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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 12, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares in london. just ahead on "cnn newsroom." a developing story in myanmar. an american journalist sentenced to more than a decade in prison. plus, breaking news in scotland. we are getting details on a new draft agreement from cop-26 negotiators and it acknowledges the role fossil fuels play in the climate crisis. also donald trump gets a
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temporary victory to keep documents away from lawmakers investigating the u.s. capitol riot . hello, everyone. it is friday, november 12. we begin with breaking news this hour out of myanmar. american journalist danny finster has been sentenced to 11 years for incitement and unlawful -- ivan watson is in hong kong. ivan, explain to us what these charges mean and critically whether any evidence whatsoever was presented in the court against finster here. >> reporter: right. danny finster is a 37-year-old from detroit, michigan, and he'd been working in the independent
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english language press in myanmar for sometime. he was managing editor of frontier myanmar, which is an online publication. he was detained in may on his way to the airport to fly back to the u.s. this was months after the military staged a coup in which they arrested the leaders of a civilian elected government and subsequently embarked on a major crackdown on civil society and the press in the country. finster faced a number of charges. he was sentenced under three separate charges for basically breaching visas, for unlawful association with an illegal group, and for incitement, publishing comments that caused fear or spread fake news. and under the three charges, he got 11 years in prison. that's in a closed tribunal inside the notorious prison, an
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enormous circular structure that you can see from the sky as you fly into yangon. the sentencing has been denounced by human rights organizations. take a listen to what human rights watch has to say. >> obviously the sentencing is the complete sham and it's a complete sham trial. and if anything, he shouldn't be there in the first place and he shouldn't be facing these charges. these are all trumped up. it's not a proper display of justice simply because there is no such thing as due process in myanmar. >> reporter: now, here's the thing. finster's situation could get much, much worse, isa, because he's still facing two additional charges of basically, under a counterterrorism law and an accusation that he's hurt the reputation of the military, which again seized power in a coup on february 1st.
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and those charges he could face up to life in prison. he is just one example of a much broader crackdown on press freedoms in the country where us up to 100 journalists detained since february 1st, dozens still believed to be behind bars, and journalists i know who have had to flee the country to become refugees in neighboring countries, isa. >> do keep us posted, ivan, on finster's case. thanks very much, ivan watson there. now, we are following another major breaking story out of glasgow, scotland, where debt gaetz of the cop-26 climate summit have a new draft agreement. it says the world should aim global warming to 1.5% celsius and the role of fossil fuels in the climate crisis. phil black is in glasgow with
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more. phil, talk me through this draft agreement. does it go far enough? what's in it? >> reporter: well, isa, let's go to the crucial points that people will be watching, really, to determine whether or not this conference is going to be a success. as you touched on the science that says where we're at, what's at stake, how urgent the moment is, that is still there. so it resolves that 1.5 degrees of average global increase should be the goal, that is much better than 2 degrees. it makes the point the situation is urgent because in order to achieve 1.5 we have to cut emissions this decade by 45%. so it describes it as a critical decade. then we get into some changes here because where it once said it needed meaningful effective action by all parties in this critical decade, it now says there needs to be accelerated action this decade and goes on to reference different countries' individual circumstances and efforts to develop sustainably -- efforts to eradicate poverty and so forth. we knew that developing
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countries weren't happy with the original version, and this is where you can see their influence. what it means in practice is that you captn't expect the sam of india and china in terms of emission cuts and actions as you would, say, the european union and the u.s. but that science, that basis that is still there as is the urgency. now, because there is that urgency, crucially it still lays out a next step beyond cop-26. we know that we are nowhere near on track to cutting emissions this decade in order to achieve 1.5 so what happens next is really important. the original draft urged countries to come back next year with new emissions targets. this version requests countries to do this. this is a weakening of that language in a legal sense. but it is still crucially there in some form, and there is still a time frame. that time frame is is considered vital to this process having any sort of future that means it is
