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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 15, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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son to hear going through a difficult time. >> berman, her son looming so large in all of this. i thought it was funny during the interview, he thinks taylor swift is a big deal and only starting to realize his mom is a pretty big deal too. >> adele took him to a taylor swift concert. pretty sweet. >> nora, it is awesome see you. thank you for joining us. . >> thank you, guys. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is monday, november 15th. and you are looking at live pictures of steve bannon's washington home. he is expected to turn himself in this morning. he is scheduled to make his first court appearance to face a two-count federal indictment for
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contempt of congress after defying a sub from the january 6th committee. detailing how desperate the former president was to overturn his election loss. listen to trump's own words about his vice president in this new interview with jonathan carl from abc news.
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$1,000 fine, up to a year in jail. the kwopbs questions are a real deal. the house select committee wants to discuss things, not the least of which his communications with president trump surrounding this rally. january 5th, a critical day.
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he was in this willard war room at the very center of this effort to overturn the election, the house select committee believes. the day that preceded the riot. they believe he was at the center of this effort to undo the election. and they want to discuss with him not only his communications with president trump but his communications with other people who were in that circle. that is important. because what bannon has been arguing here, is his communications are privileged under this executive privilege up principle la here. however, we know he was not an employee of the white house at the time. we also know that he was having conversations with other people who were outside the white house. so in theory, those communications at a minimum should not be protected by executive privilege because the president wasn't involved in those. this is a two-count indictment around his failure to appear for testimony. as you mentioned, he's expected to appear here today. this is the first of what will very likely be a long list of
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court appearances, a lengthy court battle here. but, again, john and brianna, the point here is that this is the real deal. people who blow off the house select committee will very likely have to appear in federal court and be facing criminal contempt charges. back to you. . >> this message being heard loud and clear by many people. brittany, thank you for the report. donald trump's chief of staff mark meadows failing to appear for a deposition on friday. and here is what congressman adam schiff, who serves on the committee, said. >> reporter: we have been moving very quickly to make these decisions, and i'm confident we will move quick live with respect to mr. meadows. when ultimately witnesses decide as medicine toes has that they're not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, it forces our hand. and we'll move quickly. . >> we'll move quickly. we heard that many times. what will it mean for meadows?
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let's discuss it with michael smerconish. what does that mean, michael, especially as the committee is raising this prospect of did meadows perhaps destroy some communications on a private cell phone? >> brianna, quick story if i may. on friday night, i was interviewing robert costa from the "washington post" who co-authored "peril" with bob woodward. the news just broke of steve bannon been indicted. when one or the other of us made reference to that at this live event, there was applause in the room. my comment were to say if steve bannon were here, he would be applauding too. i think he loves to. having an appearance in federal court would be harrowing. today i expect he will put on that green army jacket and walk in there in a gadsden flag and reassert all of their mistaken
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claims of the election having been stolen. you made reference to the jonathan carl interview. trump doesn't back off from saying pence can be the p word or the patriots. instead, what does he say? it would have been a mistake to accept a fraudulent election. in answer to your question about mark meadows to a lesser extent but mostly steve bannon, i think they will try to use this process to, again, litigate their misrepresentation of what transpired in the most recent election. >> michael, i get that we're not there yet as in bannon is not testifying and certainly mark meadows isn't testifying yet. you're an attorney at law who cares deeply about the events surrounding january 6th. if you did get mark meadows knowing jonathan carl is saying
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he forwarded mayemails, what wo you ask? >> it would be a long deposition, john berman. and we would focus very heavily on the events of the night of january 5th. as whitney was just recounting, what transpired at the willard hotel. the willard hotel is about to supplant watergate as the washington hotel with the greatest political background and intrigue. because all eyes need to be on what was said at the willard hotel the night before and what instruction was given to those who would be the foot soldiers on the morning of january 6th. that's that's one line of inquiry for medicine toes. what does he know about president trump calling into that room, that night. secondly, we will walk through all 187 minutes that went off the clock when everything started to hit the fan on the 6th up until the point where former president trump starts to do something about it to bring that crowd under control. the big picture is this. you know, what initially looked
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like something very haphazard and illogical, the president spitballing the remarks on the ellipse and then people storming the capitol, was much more sophisticated. we learned of the electrical list memo, eastman memo, leaning on the department to get a foot in if a, all with an eye toward saying to mike pence, there's a legal justification for you not accepting the electoral college using the crowd to then turn up the heat on pence in the hope it would be a 26-24 vote in the house to determine donald trump actually won the election. to those who tuned out initially you to come pack and start paying close attention because there is a whole part of the story we still >> tony:. . >> you mentioned this bit that jonathan carl had in his interview with trump where he questions him, did you say to pence do you want to be a patriot or do you want to be the p word.
