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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: it is absolutely true. and i think that's where some of the frustration lies. and i'll be honest with you, when i was talking to daniel robinson's father, david, i apologized, i said, you know, we should be paying attention. and i take some of that responsibility myself as a reporter at cnn, that we do need to highlight these cases, and there is a bias that is out there, a lot of times these families are told, oh, well, your child is a runaway, or oh, well, your child, you know, this is an adult, so we can't really do anything. in the end, what ends up happening is there are lots of these cases of black and brown people that go untalked about, unnoticed, and unsolved. >> sara sidner, thank you. thank you for the focus on the report. appreciate it. "new day" continues right now.
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in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, november 9th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. the january 6th committee digging deep near the trump orbit with a new round of subpoenas, the six targets are top members of his re-election campaign who helped spread the big lie that fueled the capitol insurrection. and they include campaign manager bill stepien, senior campaign adviser jason miller, national executive assistant angela mccallum and bernard kerik, the former new york police commissioner who took part in campaign meetings and worked with rudy giuliani to investigate voter fraud that never existed. also subpoenaed, attorney john eastman who drafted that six point plan to have mike pence invalidate the election results and michael flynn, trump's national security adviser who discussed invoking martial law after the election.
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>> if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically rerun an election. >> now that the committee has issued subpoenas, the big question, will these folks comply? will they take a page from the playbook of steve bannon, the trump adviser who has refused to testify and the justice department has yet to decide, they had three week, they have yet to decide whether to charge and prosecute him for criminal contempt. >> joining us now is bob woodward, associate editor at "the washington post," co-author of the new book "peril" which chronicles the fraught transition of power from donald trump to joe biden. you bring some new information as well, i know that as we were looking at these subpoenas, let's talk specifically about john eastman, the attorney with that six-point plan at first. tell us what you discovered about a podcast that he did earlier this year in may. >> well, robert costa and i
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didn't discover this, but our assistant who is a lawyer, claire mcmullen, is just bombarding us with research and information and she discovered on may 5th, john eastman, in a podcast, now, this is before our book came out, specifically talked about the war room and the willard and said it was kind of coordinating all of the communication. and then in a very important legal point he said i would not normally talk about things like this, but i have been directed by the president of the united states at that time was trump, to tell and to talk, so he's weighed the privilege. and traditionally just -- judges will look at this and say, hey, wait a minute, you're out talking about it, but also
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you're saying your client, the president of the united states specifically said talk, explain, so how do you justify not talking to this committee or a grand jury and so you're kind of -- you've got one and a half feet in the door already. >> it is really fascinating. the willard, for those, the uninitiated, the willard hotel in washington, d.c., it is near the white house. and he's referring to this war room, this kind of coordination center that we heard steve bannon actually refer to before as well. i do want to talk about michael flynn. you've reported extensively about some of what michael flynn has said that is obviously very interesting to this committee and that has to do with his discussion of invoking martial law. >> yeah, he is the hard-liner in the trump orbit. and would be a key witness in this.
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now, as we have discussed, the january 6th committee does not have a strong hand because there will be delaying moves and traditionally congressional committees can't get this kind of information and this goes back to the nixon tapes case in 1974. so this is in the hands of the justice department and, again, claire, our assistant, has been saying, look, go back and look at the supreme court decisions. this is a clear case of a violation of what is called 371 section conspiracy to defraud the u.s. if this is not a conspiracy to defraud the u.s., i don't know what is. >> what are you thinking about timing here? because when you have all of these folks associated with
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trump trying to delay things, they might not really have the grounds to do it, but it is effective. is this just going to run the clock out? >> it could. it could. and that's why the justice department needs to kind of step in, and say, look, you know, this is to put it in its real terms, this is about democracy. the certification of who is going to be president, it is one meeting that the president of the senate, who is the vice president holds, and in that meeting he looks at the certificates from the states, because the states and the electors and he counts them. and the law is very, very clear and, again, it is -- we wrote about it in the political context, the eastman memo for first time. jamie gangel, of your network,
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dug into it and looked at it and said, what is the substance here? and the substance is it really is a coup memo. and there is no basis in fact in that -- eastman says, well, seven states have submitted alternative electors. there is zero evidence of that and, you know, people go -- when robert costa and i were working on our book, we talked to republicans, what do it republicans think of this and we found that two of the biggest trump supporters, senator mike lee of utah, and lindsey graham of south carolina, investigated these matters. i have the stack of lindsey graham memos that he got from giuliani. and if you go through this, it is just bs.
