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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 19, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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to upgrade, just say “nhl center ice” into your voice remote or go online today. all right, it is friday, november 19th, 5:00 a.m. in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> you made it to friday. i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we have reports this morning from capitol hill, hong kong, georgia, istanbul, charlottesville, paris, and the pentagon. and we start in washington where lawmakers will meet again this morning to consider president biden's signature social safety net bill. if you went to bed thinking last night that they were going to vote on it, you're not alone. but house minority leader kevin
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mccarthy has been common dering the floor there for over eight hours. you are looking at live pictures. he's been doing this rambling marathon speech, breaking house speaker nancy pelosi's record for the longest speech in history, and he's still going. >> that's right. technically it's not a filibuster, but it did block action on the $2 trillion build back better bill. daniela diaz live on capitol hill. how do we expect it, daniela, to play out this morning? reminder, mccarthy is still talking. >> reporter: that is a really important thing to know right now, christine and laura, because it depends when he stops. the plan was to have the house democratic leaders reconvene the house at 8:00 a.m., but you know it's 5:00 a.m., mccarthy is still speaking and sources tell me it doesn't seem like he's going to let up any time soon. he got a new binder of material just an hour ago. he keeps eating mints to keep him going. and the reason he's able to do this, it's not a filibuster. we're in the house technically. he has a magic minute which
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basically means because he is a leader of the house, he can speak on the floor for as long as he wants, which is exactly what he's doing. he's been speaking for these eight hours on a various amount of topics. he's been slamming the build back better act. democrats saying the republicans are going to take the midterms. at some point targeting the presiding chair of the house sarah jacobs of california, a democrat who is managing the house floor right now. also a california congresswoman. so this has been really interesting to watch, but yes, he did beat house speaker nancy pelosi's record of 8 hours just a few minutes ago. now, the plan is right now that the house will reconvene at 8:00. house democratic leaders say that they have the votes to pass the build back better act when they reconvene, which is major because now that means it will go to the senate, which is, of course, where all of the drama is expected to play out these next couple weeks as they try to get senator joe manchin of west
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virginia to sign on. he is the one senator that still has not offered his assurances for this bill, and democratic leaders need all democratic senators to support this bill so they can pass it using a process using budget reconciliation. take a listen to what senator joe manchin said as recently as yesterday. still voicing concerns for what this bill could do to inflation in this country. >> you haven't made a decision whether to vote for the bill to begin? >> no, i'm still looking at everything. inflation is -- the president has acknowledged that's correct we all should be very much concerned about the toll it's taking on the american people. i can tell you west virginia people are paying more per gallon and probably paying more for utilities. that's a fact of life. we have to make sure we get through this and put no more burden on them. >> reporter: still, the house passage over this bill is major
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especially after these past couple weeks when it seemed like some moderate democrats were going to hold up this bill as well as holding up the separate bipartisan infrastructure bill that president joe biden signed into law earlier this week. that is a major achievement for his administration. look, this build back better act, the bill that they plan to vote on later today, could boost enthusiasm for biden's administration among grassroots democrats as he tries to stave off the disaster of the elections just a couple of weeks ago. and while it has been roughly halved in size, the price tag went from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion. it still seems that this bill will be a major achievement for democrats, especially if the house passes it later, but bottom line is still everything held up with house minority leader kevin mccarthy continuing to speak on the house floor right now. >> supporters make the point if you're worried about inflation, the things in this bill would lower costs for american families for health care, for
