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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  November 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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raising money for homes for our troops with a celebrity auction on e-bay. so i'm in this awkward position of rpromoting a 30 minute zoom call with yours truly. home for our troops is a nonprofit to help veterans rebuild their lives with custom homes. when i agreed to this i didn't know i would be up against paul rudd and others so help me out here. the bidding ends tomorrow so don't wait. your next hour of "cnn newsroom" st starts right now. >> 200 countries and can youing the global addition to coal but the lack of details leaves effectiveness in doubt. >> this is a acpath that moves things forward for everyone. >> all coy say is strap in. tomorrow is game day. >> now indicted steve bannon is expected to self-surrender on
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monday sending a mess oth to tr trump allies. >> he chose to defy a lawful subpoena and anyone else should take note, including mr. meadows. >> britney spears andn control of her own destiny for the first time in 13 years. >> what is next for britney is up to one person -- britney. >> and liftoff. >> three nasa astronauts with a lot of experience in space now join a very exclusive club. breaking news tonight, a severe storm has unleashed high winds and hail on the new york city area. this is the long island community of levitt town and the winds toppled a massive tree nearly cutting the home in half. the area has been an unusual tornado warning this afternoon and despite the advanced
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warning, the veracity of the storm clearly rattled nerves. >> we're in it. we're in a tornado. oh, my god, we're in it. holy -- holy -- >> we're in it right now. crossing right now. right now. [ inaudible ]. >> right here. 3.5, crossing the road right in front of us. tornado on the ground. we're in the debris. a lot of debris.
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oh, my god. >> keep her steady. >> storm chaser mark shot that video and he joins me now. wow, what was that like being in your car shooting that video? >> thank you, yes, it was very intense moment for me. and my brothers and my two brothers justin and luke were in the car as we shot that video and i was driving and very crazy scenario is appears it crossed over the highway as we were crossing the road and a lot of leaves kicking up in the brill of the car under the windshield, the heavy winds, too battering us. but gladly we're okay and we made it through all right. >> what kind of damage have you seen? >> so afterwards we stopped on a side street to collect our breaths there after that crazy scenario and as we were over
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there we saw this damage. we saw some fences, fence posts were down, a flagpole looked to be ripped, the siding off of houses seemed to be off too. so and another -- i saw a tree down and some limbs down. so it appears to be a tornado. we'll see if the national weather service confirmed that today with the survey team. but it daefinitely seems to be storm that passed through our area. >> you have been under severe weather advisories today including a tornado warning. did it seem like people were taken them seriously? >> well it definitely depends. this time of the year in mid-november you would never get such weather across our area and we're in long island. we're not in the plains or the central parts of the united states so it is definitely rare and some long islanders take it more seriously than others but hopefully everyone took it seriously and nobody was hurt. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. and now to the first person
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who could face prison time for refusing to cooperate with the january 6 house select committee. steve bannon is expected to surrender monday after a federal grand jury handed up an indictment against the one-time trump white house adviser. his argument to being shielded by executive privilege of a former president went nowhere with the justice department probably because he wasn't in the white house at the time when the insurrection happened. those charges became public shortly after former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows defied the committee by refusing to appear for his required testimony on friday morn. a short time ago i asked preet bharara about the same fate as bannon? >> the last time someone was indicted by the justice department for criminal contempt of congress was 38 years ago. and there are a lost witnesses in play here. there is a lost people who have a lot of different kinds of
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information. documentary inform, communications that could shed light on what happened on january 6 and also their testimony and i think that early in the process and it is pretty early in the process still, to bring a criminal indictment against someone who defiant of the a subpoena should put nervousness into hearts and minds of other witnesses, completely the one being completely defiant. not invoking the privilege that they want to invoke, engage in per am tirteres with the committee and that is steve bannon and also mark meadows. so yes, he should be nervous. >> and joining us now is alyssa farah. thanks for come on. i know you just got married congratulations for that. so let's talk about the that just happened. you stepped down about a month before the attack on the capitol because you were uneasy about the administration's peddling of the big lie. steve bannon as we know was a
