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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 14, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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yet, my lgbtq family i owe it to them to talk about it. so let's take a step back. and learn about the period in history. called the lavender scare. hello, welcome to our viewers. joining us here in the united states and around the world. just ahead on cnn "newsroom." the stakes are high as xi jinping and president joe biden prepare for the first meeting. >> plus. protesters in cuba gearing up for peaceful demonstrations in the coming hours as u.s.
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officials threaten further sanctions if they are arrested. we'll look at one of the activists being targeted by the government. and we're live in new deli. severe air pollution forced schools to close for a full week . good to have you wus the leaders of u.s. and china set to meet virtually for the crucial summit in the coming hours and look to tackle recent tensions over taiwan trade and human rights. it will be the first meeting between the two since u.s. president joe biden took office. they have spoken twice by phone. mr. biden is expected to make clear u.s. priorities and concerns. chinese prosecute xi jinping hinted at a slight warming of
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relations. saying his country is willing to boost corporation and get the two sides back on track. cnn joins us now live from beijing. what are the expectations here? which issues will likely dominate the summit? >> expectations are relatively low despite all the topics you mention. this relationship often described as the worlds most important diplomatic relationship. nose dive for quite sometime. during the former president trump. and when president biden took office there was hopes things could pick up. it didn't happen. biden kept most of trumps china policies and measures and his stated goal of building this united front against an increasingly powerful and aggressive beijing. that really has in the eyes of many beijing officials posed a bigger threat.
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to china. compared to mr. trumps going alone approach. that explains the ratcheting up of rhetoric and actions taken by both sides in the past few months. the issues we mention not only taiwan but tech trade. cyber security and human rights. that's something very close to his heart. as he has said often he wants to put human rights and democracy at the forefront of the foreign policy agenda. as hi tries to blank the rising authoritarianism around the world. given how wide the gaps are on so many critically important issues between the two governments. few are expecting major breakthroughs. disputes and disagreements. point of the meeting according to to many is to lower the temperature. put a floor on the free fall. and keep communication channels open including the very top to avoid any strategic
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miscalculation. that could cause harm to global peace and prosperity. >> all right. joining us live. many thanks. joining me now with more on what we can expect from the summit. is cnn political and national security analyst. david sanger. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> so the white house down playing expectations for this virtual summit the two leaders will be discussing taiwan trade, cyber threats. climate change. human rights. which of these issues will likely prove to be the most pressing? and which ones corporation perhaps progress. presumably with all that to discuss, there's some progress here. >> i think there are some areas of progress. it goes a little bit of surprise that china signed onto as much as it did in the end. out of the climate conference. top 26.
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the areas for corporation are relatively thin. and few of them are new. while we're hearing the administration say we want to put guardrails on the relationship and make sure that we don't trip into conflict. the competition is fine. but conflict needs to be avoided. i think they maybe sort of whistling past what's happened in some past efforts to that. you may remember it was just six years ago, when president obama had xi jinping to washington. and right after a major cyber attack. that the chinese managed to steal a huge amount of data out of the personnel management. they came to a cyber agreement and said don't worry about the south china sea. we don't plan on militaryizing
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it. the areas the chinese were working on are highly militarized. there's reason to question whether or not the kind of agreements they make here now are basically sort of papering things over or whether or not they would actually be substive. >> what is likely? >> they'll say they came to understand each other better. these are two people who spent a fair bit of time together in a previous era. when president biden was vice president and also when president xi hasn't ascended. he is in a much nor secure position. and reason to question after afghanistan and other events whether or not president biden actually would make a stand say to fully defend taiwan. with military forces. opposed to just support. or whether or not the united states actually is going to be
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able to carry through on the set of industrial policies that are coming together in the u.s. to try to compete with china in semi-conductors and artificial intelligence. computing and so forth. so, i think that what xi wants right now is a period of calm. between now and the party congress. he'll probably say a few things that will lower the temperature. >> right. of course this will be the first meeting between the two leaders since president biden took office. apart from the two phone calls we mention. how significant is this and how might the personal relationship play into this meeting? >> it's a really great question. how much personal relationship can you develop over what is essentially a secure zoom call. right? and it's a little bit hard to read. the white house is saying this is better than just having a phone conversation. that last 45 minutes or so. they expect this will probably go on for several hours.