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education, for preschool and the like, and for drugs, and that's the point they're trying to make. that it's not inflationary, in fact, it helps blunt inflation. that is their point of view. we'll see if that sideways senator manchin on the senate side. thank you, daniela. >> i always wonder about the bathroom situation. eight hours, how do you do isn't that >> magic minute is my parenting. five more minutes. >> it never works. >> exactly. so, assuming the bill passionpasses today, the burden falls squarely on the president to sell it to the senate and american people. jasmin wright has that angle. what's the plan? >> reporter: you're right, laura. president biden will be one step closer if the house passes, minority leader kevin mccarthy stops talking. the fact is this win for the president may not seem so sweet because of all of the other factors that he is facing. remember, he has until the
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holiday. with bad poll after bad poll on his approval numbers, of course, those inflation concerns we just heard, senator joe manchin talking about from higher gas prices to higher everyday goods as americans start buying presents for the christmas season. of course, over this week as you saw on the screen right now, we saw president biden traversing the country selling that bipartisan infrastructure bill that he signed on monday, a big achievement for him, selling it to americans after the fact trying to show them about what a massive investment that this public works bill is. but the fact is that polls are showing that americans are having trouble understanding exactly what the president is doing in terms of his economic agenda. they're kind of blaming him for their economic concerns right now despite the fact that he is moving forward with his agenda kind of inch by inch. so the bottom line here is that it is going to fall on the president and the vice president who will see in ohio today touting the bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as cabinet members who will be
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traveling through the weekend, really trying to show americans, kind of shaking them and saying, look, we are moving forward on the economy. look at all the things that we are doing, because right now polls are showing that that message is not effective and it's not getting to voters. so that is going to be the goal for the biden administration for these last months of the year. >> all right. jasmin, thank you. all right. speaking of inflation, inflation watch, the white house deploying covid relief funds toe lower americans' heating home costs. president biden calling utility companies that receive public funding to not shut off heat and speed up aid to families. the downside of the covid recovery, the farm bureau forecasts thanksgiving dinner will cost 14% more this year. last year prices crashed because no one was gathering. the usda pegs the higher cost at more like 5%. still, prices for just about everything are rising and you'll be getting a caffeine headache.
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your cup of joe will cost more months ahead. coffee is the highest level since january of 2012. coffee spiked more than 80% so far this year. blame bad weather for that, but it adds to this mix of supply chain hiccoughs, soaring demands, weather factors wreaking havoc on your shopping list just in time for the holidays. a new un report finds the surging cost of shipping could drive up costs for some consumers by 10%. speaking of supply chain, the notorious goods are in ports on a ship. love pjs? there are fewer in stock this year. they are floating offshore somewhere. it is a wake up call for companies that have outsourced their products far and wide. there is more evidence the global supply chain has buckled as the economy bounces back, leaving consumers and companies scrambling here in the near term. >> who is going to victoria's
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closing arguments are expected monday in the trial of three white men accused in the death of ahmaud arbery. lawyers for the three defendants rested their case thursday afternoon after two days and half dozen witnesses. >> earlier in the day, the
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gunman travis mcmichael who fired the fatal shots that killed arbery returned to the stand in his defense as the prosecution hammered his conflicting stories about whether arbery grabbed mcmichael's gun that day. cnn's ryan young is on the ground in brunswick, georgia. >> reporter: laura and christine, day ten in court was a very busy day. travis mcmichael was back on the stand. the prosecution really hammering home parts of what he said in terms of his testimony, trying to draw his story out. they actually got him to admit that he never said to ahmaud arbery, this is a citizens arrest. they even questioned him about the fact of when he decided to fire the gun for the first time. there was some back and forth that even played out in a way where he was asked a very specific question. the prosecution wanted to know what travis mcmichael heard when his father was in the back of the truck, in fact, take a listen. >> you stop, you get out. he yelled, stop, stop. that's when your father yelled at him stop or i'll blow your [ bleep ] head off?