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theoretically possible to deliver what the science says is necessary by the end of this decade. the other interesting point is on coal. the original version talked about accelerating the phase-out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies. again, some more qualifying language here. this version has phasing out the -- accelerating the phase-out of unabated coal which is usually a reference to coal that doesn't have carbon capture technology attached to it, for example. and it also talks about inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. so some qualified language there. what this means, though, is a lot of the substance is still there in some form. this is only the second draft. we are on the final day of the conference. we would normally expect yet another draft before the final version is agreed. you can probably say these negotiations are running behind, but i think some people will be weakened -- will be disappointed by some of the weakening that has taken place. they'll be looking forward to the successive draft in the
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final version to make sure the crucial points are in there in some form, isa. >> we expect 197 signatories to this. it's supposed to end today at 6:00 p.m. let's see if it does go through the night. phil black for us in glasgow, scotland. thanks very much, phil. meanwhile, in the united states testimony has ended in the trial that underscores the deep divide within the country. kyle rittenhouse is on trial for killing two people and wounding a third at a racial justice protest last year. they portrayed him as a vigilant tee, while the defense portrayed him as acting in defense. kim law has details for you. >> reporter: with that, closing arguments are now set for monday. testimony ended in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. eight days of testimony with 31 witnesses. the last day of testimony ending as it did through much of the trial, leaning on video. the first victim shot by
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rittenhouse, joseph rosenbaum, seen here in the red t-shirt. rosenbaum was among the protesters in kenosha days and nights of unrest after police shot jacob blake. rosenbaum would collide with an armed rittenhouse. this video was taken by defense witness drew hernandez who described rosenbaum this way. >> rosenbaum was charging kyle rittenhouse from behind. hear it and saw it in real-time. and rosenbaum is lunging toward him very clearly and kyle fires. >> reporter: the defense showed what led up to the shootings is to boost rittenhouse's self-defense claims, that the then 17-year-old was cornered and feared for his life. he's pleaded not guilty. a moment his lawyers hoped humanized the defendant who faced a potential life sentence. but the third man shot by rittenhouse, gage whose bicep
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was blown off, said he didn't see an emotional person. >> he was more upset that he was caught and less upset about what he had done and what he had taken and the numerous lives that he affected through his actions that night. >> reporter: the eight-day trial was wrought with tension, not just from the witnesses, but between judge bruce schroeder and prosecutor thomas binger after the judge lashed out yesterday. >> don't get brazen with me. >> reporter: another testy exchange. >> yesterday, as i said, i was under the court's ire. >> you know what i want to talk about? >> it's fundamental fairness, your honor. >> say what you want to say. >> if i'm being held to obey the court's orders, i'm asking the defense be held to that, too. >> i was talking yesterday about the constitution of the united states and how the supreme court has interpreted it for 50 years.
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>> reporter: but the rittenhouse trial is most note worthy for being a flash point in a battle far beyond kenosha. hernandez was just one of the many capturing the events on the kenosha street. he's an arizona-based commentator who works for far-right wing outlet real america voice, and posts frequently on social media. >> black lives matter is a marxist organization. >> reporter: hernandez testified he was there to track antifa and blm when the shooting happened. >> have you ever posted anything on social media in support of kyle rittenhouse? >> one could argue, yes. >> reporter: and a last-minute twist from prosecutors. prosecutors told the judge they intend to ask for lesser-included charges to be submitted to the jury, a decision on that has not yet been formalized. kenosha, wisconsin. >> thank you. attorneys in the case will each have 2 1/2 hours to address the jury. their statements are expected to underscore the opposing views of
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the case. for those who thought the shootings were justified, others see it as a vigilante in the culture. they say it represents the feelings and explanations of the events. take a listen. >> now, we can have the debate as to whether or not rittenhouse should have been there, whether or not he's not a police officer. he's not a technician. why is he there in the first instance. why would he interject himself. that's a separate issue. that is not what the jury is being there to decide. those political questions are left to debate. with respect to the facts, i think what the defense did is three very important things. by putting him on the stand, wolf, number one, they humanized him. they want to present to the jury a person who has feelings, who indicates that, hey, i didn't want to do anything, i didn't want to kill anyone, i needed to. we saw him breaking down in tears. i thought he was very prepared, it was very effective. pivoting to issue two, explaining why was it that i had