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seeing somebody by video allows you to pick up body language. and so forth. allows other members of president biden group secretary of state. t t tony blinken. and sullivan to enter into the conversations simultaneous. with their counter parts. it's not the same sitting down with somebody. taking a walk with them. the way reagan used to do. it's something of a in between. between a phone call and real summit. >> right. how worried do you think china would be about the possible return of donl trump as leader in 2024? and how much of a motivators would that be for xi jinping to find areas of cooperation and progress. with president biden. >> a bit. but i don't think too much. the wrap on president biden prior to time that he took
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office was he would be weak on china. in fact, the terrorists remain. he put together a much deeper strategy. they have to be worried about the fact that he has been more successful at beginning to move critical industries that the united states worries about. onto u.s. soil. become less dependent on china. china is itself concerned about its depend si in semi-conductor arena on the united states. the bigger issue that the both sides need to go deal with, is even if both leaders are saying we don't want to slip into a cold war, we have seen cold war like behavior from both in the past couple months. that is the main thing they have to stamp. one thing to say this is different from a cold war. we have economic interchange. it's another thing to stop the cold war related behavior. >> david, thanks for talking
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with us. appreciate it. >> great to be with you. steve bannon a long time ally of former u.s. president trump is expected to turn himself in in the coming hours. he's facing two charges of contempt of congress. after he defied a subpoena from the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. bannon may not be the last member of trumps inner circle to face charges. former white house chief of staff mark meadows. snubbed the same committee on friday. when he failed to show up for a deposition. and if he continues to refusing to cooperate, one lawmakers says the committee won't hesitate to act. >> we have been moving quickly to make the decisions. i'm confident we'll move quickly with respect to mr. meadows. when witnesses decide as a meadows has that they're not everyone going to bother showing up and they have that much
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contempt for the law. it forces our hand. we'll move quickly. >> cnn has the latest now from washington. >> steve bannon expected to return himself in monday. after he was indicted on two counts of contempt of congress last week. federal judge signed an ais warrant for bannon. being given the opportunity to surrender. which should lead to arraignment in court. he could face one year in prison for each count. conviction is far from certain. the indictment is a major win for the committee. trying to understand exactly what took place around the attack on the u.s. capitol. members of the committee believe his indictment will send a message to other witnesses who resisted cooperating including former chief of staff. meadows failed to show up for his deposition last week. and the committee says it's thinking about moving to held him in contempt. he is working in the white house making the potential case against him a little bit
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different. the committee clearly has questions for meadows including for instance whether he used a personal krmpb during the time. -- cell phone during the time. a memo he sent to vice president pence in the lead up to january 6. to try to convince him not to certify the election. that memo just now coming to light in a new book. whether any of this leads to cooperation from meadows remains to be seen. >> still to come. austria puts unvaccinated population in to lock down. the new measures to stop the surge and the costly consequences for ignoring the restrictions. plus how cuba is cracking down on activism and welcome back tourists.
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it has been just under two weeks since u.s. authorities approved covid-19 vaccinations for children age 5 to 11. and the cdc says more than a million kids in that age group have received their first dose of the vaccine. since then. accounting for 23% of all
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vaccinations given in the u.s. during that time period. according to cdc nearly 59% of the total u.s. population is now fully vaccinated. we will discuss how covid vaccinations can prevent a potential cold weather surge. later this hour. viewers in the united states will hear more when i talk to the dean of brown university school of public health. countries in europe are in crisis mode as rising covid infections prompt new restrictions. in the coming hours austria will enforce lock down measures for the unvaccinated. after a reporting record case numbers last week. not everyone is happy with the mandatory lock down. we're following that story and other developments across europe. >> reporter: protesters gather ahead of new restrictions in effect in europe. the target the unvaccinated. officials from the world health organization say europe is once
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again at the center of the pandemic. and some governments are getting tough on those who haven't been vaccinated. by limiting what they can do and where they can go. in austria anyone 12 and older not fully vaccinated is under a stay at home order. that means no going out unless it's for work, taking a walk or other essential purposes. the children ages 12 to 15 who are regularly tested can participate in some public activity. >> it's very discriminating. i'm allowed to go to work. but the rest of the day i have to stay at home? >> with only 65% of the population fully vaccinated. against covid-19. one of the lowest rates in western europe. millions of people are under lock down again. there are some exemptions for those who are recently recovered from the virus. officials say the lock down will initially last ten days. and will be stiff fines for those who don't comply. which will be enforced through
