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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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nation and a concert promoter. david goodman, the times now reporting travis scott got a warning ahead of time from the houston police chief. can you tell us about this? >> yes, so travis scott is a national name in rap, musician known around the world, excuse me. but he's also a big hometown hero in houston and deep ties to the community and in fact the police chief personally knows travis as does the mayor and so as i understand, the police chief went to visit scott in his trailer during the day on friday as it was clear that the crowd there was getting rowdy but earlier in the day, not when the stampedes were occurring.
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reminded travis scott at 2019 an issue at his concert, stampeding and some people injured. as a mentor, went to talk to the younger man and say this is the kinds of fans you have, very devoted and just to be aware of that. >> is there a sense of what kind of impact that had? i wonder because noted in the report, your report is that yes, chief finer knows travis scott, he also likes him. he sees him as this hometown boy who is there doing something that's really good for the community, for the economy. is it possible that this was a warning that was sort of just more jovial? >> i don't think we know exactly how it was conveyed or received at this point but i do know that officials here have talked to me at least a lot about how, what travis scott was trying to do with astro world and earlier in the week, at an elementary school to open up a community
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guarden he supported and his foundation does some work in houston. i think there's a lot of, the devastation is felt particularly close even amongst top officials in houston because of this and the victims, too. people came from all over to go to this concert and came from right here in houston and one of the youngest victims a 16-year-old went to the high school down the street from my place in houston and so it really is something that's felt by the community at large and there was this sort of sense travis scott was trying to do good and there was some defensiveness of him and that plays out in the investigation. >> so upsetting with young folks who died in this and been injured. david, thank you for the great reporting. >> thanks so much. >> i want to bring in noah shackman, editor and chief of "rolling stone." appreciate you talking about this. travis scott concerts. what's the history here? >> pretty violent one. in 2017 in new york, travis
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scott begged a fan to jump off a second story balcony. that fan was luckily okay but another fan says he was pushed off and ultimately paralyzed at that show and despite that travis scott talked to lyrics he needs to see injuries in the more than pit. there's been other incidents in later years in 2019 and so on, and you know, the warning signs on this one go way, way back unfortunately. >> one of the things he said from the stage, this time he wanted to see the ground shake with the crowd there. i guess it depend on what he meant by that, right? >> yes, i mean, look, things like that, i want to see the ground shake, that's all fine as far as i'm concerned. what happened and previous guests noted the show was stopped three times and it wasn't stopped and then stopped permanently and it was stopped and resumed, and that's a problem because after the very first song, fans were chanting "stop the show, stop the show" and the show didn't stop, it
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went on for another 35 minutes or so. >> what's not clear at least not yet is how much travis scott knew from the stage, not exactly what was happening. >> correct, he didn't know. again, there were warning signs not just on travis scott's behalf but just a month earlier at that exact same place in houston, the energy field, a rapper named playboy cardy was scheduled to perform. early signs it would not be safe and the show was canceled. at this show there were warning signs before scott played earlier in the day, fans were rushing certain areas, rushing in without tickets and it would be an unsafe environment and a photographer texted management to say hey, this wasn't, something's not right here, something's unsafe and yet the show went on. >> whatever he knew from the stage itself about what was happening below him, he knew about his own history. he knew what had gone on at concerts before.
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>> sure. look there's a long great history in pop music of singers getting their fans riled up and for them to have an ex-static and raucous good time. this took is too far. >> there's a not great history at concerts. people have tide in the concerts in the past being stampeded, crushed, something there is an awareness of and places like live nation that plan these big shows certainly have to be taken into account. >> sure, and we'll see in the days and weeks to come as these lawsuits and investigations come out exactly what precautions were taken and what weren't. for example, most modern shows there's not just one big mass of people down at the front. they're sectioned off into various areas so precisely this sort of thing can't happen. >> noah schachtman, congratulations on "rolling stone" a cool thing. >> thank you. >> brianna? the biden administration celebrating a legislative
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victory with the passage of a landmark $1.2 trillion bill representing the largest single infrastructure investment in u.s. history and this waouldn't have been possible with the number of support of republicans including these 19 gop senators and 13 house republicans who joined democrats. joining us is florida republican senator rick scott, chairman of the national republican senatorial committee. thank you so much for being with us. with are seeing fully aware of county republicans for democrats to vote for this bill getting blowback from within that party voting to pass the infrastructure bill. do you think it's deserved? >> i think here is what a lot of people are frustrated with. all of us support the structure, road, bridges, airports. i was governor of florida, and did that and paid down debt, paid off a third of the state debt and cut taxes.