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to shoot one person, because they were pointing a gun at me. another because they were tussling for my rifle. another they were ripping their skateboard across my head like a baseball bat. when it came to the issue of what he did after, he turned himself in. we as lawyers talk about consciousness of guilt. defendants are running because they did something wrong. he ran, but he ran to a police station. from those perspectives, i think they were very effective and have a very good shot of having him acquitted when the jury ultimately deliberates after closing examinations or closing arguments, excuse me, on monday. >> cnn legal analyst joey jackson on the rittenhouse trial there. former u.s. president donald trump has called a small victory in his efforts to keep documents related to the white house other way from congressional investigators. cnn's evan perez reports. >> reporter: a federal appeals court is pausing the release of hundreds of pages of trump white house records from the national archives to the house committee investigating the january 6
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attack on the u.s. capitol. the three-judge panel granted former president donald trump's delay request while the court decides whether trump can keep secret documents that he says are protected by executive privilege. now, this is an unusual legal battle because president joe biden has waived privilege, citing the extraordinary events of january 6 to find out what happened and how to prevent another disruption to the peaceful transfer of power. three judges, two appointed by president obama and one appointed by president biden wrote, the purpose of this administrative injunction is to protect the court's jurisdiction to address appellant's claim of executive privilege and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits. the judges scheduled oral arguments on the dispute november 30th, which means that the temporary pause could last into december. and, of course, whoever loses in the appeals court is expected to ask the supreme court to weigh in.
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in the meantime, former trump chief of staff mark meadows says that he is going to wait for the courts to rule and be ordered to provide testimony to the committee. the committee has now demanded that meadows appear before it on friday morning or face potential contempt of congress. evans perez, cnn, washington. and just ahead right here on the show, the u.s. president will be hitting the road to sell his economic agenda. how it plans to help americans suffering from sticker shock. plus defense attorney causes an uinhef a killing of a black man in georgia after a short break. you are watching "cnn newsroom." a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. ♪ my name is monique, i'm 41, and i'm a federal contract investigator. as a single parent, i would run from football games to work
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(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. more americans are feeling the pinch as inflation has climbed more than 6% in the past year. that is the biggest jump in three decades. in the new fox news poll, 53% of americans say they're extremely concerned about i flags. as you can see there, 44% are just as worried about health care as well as political divisions. all of this really putting a lot of pressure on president biden
1:20 am
and his economic team to come up with solutions. cnn's phil mattingly has more from the white house. >> reporter: president biden visiting arlington national cemetery to honor america's veterans. >> our veterans represent the best of america. you are the very spine of america. >> reporter: as his white house scrambles behind the scenes to push back on an acute threat to economic recovery, and his domestic agenda. >> everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more, and it's worrisome. >> reporter: biden now convening internal meetings as inflation hits a three-decade high. a window into the political and policy threat emanating from across the board price increases. now driving a clear public messaging shift. >> i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people and it is real, that is getting prices down. >> reporter: all part of a frantic effort to address a combination of supply chain bottlenecks in a post-pandemic demand surge. driving a reality largely
1:21 am
outside of biden's control. >> today's announcement has a potential to be a game changer. >> reporter: a push to shift southern california ports to 24/7 operations, easing some pressures. but a record 111 container ships still sitting in wait outside the ports of long beach and los angeles according to data from the marine exchange. the latest inflation acceleration stunning biden's economic team. including gas up 49.6%, rental cars up 49.1%, furniture up 12%, meat, eggs, poultry and fish up 11.9%. even after biden said this in june. >> overwhelming consensus is it's going to pop up a little bit and then go back down. >> reporter: and this in july. >> these disruptions are temporary. >> reporter: but beyond the economic and political pain, the numbers posing a real threat to biden's agenda. with west virginia senator joe manchin a key centrist hold out,
1:22 am
long worried about inflation tweeting, quote, americans know the inflation tax is real. and d.c. can no longer ignore the economic pain americans feel every day. it's a warning shot as the white house enters the final negotiations over biden's $2 trillion economic and climate bill where a single democratic no vote in the senate would kill the backbone of biden's domestic agenda. known as build back better. >> i think the senator manchin's concerns, make the strongest possible case for build back better. >> reporter: and those higher prices are drawing real concerns on capitol hill among some democrats the price increases will overshadow the president's major legislative victory just one week ago. that infrastructure bill, bipartisan infrastructure bill, white house officials making clear they aren't going to let that happen or at least don't intend to and they'll be using the president to try and underscore that point. the president will be hitting the road next week, heading to new hampshire on tuesday, michigan on wednesday, two critical swing states to sell that proposal, all following a
