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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 11, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ambassador is 47. all kidding aside, mr. a thank you for your service during world war ii as well as your service as an ambassador. and thank you for raising such a fine man, tony blinken, our secretary of state. to you will a our veterans past and present we thank you, we honor you, and we remember always what you've done for us. i would like to recognize one of our national heroes who is here today, meddle of honor recipient mr. brian thacker. during the vietnam war then first lieutenant thacker put the fellow of his safety troops against his own providing cover fire for an attacking enemy and even calling in artillery fire on his own position so our forces had a better chance to withdraw. wounded, unable to leave the area, he evade the capture for
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eight days until finally friendly family forces took the position. yours is a remarkable story. it will never be forgotten. i'll also never forgot stories of american leaders and icons we've lost recently. who shaped our nation in ways that are hard to measure. i've lost like many of you three good friends in the last month. general colin powell, a child of immigrants who grew up to be joint chairman of the chief staffs and secretary of state and a man who earned the respect of the american people for his leadership in uniform and out and a guy who became good friends and many times i was in and out of iraq as a vice president and a senator.
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general ray odierno went out multiple times in iraq and did so much to help get us where we are today, and he always put the troops and his veterans first. it was an honored that my son major biden served upped his command at the time. and my friend and colleague that was mentioned already, the united states senator max cleland who as a triple amputee knew the cost of war as anyone could ever know it and went on to champion the dignity and care of americans and wounded veterans throughout his life. we lost all three of these incredible veterans in the last several week, and our hearts go out to their families. these are stories that enspire generation after ginration for americans to step forward and defend our horror an today we pay homage to all that those who
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have earned the seattle of american veteran. it's an honor that are only a small amount of americans can claim and one that marks those able to claim it as brother and sisters, it's a badge of couple that unites across all ages regardless of wrk ground because to be a veteran is to survive the most challenges americans will ever know. you've come through the tiles and testing, brave dangers and deprivations face down, tragic realities of war and death, and you've done it for us. you've done it for america to defend and serve american values, to protect our country and our constitution against all enemies, and to lay a stronger more secure foundation on what future generations can build a more perfect union.
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each of our veterans is a link in a proud change of patriots that has stood in the defense of our country from bunker hill to bello woods, gettysburg and iwo jima, the chosin reservoir and each stood the price of freedom and each shouldered that burden on our behalf. the our veterans represent the pest of america. you are the very spine of america, not just the backbone. you're the spine of this country and all of us owe you so on veterans day and every day we honor that great debt and recommit ourselves to keeping our sacred obligation as a nation to honor what you've done. we have many obligations to our children and to our elderly, to
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those truly in need, but i've gotten in trouble way back when i was a young senator for luis aliceaing we only one true sacred obligation, many obligations but one truly sacred obligation, to properly prepare those and equip those who we send into harm's way and care for them and their families while they are both deployed and when they return home. this is a lifetime sacred commitment. it never expires, and for me and for jill and for the entire biden family it's personal. when beyou a was deployed to iraq after spending six months in dose bow as an assistant u.s. attorney trying to set up a criminal justice system i got a call from him one day.