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what we saw with this, we were promised this was infrastructure. less than half of this bill is roads, bridges, airports and seaports and we're promised it was paid for. it's not paid for. cbo said one bill which itself is a quarter of a trillion dollars of deficit. this is not how we should be doing infrastructure. let's do roads, bridges, airports and seaports, that's what people would like to be done at the federal level and not waste money. >> so the criticism of your republican colleagues you think is warranted? >> here's what i hear from voters. they watch and they say we've got almost $30 trillion worth of debt. we've got gas prices up over 50%, food prices up, all caused by wasteful government spending. they watch and they see a bill like this pass that has unbelievable wasteful spending. >> so i wonder then are we going to see any republicans bragging
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about infrastructure projects that they voted no on, because we did see that as well on the covid relief bill. >> i think people that support legislation, they should go out and explain why they did it and believe in it. >> i just want to be clear, i'm talking, senator, about republicans who did not vote for the infrastructure bill but then may as we saw with republicans who did not vote for the covid relief bill and bragged about provisions in it. can you guarantee that's not going to happen with republicans, they're not going to be bragging about stuff they didn't vote for? >> of course not. let's think about this. there's probably something good in almost every bill that passes. that doesn't mean you support the entire bill. i don't support the bill. i don't believe this was a good use of federal money. if it would have been real infrastructure and paid for, i'd
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have been all in, what i did as governor of florida. i'm not going to support wasted mus money. you can talk to every republican and see what they'll do. i tell you what, i didn't come up here to waste money. republicans, democrats historically have wasted money. i believe we ought to have a balanced budget. i believe we ought to reduce taxes and not going to continue to support wasteful spending at the federal level. >> you are head of the nrc, charged with getting elected to the senate. sean parnell facing allegations from his wife he strangled her and abused one of their small children. is he still the right candidate? >> as you know we have republican and democrat primaries across the country and in pennsylvania, we have both republicans and democrats have primaries and so we'll see who comes out of the primary. facts will come out, we'll find out what people think. i think what ultimately happens is people are going to look at somebody's background, is that
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the type of person they want and also, are they talking about the issues that i care about. >> is that the type of person, sir, that you want? that's pretty extraordinary, right? you have someone whose wife is saying that they -- >> i'm not going to -- >> you have someone whose wife is saying that he strangled them, and that he left welts on their child. i think that's a fair question to ask you, if this is the right guy for this job. >> brianna, i'm not supporting or opposing people in primary. i am the chair of the national republican senatorial committee. i'm going to help republicans, help our incumbents but help our republicans to get through the primary. that's what my voters of each of the states decide who the right candidate on the republican democrat side are and i'm sure the democrats on the committee will be doing the exact same thing. they'll support their candidates as they get through the primaries. >> the virginia governor's race, is that the gop playbook for the
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mid terms, basically ignore donald trump? >> well, i hope the democrats continue to do what terry mcauliffe did. terry mcauliffe ran his campaign and did two things. >> you don't have control over that. you only have control over the glenn youngkin in this case. as someone from the republican perspective, because i'm sure you're not advising democratic candidates, is this the playbook for republicans? >> i think what democrats continue to do is talk about donald trump. republicans continue to talk about issues. glenn youngkin won his face because he talked about issues and i think that's what's going to happen. we're going to see just like in virginia terry mcauliffe wanted to say there's nothing about critical race theory. we know it's true. parents know their kid are being indoctrinated with critical race cheery and democrats wanted to deny it. parents showed up because they don't like being lied to.
