, but look at it, here's someone who takes advice so well. you know what, can i get 60 seconds on the clock please? because there's a lot of times when i was giving advice, a lot of times i was giving advice people weren't listening and it didn't work out so great for those people. when you look back with "star wars," i said, you need to do it with swords. the lasers are not enough. you've got to have real swords, george. i said this to george. if you're going to do "star wars," you have to have real swords. look at what they're doing with noon. look at what they're doing with noon.
2:54 am
i talked to denny. look at that. look at shalome. you have mamoa and everyone is doing flips. people were very disappointed with "game of thrones", how it ended. with "noon" you have a lot of possibility. two, three, four, 15 movies. frankly, i see a lot of possibility with virginia. >> not only does he nail the voice but the speech pattern, everything, he's got it down. >> do you diagram the sentences like you diagram the real thing. oh, my god, thanks so much. that was entertaining. okay. 54 minutes past the hour. travis scott was reportedly warned about crowd control concerns before those eight people, a young person, a ninth grader even crushed to death at his concert. >> and america's borders are back open to international travelers starting today, but
2:55 am
covid vaccines required. that ahead and more on "new day." thanks so much for joining us, everyone. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine roman. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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