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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  November 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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stunning admission. new details tonight on the pressure trump was putting on mike pence the day the capitol was stormed. >> you talked to him that morning and he said you could be a patriot or you could be a [ bleep ]. is that correct or is it mistaken? >> i wouldn't dispute it. record consumption is hitting consumers' wallets, especially gas prices. president biden said new legislation would help. >> it's so important we move forward on the build back better legislation. >> tension and frustration behind the scenes over vice president kamala harris' role in the white house.
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>> madam vice president, after this call maybe we can talk about how things are going for you, okay? >> i would like that. thank you, mr. president. the queen backed out of the recognition day and that is because of a light strain in her back. >> i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live on this sunday. a new book revealing a shocking revelation about just how hard the trump administration was pushing vice president mike pence to overturn the election results before the capitol riot. on new year's eve, white house chief of staff mike meadows sent pence a memo not made public until now, detailing a plan to undo joe biden's election win. this memo is part of jonathan karl's upcoming back ".
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there were six battleground states trump falsely claimed he won, and then give those states an unrealistic deadline to sesend back a new set of votes. when some states would miss that deadline, their electoral votes would be negated and their public legislations would vote for trump, giving him the reelection which he so desperately wanted. obviously pence did not follow that guidance and went on to properly certify the election, but not until donald trump issued a not so subtle threat at the start of the rally. he asked him about one of his controversial comments in his interview about the book. >> there was a report, and excuse my language, not mine, it's in the report, when you talked to him that morning and he said, you can be a patriot or
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you can be a [ bleep ]. is that correct or is that a -- >> i wouldn't dispute it. i wouldn't dispute it. >> if pence did what you wanted, you think you would still be in the white house? >> i think we would have won, yes. >> some people see pence as a hero for resisting the enormous amount of pressure to overturn election results. but it's clear that trump and many of his supporters feel differently. carl asked trump about the odds of seeing a trump/pence ticket again in 2024. >> i assume pence is not on that list. >> i didn't say that, but -- >> i can assume that, didn't i? >> he did the wrong thing. he's a very nice man. i like him a lot. i like his family so much, but it was a dreadful mistake. >> according to trump, just to make this clear, he did the
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wrong thing by following the constitution. we want to talk more about these latest revelations with olivia troy. she was an advisor to mike pence and was the director fortunate rep -- director of the republican comeback. what's so disturbing about this is it was coming from inside the white house, from the white house chief of staff to mike pence's team, to his top aide. what do you make of the amount of pressure pence was under to overturn the election? >> well, no doubt he was under tremendous pressure to overturn this election, and i think, you know, incredible that he stood strong and did his duty and certified the election results as was the right thing to do. but knowing the dynamics here between the trump team and the mike pence office, this was
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something i've apparently seen firsthand before on how this sort of dynamic plays out. but i can imagine that the amount of bullying internally, the amount of intimidation, and when you're in a situation like this, it can be frightening, because you know that there can be consequences where people's lives potentially can be put at risk depending on the actions of these individuals. and we saw that play out before our very eyes on january 6. >> we did. a short time after president trump made his comments about the stop the steal rally, we saw rioters storming the u.s. capitol and screaming threats at mike pence. at first pence didn't -- we got s some. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> as you can hear, the chanting of "hang mike pence." at first pence didn't want to leave the capitol but he did when the rioters started into
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the building. the former president seemed quite unconcerned. >> were you worried about him during that siege? >> no, i thought he was well protected and i had heard that he was in good shape. no. because i had heard he was in very good shape. but. >> you heard those chants. that was terrible. >> the people were very angry. it's common sense, john, it's common sense that you're supposed to protect. if you know a vote is fraudulent, how do you pass on a fraudulent vote to congress? >> as we all know, the vote was not fraudulent, the election was not stolen, donald trump lost. olivia, what does that say how the former president's response to his vice president, who was unfailingly loyal to him, really, until it came down to
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not violating the constitution with this ceremonial role. what does that say to you? >> i think it shows trump's plain disregard for our democracy and our entire government system. the fact that this was a president of the united states who -- in a very, very much dereliction moment, he turned a blind eye to reality and i think he relished the events of january 6. i think to him it fueled his logo, i think he would play into his hands. any normal person in that situation would be freaking out that the president's life was in danger and the lives of his family and the leaders of our country. this is absolutely abnormal, horrible reckless behavior from the former leader of our country. but i'm concerned about the fact that the donald trump effect is still in play here in our politics still today.