11:19 pm
spot checks. >> every citizen every person living in austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police. at any time. >> germany capitol singling out the unvaccinated. can no longer dine indoors at restaurants. go to bars, cinemas and other venues. those privileges are only for the vaccinated and those who can show proof of recent recovery from covid-19. the targeted measures come as germany has some of the highest daily numbers of new coronavirus cases. since the pandemic began. not everyone is happy with the new tactic. business owners must turn away customers if they don't meet the criteria. some who implement the rules while they were optional say there's a sense of relief that come from them. >> for me and my employees, it makes things easier at work. the customers are also more relaxed. we don't always have to check if
11:20 pm
customers are wearing a mask. >> tough consequences for the unvaccinated. but with soaring new cases of covid-19 in europe, some governments are shifting their tone. for those who have not taken the vaccine. >> cuba is bracing for protests on monday. the same day the island nation begins to reopen to tourists. opposition groups are hoping to build off these protests from july. with demonstrators again planning to hit the streets to demand greater freedom. and the release of jailed activists. cuba government is already cracking down surrounding the homes of activists on sunday. including well known play write. garcia. we have more. >> reporter: a bus blocks a street where a cuban opposition activist lives. cuban plain clothe police and
11:21 pm
government supporters prempbt him from leaving his apartment. and journalists from talking to him. the activist a play write posted this video before supporters tell me his internet was cut off by the government. i woke up under a siege. the whole block is surrounded by skate security. dressed as civilians. trying to pass themselves off as the people. after widespread antigovernment protests in july, the largest since castro revolution took power. a group of activists led by garcia called for a peaceful march to take place monday. the activist say they are calling on the communist government to allow more liberties and release hundreds of people still in jail from the july protest. cuban officials deny permission for the march. claiming it is a pretext invented by cuban exiles and the u.s. government who want to use rising tensions inside cuba as
11:22 pm
an excuse to invade the island. >> buses like this close off the street. police are everywhere. and in the distance you can see a group of men. government supporters. police themselves hanging flags over the window. unable to leave his apartment or get online, he holds up his fist in defiance through his window. until the final form of communication is also cut off. the government supporter tells me he lives in the same neighborhood and he is proud to confine him to his home. >> i was there when he opened the door. he says. i was close to him. he believes this is fascism. to not let him out. i said it's not. it's the people. the people in revolution. >> after blocking the activist from leaving a group of government supporters even hold a party outside to celebrate.
11:23 pm
>> when we interviewed him as his apartment in october, he predicted the cuban government would try to silence him. unintentionally proving his point about what happens to those who call for greater openness. >> they have shown there's no rule of law. he says. there's no possibility for citizens to legally peacefully and orderly show their dissent to those in power. other activists and government critics on sunday said they were also being blocked from leaving their homes. vow whatever the cost, they would make their voices heard. >> there are growing fears of a confrontation with thousands of migrants stranded at the polish border. details ahead on the increasing urgency. plus severe air pollution has forced schools to close in new deli. what the indian government is saying about the crisis.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. the crisis along the polish border maybe nearing a confrontation. the border guard claims dozens of migrants are getting help from belarus forces to make a major attempt to breakthrough the border. they reported seeing tents coming up and migrants getting instructions from officials. that's after poland issued a mass warning to phones in the area on saturday that the border is sealed. and migrants should go back.
11:28 pm
the ministry of defense tweeted polish forces in the border area are on standby. the u.s. says the crisis is aimed at diverting attention from russia activities on the border with ukraine. the red cross is delivering food and water to the area. but migrants tell us it hasn't been enough. they are stranded there. living out doors in freezing temperatures. fred reports on the growing pressure along the border. >> reporter: the polish authorities say they fear another escalation at the border with belarus. the polish authorities registered more movement in that migrant camp that spread up early last week. a large group made their way from the capitol to the border with poland trying to push into the european union. the polish authorities have said there have been additional provocations as they put it. at their border. with belarus. they say migrants tried to push
11:29 pm
through on several occasions and said security services have been involved in some of that as well. they say the forces were targeted with strobe lights and a ground vehicle from the russian forces tried to tear down the razor wire that the polls set up. saying the forces have been targeted with laser pointers as well. of course the authorities have denied any sort of allegation. they are handling the crisis according to international law. of course both nato and european union blame the strong man of the belarus. for the crisis that is unfolding at that border. meanwhile it appears that crisis is not going to be letting up any time soon. belarus state tv releasing video appearing to show another large group of migrants making their way to the border.