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he said dad, what are you doing friday? i said what do you need, friday? he said i would like you to pin my bars on. i said what in the heck have you done? he says someone's got to finish these wars, dad. true story. jill and i learned what it meant to pray every day for the safe return of someone you love. so many of you have done that. our grandkids learned what it meant to have their dad oversees in a war zone instead of back at home for a year, talking them into bed and reading that story every night. thousands of americans, tens of thousands have had that experience. the english poet john milton wrote they also serve who only stand and wait. so all the mothers and fathers and sons and daughters, spouses,
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all those who stand alongside our veterans and their families, caregivers, survivors. you are the solid steel spine that bears up under every burden. the courageous heart that rises to every challenge. we've asked so much of you for so long, and our nation is grateful. for two decades the lives of our service members and their families and veterans have been shaped by the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. since 9/11 hundred of thousands of americans have served. so many are still serving today in harm's way and we cannot forgot them. the american people are forever grateful and in awe of what you've accomplished, but in fulfilling their mission so many veterans and their families and caregivers have been through
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hell. some facing deployments after deployment, spending months and years away from their families and missing birthdays, anniversaries and collections. i remember one of the last times i flew into iraq in the so-called silver bullet. i remember walking up to the -- to the cockpit and the crew masters are long on the pilots up there and i said how many of you is this your first tour? >> no one raised their hand it was five people. second tour, no one raised their hand. third tour two raised their hand and fourth tour two raised their hand and the fire fight, one raised their hand. folks, on veterans day we have to always remember that there's nothing low rusk or low cost about war for the women and men who fight it. i carry with me in my pocket
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every single day, i have my -- i have my staff check with the defense department and the back. my schedule i have u.s. daily troops in afghanistan killed and wounded, u.s. daily troops in iraq killed and wounded, 52,323, roughly 53,000. every one of these individuals has a family. has a unit at home. 53,323 wounded in iraq and afghanistan. 74,074 gave their lives in the last full measure of devotion, untold thousands more return home as our secretary can tell you with unseen psychological
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wounds of war. the enduring grieve worn by our gold star families. these are the cost of war that they will -- that they will carry as a nation for decades to come, and all veterans, service members and their families, caregivers, survivors, i want you to know that our administration is going to meet the sacred obligation that we owe you. we're going to work with congress, republicans and democrats together to make sure our veterans receive the world class benefits that they have earned, that meet the sacred specific care, specific needs that they each individually need. that means expanding presumptive conditions for toxic exposure, particulate matter including agent orange and burn pits. we're going to keep pushing on this front to be more nimble and responsive. reviewing all the data in evidence to determine additional
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presumptive conditions to make sure that our veterans don't have to wait to get the care that they need. it also means prioritizing mental health care that's necessary to treat the invisible wounds that so many of our veterans carry, including pursuing our newly released comprehensive public health strategy to reduce military and veteran suicides. i want to say clearly to all our veterans if you're struggling, you're so used to never asking for anything. if you're struggling reach out. call the veterans crisis line. they are having trouble thinking about things. it's no different than if you had a wound in your arm and also making sure that the growing population of women and lbgtq plus veterans receive appropriate services of support,
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and as we continue our efforts to defeat the pandemic and build back better means keeping the needs of veterans front and center. the american rescue plan included $17 billion to support volatility. average's covid-19 response, to get vaccination, vaccine shots in arms as fast as possible, and the programs that provide rapid retraining assistance for veterans who may have lost their jobs in the pandemic, housing assistance, debt forgiveness and to invest in improving v.a. facilities and the living conditions of vulnerable veterans. through jill's work of joining forces, we're also working to join our veterans and military family, survivors and caregivers so they can have what they need to thrive. they deserve it. as secretary mcdonough noted this veterans day also marks the centennial of one of the most hallowed american monuments, the
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tomb of the unknowns. 100 years today an american sold defrt first world war, as the tomb says, known but to god, end of quote, completed the voyage from an unidentified battlefield in france over the rougher atlantic seas here to arlington national cemetery. he lay in state under the capitol rotunda for two days on the same one that held the body of lincoln as 90,000 americans came to pay respects. on the final leg of his journey he was escorted from the capitol by the president of the united states, the chief justice of the supreme court and members of congress, general percy and the chiefs of staff. the medal of honor recipients all walking as "the washington post" said processing without
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parallel. to give honor due to mesh service -- american service members. not just the anonymous soul today entombed in gleaming marble but the jeb ravings americans that have dared all, risked all, gave all for the cause of freedom. to commemorate and the wounds -- and the words of the members of congress who propose the legislation memorial, an american wore works quote, this was the quote,ing who typifies the soul of america. you veterans are the soul of america, america's soul. that's why our veterans have always fought, always and have been willing to put themselves on the line, that the first unknown now lies with his
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brethren, unnamed warriors from later wars, fellow patriots who picked up the mantle of honor and made it their burden. and today, 100 years later, we keep a sacred watch over their grifs, generations of elite sentinels have taken the post pledging their eternal vigilance. we lay wreaths, re-renew our oath and we stand in solemn awe of such fidelity because for us to keep faith with american veterans we must never forgot exactly what was given us. what each of them is willing to put on line for us. we met never further that it is the mighty arm of the american warrior, never break, nefrm yielding, generation after
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generation that secured for us the beesings of a nation that stands today as a beaker for democracy and justice around the world. glo god bless you all. god bless all american veterans and those who proudly earn that title and may god protect our troops. thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm john king in washington. you've been listening to the president of the united states, joe biden, his first veterans day as commander in chief speaking at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. president saying how proud he was to represent, quote, the proud chain of patriots who are america's veterans and, of course, this is personal for the president. his late son beau served in the delaware national guard and did a tour of duty in iraq which gave the president an appreciation of the solid steel spine, those who wait at home when their sons and doubt remembers deployed overseas.