1:23 am
monday signing ceremony where sources tell cnn the president has invited every single lawmaker that's voted for the bill. both republicans and democrats. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. back to the domestic front on the foreign policy front, sources say president biden is expected to attend a virtual summit with his chinese counter part xi jinping on monday. the highly anticipated meeting comes during heightened tensions over taiwan trade as well as military expansion. however, the u.s. and china did unveil a framework agreement to address climate change this week. president biden and president xi last spoke for 90 minutes by phone back in september. now, in europe at the belarus/polish border, temperatures are rising. the situation there is c catastrophic. 2,000 men and women are trapped on the border of poland unable to go anywhere. little kids hold signs "sorry"
1:24 am
as you can see there. the u.s. and nato all accuse belarus's leader of weaponizing them for sanctions against the regime. they have been met with defiance. cnn's fred pleitgen joins us from the border. as we out lined there, we have heard pretty strong words from the u.n. security council condemning belarus's actions. has that changed anything on the ground from what you've seen? >> reporter: well, so far it doesn't seem to have changed anything as alexander lukashenko has noted. there are still migrants coming to the camp. there are still attempts to get across the border between poland and belarus. what the polish authorities have been saying, they believe a lot of that is being instigated by belarusian security forces. dell belarus denied having a hand in that. not just from european union and foal, but countries like the
1:25 am
united states and international organizations as well. i think one thing that you said, though, isa, something we definitely have to point out every time we talk about what's going on there, and that is the fact that the temperatures here are increasingly starting to plummet. i was out here for the better part of the night. temperatures there well below freezing. and you know, the people who are in that camp, the many who are there, many women and children as well, they are essentially camped out in the element. some of them have tried to build makeshift shelters out of any sort of wood they can find to try to burn anything they can find to somehow keep warm. it is really very difficult. and, of course, it gets more dangerous for the people who are out there by the minute. now, the polish government continues to say that it is not going to back down. yesterday the president of this country praised the border forces and the polish troops that are on the border there. right now it's about 15,000 troops that the polish government has on the border. you can really see this zone does have a lot of military in
1:26 am
it even though there is an exclusion zone journalists aren't allowed to enter 2 kilometers away from the border. therefore the polish government today is saying there have been fewer attempts to try and breakthrough the border and fewer breaches of the border so therefore it seems as though maybe poland has sort of gained the upper hand in this to a little bit of an extent. one of the things i saw in the past couple of minutes is that the belarusian flag carrier has said it will not fly people from iraq or people of iraqi and syria and yemeni origin after the turkish government intervened on that note. it could be that the e.u. might be gaining the upper hand here, but still very early to tell. as you noted belligerent rhetoric coming out of mi nsk. >> thanks very much, fred. good to see you. now, a firestorm in the ahmaud arbery trial.
1:27 am
defense attorney says he doesn't want black pastors in the courtroom. plus, vaccine hesitancy is fueling a surge in many cases across s across germany. how the government is cracking down on the unvaccinated. we'll bring you those stories after a very short break. you are watching cnn. with holiday spirit all season long. connect to nature this season. ever rushed to a doctor's appointment and thought: [whispers] "couldn't i do this from home?" only to get inside, where time stands still. "how long do i have to wait here?" healthcare makes many of us feel anxious, confused, exposed, and overwhelmed—but it doesn't have to be that way. letsgetchecked offers virtual care with home health testing. take the test. get your results. and get the treatment you need. letsgetchecked. care can be this good.
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welcome, "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. if you're just joining us, let me bring you up to date on our top stories. finster was arrested and could face more serious charges.
1:31 am
cop-26 negotiators have reached a draft agreement acknowledging the damage done to the climate by fossil fuels. now, a defense attorney caused a firestorm with his request during ahmaud arbery's murder trial in georgia. aubrey's father was joined by civil rights leader al sharpton in the courtroom this week. but on thursday, one of the defense attorneys created a furor with his request to the judge. he said that black pastors should not be allowed to sit with an african-american family any more. take a listen. >> obviously there's only so many pastors they can have. pastors al sharpton, fine, that's it. we don't want any more black pastors coming in here or jesse jackson, whoever was in here earlier this week, sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jury in this case. >> arbery's mother responded to that request on cnn. she said she was caught off guard by the attorney, even asking for something like that.