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shameless proupon ents. what was your reaction when you thought that he was indicted. >> i tweeted wow because i was surprised that the department of justice moved so quickly but it's a good thing. congressional oversight needs to matter and those people defying congressional subpoenas have in the past said how important the power of the subpoena is. so you've got a lot people hiding behind what i would say is murky executive privilege so i would remind you in 2018, steve bannon was fired by president trump after leaking to michael wolff and fire and fury and donald trump put out a statement saying not only did he lose his job, he lost his mind. so why republicans are now falling on their swords to dever fend this man that perpetuating the myth that led to january 6 and is just beyond me. but this is a sign that the january 6th commissiony means business. they will not put up with people defying congressional subpoenas and think this could be the
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first of several indictments. >> an you've met with them voluntarily. tell us what that was like what were were focused on with you, what you could share about what you told them. >> this is a deliberative process. they've talked to over 150 witnesses and what i found is i think they're looking for two main tipgs. they want to put together the definitive narrative on the big lie. how people contributed to it, how people perpetuated who knew it wasn't true. so that is why these witness testimonies under oath are going to be so important. as asking some of the people that went on cable news an said the election is stolen and under oath they have they are going to say something different if they care about the rule of law. an then the criminal justice side of things of was there wrongdoing, was there tampering within the department of justice or with state governments to over turn or push to overturn results. that is something they're all looking into. and i trust the work that ranking member liz cheney is go
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doing and i think it is important going into the next election cycle. >> so let's talk about mark meadows, your former boss under trump. how might this bannon indictment influence him. he didn't show up for his deposition with the committee yesterday. how do you think this is going to play with him. >> meadows has a much better argument for privilege. that said much of what they're asking mark meadows for would not fall under executive privilege to keep in mind january 6 was i campaign rally, was t was not official office capacity of the president or of white house staffers so any planning and coordination around it by my understanding would fall well outside of the realms of official white house business. and if it didn't, i would argue that is a huge hatch act violation. but there is that and communications about whether you're using a personal device or an official device. there is plenty of bandwidth where the committee to try to get information and i'm hoping
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this indictment will encourage people like mr. meadows to simply cooperate. congress is a co-equal branch of government and all of us who collected white house taxpayer salaries knew we had an obligation to answer to the public on what we did when we were in office. >> what do you make of him defying the deposition, not showing up and so forth? >> i think for a lot of folks they generally don't realize their not in power any more. so a lot of that -- that confidence that you might have knowing that you've got a lot of authority on your side when you're in the white house, you don't have any more. you have to answer to the powers that be and by the way, as conservatives as a republican who believes in the rule of law and the co-equal banchs of government i find it appalling that a former white house official would defy a congressional subpoena. >> it is interesting you say that. buzz trump has acted like he's still president. convening his cabinet so he said. i want to talk about this jonathan carl interview with trump with the former president
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trump about mike pence. this is in an interview with carl, former president trump appeared to defend the people threatening mike pence when they were chanting hang mike pence. let's listen. >> were you worried about him during that siege? were you worried about -- >> no, i thought he was well protected and i heard he was in good shape. no, because i had heard he was in pretty good shape. but -- but, no. >> that was terrible. i mean it was -- >> he could have -- well the people were very angry. >> they're saying hang mike pence. >> because it is common sense, john. it is common sense that you're supposed to protect -- how you could -- if you know a vote is fraudulent, right, how you could pass on a fraudulent vote to congress? >> obviously he is defending the indefensible but you were pence's press secretary. what was your reaction when you
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heard that. >> it is comments like that will never make me feel bad for defending donald trump because it is indefensible. there was an onslaught on the capitol and there were hundreds if not thousands of people in the capitol who doesn't have security detail. so while he might poib to the fact that mike pence was fine because he had secret service, what about the other 535 lawmakers that didn't have security details. it is fine their line lives might be threatened because of this. it is absurd andin defensible and i had to hope that republicans and conservatives say we don't need four more years of this man. >> and trump is someone as we know, he makes decisions out of personal grievance, no matter what. no matter the consequences of that. did you see that -- i mean you were in the white house and so in some ways see how trump has taken this big lie so far for his own ego. is it surprising tor you or more of the same of what you saw in the wouse.