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the president also taking time to reach out saying to any veteran out there who might be having mental health issues, pondering suicide, reach out and get help, just like a wound in your arm, again, very personal comments from the president of the united states on this veterans day, his first at arlington national cemetery and tributes around the country as well. we'll continue to track those and coming back breaking news on president trump's late attempt to block secret records from the jer 6th committee. we'll be right back. and if they don't like it, they give 'em their money back. wait, they take the car back? that's crazy! what if it was driven by like a zookeeper? or a mud wrestler? or a guy who's on the outs with the missus and he just needs a place to sleep for seven days? yeah. (vo) buy your car online. love it or return it. with carvana. kevin! kevin? kevin.
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hello, everybody. welcome back to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. breaking news right now on the search for truth about january 6th and the last resort legal challenge from the former president. moments ago donald trump filed
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this with the federal court asking an appeals court to stop him -- to stop the requirement that he turn over sensitive presidential records to the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, that after late wednesday the former president lost again in u.s. district court. let's get straight to cnn's paula reed who is tracking these developments for us. what's going on. >> reporter: the trump asked the court of appeals in d.c. to delay handing over his records to lawmakers while appealing a lower court ruling that would allow them to access some of his records related to january 6th. so far it hasn't been going very well for trump in twice. twice the judge ruled against trump in his quest to keep his white house records from the house select committee. on tuesday the judge ruled on the overall case that as a former president she says that trump does not have the power to keep records secret when the current president supports their
9:23 am
release. now, after that decision, trump asked her to buy him some time before his records were handed over so he could appeal her decision, not surprisingly she would not delay that grand of her own decision but as a procedural matter he had to ask her first before moving up the ladder to a higher court which is exactly what he did in this motion. as of right now the national archives which inherited trump's records after he left office will begin handing over some of the disputed records on friday unless a court orders a delay. john, whoever loses at the appellate level will ask the supreme court to take up the case so a lot riding for trump and the committee on this. >> i would say a lot riding in the search for the truth as well. paula reed, grateful for the hustle. with me is margaret at alloff of axios and nolan marc cass kill and lauro lopez and carrie corado. you were reading through the brief. does the former president have much of a case to make as he now
9:24 am
goes up to the appeals court level? >> not according to the district court judge. as paula was just judging the district court judge disregarded his argument and when i look through the appellate court, there are no new arguments he's making, relying on the same old argument and what comes across is his team to continue to argue as if he were still the president. they still consider that he's making arguments that the disclosure of the documents are not in the public interest whereas the district court says disclosure is what's in the public interest and that's what the current president biden has said is that disclosure is in the public interest so there's a disagreement between the trump team saying this case, what they say in their brief includes weighting issues that could have a profound effect on the executive branch and the executive branch is saying not
9:25 am
really. >> they are rarely litigated and you don't normally have big investigations with presidents, but there has been one in 1977. nixon versus the gsa, and the supreme court said the benefit is not for the individual but for the benefit of the republic. if the trump team keeps argue up, at the appeals court leverages the supreme court level would be next, will it get there, or is it almost guaranteed to get there or can the appeals court shut it down in a way that keeps it from the supreme court? >> i think the appeals court has a basis for what the judge wrote in her opinion has a sound reason to reject the ability. i mean, he has an ability to have his case heard but the courts don't have to continue to entertain these arguments from a private individual about matters that the current executive has already weighed in on. as the district court judge said in one of her early opinions saying the president is not king and plaintiff is not president