2:15 am
>> i don't think so, no. >> you don't think so? you were standing right there. you heard your father say this, yes? >> i don't think i heard him say that, no ma'am. >> when you you know that's what he told the police he said. >> in here in court is what i heard, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: laura and christine, the defense rested at the end of all that testimony. but outside the court, we can show you some of this have i had ayatollah. hundreds of people showed up. defense attorney kevin goff said he didn't want any more black pastors showing up. how many showed up? hundreds showed up and they actually marched through the streets. they wanted their voices heard. this happened throughout the day in terms of them making sure their voices were heard, again, the defense rested and on monday we believe there will be closing arguments. >> all right, ryan, thank you for that. in just a few hours jurors will begin deliberations in the civil trial against a group of white supremacists accused of planning that violent rally in charlottesville, virginia, nearly four years ago. in closing arguments thursday, attorneys for nine people hurt that day told the jurors the
2:16 am
defendants prepared for what they call, quote, the battle of charlottesville. it started as a racist protest. you can hear them chanting there, ended, of course, in deadly violence. cnn's brian todd has more on this case. >> reporter: laura and christine, thursday was an exhaustive day of closing arguments in this civil trial. lawyers for the plaintiffs, nine people who were injured during the unite the right rally in charlottesville in august of 2017, argued that the defendants white supremacists conspired to commit racial violence on that weekend. the plaintiffs' lawyers saying that these defendants used private communications to discuss the possibility of violence, and even to discuss whether it was legal to drive a vehicle into a crowd of protesters which is, of course, what we know did occur that weekend when james fields drove his car into a crowd of protesters, killing heather heyer. the defendants, these white supremacists, say that they did not plan this violence and that they never wanted violence. two of the defendants, white supremacists christoffer can't
2:17 am
well and richard spencer defended themselves during this trial. now, during the trial some of the white supremacists even turned on themselves in court, confronted each other in court. and used the trial as a soap box to spout off their views on racial hatred. it is important to note that the jurors have to weigh just a preponderance of the evidence, meaning that it's not necessary for them to determine beyond a reasonable doubt that these defendants conspired to commit racial violence. they only have to determine whether there was about a 51% chance that they did that. one interesting note, too. one of the plaintiffs' attorneys roberta kaplan has asked the jurz to award the people who were actually hit with james fields' car that weekend $7 to $10 million each in compensatory damages and has asked for the jury to award others who were injured that weekend 3 to $5 million. now, as for punitive damages, roberta kaplan did not put a figure on that, saying to the jurors, just consider what it would take to make sure these
2:18 am
defendants never do anything like this again. the jury is going to get the case today. christine, laura? >> brian, thank you for that. a dramatic lifesaving reprieve for death row inmate julius jones. oklahoma's republican governor put a stop to the execution just hours before he was scheduled to die, commuting his sentence to life without parole. jones has been behind bars for 20 years for a murder he says he did not commit. >> the oklahoma parole board had recommended life with a chance of parole for julius jones earlier this month. supporters and family members of jones say they are not giving up hope that their efforts to free him will work. >> we may rest for a moment, but the fight goes on. i was told that, you know, we have homework. >> meaning? >> meaning that we will fight another day. >> the family of paul howell who
2:19 am
was shot to death in front of his two young daughters still believes that jones is guilty of this murder. they say they take comfort that the governor's decision will keep jones behind bars. coming up for you, major news overnight from the head of the women's tennis association. what he tells cnn could happen if this missing chinese tennis star isn't found. am crisp, ovens that flip up and away, grills that bring outdoor flavors indoors, and blenders that spin up healthy eating. ninja foodi, be proud of what you make. ♪ you pour your heart into everything you do, which is a lot. so take care of that heart with lipton. because sippin' on unsweetened lipton can help support a healthy heart. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. it's the black friday sale. get 30 to 50% off everything. ♪ ♪
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breaking news overnight. about missing tennis star peng shuai, the chairman of the women's tennis association steve simon tells cnn he's willing to pull all, all business out of china until he gets proof of peng's safety. she disappeared after she accused the former vice premiere of sexual assault. kristie lu stout joins us. it seems like this could cause tennis millions. it's a moral issue, they have to take this stance. >> reporter: absolutely, laura. that is what he said. look, women's tennis is taking a stand against china in an interview were cnn.