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and lindsey graham had his chief counsel on the senate judiciary committee look at this, and very systematically, and there is no truth, no fact, and so we now have trump out there, essentially making the rational for a future candidacy that the 2020 election was stolen. zero evidence. >> zero evidence. this comes down right now on the subpoenas to, and other matters of the committee, what does merrick garland going to do? are you surprised he hasn't acted yet? >> no, he's careful, but this is -- i'm sure there is political reality, the white house doesn't want to be seen investigating the prior president, quite frankly. and so, you know -- >> let me ask you a question about that, is it sort of not
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wanting to be seen doing it and maybe pulling a punch also making a political calculation? >> yes, it is. but if there is no investigation, you have no scrutiny. and what this needs is scrutiny. and the january 6th committee is, i think, just is a process issue is to be commended for lots of subpoenas, lots of we want to talk to people and the business of trying to find out what happened, you have to take a primary figure like bannon or john eastman and you say, ask, who are the satellite witnesses, who are people in their orbit? keep going around and eventually you may find somebody who really knows something, has secret tape recordings, will cooperate. this is what happened in watergate with alexander butterfield disclosing the
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secret taping system, which literally a handful of people knew about, and he was out there and he was willing to cooperate when everyone else remained silent. >> yeah. the onion has many layers indeed here. got to peel them back. bob woodward, thank you so much for being with us. new developments this morning in the astroworld concert tragedy. detailed operations planned for the music festival did not include a specific contingency for a surging crowd. and that's despite three people being trampled and hospitalized at the same festival in 2019. so far at least 18 lawsuits filed against travis scott and the festival's organizers. moments ago, we spoke with ammar and bassle bage whose brother died while protecting his fiancee from getting trampled in the crowd.
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>> justice for the victims and justice for the families. that's what we want. and in terms of that, if that means rules and regulations need to be changed, how they do things, how they act and how they make these events, they need to do something about it. they have blood on their hands. >> he left this world, it is not just -- it is not right. it is inhumane what happened to him. >> your heart breaks for that family. rosa flores is live in houston with the latest on this. rosa? >> reporter: john, there are so many unanswered questions. the basic question, why was this concert not stopped sooner and who had the power to stop this concert? we're learning more from a 56-page document, the operations plan, that said that two individuals actually had the power to stop this concert. the executive producer and the festival director. here's what this plan does not show. it does not show a contingency plan for a crowd surge. now, it does say that there is
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some co-concerns, po concerns, a riot, but does not have a plan for a crowd surge. this, as at least 18 lawsuits have been filed here in harris county against the organizers, against travis scott, some of these clients alleging negligence and also that their clients were trampled on, including a 9-year-old boy who is fighting for his life right now. his grandfather telling cnn this 9-year-old boy is in a medically induced coma with damage to his heart, his lungs, his live, multiple organs. his grandfather telling cnn this little boy was there with his father and that he was on his father's shoulders and i heard this description from so many concertgoers, that at some point they just couldn't breathe and they were swaying with the crowd, that's what this grandfather says was the case here. so this man, this dad passed transported to the hospital as a john doe.
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t there was a -- that police are investigating the possibility of a bad batch of illegal drugs playing a role in some of these deaths. now, according to the paper, this i of an individual familiar with the investigation and that the police are looking into possible overdoses. now, cnn has not been able to confirm that information. we're trying to get that information. but, john, very disturbing details here, especially knowing that there are children still fighting for their lives here after this immense tragedy. >> sounds like a horrific scene. rosa, thank you so much for your reporting. well, gas might be expensive, but that will not keep people from jumping in the car and hitting the road this thanksgiving holiday. aaa is telling cnn they estimate that travel by land and by air will look a lot like it did before the pandemic.