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>> do you think that has anything to do with the fact that mike pence hasn't talked much about this publicly, hasn't talked about how donald trump handled the situation, because he still has so much sway right now in the political landscape? >> unfortunately, the republican party is held hoss aj taj by the trump aides. right now the party is a party of trump, and there's no way around that. remember. he knows he's probably going to need that base if he stood a chance of actually recall? at what cost of continuing to live inned. >> doouchk pence will run in
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2 2024. >> given the landscape, he's seen as a trart through most of thisly. >> olivia trey, thank you so much. >> well, president biden just hours away from cementing his ha hard-furlt p. the top white house, economic add ver, -- >> inflation is high right now, and it is affecting consumers in their pocketbook and also their outlook for the economy. but those concerns underscore why it's so important we move back to the build backs lalgs.
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we are going as far as the cost americans will face. >> cnn's natasha chern. >> reporter: well, pamela, they're telling me this really hurts and it may be affect pfrlt. we did see a record-breaking, thing, and we're seeing this around the area, not just $5 an acre. it's actually more than if you use a credit card, and drastic i can for people here and in
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californialy zrmz a couple dlooifrlz -- i use premium gas and gas is absolutely expensive right now. >> with the emissions requirements, our gas prices are definitely liar than the nation. we know that. so, you know, i just said forget it, i'm going to go get me a hybrid. >> reporter: and that man did show me the hybrid that he bought. he said he's saving 400 to $500 per month, because he does have to drive a lot to work. one woman told me she's seen the freeways packed now with more people going back to work. the kids mayor may not for people to really get out there on the road. at the same time, i'll production in the oou oou is
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down 14 pease. we have these prices, pamela. >> natasha chen, coo. we have exclusive. we have a widespread tension bet betweenly has been, koesd. fake fbi e-mails in boxes. how hackers infiltrated the sy system. >> referring word from the british prime minister after a aushl --
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new tonight, tension and frustration simmering inside the white house. sources tell cnn that vice president kamala harris feels increasingly sidelined and handicapped in her own presidential aspirations. cnn has compiled accounts from nearly three dozen current and former harris aides. administration officials, democratic operatives, donors and outside advisors. they describe a white house divided. on one side, members of harris' inner circle who feels like she's being set up to fail rather than positioning herself as a future president. on the left side, they are flabbergasted by what they see as her blunders.
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senior reporter isaac duvare, and public commentator mila and bakari sellers. this is reporting from you and jasmine wright. tell us, what is behind all this finger pointing? >> where we stand is the vice president is, of course, a heartbeat away from the presidency. she could be running as joe biden's running mate in three years here, but the campaign would start, obviously, much sooner than that and would be a critic evaluator at she's writing for us in less than two years. if joe biden stids to ultimately allow to runl, there are a lot of people who care sincerely for the vice president and for her. she is not being set up for
3:19 pm
whatever the future holds, whether it's to run for president or stay as vice president. there are a lot of issues within her own operation that have led to some of the problems which in turn lead to some of the pylons. >> look at this candid moment between the president and his vp earlier, within the week? >> maybe when all of this is over, maybe we can talk. the reporting you just -- >> i think it's a genuinely warm exchange between two people have a. it's a die nam tirkt. more than that, it's this world
3:20 pm
of loyal and oo, enough being done to give her issues to work on and being a presence in her own right strchlt air force ii should be kept gassed constantly and ready to go. she told me the vice president would be on the road talking about 3% the fflt. >> i believe it was on the day of the big. why is that? >> she did, and the house was making it crazy, taking all day
3:21 pm
to save on this bill. it creates a former administration player by sending voerlts. truth is, she, of course, was doing all these weeks the president thanked her day after bards, members of congress p choo inspecttion of kamala harris. barrigan was a progressive. had a lot of informants about the sales correspond effect --
3:22 pm
the sales were not affecting the. >> edward to isaac, doll ber, thank you. >> let's start with it has a lot of handicaps with bad optics and much messaging. how much do you think the president and kamala harris should take heat for that? >> vice president kamala harris, her approval rating is under 28%, and the president himself is just slightly above that under 38. >> i just want to interrupt here