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>> to be clear it's not in the curriculum in virginia. >> brianna, here, let me read you a few things. in 2015, terry mcauliffe was governor the virginia department of education promoting incorporating a critical race theory in education. you can still find it on the department of education's website, still there. in february 2019 a superintendent memo to the virginia department of education promoting critical race theory and the idea of white fragility. it's part of the curriculum there today, still there, brianna. >> just to be clear -- >> wait, let's all agree. they were trying to indoctrinate kids, terry mcauliffe denied it. it's still on the website. it is. this is happening. and i hope democrats continue to say it's not happening, because parents are dn't dumb. they can see it. >> you're saying parents are dumb? aren't dumb? >> no, they're not. i think parents are smart.
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my parents didn't have much of a formal education, but they cared about what i learned. parents are smart. they know -- >> i just want to be clear, i have to be clear shall it -- >> promoting critical race theory and terry mcauliffe said they didn't. i hope democrats keep doing that all across the country. >> fine. it's not part of the curriculum. i would like to move on with you. i want to talk specifically, i just want to be clear abouting with where you personally are on the big lie. we have you on today because you are in charge of senate republicans and trying to get them elected but you personally voted to overturn election results right after the capitol riot on january 6th. later you did say that biden won fair and square. are you comfortable with republican candidates embracing someone donald trump who continues to lie about the election? >> first off, let me be clear. joe biden is the president of the united states. we went through the constitutional process and joe
5:14 am
biden is the president of the united states. there a lot of people that wish joe biden wasn't president, like a big majority of americans right now, but joe biden is the president and you know we're going to go on, what's going to happen in '22. people are going to say who do i want to be my senator and congress mapp. democrats will talk about donald trump, and republicans are going to win elections. >> republicans may also be talking about donald trump. are you comfortable with candidates embracing someone who is lying about national just the 2020 election, because you say you don't want to talk about past elections but is lying about future elections, ginning up unwarranted concerns about future elections? >> brianna, if you're a republican, you should go after donald trump's endorsement. if you're a democrat, you probably should go after hillary's and obama's endorsement. if you want to win your election you should talk about the border
5:15 am
being secure, you should talk about jobs. you should talk about education, public safety. those are things you'll win an election on. if you want to talk about people that want to talk about prior elections, go back and look at stacy abrams. she's talking about a prior election and terry mcauliffe had her up and campaign with him. >> i'm talking about future elections. donald trump is ginning up concern about future elections. he says the elections are totally corrupt in our country. he said that just this last month, and he said if we don't solve the presidential election problem of 2022, republican also not be voting in '22 and '24. >> and chuck schumer goes to the floor of the senate and keeps saying the election laws in this country are unfair, all right, so chuck schumer keeps saying that all the time. why don't you call chuck schumer and ask him why he keeps saying that. >> with all due respect i'm talking about your republican candidates, which is your purview. right, this is about what you are saying to your -- >> i like what democrats are
5:16 am
doing, though. one year out i hope the democrats keep doing what they're doing. >> this isn't just about what democrats are doing. obviously this is about what republicans are doing and what you have control over. are you okay with them embracing a candidate who is ginning up concern about future elections? >> i think republicans would be foolish not to want donald trump's endorsement and democrats would probably be in the same position with barack obama and hillary clinton. >> when barack obama and hillary clinton are not gini ginning up concern about future elections and saying if something isn't solved about a past election that people are not going to vote. we're not telling people not to vote. >> look, democrats are saying that the election laws in this country are unfair. how does that not -- how is that different?