9:26 am
and that's really the key in this. >> happens to be fact as well. nolan, when you get to capitol hill, this committee has been worried this will take forever. the committee is trying to search for the truth and wants the witnesses and documents and knows what the court says on donald trump will have a domino effect on all the other people who come before it. i assume the committee has to be happy because as soon as tomorrow they could see the records. >> they would love to have them as soon as possibility. thinking about this entire situation. it's against donald trump's interest to delay the documents. when i was talking to people being interviewed who potentially work for the committee. the committee was telling them that they wanted wrap up around maybe march of next year and had house republicans delay the formation of the committee which wasted some time so donald trump is able to successfully delay this. he could end up in a situation where house democrats on the committee are releasing information on january 6 and say august, september, october, really close to an election
9:27 am
which would have a huge impact on the race, and so that being said i don't think it's in donald trump's best interest to try to delay this. i mean, it's in his character to be a fighter and fight for this, but i think it could end up harming house republicans. >> policeically, and as carrie notes, they continue to refer to donald trump in here as if he's the active president. that's keeping the audience of one happy. as you go through this, again, donald trump is exhibit "a" in the legal fight. does he have privilege and can he turn over documents and so many of his allies have refused subpoenas and what the court says will have a domino effect on steve bannon, still on the road and still talking to republican groups and still saying this. >> in 2020 donald trump won a bigger victory in this country and i will debate any person and take on any president call commission and go before congress and do anything they want and show them the receipts starting here in arizona.
9:28 am
here's the beauty of trump. he'll be the only one in american history to win the presidency three times. >> that is more evidence in the greatest fraud in american political history which is the lies they continue to tell their own supporters. steve ban new york i'll go before any committee. he defied a speen, a. the committee wanted him to come in and tell the truth'll go before anybody and make your case why won't steve bannon show up before congress and answer the questions. >> and whether or not the doj charges him with criminal contempt is what all the other trump allies, the aides that were in trump's inner circle and as high a level as stephen miller as well as the former press secretary, kailey mcenany an even some low-level aides there, all of them are looking to see whether or not the doj charge is bannon because if they don't, don't follow through on that, they will think they can defy the speech arksz. 16 subpoenas out or so, roughly the level that the january 6th
9:29 am
committee everyone you'd this week and that's a huge question whether or not the committee gets to the truth and gets to the bottom of not just what the communication around january 6th itself but also what influence there was and the outcome of the election in counting votes and attempts to try to stop it. >> underneath all the legal arguments in today's response are two truths. the former president does not want to turn over any documents to anybody and wants as little transparency as possible around the inner workings of decisions that will be documented there and, two, has an extreme interest in delaying this as soon as possible as well as everybody else down the chain. >> i will debate any person, take any presidential commission and go before congress, then go. go. it's right up the street. go. up next, prices are skyrocketing for just about everything. we take an up-close look at pocketbook pressure on american families and intense political pressure on the president. why ie liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it.