2:24 am
we heard from the c.e.o. and the chairman of the women's tennis association. he said that they have been trying to contact the chinese tennis star peng shuai, that they are deeply and strongly concerned about her, and that the wta is willing to lose its very lucrative business in china if peng shuai is not safe and if the serious allegations that she's made are not properly investigated. now, peng shuai is a national sporting icon in china, a tie-time grand slam champion. it was two weeks ago on november 2nd when she made that accusation of this very powerful man, a former vice chairman of china, forcing himself to have sex with her in his home. she made this accusation on her verified account. it was 1600 words long. shortly after it was taken down. she's been under blanket censorship. she has not been seen or heard from since. rising concern about her safety from the international tennis community as well as from the wta and this statement from the chief of the wta saying that they are willing to put their
2:25 am
business in china on the line for her. take a listen. >> we're at a crossroads with our relationship obviously with china, and operating our business over there. there's no question about it. it's something that's actually very sad because we have some amazing relationships over there and have developed some unbelievable programs there, really introducing the sport to a lot of young chinese players. i think that when you look at this, though, there's too many times in our world today when we get into issues like this that we let business, politics, money dictate what's right and what's wrong. >> reporter: and a number of observers are pointing out that that forceful statement from the wta is something that we simply had not heard before from other organizations, let alone other governments. laura. >> certainly notable and, of course, president biden here considering this boycott of the
2:26 am
olympics now potentially bolstered by this missing tennis star and what happens to her. still a lot of questions there. thank you for staying on top of this. this weekend fareed zakaria looks at beijing's leader, iron fist xi jinping saturday night at 9:00 only on cnn. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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good friday morning. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. it is 31 minutes past the hour. time for the top stories to keep our eye on today. house plans to vote on the president's $2 trillion build back better plan today. they were delayed by an 8-hour plus speech by minority leader kevin mccarthy that ended just moments ago. the budget office says the bill would add $267 billion over ten years. that does not include revenue from irs tax enforcement. some health experts warning the u.s. could be in the early stages of a winter wave of covid cases. they're up 14% since last week and we are approaching 100,000 new cases a day. here we go begin. minnesota, wisconsin and michigan are already in the throes of this wave. memphis police releasing photos in the suspect of
2:32 am
shooters. they fired into a cookie shop where he was shopping. deforestation in the amazon escalating by an alarming 33% this year. a brazilian research agency says satellite imagery was used to compare the forest images from 2020. environmentalists blame the policies of brazil's far-right leader president bolsonaro. the fcc approving the number 988 for texting the national suicide prevention lifeline. the new three-digit dialing code will expand access to the critical 24/7 national hotline. the 988 number will go live for both calls and texts in july. the first pardon of the biden presidency, he will meet turkey and jelly. not to worry, both birds will be spared and get to live out their days at a research center at purdue university in india. all right, we are chockful
2:33 am
of legal news this morning which is good for me. and, christine who puts up with me, the defense wrapping up the case in the trial of three white men charged in the killing of jogger ahmaud arbery in georgia. plus day four of deliberations in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse in kenosha, wisconsin, and also today the jury will be handed the conspiracy case against a group of white supremacists accused of organizing that deadly two-day rally in charlottesville, virginia, in 2017. against that backdrop, an oklahoma man has been given a reprieve hours before his execution. two people were cleared in the murder of malcolm x 52 years after his assassination. three questions in three minutes, let's bring in former district attorney in milwaukee county, wisconsin. >> so nice to have you back on early start. let's start in georgia. travis mcmichael took the stand in his defense. always a risky move. . prosecution extracted several interesting admissions like this one during cross-examination.
2:34 am
watch this. >> you have moved out in the road. you have aimed this shotgun at mr. arbery. >> i did. >> mr. arbery goes to the passenger side of the truck. >> yes. >> okay. your dad is still yelling at him because we can hear him go, stop, god dam it, stop. >> yes. >> you could have easily stepped back to your pickup truck and watched him keep going, right? >> i could have, yes. but i still deidn't know what h would have could have done where i couldn't see him. >> i've heard some lawyers suggest in a case like this one of the three defendants basically had to take the stand. of course, you never have to take the stand. you always have a right not to, but they had to because they're making a claim of self-defense. so they have to explain for the jury if they want the jury to buy their story. do you think that was the right call? >> you know, i think it was. it's always a gamble to put the defendant on the stand as you all know. i agree in a self-defense case
2:35 am
someone has to take the stand to explain what was going on through one of their minds at the time the ennis dernt occurred. the attorneys get together to figure out which might be the best person to articulate that and demonstrate the fear. the attorneys decided travis mcmichael was best suited to do that. as we saw from that blistering cross-examination, you know, there were some points that were made by the state clearly and it was a risk. and i think that in the end the gamble might not have paid off. >> she clearly drove home the point that they had the trucks. they had the gun. they were -- >> chased him. >> they were the people chasing toward him. they were the aggressors. she made that point pretty vividly. in your state of wisconsin, the jury is still deliberating over kyle rittenhouse. next week is a short week with the holidays. what do you think of the fact there hasn't been a verdict yet? do we make anything of that? why does the judge letting a juror take the instructions home, that seems unusual.