5:17 am
they're saying that oh, what florida and texas and georgia are doing are unfair. if you look at what republicans are doing, the goal is 100% participation and zero percent fraud. that's not what chuck schumer is saying on the floor. i watch it and have to propose on the stuff, a federal takeover of election laws. get rid of i.d., get rid of, allow balance lot harvesting and same-day registration. that creates fraud in the next election. that's what democrats are doing. >> that's a different thing, senator. they are questioning laws that will restrict the access to vote for many people. they are not questioning the integrity of elections. they are questioning vote access. donald trump is saying that elections -- >> no >> -- are totally corrupt. >> they're talking about the
5:18 am
right process. you should have to show your i.d. your signature has to match if you do mail-in ballots. you should have same-day registration, shouldn't be ballot harvesting, not talking about the security of elections, integrity of elections? there's no difference. >> well donald trump as you know what he is saying and this is an endorsement that many of your candidates have sought and will continue to seek is raising concerns about current and future elections. this isn't an issue of the past, and he's saying that republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 if basically there isn't this thing about 2022 kind of going his way. so he's making the past about the future. >> you know what i like about what you're doing? keep talking about donald trump. if the democrats keep doing that, we are going to have a heck of a year next year. one year out, we're way up in the generic people rejected the biden agen ta.
5:19 am
here's what i want. i want election security. so does every other republican that i know. that's not what the democrats keep proposing on the senate floor. >> you invented an award to give to donald trump. you gave him the first champion of freedom award or whatever from the nrsc. you talk about him and court him, too. it's not just like you are completely ignoring him, right? this is something that republicans aren't willing to talk about. >> what i believe in -- let's go back and look at where we were. i believe in supporting israel. i went to -- so did donald trump. i went to the senate floor to get a resolution and not one democrat showed up to say israel had a right to defend itself when hamas was attacking them with rockets, not one democrat. all right? look at the abraham accords. do i think those are historic? yeah, i think those are really historic. to have the best economy we've had in decades before covid hit, i think that's pretty good for
5:20 am
freedom. making sure we stand up against china. none of these things are happening now. biden doesn't stand up against china. biden doesn't support israel. he wants to get back into the horrible iran deal that all it's going to do is allow them to get a nuclear weapon. so yeah, i believe in the things that donald trump did. i absolutely believe in those. >> before i let you go, you voted for the trump tax cuts which added about $2 trillion to the national debt or was expected to over the course of ten years yet that is why you say the infrastructure bill is something that should not be supported by republicans. how do you reconcile that? >> i was in the senate at the time the tax cut happened, but i can tell you what, i cut taxes and fees 100 times as governor. my revenues skyrocketed and a paid off a third of the state debt. >> you supported the tax cuts. which added to the debt. why is it okay -- >> i believe in tax cuts.
5:21 am
is it okay for the republicans to add to the debt and not okay for republicans and democrats together to pass a bill -- >> i don't believe we ought to be added to the debt. i completely agree with you, i do not believe in adding to the debt. absolutely, tax cuts in my case, what i have done in tax cuts it grew the revenue. >> you supported the trump tax cuts. >> i paid off over a third of the state debt. i support tax cuts. i'm not raising taxes. i support an accountable government. we have to stop wasting this money. >> that added to the debt. >> what happens when interest rates go up? >> but that added to the debt. i'm just a very basic question. that added to the debt. >> no, it didn't. it grew the economy. brianna, it grew the economy. look at where the economy was. wasteful spending, wasteful spending is what's causing our problem. stop spending money. revenues are up. democrats can't stop spending
5:22 am
their money. they spend money, it's unbelievable and republicans have done it in the past also. i'm going to fight that. i came up there to do what i did in florida, cut taxes, reduce regulation, grow the economy, make education better, fund the police, but what's going on up there is just wasteful spending. causing ridiculous inflation hurting the poorest families. i grew up in a poor family and watch with gas prices up, food prices up, home prices up and families can't afford it. >> i do want to be clear there was some kind of blase preeconomic indicators before the pandemic. this is a mixed bag. i appreciate you coming on, senator, thank you. >> great to be with you. coming up, americans are sitting on piles of savings and quitting their jobs at record rates. why do they feel like the economy stinks? your "reality check" next. and letting it rip on aaron rodgers.
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i'd give aaron rodgers some advice it would be nice if he came to the naval academy and learn how to be honest. [ cheers and applause ] learn not to lie, because that's what you did, aaron. you lied to everyone.