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>> it is a little surprising how far it is gone to me. just to be honest. i've said it before. i knew that he knew he lost at one point but he has surrounded himself by people who are going to tell him what he wants to hear. and this is why the report this the congressional committee is doing is so important because they will systematically gis mantle the big lie. so they're going to put up statements from the people still in the president's ear who still go on table news saying it was stolen and let's see if they say that under knowledge because their smart enough to know know that is not true. and if you even care about the man, if you care about the former president which i at woun point did, be honest with him. that is what offended me, lying to this man and helping him perpetuate this myth that has dismantled his legacy is shameful. >> isn't trump responsible for his own -- >> certainly. >> he knows. he knows. >> honestly, i'm not sure.
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i'm not sure. >> i know he wants to protect his ego at all costs. but trump has to know he lost because i remember at the time reporting talking to folks in the white house saying, yeah he knows that he lost,ee just comi comingarn to to it. he told me he knew he lost and folks got information in front of him and i think his mind genuinely might have been changed about that and that is scary because he did lose and the facts are out there and they've lost every court case and have had countless times to prove everything and they have not done so and it is scary that he believes it. >> so why did pence talk to him after that. i mean that was something as an observer, here you have protesters chanting hang mike pence and all of this going on and yet they still talked after the insurrection. why is that? what do you make of that? >> so, to the best of my knowledge, i think pence by default is somebody who is very deferential to both the chain of command and the institution of the presidency.
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and i think he would always take a call from donald trump. woe take a meeting if one was requested from him. i think that must have been -- those must have been awkward and tough conversations. i've always known mike pence to be a person of deep character and conviction so i don't doubt in the private communications he communicated how it was for the country and i can't imagine it was a comfortable conversation an think you'll see more distancing as time goes on. there is aspect of the record they did tokts together that i know pence is ashaming of that day of how the former president conducted himself. >> so we expect that donald trump will run again for 2024. do you think that pence will run against him? >> so i think he will. an i'm saying this with no knowledge outside of any special knowledge. >> and it is informed speculation. let's be honest. >> i do think that there is some belief that people are just going to clear the field for trump. i think some folks are teeing up to run and i think pence and
4:16 pm
desantis and mike pompeo is looking at a political team an it is a good thing for party. a donald trump would be the worst thing for the party but more importantly for the country so we need to have the debate lzs on the stage and was the election stolen and some have toed the line of the big lie so i would love to see them try to win over more voters. >> so you do think from your perch, which is a good one because you used to be press secretary for pence. what makes you think and what do you think that would be like because you've we've seen from pence is being a loyalist to trump. what do you expect? >> think that pence knows he's positioned in that he could tout the record in the thing that so many americans still wish he was in office.
4:17 pm
the 74 million people would voted for trump without the down side. granted there is a volkle a minority that hang mike pence crowd woo will never be with him. but i think he could be somebody who bridges the gap of those who support trump but they want civility and reach voters that he was never able to bring it. i imagine it is a lot of outreach to women and minorities and seniors that trump lost. he lost seniors by huge margins. so think i pence is going to do it. based on my knowledge of him and i think he could put up a formidable fight. >> if trump is the republican nominee, would you vote for him. >> no. >> i would write in. >> congrats on your recent marriage. >> thank you into a break through deal on flighting climate change including cutting back the global addiction to but a lack of details leaves future in doubt. also tonight, green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers
4:18 pm
expected to play on sunday after clearing covid protocols. could an interview kyle rittenhouse's mom just did influence the outcome of her son's trial. we are calling out gop congressman paul gosar's transformation from a claimed dentist to hate spreading conspiracy theorist. and three astronauts with a lot of experience in space joining a very exclusive club. you're in the "cnn newsroom." we'll be right back. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off. easy, no? no, no, no, no with freestyle libre 2, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir? you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 2. try it for free. [gaming sounds]
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4:23 pm
carolyn manno joins me now. at one point rodgers said he was disappointed with the way the media treats him. how will he manage to get this behind him? >> well, pamela, he'll be back on the field in his normal environment tomorrow and think that is a big first step. this is been a very ab norbal week for him. he was able to participate in the team meetings virtually and go through a walk through this morning. but remember he hasn't played actual live football since the end of october. so he has admitted there is been a little bit of physical limitations being away from the team and over coming coronavirus despite the fact that his case was mild. you heard him say this week that he wants to get back to doing what he does best. which is playing football. and the team is if agreement with that. they feel very strongly that the veteran quarterback can step back into this role on sunday and do so with success. >> so is the controversy over for rodgers or is there more to come from the nfl on this?