1:32 am
>> very surprised to know that he frowned upon anybody, any pastor that would come in to sit with the family, to keep us encouraged was very -- it was just very insensitive that he would frown upon that. very surprising, but also very, very rude. >> well, reverend sharpton went much further saying in a statement, arrogance and insensitivity of kevin gowan barring any minister underscores the disregard for the value of the human life lost, and the grieving of a family in need. spiritual and community support. sharpton also said this is pouring salt into their wounds. i respect the defense attorney doing his job, but it is beyond defending your client. it is insulting the family of the victim. well, arbery was an
1:33 am
african-american jogger caught and chased dead in georgia. the three suspects all white men now face murder as well as other charges. martin savage has more now on the trial. >> reporter: a key witness on the stand. >> the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> reporter: larry english, jr., owns the home that would become a source of concern and contention in the neighborhood. the same home ahmaud arbery seen visitin visiting and running out from the day he was killed. >> is this a fair representation of your house? >> yes. >> reporter: due to health reasons, english said he placed security cameras at the property because it was normal for people to come and go from a construction site, and he worried about liability. his cameras captured people on the property several times in late 2019 and early 2020. on october 25th, 2019, english
1:34 am
sees a black male on the property and calls 911. >> he's a colored guy. >> did you ever see that person take anything that night? >> no. >> did you ever see anything in his hands, flash flight or any sort of thing on him? >> no. >> reporter: the same male is seen several times visiting the property at night, but over and over on the witness stand english was asked the same thing. >> was anything ever taken? >> reporter: instead english said he believed at the time it was an unidentified white couple on the property that was responsible for items missing from his boat. something he told police in this 911 call. >> it was a male and female. >> reporter: three white men, travis mcmichael, his son and william roddie brian bryan, jr.,
1:35 am
accused of killing him. they said they were attempting to make a citizen's arrest after words began to spread of intrusions on his property. english told cnn he never believed arbery had taken anything. >> do you believe that arbery stole anything from your house that day? >> none whatsoever. >> reporter: but on cross-examination they argued english has changed his story after receiving death threats and he did see the black male on the property as a threat and suggested the same to police and neighbors in saw till a shores. on february 23rd, 2020, ahmaud arbery was spotted in the same home under construction. he was not seen just by surveillance cameras, but also a neighbor who called 911. it would be that sighting moments later which would trigger a deadly confrontation. martin savage, cnn, brunswick,
1:36 am
georgia. a bit of a mixed bag for the united states in the fight against coronavirus. cases have stabilized the past several weeks, but remain at high levels. mississippi says enough progress has to be made -- has to be made, but has a state of emergency can be lifted next week. the governor credits increased vaccinations and effective management of infections and hospitalizations. but if you look in colorado, the covid picture is very different. its governor signed an executive order declaring the entire state at high risk for covid-19 exposure or theranosransmission. that makes every resident eligible for a booster shot. cuba is rolling out the welcome matt for international travelers again. it will reopen to foreign visitors on monday for the first time since the early days of the pandemic. quarantine requirements will no longer apply for those who are
1:37 am
fully vaccinated or have a recent negative covid test. cuba's tourism has taken a heavy hit while the country was closed to foreign visitors. now, surging numbers of covid cases are becoming a trend across europe. the world health organization reports that europe saw a 7% rise in infections last week as cases in all other regions dropped or remained stable. as you can see there, the red patches paint a roaring picture. the rising case numbers across europe considering tighter restrictions and new lockdown measures. for more on that i'm joined by cnn's scott mclane on set. scott, let's start off with why we're seeing several weeks now a rise in cases. >> yes, so, if you ask the german chancellor, their problem is the fact that not enough people are vaccinated to prevent the virus from spreading through the one-third of the population that has no immunity at all. >> they started well. >> they did start well. it seems they are struggling to convince that part of the population to get vaccinated. so now you have these german states that are trying to sort
1:38 am