3:23 pm
really quick. i think the president a -- the approval ratings are not where they should be for the president and the vice president. i know it's because people are feeling the infrastructure rising surgeon. they're aurting all these things knar. biden was his president, then we had mickel. you can see there are some disconnects there. >> maybe snampl. you see how you would address this last month. when cnn political reporter
3:24 pm
april ryan r when asked if. >> her portfolio is trash. her portfolio is it just -- you give someone a portfolio that's not meant for them to succeed. >> so are you saying that the administration is intentionally sabotaging her? what are you saying there? >> i don't actually think that the reporting we just heard or the story that came out today holds a great deal of water, to be completely honest with you. >> why do you say that, because there are multiple -- go ahead. >> when my comments were made, it deals with the fact that her portfolio included immigration and voting rights and specifically asking the president to lean in on those issues which he has not specifically on the issue of the filibuster because we can't pass voting rights that the president of the united states himself won't use his bully pulpit to
3:25 pm
push for the federal register. the reason i think it doesn't hold water is the vice president may have had issues, the office may have had issues. they've been in office nine or ten months, but they are just getting off on one of the, if not the most successful, international trip they've ever had. the fact they went into france, that they had to reestablish ties, that she had an amazing, flawless trip, she gave an amazing speech, that she did everything she was asked to do, the report comes out when they land just doesn't add up for me. there are criticisms that can be laid on the floor of the white house political office, there are personality issues that can be dealt with on both sides, but the fact is this vice president did a great job just over the past five, six days. so i don't really buy the timing or the anonymous sources or -- my criticism -- >> there were dozens of sources inside, outside the administration of supporting --
3:26 pm
>> i put my name on my criticism, and i actually spoke to if. let me just quick, that went very smoothly. but here in the united states when the infrastructure bill was being passed in the house and there was this big vote, where was she publicly on that. >> do you think the biden administration should be doing more to put her front and center? >> she's not the secretary of transportation. look, the fact is, there are valid criticisms of the vice president. sf sflrl. she bent overseas, did exactly what she wanted to do, representing the country.
3:27 pm
you land and you have this. kamala harris needs to be front and center. she and buttigieg are the best candidates this party has. i want to see her travel the country, i want to see those things. again, irv to say that i have to defend her because it's the same people writing these articles who stated that she was so ambitious and wanted to be president, and she's done nothing but be a great team player for the president of the united states. i get that there are criticisms. it is what it is and she'll get past this as well. >> don't shoot the messenger, that's what people have been telling these reporters -- >> i'm not shooting the me
3:28 pm
messenger, but i am going to defend the vice president of the united states. >> you don't just release a story and say, okay, we're going to -- that is not how it works. i understand what you're trying to insinuate here and i can tell you that's not how it works. mia, you heard the vice president lay out his case there. do you think they should be out here more? >> it's easy to be a great leader when things are going well. when there's stuff in the pan, there is a problem. the vice president has more experience than the president does and it allows them to go
3:29 pm
out and give it a little more of a gravit tas. i've never seen them on the same page. it doesn't look like they're sinked with people that are concerned that she's running for president way too early and they really need to concentrate on some of the things they have going on today t. there's obviously a disconnect. there's obviously a sentiment by the american people that this is not doing what it should be doing for them. >> bakari, thank you very much. mia love, thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. as we get closer to tomorrow's closing arguments, the judge in the kyle rittenhouse case is asking whether the judge will consider
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the trial of 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse may go to the jury tomorrow. rittenhouse shot two men and injured another in kenosha, wisconsin last august. 500 national guard members have been put on stand-by outside kenosha to help with public safety, if needed. tomorrow closing arguments could last four to five hours. after that 12 jurors will be selected from the pool of 18 who have heard this case. we still don't have official word whether the judge will allow the jury to consider lesser charges. joining me now to discuss what's next, criminal attorney page.