4:24 pm
>> well you know, the team has been punished for the protocols. you heard aaron rodgers say he had fallen in line with the protocols but he was at a party without a mask. so i think the league will continue to monitor the team to ensure that safety is a top priority. but with aaron rodgers, i think what is a motivating factor is what you mentioned originally is ch is the sponsorship. when you have aathlete of his brand, this is motivating to get off the soap box. apex marketing which is a firm that manages this sort of thing looked at his state farm ads and he appeared in less than 2% last sunday compared to 25% of state farm ads. so when he feels that and he feels the media blow back, i think that is real wake-up call for him and something to pay attention to moving forward, can he sort of repair some of the
4:25 pm
damage that's been done by the misleading comments that he made. as far as the leelg is concerned, i think they're focused on getting back to football. this is a narrative any time anything goes wrong. it is just get to sunday, get to sunday. aand so having one of the most recognizable quarterbacks back on the field saying that he wants to get back to football is a good first step for everybody involved and i don't see it goes further than that unless these protocols of the league take seriously are violated again. >> all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it. you're in the "cnn newsroom." up next, could a interview kyle rittenhouse mom just did influence the outcome of her son's trial. cnn legal analyst joey jackson standing by to discuss when we come back.
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breaking news in the cnn, the judge in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial is expected to announce his decision on whether to allow the jury to consider lesser charges along with other jury instructions tomorrow. monday, we should say. right now closing arguments are set for a total of five hours on monday. the jury could begin deliberations later that day. the 18-year-old rittenhouse is accused of five felonies a misdemeanor, and weapons charge for shootings last august during street protests. wendy rittenhouse, his mother, had a has made repeated appearances on fox to lobby on her son's behalf. >> i'm very proud of kyle. he's a very strong, loving young man, has a heart of gold. and if you know kyle, like
4:31 pm
everybody that has been around with him in the past year, or ever even since he was a little, he all he wanted to do was take care of people. >> and in the meantime 500 national guard troops are on on stand-by outside ahead of the a rerdict in the trial. joey jacks joins me with now. a heart of gold. are the appearances on fox tv potentially prejudicial. >> good to be with you. they certainly could be. you can't blame a mother notwithstanding our yposition o this case and where her son's behavior was goingute there giving the invitation to speak on her son's behalf and any mother in the country would. so then you have to wonder which is your question, houp does this seep into jury deliberations. the judge will instruct the jurors as to what they should and shouldn't consider and judges are very clear what not considering a motion or
4:32 pm
sympathy, not to listen to any news reports and if you do listen to, disregard those news reports, people are human, especially they don't. but at end of the day the judge will instruct the jury they're to consider the evidence in the courtroom solely and make their determination based on that. >> so what is kind of tv appearances help or hurt the defense in your view. >> i think what they do is they help. if you look at it, and there is already i think polarization with respect to what your views are and the think i the pro prosecution will argue who does he think he was, you have a 17-year-old bringing a rifle into this particular -- a semi a automatic weapon into the volatile situation and keeping with the theory is that he provoked this whole thing and the defense will say but it was self-defense. he was in pead fear of death, a serious bodily injury and he acted reasonably and responsibly, the threat -- the
4:33 pm
engagement with resect to his shots were proportionate to the threat posed but you have to believe in a interviews like that where you're spinning the narrative heart of gold, my son would never do this, special are going to have a impact on the public at large whether it seeps into the process is another matter. >> so the prosecution scored a big victory on provocation. they argued that rittenhouse came to the scene intending and looking to cause trouble and if he provoked the attack he can't have self-defense. the judge will instruct the jury be before deliberations. how important could that be? >> this is huge win for the prosecution. why? because in the absence of that provocation jury instruction, now you have the playing field where the defense peerly needs to establish that their client was in reasonable belief that he was immediately would be harmed or killed rather, right, or in addition you have him -- the
4:34 pm
argument that he acted reasonably and if you establish that, of course the propositionality of the conduct, but now there is an added element. if the prosecution establishes that he was the aggressor, that he provoked this in the first instance, then you lose the privilege of self-defense. you can't be the one to cause a fight, to cause an issue to cause a disturbance and then hide behind self-defense by killing someone. you can't. and so i think thats that going is going to be front and senor with respect to his conduct with regard to his provocation with regard to his rifle with regard to him taking actions there that were inappropriate. will say it is a huge development and if the jury buys he was the provoker and the initial aggressor bs then guess what sh the privilege of self-defense could allude him and the jury would be more inclined to con vick.