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well, knowing now of course that pence chose not to comply with what donald trump wanted him to do, he opportunity follow the eastman memo, it is implicit that he is saying pence is a p word, right >> no doubt. and the interview continues and he is asked for his assessment of pence. he said good guy, i like the family. he won't ruling him out as being a running mate in 2024. given in the end mike pence, and he consulted dan quayle, he must have taken it seriously for a while. the senate parliament tear yann says you to the floor a choice in this matter. you are a bean counter. get in there and simply tally up the electoral college votes. he must have given it some level of contemplation before doing the right thing. >> michael, we had carl bernstein on friday. carl was saying he thinks it's
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possible that people from the pence orbit shake loose and may have different interests than people direct live in the trump orbit there. what do you think the likelihood is of that? . >> increasing. because to the point we just made that brianna just raised about the quote with john carl, imagine you're local to mike pence. you served in the pence orbit and you believe him to be a solid citizen. now you are hearing the former president called your boss, mike pence, and said you're either this p or that p. how are you going to feel about that, especially if you're someone as the people surrounding pence are true conservative phraoefrs in the constitution. i think they will be rather upset their boss was given a choice and said you're one or the other. so perhaps those in his orbit will be the ones to unlock most
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of what we still need to know. what i want to know, the big question i keep asking is for all the efforts that were afoot, and for seeming sophistication of this plan, i must want to know the final piece. so what was said to the proud poise? what was said to those individuals -- and not a lot of people who got swept up in it,s but those who came equipped and armed to do pad things. i want the email, the phone call, the phone record of what they were told from the war room as to what they were supposed to do the following day. i don't believe it was just left to chance. there was too much effort that had gone into it to just say, okay, now we will sit pack and see what people will do january 6th at the capitol. it doesn't make any logical sense. . >> yeah. look, we should know that. we will wait and see. and here in the coming weeks, it will be very, very influential on answering that question. michael, great to see you. thanks. closing arguments set for today in the kyle rittenhouse
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trial. we will look at the legal arguments that are in play here next. plus, the youngest victim yet becomes the 10th person to die after the concert tragedy in houston. ahead we will talk to another family mourning their own loss. >> breaking this morning, a crisis on a key european border. thousands of migrants caught in the middle. we have seen some remarkable images this morning. children inches away from water cannons, razor wire. we're live on the ground coming up.
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last year. 500 national guard troops are on stand by. former federal prosecutor, author of "a spy in plain site and robert hanson, america's most damaging russian spy. we have all been watching this case. it appears to have been an uphill battle for the prosecution so far. it seems they have a lot of work to do today in the closing arguments. how do you think they will and should present their case today? >> they really have faced a lot of battles, including some of the key evidence not coming in by the judge. but what they're going to have to do today is rally and create a narrative that says that rittenhouse was hunting for trouble. he asserted himself in a dangerous situation, which we knew. what did he bring to the fight?
4:18 am
an illegally possessed semiautomatic rifle. this altercation took over two minutes. if they take a pregnant pause for two minutes in a courtroom, believe you me, that's a long time. they focus on that and the fact that he got himself there, he was really out there looking for trouble that night. >> professor, let's talk about the defense. what does the defense need to do? >> i almost wish lis was doing the closing argument. what happens if they have to prove vis-a-vis each of the men he shot he was reasonably in fear for his life and his force was proportionate to the threat received. the prosecution is going to say he provoked the aing ta. in i with wii there's a unique law that it doesn't negate self-defense. rather, the defense will say even if he did provoke the
4:19 am
att attack. >> they can refer to him on the stand, breaking down. and grosskreutz said i was pointing my gun at him. >> the time it took between each of those interactions. lis said the prosecution will elongate that time, they will make it sound like it was chaotic, rushed, and he was in fear for his life. >> the lesser included charges, we don't know which the judge will specify today. how important is that? >> oh, crucial for the prosecution. look, if i'm prosecuting a case and i feel strong that, you know, my evidence has come in, my witnesses have performed the way i wanted to, i'm rock solid, i don't want lesser includeds in. if they sympathize at all with
4:20 am
the defendant, they want to split the pain and go with lesser included. i don't want that if i think i have had a strong case. if my evidence is not as strong as i would like it to be, i love the lesser included. i'm still looking at heavy felony charges here that could carry up to 60 years. so i still like that. what i don't want is to be stuck with the misdemeanor of the illegally possessed firearm. >> it is what they have to work with. i'm not actually surprised that 24th asked for lesser included offenses and that the judge agreed to it. because what happens, it means that the jury can actually reach a unanimous verdict. and when you have a nonunanimous verdict, that is a hung jury and then they're back for a second trial. the prosecution doesn't want to be in that position. it doesn't surprise me at all that the prosecution has given essentially the jury more options to decide this case and to convict. >> it's a hedge, a little bit of
4:21 am
a hedge, though. people should know that. even what the prosecution thinks so far, maybe it needs some help. professor, lis, thank you so much for being with us. . >> you're welcome. >> you got it. breaking news this morning, cnn is live on the scene of this dramatic standoff involving thousands of desperate migrants. look at these children just feet away from water cannons aimed right at them. plus, gas prices in one state hitting a new record high for the second day in a row. the energy secretary will join us live. and the world's richest man is sending a low blow as the rivalry between elon musk and bernie sanders takes a nasty turn. [gaming sounds] [gaming sounds] just think, he'll be driving for real soon.