2:36 am
i'm not an attorney, laura jarrett, but that seems unusual to me. >> never happens. >> first, it is absolutely unusual to have a jury take -- a juror take the jury instructions home with them. i've been practicing criminal law 25 years and i've never seen it happen before. i've never seen a jury request to take the jury instructions home with them. i'm not sure a high-profile homicide case is the time to try some unorthodox thing. i'm concerned about that and the possibility of appeal because that was done over the defense objection. as to the fact we don't have a verdict yet, ladies, your guess is as good as mine what's going to happen in this case. it seemed like the first day was moran organizing day. they got the jury instructions. they didn't ask for any exhibits at that time. and then the second day was video day, but they didn't get the videos until later in the afternoon. so yesterday was probably the more -- the first full day of actual deliberations. i thought it was interesting they cut out a little early yesterday. they cut out around 4:00 p.m. that means maybe someone had to
2:37 am
get out early or maybe they were just kind of done for the day and that could suggest to me maybe there is some tension there. i anticipate there is going to be a verdict before the thanksgiving holiday for sure, but your guess is as good as mine. >> it seems to me if somebody wants to take the jury instructions home, there is some hang up here. you don't take the instructions home for fun. she's clearly hung up on something. we'll see how it plays out next week or in the weeks to come. another story here, about three hours before he was set to be executed, really down to the wire, the governor of oklahoma commutes the death sentence of julius jones. the case has attracted a ton of attention. there was a great documentary about it bringing more attention and light to the case. julius, can his sentence get challenged now? can you get a new trial even though the governor has commuted it to life without the possibility of parole? can he try to fight that? >> yea, i think the sentence is pretty much set right now. it was reduced quite frankly
2:38 am
from the death penalty to life without the possibility of parole. but what's open now is his ability to challenge the conviction itself. and if he successfully challenges the conviction, that could have a domino effect to undo his conviction. with the advances of dna evidence and technology, you never know what can happen in the case. at least he's alive to continue the fight. >> his family saying last night they have homework to do. they are very thrilled but they have homework to do. julius kim, so nice to he sue you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. my pleasure. there may be a new lead in the search for jimmy hoffa. according to the "the new york times," a death bed statement by ted coppola has them looking for his remains in a landfill site in jersey city, new jersey. it is beneath the polasky skyway. investigative journalist dan muldia, hoffa was head of the teamsters union when he vanished in 1975.
2:39 am
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watch what happens live. andy cohen: hey! it's me! and tasty recipes from bravo's top chef cheftestants that'll have you cooking like a pro. the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. breaking moments ago, another major set of health restrictions now underway as covid spreads across europe. cnn's jim bittermann is live for us in paris this morning. jim, france not locking down, at least for now, but other places seem headed that way.
2:43 am
>> reporter: absolutely right, laura. in fact, in germany and austria there is great concern about the rising number of covid patients. the similarities between those two countries is they are among the top countries in europe among the unvaccinated people. austria now has announced there will be a nationwide lockdown for 20 days, and that unvaccinated people will continue in the lockdown after that. they also are mandating vaccinations as of the first of february. and in germany, the health minister said this morning that, in fact, the situation is critical. that basically completely concerned about the rising number of cases, laura. >> all right, jim bittermann, thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. back here, a face off between oklahoma and the pentagon. the commander of oklahoma's national guard refusing to in force the military's vaccine mandate saying he answers to the governor who is against it. cnn's oren liebermann live at the pentagon with details. oren, what is going on here?