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pretty busy. cnn's pete muntean is at a gas station just outside of washington this morning. people are -- they're ready to get going. they're ready to be on the road and see family and friends, pete. >> reporter: that's right, we're about to see a huge rebound of thanksgiving travel according to aaa. it anticipates the biggest jump in thanksgiving travel that we have seen since 2005. it thinks that 48 million people will drive and the number is so interesting because it is really not all that far off from prepandemic. the big headline here is that the traffic will be back, and so will the expense. the average price for a gallon of gas now $1.30 higher than what it was a year ago. we have reached about a 7-year high for gas prices. and what is so interesting is that aaa says that will not stop people from getting out. >> a lot more confidence, people
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are feeling better about traveling. and no matter what the gas prices are, and they are quite a bit higher than last year, people are still going to take that trip. >> reporter: the national average for a gallon of gas now, 3.42, $3.27 here in alexandra, virginia. aaa says it is really not the demand that is on the horizon that is driving these costs up. it is really more a supply issue. it says that oil producing countries might actually be constricting the supply a little bit, trying to recoup some of the pandemic losses, and now top democrats in congress are pushing for the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to be uncorked to try and get some of the prices down, brianna. >> pete muntean live for us in virginia. thank you for that. senator josh hawley is waging a war, not against covid or poverty or misinformation. but against the decline of masculinity. plus, hear the disturbing
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voice mail sent to a republican congressman after he voted for the infrastructure bill. he battled covid in the hospital for nearly a month, why he's now back there with an apology.
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masculinity a political issue. >> the left wing attack on manhood says to men, you're part of the problem, it says your masculinity is inherently problematic. as conservatives, we have to call men back to responsibility. we got to say spending your time not working and we have more and more men who are not working, spending your time on video games, spending your time watching porn online while doing nothing is not good for you or your family or your country. >> se cupp, you're raising a boy, i'm raising two of them. we're all perfectly willing to talk about the right way to raise boys in this society, i think, se. i'm a little confused by josh hawley. this interview with axios was based on a speech he gave a little while ago where he says there is an attack on what he calls masculinity from the left and traits like courage, independence and assertiveness. >> listen, he's harkening back
5:21 am
to some things that conservatives have talked about in the past. it is not new. it is just that no one elected him to do this. this is not why he was sent to the senate. and i think what is important to realize here is that i don't even think josh hawley believes what josh hawley is selling. i think he knows it is bs and it is really just so he can go out and get his, which are, you know, votes, popularity, leaning into the trump cult, pleasing trump. it is manipulative and it is funny, i actually -- i asked congressman adam kinzinger about this very thing a couple of days ago for an end view in "rolling st stone", i said does josh hawley believe what he says? and congressman kinzinger said, i don't think any of them really believe what they're saying with few exceptions. so i think in a way that makes it worse. if josh hawley were just kind of ignorant, and didn't know that, you know, the election wasn't stolen and yet was saying that it was, and really earnestly
5:22 am
believes he was elected to bring masculinity back, that would be one thing. but i don't think he's ignorant. i think he's smart. i think it is manipulative. >> by the way, the interview you did with kinzinger in "rolling stone" is terrific and it gets to the idea of outrage as being this thing that politicians are clinging to. >> the only thing. it is the only thing on the menu, john. i don't mean to interrupt you, but rage is the only thing republicans are selling right now. as someone who, like kinzinger, was part of the, like, movement conservatives, and, you know, liked to talk about policy and principles, that's gone. >> so on this point, fred upton, who is a republican a long time, republican, conservative, from michigan who voted for the infrastructure bill, went on "anderson" last night and talked about the threats he has received. listen to this. >> [ bleep ] traitor. that's what you are.