3:35 pm
was it self-defense or murder? you tell me it's time to frame some statutory self-defense laws. tell me about that. >> i think states across the nation, especially conservative states, have been very proactive in making self-defense laws stronger for people who use firearms. in some situations, that, of course, makes sense if you're defending yourself, defending another person, perhaps even defending your property. but in the case of the rittenhouse case you took a weapon and expected to find trouble, then uses that weapon to kill someone, injures others, do we really want to encourage that type of behavior? perhaps it's time for legislatures to start thinking
3:36 pm
about what self-defense laws mean in the real world. we saw that in georgia. the ahmed arbery case ran into that. >> we're going to talk about the ahmed case in just a minute, but you're saying it was basically an admission, that they didn't prove their case. what kind of verdict do you expect? >> pamela, i think in a situation like this it really depends on how the jury interprets the evidence. there is not much of a dispute about what happened. it's how you perceive that. was it self-defense? was it murder? when you have a situation where the jury can be so polarized, you want them to have the opportunity to compromise if you want to get some sort of conviction. so if the prosecution says, look, i'm just going to leave the intentional homicide charge on the table, they've got to say yes or no to that. there is a much greater
3:37 pm
likelihood that they'll acquit kyle rittenhouse and there will be no prosecution. so they said, judge, give us the possibility that we can at least have him convicted on a lesser charge. >> paige pate, thank you for giving us information on that front. when we come back, the fbi is investigating how thousands of fake e-mails were sent out using jaur friends and get unlimited data for as low as $25 a month. no family needed. (dad vo) is the turkey done yet?! (mom vo) here's your turkey! (chloe) turkey's done. [fire alarm blares] (grandpa) answer the phone. (chloe) that's the fire alarm, grandpa. (vo) visible. unlimited data, powered by verizon. switch and get up to $200. when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair i was super excited about it.
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the fbi has a cyber mystery on its hands and it's coming from inside its own house. somehow think e-mails. a lot of them are going out to people from a legitimate fbi source. but they're bogus. the fbi computer security officials so far have no idea how it's happening. with me now, our national security analyst james clapper. he was also president obama's director of national intelligence. great to see you. these phony e-mails, 100,000 of them, they look legit, they look like they're from the department of homeland security. to be clear, they're not, they're fake. what's the worst case scenario that can happen if someone can pose as a government agency and send illegitimate e-mails to hundreds of people? >> pamela, the first concern i had with the initial reporting in this was that this was perhaps an insider thing,
3:43 pm
someone from within at the dhs had sent this out. this appears to have come from a supp supplementary i.t. network, not the fbi. according to an announcement from the fbi, this appears to be some sort of software malfunction. that's reassuring. now, the question is, did someone hack into this network and take advantage of the as a rule -- vulnerability and cause these thousands of e-mails to be sent out? at least in my mind, that remains to be seen. i'm sure the fbi is focusing on this like a laser. >> all right, i want to switch gears. i want to play something that michael flynn, trump's former national security advisor, said. >> we are going to have one nation under god which we must.
3:44 pm
we have to have one religion, one nation under god and one religion under god. >> your reaction to that. wow. >> the mike flynn of today is not the mike flynn of then. they are two different people. he is completely unhinged here with that kind of public statement. you know, pamela, what i feel bad about here is his brother, who has had a very successful army career, is a four-star general and is commander of all u.s. army troops in the indo-pacific. and you have to wonder whether his troops are , whether jewish muslim or hindu are worried about their brother, who is mike flint. it seems mike flynn is not
3:45 pm
thinking about the implications of what he is saying even for his own family. >> i have so much i want to say about that but you laid it out quite well. a russian ex-pat was arraigned a few weeks ago for lying to the fbi. he pleaded not guilty. he is regarded as a main contributor to the so-called steele dossier that drew a lot of lines between the trump campaign and russia, and one of his key resources was a democratic operative. you have previously said some of the dossiers had not been corroborated. do you feel foolish now? >> i do. the point i would like to make about this, when we, at president obama's behest in december 2016, generated an intelligence community assessment on the nature and magnitude of the russian interference in election 2016. we did not -- we elected not to
3:46 pm
draw on the dossier as a source for that in this community assessment precisely because of our uncertainties about the third and fourth order assets that mr. steele apparently used. so for my part and those of us who participated in the intelligence community assessment, i think it proves that our skepticism was right. >> but former fbi inspect or james comey had written that you had offered to brief the president on the steele dossier. in hindsight, given what we know now, was that a mistake? >> no, i don't believe so, and the reason i felt strongly at the time that the president-elect trump should be informed about the dossier was the mere fact that it was out there, and i felt we had -- as an intelligence community had a duty to warn him of its existence. it was only a question of time before it came out.