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a 9-year-old boy who was trampled and placed in a medically induced coma at the astroworld concert has died. he fell from his father's shoulder and into the crowd during the stampede. now we remember the 9th victim to die days after the astroworld festival. 22-year-old bharti shanani said this was her first music festival. she died on wednesday night. joining us now is her sister and cousin. both of them were there at the concert with bharti. listening to what both of you went through as well is just
4:27 am
harrowing. and i thank you so much for joining us. i know you're mourning at this point in time. can you take us to that night and what you were going through. your throat was stepped on, and i know your nose was stepped on and you suffered a shoulder injury. >> yeah. . >> it was just very, very horrifying and tragic. i couldn't move. i couldn't breathe. i felt like he was slowly being suffocated. i felt i wouldn't be able to make it out alive. thankfully, somebody pulled me up and helped me out of there. >> you couldn't breathe at one point. . >> correct. >> when i read about what you two have been through, it is a wonder that you survived. >> yeah. definitely a wonder. i count myself as very
4:28 am
fortunate. i'm not sure how i would make it out. it feels like a blur almost. we were in the middle-back area, not too close to the stage. but the thing we didn't realize is we were essentially fenced in on three sides with barricades. but you couldn't see the barricades since the crowd was so dense. and then the only entrance and exit was at one -- a place that wasn't barricaded. that was a choke point as you had people inside that were panicking and freaking out. then realizes they were suffocating, being squeezed, packed in like sardines in a can almost. we were all trying to get out and escape. and then you had other people trying to get closer and see the headliner. and it just became like a mass
4:29 am
panic, i would say. i think a lot of people are maybe placing some blame on the concertgoers. honestly, a fight or flight response kicks in -- >> yeah. >> -- you really panic and you do everything you can to save yourself. >> nanrata, your sister sounds like she is an amazing person. she sounds like a beautiful soul. can you tell us about her? >> she really was. she was very caring, very compassionate. always trying to help people out. always helping me and my younger sister out. and then helping my parents with the business. she just had a lot going on. and she always was the one who was the responsible one. and then the first time where she is trying to do something for herself, this happens. and the opportunity -- it's not even opportunity. it's her life that was snatched
4:30 am
from her. and it was just -- it's pretty surreal to think about even now. you know, it's hard to think of death as such a permanent thing. it's pretty insane to me how she was with me a few days ago and now she's just not there. . >> it's incredibly hard to imagine the permanence of it. i know you want her to be there with you every moment that you would normally talk to her. mohit, you were the cousin. you were incredibly close, like a procedure to her. >> yeah. >> what was accountability look like to you? . >> so what does accountability -- what is the question again? >> i wanted to ask you, as you are searching for answers about how this happened, what does accountability look like? who are you focused on as you
4:31 am
are wondering how this could happen to your cousin, who is like a sister to you? >> i think we're focused on figuring out, like, how all of this happened really. i think incident was a series of very unfortunate events that led up to this incident. there were mistakes made by the organizers, the venue, the headliner, who she was actually most excited to see. . >> right. . >> there were, like, a lot of problems behind the scenes. like, we just want to know what happened? why exactly this happened and make sure that it never happens again to anyone. because this is a feeling no one should ever experience. . >> exactly. i feel like no family should ever see what we are having to see today and never feel as broken as we feel in this moment. >> i think both of us just feel very numb. it still doesn't feel real.