2:44 am
>> reporter: christine, there are a number of republican-led states challenging the vaccine mandate. it is oklahoma's governor going after the military part of that vaccine mandate. coming from defense secretary lloyd austin. he has instructed the head of the oklahoma national guard, brigadier general thomas man sin owe, not to enforce the vaccine mandate even though the deadline for the guard is still about six months away. brigadie brigadier mancino said he will follow the state dpliguidelines long as the troops aren't called by the government. as long as they aren't federalized. if they are they will have to enforce the vac mandate. here's where it becomes a dispute. even when they are not federalized, they are still required to immediate federal requirement and that includes vaccine mandates. they still have to do it. what's murky here is where this goes next because the military won't say what step austin will take now to enforce that, or who
2:45 am
he'll take it against. a defense official did say a couple days ago in a background call this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. meaning it could be the soldiers who decide not to get vaccinated who will face consequence for this and not their commanders who refuse to enforce the vaccine mandate. right now it is a wait and see game of who will take a step. defense secretary lloyd austin didn't address this when he held a presser earlier this week, so we'll see what statement he says. pentagon press secretary john kirby says it's clear that the pentagon has the right to enforce this vaccine mandate. meanwhile, christine, at the same time the army has said soldiers who choose not to get vaccinated will not be eligible for reenlistment and promotion and that includes guards men. >> that's remarkable. you're actually putting your career on the line because of a vaccine. all right, oren liebermann, thank you so much for that at the pentagon. also this morning hundreds of migrants have been cleared out from the belarus poland boa
2:46 am
border and being flown back to iraq. along with hundreds of afghan and syrian migrants, today the iraqi government repatriated sorry, 431 of its citizens. cnn's jumanna qkarachi joins us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is the first flight by the iraqi government. more than 400 people on the flight, iraqi officials saying there are going to be more flights in the coming days for these voluntary returns for whoever wants to come back. president iraqi government accuses smugglers and traffickers of exploiting their citizens, but they also accuse the government of belarus of using migrants and refugees essentially as political pawns in this standoff with the e.u. we heard from the foreign minister of belarus in that exclusive interview with cnn yesterday saying this was not an orchestrated crisis. but whatever this is, whatever officials are saying, it is --
2:47 am
these people who are caught in the midst of this crisis who are paying the price. these migrants and refugees, many of them iraqi kurds. and we have spoken to so many of them who say that they had to leave the country because of the economic situation, this feeling that they have no future in the country, and to secure a future for their children they had to leave through this new route via belarus that they thought would get them to europe. they spent their life savings, thousands of dollars to try and get there, and they have come back with absolutely nothing. take a listen to what some of those returnees told cnn. >> translator: the reason for my return is i traveled to the lithuania border area and i had only two options. either to die in a slow death or return. i chose to return. this is a temporary passport the belarusian army took my passport away to be forced not to return to belarus. i will return this summer through turkey. i don't have any business here in iraq. i don't have a job and no salary. what should i do?
2:48 am
i spent $12,000, sold my car, and i will try to leave even if takes me 20 times. >> reporter: so many more heartbreaking stories that we heard from people in the airport. some people arriving there didn't have enough money. families to take a taxi to leave the airport even. but iraqis, laura, are considered to be some of the luckier ones here because the government is evacuating them. it is bringing back whoever wants to come back. you have thousands of others currently stranded in belarus including syrians and afghans and no one really knows what is going to happen to them right now. >> the politics of this is one thing. this is truly a humanitarian story, humanitarian crisis. jumanna, thank you for your reporting. let's close out the week looking at business. asia, stock index futures are unconvincingly mixed here. it was a mixed day thursday.