5:23 am
you're a [ bleep ] traitor. i hope you die. i hope everybody in your [ bleep ] family dies, you piece of [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. you're stupider than he is. he can't even complete a sentence. you dumb [ bleep ]. traitor, piece of [ bleep ], piece of trash. >> that was for voting for roads and bridges. and punch bowl this morning is reporting there are some republicans who want these 13 republicans who voted for infrastructure stripped of committee assignments. >> yeah, hard to listen to. and, you know, if you ever have been on the receiving end of those, you hear the palpable rage. and anger. but it is not just that lawmakers for as you point out doing their job. it is a public health officials who are getting these kinds of threats for, you know, enforcing mask mandates. it is for election officials who
5:24 am
are doing their jobs. certifying elections. the rage has been so cultivated over the past few years by republicans, by donald trump, this is, of course, where it was going to go. this is the consequence. it is, a to b, it is cause and effect. when you spent four plus years telling the electorate that the political opposition is literally the enemy of the people, the journalists are the enemy, that public health officials, that intelligence officers are the enemy, it is no surprise when people get angry and in some cases turn violent and very ominously i don't think that violence is over. i think you're just going to see it get worse. >> that's troubling to think about. by the way, if you want to argue against the infrastructure bill and say it is money not being spent wisely, have at it. that's not the issue. it is threatening somebody for a vote that they made like that, and you talk about you fear this
5:25 am
violence will get worse, that's an interesting segue to paul gosar, the republican congressman who posted this video meme, which he treated, of him killing representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, a cartoon anime thing where he superimposed his face and her face. she calls it a fantasy murder video, basically. he also on this video shows himself brandishing swords at president joe biden. you know, and so far i haven't heard from republicans at all about this. >> no, and listen, conservative women in particular have been frequently the victims of this kind of misogyny, the death fantasies, in some cases rape fantasies, i've been on the receiving end of that and it is really gross. conservatives used to stand up to people like keith olbermann from his misogynist attacks. when they wocome from the right
5:26 am
from paul gosar, from donald trump, it is crickets. it undercuts what are legitimate arguments against misogyny, which are bad for all women, regardless of your party, when you're silent about the misogyny coming from your own. paul gosar is a cancer in the party, i think. i can't believe that, you know, he's frankly that he's still there. >> think about the message it sends when you talk about punishing people for infrastructure but there is silence for someone who posts a murder fantasy video. se cupp, thank you for being with us this morning. nice to see you. >> yeah. >> so like a good neighbor, state farm says it is still there for spokesperson aaron rodgers. so why then did it also cut become on nearly all of his commercials? plus, we'll meet a covid survivor who returned to the hospital where nurses and doctors saved his life to apologize for not being vaccinated. what's strong with me?
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the hospital for nearly a month, richard solis returned to seattle, but it wasn't for medical treatment. it was to apologize to the staff for not having gotten vaccinated. joining us now is covid survivor richard solis. richard, it is so wonderful to see you here and healthy and can you just tell us why you decided, hey, i need to go back to the hospital and i'm going to say sorry to these doctors and nurses? >> yeah. considering the amount of i received, and to the extent, you know, when you're in a situation like that, literally fighting for your life, i was overwhelmed with the amount of care that i got and to the extent and everything that was done for me. i just felt that i needed to
5:32 am
thank them and let them know that i really appreciated everything that they did for me, and in the manner and because literally they -- they literally saved my life. >> they took great care of you. we're witnessing that right now. and we also -- these pictures of you going back and talking to them, they had hugs for you, tell us how they reacted when you showed up. >> they were so gracious. they were very kind. and sincerely glad to see me. and, you know, expressed a great deal of joy knowing that, you a. i was overwhelmed and very touched to know that they reached out to me in the manner that they did. i was -- i was moved to say the
5:33 am
least. >> they were happy to hear your change of heart on the vaccine? >> yeah. you know, i had a change of heart in the process and in my stay as everything occurred. i knew that i had been in error not being vaccinated. i knew that i had to do something about that. >> so i'm not sure if you're a football fan, but i know that, you know, you don't have to be one to hear about what's been going on with quarterback aaron rodgers, who said he was vaccinated and then it turned out that he wasn't, that he had been lying about it. what would you say to him? >> i wouldn't know why somebody would say that they're vaccinated and not be
5:34 am
vaccinated. i don't know what the reason for something like that would be. but, i mean, considering what i have experienced and to the extent and everything that was -- details and everybody that was involved, you know, coming to my aid, i expressed to him the importance of that vaccination. and, you know, to actually get it, not just say you got it, but to actually get it. >> well, richard, i hope that people hear you. i hope you changed some minds with this. it is wonderful to have you on, richard soliz, thanks. >> thank you very much. and just in, a new provocation from china, this time it involves replicas of u.s. warships. and moments ago, vice president kamala harris arriving in france for a mission to smooth things over with one of america's oldest allies. we're live in paris next.