4:32 am
>> yeah. it doesn't, like, at all. . >> that she is gone from us. >> yeah. >> i think that makes sense. sorry, go on. >> yeah, sorry. i was going to say i think it's very, very hard on my mom and dad, obviously, along with my younger sister. but also blue, like her pet, he is very depressed all the time now. he obviously doesn't understand, right, the concept of death. so he's always looking for her. whenever we have visitors, he's jumping on them, trying to sniff their scent on them. that's also going to be extremely hard. she was like the closest to him. >> yeah. look, it speaks to her absence in all of your lives. and i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry for your loss. nanrat a&m ohit, thank you for being with us and sharing a little bit about your sister and your cousin.
4:33 am
we really appreciate. . >> thank you. just one last thing. i think all we want is justice. >> justice for bharti. . >> and justice for the other nine people now who lost their lives at the festival, if you can even call it that. >> yeah. >> you are part of an army searching for that, both of you. thank you again. >> thank you. . >> yeah, thank you. the former national security adviser says the united states should have just one religion. so much for the whole constitution and that whole freedom thing. an airline employee hospitalized after a passenger hit her. details on this new incident of violence ahead.
4:34 am
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both democrats and republicans will be at today's signing ceremony at the white house. joining us now is energy secretary jennifer granholm. thank you so much for being with us. we learned overnight, former new orleans mayor will be in charge of implementing the spending from this. how will that work and what do you think gets hit first? >> well, first of all, i think it's great because match lan landreau, having been somebody in charge of spending on the ground, in louisiana, i think is fantastic. having somebody who has that experience. when you say what's going to get hit first, what do you mean? >> what are you going to tackle first? >> what is going to get tackled first? yeah. john, as you are probably aware, this is a bill that is spent
4:39 am
over 5 to 10 years. some of the requirements will go out quickly. they may be by formula. for example, some of the road funding. already there is a path to get the funding out the door to states. it will be easier. some of it is a little bit longer term. they may be new programs. there are a number of -- you know, very large hubs associated with decarbonizing fossil fuels, for example. those will take a little bit longer because they require planning and preparation. >> there will be some republicans there. mitch mcconnell too busy. can't be there today. but at least someone republicans are. how important is that? >> you know, we are just in such a dang polarized world, country. it is almost a bomb for the soul
4:40 am
that there is actually a hugely significant bill that has bipartisan support. why is it controversial? why is it something that is a negative that somebody who votes in favor of roads and bridges for their community and see it as a positive, because it is a positive, they they end up being the subject of threats and just horrible acrimony? >> so gas prices in california, $4.67 in california. that's more than it has ever been. you don't have to go to california for high gas prices. they are high around the country. what is the administration doing today to address that problem?
4:41 am
>> john, the president is all over this. he really is very concerned about, you know, inflation, obviously. and the price of gasoline. because that's the most obvious manifestation of it. as you know, no president controls the price of gas. oil is sold on a global market. it is, as we see, as everybody is coming out of covid, there is a huge increase in demand. the supply has not caught up. the president is looking at the limited tools he has. i have nothing to announce on this. he is looking and evaluating all of his options, limited though they may be in the united states. >> what are some of the tools. there is the strategic petroleum reserve, asking for greater supply from opec. what of those looks the most attractive? >> yeah. he has been -- just to be clear, this is a short-term question. because the president really
4:42 am
ultimately the best solution is to build an economy on clean energy so you don't have to rely on the volatility of fossil fuels. that's what the build back better agenda is all about. we have this short-term issue. we don't want people in the midst of it. people have been producing in the u.s., globally. he's gone after opec and asked them to increase. they said they will not be doing that. so the president wants to see an in kcrease in supply, and he ha called on that. he is evaluating the strategic petroleum as well. the objective agency that the government has to project and forecast what the cost of fuels is going to be has said there will be a reduction in costs in both oil and gasoline over the next few months. he wants to see whether that's going to be taking hold. i'm sure he's evaluating that. ultimately, though, the solution is the long-term solution, which
4:43 am
is to invest in clean exclusions so we create our own energy here, that we are not reliant on opec, and we are not hurting the planet. helping to heal it. >> where do you expect prices to be one month from now? . >> well, i can only tell you what the energy information agency says. they say at the beginning of december, the price will be around $3.16. but, again, projecting the cost and movement of oil is, you know, is challenging. i'll just say that. lots of things can change. but that's what they are saying at the moment >> if they're not, that would be a drop for now. do you have reason to believe that's true? >> yeah. you know, today, if you look at the price of crude per barrel, it has dropped from about $85 per barrel, down to some areas of 80.