5:27 am
we are a divided nation politically, we're a divided nation on the covid-19, whether or not to take the vaccine and unfortunately, we've got players that pretty much think only about themselves and i'm extremely disappointed in the actions of aaron rodgers. this is a team game and all honesty, i'm disappointed in his play on words for his explanation. i'm disappointed in some of his sevenish actions. >> putting all of that in jeopardy and possibly putting your teammates in jeopardy to me is selfish. >> nfl hall of famer, some of the best ripping green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers after he defended his choice not to get vaccinated and telling the media in august he was immunized against covid. >> i didn't lie in the initial press conference. during that time, it was a very, you know, witch hunt that was going on across the league, where everybody in the media was so concerned about who was
5:28 am
vaccinated and who wasn't. i'm not, you know, some sort of anti vax. i am somebody who is a critical thi thinker. you know me. i march to the beat of my own drum. i believe strongly in bodily autonomy. >> joining me is senior nfl reporter jonathan jones. jonathan, i have so say, i watch a lot of football on sundays. i was struck by the force of what terry bradshaw and howie long and jimmy johnson had to say. i don't know what their politics are but they came down hard on aaron rodgers. >> they did and many around the league did, and they did so because he caost his team, and intentionally misleading. when he said he was immunized he couldn't have been more truthful in using that specific term but there in the next sentence where
5:29 am
he said those guys who decided not to get vaccinated, which then of course puts it as though he were vaccinated. he was just using a synonym there. he was intentionally misleading, and due to nfl and nfl pa, the players union their joint protocols, if you are unvaccinated the rules are different for you as a player and you put your team in jeopardy. simply even if you don't test positive for covid-19, you could be a close contact and be unvaccinated and miss a game like one of aaron rodgers' receivers and the green bay packers were missing aaron rodgers on the field yesterday against the kansas city chiefs and they just hope that he can return by saturday, with no symptoms, and play on sunday against the seattle seahawks. >> you hear the nfl hall of famers on the shows and you also are now beginning to hear from other teams looking at the packers saying what was going on behind the scenes? there really seems to be a growing frustration with what rodgers did and is saying around
5:30 am
the league. >> there's no question about that, and nfl teams first of all, folks are hearing aaron rodgers say i followed the protocols in the weight room and locker room and the cafeteria, on the team plane, he didn't leave the team hotel on road games. all of those things. we will see the nfl is certainly going to investigate and nfl clubs are required to maintain video from within their team facilities for 30 days, and so the league is certainly, if they haven't already, will certainly be looking at that video to see for any potential violations but where no question, he was violating the covid protocol, was in these press conferences, his weekly press conferences and even after the game, press conferences that are held in the team facility, where he's not wearing a mask, and it's really cut and dry, it's in black and white that you can't do that. he was doing it and getting away with it and it seemed that the packers, who were aware of aaron rodgers' unvaccinated status were helping him kind of keep up
5:31 am
this ruse. >> doesn't seem to be a lot of sympathy for rodgers, i've also been struck by that, around the league. >> no, there's not. listen, 94.1% of all nfl players are vaccinated. there was a large group of them that going into training camp didn't want to get vaccinated, but did, because of the sort of the positives not just from the vaccine but that they could live their day-to-day work life much better with the vaccine than being unvaccinated, and so they felt and many around the league do feel that aaron rodgers was able to skirt the rules. he's the reigning nfl mvp that the league office should have been aware of aaron rodgers unvaccinated status, they were and no one ever called him on it until he got positive and this came out this past week. >> jonathan jones, great to have you on. appreciate your work. thank you. the defense attorneys for the man who shot ahmaud arbery
5:32 am
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political victories and setbacks and reversals and drama and d.c. has people thinking what's going on in the biden white house? john avlon with a "reality check." >> for the administration sometimes seen as boring it has been a roller coaster ten days for president biden. begin with the g20, recommitting america to the fight against climate change and world leaders backed by the call for global corporate minimum tax, a big deal. then in tuesday's elections, democrats lose vrngirginia for first time since 2009 and narrowly holding on to the new jersey governorship. before the polls close the dow jones industrial average closed above 36,000 for the first time.