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plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. inflation is getting more public attention from the president all of a sudden. yes, washington is often late to feel or fully understand your pain. prices are climbing at rates not seen in 30 years. in a moment what, if anything, president biden can do to help? first though an out in america look at how this is affecting
9:35 am
families across america starting in iowa. >> reporter: john, let's start with gas prices, over $3 a gal here in iowa, up more than $1 since last year. we spoke to one gentleman who said he was gas station price hopping. one station was charging 3 hadn't 40, too much and found a station close tore $3 and felt comfortable with that. also rising food costs. we spoke to one gentleman who said he was in the store to a ruiz the aisles and when he realized bacon was a lot more expensive, up 27% in the last year, he said he needed to stock up, but the big thing for iowans is rising energy costs. mid-atlantic energy, the biggest power provider here in the state says folks can expect to spent nearly double what they did last year on their energy bills. john, winter is coming. >> and it's coming. we all know that. we flip the fireplace on and get the heat that way because we
9:36 am
can't turn the furnace up. can't go too far out of our means to make ends meet so you've got to work and live and watch it. be careful. >> now it is possible to price shop at the grocery store. it is possible to do so at the gas station a little bit, but it's really hard to save money on heating. americans and iowans in particular here during these very cold winters. they will be expected to pay a little bit more, even double this season just to stay warm. john? >> jessica yurkovich, thanks so much for your reporting. let's bring the conversation back into the room. again, washington, all of washington, in previous stainses or all stainses is slow to pick up what's happening out in real america. part of the president's problem, number one, no magic wand for this, global covid-related economic pressures that go back to the trump presidency and not blaming it on trump. that's what they do on the
9:37 am
calendar and biden has no magic wand to speed up the global recovery, to speed up manufacturing or things through ports and tanks but one of his problems is back in july he said this. >> as our economy has coming require back we've seen some price increases, some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation but that's not our view. these disruptions are temporary. there's norb suggesting that there's unchecked inflation on the way, no serious economist. >> that's the problem is when you say something like that and then months later the problem persists, you seem out of touch or not on top of something. >> i mean, temporary is in the eye of the beholder, right? is temporary this will be over by january 2023? does temporary mean it will be over by crist senate it won't be over by christmas. we can all agree on that or won't be all over by thanksgiving. biden has two problems. one is expectationed, just like you said and the other is that it's going to be very easy for republicans to at least try to
9:38 am
message that all of the spipding, the stimulus, the infrastructure spending. bbb that hasn't been passed yet, all of that have is contributing to it. for a political argument it doesn't matter if that's true. it will feet the narrative that the democrats have done something to exacerbate this problem or to make it worse, and, you know, i think it's going to -- we're already seeing that the inflation numbers are going to make it that much more difficult for that build back better plan to pass either chamber but certainly the senate and that's a real problem. >> so the issue becomes is the price of eggs the president's fault? if you just look, things that cost more, it's everything. gas costs more, used cars, eggs cost more, beef, everything costs more right now for different reasons and different factors, a lot connected or can you look at it this way. a year ago, $674 a month is what you spend on groceries, now it's
9:39 am
$849. i remember conversations around the kitchen table, this time of year you have to start paying for home heating oil and when does that do to the grocery budget? washington sometimes gets disconnected from those conversations. >> you're seeing more and more the president is trying to see what he's saying compared to what he was saying over the summer. now biden is starting to acknowledge the pain that americans are feeling across the country. you saw in statements this week as well as in his speech yesterday he was saying i understand that your pocketbooks are hurting and that this is not helping you come out of, you know, the pandemic, come out of the recession and that he's doing everything in his power to possibly address it, directing his economic counsel to look at options, but he also is trying to make the argument to margaret's point, he's aggressively now trying to push back on the republican attacks by saying, that, one, the build back better plan which is the second piece of his big economic agenda that addresses families and elder parent-child care, the white house is arguing that that
9:40 am