4:44 am
cr crude, a drop. and gasoline prices. it is an art than science to predict the future of the commodities. >> energy secretary jennifer granholm, it's not easy. it is a struggle for every administration. >> it's hard for sure. >> this is within your umbrella. we appreciate you joining us and discussing it today. . >> you bet. you bet. thanks. we have breaking news on the standoff at the border between poland and belarus. new video from just moments ago shows some of the thousands of migrants hoping to cross out of belarus confronted with razor wire, also water cannons at the border here. cnn has teams on both sides of the border. fred pleitgen for us in poland. let's go first to matthew chance. he is in belarus. matthew, describe this situation behind you. >> reporter: brianna, some
4:45 am
dramatic developments over the course of the last couple of hours. the camp full of more than 2,000 people that have gathered there the past week or so essentially emptied out. people gathering their things, packing up their tents, putting it on their backs and coming here. and you can see there is a whole load of people, hundreds of people here behind me that have camped out right against the razor wire of the border between belarus and poland. they're desperate to get across. they're convinced that the poles are going to open this border up and let them through. take a look at what the response of the polish authority has been. razor wire, military police deployed there, a huge blue water cannon with its barrels pointed towards the people on the ground. and of course a whole line of police dressed in riot gear as well. so that's not good news for them. there has been a rumor circulating in the camp they
4:46 am
would be allowed through. this is a categorical message from the poles that that's not happening. let's take a look now at what these people have been through and the desperation of their plight. with each day that passes, this refugee crisis is getting worse. desperate migrants here in belarus are camped against the razor wire set up by poland to keep them out. their dream of a new life in europe in sight but out of reach. from above, amid choking thick smoke from fires to keep warm, you can see how more than 2,000 migrants from countries like iraq and syria, are stretched along this frontier and facing an emergency exclusion zone on the other side. he and his 15-year-old daughter from iraqi kurdistan.
4:47 am
>> country dangerous. >> your country is dangerous. >> no electric. >> no electricity. >> no water. dangerous. >> yeah. this is kurdistan. iraqi kurdistan. >> yes. >> it's getting dangerous here, too. already putin's russia is backing its belarusian ally. u.s. officials accuse belarus of weaponizing these migrants in revenge for human rights sanctions. there is a blame game being played here. the west, european union, poland is blaming belarus for encouraging these migrants to come here in the first place, and then pushing them here towards the border. belarus and moscow are blaming the poles for refusing to let them in. but it's these people stuck in the middle that are actually paying the price. . >> a point with which they seem to agree. [ applause ].
4:48 am
>> if you don't follow the orders, force may be used against you. >> from loud speakers across the fence, this is poland's uncompromising message. don't even try it. >> attention, attention. >> but that's not stopping daily attempts to break through. belarusian officials deny helping breach the frontier, but they're not stopping it. >> i want to look after my family. >> and how many of your family are here? >> two families. my wife, my son, and my friend. i have three kids and wife. >> he is also from iraqi kurdistan. he tells me he's tried and failed to get past the razor wire, forced back, he says, with tear gas and pepper spray. >> my son says dad you kiss me,
4:49 am
it is so bad for your face, my son. >> because the tear gas and the pepper spray? >> exactly. a long time i have too many. i want to kiss my son. >> you have the chile and the pepper sprayed at you for trying to cross the border? >> yeah. >> they have been flooding in, piling on the pressure. belarusian officials tells us 5,000 people will be here in a matter of days all desperate, freezing and trapped. desperate, freezing and trapped. and they are no more desperate, freezing and trapped now that they have moved away from the camp in a bid to get access to the european union through poland. look at the response of the polish authorities again flying this police helicopter to
4:50 am
monitor the refugees that have gathered at the border. there was this rumor circulating, as i mentioned, they were going but that's not happening at all. as well as the helicopters, messages broadcast on loud speakers for the people here in english saying "don't break the law or we'll use force against you." also in russian to the bel belarussian as well. why are you using these people in this way? they're innocent people. let them go home. that's the message from the polish authorities, john, sorry, brianna, on the other side. >> matthew chance, thank you so much for showing us what's happening there. we go to the polish side of this crisis and fred pleitgen is there. how has the situation gotten in
4:51 am