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vice president kamala harris is in france this morning. it is her first official european trip and she's been tasked with cleanup. cleaning up the biden administration's french faux pas in the wake of the nuclear submarine deal controversy with australia. cnn's jeremy diamond is traveling with the vice president, and joins us live from paris. she is there with a big band-aid, jeremy. >> reporter: yeah no doubt about it. look, president biden did the first step here in meeting with president emmanuel macron on the sidelines of the g20 in rome a couple of weeks ago. now step two is also crucial. that's where vice president harris comes in. she's going to be spending five days here in paris, including a bilateral meeting with the french president, participating in a forum that is a priority for the french president as well, delivering remarks, participating in armistice day events, all of this intended to highlight the long and deep bonds between the united states and france, and to make clear to the french government that the u.s./french relationship is
5:40 am
indeed a priority to the administration, following that submarine dustup a couple of months ago. there is no question the french president is looking to squeeze every ounce of juice out of that dustup as he possibly can, and french officials have told me that they are looking for concrete actions to improve the u.s./french relationship beyond just the rhetoric we have heard so far from president biden, reaffirming the commitment between these two countries. that will be difficult for the vice president to act on, but senior officials -- senior biden administration officials have told me that they are prepared to improve the relationship in concrete ways, though they would not say how they will accomplish that. but no question about it, this is also going to be a key diplomatic test for the vice president, and an opportunity for her to burnish her foreign policy credentials at the heart of the transatlantic relationship. and given her past stumbles including on that first foreign trip to mexico and guatemala, there is no question that both her supporters and the attracters will be closely
5:41 am
watching this visit this week. brianna? >> she has a big task ahead of her during this week. jeremy, thank you so much for covering it for us. new satellite images revealing china's military has built mock-ups of u.s. warships for possible target practice. here is a full scale outline of an aircraft carrier and at least two guided missile destroyers at a ballistic missile testing complex. joining us, cnn senior global affairs analyst bianna gol golodryga. i'm sure these types of mock-ups aren't unheard of when you're dealing with military training. however, this is happening in the context of a pretty tense moment between the u.s. and china. >> it fits the narrative, that china is rapidly developing its military base. and you look at where these images originated from. this is important context. because the public is just now seeing them for the first time. former and old satellite images show that this was started to be built in march of 2019. so this is something that they
5:42 am
have been working on for the past few years, but it does fit into the larger image of what she is representing for the country and its future. right now the central committee is holding its annual plenary meeting in china right now. it is basically solidifying xi's role in china's history. if mao was the leader that brought the country together, xiaoping brought the country wealth, a leader that brought the country wealth, xi is the leader that is bringing the country some force and strength. >> vis-a-vis, it seems the united states, explicitly in this case, if you're mocking up u.s. military vessels. >> and remember what happened just the last few weeks. they test their first hypersonic weapon as well, it is becoming a conversation and talking point amongst military officials as to what china plans to do later, perhaps vis-a-vis taiwan. >> we'll talk more about taiwan, because you said this started, this military base where the
5:43 am
mock-up is, this began in 2019. taiwan has been an issue for a long time, but particularly tense moments recently. how much should we be thinking about taiwan here? >> i think from the context of a miscalculation, that is still continues to be the biggest risk that we could face in a potential battle between the united states and china. and if you go back to just when we were growing up, right, we had u.s. presidents constantly issuing most favored nation stat ous, to china, bringing them in, the world trade organization, now i have my son asking if the u.s. and china go to battle, who is going to win? and it shows how far we have come in terms of the relations between the two countries, joe biden and president xi, i believe, will be meeting virtually sometime this week. but simmering tensions is where we want to be right now. >> i appreciate the vote of confidence because there are some who say i have never grown up, but thank you very much for that. so the investigation into the deadly astroworld festival now
5:44 am
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we talked about congressman paul gosar's so-called fantasy video of him killing congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez. it is not happening in a vacuum. john avlon with a reality check. >> we talk a lot about how the republican party has become dangerously extreme. and we're wary of giving too much oxygen to attention seeking trolls masquerading as legislators. sometimes the patterns can't be ignored. i want to highlight three comments from three elected republicans that surfaced within 24 hours because it shows the moral -- disinfiguring the part. paul gosar posted a photo shopped anime video showing
5:49 am