11:30 pm
climate activists and world leaders are setting their sites on cop 27. next year in egypt. the offering mixed reviews about whether anything at all was accomplished in at cop 26. uk prime minister touting the deal reached in scotland. saying it reaffirms the importance of trying to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. the first time they published a mandate to cut the use of coal power. here's more. >> yesterday evening, we finally came to the kind of game changing agreement. the world needed to see. almost 200 countries have put their name to the climate pact. marking a decisive shift in the world approach to tackling climate emissions. setting a clear road map to limiting the rising global temperatures to 1.5 degrees. and marking the beginning of the end for coal power.
11:31 pm
>> other leaders activists and scientists are deeply disappointed by the cop 26 deal. they are argue the pact didn't meet the urgency of the climate crisis. and schools and government offices in new dell hi are closed for a week. as severe air pollution blankets the city. thick smog hung over the indian capitol for days. and air quality in and around the city is being rated from very poor to severe. cnn joins us now from india. what is the latest on this severe pollution that is forcing school closures? what's the government saying about it? >> on the first of november the government had said that schools would reopen. there was a grip somehow and a certain extent on the numbers when it comes to the pandemic. covid-19. and two weeks later children are not going to school again.
11:32 pm
it's being suspended for the week. because of the heavy and thick smog that is surrounding. it's 1:00 p.m. here. behind me you can see a haze of smoke. it was much thicker this morning. it's improving by the hour. it's set to get worse. a lot of reasons have been at tributed to the smog collection. it has to do with crop burning. that happens in the winter. along with regular and industrial emissions as well. also with open waste burning and construction. even construction work in deli has been suspended for a couple days. this is a problem that persists. central government ruled by the ind yand prime minister. and the state government of delly. have been summoned to court by the top cop. the supreme court of india. asking them to take measures that will help reduce the pollution level. it's really devastating for the children who are just about
11:33 pm
going back to school. they were all excited and ready to go back after months of being home and accessing education through virtual medians. and asked to stay back. also this point it's important to mention that for the government that usually being very reactive. especially an intervention from the top court of india to take action and proactive with measures to lessen the burden of pollution people are inhaling. according to to medical experts, heavy pollution in take kp lead to serious respiratory problems and you can already see that. in the adults and children. it happens every year. skb even inside homes. i live near deli. i have air purifiers in every room. it's still poor air quality inside. >> unbelievable. this coming on top of the pandemic.
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welcome back, everyone. in england police arrested three men under the terrorism act after a car explosion killed one person and injured another. near a liverpool hospital. the suspects are all in their 20s. no other information about their background has been released. police are keeping an open mind as to what caused sunday's explosion involving a taxi. urging the public to remain calm. vigilant as they investigate. london mayor tweeted this. london stands with liverpool. my thoughts are with everyone affected by the terrible
11:38 pm
incident. for more on this we want to bring in cnn scott mclain. live from london. good to see you. what are you learning about the three men arrested after the deadly car explosion? >> this is a pretty scary incident. it's also a really strange incident. in that here we are 24 hours after this and have very little information about what actually took place. on the surface the police response bares a lot of resemblance to terror attacks we have seen in the past. police are investigating. i i should be clear police haven't said this is a terror incident. they say they are open minded. the prime minister called this an awful incident. the mayor of liverpool called it upsetting. again not terrorism. she's urging people not to speculate until police have more of a chance to investigate. we know that at 10:59 a.m. police got a call about this explosion and fire that took place outside of a liverpool
11:39 pm
women's hospital. this is a massive facility. takes up almost an entire city block. the focus is on delivering babies and on women's health. that hospital is also less than a mile from the liverpool cathedral. and at that time, a ceremony was taking place to mark remembrance sunday. which honors britains war dead. and there was a moment of silence at 11:00 a.m. for two minutes. it is not clear at this point whether this was a total coincidence or somehow if the events are linked. you can understand why police may think that they need to bring in the counter terrorism police. because of the obvious questions there. in the hours that followed as you said three men in their 20s were arrested. this was about a mile or so from that hospital. about a mile or so north. and they kor donned off and evacuated a part of a street a mile to the southeast of that hospital.