would address inflation because of the effective tax cuts that it would deliver to american families and then the other argument is that they are trying to make is that it's paid for. unlike the infrastructure package, which added more to the deficit than the second plan would, the build back better is paid for, so that's his push back against some of the senators like manchin who are right now wary of the impact of inflation and may potentially use inflation as an excuse to further whittle down that. >> to that point, there's the economic and political concerns that the president has to have for everyday americans sand there an impact on his agenda in washington? laura mentioned senator joe manchin. manchin tweets out this threat is not transitory and it's getting worse from the grocery store to gas pump. americans know the inflation tax is real and d.c. can no longer ignore the pain americans are feeling in. and of itself in a vacuum, good for senator manchin, reach out for people and some took that as a cue and he said no more
9:41 am
spending. will inflation become a pain for american family and for getting votes for the president's agenda? >> that could well be the case. progressives vote for the bipartisan bill last week. they sort of lost a lot of learning there. now we're seeing inflation and holiday season approaching and people are having to make difficult decisions do you go see your family on thanksgiving? are gas prices too high, flights too expensive, rental cars too expense sniff wouldn't surprise me to see, that hey, 1.75 is too high for me when it comes to the social spending bill that democrats are hoping to pass next week. i think biden has some work to do to not only assure everyday americans that this will -- this situation will improve but also democrats are able to pass their agenda. he has some work to do. >> he has some work to do, and it gets complicated by the day. brand new cnn reporting on what we'll call a stay away debate in trump world as some vuzers study the map where races for showing up may not be the best thing for
9:42 am
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powering possibilities. some new cnn reporting today on donald trump's game plan for the 2020 mid terms. with the recent win in virginia as a template, allies of the former president are, quote, pushing for a stay-away strategy in some races and claim the
9:47 am
temperamental boss is characteristically willing to be deferential to reporting this. reporting games from cnn's gabby orr who joins us for the discussion. they saw how youngkin won in virginia and say mr. president, there's some places to stay away and he's willing to be deferential on the candidates. is there a clock on that? >> i don't know how easy it will be to convince someone like donald trump who is notoriously prideful to go on with a strategy that prevents him from going to different candidates' backyards. it will be difficult to convince him and there are trump allies make the case that in 2022 in some instances there will be republicans either in statewide race or national races that might not benefit from having him campaign beside them and that he should be willing to potentially endorse those candidates but not go and rally beside them, that that could hurt them at the end of the day. >> we could see this is from
9:48 am
monday, a picture posted on the desk of donald trump website of donald trump helping house republicans raise money and you see kevin mccarthy introducing him or shaking his hand in the picture. helping to raise money which also is on them because he also keeps repeating the big lie. he says the insurrection was election day but it was january 6th about with you he fits is a giant question about the mid terms and the success or not of the republicans. >> for donald trump it's very important to be able to take credit for these -- for successful gop election in swing areas and you saw him do it with youngkin where he's putting out the states saying congratulations, there's no way you could have done that without my people and i think for the advisers who are trying to push him in that direction, that's the argument to make which is that there's a medium turm game and a long game in being more strategic and deciding what to be on stage with someone and when to just be doing radio shows and stuff on the side.
9:49 am
i think the question is what is this all leading to, like the minute that the clock turns, you know, 12 on mid-term day november of next year, you're in a different game. >> right. >> and that picture -- that picture just tells you the foundation of what they are doing is based on a lie and a liar. i'm sorry. you know, if you went to an organization to buy a product and its foundation was based on a lie, you might turn away. i'm sorry, the republican party is not. >> talking about the lie that trump has created, the one that a lot of republicans are going along with is there aren't that many candidates right now that are in the mold of youngkin that are running for statewide senate race, races that trump may get involved in, herschel walker in georgia and sean barnel in pennsylvania and there was a senate candidate who ran an ad that said donald trump is the president of the united states, and so a lot of these candidates are fully embracing the big lie,
9:50 am
fully embracing trump, and it's difficult to see him staying out of that. >> it's important because the trump wing of the party does not support idiversity, you're with trump or against him, this is matt gaetz on twitter, 13 voted to support a bipartisan infrastructure bill. the current republican conference is not ready to win and these members should be removed from the leadership positions. a difference of opinion is not tolerated in the republican party. a congressman or congress women voting for something that will give road and bridges and clean water back home is not toll rated in the republican party. >> doesn't make sense to me and we're seeing republicans take their cues from donald trump and he's still the leader of the party even though he's no longer in the white house. >> it's that one. >> okay. >> up next, the latest covid news including a giant legal setback from the texas governor greg abbott.