2:49 am
the dow dragged down by disa pointing earnings from cisco. s&p and nasdaq record highs because, folks, you're spending money. you're buying stuff and strong retail earnings are showing it. macy's and kohl's both reported solid sales ahead of the season. macy's stock rose 21% after it said same store sales rose 35% from last year. cvs also up nearly 3% after announcing it would close nine stores while remodeling other stores to help about health care services. there was no great migration during the pandemic. new figures up from the census bureau show u.s. migration actually has fallen to its lowest rate in more than 70 years. contradicts the popular idea that americans were relocating more than ever during the pandemic. so fewer people are moving, but people who did move, they went further. there was an uptick in longer distance moves from state to state. all right. tampa bay buccaneers wide receiver antonio brown has been accused by his former live-in
2:50 am
chef of using a fake vaccination card to avoid the nfl's covid-19 protocols. coy wire has this morning's bleacher report. coy, what happened? >> yeah, laura, we're trying to stay on top of this one. the nfl tells cnn it is aware of the allegations and reviewing the matter. according to the tampa bay times, his former at home chef steven ruiz asked the girlfriend via text if he could obtain fake johnson & johnson kafrds acards and brown would pay for him $500. ruiz told the times he was not able to get the fake cards, but at weeks after the initial request, ruiz showed brown he already obtained cards. brown's attorney denied allegations saying the buccaneer star did get the shot. he appreciates the severity of the pandemic which is why he got the vaccine and supports everyone for whom it is advisable to get the vaccine. the times says ruiz only spoke to them after he alleged that he and brown were unable to settle
2:51 am
a $10,000 debt that brown owed him. the buccaneers also released a statement saying they had received completed vaccination cards from every player during the offseason. brown missed a game in september after a positive test. let's go to the field where the patriots are continuing an incredible rebuild. they steam rolled the falcons last night in a rematch of super bowl li. matt jones almost perfect 14 of 15, including the 19-yard touchdown. aguilar. not that the defense needed any help. they terrorized atlanta all night long. four interceptions off three different quarterbacks. that's incredible. including this one, kyle van noy. he goes for a touchdown. 25-0 is the final. new england wins their fifth straight. they've allowed just 13 points over the past three games. the best stretch ever under the vaunted bill belichick. nba, steph curry is continuing an unbelievable run. last night he brings the
2:52 am
warriors with them, golden state starting the fourth down by 13 to the cavs. but steph scores 20 of his 40 points to pull off a blowout win. he had nine three-pointers giving him ten such games since april. no other nba player has ten in their careers. it's early, but steph is on pace to absolutely smash his own record for most three-pointers in the season. 104-89 is the final. warriors improving to an nba best record 13-2. and as if if were ever a question, angels two way star shohei ohtani capping off his career, the second japanese player to win the award. joining the mariners ichiro suzuki in 2001. he's the only player in major league history with at least 45 homers, 25 stolen bases, five triples in a season, and that's just at the plate. he went 9 and 2 on the mound with 156 strike-outs.
2:53 am
tokyo talent back in japan lighting up in angels colors to celebrate. bryce harper won his second mvp. i spent a lot of time in japan where baseball is a passion. they see shohei as a unicorn. he's unearthly creature so to speak. >> very cool. corey, have a nice weekend. >> thanks. now to a group of cryptocurrency investors losing a bid to win one of only 13 original copies of the u.s. constitution. the group called constitution dow came together under a week. crowd sourcing the money it needed from more than 17,000 investors using a cryptocurrency called ether. i wonder how christine romans feels about this. sotheby's says it sold for $43.2 million to an unknown buyer. constitution data says contributors will be refunded minus transaction fees. >> oh, minus transaction fees so. they didn't win out and they pay
2:54 am
anyway. all right. a 9-year-old girl earning high praise this morning for fending off her mother's attacker during a brazen robbery. surveillance video shows the moment the man ran up to danielle mobley, tossed her to the ground and tried to snatch her purse. that's when mobley's daughter ran toward the suspect and repeatedly hit him. >> i fought back. >> what did you do to the guy? >> i hit him. i chased him. >> i wasn't figuring her to take off after him. >> wow. >> police tracked down mobley's stolen belongings from jackson who is facing charges. i think you're not supposed to go after the attacker. >> no. >> she is such a brave little girl. i'm glad it worked out. >> we're not cone downing the violence. we're not condoning vigilanteism, dial 911. all right. finally, have you seen the eclipse this morning? go ahead and take a look at the longest partial lunar eclipse in
2:55 am
centuries. go ahead, we'll wait. the 6 hour event is visible to all of north america as well as parts of south america and russia. technically it is not a total lunar eclipse, but it is about as close as you can go with 97% of the moon covered at one point. >> let's go look at the moon. >> i already looked. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.. becaususe you're forever connected by love... two toucuching center diamonds, representing the connection you share. forever connected. the perfect gift to give this holiday. exclusively kay.
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