of gently twist people's arm. for instance, in berlin today you can go to a restaurant, pub, gym, that kind of thing, if you're unvaccinated as long as you show a negative test that is recent. starting on monday that is going to be changing. that testing option is no longer going to be on the table. other states have already done so, or they're following suit or they're considering whether to follow suit in that department. and this is significant because germany has always sort of insisted on the right of unvaccinated people to go about their business and that's why they have given them this testing option. as things start to get worse, they're sort of running out of options in what they can do. germany, by the way, isa, isn't even going nearly as far as some other countries in the netherlands. an expert panel recommended to the government theye institute partial lockdown at bars. no decision has been made for certain yet. in austria, this is quite wild. back in september they actually
1:39 am
made a law that says once 30% of i.c.u. beds are occupied by covid patients, that will trigger a lockdown only of unvaccinated people. right now they are at 21%. the austrian chancellor says could be a matter of days before this lockdown is actually triggered because, as he puts it, the vaccination rate is shamefully low, even lower than germany. their case counts or infection rate is three times higher than germany. this isn't going to be a lockdown like closing restaurants, that kind of thing. we are talking about the kind of lockdown that we had early on in the pandemic where you can only leave your house for work or the absolute essentials. >> and that is in credsably worrying given the fact we haven't even reached winter when we're all going to be indoors for much longer. scott mclane, appreciate it. thanks very much. >> you bet. still to come right here on the show, china tries to shutdown exhibit by disi dent artist in italy but fails. find out why he is continuing to defy the communist party. that is next.
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now, the chinese government is once again taking aim at a controversial dissident artist. much of his artwork criticizes the country where freedom of expression can be hard to come by. the communist party has tried to ban the artist's work in china, hong kong and now italy. local italian officials have refused. i want to bring in ben wideman for us in rome. good morning, ben. give us an idea how far china has gone here to try and censor this exhibition. >> reporter: well, certainly they put in this request with these officials in northern italy to stop the show. the italian officials in that town said no, and, in fact, the whole situation sort of blown up in the face of the chinese government because now there is a lot of attention on that show.
1:44 am
>> there is not just -- >> reporter: china is seeing red. over an exhibit in the northern italian city of bresha hosting the italian chinese artist. >> it's almost impossible that you can avoid offending the chinese government these days. everything could be sensitive. everything could be problematic. >> reporter: so sensitive that the chinese embassy in rome recently requested that the mayor of bresha cancel the exhibit scheduled to open friday. >> translator: i have to say, i had to read the letter twice because it surprised me, says deputy bresha mayor laura castaletti. it was an intrusion on the can you recall terrell decision. the request to the chinese embassy for clarification went
1:45 am
unanswered. he moved to australia in 2009. his art and uncompromising critique of the chinese communist party three years ago show he was scheduled to show in hong kong was canceled after he tweeted his family was threatened by china. the exhibit in bresha, however, is going ahead. >> it was a matter of artistic freedom of expression. >> reporter: he teamed up with the boston celtics painting shoes for kanta, with messages of those oppressed in china. the alleged abuse of uighur turkey muslim minority. >> xi jinping and the communist party of china, i'm calling you out right now in front of the whole world. close down the slave labor camps
1:46 am
and free the uighur people. stop the genocide now. >> reporter: words like that and art like this strike a raw nerve in china, which denies claims of genocide and mass incarceration. increasingly angering china is also a raw nerve for multinational corporations. >> the market in china, they're risking that. >> reporter: he says he's regularly harassed online and occasionally threatened by those who object to his work. his art, war by other means, against a system that has grown ever more powerful in recent years. >> so, it's like a kbbattlegrou. that's how you can use internet meme to absolve censorship --
1:47 am
>> reporter: who is winning the battle at the moment? >> i think it's a long fight. it is too early to tell who will win. >> reporter: that this exhibit is happening, a small win perhaps. now, officials in bresha did tell us they received some discrete inquiries from businesses asking if perhaps they could postpone or cancel the exhibition, but that was flatly turned down by the town's mayor. keeping in mind, of course, isa, that the value of bilateral trade between china and italy is about $40 billion a year, but the officials in bresha said the show must go on. and, in fact, the show begins in exactly -- rather, the show's premiere begins in 12 minutes. isa? >> discrete inquiries, i like that. ben wideman for us, thanks very much, ben. good to see you. coming up right here on the
1:48 am
show, following the violent assault of a female teammate. the report from paris with cyril vanier next.