4:35 pm
>> joey jacks, thank you. >> thank you. and we're also keeping a close eye on the trial of the three marg charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia with pastors including the reverend jesse jackson now planning to be in atennance next week. tomorrow night we are check in with page make for his take on what has happened so far and what may happen next. speaking of next, from dentist to congressman, paul gosar putting his foot in his mouth and drawing backlash from congress and his own sister. she joins us next. but what does it take to be a star inductees with the right stuff. next.
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some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. dozens of house democrats want republican congressman paul gosar censured. the resolution they introduced on friday comes after the arizona lawmaker posted an altered video online that showed him appearing to kill democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and physically attacking president biden. he took down this video this week. writing in a statement, quote, i do not he is spouse violence or harm toward any member of congress or mr. biden. and also this video is truly a symbolic portrayal of a fight
4:41 pm
over immigration policy. for the record, the six term congressman has a history of far right views n. 2018 he dined with an anti-muslim politician at a london event organized by steve bannon and spread conspiracy theories about the fbi staging the january 6 insurrection and called the shooting of a capitol hill rioter an execution. he suggested that the white nationalist rally in charlottesville virginia was a left wing plot and then deleted a neo-nazi themed video. the arizona's dentist of the year in 2001. cnn reached out to gosar for a comment and we have not heard back. joining me now is paul gosar sister. we have jennifer gosar here. she is among the family members who have openly criticized for
4:42 pm
the congressman for years. thank you for being here with us. policies aside, was he always like this? >> no. he wasn't. when i was a little girl, i was very happy to see him. so he is the oldest and i'm the youngest. his the first and i'm the tenth. an in a bigger family, even families with three or four kids, when you have an older sibling they are of idol status. they are rock stars. so i remember waiting up for him having a hard time sleeping, so excited to see my dreamy big brother. he wasn't always like that. but during his first run for office in 2010 it was apparent to me that there was something much more that i didn't know about my brother and that is why i really saw his bigotry take public stage. >> what was your visceral reaction with he tweeted out that video?