the last few hours? >> reporter: extremely hitted. the belarussian side of the border. more and more police forces are deployed on the border. this is the last checkpoint before coming to the border area we saw large columns of police vehicles going past here throughout the entire morning as the situation has been escalating there on the belarusian side. the pols say they have evidence what is going on the belarusian side wasiness instigated by authorities. we have been in touch with migrants who were inside that camp and told us in text and audio messages as well they were being forced by belarusian authorities to attack the border, something the pols have been saying themselves. they said authorities attacked polish forces and tried to dismantle the border fence using
4:52 am
a vehicle and used strobe lights as well to try and blind polish forces that are trying to keep that barrier up. now, the u.s., the eu and poland itself all accused belarus of organizing this, luring migrants into the country, the pols continue to say they are going to remain firm, they are not going to let anybody through and of course our calling on the belarusian authorities to allow people to leave and finally looks as though the europe peep union scored a victory in all of this, several middle eastern countries are saying they're not going to allow citizens from iraq, syria, yemen and afghanistan to board flights to belarus anymore. >> something has to give. this is not sustainable own those folks are paying the price. f fred, matthew, thank you. steve bannon about to turn himself in under indictment for contempt of congress. what could that mean for many other trump allies? elon musk versus bernie sanders. why the world's richest man is
4:53 am
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that caught the attention of elon musk "i keep forgetting you're still alive. "he's been an a tear since he suggested billionaires tax to pay for president biden's economic plans. another fight on southwest airlines, shortly after boarding a flight from dallas to new york aerial jackson had a verbalality indication with an operations agent at the back of the plane. as she leaves the flight she punches another southwest agent in the head with a closed fist. speaking of unruly, former attorney general bill barr is going on the record with an eyebrow-raising new claim about maria bartiromo, in front of the camera giving voice to election related conspiracy theories.
4:57 am
in private some of her behavior is no less disturbing in excerpts recently released from the upcoming book "betrayal" last november she called barr to complain the doj hadn't done anything to stop the democrats from stealing the election. to be clear, this is someone who used to be a well-respected financial journalist, now acting as a spokesperson for the former president's lies. barr told karl "she called me up and she was screaming." i yelled back at her, she's lost it. bartiromo has yesterday to respond to barr's claim but fox isn't denying the call happened. a spokesperson for fox says it was barr who was being aggressive. finally here an 11-year-old girl is the only survivor of a plane crash in michigan that killed four people on saturday, this twin engine light commuter plane crashed near beaver island at the northern end of lake michigan. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. john? >> laura, thank you very much
4:58 am
for that. videos of people throwing pandemic tantrums on airplanes have been all over social media but there is also a fake video that's gone viral this month and it appears to show a woman demanding to see a fellow passenger's vaccination card. cnn's daniel dale our fact checker joining us now to break down why the video isn't what it appears to be. tell us about this. >> this video has more than 60 million views on social media. it's mega viral and the comments show a lot of the viewers think it's real. in fact, it is fake. this is staged content, professionally shot by a director and including paid actors commissioned by a content creator known as princy a. who does this kind of thing, makes this video just for clicks. >> just for clicks, and indeed there have been a lot. so it's working, right? so another claim being made is colorado's governor's mandating that hospitals don't have to treat people who are not vaccinated against covid-19. tell us about this one. >> this is also not true.
4:59 am
so colorado's governor did issue an executive order, but that order does not even mention vaccination status . it does not explicitly say anything about vaccination at all. >> a conservative website published an article, this happened last week claiming that pfizer's ceo albert berla was arrested for fraud. >> this is fake news in the traditional pre-trump sense. it's completely made up and there's a whole lot of this nonsense about famous people being arrested swirling in the fringe right wing online steer from president biden to tom
5:00 am
hanks. be skeptical if you see something on your facebook feed about someone famous getting dramatically arrested. >> tell us about this clip circulating claims the vice president harris contrary to the cdc's facts said virtually every individual hospitalized with covid-19, with the vaccine, that everyone hospitalized with covid-19, pardon me, is vaccinated, which obviously is not true and she did not say. >> she did not say that. in fact, this clip was edited pretty crudely in fact to make it seem like the vice president said the opposite of what she actually said in this july speech. i think we have that clip if you want to listen. >> and the vaccine will protect you from it and here's how i know. virtually every person who is in the hospital sick with covid-19 right now is unvaccinated. >> so again, plain lies, crude


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