5:37 am
the same week the children over the age of 5 began receiving the vaccine. on friday morning a jobs report showing the economy roaring back with 531,000 new jobs in october bringing the unemployment rate to its lowest level since the pandemic began, and late friday night, after umpteenth failed infrastructure weeks congress finally passed biden's signature $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. the most ambitious investments since the eisenhower administration. that's the highs and lows over one week to make your head spin. the backup polling shows that 71% of americans believe that our country is on the wrong track. so it begs the question, are things actually better under president biden? let's take a step back. in january, when biden took office, the unemployment rate was 6.2%. now it's at 4.6%. on inauguration day only 16.5 million vaccinations have been administered.
5:38 am
now it's more than 400 million. since january america's gained a record 5 million jobs with wages jumping by the largest amount in 20 years particularly for lower income workers. median family's checkbook balance is 50% higher than 2019 according to mrgen institute, child poverty is on track to be cut in half to cording to the urban institute. the deficit decreased this fiscal year, but here's the thing. all the gains aren't translating to optimism about the economy. in october 2021 poll from gallup found as job markets set records, 68% of americans thought the economy was getting worse, or as the "new york times" put it, americans are flush with cash and jobs, they also think the economy is awful. so what accounts for this disconnect? well, two things primarily. inflation, and gas prices. the inflation spiked to 5.4%, almost double the recent annual rate but far below the bad days
5:39 am
between 1968 and '28 where the average inflation rate was 7.5%. stimulus payments may have contributed to the rise and frustrating supply chain delays as the world reopens from covid. the bottom line inflation on everyday items can wipe out wage gains for many families and they feel this pain at the pump as well with gas prices spiking to levels last seen in 2014. this combination erodes confidence, compounded on the street level with the rise of violent crime and murders before biden took office. his approval rating is 51% over the course of the term but recent poll 42% is the lowest of any modern president at this point except donald trump, who clocked in at 37% in october of his first year. look, in politics, perception often becomes reality. president biden doesn't take personal credit for stock market highs the way donald trump did. the biden administration is less chaotic on any given day, and
5:40 am
accomplishments are no less dramatic but messaging matters and the need to put out clear wins on the board and connecting with everyday lives beyond the relentless partisan den after losing virginia and finally passing the infrastructure bill, maybe, just maybe democrats have gotten the message. that's your "reality" check. maybe. moments from now, former president obama said to speak at the climate summit in scotland and he weighs in on the state of democracy. newly released body cam image following the killing of shocking on the latest on the trial ahead. because you're forever connected by love... two touching center diamonds, representing the connection you share. forever r connected. the perfect gift to give this holiday. exclusively at kay.
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the murder trial of ahmaud arbery is set to reconvene this morning. so far jurors have heard opening statements in the first witness testimony, graphic footage of the shooting was also shown to the panelists, arbery's
5:45 am
heartbroken mother cried in the cour courtroom. ryan young is live for us in brunswick, georgia, with more, incredibly emotional moment. >> think being 15 minutes away from the trial starting this week but that video that really took center stage last week, you could imagine how painful that was for the family and this community seeing some of this footage for the first time. >> the state of georgia versus travis mcmichael, greg mcmichael and william bryan. >> reporter: three white men charged with murdering a 25-year-old black man ahmaud ar arbery. in their opening statement prosecutors played a cell phone containing the final moments of arbery's life. among those watching and listening was arbery's mother, weeping and overwhelmed, she said later it was the first time she'd watched the video in its entirety. >> i decided to remain and get
5:46 am
familiar with what happened to ahmad. >> reporter: inside the court on friday the nearly all white jury heard two different accounts of how ahmaud arbery was chased and killed near brunswick, a coastal town in georgia. >> we just know that he was running from all three defendants for five minutes. >> reporter: prosecutors argue the defendants cornered and fatally shot arbery without evidence he had done anything wrong. >> in this case all three of these defendants did everything they did based on assumptions. not on facts, not on evidence, on assumptions, and they made decisions in their driveways based on those assumptions that took a young man's life. >> reporter: at no time during the five-minute chase the prosecution says do the defendants tell arbery they were performing a citizens arrest and said prosecutors say gregory mcmichael shouted threats.