4:43 pm
>> i was furious. i'm still incensed. and it is having to calm, have to talk about this because people won't hold him accountable. it is to carry around toxicity, carry with you garbage and vomit it up, that is what it is like to talk about this. because the thought of his mass othiny, in the anime video and not only was he targeting a effective and insightful woman of color and dehumanizing her and the immigrants that he depected in the video, the fascism on full display and for his follow up entertainment not show the least be of -- but to sing to his brothers and sisters, that the level of frustration is intense. >> and he said in that statement, quote, i do not he is spouse violence or harm toward
4:44 pm
any member of congress or mr. biden. do you buy that? >> garbage. it is complete garbage. there is many other words i could think of but i'll stick with the garbage for now. >> why do you think it is garbage? >> because he didn't -- this is a pattern that we've seen, pamela. so, prior to the january 6 insurrection they were making statements, they were calling them in, hey, let's take the hill and you have to sacrifice for your country. we have too get our government back, right. here he was dangling pardons because that is some of the latest that we've heard. latest reports is that my brother was dangling pardons in front of theme and look at how well he repaid them but yet he continues loyal to his leader. so of course i don't believe him because he could see a pattern here and that is more than that. this anime goes back to 2016 there is great reporting out of arizona and looking at how paul is not only not apologizing,
4:45 pm
he's furthering the whole time he's furthering the message and what is more it is established pattern and so the concern about her safety and women in general, the safety that women have and we speak out in this way it is concerning because we're all targeted but especially women like alexandria ocasio-cortez who is leading that. >> all right, jennifer gosar, thank you for joining the show and sharing your views about your brother. i know that is not easy. so thank you. >> thank you, pamela, for letting me. >> well there is some of nasa's finest astronauts now and they have a new title. hall of famer. way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry
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they boldly go where few men and even fewer women have gone before. and today the most elite of their profession joined the u.s. astronaut hall of fame. veteran astronauts michael lopez aligria, pamela melroy and scott kelly were were inducted today. cresten fisher has more on how they earned this rare honor. >> reporter: if it takes the right stuff to become a nasa astronaut, it takes even more of it to make it into the astronaut hall of fame. these are the record setters, the barrier breakers, and three more have just been inducted into this exclusive club.
4:51 pm
>> here we have michael lopez aligria. >> reporter: mike l.a. as he's known is the second most experienced space walker in the world. he's performed ten space walks totaling nearly 68 hours outside a space shuttle or station more than any other nasa astronaut, and he's not done yet. next year mike l.a. will command a private mission to the international space station. >> the iss is a machine and one day it will wear out so what's the solution? a commercial space station, prefrly more than one with multiple customers where the government is only one of them. our pilot. >> reporter: the second inductee flew three missions to help build the international space station. one of only two women to ever command a space shuttle mission. >> thank you, everybody, for a beautiful vehicle and a beautiful mission. >> reporter: she was also the
4:52 pm
only second woman in the air force to be a test pilot. >> this has been a pretty amazing year for me, so we're poised to return to the moon. we hope to light that candle and celebrate the launch of artemis 1 in just a few months. >> reporter: a few months in space is nothing for the third and final inductee. scott kelly is famous for spending a year in space. >> it seemed like i'd lived there forever. seemed longer than i thought it would be. >> reporter: kelly is a veteran of four spaceflights and traveling more than 200 million miles, more than twice the distance from the earth to the sun. >> it's really odd for me to be standing here today because when i i was a kid i wasn't too sure i would accomplish much of anything. you know, i was not a good student. >> reporter: but along with his brother and fellow astronaut mark kelly scott became one of the most famous astronauts in the world. >> there are limitless possibilities because of the
4:53 pm
endless inspiration found among these giants. >> reporter: kristen fisher, cnn, washington. >> it took longer than expected but tonight nearly 200 nations have a new deal on climate change with a pledge to go after coal. will it actually change anything? and on the new cnn interview series former new jersey governor chris christie joins dana bash. the hard charging politician shares what it's like to go from trump supporter to critic. being chris christie airs monday 10:00 eastern here on cnn. keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can show more with less eczema.
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hours of bickering, bartering and a last minute compromise on coal. negotiators from nearly 200 nations have managed to hammer out an agreement at the united nations climate summit. the bottom line, a clear consensus that all countries must do more to fight climate change and global warming. the highlight, an unprecedented reference to the role of fossil fuels in a climate crisis and watered down language around reducing the use of coal. >> may i just say to all delegates i apologize for the way this process has unfolded. and i'm deeply sorry. i also understand the deep
4:59 pm
disappointment, but i think as you have noted it's also vital that we protect this package. >> some climate change activists not pleased with the compromise or final product. greta thuneberg tweeted, quote, here's a real summary, blah, blah, blah, but the real work continues outside these halls and we will never give up, ever. and remember time is running out to bid on a 30-minute zoom call with me, yours truly, to raise money for a wonderful non-profit group homes for our troops. okay, i'm at 1625. help me out here. the auction for new day anchor
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