11:40 pm
a witness told bbc inside the hospital that he had heard an explosion. looked outside the window and saw a man get out of the car. who was screaming. and that car was on fire. a second person we can only assume that was the victim. was still inside the vehicle at that time. >> devastating. we'll continue to follow this of course. and bring details to the viewers as they come in. the son of late libyan leader submitted his candidacy for the presidency. that is according to the country election commission. he faces a major obstacle. the 49 year-old is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. for allegedly suppressing the revolt of the libyan people in 2011. in a rare interview in allhe told the "new york times" he thought his legal issues could be negotiated away. if he wins the election next
11:41 pm
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just hours from now u.s. president biden will be putting his name on his first big legislative win since he took office this year. he will be signing a hard fought infrastructure spending plan. into law. it will fund improvements to a sprawling list of items. roads, bridges, airports and environmental clean up. and it comes as americans feel the pinch of rising inflation. later this week house democrats hope to pass the bill back better act. the white house says the nearly
11:46 pm
$2 trillion economic bill will help lower costs for american families. rising food and energy prices are big drivers of inflation. hitting americans in the wallet. cnn is in los angeles. as california wrestles with record high gas prices. and at the mission in new york. as food charities arnds the country struggle to feed the hungry. >> california reeling from record breaking gas prices. sunday statewide average hit just about $4.67 a gallon. breaking a record from 2012. part of the issue is regional. with northern california refineries being effected by severe weather. the over all increase is felt across the country primarily due to hue crude oil prices. data from gas buddy a site tracking prices reported by drivers shows the u.s. has never seen a year over year increase
11:47 pm
like 2021. we talked to drivers in los angeles who are feeling the sticker shock. >> it costs about a $100 to fill my tank. yeah. premium. and gas is absolutely expensive right now. >> with the emissions requirement. our gas prices are definitely higher than the nation. we know that. so i just said forget it. i'll get a hybrid. >> with that hybrid he says he is saving about $400 a month. triple a told us that demand is higher than typical this time of year. while his historically travel slows after the summer months. this year he says there's pent up demand from people who stayed home throughout the pandemic. and eager to travel and trying to gather for the holiday. not only is demand higher, u.s. oil production is also 14% lower than at the end of 2019.
11:48 pm
>> make no mistake. higher food prices resulting in inflation and supply chain shortages throughout the country. especially the non-profits helping the communities. especially some of the soup kitchens during one of the businessest times of year. here at the mission, a place helping feed and shelter people for well over 100 years. some of the challenges are tied to that. but a possibility. that includes now having to do a more with less. they heavy ri le lie on the partners and donations and some of the partners having to spend more to come here with the contributions that hep them feed the needy. and for this year, we heard from ceo of the organization. he took us inside as they are prepping. making sure nothing stands in their way and continue to help some of the folks as it comes thanksgiving. and told us about some of the unique challenges they are facing this year. >> this year for example we have many received many fewer turkeys
11:49 pm
than we're used to for thanksgiving. and so we're used to distributing out abundance of food to partners in the community, this yooer we're focussed on the 1,000 people we're expecting here. >> the big challenge for the folks here at the mission. they usually can be over generous. they can over produce the thanksgiving meals. this year however because they have somewhat of a limited stock, the main focus is on feeding those families that usually show up at the doorstep and hope they have left overs so they can spread the generosity around. >> the pace of covid vaccinations in the u.s. is picking up. with millions more people now eligible for the shot. more than 195 million americans are fully vaccinated. that's according to to the kdc. almost 59% of the total u.s.