1:49 am
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colder weather, heavy rain and winter storm alerts. it doesn't sound good, does it? cnn meteorologist derek van dam is tracking it all for you. good morning, derek. >> it's going to take extra long to get to work if you're located in new york, d.c. or boston. we have a cold front moving through and that means heavy rainfall possible this morning. so extra time needed for the roads and the railways depending on how you travel. then behind it another system with even yet another clipper bringing reinforcing shot of cold air through the course of the weekend. and chances of snow. there's so much weather going on. i want to show you this five day forecast accumulation map. you can see even some snowfall piling up across northern new england. it will stay all rain for the major metropolitans of the east coast. but further west we have a full-fledged snowstorm to talk about. some of the first snow flakes of the season for many locations. in the meantime keep an eye on the sky. we have a potential for stronger storms, damaging winds, maybe an isolated tornado.
1:53 am
best chances this morning through early afternoon as this cold front passes through across the east coast. there's the rain and storms throughout new england. we monitor the chance of blizzard conditions across the central interior, foggy weather across the deep south and another atmospheric river event over the pacific northwest bringing rainfall to seattle. look at the snowfall totals across minnesota. over half a foot for many locations. we have winter storm warnings, advisories, blizzards across northeastern sections of south dakota. so falling snow with winds in excess of 35 miles per hour, reducing visibilities to a quarter of a mile or less. means blizzard conditions are possible throughout that area. on the west coast, we have flood watches from portland to seattle, rainfall totals here we're expecting at least 6 inches for some of the lower elevations over the next several days and several feet of snow possible for the higher altitudes of the cascade mountains. here's a quick look at your temperatures across the country. 65 for new york city. and cooling down through the
1:54 am
weekend for many east coast cities. back to you. >> thank you very much, derek. now, new developments in the growing football scandal in paris. a teammate has been released from custody in the brutal assault of fellow female footballer for psg's women's team. cnn's cyril vanier joins me from paris with more. good morning, cyril. i suspect diallo was released because there wasn't enough evidence against her. where critically does this leave the investigation and the relationship as well between the two footballers, cyril? >> reporter: well, isa, those are great questions. we don't have firm answers. this is such a crazy story. a week ago there was this mysterious assault on kiera hwih mask assailants pulling her and beating her brutally.
1:55 am
they took off her off the pitch in the following game. the story took a twist when diallo was arrested for somehow being connected with the attack. now she's been released, but crucially that doesn't mean she wasn't connected. it doesn't tell us what her role was, if she played any role in that attack. it just means investigators were not able to gather enough evidence to tie her to the attack in the 48 hours max that they have to hold her in custody. therefore, they released her, but the investigation will continue. and the crazier part of the story is these two players are friends. officially, they are friends. they keep posting pictures of each other going on holiday together, we can pull those up, instagram pictures. and they've known each other for a long time and have traveled together multiple times. according to l'equipe, the french sports daily which reported the story, they left the police station together. what does that mean? i don't know. it is hard not to speculate that there would be at least some
1:56 am
tension in between those players and definitely a lot of tension in that locker room until we know why hshe was attacked and y whom. >> i believe i read they have a game this weekend. we shall see what happens on the pitch. >> reporter: crucial game against their league rivals on sunday. and as of now, isa, we don't know whether diallo or kiera will be on the pitch. >> you'll keep us posted. cyril vanier, thank you, my friend. that does it for me, isa soares. "early start" and christine romans and laura jarrett are up next. they'll have more on the investigation and donald trump's chief of staff could be found in contempt of congress. have a wonderful day. i shall see you next week. do stay right here with cnn. bye-bye.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. show up or risk contempt. an ultimatum for the former president's chief of staff after another delay for the january 6th investigation. the kyle rittenhouse trial headed foreclosing arguments soon. what each side needs to do before the jury gets the case. and a racist attack on a u.s. olympian. what suni lee is saying this morning. it is friday, november 12, 5:00 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting up early with us. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewersth


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