himself killing congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez and attacking joe biden. we're not going to replay the sick video. it already has been viewed millions of times. but that's a measure of the real problem. which is the continued fetishizing of political violence, ten months after the attack on our capitol, by backers of the big lie, like congressman paul gosar. there is a zero percent learning curve here. you would think that praising the nation of islam might be, after all the oxygen spent denouncing them. in an epic example of how the enemy of my enemy is my friend logic leads to bad places, the big lie backing marjorie taylor greene got her monday morning started with a tweet storm. the nation of islam is strongly
5:50 am
against the covid-19 vaccine, greene tweeted. the nation of islam sees the use of and benefit of ivermectin and is very angry that our media, democrats and dr. fauci have attacked the drug. given that house republicans introduced a resolution in 2018 condemning farrakhan for promoting ideas, i wonder whether greene will get the same clear rebuke or whether this crazy is just considered baked in the cake. even as october covid deaths spiked more than three times higher in counties that trump overwhelmingly won. anti-vaxxers are dying right now. all of this comes on the heels of ted cruz picking a fight with sesame street's big bird over
5:51 am
childhood vaccines. mistaking psas for propaganda. while the hill published a report monday night on cruz's musings about texas seceding from the union. we're not there yet, cruz said, but if there comes a point where it is hopeless, i think we take nasa, we take the military, we take the oil. i guess he's giving up hope of being president of the united states and instead president of texas. this is a u.s. senator talking about secession, which caused the civil war in which 750,000 americans died. approximately the same number of americans who died during this pandemic. any one of these insane incitements might be dismissed as crazy person says crazy thing. but taken together, and reports from a single 24-hour period, and you can see why we have a problem here. the nuts are being normalized to the point where it can seem like part of the scenery. the gop needs to take responsibility. there is no room for false equivalency here. the steady stream of incitement
5:52 am
translates to things look a poll showing 30% of republicans believe that violence might be needed to save the united states. it leads to messages like this, left on republican congressman fred upton's phone for the alleged sin of voting for a bipartisan infrastructure bill, which he aired last night on ac 360. >> yeah, all this apocalyptic rhetoric has an impact. evidence of a sickness in our politics and it has got to stop before even more damage is done to our democracy. and that's your reality check. >> a sickness indeed. john avlon, thank you very much. developing overnight, six new subpoenas from the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, including some -- some very familiar faces. and next, saying good-bye to an american hero far too soon. when did you see the sign?
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we have some sad news to share about a young veteran that we introduced you to this summer, in a story about how burn pits threaten a generation of veterans that have served in iraq and afghanistan. retired staff sergeant wesley black, who served in both of those wars, with the vermont national guard, passed away over the weekend at just 36 years old. at 31, he was settling into his post war life in vermont with his wife laura and new baby and new career as a firefighter which he loved. he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs. an oncologist linked his diagnosis to his exposure to the burn pits that the u.s. military had used to destroy trash in combat zones. it was a devastating diagnosis and yet west took his remaining time and he became a tireless
5:58 am
advocate for other veterans exposed to burn pits, which are quickly becoming known as the agent orange of the post 9/11 generation. >> i'm kind of like the canary in the coal mine. i'm screaming my head off, trying to raise this issue of awareness. it is too late for me. but it is not too late for the next veteran that walks down the hall of the va. we have a chance right now to get ahead of that ball. and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. >> wes' doctors estimated he had three to five years to live. well, he beat that, he was able to see his son ronan make it to kindergarten this year. and that was much to wes' delight that ronan loved school, because it was the complete opposite of wes. and just a few weeks ago, even as wes was in significant discomfort, he texted about how proud he was of his wife laura as she was juggling his care, being a mom and finishing up her bachelor's degree. laura, he said, hid her wonder woman bracelets well.
5:59 am
so rest in peace, staff sergeant wesley black, you made a hell of a difference. >> i'm just a kid from boston. all i know how to do is fight. and cancer is going to win. but it is going to be one hell of a war of attrition. >> he fought and he made a huge, huge difference, and that in and of itself is a victory. i know that his wife and his son, you know, for both of them, the years they had, the extra years they had because of his fight is something they will cherish forever. >> yeah, he really made a difference, john. >> and thank you, for shining a light on his life and his fight
6:00 am
and the importance of the issues that he's brought to light because this is something that thousands of veterans are dealing with right now. cnn's coverage continues right now. very good tuesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. a 9-year-old boy is in a medically induced coma after being injured in the chaos of travis scott's astroworld festival. new details about that night also emerging, multiple lawsuits have been filed, as we also learn there was no plan to deal with a surging crowd. >> i just remember just having so much weight on my body. and i was pushing, i was fighting, i was fighting and then i stopped because i


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