3:47 pm
that turned out to be present, because on january 5, sure enough it came out among the media. the other reason i felt, as did jim comey, i believe, that the president-elect needed to be briefed about the dossier was an illustration, potentially, of what the russians do to generate compromise, or compromising information. whether or not the information itself was valid or not is a secondary consideration. to answer your question, if i had it to do over again, i would still do what we did. >> all right, james clapper, thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks, pamela. well, a lot of republicans did not want the bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass, but their constituents are going to benefit despite their no votes. my "for the record" is next. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you
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well, tomorrow, when president biden signs the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law, voters from every state will benefit. that's only because 19 republican senators and 13 republican representatives took a stand and crossed the aisle to pass this legislation. for the record, 230 republicans in both chambers voted against much needed improvements to the nation's roads and bridges, internet, water, and energy systems. republicans let congresswoman nancy mace from south carolina, whose state gets a d-plus in 2021, from infrastructure report, on the day of the infrastructure vote in the house, she tweeted about flooding in her district and the risk of flood damage in places
3:53 pm
like charleston. saying, quote, we need to tackle this problem head on. but instead of tackling this problem head on, the congresswoman voted against the bill. >> this $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill isn't true infrastructure. if we're going to do infrastructure, let's do infrastructure. truly, for me, this was really hyperpartisan, not a bipartisan bill. >> south carolina is set to get a reported $6 billion to help fix these problems. and then there's kentucky, that is a state that has a c-minus from, and home to the brit spence bridge which connects northern kentucky to cincinnati, ohio. past presidents have tried to do something about the gridlock tied to the bridge for years. president obama went there in 2011 when he tried to pitch infrastructure. and earlier this year, at a cnn town hall in cincinnati, president biden brought up that bridge and others like it. >> you take a look at ohio and kentucky combined, there's well
3:54 pm
over -- there's thousands of bridges that need repair. thousands. thousands of bridges. and we should be looking at it this way. it increases commerce, number one. but guess what, the good paying union jobs. >> but that didn't stop kentucky republican congressman thomas massie from voting against the bill. even though a $2.7 billion plan to build a second bridge to ease the traffic could be funded in part by the bipartisan infrastructure bill. some of those 32 republicans who made the decision across the aisle and backed this legislation are doing so at a political cost being threatened, targeted as traitors from members of their own party. and there are even suggestions that some of those republicans lose their committee assignments as punishment for backing the bill. republican congressman tom reed of new york, who voted in favor of the bill, told me this yesterday. >> do you think the pressure for party over country right now is
3:55 pm
influencing votes in your party? >> i would agree with that in the sense of it is easy to vote no. you can always find a reason to vote no. it's hard to govern and vote yes. especially when you're going against your own party. but you need that independent voice in congress more now than ever. i encourage my colleagues, especially many of them whunted to vote for this legislation and were very happy it has passed, they're kind of the vote no, hope yes group, and i would just tell you, we need to have leadership stepping forward in washington, d.c. >> so there you heard it, he raises the question, do these republicans who voted against the bill just want the benefit from it without paying the political price? >> and we come back, exclusive cnn reporting on kamala harris' frustrating start as vice president and the tensions brewing with the west wing staff. also, time is running out to help raise money for homes for our troops with the celebrity option on ebay.
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