5:47 am
>> how do you know mr. ahmaud arbery was under attack by strangers with intent to kill him. greg mcmichael told the place said "stop or i'll blow your [ bleep ] head off." >> reporter: they and their neighbor are facing up to life in prison without parole if convicted on murder. each with their own defense attorney, travis mcmichael's attorney in his opening statement frames what happened that day differently than prosecutors. >> this case is about duty and responsibility. >> reporter: while not contending arbery committed a crime travis mcmichael's attorney said the veteran felt a duty and responsibility to protect his neighborhood. >> the evidence shows overwhelmingly travis mcmichael honestly and lawfully attempted to detain ahmaud arbery
5:48 am
according to the law and shot and killed him in self-defense. >> reporter: he also maintains arbery was seen on surveillance video on multiple occasions inside a neighborhood home under construction without permission, including the data arbery was killed. the state's first witness, glenn county police officer william duncan was a second police officer on the scene the day arbery was killed. >> and what did that man, covered in blood, seated over there, say to you when you asked him, are you okay? >> it was a quick reply of basically no, i'm not okay. i just f'ing killed somebody. >> reporter: duggan testified he could not help arbery. >> the amount of blood loss, the lack of rise and fall of the chest, basically the deep wound i saw in his chest there was nothing i could do for him. >> reporter:berryiana, it's important to note on the day of
5:49 am
the shooting, the three men were chasing ahmaud arbery did not see him commit a crime and chased him. in the video we just played they said they never heard them say this was a citizens arrest, just those threats and that shooting. so it will be interesting to see how that plays out today in court. >> ryan, we'll be watching with you. ryan young, thank you so much. bomb threats forcing evacuations at three different ivy league schools. what is behind this and are these connected? and a trick learned on tiktok, crypted for saving a missing teenager. it's our veteran's day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me?
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time for "5 things to know for your new day." police in houston launching an investigation into the stampede at a music festival that left eight people dead and scores injured. the first lawsuits filed against travis scott, live nation and the promoter of the event. its u.s. is ruling out the welcome mat to travelers to 33 countries who have proof of vaccination and if traveling by air a negative recent covid test. the new policy lifting a travel restriction that has been in place the past 20 months. airlines warn all travelers to anticipate delays if they're juggling the likely surge of passengers. a series of bomb threats triggering evacuations sunday on ivy league university campuses, columbia, cornell and brown. the threats to all three schools were later deemed not credible by police. similar unsubstantiated threats were made to yale and two other universities in ohio last week. federal investigators look into an apparent cyber attack
5:55 am
after foreign hackers stole sensitive data from multiple u.s. defense contractors among other key sectors. it is believed that passwords were stolen with the intended goal of maintaining long-term access to those networks. missing 16-year-old from north carolina was rescued after using a hand gesture she learned on tiktok to get the attention of a nearby driver. according to the women's foundation the signal for distress is an open hand with tucked thumb and close all the fingers over your thumb. >> 5 things to know for your new day. more on all the stories at cnn,, download the 5 things podcast every morning, go to new details about the mass casualty event in houston over the weekend, what police personally told travis scott ahead of his deadly concert. and president owe ba marx the former president about to address the global climate
5:56 am
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good monday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm jim sciutto. any moment now former president obama will speak at the u.n. climate summit in glasgow about the current need, the urgent need for action on the climate crisis. we're going to bring you his remarks live. first a significant step marking the slow return to normal, today the united states is reopening its borders to fully vaccinated visitors, ending a 20-month-long ban on travel into the u.s. foreign visitors must be fully vaxinated with a few exceptions and traveling by air also need a negative covid-19 test. we're going to have more in a moment. a major win in washington, a key piece of president biden's agenda to be signed into


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