9:51 am
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today's covid news includes a major setback for the texas governor greg abbott ruling that the blanket ban on mask requirements in schools violates protections for americans with disabilities. the texas law denies the clear benefit of in-person learning to children who are at higher risk getting covid. let's get some perspective from dr. mccain, the medical director at baylor college of medicine in
9:56 am
hueston. as i do this, i want to bring up this map. you're in the heart of this in texas. your state has been central to fights over mandates including mask mandates because of the governor's policy and weave seen schools in at least eight states have started to make masks optional. many states have a somewhat improving covid transmission rate and others are tired of all of this. in the context of being in the middle of this in texas, it's discriminatory to those who need the masks, what's your take on how long we should keep masks in place in schools? >> we absolutely need to keep masks in place in schools for now. the cdc has said that over 87% of counties are in places where koefz transmission is at substantially high levels. it's not time to start dialing back protection, especially when a large proportion of our children have not yet been vaccinated. >> it's a great point in the sense if you look at that right now. look as the national vaccination rate you do see an uptick in
9:57 am
recent days and that's largely eager parents of children ages 5 to 11 and now they are eligible the eager parents are getting them up and the numbers go up some and you see it the case rate is up 6% since last week. you might say that's not a tons, but we were coming down steadily and then a plateau and now starting to inch back up as it gets colder in much of the country. how worrisome. people being indoors is at a higher risk of transmission and not only that before a lot of people did get vaccinated early on in the pandemic is what we've seen is immunity is starting to wane around six to nine months so we need to get those boosters in arms as quickly as possible. >> boosters in arms as quickly as possible. look at the kids vaccination, the white house says 900,000 of the 5 to 11-year-olds newly eligible had the vaccines by the end of the day, wednesday. they say probably about 700,000
9:58 am
appointments probably booked. as we've seen in the past, when different groups have become eligible for vaccinations, those eager and waiting are rushing to get appointments. the question is what comes after that. will we see the leg where people are hesitant or outright resistant saying wait. >> so those numbers are encouraging but they are not enough. early on in the pandemic we thought maybe we would need to get 70% of the population vaccinated in order to achieve herd i municipality that. target has shifted. we from an historic perspective to get measles eradicated we needed 95% of people vaccinated. vaccines is what kills disease. treatment won't bring an end to covid-19, prevention is. >> there are so many different ways we've looked throughout this pandemic at different at tuesday among different groups as we go through big questions in the pandemic. this survey is are you willing as a parent to get your young children age 5 to 11 vaccinated, a it shows that among people
9:59 am
more affluent, with an annual income above $100,000, nearly half, 47% say, those below that 37% and below $50,000 is lower than that at 34%. is it education or willingness or income for those willing to get the vaccine? >> those with more education are more willing to accept medical recommendation or willing to accept science, but there are other things to look at as well, those of lower socioeconomic status may be less willing to take time off of work in order to get their child vaccinated or take care of their child if they have symptoms after the haves, even. it could be an education level playing a part here but we've also seen those of lower socioeconomic status have been more affected by the pan dem
10:00 am
nick general. higher case loads and more deaths. >> thanks for your expertise. we'll stay in touch as we get through these days. >> thank you, john. >> this quick programming note. more than 0 years after her death princess diana estory is having a moment. go inside her lasting legacy of a new episode of the cnn series "diana " right here on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. thanks for joining us. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> reporter: hello. i'm ana cabrera in new york. former president trump with a last-ditch desperate attempt to keep documents and other records concerning the january 6th insurrection secret. trump right now 0-2 when it comes to legal challenges on this matter. nonetheless, his team just asked an appeals court to pause the release of certain documents he does not want people to see. why? and will he get a win this time? big questions at a critical
10:01 am
deadline nears


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