11:50 pm
among that group, about 29 million have now gotten an additional booster dose as well. and was mentioned, more than a million children ages 5 to 11 have gotten their first dose just two weeks after the fda authorized the vaccine for that age group. dr. ashish jha is is the dean of brown university's school of public health and joins me now from providence, rhode island. thank you so much, doctor, for all that you do and for joining us. >> thank you for having me back, rosemary. >> absolutely. so according to the cdc, nearly 59% of the total u.s. population is fully vaccinated, and more than 1 million children under 12 have received their first covid shot. but former fda commissioner scott gottlieb says there will be a post-holiday covid spike. and he think it's will get worse
11:51 pm
before it gets better, particularly in those dates that have low vaccination rates. when do you think we'll start to emerge from this pandemic? >> yeah. unfortunately, i think dr. gottlieb is right. i think we are looking forward to or looking ahead to about six to eight weeks of difficult times in the united states. we have about 80,000 infections a day right now. that's actually up a little bit in the last couple of weeks. i expect those numbers to rise in the upcoming week, especially with thanksgiving and the christmas holidays that are coming. i do think january will be better, but the next couple of months are going to be pretty tough. >> so, with the holidays upon us, what would your advice be to everyone to sort of avoid these six to eight weeks alie ahead of us and the problems that many people experience in those times? >> yeah. so, number one is absolutely for people to get vaccinated. if you're not yet vaccinated, if your kids are not vaccinated, it is safe to get together over the holidays if you are vaccinated. it is much, much riskier if
11:52 pm
you're not. for other people i would say if you're six months out from your vaccine, get a booster shot. those are widely available, and they offer another level of protection. and then just being careful around the holidays, particularly around vulnerable people is a good idea. but i think this is a holiday where we can get together safely if we do follow those precautions. >> you did mention the booster shot. u.s. surgeon general dr. vivek murthy is encouraging people to get vaccinated, and for those who are eligible to get a booster shot. but there's still a reluctant portion of the population in the u.s. and across parts of u.s., the anti-vaxxer who's don't appear to remember polio or smallpox. how do you educate and convince these people that getting vaccinated will end this pandemic? >> yeah. it's difficult. obviously it's been an effort for a while now. but unfortunately i think the misinformation directed towards americans and europeans and
11:53 pm
others is very well organized and done by parties with ulterior motives. we've got to keep talking to people and engaging people with concerns that they have. i think there are a lot of legitimate questions that people have that we still have to answer. i think policies like mandates can make a big difference. >> with covid surging again in europe, austria is ordering lockdowns just for the unvaccinated in ten days or so and any violators will be fined. but is that what will ultimately need to be done in other countries as well given this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> yeah. you know, i have to say i'm pretty skeptical of any policy that directs lockdowns just towards unvaccinated people. what i would much prefer is mandates for public gatherings,
11:54 pm
for workplaces. i think that's a much more compelling way to get people vaccinated. we'll see what the austria experience is and if it works. but i think taking one part of the population and treating them differently in that way is just hard to sustain for any extended period of time. >> of course we've seen some workgroups, some unions, some republican governors push back on any effort to put vaccine mandates in place. so what would your advice be there? what should happen? >> well, i think we're all getting tired of this pandemic. we're 22 months in. we need to put this pandemic behind us. we need to bring the acute phase of the pandemic to a close. there's really one major path out, and that is vaccines. for republican governors or others who are opposed to mandates, if they have better ideas for getting a lot more people vaccinated, i think all of us would be open to it. but ultimately the key goal is to get a lot more people vaccinated so we can bring this pandemic to a close.
11:55 pm
>> all right, dr. ashish jha, thank you so much. >> thank you. well, health experts fear the pandemic may be worsening the impact of an already debilitating disease, diabetes. a february study found that diabetes tripled a person's risk of severe illness and death from covid-19. over 500 million people, one in ten adults worldwide live with diabetes. nearly half undiagnosed. it has killed nearly 7 million people this year alone. but lifestyle changes make a difference. healthy foods and moderate exercise can cut the risk. and along with medication even put full-blown diabetes into remission. and you can help those struggling during the pandemic and get help yourself. head to to find links to charitable organizations verified by cnn. president biden has long paid tribute to his family's
11:56 pm
irish roots. and on saturday he celebrated the irish rugby team's 29-20 victory over new zealand. the u.s. president called the irish rugby football union from his retreat at camp david. team members asked for an invitation to the white house. on sunday a pub in ireland tweeted this clip from that video call. >> great win, man. by the way, when i was down in new zealand not long ago, i was bragging about you guys. they almost didn't let me off the island. do you know what i mean? [ laughter ] congratulations, fellas. >> well done. and that wraps up this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. i'll be back in just a moment with more news. don't go away.
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